Independent from Long Beach, California on February 11, 1958 · Page 18
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 18

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1958
Page 18
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Pag* C-2--INDEPENDENT W*·*·*·». *-.»*·'* published-every Sunday in the £ C Independent ttcgram Southland Magazine i s w r i t t e n especially for the people in this area --about people and places in this area. Interesting a n d informative articles point out the most news-worthy features-of nearby homes, gardens, art and other things of local interest every week. You-' and your whole family will, enjoy reading the Southland "Magazine every Sunday in. the big Independent, Press-Telegram. ·Have the home delivered! [Independent J3rcw CfIcgram Consensus IMeUUlltEni)! TERRY (80) I MOU.T (M) I El Dr»co , Beim.TaJIn». Ex-Adinlrtl ; ByIIANKIIOiLINGWORTH- ExtfiilivtSiHirlsIililor It could only happen at a race track-- and 'i last week at Santa Anita! . . ; . : _ - . , _ · , : . True Story No. 1: The gentleman, was in 'a .hurry .to get, to the race track Friday. He had the afternoon off-- his .first. weekday afternoon to himself ' during .the ..current meeting. So, naturally, he was in 8 hwry 'to «ake -the. first r a c e ; . - . It follows, therefore, that you can't- blame him .too, much. for trying to avoid taking many wagers from his co-workers. . He wound up taking one-- that of his boss.,..;, "I'll meet-you out there by the fifth .race," the boss said he told him later, "but put down a little bet .for me in. the third race. Bet the No; 9 .horse In the third'wm v What do you know? .The NINE horse in the THIRD;. race, Foch/wonand paid $46.10!vWhe^:th e -.boss himself got to the track' and 'learned the' result he, was elated, but, he didn't run/into his employe until. just before^the, seventh _race "Boy, we sure mafle out OK on our little wa«;«r, dldn t we?" enthused the boss.' . ? ' ' - , .., ' - " ' · · -.^ "You're mixed up, bois," said the worker. "Our race-isn t- until after-this-one. I'm betting the No. f horse in the eiehth. race for you, remember? And, by the; way, what .are you doinc here today? I thought you weren't going to come out. The boss was fit 'to be tied and the worker was almost . Mck on the spot,when the situation was; unravelled. Needless to say, .they both left the track at once-m sep- Cratty Party I Travil Book' T Mr, Sullivan. Scent haughty Ifce 2 3 4 . · Wi 6-!»*tAD«y T |.-Bounty B»y -· 7 8 Moneen MlnLiapYr Bopy'» Girl Ex-Admiral' El.Draco ' Honk .Crafty Party Travel.Book' Torptdo Boy 1 Scent- :':. Mr. Sullivan Ml« Matador ; Pemimbra Treg Monti irl Out I Whirl Out .Peppy Blink I .Penumhra Arivedercl I Bopy's Girl Morjeen . Honeen MlzValentln* i Artvedercl Moneen.CH) . Arlv«dercl(7) I Bopy'i Glrl(H) El Draco . . ; Palace Court Bella. Tallna. Bella Tallna .El Draco ·Ex-Admiral Cr»«y Partr Travtl Boole. Tribal Dane* TravirBook-" Crafty Potty. Drums' El'Draco (12).. BtlH.T»llna(7) Ex Admlral(6)i CraltyPrty(lfl) .TravelBooklo Torpedo Boy(2 Mr. B Scent [Van., I Scent I Mr.Bu Penumbra. ·Monta tpade Trig-Monte Gullai ' TreK-Mont« N Penumbra . 