Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 6
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 6

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1964
Page 6
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A-4-INDEFENDENT President and Wife Hailed by Palm Springs at Airport {Continued from Page A-l) Jems and a maximum ol aiaity. 1 Secretary of State Dear Rusk wis aboard the presi dential plane. ; In keeping with the current air of goodwill, the two chief executives are going callinf tonight on a former chief executive. Gen. Dwight D Eisenhower, at his winter home beside a Palm Desert golf course. Like Johnson Eisenhower has exchanged Visits with Lopez Mateos. ·Johnson invited a Spanish American congressman from kji own state of Texas, Dem ocrat Henry B. Gonzales. to make the trip to California with him. ·Tot Johnson and Lope this will be a varied White House Secluded at Desert Edge PALM SPRINGS (UPI) -he day--a review of the »t-,either was president. Johnson latkn around the world and.and Lopez Mateos have been, ·n outline of how he thinks jtrading visits. This latest get-] oreign policy should be together results from a bit cf, -_- -- :~~V"~. ~- mdled. personal d i p l o m a c y an-| The home, in the $100.000 Business sessions are set nounced by Johnson without «*»**· I* nestled in a Jittle 'or this afternoon and Satur- first consulting the State Dev »"ey on a dead-end street in lay morning, with a com-partment the shadow of snowcapped aunique and a Lopez Mateos; After the flight from Wash- 10,500-foot Mt Jaonta lews conference to follow. !ington. Johnson spent the Picture windows and patios The two presidents natur- night in Palai Springs at awiH provide the presidential illy will cover American-private r e s i d e n c e . Lopez party with an impressive view Mexican relations, good as Mateos stayed in Tijuana, of the sprawling desert which they are. They can be ex-| pected to touch on Cuba and the U5. dispute with Panama' over the Panama Canal and perhaps the existence cf die-' tatorships in a third of the ACCO MPAXIED by their in this area is dotted with fly separately to** 1 , COurs " "* lwinmfa g today. I 1 * 5011 ,. Ladies win skip' The house, a ranch-type of UCLA convocation and," 31 "'* «*k. clir f * to the to an exhibition of Men- *'*« of the mountain on a 10- Latin-American nations. 'can art and a high school that acre P Iot - II h " *« bedrooms The Alliance for Progress helps foreigners with the win get some attention. This ' Iish llnguage , is a 10-year program to help, / ohn , ion . I offkuj ^y brms * conomTie .* ncj . sx ? al eluded Rusk, the assistant sec and eight bathrooms. A SECOND house, somewhat smaller but stiH with '-four bedrooms, a short dis Angeles and Palm Springs. '·--"'-/'. . . ,tte newly named ambassador available for members of the with their formal conferences JOHNSON seems eager to to Mexico, Fulton Freeman, presidential staff, ·t the latter. strengthen hemispheric unity.|The President also asked aH| Both homes are owned by 'In Los Angeles, they are and is considering bringing'40 California senators and ( Mr. and Mrs. Louis Taubman going to get honorary degrees'together in Washington next'representatives to accompany wn o made them available t( and deliver speeches at the'month all the American am- him. Five congressmen ac- Jnrmwm »t nr m± Tri«T»uH University of California and bassadors to Latin-American cepted: witch a Mexican fiesta of nations and all their ambas-) James Roosevelt. Chet Hol" - ~~ r_^. -.j *.._«.... *rtAr*rr «rt *V«« frurfitrv f\n t i» ifi»M Prmal RmnVc fTamprnn. Johnson at no cost. The Taub- mans, with their two sma' children, have moved to th music, singing and dancing, jsadors to this country on the ifield, Ronal Brooks Cameron, nearby Racquet Club for th JOHXSOV, it is under-'occasion of the third birthday'Charles H. Wilson, all Demo- duration of the