Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on April 29, 1963 · Page 33
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 33

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, April 29, 1963
Page 33
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MONDAV EVENING, APRIL 29, 1963 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE 33 Suggestions for a mother or grandmother gift: A Pin or Bracelet' engraved with a couple's names and wedding date; or something she wouldn't be inclined to buy herself . . . a little luxury perhaps that would be cher- 'ished to the end of time! You'll find such things at UNIVERSITY Jewelers, 835 N. PARK AYE. Entrances front and rear; free parking at the rear off Second Street. DIAL MA 2-6171, (Open Friday evenings.) There have been so many requests for VOILE DRESSES that ANN EDWARDS is happy to announce their arrival in 8 to 18; and half sizes l2'/ 2 to 201/2; new SWIM SUITS by De Weese, Roxanne, and from Hawaii . give wide choice. Then with mother in mind . . . Mojud and Gotham Gold Stripe Hosiery; new Jewelry; and that wonderfully popular Chanel KNITTED MOHAIR JACKET in White, Blue, and Rose. Beige is on order and may have already arrived. 17.95. ANN EDWARDS is a happy hunting ground! ADDRESS: 2521 E. 6th. ALRAY SMALL Electric Appliance Repair... Whirr . . . buzz . . . That's what you hear when you pay ALRAY Small Electric Appliance Repair a visit. The EXPERTS are trying out the appliances brought to them for repair. They even toast bread which the birds get later . . . It's ail in a day's work of these expert repairmen! ADDRESS: 2530 E. 6th. DIAL EA 6-7251. HOURS: 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturdays till 3. · · · PIONEER Smoke Shop . . . This^SMOKE SHOP has just received a fine selection of BENTLEY Butane Lighters in various s h a p e s and sizes, ranging in price from 4.95 to 6.95. BEATTIE Lighters for the PIPE SMOKER are 6.95 to 9.95; ZIPPO Lighters from 3.50; and RONSON Butane Lighters 9-95 . . . With o n e of these the smoker will never be at a loss for a light! The young man graduate G O I N G PLACES would appreciate such a gift . . . ADDRESS: 6 E. PENN1NGTON or through the lobby of The Pioneer Hotel. Open evenings. DIAL MA 3-7203. TREASURES TRIFLES needs merchandise ... Now that it's H O U S E CLEANING -Krr.a remember T R E A S U R E S TRIFLES Shop with things you no longer want, but which someone else might covet. They have a little house and shed that are crying for things to sell . . . The money goes to Tucson Art Center for many essentials . . . ADDRESS: 4203 E. GRANT RD. DIAL 325-2022. SKYROOM to have two Style shows . . . Every Tuesday and every Saturday, luncheon time will be STYLE SHOW TIME at The Skyroom, this Tuesday; fashions by CHEZ JOSEF; Saturday, by ALLEY WEA. VERS (and there is something else interesting in the wind which I'll announce presently) . . . The fabulous LUNCHEON BUFFET priced at 1.50 will continue . . .and special entertainment will mark the dinner hour . . . Not only bright lights of the city, but bright lights of the entertainment world are to be a feature here . '. . ADDRESS: Top e' Tucson, corner Alameda and Stone In The ArU jona Land Title Building. DIAL 622-7404. Summer Classes at DESERT SCHOOL of Sewing and Fashion Design VERANO (Summer) Classes for ADULTS at THE DESERT SCHOOL, under the personal direction of Margery Rothgeb, will include NEW 4-hour unhurried afternoon periods, with refreshment- break . . . Small classes, I to 5 p.m. will be conducted Thursday and Friday beginning May 9 and 10. A 14 week VERANO course is 75.00 payable in advance (a s u b s t a n t i a l saving); or through a Budget plan of 6.00 weekly (no classes on holiday weekends). Both beginning and advance students are w e l c o m e . . . TEENAGE Students should enroll now to reserve a place for their summer course . . . 