'Whirl Out .' Fenu Trei Whfi 19HORSES NOMINATED .a-ScarletAbeyt l-Sca^etAbey Glirantlc Bounty Bay '['rjlVintTc".""'"'1 Bounty. Bay a-ScarletAbey! Silver Eai l Gigantic (11 ·· a-ScarletA(ll) I BoiintyBay(3) Santa Anita-Cap BY BOY BE1Z TUESDAY, KJUBKUAJWf ll^Mtk »«y «t U-Dur WnUer Clev. Jrtck/1'Mt. tint PMt 1:00 P. M. · · ' LISTED JOf OBDIB.OF PBEFJEBEMCE. ' - 1-MWST H.IKKI. JTUIUXWitiS. I XJR. MA1B1CN SwIrHniAVy, ·Beau, Busner BwlrllnjAbty i Gold .Cover - Bemu-Buflher -I Ode.. ' ' ··· I KaninrooCrt Piqulta KanpxrooCrt Ode VantmeFolnt KanlarooCrt Ode CotbleriBlicti i Piqulta Odefio) · ·. paqulta(2) .- Jockey. IB Moneeu , (York) .. 1 AriveatrJi IBOUU.-J-- 3 uopy'i Jful lullsion) 14 syuil Brand tlorKJ '.-12 m»s-L«»p year inannatz.) U Jfcutle .'rneme Oievenj. ._... 18' Young Set (Burton) · 1 IXJVB In View (Maese) .,,. lu Jdiz Valentine- (icazaj .^-- 5Kozel-(.?. J«iorenor'.~..-..-- '*· ^iina Jason : (Hauey.) _........ 4 special tuition CCantarlnlj 13'uonteMa KIU- (H.- Moreno) 1.1 Barnajcatny (maewj .s April IA. Vulenzueia) ·5 tet Houae -iClacomelll) . 11 Brevl .Ue (Skuse) ·_· u yenny-- l?nnd (Miner) IjOVUSHOT ROZEX \vt. urainKttt llo Appears best -if itarti. -115 ' SmcUy Uu-on.'to otat. -116 LOSL In pnoto ilmih Hi Kfialea-Syoli; · : !!;' Vvm keep'tnem; rionest, lu c story completely sad, the- eighth race was won by Uncle Sid ($16.40)-- the No. 9 horse in .the eighth racer * · * ' · * J - · ' · · ' . ' ',' TRUE STORY NO. Z: A Long Beach butcher, who didn't know much about 'either horses or women, went to the track with a considerable sum of money from his market co-workers to 'wager on a ··'certain pony. Accompanying him was,, a housewife (someone else's), who proceeded to get the novice horse-player and bon vivant in a pleasant liquid -frame of jiimuuK-. the bMtcher-wa» feeling no pata, he didn't forcet his buddies. He took out a slip of paper upon which, he had marked the race and horse number that he wail to wager for 1 his co-workers. · He chunked the wad of. dough on the No. 12 horse to win. He rcoted and cheered like a true railbird;for No. 1Z (Mr.- Bluebird), but all No. 12 could'do was grab second place. 1 When he returned to "his market the following morning, ,he was mobbed by the happy employes. ; "Cleaned up, kid, didn't.we?" they enthused. The butcher explained patiently that the horse, upon which he hid wagered ran pallantly, but second. · ' · -. · "Second?" questioned the angry mob. "Our horse,. Paquita, won the race and paid $16,30." · The butcher protested violently, dug out his slip of'paper a n d roared triumphantly:-..-. · ' . , ' · · . . "Well, look at It The No. 12 horse came In lecond. So, Clearer heads examined the slip, then shoved it back into the hands of the. butcher, requesting'him to glance at it The slip read: "No. 2 horse to win." · However, just in front of the figure "2". was .a fly speck, or something, which anybody in. a foggy state might have considered a "12." · ' ' . Of course, the No. 2 horse was Paquita! * , * * . ' TRUE,STORY NO. S: This one has a familiar ring. A. candidate for a goofy house asked the clerk at the "$5 win" window for a ticket on "No. 9" in Saturday's fourth race. The clerk erred and punched out "No. s 8." ' ... - . ·· The Irate citizen ranted and raved and demanded "No. 9." He was told when someone else came to ! the window asking for No. 8, he could make a switch. The No. 8 horse being a longshot, the citizen had a long wait. Finally,'however, a customer asked for "No. 8." The clerk punched out.n J No. 9" ticket, handed It to citizen No. 1, who turned over the "No. 8" ticket to citizen No. 2. . You know the rest.' The favored "No. 9" horse, One Ton- Tony, ran out of the money, while