Independent from Long Beach, California on January 20, 1975 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
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Monday, January 20, 1975
Page 22
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C.?-IKDEPENDENT(Att) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) t*i »wh, cnn.. MQI., JM. M. im The football season ends tonight -- honest New York limes Service : MIAMI BEACH - Big, buiiy Gak- Gillingham was standing at the round bar off the lobby of the Hyatt House here the other evening talking to Tom Mack, \Vho. like Gillingham, is one of the best guards in all of football. A third party put his arms around their shoulders in a friendly embrace. They both winced. "Ouch," said Gillingham. "Don't touch me there. I'm sore." Mack explained. "At the end of the football season you can't touch a guard ou the shoulders. He's been blocking for six months and his shoulders are very tender. We're not the only ones. There * * * goes Diron Talbert. You can't shake his hand because he has a broken bone in Ihnrn cnmnu'hprp " Talbert, the delensive tackle of the Redskins: Gillingham from the Packers, and Mack of the Rams plus 77 other stars will play in the guaranteed final game of the pro season tonight in the Orange Bowl. This is the annual antidi- maetic Pro Bowl contest and Miami fans are showing little interest. The crowd is expected to total no more than 35,000 in an 8fl,000-seat stadium. It really is a television production for the American Broadcasting Company which will have its regular Monday night crew broadcasting the vent. ABC is the chief source of income, too. Thn N a l i n n . i l K o n t h f l l l players pension fund benefits from This game whose origin came in 1951. The ABC fee. $1.5 million, will far exceed the gate receipts. The format is the American Conference all stars against those, of the National Conference as determined by vote of the league coaches. It is a matter of prestige to be chosen although there are several players who would just as soon skip the occasion. Fran Tarkenton did, being excused after pleading that he had a sore passing arm. Allen Page, Tarkenton's Viking teammate, says he would rather be home with his family than here. There has been low-key grumbling about the prizes, $2,000 to the winning players and $1,000 to the losers. It was low key because, after all, the player pension fund is (he over-al! beneficiary. Who will play? Just about everybody who is anybody. The starting quarterbacks will be Ken Stabler of the Raiders for the AFC and Jim Hart of the Cardinals for the NFC. The AFC is said to be the favorite largely on the basis of the last three games in the series which its teams won. Jack Geyer, the irreverent publicity director of the Rams and a dedicated Southern California alumnus who is helping out here, said, hopefully in jest, "The reason the NFC squad is the underdog is because we have two Yale guys on our squad." . The two Ivy products are Calvin Hill of the Cowboys, a reserve running back behind starter Lawrence McCutcheon of the Rams, and Dick Jauron of the Lions, the kick return specialist for the NFC squad. · Little has been asked of the players during the week. The coaches, John Madden and Chuck Knox, have kept the workouts short and the players have toured the golf courses, gone to the races and shop-talked around the Americana and Hyatt House. The game is slightly rigged in their favor - the offenses- are limited by agreement and blitzing by defensive players is forbidden. - MILLER- WALTON- ALLISON WINS-- JpH|, BUD TUCKER ^K ·* - - ' ' : 3iB ipss^ /^I The Pro Bowl: ffiBkV *T-- J^ /Afc HlfVTjB exercise in excess There may be goodness and mercy in the NCAA, NA1A, NBA, NHL, WFL, WHA and AHA, which is not to mention the AF of L and the CIO. But there is none in the NFL. Pleading dedication to wholesome family entertainment, the pro football people would now have us view the Pro Bowl game which is an event of pushing and shoving billed