2-hour morning or afternoon summer classes, for ages 9 through 17, are just 2.00 a lesson . . . Whether you are an adult or a teenager, learning to sew, to make your own wardrobes saves you money, your clothes can be more individual, and it. all can happen in cool, quiet surroundings . . . THE DESERT SCHOOL OF SEWING and FASHION DESIGN, 184! E. SIXTH at CAMPBELL DIAL 624-4339. Notes from THE GIFT BOX A STOP and SHOP Bracelet in bright beads or filigree metal for 1.00; Color- embroidered Handkerchiefs backed with decorative cards (boxed) with or w i t h o u t sachet 1.25; Royal Staffordshire Mugs with pink, blue, or brown toile-like design, 1.75; matching Ash Trays 1.15; Sterling Cross and C h a i n 5.00 (confirmation gift?). ADDRESS: 1070 N. CAMPBELL DIAL 326-3161. OHIO A BEAUTIFUL BRECK Permanent with its healthful lanolin and protein content is available at COIFFURE CHIC. To give mother the wherewithal for one would not come amiss; or the girl graduate or bride whose hair is so important in the over-all beauty picture would be thrilled to have DEAN Zimmerman, taker of so many t r o p h i e s for Hair Styling or one of his trainees cut and style THEIR locks for the important e v e n t ! There is no substitute for experience and quality products . . . both YOURS at COIFFURE CHIC . . . ADDRESS: 1728 E. SPEEDWAY. DIAL EA 7-3951. REEDY Originals... ROBERT REEDY with expert tailoring and MISS KREIDER with her alterations are contributing to the wardrobe satisfaction of their customers ... Both have their place in the scheme of things . . . ADDRESS: 2752 N. CAMPBELL. DIAL EA 6-5170. FRONTIER Lamps ami S h a d e s . . . LAMPS and SHADES . . . Sound mother out, and you may learn she'd appreciate having one or the other or BOTH, as a MOTHER'S DAY remembrance. She's cleaning house now, and is aware of the shortcomings of both. ADDRESS: 3919 E. PIMA. DIAL EA 6-3563. A benign Spring rain . . . I revelled in it as I wrote my column Thursday. Rain can be so spotty in this area, that it may nof have fallen on YOUR flowers. I hope it did. ... I moved my Gardenia and other potted flowers out into it, as I fee! Ihey are cheated of this bounty when p u s h e d b a c k o n porches, and under overhangs . . , E . . . S A L E ! ! Shades of ASH AlLEY . . . Berta Wright .has gathered everything together that was left- over from the ASH ALLEY SHOP, and is MARKING | IT WAY DOWN 1 May's a gifty month. This sale should helpl ADDRESS: BERTA WRIGHT'S 1736 E. SPEEDWAY. The shop with the emerald green doorl DIAL 325-2591. VOICE OF MUSIC in a PORTABLE model is an ideal choice when choosina a RECORD PLAYER for "that sweet Girl Graduate, the Boy G r a d u a t e , or the Mother you're remembering. You'll find it and glorious records to go with it at PARK MUSIC. ADDRESS: 1702 E. SPEEDWAY. DIAL 326-5492. TOM BAHTI'S I N D I A N SHOP has the tickets for the PAPAGO INDIAN Scholarship Dinner, Sunday, May 5th. ADDRESS: 1706 E. SPEEDWAY. DIAL 327-0521. PAPAGO FOOD and PAPAGO entertainment' will be featured at the PAPAGO SCHOLARSHIP D I N N E R , Sunday, tvlay 5 at RANDOLPH PARK . , . from 12:30 to 2 p.m. 1.75 for adults ;75 cents for children. A good meal for a good cause. CASAS Adobes Flowers at the Fountain... This is where you should turn for MOTHER'S DAY flowers and plants; Wedding decorations at church, home, and elsewhere; graduation corsages, etc. . . . Here too, is imported Pottery from Italy and Spain! CASAS Adobes Flowers at the Fountain will take your order over the phone and will charge it . . . . If your name is in the telephone book . . . DELIVERS too, in metropolitan Tucson . . . ADDRESS: 7057 N. O R A C L E RD. DIAL CY 7-0131. . Newest PLAY OUTFIT is a Checked Gingham Shirt, a plain SHORT Skirt, slashed to the hip, over Checked Gingham Shorts! JINEPPI has them in Pink-and-white, Blue-and-white, and Red-and- white. The shirt has a plain stand-up collar, yoke back with a pleat . . . Sizes 8-14; PRICE 19.95. Sharp! ADDRESS: 7049 N. ORACLE RD. in The Casas Adobes Shopping Center. DIAL CY 7-1471. · · · Report from RULLARD'S . . . VERA has brought out boxed sets of Apron, Hot Pad, and Towel . . . in a variety of pretty colors and patterns, 3.98 the set; LARGE Beach Towels for 3.98; new Terry Cloth Towels for 79 cents; Terry Aprons 1.95 ... all in VERA'S highly popular designs . . . ALSO at BULL, ARD'S Mother's Day and Graduation Cards. (One of the slickest graduation gifts is a set of Thesaurus and Dictionary in a leather-like case for 3.98) . . . If you've been on the hunt for King Northrup's BOUQUET OF BLUE Seeds advertised in a full page of the recent Ladies' Home Journal , . . BULLARD'S has them . . . pretty idea, all the seeds in the 35 cent packet produce flowers in some shade of blue! ADDRESS: 7113 N. ORACLE in The Casas Adobes Shopping Canter. DIAL CY, 7-0802. Open Sundays from 10 to 3. · · ' ' · · ' . . wi keep us hopping! Telephone MA 2-5855 Ext. 251, 252 Button news at HACIENDA Bellas Artes... PEWTER Buttons from Norway, Alpine Staghorn. Buttons, Zebra Wood Buttons from England, Buttons from the Tyrolean countries , . . Buttons of this sort can in themselves lift an otherwise commonplace costume above the ordina'ry . . . OR this Studio has Earring Backings that are for the purpose of holding artistic buttons! Then of course there are the JEWELRY CLASSES here where you could create any type of button you dreamed upl. R E G I S T R A T I O N for Summer Classes in Fine Arts and Crafts is still being taken. ADDRESS: E. 22nd and Old Spanish Trail. DIAL AX 8-0029. · · · Remember THOMPSON BEDS? Mr. Thompson used to tell about his beds in my column. He still makes mem, for there are folks who wouldn't sleep on anything else! But he's come up with a TILT BACK SOFA BED without that center division that was so uncomfortable. Too, it's so light weight one really COULD pick ap his bed and walk! Prices start at 40.00. He's at the same location 343 E. 9th, just west of Fourth Avenue. DIAL MA 2-3432. Mr. and Mrs. Birt of THE GLASS SHOPPE have just returned from a trip to California where they came upon and purchased some choice ANTIQUE JEWELRY. Pins and Earrings set with AUSTRALIAN FIRE OPALS ( O c t o b e r birthstone); a String of Apple Jade Beads,as well as Jade Earrings, Cameo Earrings and Pins . . . all good suggestions for Mother's Day and Graduation. In the MALE department . . . antique button Cufflinks and Stickpins . . . ADDRESS: 433! E. BROAD. WAY in The Colonial Bldg. DIAL EA 7-6441. As I sat in ARIZONA STUDIO, I looked about and was drawn to the beauty of a displayed Tin Valance above a drapery that was a veritable rainbow of shades of violet, peacock, green, and lavender ... a striped fabric that looked hand-loomed in its open weave. The valance was of course made in their workroom. Inspiration is everywhere here, w r o u g h t through artful arrangements and beautiful objects. A Ma- joiica Lamp Base was patterned with Blue Thistles; another was handworked Copper, topped with a Parchment Shade on which real fronds and flowers were applied. I saw an ARIZONA STUDIO designed HEADBOARD for a Bed, painted a beautiful blue and ornamented about its irregular frame with pierced Tin! This w a s Pennsylvania-bo u n d. Much is shipped out-of-stato from this studio . . . winter visitors having fallen in love with what it creates! ADDRESS: 2440 E. BROADWAY. DIAL MA 3-8151. · · · An interesting sidelight on ARIZONA STUDIO fabrics . . . T h e y sometimes are made up into dresses and suits, as well as drapes and upholstery! · · · MAY 5th~PAPAGO Schol. arship Dinner at Randolph Park, 12:30 to 2 p.m. MAY 5fh--Forum Film: Six Years 'Round the World MAY 12th--Forum Film: Tangier to Istanbul (This concludes the forum season) MAY 12th--Mother's Day MAY 29th--U of A Graduation MAY 30th--Memorial Day LOOK before you leave . . . Have you been to SANTO TOMAS? If this winter decided you on Tucson or its environs as a place to start living again, visit this ideal gathering of ACREAGE and territorial-type H O M E S . Such a life is often the beginning of wisdom and pure enjoyment and S A N T O TOMAS is fertile soil for the growth of both. 17 miles south on the Nogales Highway and 3 miles south and west of SAHUARITA. DIAL AX 4-1559 for further -direction or information. HAND-CRAFTED Gifts . . . Whether you're a visitor wishing to take something home; a