The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 19, 1906 · Page 1
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 1

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 19, 1906
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THE CHILLICOTHE 1TUTION. .'.VOL. xvn NO. 297 Mo., WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1906 DAILY EDITION PRICE FIVE CENTS Half-Sick When your ncrv.cs are weak, when you are easily tired, when you feel all run down, the time you need a good strong tonic —Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Your docto* will tell you why it has such power over weak nerves, why it makes the blood rich, and why it gives courage-and strength. Ask him if it is not «..e* «fif» mrriirinp'von need We have no secrets! "We publish. J.C.AyerCo.. .JUSt tnC meaiCine you neia. tho formulas of_all_onr Biedji-lneg I Lowell. Mans. FOR PEACE DISTURBANCE. Carlos Lee was arrestad on a •warrant sworn out in the__police court Wednesday afternoon by Pete Woods charging Lee with disturbing the peace. Woods has charge of Peg Coleman's chilli car east of the Henrietta pharmacy and Woods alleges that Lee was cursing and causing a disturbance at the chilli car. His trial is set for Thursday. The Euterpe club will give an ice cream social at the home of Frank Scruby Thursday evening. Ice c*earn and cake 15 cents. Everybody invited. d3t RELATIVES PICNIC. The relatives of Frank McCloughan, who is here from St. Louis visiting relatives gave a picnic on Shoal creek Tuesday in honor of Mr. McCloughan. There were about thirty present from Dawn, Utica, and Chillicothe. A sumptuous dinner was served. In the eveninga squirrel supper was enjoyed by the picnic party. M'ARTHUR HOME SOLD. Mrs. T. W. McArthur Wednesday sold her home on West Webster street to Ed H. Smith of Chula. ' TeUJHISE MANY NEW READERS FOR THE CONSTITUTION Old Friends |as Well a» New Ones Take Part in Showing Their Appreciation , THAT WHEM VE DONTKEED ANYTHING ELSE IN CLoTHES WE" NEED QLoVES- GLoVZS MAKE A PERSOtf LOOK AND FEEl SO MUCH fiQRE COMFORTABLE YOU KNOWTHAT OLD GLOVES -- PfOPLf BOUT GLOVES MOTHER LlTfLFTHINGS.- BUITEK BROW/1 /ViRY JftHES CLOVE* No- 37 MAiMY MEN CAN AFFORD THE LITTLE LUX-r -UR.IE.S OF DR.E.S--S BUT ARE REALLY TOO CARELS.S.S TO SET THEM. Ax6ooD PAIR OF GLOVES NOT ONLY KEEP THE FRO.ST OFF YOUR FINGERS BUT HELP To PUT ON A GOOD APPEARANCE. A FRAYFD NECKTIE A&ROKEN COLLAR, A VoRN-OUT PAIR OF CUFFS OR A SOILED HANDKER- CHIT WILL'KNOCK THE SHINE OFF OF A SWELL SUIT OF CLOTHES. A GOOD SHIRT WILL GIVE YOU A GOOD FRONT. VE CAN SUPPLY YOU—NOT ONLY WITH SUITS AND OVERCOATS BUT EVERY THING YOU WEAR UNDER THEM. SUPPOSE YOU LooK AT OUR 25 AND 50C LINE OF NECKTIES, OUR $ 1 00 AND $1.50 LINE OF SHIRTS, OUR 25C, 50C AND $1.00 LINE OF HOSIERY OUR $1.00 AND $1750 LINE OF GLOVES, OUR 40.C To $2.5O LINE OF UN- • DERWEAR. WE CAN FURNISH YOUR BODY AND MAKE IT FIT TO LIVE IN. RIPPLE CLOTHING CO. We WaBusn Stars;_ Sn Does Mr. Roy Robinson Who was the finder of the gentleman, who wore the Patriot, $4.00 Shoes last Saturday. NEXT SATURDAY, SEPT. 22, We wfll give «way another pair of $4.00 Patriot, shoes to the one who^nds the party wearing a pafr of Patriot shoes and brings him to our store. G. D. BRANT & SON Kas. During the past four days the following new and renewal subscribers have been received by the CONSTITUTION. This list doea riot include any short time subscriptions. The -CONSTITUTION rejoices in the continued approval of its old friends as well as its accession of many new ones. The list follows: Richard Whiteside, Koute 2, city. Mrs. J. P. Henderson, Kansas City. John Dragoo, Route 3, city. H. W. Bodle, Alma, Nebr. E. M. Tanner, Wheeling. W. E. Scott, Broodfield. Mrs. F. A. Beaver, Be dford. Phillip Beaver, Utica. Ralph Dome, Utiea.' A. Slifer, Route 3, city. William Grouse, Route, 6 c ily. C.H.Krause, Route 6, city. T. E, Jones, Dawn. R. H. Browning, Hale. Mrs. E. J. Browning, Hale. J. A. Knott, Hale. Eli Eaton, Hale. W. F. Alexander, Hale. J. P. Alexander^ Bedford. W, F. Houx, Jr., Hale. S. L. Silvey, Hale. W. D. Todd, Hale. C. W. Wolfskill, Hale. Albert Donovan, Hale. W. H. Vaughn, Hale. N. O. Jeffries, Hale. C. S. Mitchell, Hale. J. E. Crackenburger, Hale. M. S. Gilbert, Route 5, city. Mac D. Sterling, Hale. Oscar Morgan, Hale. T. G. Houx, Hale. G. W v Cox, Hale. D. F. Gray, Hale. S. S. Daily, Hale. C. C. Anderson, Bedford. Robert Crismond, Bedford. Jay Fullerton, Bedford. T.