as sort of an all-star thing. You suspect, of course, that at this late stage of the football season an all-star is one coveting two weeks in Miami while his old lady is shovelling snow off the veranda in Peoria. YOU KNOW IT WILL BE ON national television ;md you know tonight is Monday night. You know what that means. · The promoting body refers to this classic as an event of signicance inasmuch as it features the best players from the NFC against the cream of the AFC. One of the obvious troubles is that you no longer believe anything these people tell you. I mean, they told us last week that two great teams would meet in Super Bowl IX. It is the custom in the NFL for the visiting team to send an advance man to town one week ahead of the main travel part}'. His function, naturally, is to bend the ears of local journalists in order to create interest in the upcoming game. This tradition was observed by Pittsburgh and Minnesota for Super Bowl week. For the Pro Bowl thing several NFL publicity men, including Jerry Wilcox of the Rams, descended on Miami two weeks in advance of the event. This only reads like a pleasant assignment. You envision a PR man walking into a newspaper office at this particular point in time to announce he wishes to discuss professional football. His hat follows him out the door. ESTABLISinNG INTEREST AMONG THE PLAYERS is even more difficult. The closest thing to a solution is paying the members of the winning side more money than the losers. But this does not always work. A similar financial format prevailed for the Super Bowl but it did not inspire the Minnesota Vikings. Besides, a guy sashaying along the boulevard in Miami at the height of the tourist season will spend more than he makes. Paul Horning once explained it when the Pro Bowl game was held out here. "They paid me eight hundred," Paul said, "and I left eleven hundred on Sunset strip." You also get a picture of the coaches working themselves up to a fever pitch over tbe Pro Bowl. Chuck Knox of the Rams watched the Super Bowl and wept. It was his team that blundered away the playoff eame which sent Minnesota to New Orleans. Being coach of the NFC in the Pro Bowl does not necessarily put Knox on cloud nine. The other day on the phone we asked him what he was thinking about, naturallv expecting an offering of cliches regarding the fine football team which will be placed on the field by tho Apr lilt: AT L . "I AM THINKING ABOUT THE DRAFT" Knox replied What about the Pro Bowl? "We have some high picks in the draft," Knox ciiH "I'm pnpmipa Ppd ^dlu. l m cut. lull ogcxi. But the mid-winter classic . . . "We will not consider needs in the draft." Knox said. "We will pick the best players available." Perhaps Chuck could not find proper words for the Pro Bowl, but several suggesstions immediately come to mind. Not the least of these would be wretched excess. KINGS ON TOP-- (Continued from C-l) hots and also survived a Kings for the first time in crushing charge by Serge his career, stopped 29 of Sevard midway through the 35 d r i v e s by the the third period. Vachon Kings, pad left the crease when Vachon. Murdoch and Sevard crashed him into Terry Harper-all former the boards. Bob Murdoch Canadiens now with the t h e n c h a r g e d Sevard. Kings-- will r e m a i n in · throwing him" to the ice, in Montreal for T u e s d a y the third f i g h t of the night's All-Star game. The fuTcelv-foiight match. K i n g s r e t u r n to the In the first period Mur- F o r u m in Inglewood doch tangled with Doug Thursday n i g h t against Risebrough and moments Toronto. l a t e r the Kings' M i k e score · *·'««: Corrigan got into it with S. H I ; J \ ?i 3 I/arrv Robinson. Fir s' p "" M - ' Kin «, Novin " · , ,. ., ' G c n n g , '.Mlo^f,') 7:39; ? Kinqs, Montreal g o a l i e Ken Ni. v n is ;st Marseille, waionevi Dryden, who lost to the l 0 £^£$^ n £TMT Tremlav 11 -N. MurOoen 13-52. Muro- rr» i i. ocn (maior) 16:^5, Corrigan (major) 1 raCk reSUltS I:.