gift-seeker with a graduate or bride and groom in mind, the CRAFT GALLERY at T U C S O N ART CENTER offers beautiful hand-crafted o b j e c t s of many sorts, done by southwestern artists of aesthetic tastes and outstanding skills . . . the sort of gift that is enhanced with age . . . ADDRESS: 325 V/. FRANKLIN. DIAL MA 2-0402. This is the Number . . . I gave you the wrong telephone number for THE BROASTER'S new branch last Sunday. The correct number for their 1925 E. GRANT RD., outlet is 7938032. The E. BROADWAY Broaster number is 325-1991. It's where you get that perfectly done CHICKEN for taking home or to picnics! Saves time and effort, and the end-results are very satisfying ... Jottings... I felt so inclined, but I couldn't be the only one standing and shouting at the conclusion of Camil Van Hulse's powerful VIA CRUCIS Tuesday night. To me it was the most impressive combination of musical talents I've experienced since I've lived in Tucson . . . composer, choir, orchestra and directors . . . Everyone did a superb job. I hope it can be given every year at Easter time. Never has the story of the crucifixion been told so · L ellingly, to my way of thinking ... I am one who usually dislikes dissonance, but in this tragic composition Van Hulse has used it remarkably to create the theme of cruelty and agony . .. the cacophony of sounds in the earthquake portion made a vivid picture of nature aroused . . . I'm no music critic, but f know when 1 am stirred . . . and I was deeply so, Tuesday evening. T H E 1^ · t^- Kaib ^S T$S O N m THE KAIBAB SHOP should be "sought out for a long- lasting gift for Mother's Day or Graduation. The case of fine INDIAN JEWELRY offers many helpful suggestions in Pins, Cuff Links, Bracelets, R i n g s , Buckles, etc. Whatever you choose will become more treasured with the years. ADDRESS: 271 N. STONE. DIAL MA 4-0292. ALLEY Weavers . . . ITALIAN CERAMIC BEADS . . . long strands (and shorter strands) in eye stopping colors to wear with your SHIFTS are l/ 2 PRICE at ALLEY WEAVERS. And if you don't have the Shifts to wear with the Necklaces . . . they're at ALLEY WEAVERS too. Equally Eye-stopping! ADDRESS: 2443 N. CAMPBELL. DIAL 326-6552. COTTON SUITS for Resort Wear and Travel are being admired and acquired at CHEZ KATRINE. A short- jacket Suit in yellow and white emphasizes the smart zebra pattern; a long-coat Costume has both coat and dress made of White Cotton with Blue stripes; a Turquoise Cotton Suit is in Paisley pattern; while a Black Linen Costume has Blouse of Black and White Batiste . . . When you know your summer plans CHEZ KATRINE can coincide them with costumes to match! ADDRESS: 127 W. DRACHMAN in The Tucson Inn. DIAL MA 4-6117. Re- gardez the CHEZ KATRINE SALE! ATW Be sure that if you have not yet taken guests to THE PATIO RESTAURANT in The Old Adobe, it will be an experience t h e y ' l l treasure. Luncheon or dinner in tha patio is memorable, even romantic! And there are mementoes one can buy to take away . . . ADDRESS: 40 W. B R O A D W A Y . Luncheon 11:30 to 2:30; dinner 5:30 to 7:30. DIAL MA 2-3491. CONTINENTAL Contemporaries The new SUMMER JEWELRY has arrived from Germany, and it is not only pretty but so light, it will be a pleasure to wear! There are chokers, 'many strands, pastels, darks, and combinations . . . every bead handmade of .crystal, wood or plastic -and hand-strung! Then L1EBER CANDY lovers should be.appraised of the new shipment from Israel . . . the last of the season! 