Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 13, 1967 · Page 16
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 16

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 13, 1967
Page 16
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PAGE 16 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N SATURDAY, MAY 13, 196? GUNS, OIL PASSE? Houston Tips Stetson To Space Age ' · ' · By BETTY MELBURN Citizen Woman's Editor ' . - HOUSTON -- Bang, bang, bang . . . "Surely," I thought as I awoke in the blue and white -splendor of the Warwick Ho' · tel, "they're not still shooting them up in Texas." Grabbing a robe, I stepped out onto my wrought-iron balcony overlooking the amazing oval patio and pools, and was immediately reassured. Masses of blue and white balloons which had decorated the patio for last night's War.-Trick Club party, were being removed in the Texas wind. 'Many, many popped. The popping sound of those balloons is about as close as anything has come to reminding food editors here for the Great Southwestern Recipe Swap, that we are in Texas -- at least the Texas of legend. Today's Houston, with some 15 million souls, third largest port in the world, is a slick, sophisticated, cosmopolitan- city, busy but not bustling.' Suddenly, oil wealth is old wealth. New wealth comes from research and electronics -- from Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. Houston is a today city -- space center of the world. Houston is also the location of a great General Foods processing plant. One-third of the General Foods coffee products -- Maxwell House, Sanka, etc. -- are processed here. And more than half of t h e world's Minute Rice comes from the GF Houston . plant. This is one reason General Foods selected Houston for its first regional food editors' conference. ; "Also," as GF's vice president, Ellen-Ann Dunham explained, "the Southwest is' the fastest .growing part of our nation and its taste we in the New York area know least." What a two days it has been. Activities got under way with a luncheon at which the culinary artists of the t Warwick Hotel -- three Eur o p e a n-trained chefs -swapped recipes with editors. Details of this later. Between luncheon and an afternoon tour of -the Maxwell House plant, we roamed the Warwick to admire the art treasures throughout, the. hotel. The Warwick was pur- . chased and completely remodeled about three ye'ars ago by John Mecom as a showplace for his wife's antiques.;. The Mecoms are fond of blue and blue keynotes the entire decor. Hand-woven V'Soske area rugs cover rose aurora m a r b l e floors. Paneling comes from the home of Prince Murat whose wife, Caroline, was a sister of Napoleon. Priceless Aubusson · tapestries, ' Sevres urns, ornate pilasters - with intricate gilt designs from the Murat palace and paneled arches from the Coty Palace in Paris are tastefully used to produce a decor in the grand manner. In Houston "inest" thing is a sky box at the Astrodome' where we lunched yesterday. All about that later, too. Also "in" are cold ducks (half champagne and half sparkling burgundy over ice) for breakfast; soccer; bloodless bullfights in the Astro- d o m e ; perusing Market Square (a new territorial shopping center); Volkswagens and Lincoms .and practically nothing else car- wise; Mexican paper flowers;, hot biscuit baskets and basket purses covered with hand-. done needlepoint. And fountains. Hotels, parks; private homes, office buildings,- well -- 'everything has a fountain.