-3S, Vacnon U-.U, Riseborouor, (minor, mstor) 16:35. Robinson (miror. UlNfi HKACH OC'KAN R I N m ,,,o-) Is 35, KomsSKki 18 M open Divunn--! Ji,r f a i l - o n Second Period -- i . Kinsj. Williams Mncnran Aw. TO .:i K 2 Jim A:- u iCarr. Murphy) 2:03; 5. Montreal. ijiiiila (American A\e. TO S't V- : Lambert Jl (LaPointe, Lemaire) 13 35. 1,,-ni' Halltr iN'avyi.ti:!', t Ite Kur- Pcnalliei: Berry »;». TremWav «. 50, rii 'Sindersi :ti i«. 5 Mikr Chablis Muroftv '.'..'.' ";-:'':" '":" ".' 'imat 1.14 !i p h v l * ». Illph Sohool-l Pal I'app- nmal i Third Period - (.. Kinjs. Nrvtn 1» tl 1.1 2 Ray Howard lAmenian Ave (fAalwcy. Goring) 5 51; 7. Kings. Wil- T'i'll W liams IS (Corrigan, Goring) IO:N; S. Montreal. UPoinle IB (Riwborough, _ ,,_ . | Lambert) IJ:?9; t. King-,. Gotihfl 13 ( i t V Slo-nltCn (Malonev, Nevlr,) I9:!6. Penalties: \jliy JHI jmi" Bouchard 1.11. Murdoch (minor, "i»mn, TonlBhl maior) «(3S, Savard (minor, major) ln,!",, ! !*ll^TM1«lnvl»nTMl"; T'"R K .i"0ts on 90,11 bv: u'iir'W; T| : ,fKv'C : *"· «""'»' ' ·'· » » M i nil ,i ,: .m*. v TI« l M 'f l d i 1 " I K ;. , . Gftiltenoers. K.OQS, Vatho-v Won. yjttjff**. ;·"«£$*" "·"· "T . °'iuTM (Continued from C-l) \ SCCXRE 1 drumming up some inter- \_»-- -- ··-* ' -- csl in the fight for second. " -Mahffey claimed t h a t NBA standings position with a 67-272. EtsmN CONFERENCE Red-haired Tom Watson, Atlantic Division his only challenger, finish- M m * L uTMi» °- ed one shot back at 273, *TM° » j» -g J, also with a final-round 67. ptiiiatwpnia 17 27 .m \T , T\ T u i j Central Division Don Iverson holed a WKnimlon 3 , n .705 dramatic 50-foot b i r d i e gewjami 22 n .537 r^ putt on the final hole to tie Atlanta u v '·" « Mike Hill for fourth at "TM °"S ERN CONFERENCE' * 276. Each had a closing 69 ^^ "!"««' ^^j" 1 ,,, before a massive gallery Chicago n 20 ins 2 that was announced at 38,- Kf ccJMmar , a 1 I ^ I, Ann Pacific Division · u TM i i · Golden Stale 27 16 .62! Arnold Palmer, making seat* 20 u .K ri his first start of the sea- p^TM 1 JJ " 'S K son, began his final round L ^ An 9 eies n 25 .as ?'! birdie-eagle but cooled off B(Blon , M . pwSL 0 TM" f n 7(1 280 Atlanta 117, Seattle 109 "V^n . · T Milwaukee 122, Portland IDS PGA champion Lee Detroit too, Cleveland n Ti'nvirm urpakpnoH hv a Bu "' 110 '"' " ew Orleans 112 lievino, wedKentu uj d phoenix IK. Kansas CiryOmaha 97 recent bout with flu, had names Tonight 7] 284 No games scheduled. Miller an all-Amcrican B fa m B , azers m boy who doesn't drink, mml ^ 0(m doesn't smoke, doesn't Johnson » 7-7 25. wicks » M 31, j · i j r Martin 4 - 1 1 12 Petric 1 1 (M) 22, Steele 3 swear and is an elder of ,$" Vniton z 34 ". wiikcns 2 w s. his church, collected $40,- NTM' « ^St,?^" 5 ^ "fe^f 8011 000 from the total purse of OTLWAUKEE 11221 ?200,000 and now has j.ffi.'ffl^'fiSiittl'e^g pornpH ^70 nAn in i.ii;t twn Price !) 2-:t 2(1, Rcstani 7 1-3 15, Brokaw earnea $u,uw m jusi TOO 1M1Tnom ^ s()n ii-23.KuberskiotH) weeks of play. Last sea- «. wcsiev n rm o. Williams o o-o o. son he set a record with SSi,? 2 !'' 31 i! m 33 27-103 ^^^ nofl in winning*: n n H Milwaukee ...2(1 32 38 32--122 ^SJ.wu in winnings ana FollM oul , Warner Total fonls . gained Player of the Year I'oniandn. Milwaukee 22. honors. Technical: *, .ken. A: lO/m .c, o^.^ .u- Hawks 1 17, Sonics 109 HIS START this season SEVr n F (ioii borders on the incredible. r.ravio '1-221'. Jackson 1002, FOX s In (,,,r. orv^nonnnc hn hoc M 11. BroOT. 7 8-11) 22. Clark 8 4-1 20. In two appeanCCS He has skinner3Mii.W. 1 UslM2,Burlc5on5 played 144 holes at 49- '^.iftSwV!" 12 - D t ' r i m ( : 5 H "under-par. "ATLANTA'IIIT) And the C l o s i n g 61, sojourawT l'V" HenrSn^'fWl"; matching the best score ^* I1rtlc! J 1 * 1 '^5 3 Giijf"m S 'Vi 2 ')' on the tour since 1967, kS'Si'Ma, weizcioMo. Totals capped it all. £££?!":....» 