despised "No, 8," Betide, won at a $30.80 payoff! · - - TRUE STORY. NO. J/: Not all race stories' turn' out bad. A press box citizen always, wagers on a horse .that has the same number oC letters in its name as the jockey., He used his system to advantage one day last week on a horse named Stromboli, which romped in at a $15.10 payoff. .' . ' ' The other press box Inhabitants were at a loss to figure why he had bet on.StrombolI when the jockey was a kid named Fairholm. ( . "Why,'.they both have eight letters, of icourse, jerks, 1 he wise-cracked while counting his winnings." (Which proves you don't have to know even how to count a winner at the races!) i ' . '* * * ' THEM THAT HAS . . .: When Ken. Vtnturi nabbed the Palm Springs golf event he was awarded a Thunderbird car. That gave him a Corvette, a Lincoln and a Thunderbird--and he intends to "keep all three: "I'm ready.for any emergency," was his comment. And then some, I'd say! GOOD, .OLD "XJNCLE JIM": The IBC is a wonderful little outfit--as long as-it's.not crossed.- Fir instance,. Chuck Speiser used'to be its baby; But he's'not-"in" with the, IBC gang -now. The IBC -has a way of" handling its. problems,' though. ' . .-· ·'. · · The Wednesday, night TV commentator announced coming- fights and conveniently omitted Spelscr'x fight In Detroit. Jack Dreis mentioned the date, but instead of Speiser's fight with Bobby Lane, he announced the co-feature! Take a 'bow, James B. Norris! Round Table Assigned 130 for San Antonio 'Cap Round Table wan assigned 130 pounds Monday for Saturday's 150,000-ftuded.San Antonio Handicap at a mile and one eighth* Althoush-It is up to. Travtg M. Kerr, Oklahoma oil, man and owner of the money-inning champ of · the three-. ye»T-ol"» last year to make the decision, It Is likely Round Table will accept the weight. . . · . - ; . . ', . . Round Table will be tfvlng away 12 to .28 pounds to. the other 18 nominees. . - ..' ' - ' ' ' ,, ^ - . u.. The San Antonio is » stepping stone to Santa Anita, s $135,000 Handicap March 1. Round Table is .to. carry. ^30 pounds In that one, and. he has won two races at the meeting with ISO up, the Malibu Sequct Stakes and the San Fernando Stakes. 'He .also won the Santa Anita Maturity with 126. Here's how they are scheduled to line up against him Satur- dft Porterhouse arid'Terrang, 118; Promised Land, 116; Find 115- Ekaba, 113; Seaneen, 112; Nashville; 111; Eddie Schmidt and Swirling Abbey, 110; Battle Dance 1 , Holandes H, Like Magic aiJ Mystic'Eye, 107; : Gold Cover and The ^Searcher, 105, andTBounty Bay, HI Pardner,and Solid Son, It)/. · __ _ ___ J31UC xleiUUU|t-£laL£*. ... ___ llo Kialed-Jo Bonner. _. 11 sollaarUy-Lovonsile. _. llo . Urantor-Ciara 1 -- .... __ 116 Will Improve wltn racloj. 11^ · IJue ID recommend. --- « __ 115 can and' must Improve. .... lli Heal ii'it«t-s,pin«tr«M. _ 115 1 ' _ Hi, ____ 115 ,, 115 _ llo ea iiit«t-,pin«r«. ---- :___.Omy an 1 upsetctr'a chance. ---- J Jio excuses last ftart. ^ TralJia Biuily In la«t, . Hlcltey LM-bandra w. Pleasure *'uccl-.fenwar. JtaOli--ly ·t rJl Jjraco tA.eonar.oj xll^ ·1. rfella. 'i'alina" (Maeae) _;--^..-- lua a j^x-Admirai .(H." *ureno 213 14 star naamoce (SnotmaKer) _ IMS u Ein« Dear (noliinaj : --·- ins- s iramce Court Uiaima;zj 11 Hone (\cax'A) ' Con Man (lorlc; Laay swan (r'airholm) D iyii»s Ingiewooa tAJHKUL«., lo ijl x'aare ' (Bailey; .