Independent from Long Beach, California on April 2, 1963 · Page 11
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 11

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1963
Page 11
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City College to Offer Class in Folk Dance A "no charge" das* in beginning foUc dinting will open at Long Beach City College Wednesday. The class win be held in the women's gym from T30 to fc30 pjn. with Charles Dimnuck as instructor. · Inchided will be German. Italian, Mexican. Jewish. Ukraniaa and GrteV dances. . Dimmidc will be assisted by Beverly R u s s e l . Tom Gentle. A l i c e Gafcrielson. Jane Van Boetnel. Doug Tripp and other members ci the sponsoring Long Beach Folk Dance Cooperative. The class is open to the public. MEDICINE AND YOU Drugs Reduce Pain After Tonsilectomy DEAR ABBY Wanfs to Be a Witness By BEN ZIXSER l«iror An injection combining three drugs has dramatically reduced pain and infection following an operation for tonsil removal, an Atlanta physician reports. Dr. Joel P. Smith says the combination preparation is Injected into each t o n s i l d e p r e s s i o n ' immediately after the tonsils are cut j out. A single injection is effective for six to eight days. Injected are ZIXSER a combination of penicillin »nd local anesthetic--Depo- Cer-O-Cillm-- and a corti- sonelike compound--Dcpo- MedroL The combination, used so far on 3,715 patients, reduces pain, swelling and infection. Dr. Smith reported the treatment to a sectional meeting of tha American LaryngoIogicaL, Rhinologi- cal and Otological Society. The formula was worked out in tests on SOO patients. says a report in Medical World News. Dr. Smith and associates evaluated various combinations of antibiotics, Oswald Jacoby Parfner Knows Best For the last 30 years practically every bridge system has provided that the response] of two spades and two hearts to the opening no-trump are weakness bids and that the no-trumper is expected to pass. This works out well in theory, but in practical rubber bridge ray experience has been that Jrfa Q. Bridge player always rebids. He looks at his nice opening no- trump and decides that his partner can't count to 26, the number of points to make a no-trump or major anesthetics and anti-inflammatory drugs. · · * * HOW DO YOU get a child to drink extra fluids --"force fluids," as the doctors say? Easy, says Dr. F. Michael Smith Jr. of C h i l d r e n ' s Clinic, Thibodaux, T J , in a report in the medical periodical Consultant Have your doctor prescribe a one-ounce bottle of Syrup of Wild Cherry VSf. Put 12 drops of the syrup in a glass of water. Give three or four times a day or as your doctor tells you. A sick child will drink this "red medicine" and get the extra fluids he needs. Dr. Smith contends. DIRECT FROM THE ISLANDS Your guests will feel as if they have been transposed from the Mainland to Hawaii when you serve this Hawaiian Rice. It's chock full of everything that's good. -- (Photo courtesy Comet Pre- Fluffed Rice.) Win Plaudits With These Rice Dishes By MILDRED K. FLAN'ARY L P-T Fntf E«ror CLUBS Denial Unit to Preview \\TD\TSDAY Harbor Dental Auxiliary will honor its past presidents at an 11:30 a-m. luncheon meeting in the home of Dr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Lin, HSO Bryant Drive East. The hostess, owner of Chan's Glamour Salon, will present the program, demonstrating newest trends in hair styling with auxiliary members »s models. Mrs. Cecil Ridge- president, will review highlights since the auxiliary's inception in 1938, and in lieu of corsages tor honorees, a gift of educational pamphlets will be donated to the Long Beach Health Department. X01TH ·v«z 4 1 5 tnsr A A C 5 V J 1 0 9 4J107 S«s INJ. AK V K 7 5 I 4 K 1 1 1 * J 8 5 » sotrra CD) A J 4 1 Cut Fta fta » A Q « J ffnt Tau X«ni 2V Plans win be completed for the group's dinner dance Saturday at Long Beach Yacht Club when Delta Zeta Afumnae meet at 7:30 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Arthur Frost, 221 Rrro Alto CanaL A travelogue of the Near and Far East by Miss Esther Nelson win be program fare. * * · · Mrs. Henry Longfellow, soprano, will present a musical program for Alamitos Library Association, during meeting at the Library. Miss OIlie Bain will preside during election of officers. Mmes. Fred Raney and Herbert Gaba will hostess noon luncheon, · · * * Los Altos Garden Club will have 12:30 p.m. dessert, luncheon and a white elephant sale with Mrs. J. C If your memory book of light and refreshing things to prepare has been exhausted, here's several recipes which we believe will rejuvenate your c u l i n a r y