24 25 si-iou V e t e r a n Tournament i" a , nl f · , · , ^ ' ^ , 'f ( , :I1 7"I _, ,,. . . .... . . Fouled out: Jackson Total fouls: Scat- rlavcrs Division OttlCial Hi- 3d, Atlanta 23. Technicals: Burieson, Clyde Mangiim was awe- G.iii,TM. A-5,K,i. · · strucK. Celtics 102 76ers 100 "He covered the flag on PHILAOTTPIIIAIIOO) e v e r y Shot," M a n g U m 'Curmineham ll'c-7 K. Mix 2 004. cnirl "Pvoi-i' timr hp hit Ellis 2 M4. Carter 9 4-5 22. Collins 11 3- saw. twery time ne nit ., B u ,,, _, ..,, 15 Bnstow 0 M 0 , the ball you had to look smith i o-o 2. Tscnosi o M o. Totals 40 around the flight of the "BOSTON 11021 Kill tr, {-ftA ilift flirr Arrtm Havlicok 10 0-0 20. Nelson 0 0-7 fi, ball tO SCO the flag. Amaz- CowensS5-S21.Whitel31-22? Chanov inf Incrpdihlp " ^ (14) fi, Silas 5 3 3 13. Westphal 2 1-1 n. fV jT\ , ' . 'Kinkcl 2 M 4, Slacom 0 MO. Totals 43 He didn t miss a green. IMI. Urt rv\lrc-A/1 rtnn foi**Tiro^r Philsdephia . . 2X 2.1 2S 21 -- 100 He missed one tairway. Boston .21 ;B 21 27--102 He didn't make a bogey. Fnuied oiir'Sone Total touts: Phiia- tr , , .. : f? J dflphin 22. Boston 2S. He never had it more than T e c h n i c a l s : Philadelphia coach 15 feet from the hole. slm A: 15 ' :ra "I'm hitting it so good Braves 117, Jazz 112 it's a joke," said Miller, a BITFUOIIH) tall, slender blond who McMiii.TM 3 w a. Man,, 6 10-12 22. .. McAdw la l-1-lo 43. Winfield 2 (Ml 4, sometimes serves as a smith 1 3-1 n. washinuum 5 1-2 11. male model for television !£:!f " M '" Olarks } '- =· Totals 43 commercials XKW ORLEANS 11121 u V- !?· ^ t u f t Siallworth 2 04 4. Johnson 4 2-2 10. He birdied the f i r s t \v a it s 1 1 17. Maranch IT 6 7 40. fhvrtn linlnc tutr» r\t ihnm Adelinan 1 (H) 2. Counts 9 2-2 20. James ttiiee holes, two 01 tnem .M w Nl , lson , ^ , Baracll , w ; after hitting irons inside TOMS so IMS . . . . . " j ,, ,, ntlttillo ,M A oJ -4 -- 117 of eight feet and the other Newoneans .-$ E 20 32-112 iftni- i-oinliini o r»or fi\7a Total fouls' Buffalo 2,, New Orleans alter leacmng a par-live .,,, FolllM , ,,,,,. Smith ; Washington With tWO WOOd shots. He Technicals: New Orleans Coach van , . , . , , , · ., c Breda K o f f . A: 4.21-1. birdied the sixth f r o m f o u r f e e t , the seventh Suns 109, Kings 97 frnm 14 PHOKMXilfS) 11 (Jill "- Bantom il 3-7 15, Pern- 0 M 15 He eagled the llth from Awtn-y s 2-7 14. .iwkson 2 1-2 5. s«m 14 20 feet and birdied the iSfsaSierf^^Vio^iairtho'rnoo'U fth from 14 He needed 2. MeicWonni i M ;. Totals 4« n-si i.ui iroin 14. nt iittmu KC-OMAHA 1971 Onlv a tWO-fOOt tap-m for \Vi^ni:in 5 5-5 IS. McNoill 3 2-1 s. a birdie on the 14th and ^-ior'uMi^ sY. C SU " w'k srnrod from 14 and 15 feet Kosmalski o M o. Williams i 1-2 :i. b L U l t u 11U1U n d»l . 1 0 i t t L Di|rrctl j w . D'Antoni 0 1-2 1. Totals on the 16th and Istn, re- SOST-K ( . , Phoenix X 23 2fi 31-109 Spt-ClHt-M) . KC-Omaha 2(5 24 23 21-- 91 Fouled out Jackson, Total fouls: JcVirw Wilier, SAMfl! si^57l-S3 Phoenix .10. KC-Omaha 31. Join Mahaifev, S72.SCK) 67-69^9-57-272 Technicals: Porn 1 . Van Arsaalc. Tern Watson. S1J.SO ^-47-67-67-273 · Scott |2I. Laeev. A: 13.1J5 D:i Ivor^cn S5.SOO 67-7J-W-69-- 276 Mike Hill" K,M3 65-72^7^5-276 il GeitKrger, 57,700 71 69 69-69-7.75 PistOUS 100, CaVS 98 Tommy Aaron. S5.K0 71*5-70-72-275 Leonard TivjmKon. Si.TM 6S-7WS.7J-2M n.F.\T-:i.ASD(iWI Sruce Crampton, S-..5SO 71-73-7iM6-- 77? Davis 5 3-3 13. Smith 9 W) IS. Patter- Arnold Palme' S50W 7i.;i-s7-7Q-^o son 10 J-.S 2;\ Goamons 7 1-1 15, Snvtler Dave S'Kkton. SJ,C0 71-6S-7). 71-251 4 4-1 12. Brewer 3 1-3 7. Foster 4 2-2 10. Gene L i t t e r S4 ^ 70.7^-57.74--^1 Witic 0'1 0. Russell 0 (M) 0. Walker 0 0- RiK Ma«enoile. $JOi3 69-70-73-6?-2i) 00 Tntjls 42 14-l'l Ch.-A Cooriney 54 oj} 7!-;0-7l-68-?SI I1KTR01TIIOO) Joe Inman. si.M 71-64-7S-70-2S Rowe 4 1-2 a, Trapn 1 W 2, Lanier r Rja Furwm, S3. SO S9-73-74-64-2S2 ~~ IS. Ford 1 2-2 4, Bine S M, 21. Stew WelnvV. S2*'fl TiMS-^73-- 283 Mensell 7 :-10 23. Porter 7 2-2 16, Davis Boo E. Smim, SJaX' 73-72*J-70-2S3 2 2-2 «. Totals K2S-31. Homero 3!ra5. S7!;0 7i.70-71^i-253 Cleveland . . 2 7 21 2a 2a-- 9s Lw Trev,no. s;oai 6S-7*71-2S4 Dftroll 2S 26 22 24-100 Bob Ea«r«3cd, S2W 7|.73-t9.71-23J Fouled oul: N o n e . Total fouls: Chris Staler S2W 4?.7l.717-J-2SJ Cleveland LV Detroit » J C S.