-; "We've eaten so much good food, have collected so many good recipes it will take weeks to share them all with you. But they're well worth waiting for. Mrs. E. Edgar Guenther Arizonan Named Mother Of Year Morr- Conrad Betrothal Former Tucsonian John M, Conrad is engaged to Elizabeth Morr. The couple's engagement is announced by the bride-elect's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. Morr of Evanston, 111. Mr. Conrad is the son of Mr. and Mrs. George Wesley Conrad, 540 S. Niven St. The prospective bridegoom was graduated from the University of Arizona. He is currently on the Professional Golfers Association tour. Elizabeth was graduated f r o m Evanston Township H i g h School and Northwestern University in Evanston. She currently attends Northwestern's School of Education. The bride-elect was presented at the 1961 Evanston Infant Welfare June Bali. ' The couple plans a July 22 wedding. Elizabeth Morr John M. Conrad Patricia Callender . . . George J. Dahl Callender-Dahl Engagement Revealed Mrs. E. Edgar Guenther, Arizona's Mother of the Year, yesterday was named 19fi7 American Mother of the Year · in New York City. She was ^chosen from 50 state candidates. T Mrs. Guenther is the widow ' o f a Lutheran missionary to -.the Whiteriver Apache In- '·-dians. She has lived on the '-reservation for more than 50 ^ years and has served as fos- .;ter mother to many Apache 'orphans. The 76-year-old Mrs. Guen- uther has nine children, 22 '·grandchildren and thres ^great-grandchildren. Over the ';years, she and her husband ^·traveled throughout the In- ':dian reservation, first on h o r s e b a c k , then by two,-wheeled surrey, buckboard, '"Model "T" Ford and finally · jn a modern automobile. The Guenthers, before Rev. Guenther's death in 196'1, helped establish _ an orphanage at White River. They were also instrumental in the establishment of a school there. For 40 years Mrs. Guenther conducted Sunday school in the living room of her home. Mrs. Guenther also "assisted in obtaining medical aid for crippled children on the reservation. Mrs. Guenther, who is the 32nd woman chosen American Mother of the Year, was se- 1 e c t e d o n the accomplishments of her children as well as her own work. Eight of her nine children are living. They had college educations and have made considerable contributions to the communities in which they live. Zuber Vows Said Mrs. William F. Lieurance, 234' ,S. Country Club Road, and Arthur J. Zuber were married yesterday afternoon at St. Mark's Presbyterian Church. The Rev. Dr. David Sholin performed the informal ceremony. Attendants for the couple were Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence V. Robertson. The bride's son, James A. Lieurance, was present for the ceremony. Another son, Lt. (j.g.) W. F. Lieurance, Jr., was unable to attend. He is a Navy pilot based on Okinawa with his wife and son, Douglas. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. R. E. Shields of Huntington, Li I., N.Y. Mr. Zuber is a partner in Woodward Zuber Investments. An Aug. 19 wedding at Central Methodist Church in Fort Worth is planned by Tucso- nian Patricia Jo Callender and Lt. George Jeffrey Dahl. Patricia Jo, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walton Dee Callender, 2024 S. Camino Seco, is a graduate of San Marcos (Tex.) Academy. The bride-elect attended Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Lt. Dahl, a graduate of Royal Oak Dondero High School in Royal Oak, Mich., and the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Fla., is stat i o n e d at Davis-Monthan AFB. Lt. Dahl, son of Mr. and Mrs. George William Dahl of Birmingham, Mich., is a member of Sigma Chi fraternity. TUCSON TALK YOUR STARS By SYDNEY OMARR Sunday, May 14 ARIES(M» T, 21 -- Apr. UJj Day ft»- tures opportunity tor chanoe, travel, variety. Key is to be aware of ALTERNATIVES. Know you are not trapped . . .that there are various metfxxls of accomplishing goat. TAURUS [Apr. 20 -- M»r »}: What IP- pears Involved may be due to your tendency to complicate simple situation. Be conscientious, stress sincerity of purpose. Then you gain valuable allies. GEMINI (May Jl -- June 30): Don't be persuaded by superficial arguments. In- sisl on facts, Maintain realistic attitude. Highlight ability to reaci under strain. Later In day you could receive pleasant news. CANCER (Junt 'I -- July 23): Practical methods accomplish most. Know this and reject sel-rlcri-qulck schemes. Family member offers suggestion which Is voild. Know this and be receptive. LLO (July 22 -- AUJ. 22): Cycle high. Spotlight now on personality, showman- thio. No time 10 hide light under bushel. State views . . . make Xn-.wn vour Intentions. Contact made recently aids in profitable discovery. VIRGO (Am. 21 -- Sept. }}): Be realistic. Avoid wishful thinking. Those who encourage you along radical lines are not fully Informed. Don't give up what yo-j have for a mere pramlie. E« analytical! LIBRA (Swt. 21 -- Oct. 22): Your ability to adjust lo unusual method! Is highlighted. Don'' be discouraged by a "Gloomy Gus." Assert yourself. Be firm In Haling requirements. You get what you need. