Independent from Long Beach, California on April 2, 1963 · Page 10
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 10

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1963
Page 10
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RED-YELLOW? BLUE-GREEN? ... * ·' Preference Is A Clue to You By PATRICIA M'CORMACK NEW YORK CUPO--Brash up on color psychology before painting your house-unless you want the whole Insured Protectitn Ajalrut Funeral Cosh Til DILDAY FAMILY ULISIIELI fill Provides: N» Worr'ti About Funeril neighborhood to know about your psyche. Color psychologists, you see. maintain that the hues you use tattle on the psyche -- a n a l y z i n g personality traits almost as well as the psychiatrist's couch. . Say, for example, the world has you down. You feel beat When a painting chore presents itself, you · reach for the black and blue because, indeed, you feel bruised. That strange mixture, indicating hurt in ah emergency ward, in the world of color has a schizod meaning --split personality type- Black indicates haired and malice. Blue means something at an opposite pole-great religious feeling. · · · · THE POINTS about color psychology were made by Alice D. Kenny, decorator for exhibit homes of Levitt and Sons' communities. ' No Dcclslens to m«U ta flirt cf gr'tf 1 No futurt Fin*nc*tT luro ' Tilt Fun«r«l fi 4u*otr*t~ie *t»'d tor" la «vtrrt cf it 1 ProHcfoa for «T1 ·9(1 Let's Explore Your. Mind »y T»t ·n4 Accident Iron-met Clu CUF WTO MAIl THIS COUPON *· t*n j full in?cfm«t*on flboui ft. DiTJit FinTI. GoTJ SkT.IJ ri« irAH. T03AT TO: Ntm. _ Sfrtri or Joirt. Dilday Family FUNERAL DIRECTORS 1255 foc'.fc A.I. HE 2-550 SHOULD KO TAXE A JOB JUST FOR THE EXPERIENCE YES a By SYLVAXUS AND EVELYN DUVALL 1. Should you take a job said that most of the younger just for the experience? teachers at Harvard do not Yes NO expect to stay there long. Yes, say many people. A They work there for a few doctor may work with a fa- years and then get posts in mous surgeon in order to get other institutions. Working at experience and status. It is a job that pays less than you -.might get elsewhere can be ]one of the best ways to get A firm, youthful figure after 35! ahead in the long run. Think ei it. ..inn l-Jj-% jAra-t JZzt tusniy. jBs Irgi xnd tke conSdeoce that foa xih i!irm n7 cia be joun wztb VIYA-4...the bust nrfiod of £gm i:n|Uin.r 1111 iTf r Jl CCCnlmsCJ E?£? r ' " ' *"*^^ pnnqpln. We uy that VlVA-4 a the easy, economical vjy to » imctr.e Efizc. Just frcs the hitton inj -- prr* you are ca four vxjl STAUFFER HO.. ^ TO TRIM. RE-POtSE OR REDUCE! Pick cr your phone KOTf and leira whit lhl» fabulous program cm do for jou. GA 3-4944 Dial (or cull folltil) CApitol 5-1161 Miss Kenny, who dectc rates interiors of exhibit homes, said she relies on Fiber Bin-en's "Color Psychology and Color Therapy" to keep her colors on the right course. Birren claim i different personality' types lean toward different color group-" ings. "As a general rule." Miss Kenny said, "if you are an introspective persons you · should like the blue-green range' in decorating. If you are extroverted -- full of warm feelings--you're likely to prefer the red-yellow range. Of course, there always are exceptions." · · » · WHEN Miss Kenny decorates an exhibit home she usually establishes a predominant color that goes all through the house. "For example," she said, "violet carpeting in a living room and dining room sets a certain color mood. Then I pick up the color again here and there, in upholstery, draperies and accessories." Miss Kenny said she uses many different color schemes in model homes--to help match e v e r y o n e ' s color psyche. Her model homes have set the decorating pattern for more than 60,000 homes built mainly on the East Coast, in Puerto Rico and Paris. »j WA UASTltSON' IT'S THIS THURSDAY--NOT APRIL 14! When you've got a date with a dame, it's important that you know the day. That's why we're repeating the photo above, which ran on our Sunday cover page to announce the unique Treasure *n* Trifles Fair. But it's THIS Thursday, not April 14, as announced. The" benefit, sponsored by Dames Club, brings together the talents of 13 local groups, who will offer or sale everything from homemade hats and muu-muus to tacos and toys. The hours will be II a. m. to 3 p. m. at Veterans Park, Pacific Avenue at 2Sth Street. Sampling fare for the fair are (from left) Mmes. Richard Greer, Arden Carlson and Lloyd Mallin. 