-?3c s: :-iS 71.74^7-72-?S3 Ttvhnicats: Cleveland Coach Fitch Both ' W.«\',n; "$l ,510 73-7t-70-72-?i5 Daw H i l l . S I . S I O 59.73-7). 72-1-53 Cw 3es Si.SIO 73-45-7l-72-2iJ B l l v Casoer. 51.513 71-73-49-72-2SS Da\-e t.;r-?.torger. 51.510 74-72^3-71--735 \^i/^liki*i/v i*0^11ltk; Ralirt JokWK 51.510 47-74-73-71-755 1 »U Illlllg rCBUIlO :b Sta^^v,, 51 IM 59-73.74.70-- ?ss B^tch B a ^ r a . Si.lx 73.73-71-6*-?S6 ft IVrmin Kace Lw C-'aham. s i . l f c 6S-73-72-73-2S4 '|011-lxiMno. Ti-rrv C uvro il.BVC'. RaiJv 51. 184 73-?0-74-6»-2S6 xivirii, llcili Bn^nah.m i L B V C ' . 7om SnaA SUfc 72-70-73-71-7S4 ^ i m n i c d n ,1-ick I'hilhr* i l . B Y C i TOT Jenvins. Si: 7r76-71-70-»7 MORS-KI Ture, Rill Peterson iCBYO. Jim Hjrav. 594; 70-74-71-72-2S7 ;, SViptx'iN ll.irrv Carr iI-BYCi. The Jim Wishers. S.42 73.72.7I-71-JS7 Slnril Uoniifl Ij'rson iSBYCi. 011RS.\ Ron Cerruoo, st« 73-67-77.7C^2S7 _|].,«k I),\nild Tucker il.SFl, L« Ek»r, S5«! sS-7j-72.7i-.Ji7 Fi rwr , 10 k,, r p,.| 0 Ives il.BYCi. Ccnlu- Ro«r v,jine. S7M 7! -74 -70-77-755 n , in i.irrv FeJ«m il-BYCi PIIRS-B- 6» GoatCi. S'CC 71-70-75-72-253 Bl.n-kj.u-k' P ls.i.ics-11. J a c k i n n 1.,-,,-ry K:r.xr.. S'M 71.73.72-72-TSi ,1J)Y(. i P'atulun. IVn J*n»fl ll.BYn. Gary V.cCord. I'M 73.70-73-7J-2BS s,v.wio'r Bf* Ojtlln lABYCi Cal-25- Don January, s'M 73-71.71.73-283 sMiiiKtr \rl G l a i e r lABYC). Tona- Wally_ Arn-.strai;, STtC 70-71 -fJ-'S-Jg ci,»is, T(,n, . Neulon. t ABYC1. Veto. Mike M.tchell. S512 6« 7»i 7I-J3? ,-j,ine Slew- Butler lABYCI. Ballerina. Jim Simons, S512 73-73-4S-7S-2S9 Boll I'lillltp* 'SBYC'. Mem-hune. Boh Andy North, Sill 7VJ5-74-6MS9 stKTfnSBYCi. ,^rK Hayes, Sil? 7W7.74-76-7?) Tom Purticr. SWJ 73-73-71-73-790 Vic RejaiaiJo, WM 7; -73-7S-?5-!S Miller Barber, U50 63 -7.7S-73-7) r; J _ _ , K n ^ a K n l l Herrv Heard. 4» 7s^8727s-TO ?unoay Daseuau Dave Ncwauist, 5450 U! 1 'i?2"''^ uT 'uTnri^uv) 7H3 72 74- W R.irwrs 13, BUCK Velvet t. wiKe wynri, MXI , i? ... ,, ^, Angel Rookies ?,. Angels 1. pJ!S*wi«h(.'it f«S 737S7371-79I Huntington Be«n A'sl, Astros 0. A r t i f M c N i c M f , S.^C 1 f ^ ' f ! l ' - ' t -i^J V . . U . U - , BOA.R-D j (Continued from C-l) (Continued from C-l) -H asked after the game h o n o r . S p u r r e d on by built up a f ^gjTM"" 1 about the caliber of Wai- thnw in thp stands the advantage by lap liw ana ton's play m the NBA. n a l j v c of R an dlemari, the final margin of victo- . NHL Standings "He hasn't been playing," N C continued to turn ry would have been even Division i · the Bucks' star said. "I i aps ' e q ua i to the leaders greater had not Allison Phiiadc-iphia Vio T 6 P 64ra 6 9 A 6 haven't seen him play. w hii e he was on the track. ' entered the pits to top off . XL? aan9Srs g i n S r a m He ' s not contributing to B u t mr handling and his fuel supply with three N.Y. islanders":::: IB 16 ii 47151 124 his team for whatever num erous "tape jobs" laps to go. The stop took. Divisions reasons he has. That's a fnrp(r i him to nit seven only 5.2 seconds. ^HoT 5 ,^?,*, statement in itself. , Vancouver 22 19 5 49 155 147 I Chicaw 2 1 2 0 4 4 4 1 5 1 1 3 3 mmntr 'J 1 st.uouis 1820743144158 "HE IS VERY sound [ Minnesota 1 1 2 6 6 2 8 ) 1 8 1 9 0 ,,,,(:,,_,,, ,,,,,,, U o ' c . i r n r v " Kansascity 931 427110172 defensively, t i e s very Djvisil , n 3 quick, rebounds well and w L T PIS GF GA can block a lot of shots. I ' Kings 24 7 12 44 149 93 « 11 , ,,,,,,'* ;,,,},*,, v,; m i Montreal 2581343207131 really can t judge him Pittsburgh 17 17 io 44 uB 146 nvpr-all but he definitely ] Detroit 1124830124149 over an, uui ire ueimiieiy vtehmgion 33a 511 92244 has tremendous talent. Division*' . Walton, who graduated r w u T pts GF GA from UCLA five vears Buffalo 29 9 7 4 5 1 9 4 1 3 4 I r o m U^J-' A I1VB yecUS Boston 25 12 8 se 212 139 after Kareem saw action Toronto 1721 741 157173 c , tu i.u;«^ *i»« rt 1 coiifornia 1128931124187 for just the third time J Sundays Results since missing 20 succes- Kinss 6, Montreal 