- C. Heddine, Hale. People's Bank, Hale. Oscar Carlyle, Chillif.othe. E. B. Westaott,-Texhoma,;Okla. David Pearson, Hiddenwood, S. D. D. E. Wescote, Wichita Chess Pearson, Hale. John Good, Hale. Bane Granthem, Hale. Ed Smith» Hale. John Akerson, Hale. I. A. Knox, Bedford. A. L. Wisehaupt, Bedford. Sophia Heinbach, Dawn. A. N. Knox, Dawn. S. A. Browning, Avalon. Mrs. R. T. Miller, Avalon. J. T. Winfrey, Avalon. J. J. Eitzpatrick, Norville. Joe Fitzpatrick, Norville. I. S. White, Plattsmouth, Nebr. D. White, Surprise, Neb. W. W. Jennings, Davis - City, Neb. J. M. Allen, Route 8, city. Mose Conway, Chillicothe. B. J. Mallory, Route 3, city. Charles H. Anderson, Syracuse, Kas. Maggie Jackson, Route l.Samp- sel. C. D. McNally, Clarence, Mo.. William Francis, Jonerboro, Tenn. . m ' Mark Beard, Jonesboro, Tenn. A. H. Pettibone, Nashville, Tenn. J. T. Wilburn, Route 3, city. J. L. Francis, Holly, Colo. Mrs. A. L. Bernardine, Evansville, Ind. . Mrs. F. McNally, St. Louis. B. B. Joslin, Lincoln, Neb. Goodlow Grouse, Route 3, city. Mrs. W. P. Funnell, Vilas, S. Dak. — C. A. Markine, • Stanwopd, Wash. John R. Martin, Route 5, city. Inez Cox, Hale. .George Bate, Route 1, city. Scott Boyd, Route 1. city. Daniel Gilchrist, Route 1, city. p. W. Schwab, Route 3, city. Stephen Boyd, Route 1, city. : Wayne Stucker, Route 5, city. O. M. Mast, Roure 6, city. 'Herman Metzner, Route 5, city, J. M- Peery, Sampsol. JMrs. M. K. Slattery, CbilliCQtye- iWm. Nothnagle, Route j3, gity, &. L. Dryer,'Route oyol 1 , 'M. Jpnea, Routp 1» City "THE NEW MAGDALENE." "The New Magdalene" was Tuesday night's bill at the Luella theatre presented by Miss Grace Hayward and hercompany. There was a fair sized audience in attendance and all were well pleased with the bill. New specialties were introduced throughout the play. ^_ - The play tonight will be the great eastern comedy drama success "Her Double Life." This is a play written around the society life of Paris and London and contains all the elements that constitute a good play. The specialties will be completely changed. The moving pictures tonight will be "The Dream of a Race Track Fiend" the illustrated song being " I'm trying so hard to Forget you." The company will give a matinee Saturday' the bill being"LitLord Fauntleroy." MISS ANNIE HURXTHAL TO. BE BRIDE OF CHARLES B. SWAN - Announcement of Their Engagement Made Wednesday Morning—To Take Place in.' October ON WEDDING TOUR/ Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Burgy, who were married in Brunswick Tuesday morning left that place Tuesday afternoon for St. Louis where they will visit relatives and friends Prom there they will go to Jonesborough, Ark. After a visit with relatives and friends the bride and bridegroom will return to Brunswick where they will be the guests of Mrs. Burgy's parents. The couple will make their home for the present with Mr. Burgy's parents until a suitable home can be found. ' __ "CARD OF THANKS. We desire to express our heartfelt thanks to our friends and neighbors for their kindly assistance during the last illness of our daughter, Ora Amey. Albert Amey and wifo. H. S. Faubion.Route 1, ctty. E. Kelly, Route 1, city. J. T. Jackson, Route 1, city. S. P. Cox, Route 4, city. Mrs. Mary L. Carey, city. J. G. Mast, Route 6, city. W. F. Williams, Route 3, city. M. P. Girdner, Route 3, city. C. H. Sims, Dawn. Lulu Oliver, Columbia. Ed Price, city. John Stewart, city. Ellen Donoho, Sampsel. H. B. Hewitt, city. Dr. W. M. Girdner, city, Mason Little, city. D. Maupin, city. F. Pierson, city. O. H. Saunders, city. Allen McDowell, city. Lucy Joslin, city. Robert Nuttal, city. J, S. McNally, city. A. McVey, city. rriiuiFJDEALwiFE HER HUSBAND'S BEST HELPER The engagement of Miss Annie Fredericka" Hurxthal to Mr. Charles Bion Swan was announc-' ed