--....12 Valedictodan (U'erguson; _: xlua 15 Lou's, Cnance (Leonard; xlu8 i-\vukey (.GmcbnieiTl7~7J"!r!ZZ loS Id Konnle'l £aoy l^alca.) -.:--TauV T^xr.*iKinT-^T:Allv SWAN. iiau k. maxe Jt.lixiay . rouKU trip. w«H n«r«. »-l . -l -- .._.-. -- · w Improvtmcnt. . iiot overmatched touay. never rticett tni» caeup. KloKf" iwitcn- may flei 1 ^ Insioe post, no nelp.. ------ ---- KnouJd' HK« uu autance. · -- ....... iu-1 'i-ou;n apot to Kraouate. _-. ------- lo-l Pauea to tbreamn, ^... ^ 3-1 \Vm neea. . tne ' IJent weignt. Seiaom jlnHms aoat. ., Voor nortieru raceB. riKures to trail. iiUOUiU. ICl'atCTl Out. uratty i-arty iboianaj ...... -- :.- Us S Travel 'iJooit. ^hoemalter; ---- IAS a Torpedo · iioy ibKUjer ------- 118 13 Trlual Dance (fmDalmi --- JtluS li no Druajs (iiaesej ---------- J1S lu Kmt'a i-or« (Icazai . ------ ..... ~. Us iiali Koman (Harmatz) -- ;. liJ our pally (Ueveaj TtUUU KJUCK--li'« i |4,6UU .Loom UKU- graouatlou day. · 2-1 iiave him to Beat. -- -----. f»-2 iiest a iwld. threat. ..___- J-l ruueo: acainst aimllar, *-i . Can ana must .improve. · _j_TM..., U-l liaa no excuses. - t-ltcina a, trill* nixu. . indianola ^xorl ^ ........ -- ...... 11 Boastiui iLeonj ._; ------- ..... t rtucdeoac' t'r 7 unarco (H. J l^OKeSMOI-- FINS _ i'ar ot£ wlnmnp form. *_».'. ...^'.".'."xlua itay ne placed too low. -n · Winnie it cioie. .. n«d a local race. --- res- ajnone utriRKjeH. .:. ii lir. aulllvan (Arcaro) .-"..... 6 Haughty iK«- (ifofkT. 4 Little ituari (V. Moreno) -Ib Lonustoce. (narmatu ..:...,.. 5 MIsa Matador (Snoemaker) 3 Sweet TWlnRj -(LonRdec) . X1W 10'Hemet stax' (Ycaza) -7 Manners Sir (Araxundlj JlEiue-Teton (Skuae) --,, -"- U.Snow War (Kalrholm)' Jtiuj la Zeviuor (Ferguson) xlO« i itwwoottoai (narmati) '115 11 Emseesquare (Ferguson) . xllU 16 Home i'lect U (ixjcsdcn) --:..-115 LONCSHOT--HEMET STAB. .' __ _ lla ijojctveM anotner cnitnce. _. .._ 118 vvijl probaoiy to Ui« lavorlte. ... US Seldom' ar away. ... .... 112 Cnance'.to upset. .^..., -- lib Won last, long Idle. -..,, 113. Boy be« rKommenoaUon. .- Ill iiay need an eailer fl«la. ill Mcurei to weaken ---.-- Oniy a iongsnot ' chance. 1-air Cillenu racej. ixjnu lole. working well. 15-t Give Him a race Urst. --. --U-1 Disappointment M rar. fv-l Trailed baaly )ut itart. .W-l. Need* ». *octer «pot. ..._ 25-1 Hnouid scratch out. :_^Ki:l ' ' l ' -- ' · ' . ' 1 CLAIMING. By WAITER DAUCHK- It's been exactly 20-years since a three-year-old slbrJ/siAiiS'Svt is doing this winter at Santa Amta. Back-in 1938, a maiden-with' Lli renurnoru (±ca*a-). -.3 Tree Monte (ii; Moreno) li Wllrl Out (Shoemaker). . 1 Gallapatle (Boland) _.'.-4 Sun-Jewell (Maese) l True- Poise (Westrope) _. 11 Keralce B. (P. Moreno) - lu Kedlstltcn (Neve«) 7 Peppy Blink (FairHolrr.) . 13 Peter Potter (Westrope) 16 Over HlKh '(Trejos) ---~ - 118 U Antarctica (Harmaui) . , _ 111 'Hast in an open race. 116 Bent Is bard to beat. lia Helps mak« It «. toujn race. TM 116 steps up- irom wlnniDK eric-rt. Touch one to figure. . Lost-, In. pboto. finish. ...-Outside. chance 1C · starts, --.. _ _ 113 _ 111 113 .xioa 11B n a r c IS Sharlttootri Shoal (York) ... S Mrs K B. (A Valcnzuela) 6 Ballywlt (Sl:use) LOKGSHOT--KEPlSTlIClt e fair early apeed. ._ ... Trailed badiy against better. "Would requlr* a surprise. ... Toujh one to dsure. .--. ^IM almt similar chances. 116 Figures among stragjlers. 113 . .Touch spot, to rraduate. Ill can't «« much .hope. .. . 4-1 . «-l . 6-1 ' SDMdy'Mikc (T Domlnguez')"-" 111 Can v t »e« much .hope 6 Ballywlt(SiaueJ .._.:_.,,....