3. give games with an ankle ' Chicago 3, California 1. J,,;,,TM, C Pittsburgh 3, Washington 2. injury. Minnesota 4, Detroit 4. R u t all f h ; i f n o t w i t t l - · Buffalo 5, Kansas CitvO. D U i . d a U l d f . I l U l V t l l . i l Boston 6, Toronto 3. standing, there was no (Noga^'sSied)."' comparison behveen the · v two. ; imes before the race was "The fuel p r e s s u r e , alt over, and by lap 117 gauge was registering - NASCAR scoring placed low, so Roger decided to im in 12th place, 15 laps bring me in as a precau- ehind. He ultimately fin- tionary measure, sai.d shed seventh, completing Allison. 72 laps. But his undying Allison collected $14735 ; letermination won him for his 44th career victory nany more fans. · ^ INAOOAIV vj^ With the threat of Petty tional competition span- ,. emoved, Allison virtually ning 11 seasons. He has oyed with the field. Be- now won back-to-back ween laps 38 and 154, he races and appears to have ost the lead to Pearson found a home with Penske inly twice-- both times racing following two lue to pit stops for fuel, disastrous years in which Repeatedly, Allison would he won only four races in )ull away from his adver- 56 starts, ary, building up leads of He also broke a person- iotTMoon Qn onH 5ft con- al hex in the Winston TkT»WT i · i i» i RnKontcnn a f n r m or l/ciw \j^n uu u u u f j j«-v -- ·· -- -- . NHL highlights Buck who is an andvst onds, only to lose the Western 500, Prior to Sun- cmCAGO-Power play goals for CBS-TV said he was- advantage when the yel- day, he had finished sec : byJimPappinandJohnRtta ,,,, f..^ Valton would l o w {la S was displayed ond in the race three fK 1 ^ 3 C , hl t C r?u^ph B1 o^ ever achLe ?he starfom thus allowing Pearson to times-in 1971 '72 and '73 the California Seals in a nation- t v,,t w a « nrprlirtpd fnr ; bunch up" With the pace --but never won. ally televised game. The win, {,. pieuicieu lui ^ ] eac iins the field at If was a triumph, too, the third in thelast [our games mm - cnnoHc nf in mrli fnr Ppnske and the Ameri- for the Hawks, moved them to "I have serious doubts s P c « ds o£ 7 ? m P^i t , , lor M nr no -7m within three points of the Divi- he'll pvpr helo them offen- Then on lap 155 the yel- can Motors progi am. sion Two-leading Vancouver ';",,,," i ,,: ' " ^ 'o w ^ was displayed for Since accepting the chal- C Tut F ALO- Jim Lorent. "anthe's not e S a S ?Sr'thesi,rthandnnalto.e lenge to turn the Matador converted two rebounds for his nvprnnwprini? nn dp- when Chuck Wahl of Bur- into a Winner in 19/1, ninth and loth goals of the sea- fTM!'", B bank parked his car for Penske, his team director toTM ^'"over'tetpan 8 Milwaukee coach Larry the day at the entrance to Mark Donohue and chief sion Kansas City Scouts. Costello who saw the first turn ?. and it took six laps mechanic John (Woody) BOSTON-john Bucyk as- mppHn ' hptwppn thp twn before it could be re- Woodard have taken the sisted on Boston s first three "'eeuiig ueiweeu LUC LWU , . u rlm 4 ,-f mimornuc inkp? goals as the Bruins broke a centers in an exhibition m « ved - · .. , a JT «, nume F° u » -J° Kesn three game winless streak with game in October at Dav- During that time both Now the team IS. a proven a 6-3 decision over (he Toronto f Q -greed with Rob Pearson and Allison pitted winner and the snide re- L^OVER, Md.-Rookie ertson together and Pearson won marks are disappearing Cowen Campbell's unassisted "i fj on 't. think he's im- tne dra S race out o£ tne We re no lon § er t n e shorthanded goal helped the __,,.,,,.] -,,,.,,, ,,;,,,,,, pits. But when the green' guys with the Nash Ram- w"lhin!ton m ffials Wn 3 U 2 ! Davton " Costello said nag came out, it only took bier," laughed Allison. "I W t i s n i n g i o n ^apii3JS, o-z. -Uciy iuii, VyUoiciiu o d lu . ,v , * *u* i r i ^ i ^ m . Campbell had previously "HO doesn't do anvthine Allison one lap to pass can t think ot any better played for the Vancouver team rijff p rpnt ,, J 5 Pearson for the final time way to prove it than by of the WHA. uiiieiem. on