2. Would disaster change your personality? Yts No No, in most cases it probably would not. There are some cases in which a serious accident, or the loss cf a loved one, has caused a person to change his whole outlook on life- But this is unusual. Studies of refugees, for example, who were completely uprooted as a result of the Hitler regime, indicated that they r e m a i n e d essentially what they had been. Those who had been dull and colorless before were the sune as refugees. . Those who were pleasant and affable before, W had sparkle and verve, had the same in their new homes. Apparently personality patterns remain much the same, r e g a r d l e s s o f e x t e r n a l changes. now... see yourself in the AS TO the personalities of the several families of color, Miss Kenny said the color psychologists pretty well agree that: p agt -- Red is exciting. It increases restlessness and is an excellent environment for the creation, but not execution, of ideas. -- Modified forms of red -rose, maroon, pink -- are beautif:'! and expressive, universally appealing and deeply emotional. -- Peach has strong appetite appeal and, as a result. is suitable for dining areas. -- Green provides an ideal background for sedentary tasks, concentration and the execution of ideas. -- A dull brown indicates avarice. A grayish brown means selfishness. A greenish brown signals jealousy. -- Orange, the color of self- satisfaction, reveals pride and ambition. Light blue marks devotion to noble ideals. -- Emerald green shows versatility and ingenuity. Look at the colors around you and then j-ou answer the questions. "What do they tell about you? 1 * W E T H E |_ADY CHARM Can Tell a Woman's Age by Condition of Her Hands IT WAS "thank you" every which way last week when Assistance ' League board members honored their advisory committee at annual "thank you" dinner at the League House. First the fashionable crowd gathered at Ola (league president and Don Murphy's home for the happy hour. H o n o r e e s , being thanked, naturally left the Murphy's with thank yous on their lips and a sparkle in their eyes. Then on to dinner at League House where formal gratitude was again expressed. For two advisors, John Mead and Paul Nichol. who have completed five years of sen-ice, this was their swan song. Their places are being taken by Sid Exley and "Gib" (Gilmer) Millie. Other advisor committee members present were "Hap" (Harold G.) Appleton. Etoir Decker, John Brooks, Odie Wright, "Bud" (Vafle G.) Young and Bruce Mason. League board members and their spouses also wefe present so it added up to quite a merry throng. · · * · THE T R O J A N Junior Auxiliary's fashion show (styles by Scibu) at the Statler, Los Angeles, was a grand success, according to localites involved. Kay Berg, social chairman of the auxiliary, was one of the models who "did Long Beach proud" as she wore the beautiful ensembles flown in from Japan and other Oriental countries for the occasion. Among t h o s e attending were Connie Stekenkamp (Kay's proud mother), Betty Drummond and Trudy Ullery. to name a few. Legion Women Slate Carnival Samuel T h o m a s 325. American Legion Auxiliary, will have its annual public child welfare carnival and luncheon today in Cleo Davis Hall. Th« event will begin at 11-20 a.m. Card play will follow. Virginia Deiz is child welfare chairman. By CAROUXE LEOVETTI Hands tell! They ten a woman's most c l o s e l y guarded secret -- her age. And they tell a story about grooming habits that is almost impossible to contradict. Every day your hands tell their tale hundred of times! Proper hand and nail care is not as time consuming as you might think. It takes only the will to eliminate a few nail-breaking habits and a 30-minute weekly manicure. For your manicure youl! reed: a rich hand cream, orange wood stick, cotton, emery boards, cuticle remover, polish remover, polish base and colored polish. All these are available at any department or variety store. Although the list is long. the items are quite inexpensive. Start by removing all the old polish using a cotton square and creamy polish remover. Now take a long look at the shape of your nails. File them so that the tips compliment the base. If the base is ovalish, file the top accordingly. Never file nails to a point. they break more easily and are not attractive. · · * * IF 1IAXDS are suffering from long neglect and the skin around the nails is very homy, use the reverse side cf your emery board and gently file it down. Once your nails are shaped soak them in warm soapy water for about two minutes. Rinse and dry hand]. then use an orange wood stick to clean under each naiL Twirl a piece of cotton over the tip of an orangewood stick and apply creamy cutkle remover to each naiL Now go back and work on each finger individually, pushing back the cuticle gently. Rinse your hands in warm water. Thin give your