President' stood, put the f i n 11 h I n g'of the alliance. ;crats. and Don H. Clausen, tay. touches on his speech during Starting in 1958, before Republican. le home. Even the refriger-'fmug tors and cupboards were! . t ... scoured of all food and bev- reduce to Z19 ' rages. An edibles are brought in by the presidential staff. HJLU I* SiiW,C r i C S l U C i l l +\JLU1- f t j j TT- son is giving a state dinner to- of threatening to dismiss him, plowed. The night for Mexico's President Bernard said, he should be. 11 mside out * Adolfo Lopez Mateos. Shejtaken off flying status until| Ships dropped anchor in THREE SHEETS TO THE WIXD pose a big. billowing problem for Edna Millhollm as she tries to take down her wash in Thursday's wind on the roof of her apartment house at 634 Cedar Avenue. And when she got the three sheets off the line, her problems had just begun. She had to fold them. Air Officer Too Fat for the Force Southland Feels Slap of Wild, Gusty Wind Taubman is a wealthy lane eveloper and petroleum en ineer. Mrs. Ruthe Taubman had he chore during the past ·eefc of supervising removal t'ons. He then had 235 all (Continued from Page A-l) A 40-FOOT house trailer their" belongings from|pounds on his 6-foot, 2-inch'disintegrated shortly before I way, blowing sand caused 24 cars to pile up--injuring nine persons, one seriously--south | of El Toro Marine Corps air base. --Approximately 25 resi- dentj of the Freeway Trailer Park, 1750 S Los Angeles St. damaged barge wa s towed to caused by Thursday's winds Anaheim, evacuated the park outside Long Beach: at 7i23 am. when a 60,000-' --Television station KCHU.'volt power line blew down (Continued from Page A-I) the harbor. 10 miles south of San Ber- there. nardino, lost its roof and Southern California emergency c r e w s was ordered to llaw a oa Pacific Coast High-i^-ind destroyed most of the;rushed to Santa Ana. Tustin. equipment inside. Damage Orange and Garden Grove to was estimated at $25,000. repair power lines. -. rorth of NavyLt James J. Bernard i a psjxhiatnst, testified the . Smitr^ Mrs. Taubman purchased sterling to bring dditional icr rom Air Force was using to the ithe who was said thi at 22S4 Lucien St, WiHow- wmd brook - s° fast that firemen |Wrong approach to inspire ripped through plastic covers "^ xo SI " ule as present John . Sacane to lose weight Insteadj"and it sounded like it ex-j n; ° on « had been Rig Rice Imports JAKARTA, Indonesia side. Another fire '"·'port 12 million tons ,of rics just blew, slae - A^oui" «« raged |th ii year f ro m both sides la across grassland near the the cold war conflict in Asia Ventura County line. l a nd from neutrals to feed Us also borrowed 14 matching dining-room chairs from a local hoteL "he licks his weight problem.",the outer Los Angeles-Long · · · « i Beach Hirbor rather than risk -THIS would be the best collision in the inner harbors. Street lights were out in -- Oa the Santa Ana Free- hungry millions. motivation." Bernard testi- MRS TAUBMAN, a slinvfied. "On the one hand, they Long Beach from Loma to attractive blonde, and her hus-fwere telling him to loselFrt Avenues and from Fifth band will be among those in'weight. On the other, they! to l tn Streets. Other power attendance at the presidential were waiving weight disquali- failures w-ere reported from dinner. fications in order to'allow him'Clarlc Avenue to FJ Cedral Tired but happy after pre- to fly. This substantially re-' Avenu « n the Park Estates -"-- *·" *· -- ' 1 paring her home Johnsons, she said: it's been pretty strenuous : we are both so grateful and flattered. Our home was built for us and our children' to live in. There are so many| other places here much more spectacular than ours that even after we were asked if we would open it to the presidential party we did not honestly believe that it would be chosen."" for the; mov ed his motivation to lose area and a transformer fuse