lap 162 winning" baUedTM°aT^u e ck d"rTMa WALTON was generally L i k e b e f o r e , Allison How right you are. scramble in front of the goal uncommunicative a f t e r with 58 seconds left in the game the game. But he did say ,, , ,, ,, WINSTON son HESULTC to give the Detroit Red Wings a AhHnl Tnhhar W P = "thp R n p l f f t t t t a l l WINSTON son UHSULIS 4-1 tie with Minnesota and ex- ADQUi-jaooar was me UUUkCla. la.ll i. Bobby Allison niucjio»-n, Ala.) "5 tend the North Stars' winless best there is." AMC Matador, 191 IBM, J14.735. streak on the road to 22 games. Walton kept intoning, "I tn GiailtS 7-S ·TsffiatorKSr^'w^lS love basketball I love to ·«-»**»*«i,c75 · \* 3 · Cecil Gordon (Horse Shoe, N.C.) \BAstandiiigs play basketball I would- The San Francisco ·" A ^M^\ W A. N.C.) '74 E asr=TM Division n't be in Milwaukee for Giant Minors exploded for Dod5B |SS$ y(C hariottc,N.c.)'72 ^ n p TM 6B my health" 15 hits and scored a 7-5 Ford,,TM, WJB?. ._ .. _ ,, New York 32 13 .711 -- "'J "^«iL»i- _ Kentucky 30 13 .698 1^ ^S for hlS Split With Gil- Memphis I* 1 isS 1917 bert, who reportedly call- Vir 9' nia ,,-'- ? - m a ed Bill as "bad aoole " Western Diviswn tu " 111 aQ uau "F1V 1C ) Denwr , 38 s .B2s - Walton said, "I have no Sana""" 110 ?\ n '$ * comment on what Sam " lah ?. Z -S !J says I didn't read the S3n Diego 19 27 .413 19 oujo. i uiuu L itau L U C Sunday's Games article and I don't know New York 1)3 Virginia 91 ntVi^f V,n c-iirl Kentucky 114. Denver 101 - wlldl lie bcllU. Mempnis lot, san Antonio 94 "T htwp hired Charles Indiana 108, San Diew 91 ^^ ^ ^ ^^ Q{ GamcsTomgnt mino T Viovon'f- coon Q NO games scheduled. mine, i naven i seen a newspaper for two days ABA highlights an d I would prefer you ,TMTT^»rr,.i^ »T-,T c j don't summarize it for UN10NDALE, N.Y .--Second- ,, year forward L a r r y Kenon _ scored 23 points and pulled When someone tried to down 16 rebounds to lead the gi ve Walton a copy of the New York Nets to a 113-91 romp n p w - nar) p r v,p rlprlinprl over the Virgina Squires. The newspaper, ne aecnnea Dinners led by as many as 19 saying, "The team has a points, 84-65, with 10 minutes bus to catch " left and were never challenged. T , - f t =' ...;j on : no ,, Mke Gale and Billy Paultz Tne n£t 1S widening a each had is points for the Nets, gap between Walton and Julius Ervini was held to is. his Portland teammates. LOUISVILLE -- The Kentucky Colonels, led by Artis TVTR* ViinVilinVite Cilmore's 34 points and 20 re- NBA. nignnglttS bounds, blitzed the Denver Nuggets. 114-101. The Colonels ATLANTA-Tom Van Ars- arc the only team in the league dale scored 32 points to i pace to hold a season edge over the the Atlanta Hawks to a lli-109 . Nusgets. HUbert Jones (22) and victory over the Seattle Super- Dan Issel (19) also scored well somes. Atlanta has beaten the for the winners. Somes eight consecutive tunes MEMPfflS-Chuck Williams during the past eight years, scored 22 points and George Fred Brov.ii scored 22 points Carter added 20 more to lead for Seattle, while former Long the Memphis Sounds to a 101-94 Beach State star Leonard Gray win over the San Antonio Spurs . chipped in with 21 . James Silas of the Spurs was BOSTON-- Celtic all-star ccn- high-scorer with 33 points. ter Dave Cowens dropped in SAN D I E G O -- R o o k i e for- two free throws with one sec- ward Billy Knight scored 34 ond remaining to lift Boston points to boost the Indiana past the Philadelphia 76ers, 102- Pacers past the San Diego Q's. 100. Jo Jo White was nigh- 108-91. All-pro George McGinnis scorer for the Celtics with 25 added 28 points for the winners, points, while Billv Cunningham Seven-foot center Caldwell Jo- of Philadelphia lead all scorers nes led the Q's with 29 mark- with 28. ers DETROIT-- Bob Ijnier and Dave Bing combined for IS of their -W points in the fourth WH A Standings quarter to give the Detroit Pis^O tnn*; i llW-OS VlCtOFV OVCF tnO Easi Division Cleveland Cavaliers. L a n i e r ^" ^ ? £!