53^ .ounce bag 50 cents; 14 ounces 1.00. ADDRESS: 40 W. BROADWAY in The Old Adobe. DIAL MA 4-9364. PIANO Studio . . . MICHAEL ELIOT, teacher of piano is enlarging his classes, and having had special experience with the young, hopes to enroll this younger group for summer study . . . Mr. Eliot's background includes most recently instruction w i t h ANTONIA BRICO of Denver; earlier, The Philadelphia Conservatory; and private lessons with Rosalie Gassell of New York. His studio is at 933 N. MONTEZUMA. His telephone number 793-0861. If you have been considering piano lessons for your child, here is an open sesame to be pursued , . . LINEN KNITS at FLORIE'S . . . Bisque, Beige, Porcelain Blue, and Palette Red . . . these are the tones in these Sleeveless Summer Knits (60 percent linen, 40 percent arnel) for 29.95 (sizes 8, 10, 12 and 16). Styles and weaves vary . . . round, scoop, and V necklines . . . one button- front style; one zip-up with a tassel. ALL have those comfortable elastic waistlines. They pack like a dream! ADDRESS: 738 E. FT. LOWELL RD. DIAL 624-7351. Lest you forget . . . MERLE NORMAN Cosmetics are put up in delightful packages suitable for GIFT GIVING ... for Mothers, Fathe r s A N D G R A D U A T E S (boys AND girls), and their contents specialize in bene- fitting problem skins as well as nurturing beautiful ones. ADDRESSES: 51 E. BROAD. WAY (622-5502); 2501 E. 3ROADWAY (EA 6-8341); 5626 E. 22nd (296-3541). STEINHEIMER'S for Wedding Stationery, etc. Choose your Wedding and other Announcement Stationery and Engraving at STEINHEIMER'S where you get the qualified help years of experience provide in this i m p o r t a n t matter . . . CRANE'S offers all the correct sizes and styles. STEINHEIMER'S v/ill carry on following your selection. ADDRESS: 33 S. STONE. DIAL 622-4774. Private or Public School? Now is the time to decide, for registrations m u s t ba made AHEAD in either case. Elementary school placement at THE SAN CLEMENTE SCHOOLHOUSE is based on ability and achievement measurement. Children are allowed and encouraged to develop at rates equal to their abilities in either general or particular areas, if your_child went to pre-school or Kindergarten at San Clemente or The Red Schoolhouse . . . then more than likely you don't need convincing ... DIAL EA 6-4557. SALE at ARDERN'S . . . 20 to 50% off on all merchandise including among others John Frederic and Mr. John Jr. Hats; Royal Doulton; Bone China; Delft; Capo da Monte; Portuguese etc. AND Summer Jewelry! What an opportunity to fulfill gift needs and personal desires! ADDRESS: Shop i6 BROADWAY V I L L A G E . DIAL EA 7-0682. Coming out of Hawaii are some new SHIFTS called China Doll that are in White or single color with contrasting pipings and ideally suited to street wear . , these 14.95; Kukui Koolers are exotically patterned in brilliant color . . . these 12.95. You can find a tremendous number of styles at VICKI WAYNE right now, for lolling in the sun, swimming, or attending a luau. Never has the choice been so encompassing . . . long, short, f l a r e d , full-skirted, Susie Wongs, Kimuus, Kala- kua Sarongs, Sultan Suits, Swimwear. . . NAN! (famous for the built-in bra and elastic panels for perfect fit). Torry Richards, and Sha- sheen . . . all famous makers of Hawaiian fashions are represented . . . Some of the f u l l - s k i r t e d , spaghetti strapped styles would be perfect after-five dresses for afmost any occasion. The price range in Hawaiian dresses is from 10.95 to 24.95. Swimwear from Hawaii 15.95 and up. Hawaiian maidens with hibiscus in their hair will have to look to their laurels when we on stateside decide to compete! ADDRESS: 610 S. COUNTRY CLUB. DIAL 793-0401. Gifts at LA PALOMA . . . More than usually attractive Jewelry, Frames, Flowers, Rugs, Pictures, Glassware, Furniture, etc. from Mexico South . . . You'll find it at this appealing shop on- BROADWAY V I L L A G E PLAZA . . . Shop 5A. DIAL 327-0411. 2900-EAST A pretty idea for a Mother's Day remembrance might be these BONE CHINA Tea-, cups and Saucers filled with flowers, for 4.95; or Wedgwood Urns similiarly filled. New Pansies (for thoughts) and Petunias have arrived for realistic floral arrangements; Oide Thompson Pepper Mills, Barbecue Sets, Salad Sets, and Lazy Susans are famous . . . many accompanied with the spices they grind! Novel and new here is TOTE "N" PILLOW BAG . . . Tote it to the beach filled with all your Swim needs and when these are removed, inflate it, and it becomes a pillow for your beach nap! 3.95 (completely washable) at DOLLY LANE'S THE SIFT MAISONETTE. ADDRESS: 2930 E. BROADWAY. DIAL 793-8231. PARTY Ice Cream at AUSTIN'S