hands a two-minute cream massage. Apply the cream as if you were putting en gloves, massaging each finger from the nail down, and then massaging the back and palm. Wash your hands in a mild soap and dry them thoroughly. Then a p p l y another coat of polish remover. (Polish will not stick to an oily or wet surface.) ing screws should be left to the spatulas and screwdrivers. Don't dial the telephone with your fingernails--that's a sure nail breaker. Use the eraser end of a pencil instead. Don't do heavy housecleaning w i t h o u t using sturdy gloves. Strong detergents, bleach and scouring powder are murder on lovely hands. Do cream your hands after each washing, massaging the cream or lotion into the skin as if you were putting on gloves. Do file off a rough nai] edge as soon as it appears, if your nails are brittle do include gelatine in your diet. NOW YOU'RE ready to give your hands the finishing touch--polish. For long- lasting polish which is practically chip-proof f o l l o w these steps: Apply polish base, let it dry and follow with three coats of colored polish, allowing plenty of drying time between coats. Be sure to use the same brand of base and colored polish. Each maker uses a different formula and mixing brands often results in those terrible little bubbles. Use the tip of a metal nail file to remove any polish on cuticle. Now that you have a pair of hands to be proud of -keep them that way. Here are some do's and don'ts to help ycu. Don't tise your nails as hardware tools. Scrapping cp gummy spills and loosen- Styles you will wear with an air of assured elegance...they are soft, graceful and full of charm--and easy to-care-for as befitting a Lady! Personalized Re-Si)ling, Mazic Minor Projection, Milky Shampoo, Master Hair Shaping and Styled Set, · Complete * 7 w Permanent Wave *15°° BEAUTT SAIONS IONS IUCH --114 W. Ir«e4«*y IT1 I e:» »Kf of Fine) HI 1 If.l MOST JET5-3 DAILY 'Pinocchio' on Boards For the first time on the West C-ast, the National Puppet Theater will show its original version of "Pinnoc- chio," using life-size marionettes and human actors. The production, timed for the spring holiday, will run from April 6 to 13 at the Stage Society Theater, 9014 Mclrose Ave, Hollywood. Pinocchio is as large as a ftyeir-oid boy. With his jaucy wooden head he rolls his eyes, winks, frowns, sticks out his tongue and watches in anozerr.ent as his donkey ears and tail grow. He vainly tries to keep his rose from growing with each lie he tens. · · · · IX ITS 15-YEAR history, the National Puppet Theater has played to more than II million children and adults in the United States and Canada. Six touring units of the company play some 100 showf weekly. Group rates for "Pinocchio" are available. The box office is* open from II a.m. tn 6 p.m. daily. COLLEGE press bureaus are busy and, whenever possible, am glad to oblige these junior members of the Fourth Estate (sort of). Mary Hardin-Eaylor sends word that Glenna House (Jordan grad and now a junior and phys. ed. major on the Belton, Texas, campus) has been one of eight girls named to the tennis team. Love, all. · * · · I AM told they're doinj wondrous things in improving the Professional Building, that place so many of us have taken our aches and pain? to sometime or another through the years. Paul Lamport, present owner (and co-owner of various other buildings about) hosted a cocVuil party at Captain's Ina recently for medic, tenants .and. their wives to celebrate the first phase of the re-modefins work goin; on. P-T.A. In Conclave Too Much Sophistication" will be the topic of the 33rd District, California Congress of Parents and Teachers, conference Wednesday in First Methodist C h u r c h , Fifth Street and Pacific Avenue, at 9:30 ajn. Rosalie Waltz, director of guidance service, Santa Monica Unified School District, will be speaker. Buss se'ssions will follow the general assembly. Herberrt Sigurdson. USC Youth Studies Center, will talk on "Drop-Out Students" at the meeting following luncheon. The conference is open lr» superintendents, school principals and president! cf secondary P-T.A. cnits. tIZIT (NOUS -- 4«1J Artaitic Ax. Un Arrmnx »·« t» Amol CA1«« ITO OWNIT TOoal l«77 GitDtN ciori I Eh Of! I IT* EL PASO lowtsf elr ten on Golden iVrgff Cooch kar'vig 17.01 AM DR. JAMES Thanelodxjtor your appocntmenti Otler 6otd«« Jtii witfc Frjt Ctssi end Club Coocfe tear* 1:20 A.M. end 11:00 A.M. Coll year frarel ogtni at NE Mi7t or MA (-2311 in Lot Angtfts. A9 area-turn Iron Ln Jbigcm. Crawford FRIDAY, APRIL 5 CONTINENTAL AIRLINES Pmiliit, littwi Kr(k Jck««l P-TJL UtrwOOO --1411 t · W. Co-«r of fnon

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