Wednesday morning, at a party given by the bride-elect's mother, Mrs. Emma Hurxthal, to the member? of the P. E. O,, at her home on North Locust street. Prior to the announcement; the guests were entertained for an hour at six-hauded euchre. The tally cards were especially pretty and very appropiate. Mrs. Charles Paus of St. Joseph, Mrs. Harry Milbank and Mrs. A. T. Kirtley cut for the game prize, ^'large bunch of white asters, while Miss Neen McVey won the lone hand prize, a bunch of roses. Refreshments of ice cream ..and cake were served. . Mrs. Charles A. Loomis of Kansas City then announced the engagement of Miss Hurxthal and Mr. Swan and Miss Hurxthal was showered with the warmest good wishes of her guests. Although tne date of the marriage has not been annnounced, it is understood that it will take place in October at Grace church. There will be less ceremony than there would otherwise have been owing to the recent death of Mr. Swan's mother. . It will be an event that will be much looked forward to by Chillicothe society.. Miss Hurxthal has lived in Chillicothe all her life. ' She is a lovely young woman of charming manner who possesses many admirable traits which have endeared her to her friends. Mr. Swan is the traveling representative for a wholesale drug house and a gentleman deserving the high esteem in which he is held by those who know him. Mrs. Faus, Mrs. Loomis and Miss Lottie Hurxthal of Quinfcy were out of town guests at the announcement party. Ar!TH(JB GREEN ARRESTED. Chief Dorney received a message Wednesday morning from Chief Cannon of Ottumwa, Iowa, stating that he had under arrest at that place Arthur Green, a former Chillicothe negro, charged with assault with attempt to kill Walter Tolson. . Tolson and Green became in- yplved in a quarrel April 1st and Green cut Tolson's left hand and slashed him a number of times. Green refused to return without requisition papers and the Governor has asked for the papers. Constable McCarthy left Wednesday moraing.for Jefferson City where he will ask Governor Folk for the requisition papers aiter which he will proceed to Des Moines where he will get the' governor of Iowa to honor them. He will return with his prisoner about Saturday. • The police have been frying to locate Green since April'. Chief Dorney has sent out a number of letters giving the description of Green but he had eluded the officers until Tuesday when he was arrested. ALLEGED MOB LEADER SANE Springfield, Mo., Sept 18—J. Hill Gooch, who is under indictment as one of the mob leaders which, in' April last, hanged three negroes from the public square, was today declared by the county couft to be sane. The affidavit alleging^jnsanity was filed with the county court by his father, T. T. Gooch, and -his mother, Hattie Gooch, The testimony before the court showe.d that he had been drinking heavily but was otherwise sane.. Gooch will probably be tried at the November term of the criminal court, to which his case was | continued from the July term. CELEBRATES 89TH BIRTHDAY. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Botts gave a six o'clock dinner Wednesday evening in honor of the 89 birth- day'of Dr. W. K. Crellin/ A num- oer of Dr.-Crellin's. old friends were in attendance and an enjoyable time was had. For a man 89 years old Dr. Crellin is enjoying the best of health. H. B. Hewitt left Tuesday night for Chicago on business. TALK £ PEACE CONSTITUTION Special. Havana, Sept. 19—Secretarieo Taft and Bacon arrived this morning and are now in conference with President Palma. Zeayas, the president of the liberal party, and the delegates representing the revolutionists at the conference are now on board. the Denver, awaiting the representatives of the United States. They are afraid to trust the Havana government officers at present. MISS GARRIL HUTTON A BRIDE The Kansas City Times of Wednesday says: "Miss Carrie Lou Hutton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Hutton, arid Edward E. Mc- Keigan, chief plumbing inspector, were married at 8 o'clock last night at 2524 Olive street, where they will live. The ceremony was