Whatever the occasion AUSTIN'S seem to have the Ice Cream Molds that fit! Weddings, Graduation, Birthdays, Holidays . . . And it's certainly a satisfying place to get a snack or a refresher . . . Open from I I a.m. to I I p.m. . . . which means you'll find them OPEN when the pangs of hunger strike! ADDRESS: 2920 E. BROADWAY. DIAL EA 7-3892. DOROTHY RICE presents . . . SUMMER LINENS in solo colors, prints, and embroidered beauties! Sizes 8 to 18 and going fast! AND It's E.O.M. C l e a r a n c e time again! ADDRESS: 2926 E. BROADWAY. DIAL EA 68412. KNIT 'N PURL for ideas... C r e w e l Embroidery Kits, Q u i l t i n g Kits, Tablecloth Kits, Knit Kits and Needle Point! . . . These and more you'll find to give mother, or to keep your own fingers busy now and later. Your summer can be profitably spent . . . ADDRESS: 2922 E. BROADWAY. DIAL 3250304. (Pretty handmade Hat- lets and Slippers have been added here!) .S uanne's CHILDREN'S PARADE, May 4th at 3 p.m. (SATURDAY) La Placita Park. Children compere in costumes ot old Mexico, cowboys, Indians and pioneers for silver prizes. FIESTA de la PLACITA, Saturday and Sunday, May 4 and 5 in La Placita Park. Strolling man'achis, colorful stalls and street cafes, unusual games, food and music . . . with the magic of the Mexican Street Fair. There's no problem about gifts if you go to the right place . . . such a shop as Rita Morgan's SUZANNE'S Gift Salon. Mother's Day, F a t h e r ' s Day, Weddings, Showers, Children's a n d Grownup's birthdays, graduation, etc. No matter what the occasion, no matter how much or how little you plan to spend, SUZANNE'S has an answer. One novel gift, might be a KEY RING PLUS . . . Set its alarm and it will keep you posted on your parking meter time, or any other time you must remember . . . appointments, etc. This is 5.95. ADDRESS: 2924 E BROADWAY. DIAL 3263862. Signed, MRS. MCLAUGHLIN . . . Barbara Jackson Nuptials Recited Saturday For her wedding Saturday morning to Thomas Raymund McLaughlin, Barbara Ann Jackson chose a gown of white peau de soie and carried a bouquet of stephanotis. The bridegroom's uncle, the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Thomas R. Daly, solemnized the ceremony at St. Ambrose Catholic Church. Barbara Ann, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James D. Jackson, 1607 S. Bristol Ave., asked her sister-in- law, Mrs. James L. Jackson, to be matron of honor. Nancy Nugent and the bride's cousin Margaret Ann King served as bridesmaids. They wore long blue lace dresses and blue lace picture hats. They carried colonial bouquets of white and pink carnations. The bridegroom was attended by his brother William as best man. The bride's brother James, Alex Carrillo, Thomas Bellis and Frank Conley ushered; Little Kim Johnson carried the flowers. The bride was graduated from Salpointe High School. Mr. McLaughlin is an alumnus of Bishop Laughlin High School in Brooklyn, New York, and he attended St. John's University, also in Brooklyn. He is the son of Mrs. Charles McLaughlin of Long Island, N.Y., and the late Mr. McLaughlin. A reception and buffet luncheon followed the. ceremony at Carpenters Union Hall. The newiyweds will honeymoon in Las Vegas Nev. and will reside in New Ybrk. Give Mother the Gift of Beauty r MOTHER'S DAY A Gift Certificate from A-l COIFFURE PERMANENT* from $' 7.50 Shampoo, Set and Hair Cut Included EXPERT HAIR TINTING No Appt. Nee. Closed Mon.' A-1 COIFFURE Salon of 353 E. Prince Beauty 623-0852 GRACIOUSLY Already home to your kind of people, The Park Manor » closo to town with evory service of a fine hole]. Y-iu leov* behind upkeep, luxoa, nil th» b u r d e n s of o w n i n g a home, Cozy atuclio to two-bedroom apartment, all accommodation* are sp»cioua, s m n r l l y furnished. View* of the Hay and Balboa 1'nrk. Reasonable r»t«a. Won't you ci'l or viuit u«, Write to: Mr. George Hamilton Mnnnging Director Rntcn available by the Dny · Week . Year PARK MANOR Salt Dituo'i t-'tnttl Apartment floltl SJ5 5 C R U C 8 STRElfT · CY Mill

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