-.-..- 116 Neglected to' beat a bor.K.. ...15-1 "~il)-l 2(1-1 25-1 Z2S-1 the catchy monicker-of Stage-hand came out of the east under tutelage of 'the one-time riding great, Earl Sande, to sweep all before him, finally winning the Santa Anita Derby and parlaying 'that into a victory 'over. Seabiscuit in the $100,000 Santa Anita Handicap less than two weeks later. Hialeah Race Results Cleir and i*nt. · FIRST RACE--U*. mllan: · . Nftmeaia, 'Bai-nctt 527.20 J12.00 $ 7.10 -- -· · '· 4.20 Grey Rip. «..--...---......... 's Image Woodhouge cuna · , j . Stagehand had a manner of going much like Silky Sullivan's, although even the Sande colt's -stretch' run. would .pale beside the furious finishes, put. on by the Ross-Klipstein chest- nut'Charger. , Those, of -you who can reach ba'ck' lore to cover that long-ago chapter will remember 'that Stagehand used to make his run from some 10 to 12'lengths' off the pace, but even then heeded the advantage of a 30-pound pull 'in the weights,. 100 for Stagehand, 130 for Seabiscuit, to flash under the wire 'the victor by a head in the hundred grander; Of course, Silky Sullivan has not faced older horses .as yet, nor is that chore in'the offing for him for the next half-year. As a matter of fact, to date Silky Sullivan has not succeeded in mastering. his arch rival among the three-year-olds, unbeaten Old Pueblo, but his electrifying stretch surges, have made him a sentimental favorite with Santa 'Anita patrons. Despite the fact Silky Sullivan failed to tag .Old Pueblo- in the California Breeders' Championship Stakes at a mile, and one sixteenth, 'all the cheers were for him as he- returned to be unsaddled. . · -· Much has been- written .about the way Silky Sullivan turns -it on in- the sjre'tch,. but - it you haven't seen ·· it· for yourself,, there' is 130 description vivid, enough to convey an adequate SIXTH KACE--liV MJLLES. -4 XK; W. CI^SSIFIEU ALLOWANCES. 111).(MID racing experts'who will be'sid- ing with.Silky in the.$100,000 Santa Anita. Derby. March 8. This one will be at a mile and one furlong, and while' Old Pueblo still-is the'.orily ranking three-year-old, in the ..West with an unblemished' record, that" extra furlong looks for all the world like a span of wall- d-wall carpeting for ;Silky Sullivan. It is seldom that two three- year-olds of such" exciting po- ;ential -as Silky Sullivan and 31d Pueblo come up together at 'one race track,., but;; their rivalry has -lifted' an otherwise drab Santa Anita season into one", tinged 'with anticipation of their forthcoming Derby duel. From there,- it will be but a short hop to Kentucky for the California pair, where, in early May, 'Old Pueblo will -put on his front-running act in. the Kentucky Derby, while .Silky Sullivan will complement the California- invasion with his boom-boom stretch shot. Be- 8 utgantlc (Arcaro) .' 7 a-fcicarlet Abb«y (Shoemaker) l Bounty Bay (Vcaza)- . Unucky to lone last strictly the one to beat 3 Silver E :(Yorlt) G Jtslsco (P.- iior«ao) -- f.. . 111 J^.JC109 J Hi-Socks · Tvoizke) ?'.' - HI a--D Landers-trained entry. LONGSHQT--SOLIK JFLJiET. r c y e e . . . . . Good race despite trouble ..... will make.nlr presence felt. sco .- -- f.. 5 Solid Flett . (Yalta) -----2 a-Paul'a Diamond (Harm 5-2 4-1 _ . 6-1 Never"runs"tnem alike. --.'...., 8-1 Willing, but in tough. ..._..10-1 1 stablemate looks better, 5-2 GIv» Him a pass. _ ^....