preformed by the Rev. T. P. Haley. The wedding 'wafr-a very quiet one, owing to the illness in. the bride's family, and only a few friends -were present. Mr. McKeighan was appointed chief plumbing inspector by- May^ or Neff, and was reappointed by^ Mayor Beardsley." Miss Hutton formerly lived in Chillicothe she having been born here. She is a beautiful young woman of admirable character. Showers tonight. Thursday partly cloudy with showers oast portion. Mr. and Mrs. James Stewart, who have been the guests of Mrs. Stewart's sister, Mrs. Bert Van- \ laningham,. returned to their home in Leoli, Kas. Tuesday. One of the most noted, successful and •ichest men of this century, ma recent her ste has been dy » ; Inspiration, and the greatest help- aate of my life." Jl/ln. Bessie Jfinsley CONSTITUTION Special. Kansas City, Sept. 19-The live stock market for today,as reported by Clay, Robinson & Co., was as follows: Cattle-Receipts 8,000; market steady to lOc higher. Hogs-Receipts 6,000; steady to 5c higher; bulk 86.15 to §6.30; top 86 40. Sheep-Recoipts 2,500; market slow. Chicago. Sept. 19-CattJe-Re- ceipts'.20,000; market steady , to | strong. Hogs-Receipts 25,000; market steady to 5c higher. •' TEXAS FEVER WORSE. Prom tha Trenton Times Dr Sheldon, the veterinary, has more Texas fever cattle in quarantine now than he. had a few days azo and more fafa'ities are expected Cows pastured in E. D. Dykes pasture a mile north of town have been infected with the disease taken to the pasture from the Herbert pasture a week or "^before the disease was diagnosed to be Texas fever. Rheumatism Does not let, / go of yon when you apply lotions or liniments. It, simply loosens its hold for a while. Why? Because to get, rid of it you mwst correct, the acid condition of the blood on which it, depends. Hood's Sarsaparilla has cured, thousands. Headache Facts Eif,'hty-six out of every one hundred people have headaches. Over half of these have tHem at frequent intervals A harmless remedy that costs little and actually cures is worth remembering. Dr. Wolf's Headache Cure is a purely scientific 'preparation that cures without the possibility of harm. Pleasant to take and prompt in results. Price, 10 and 25 cents. Clark's Pharmacy ..Henrietta Building.. CHILLICOTHE. MISSOURI. If a woman nnos that her energies are flagging, that she gets easily tared, MSfflirssM-^ a«sras2r«s S»^ffiS$T^ letter from a young 1 wile : " as born I have iv time was spent in bed. :4m'sVegeA Compound ecaoie uwupvw"- n.ade^aweU^^n^Ifeels^teful thatlam _***?>* %*,#* ^health. The trial of Stanton, Whitehall and Johnson, the three men ar- reated here charged with robbing theUdel, Iowa, bank last winter, will take place at Centerv.lle Tuesday, September -<i. • A number of witnesses will go from here to testify against the three men. ^ ; JEWISTNEW YEAR. At sundown tomorrow night W U1 begin the Jewish New Year the first day of the year o667. The day probably will observed oy a number of Jewish merchants m Chillicothe but not by all.- v "-raess , Fall millinery opting, at Miss Duffy's Thursday, Sept. 20. dlt lt ~a1^ce~hir cheaper Copyright 1906 The House of Kuppenheimer Well-known Business Man talking to a 'friend said, ."One reason why I have given up the custom-tailor habit is that by getting a good make of ready- to-wear clothes I know exactly how they will look-whether the cut, style and material will •be becoming or not. I have o±ten selected material from the piece or from samples in a tailor shop, and when it was made up into a suit, did not care for it at all. The same applies to the style of cut. Besides, I have found by getting Kuppenheim- er Clothes I am sure of a perfect fit without the trouble ol trying on more than once; Clothes made loy the House of Kuppenheim- er offer a wide range for selection both in fabric and style. There is individuality about every Kuppenheimer garment—an elegance in material and fit which imparts an air of distinction to the wearer. We have a large assortment for your inspection. ' , W ? F. SI successor to CARPENTER & STARKEY.

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