weight." board's " . . . He to reduce weight to! established Air Force THE WIND gusts in Long limits . and through his Beach helped pull down the apathetic approach . . . he!relative tumidity --'" : ' n . crew percent at 5 pm. I Some of the worst damage blew out in the 1000 block on Ven ' out until it Wallc ers jeopardized his position a's an [reached phenomenally low 4.6 officer and a combat member . . ." WEARY CHICAGO policemen count and count and count It went on all night and all day until late Thursday police said they tallied $763,223 in bills, coins and bonds in home of Lawrence Wakefield, a gambler who died shortly after the raid. Woman watching says she's his widow. CASH W on the high readership in the "Personals" Column in Classified. Dial HE 2-5939 today to start your ad Gambler Dies, Leaves $763,223 Around (Continued from Page A-l) I panlon had responded to Mrs.-ed as small potatoes by the I Kennedy's can for help Tues-1crime syndicate. I day morning, when Wakefieldi A policy wheel is a form of J fen iH. he spotted a policy gambling in which players | slip, a paper bag full cf cur-|can wager from a few ccntsj rency and quantities of paper'to several dollars. It also is coin-wrappers. known as "the numbers"N · · · · game. .1 HE REPORTED this to his _,_, · · · * ,,.. . U superiors, who kept the house' T"? MONEY, under IIlHjois rader surveillance for 2l, law - " P"^ f f V.akef,e.d hours and then raided it estate. The Internal Revenue,I FACTORY SPECIAL ON REMOTE PORTABLE TV Wednesday night. The win- Service announced that it has 1 daws of the house were cov-] 1 ch , e , filed tax liens against 'and five e«ttte totaling $81.157. 1 , watchdogs were inside. t iccrued " tf , r "* f ? r the ,T, ' -.. ,. . . September 1952 through Jane | When policemen b r o k e , g t , cpen the door to the bed- ,.' r room, one of them reported - , . ' S B S.^f - 2C^TMN« ti «» ttoB * Wakeneld-, 1 , clataed. The money was,,, OTlth ., ^^ (^ration,! Costrol · Ltght. Indicator Coatrol · AatomaEc Hat Tvnxng · Power Tronsioran · Trod Sp.sV.r · BoOt-Ia Dipcl. Aa!«cna · Stoad Hdai«i part* I «.r- ocn IEST rsxcvra s- MODEL E£03YVY _JNCLUDING STAND Wake- POUCE" aiso'foJnd seven^ 1 l^^L^s ' 5 slips for five banks -- orx each in Gary. Ind, and De treit, and three in Chicago. Mrs. Kerjiedy said $iCO.- guards ever to escort a money ( streets. A dozen officers armed| - .with machine psns and shot- L 000 of the money belongs to^Jtw rode in a squadron with! J her. She said it was tcqurred ,, e rr.oney. which was locked'' ty ter late husband, who had a M fety deposit vaults Pa-' operated as a gambler in aW or , cru;^ , hea ,i" trtil ' Saskatoon. Sask-, and Calgary/beh^j ,h e ^ipment Aha, Ufore they came to One shift t* counters wasp 1964 GE 19-IN, PORTABLE S 1 Qnlllj Sinlti C«r riCTORT TTUIItD FiCTCRT replaced by a second, and the I second by a third, before the 1 Ch-ojo la 1929. Poiic* said Wakefitld, Kegro, operated twa policy'green billi and the bags cf I Wheels which were disregard-Joins were »II counted. I ' MODO. tutmra VETE FLECTKOXICS 3808 ATLANTIC AYE., L B. w "#"i'f A i. m GA 7-7401 .Kg, Wailc er's Biflex Shapes You Beautifully at LOW, LOW PRICES ELASTIC LONGLINES III { r i t a d T f ilor. of Lei) titcl SHOE SALE! A cop» J2!». i cupt 12 42. C cnp 34 44. D cvp* 96V4A (Trent Hack only) »3-50- btflex FXOHT HOOK NYIOH WAIST CINCHER comfort. U. AS* «W bed iSa *** · rVont luc4_.KnT w crj ofl WV/io or-V- EM Cm H 21- MM-Mt^U. street floor Our buyers ?pcnt six months preparing ihe greatest women's *hoe sale in our hi*lory. Seleet brands you've seen ad- verthfH in leading fashion magazines, brands from fabulous New York shops. AH your favorite silhouettes, leathers, colors-high and mid-heels. Now at one fantastically low price. second floor PI- ««- ··* Frl. .M«hl« ' . . Tfc. H E » . 7 » I . . . P a r k Tttr \m r Wtltri*

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