-...25-1 SEVENTH HACK-1,V M1IJES. -I Vll. U1 TUB KNIGHTS Of THK BOUtiU TABUS. CLASSll'-lKlJ I10.0UO. a Swlrllne Abbey (Shoemaker).... Ill 8 Beau Basher (Harmatz) _.,,. 113 111 ^ 113 ,, iaiirciy nv"imh ^*»uit«jl)' ...,-.-- 113 7 Prince of Grelue (H. Moreno)-- 113 8 Posadas (Pulido) _i_ m ._. 113 S Gold Cover (York) 2 Marcador' '(Longden) .... 1 Barely Nothing (Burton nara to pick against him 6-5 Gooa\ effort, at Dig odds. 5-2 Never better than now., -- 4-1 Fine works to jecommend ,-- 6-1 Usually closes well. --. ft-1' Trailed better Held. · JJ-1 1-ar off winning effort. 20-1 Failed to ' threaten. ... t) ode ______ .......--. -- . -5 Kangaroo Court (Shoemaker) 8 Paqulu. 16 Cobbl 1 Go Sign ' (Ferguson) , 11 Condemnation (A. Valenzuela) -lift 2 Northern Spy (Hannats) ...-- 122 13 Casper Creem (Yaka) 7. Special Permit fNeves) e Moby Dick (Volzke) 12 Challenger Tom -(Xcaia) _.;:_.. 9 Brun (Gllsson)' ----'-·'... 3 Daddy Sol (Fairholm)....... tween them, .they well could provide the golden state with a one-two finish and bring further prestige to the West's bur- EIGHTH BACH--IVt MILES. 4 YR. lu. (Bol lers Ben land) ------ -... ch (Boland). 113 ~ 116 .- 116 116 -...1109 CLAIMING. PUKSE M.5IX); ...xlll -·114 . 113 ,. 114 ..'113 .X100 106 3 Daddy Sol (Fairholm).-....., 15 My Friend Barb- (Trcjos) -4 Vantage Point (Maese) .,,-'114 U Lovely Irene fLewls) ..100 X--Apprentice allowance claimed^*-- LONCSUOT--SPECIAL PERMIT. .Beat him and take It all. Speed to go all the. way. won Inat at good odds. Will .force the pace. . .Chance as . weighted. .. ·Coming up to best race. _ Beat easier lait start. Disappointment, last week. May .be placed toO'low. _ TV'ins when least, expected. -Failed against -better.. ,,...- Flguren. to weaken. . . Sharp Improvement necessary. 25-1 Should scratch out --...-- 25-1 Far off winning effort. 30-1 Disappointed all races. 30-1 McGuire Specials Best Urt--K«nir«rtx Court In Hlh. Best Cliance Bet--Sweet Tidings In Most Probable Winner--Moneen In "preferred Farllty--Gl'cmntle to K»n- garoo Court. . . _ _. , Kukroll Sp«IU--Falmce Court lo. docker's Tip--Bmrel Nothlm 1« 7th. LIKE TO SELL A TRAIN? Now's the time! Call HE2-5959 for a helpful -Classified ad- writer BETZ' BEST Most Probable Winner-Swirling Abbey in 7th. Best Bet--Bella. Ta-lW In 2nd. . Best Money . Proipect -Little Bush In 4th. Win Parlay--Moneen in lit to Crafty Party in 3rd. Longshot Special -- Solid Fleet in 8th. Helifiat, Stone - ........... ?·» ----- ---Miss J. B.. Roblchaux ...._:,,-... 10.)0 Tlmii -- 1:51%. Sure Me. At Will, Pollycrome. Lorllla. Auratura, SIke, Long Whirl. Oil Burner and Klsque Son(j also ran. SECONTl R^CE-- UA mile;: Won't Give Up Brnt 11.30 5.50 3,110 Sky Merchant,. Delvecchlo. . 6.9« · 5.20 Music Maestro. Fieselman .... ----- 4.80 · Time-- 1:50%: Atrust, Well seasoned, Pronto, Could Be Said, Wolf Badge, Googln and Bright Plumes also ran. Dally DouUe raid 1148.30. : THIRD RACE-^-B lurlonrn: \ ' The Runner, Blmetli 4.30 3.70 3.40 New Talent. Brooks .......... 14.10- . 8.60 Wur Empress. Lester ... ............. - '.60 Time-- 1:10. Mrs. Cat, 1 Sepia Gem. Sweet Revelation, Nanka, M!»s T. Ray, Oat Maneuver, pleasure Bail, sllicla, Carlyn Sarah »U(i ran. ' . FOUBIU RACE-- IVSi nlilen: - · John Dick, Boulmetis 4.SO 3.10 2.60 Ponsfrec, DeSplrlto' .: ------ 4-*0 3-TO , Freedom Boy. Bailey _________ ....... -- . Time-- liSOli. Noble Court. Soyal me-- i . e . Peak, Make- Merry, pender. WIlly'» P»". Gray Flyer. Gyration also ran It's +he most economical and convenient way to keep up with the newsl . in Long Beach, Call HEmlp-ck 2-59.59 ;.: v · Bellflower Area call TOrrey 6-1721 Compton Area .....NEwmark 1-8647 .. . . . . . . Garden Grove JEfferson ,7-9.120' · - · Lakewood TM L_..MEtcaJf 3-0764 jmdre, .Stone ...'