imagination. The answer, of course, is the ageless answer to any housewife's menu problems --rice. This time--with the aid of a few friends who mix well--we'd like to pass on to you these dishes that are not only taste treats but will add a certain flair to your table when you serve them. All contain the hearty vitamins for which rice is famous. You have a surprise in store, too, if you use pre- fluffed rice in these exotic dishes. Comet Rice Mills has developed a new process called "pre-fluffins" that literally takes the guesswork out of rice preparation. Through the new process the natural rice flavor and important vitamins are preserved. Pre-fluffed rice cooks fhiffy and white . . . never, never gummy. And pre-fhiffed rice saves pennies every serving. There's never a wasted portion. You simply cover and refrigerate the unused portions. To reheat -- and what could be simpler! . . . just place in colander and put colander over steaming water. In a few minutes this new kind of rice is hot and fluffy. HAWAIIAN RICE 1 cop raw pre-fluffed rice 2 tblsp. butter \\ tsp. salt 2 tsp. curry powder 1 pt. pineapple juice 1 pt chicken broth y s cap diced pineapple Vi "P black dry currants j cop small dry peanuts Melt butter; add rice, curry powder and salt Stir until wen mixed. Add diced pineapple, currants and peanuts and pineapple juice, and broth. Cover and bake in moderate oven about 18 minutes. COMET SUPPER SALAD 2 cups cooked pre- fluffed rice I cup peas, well drained 4 tblsp. pimento, cut ia thin strips 4 tblsp. relish 3 tblsp. cheese, {rated I tsp. salt 3 tblsp. celery, minced lettuce and dressing Combine ingredients lightly, chill. Serve on crisp lettuce with French dressing or mayonnaise. Don't add the French dressing until you are at the table. Though this is a good rule for most salads, it is a "must" for Comet Supper Salad. Try a sharp Cheddar the first time, then experiment with your favorite cheeses when you repeat the dish. Serves seven. Hat Show at Guild Party An Easter bonnet parade of "make-it-yourself" hats will be featured at a benefi luncheon and card party sponsored by the Women's Guild, Church of Religious Science, at noon Thursday at 505 E. 36th St. Mrs. Ray Burkland is in charge of the event Nadine' Bertheau will be mistress of ceremonies. Decorations will be arranged by Ann Pritchette and Mrs. Leona Corn- boy will head the team of judges for awards for the! most artistic and the fun-j riest hat in the parade. j Other members assisting include Mmes. Dorothy Har-l vey, Ruth Garrison. Glodine ( White and Dolorthy Carl-! son. The public is invited. DEAR ABBY: I am about to become a father for the the first time. A friend of nine told zee that he was present in the delivery room w h e n h i s w i f e g a v e birth to their c h i l d . I would like to witness the birth of our c h i l d , also, and my wife is all for it Our problem is t h a t we ABBY are now having trouble with her doctor. He tells us that he does not allow fathers in the delivery room. I have asked my wife to change to a doctor who will permit it, but she is afraid .to change doctors now as she is in her eighth month. Does her doctor have the right to deny me the privilege of seeing my child bom? I think BOTH creators should be on hand at this time,--FATHER-TOBE. DEAR FATHER: The decision Is op to your doctor and the hospital policy-' makers. You should have takea this into consideration when your wife selected her doctor. Hiving failed to do this, be content to let your wife deliver her baby with only OXE "creator" on hand. column you had a letter from a writer who called her neighbor 'Mrs. Thatch- roof." My hobby is collecting unusual surnames, and Thatchroof is one I've never heard of. WaJ that really the neighbor's name? Or did you make it up? I have in my collection such names as Beaglehole. Blackmon- ster, Endfinger, Beakiron, Easterday. R a k e s t r a w , Twelvetrees. Sourwine and Cakebread. -- SURNAME COLLECTOR. DEAR COLLECTOR: The writer referred to her neighbor as "Airs. ThatchrooP in an effort to keep her neighbor anonymous. Although I am not a "name collector," I recall hearing that the F r e s h w a t e r s bad their phzmbing repaired by a Mr. Drinkwater. Honest! * · · * DEAR -ABBY: My girl friend fixed me up with her cousin. He is a living doll and I've had my eye on him for ages. When he took me to the door I didn't want him to think I was a cold fish so I said. "You may kiss me good night if you want to." Abby, he said. Thanks a lot. but I never kiss a girl on the first date!" I never felt so cheap in all my life. Our club is having a girf-ask-boy dance and I want to ask him. Should I? Or do you think his turning down a kiss was an insult?