*"ici i i A «*nd Cavalier reserve center NOW Efijiarid w i/ 3 so 152 i5o i j»Lp Witfp scuffled brieflv' \vith rh'i-iiA 17 ?1 I H 1W K1 1 · ^ lfft Cnri)90 I* J t ·' I* li5 1 .M tell. inoiwaooiis ^t s^n 97 17? K A N S A S c i T Y - G u a r d Houston s I! o M in I!! Cnarlie Scott scored 28 pints ptiocnix w IB 6 4A us i*A Mc-pito iKinu ejected '.vith 9iOB SlS ii !J J S }a IB left to play to lead the Phoenix Michigan 13 it 4 'fi tu/ i/v ^ui^ over the Kansas Liiy- ciMdUn Oivisiw O m a h a Kings, 10-97. Jimmy oj«« M is o » jn w \ V a l k o r h a d 3 1 p o i n t s i n a l o s i n g Edmonton M IS 31! 1» IM cause. vSJr u » 1 3* w !a N E W ORLE,\NS-Boh McAdoo won his scoring dual with SUMIV'S o»me» ,,.. Mai-.^rh as the Buffalo K C^l 1 *^ ' 'rrvcs^M |e s New Orieans Winniwfl 9. ClovcUnd ) ,lii7Z, 11 1 - 1 1 2 . M c A n o o out- Vancouver s. Indianapolis I scored Maravich, -IHO, as the CimisToniKhi Braves uxm their (iflh consocu- live name. win over the Long Beach chovraiSnsS a B ' Rockets Sunday at Long · 747s 4 icr ^ r g CP ra y sa R iffi ( ' 1:ma "' N - c Beach City College. ' S. Gary Mathcis'lFrcsnol T2 Cho The Rockets took an w " c ' 'S Kc (Concord, N.C.) -\\ parlv 9-fl Iparl hut fpll hp- Dodge, 167, S2;335. eanj Z U leaa, OUl ICll DC iS.' H ershel McOrilf (Bridal Veil, nmd, 5-2, in the sixth in- orc.)_ -74 Chevrolet, tee, oil pump, ning. "'Otlier finishers-13. Ray Elder ICa- Giants OOt -m 011-7 IS t rathc'rs, Calif.) '74 Dodge 145, blown Rockets 020 000 300--5 7 3 engine, $2235. 21. Sonny Easley (Van Schmidt, Smith ( t l , and Ryan, Jack- Nuys) '72 Ford, 97, Mown engine, $1,150. son (5); Syluia, Scnwar (5), Brown (7), 24. Benny Parsons (Ellerbe, N.C.) '75 and Jackson. Chevrolet, 44, burnt piston, $1,075. 32. Harry Jefferson (Naches, Wash.) '72 ^ -- ~" -- TT^ « ^-.^-i 1 Fonl. 14. btowTi engine. 1670. 33. Jimmy X-iOlSTO- BE3A.CK i nE0 i 0 (Mission Hifls) '74 Chevrolet. 13, I?, E3CR.EJ.A.TIO3ST blo^-n engine, $620. 35. Ivan Baldwin _ . c= .~,* v ,rTTc3 A T T (Highland) '74 Dodge, 4, burnt piston, *--* **· *^* **- J^j A. ^^^vj_jj_j $5'o lime ot race-- o hours, 4 minutes, 26 Games Tonight seconds. Average speed-- 38.627 mph. At Marshall-- 7:15, Amer. Wholesale Margin of victory-- 22.58 seconds. Cau- vs A.D.P. : 8: 15. Malhcw's Electric vs. lion flag laps-- 16-24 (oil in turn 9), ai-35 Sidewinders; S:15, First Nazcrenc vs. (Pettv crash turn 9), 105-111 (oil in turns Becrbcllics. 1 and 8), 147-152 (oil in turn 51, 155-161 At Millikan-- 7:13. Turncoats vs. (Wahl parked in turn 2). Hips i Crips: S:15, Pam's Boys vs. Lead changes-- 1-12 (Allison). 13-15 Nobodv's; 9:15. Sudsmen vs. V.B. Mor- (Petty), 16 (Pearson), 17-34 (Allison), 35- gan Truckrrs. 36 (Easlev), 37 (Elder). 38« (Allison), 64 At Wilson-7:15, l.P.T. vs. So. Calif. (Pearson). 65-137 (Allison). 138 (Pear- Roof. 8:15. Green's Printers vs. Littles; son), 139-154 (Allison), 155-162 (Pearson). 9:15. Tallballers vs. Supcrscreen. 163-191 (Allison). SHAW, CARTER JOIN LIST OF HONOREES Special achievement awards will be given to Wilson High swimmer Tim Shaw and race driver Duane Carter Jr., a former Long Beach State student, at the Century Club sports night banquet next Monday at the Golden Sails. Shaw, 17, established world records in the 200, 400 and 1,500-meter freestyle this past year and also set American records in the 800 and 500-meter jSP|Hp| :! B*^ U^H '~ iJilltJ 14MF M '"jfUlii · ·^^^Hff a *1illL "''^·n jjllia v^ill ^·TOH^^M : i"' ^.^P^ SHAW C.UVTER freestyle. He won four gold medals while competing for the Long Beach Swim Club in the U.S. Nationals last summer. Carter was selected Rookie of the Year at the Indianapolis 500 for his seventh-place finish' last May. The Huntington Beach resident, a former national midget champion, also captured the U.S. Auto Club sprint car championship in 1974., The banquet features Athlete of the Year Jeff Burroughs, the Texas Rangers' outfielder who was chosen American League Player of the Year for 1974. He hit .301 and led the A.L. in runs-batted-in.

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