.--»---- 9 - 20 ,'1'2 Voyante, Ruane...,, ....:-- · ·-,»-3 Tlme-^-l;51 Dance'Away, - Pride O 1 Dixie. Lazy Bogan, Jejen, · Powder- smoke, Junior C. also ran: SIXTH RACE-* ·luflon»i:. . King's Ca»tl», ·', ·',... , Sorrentlno 11.80 . Quality control is the- secret! Samovar VODKA ---, aater'i mage woodnou?e , 14.8' -.». 1111%., Royalist, Theflpls. Amber .Tide Epimetheus, It's a Gem, Arlgan, Beau Daumler, Big Fr«eze, Temple Hill also ran, SEVENTH KACE -s I.rloni.- Brussel£ Kuane 8.0( .QO · Ardee, Bailey 11.80 Nasco Ussery -- _........:. Time--1:11 2/5. Sea, Swell. B al. Harrodsburg,- BijCknesa, Cou.«-«»- arry. Ace Cneval. Sir' Kenny. Come m Fred. Cliffs O'Dover also. ra"n. · EIGHTH RACE--7 Jurlonr»: en LomoridT Brooks 8'BO '4,20- 3.40 utlana, Choquette ^TM.; J 6.40 4. BO Jureaucracy/Woodhouse 4-BO Time--1:53 2/5.-DU.-1C HeavBn, Made Jut, Hellpat. King Grail and. Go-'--- · · also . ran. · NIN'/K .11ACB--« .urloni«: are 'Seveui . ' Whirlinr°Bmie,"Brooks'.._' 8^30 sace of Alert-. Ouerln .:-..:..;, ,,, Time, ,1:11-4. Refugee,-Blue T.--. no Hall NaVy. volcanlte, · Houston and - tnother Art al»-, ran. j SRINDIVERS SEATOFIICERS , Skin Diving: Club of i. Southern California, word picture pf. his actions; · Silky Sullivan is a' "loner"- of the' first water; he absolutely refuses, to have any horse near him when he is racing. Inasmuch as, he' senses -he .cannot outrun his foes in the early EO- ng, Silky Sullivan is content to et'them go on their'way while he .'lurks far 'in the; distance, satisfied to.see.his rivals all the way'-up to 40 lengths in front! of him." Not .until the" field bends'-into .the lane down the '.iuistretch' does -Silky- 'Sullivan ,!!$ deign to associate with his foes. : TM"' -It-has been'.our good.fortune| to be'perched-right ; at the. head of-the. stretch the 'last couple of times Silky Sullivan has been postward; and we \have had a close-up ' picturer..o£ Jiim going into'high. gear. With, less than a quarter.of a mile to go; Silky Sullivan has. been as .far as 20 leased ltd list of oHJcen for 1958 and. Larry Bice, pre»l- x dent of the past year, ·»»· again ;elected to that port.-' · Other .officer)) leated were Jim Mllner, .vice-president, Marjorle Woe,'secretary and N o r r o a Payne, treasurer.. .Dave Jacobson wai IniteUIng; officer, . - ' * . " " lengths' from the-leaders, -but from'.our vantage' point,-,_we' have seen him literally lift himself. past the, foes in front, as though.the cheers of the crowd up. ahead!were the fuel which malces-him: jet : propelled. Even 'though Silky -Sullivan failed to catch. Old'. Pueblo in the- Breeders',, his bid .falling short by a neck,,there are many Dale Carnegie Course fubJIe $p«ak;»i-M«niory Tro/ninj--Hw»«n K.foflow Sit ADVJRTISIMENT PACE i-5 B U R L E S Put your best foot forward and enjoy the perfection of BUCK WHITE Scotch Whisky. It's a favorite the world over, because its quality and character never change! 'BLACK* WHITE BLENDED 5COTCHWHISKY86.8PROOF-THEFLEISCHMANNMSTimNGCORPORATION,NEWYORK.SOUDISTRIBUTORS

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