--BEV. j DEAR BEY: Ask him. II he refuses, you'D have learned a lesson. If he accepts, you'll have an opportunity to repair the bad impression you made on the first date. * · · * CONFIDENTIAL TO R. D. Su Remain silent Only a fool wUI continue to argue INOffENDENT-- P«g« H lock. CMtf.. TUL. Mr! t, IK] with a f ooL · · · « Stop worrying. Write to Abby. For a personal reply, e n c l o s e a self -addressed. stamped envelope. · · · · For Abby"s booklet. *How ' To Hive A Lovely Wedding." seed 50 cents to ABBY. Box 3365. Beverly Hills. Calif. Sofionc Dry Cleaning Homt Dilimjr HE 6-3265 Soft Water Laundry 792 W. ANAHEIM our next Banquet orLuncheon Beautifully Redecorated Facilities 21 6 E. : -OGEAN BLVD. ' - HE 7-220 1 DEAR ABBY: McLean as auctioneer at St. John's United Presbyterian Church, 2345 Ximeno Ave. Mmes. W. D. Clark, W. H Johnson, G. N. Perry and J. Jetton will be hostesses. New Plan Helps Control PIMPLES 12-point "Zo3o Ran"* of ifca care. iTtrae rvj dxt proved IrfpfJ ta 80^ cf t£C33££ plCfilC vict^EJ. 13 test! Sre lUv-tj-fby £m2joci in Zcma Liquid Ska Mediatm. Yoa cast txnctt firota SVdir tionner.t circular, write Ztoo. Dtpt. rto »fccptij UTeta. To Bart tratraer.t at cnce. »rt Zeno liquid Ska M«5- ntxo todjy Costi » ttt!e it Kit. Or ict target tia it t'C ure-.t- suit game or ma-be partner r- i, \ i / just has forgotten that two FaCUlty WlV6S spades is a weakness bid. nl I L Ether North or Soathean "Ian Luncheon make two spades so it does not matter which one plays the contract. Playing ordinary no-trump responses North win go to two spades and if South passes, everything win be hunky-dory but as pointed out South is likely to rebid, whereupon the chance for a North-South phis wCl vanish into the night PLAYTXG the J a c o b y Transfer, North responds two tearts. South dutifully goes to two spades and waits happily lac North to bid again, but North passes. South is angry for a moment, bat when he sees the dummy nt» scowl is replaced by a smile and he goes about making two spades. Faculty Wives of Long Beach State College and their guests win gather for noon luncheon Saturday at the Stuft Shin in Newport Beach. Dr. Kea Shanks will present the program on Indian smoke signals. The day's hostess. Mrs. Rodney C. Lewis, will be assisted by Mmes. Robert W. Winchell. Richard W. Leutwiler and Robert B. Goldman. ·^ 3 EXAMINATION SICK AND SUFFERING STOP WASTING TIME MONEY Effort YCM "felt Trmmenti Anyult't, Yc* Stc*U Hat Tlii SCOPE to mn \ ·dvo« oo) exam Tkwunds 01 o«ooi« I rmx · tr»f« ~AS3«AU. OULOCH HUTCH1HCS DIAGNOSTIC OFFICE »L H. L HDTCHlNSi. DC. -» twAon CjfcMrto fcnco m* 2067 ATLANTIC AVE.; LONG BEACH ' GA (-tilt -- GA M l i T Cfrn MS*-art0-r t X »L TO 7 fM. PtelM ftrv* «M Ai «itf menin tritt crtw rvti * Tints. · a M TO f TM. IAT. o AM. · n TM. far M won eo^Trtn. order « eoc* o» Irutoi win Cxmt.i J«co!».- ij · »r«. Mdmi. n4 SO unm kr . t'» » . . iroan. Mew REWARD Smart ljn«te» !ft RMt r Warjrctti » for Fad Mothtrteed Mottrmlty Skeps. et 52) Put ATCHC t« compart pr'ct» fcofero fceY'n) ibt'l Ma^ornTty fflfi- icnf tnTwhoro oio. NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS IF TOU DO NOT 6ET YOU« IEUIAI CAHIIU BEUVUE3 C Independent » wBI oV7*fr it f* O»T tinTc* «n»3 18:39 «JK. Sonrfaru Ail for t IONS HACK lB«;»»tTe«1 A/tnla. l*Wmf, fomK-wt - . 19 tTrtirl*fTe« itst. HI l-tltl TO 1-1721 your EASTER BASKETS MADE TO ORDER! We maVe Itiem up trie way you want then. Fir.t selection of sfuffed foyi, Easter can jy S carjs! 2114 ATLANTIC Opes 'til 10 A.M. GA 6-55S FINE AT IJOADWAY ION IEACH | DOWNTOWN FINE AT EROADWAY IONS (EACH j BOWKTOWN INFANTS' WEAR nearest to nature's way of baby feeding! new! exquisite* form girdtos Now, Kxqui'ilc Form shapes below the waist as wdl with the trupc control of lightweight Lvcra* Spindex and the soft, smooth comfort of this split hip pantie. Washes inJ weir* longer, too. 7.9.J Comes in a lotig leg or is i regular girdle « well. S. M. L, ind XL. Long Leg Pintie 0.95 Regular Girdle 6.9.i your own supports bcautifully md weighs DO more you scarcely know |ilay«x s imrsor Reduces spitting up, gii pains ind colic. The secret is the "inner bottle" that contracts ss baby feeds, as in natural breast feeding. The natural-zction nipple cin't collipse. Piby feeds better, sleeps better and gains weight satisfactorily! "Inner bottle" is pre-sterilized and disposable-no sterilizing equipment needed! Plivtcx* Xurscr complete kit, 8.9.J Disposable Pottles, 1.19 Nipples, 19c Op and holder, 19c Expander, 3.9. Pork cad Lock Yesr Cor i» Ike LiacoU Pork Cere;e

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