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 -- Niy. 21)i You can tucceisfullu serve «i a peacemaker today. Those who oppose etch other look lo you as reliable diplomat. Remain neutral. Encourage olhert to put aside petty differences. SAGITTARIUS (H*V. JH - D«c. 21); Come down to earth where deilrei are Whit you ««k ppears ex- problem. Be a good listener, keep openCali or message could lead to faclnat- mind. Encourage others to state opin- Ing adventure. Investigate. Satisfy your ions. Then you can be selective. Choose curiosity. Go with one who Introduces the best. you to somemlng new. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 -- Feb. 18): VIRGO fAuq 21 -- -S«of 221- Break «T£ii a v SiS n U 'br£ y rei n a.i nP n, rme Y r TM "r'nd ' e nuf from routine'Vroies beSeTlelal. Finindal activity, PUblLC relations. YOU find OUt n »w* i fax/nrahl* FupnTna finA 1 n r where you stand - what must be done Efftl -JoclaWe for set together w?th ' TM 6 ACt "" knowlM)Be - nflaUvls" friends ·you* havl ' KS5 [neglect- Be e n m h i a c PISCES (Feb. 1 -- M«r. 20): Perform essential services, tasks. Get routine work cleared away. Keep track of health resolutions. Avoid extremes. Concentrate on balance -- sharpen sense of timing. IF TODAY IS YOUR B I R T H D A Y . . current cycle indicates ycu are et brink of Important decisions. Be calcu- ta'ittiv. nigniig'ni sen^c ot percePPVeness. You are loyal to family . . .possess great sense of harmony -- could find relaxation, benefits through music. GENETAL TENDENCIES: Cycle high for LEO, VIRGO. Special word to TAURUS: Family member comes UP with solution to pressing problem. Wrt! ror)*. eooJJ'6* able juror)* CAPKICORN (0««. 12 - Jan. lt)j Mai* «· partner may discuss financial Monday, May 15 A R I E S (Mar. 21 -- Apr. 1»): Foundations of security could shake. Be read/. Krvow that this is day when you must be self-reliant. All the good advice In the world goes for naught unless ready h HELP YOURSELF. TAURUS (Apr. 20 -- May 20): Greater success indicated if you art calm, diplomatic. Means don't force Issues . . . tcke on« thing at a time. Accent today on neigl{xr», relatives, ability t o clarify aims, rtioooMs. GEMINI (May 21 -- June 20): If member of opposite sex r e v e a l s mn«r mooflM . . . don't ridicule. Be patient. Try to understand foibles. You also have iome of your own! Day tests your maturity or lack of it. CANCER (June 11 -- July 22): Cycle continue* high. But there could be misunderstanding with f a m i l y member. ·».-- .» T-r , I ,f '.-I--,,",- 4. f**.*~tf~t- I . . I . L^VIT I x%lf Ml*« M'rwvl»c l\r U%/1*lnlul» llml*. Take tlm« to b« sure. Chuck facts . . . control temper! LEO (July 2) -- AUf. }J); Your Interest In far-out sublects comej to fore. ing. LIBRA (Sept. n -- Oct. 2]): You tend to be impatient for RESULTS Day when ideals can be turned I n t o practical methods. Be confident. Make calls -contact one In authority. Excellent tor entertaining boss at dinner. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 -- Nov. 21) Day features change, t r a v e l , variety. Exchange thoughts, Ideas with one you respect. Gain indicated from LISTENING A N D READING. Your ambitions are crystallzed. You learn WHERE you ar« going. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 -- Dec. 31) I Shake oil any tendency toward gloom. Your thoughts are like a giant magnet. Moans you attract conditions you envision. Know this and accent the positive. Then progress results. CAPPR1CORN (D*C. 22 -- J»H. It); Clear away any contusion. Outline goals. Plans, desires. Know WHY you react to situations, persons In the way you do. Quiet talk v/lth oki«r isrrff.f rr,s-,fccr prove* of great benefit. AQUARIUS (Jan. 5C -- Fab. IS): Make friendly gesture toward one who serve: or works with you. Don't permit pride to stand In way of oood will. Overcome tendency toward envy. Give and you also receive. PISCES (Pita. If -- Mar. Mli Finish what you start. Not wise to depend on other). Complete protects through PERSONAL supervision. Dsy to prove abilities, Intentions. Do jol Spiritual advisor could be helpful. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY. . .you possess Intellectual curiosity. Your creative talenti take you In direction of writing, reporllna. You also are faiclnafeo with taw s«j hlsterv. GENERAL TENDENCIES: Cycle, high for CANCER, LEO, VIRGO, Special word to ARIES: Take Initiative -- avoid procrastination. 'Tis the season to honor the brides-elect--and 'the Old Pueblo has such lovely ones! . ' Bev McClung and Betty Leiber are giving a pottery shower for Pammy Place on the 31st. Pammy and James Madden McDonald III will be married June 9.' Another bride-elect is Gloria Elise Jacobs who'll be wed July 1 to Pete Samorano Jr. Today, Gloria is .honoree at a shower given by her aunts, Mmes. Jacob Walters and Delfina Brown. Gloria's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Jacobs. And parties continue for Carla Belle Ingwer, bride-elect of Bruce Hamilton. Monday, Patsy Brooks and Fran Lindamood are giving a tea at Patsy's home in Indian Hill--it will be a bathroom shower--and Thursday, Kittie Catlin and Maggie Grossetta will do a recipe shower and luncheon at Tucson Country Club. Carla will be married May 27 at First Congregational Church. Chatter: En route home from son Lee's wedding at Stanford, Calif., last weekend, Dr. and Mrs. D. L. Secrist stopped off in Los Angeles to see their new granddaughter, Wendy Camron, born May 5 to Dr. and Mrs. D. L. Secrist Jr. Young Dr. Secrist is presently completing his first year of a four-year obstetric- gynecology residency at L.A. County General Hospital. Lee Secrist and Susan Jane Holmes were married in Stanford Memorial Church on Saturday, May 6. Word comes from Buenos Aires of the birth April 28 of Amy-Kathryn Rapp to UA graduates William and Skip Rapp. The baby's maternal grandparents are Tucsonians Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Thompson. William is with the First National City Bank of New York in Buenos Aires. The Leonard Austins are home from Bangor, Maine--they were there for the birth of their grandson, Brian Austin Bohan. The baby's parents are Capt. and Mrs. Thomas Bohan. Mrs. Bohan is the former Diane Austin. Dr. and Mrs. M. A. Carreras are grandparents for the first time. A baby boy, Michael, was born yesterday morning to their son and daughter-in-law, Lt. and Mrs. Michael Carreras. The baby's maternal grandmother, Mrs. James Carlin, came from Glendale, Calif., to be with her daughter. Lt. Carreras is in Vietnam. Miscellany: Surprise, surprise, surprise said guests descending upon Pearl and Magnus Hourscht to give them a ' surprise housewarming last night. . .Jean Goorwitch's son-in-law and daughter, Bob and Marilyn Sorsen and their two children, Ellen and Laurie, are here for Mother's Day and a celebration of Ellen's fifth birthday. . .Lois Putnam, daughter of Mrs. Esther Putnam, was tapped Thursday for Mortar Board membership at the University of Redlands. Karen Dee Sant . . . David Weaver Sept. 9 Date Set Dr. and Mrs. Henry W. Kircher, 801 S. Loyola Ave., announce the engagement of their daughter, Karen Dee Sant, to David S. Weaver. Karen Dee, a graduate of Palo Verde High School, attended the University of Arizona. Her affiliations include Phi Lambda Phrateres. The bride-elect is employed at St. Joseph's Hospital. Mr. Weaver, son of Mr. and Mrs. David S. Weaver of Wilmington, Del., attends the university. The couple plans a Sept. 9 wedding at Christ Church Methodist. Boulton Dixon Mellor . . . George Hulstrom Mr. Hulstrom To Wed Boulton Dixon Mellor Nancy Edith Smith . . . R. Kent Golightly June 10 Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Lee Mellor of Canelo Hills Ranch in Elgin announce the engagement of their daughter, Boulton Dixon Mellor, to George Irwin Hulstrom. . Boulton, a graduate of Patagonia Union High School, attended Arizona State University at Tempe. The bride- elect is a secretary at Pictorial Graphics in Ft. Huachuca. Mr. Hulstrom, son of Mr. and Mrs. George William Hulstrom of Phoenix, is a graduate of Camelback High School in Phoenix. The prospective bridegroom attended ASU. He is stationed at Ft. Irwin, Calif. Army Queen Claudia Spores Engaged Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Spores of Rolling Hills Estates, Calif., announce the engagement of their daughter, Claudia Lynn, to P e t e r Godfrey Howse. . The bride-elect, a graduate of Palos Verdes (Calif.) High School, is a junior majoring in personnel management at the University of Arizona. She is a member of Phi Chi Theta, professional business w o m e n ' s fraternity, and Wranglers, counseling women's honorary. Mr. Howse, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Howse of Wichita, Kan., received his degree from UA last year and currently is doing graduate work there. He also attended the Harvard Graduate School of Business. No date has been chosen for the wedding. Gabriele Pilz, a member of the Women's Army Corps, is the Army Queen from Ft. Huachuca. She will represent the fort at tonight's Armed Forces Ball, to be held at Davis-Monthan AFB Officers' Club.-Miss Pilz also will reign over festivities at Armed Forces Day slated next Saturday at Ft. Huachuca. Wedding Planned St. Thomas More Chapel of the Newman Catholic Students Center will be the setting June 10 for the wedding of Nancy Edith Smith and R. Kent Golightly. Nancy Edith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Smith of Springerville, is a graduate of St. Joseph's Academy in Prescott. The bride-elect attended the University of Santa Clara in California. She will graduate this month from the University of Arizona. Her affiliations include Psi Chi, psychology honorary, Alpha Kappa Delta, sociology honorary, and Wranglers. Mr. Golightly, son of Mr. and Mrs. Delbert E. Golightly of Farmington, N.M., is a graduate of Durango (Colo.) High School. The prospective bridegroom attended Fort Lewis College in Durango andUA. Shop of Ttiscon 2239 E. Broadway The Answer to **LL Who Want t A I K A L E N G T H !N DRESSES Personalized Valley Bank Charges . . . Ph. 623-7411 L,namoers Engagement Mr. and Mrs. Orlie Lee Daniel, 5218 N. Papaya Avc., announce the engagement of their daughter, Linda Mae Chambers, to Norman Eugene Strickland. The prospective bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. James William Strickland of Port Carbon. Pa. Linda Mae attends Flowing Wells High School, and her fiance is a graduate of Pottsville (Pa.) High School. The couple plans a June 2 wedding. Announcing the Opening of TUCSON'S NEWEST MOST BEAUTIFUL STUDIO OF E L E C T R O L Y S I S SUMMER RESERVATIONS NOW at Shelter Island A Limited Number of weekly and monthly fully furnished 1, 2, and 3 bidroom apartments with .complete kitchen* available for summer rerttali--write for brochuris. Also unfurnished apartment liasts from )400 to J1.200/ month. Phone 714-222-2348. SAN DIEGO'S PRESTIGE RENTAL ADDRESS 1150 ANCHORAGE LANE, POINT UMA, CALIFORNIA 92W Formalwear SALES and RENTAL 2736 East Broadway Phone yn-vm HOP UNDAY STORE HOURS: Won., IVes.. Wed. Fri. IS to g Thurs. Noon to 8 P.M. Sat. 10 to 4 T H E FOB A I M O I I K I I K . A U T I K U L You can Now banish u n s i g h t l y hair forever, w i t h miraculous new ''Feather-Touch" INSTANTRON Discard bleaches, depilatories, razors and tweezers and become a more b e a u t i f u l you: |Phone 325-0001 Today for^^Consultation No Obligation Bernice E. Pruitt approved Instantron Electrolog/st 1 927 E. SPEEDWAY/ Blvd. L

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