Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 30, 1950 · Page 8
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 8

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1950
Page 8
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Gives Her Candidates Answer Questions iews On Job · Governor. · · ' · * · Name of -candidate--Ana Froh Blller. . / , Address--^Phoenix. Stated-Arizona. ' Party--Democratic^ ' Biographical Information A. 1 Education--Elementary am high school. Phoenix.. Night school business and law. \ B. Occupation -- ^.Bookkeeper eounty treasurer, state auditor, C."Civic activities-- , , D.' Public (Offices--Treasurer,-;Co eonlno -County, 1332-1926; Arlzon; ·tate auditor, 1926-1950. ' Q. What four topics do you con ·Ider vitally "important. In govern inent today?. , - ·--!-- A. The question of health In Ari itona. I --consider ^ tuberculosis grave^menace and believe^that preventive measures .should be-taken the Welfare .Hospital expanded, : ani · campaign carried- on to trea tuberculars " Jn order ' to , restor them to their, families, to produc tlvlty and to earning power. * I consider social legislation im portant, especially care- for th aged. They should be given relle that would be dependable, ana no a source of worry and disturbance due ,to fluctuating, payments. I believe in bringing.industry tc Arizona : and-, attempting .to attr?ic more tourists.-,This la -a big-prob lem, and. it should be tackled and can be handled. I «tand for economy In govern inent. :I do not believe in being eca uomlcal to the extent of .breaking down the state's structure; but) in a realistic budget that the people of Arizona can pay. 'Q. Why are you seeking-this'of flee?. ' - - . A. I feel that I can do something flood for the state; Due to my.back ground. and experience, I can do things which other candidates.are not equlpped'to do. I have^worked with seven of the eight last governors of Arizona, and have a com plete knowledge of the financial Btructure.-1 am'not running as an Individual, now that the primaries are over. I endorse the principles of the party or 1 would not be run' for that party. . ';- , - · Leaves Iron To Marrv Nurse WATERTOWN, N. Y., Oct. 30. (ff) Donald F. Hemlngs, « 22-year-old polio. victim, left ·. his Iron lung long enough yesterday to marry his nurse, the former Rita Gush law, 22, of Clayton, N. Y. " Rev. Leland J. Frye,- rector of Browiwille- Episcopal .church, performed the ceremony "at Jefferson county hospital.''": .The bridegroom" 1s to be flown' to · ^Veterans' ·-hospital at Buffalo 1 N. Y;; Wednesday.' Mrs.. Hemlngs ·will accompany him oh the trip but will return .here later to con tinue caring for other polio patients/, .'. -· · ' .-'. · Hemlngs has' been" confined .to the . lung for about a year. He. is . able periods. leave -It only for brief' There'll Be Plenty . ;; HOLLYWOOD, 6ct. : 30. (frj-- Don't worry gals, a leading manufacturer lays stockings won't be as hard to get as 'last time. ' . Stanton D.i Sanspn, here to open a new $250,000 plant, said today government allocations: of nylon yarn "will aause .some shortage in the lighter, sheerer nylon . yarn, but there Is not enough limitation to cause any ^substantial curtailment by manufacturers." ' H e said there may be ..some advance in prices of lower grade stockings "but .this trend -has not This is the first in series Tf three 'articles on the qualifications of state candidates. _The-questionnaire's .were filled out by the. candidates themselves on 1 forms submitted to thenvfrom the League'of Women Voters of Arizona. · Mrs. Frohntlller ,Mr. Pyle Color TV Battle Of Ads .NEW YORK, Oct 30. fy--Late angle in the'row over color tel "Vlsion'ls a battle of page adsl ··Both sides are participating, wit the opposition to the FCC-approve CBS system- tending to predom nate. The basic theme stressed b manufacturers is that biack an white sets are not obsolete an wltt-Jhave many-years of ssrvlc Other ads, mainly those of reta dealers, point out that when colo adapters and converters are read they 'can be attached to presen sets. Some manufacturers, whi continuing unfavorable to the-CE system, 1 say they will make cor ver'ters later on: ·CBS itself Joined In the ad argu ment to- applaud the'move of th first manufacturer to advertis'e.tha tie would make color equipment Most of the ads have appeared 1 the New- York area, but plans pro vide for "distribution in other .'television centers. The announced aim s to-.counteract the-drop in-sale noticed since the color decision. a well as-to allay fears"that presen sets migh^become useless. Court Action TTnder Way Meanwhile, court action Is unde .ay--the-RCA injunction proceec ngs In Chicago, against the FCC uling and a damage case by Sight master in New York against CBP ver suggestions that set purchase: e put off six.months which thi .etwork broadcast - , . ' -In the ad battle -new-figures havi ppeared as to,what.it will-.'cos lack and ; white set owners/to^con ert to color. Some -go' as high as 200 per unit . ; . . : · · - · , : , . ; '·'.-; :-'"* The -latest estimate'Tmt. the cos f an'adapter--a\deyice- : which ; will nable a'set to tune in'a'color'slg aal In black and white--at $50 t 100.,. r '- , , .-·.-. The next 'step, -.-a converte adapter--a · · self-contatoed '"..un! which also will provide reproduc tion .of color--will-be higher, th estimates' going up to $200. Say Costs Not So High .CBS-spokesmen contend cost vill not run nearly that high, the!. stimate's being about half of the op figures.-" ' ' · · . ·; , . Whatever the cost per'set, the mount should all 8,500,000. re eiyers (the total went up sharply n.September) be converted will-be onsiderabre.'"v Estimates .'.npw'fgo rom'a".lbw'o£'5^08,'000.'io.well above i,oo'o,oooYo6o. ----Plans by CBS ta.start color tele- asting in the New;York area, with elay,.to other cities ..also docketed till are Jn-the.form'atiye stage.. The Fov. 20 date continues .to 'be the bjectlve for opening a regular program service, mostly" in off hours his to be preceded by: preliminary emonstrations beginning arounc 'ov.. 7, both on the air and'by losed ch-cuit However,' the- network says; It ·lil "be mid-December before the. and will not become., evident .injproposed 20-hour.a week operation quality hosiery." · ' - lean be put into effect. Cutting Officer Bids ~~« j Because'the Navy ha/"recelved more requests for active "duty froiri aviatiofr ; reserve officers than can be utilized, applications, for ac tive duty from such. offfcers,wiHr.o longer be accepted, $he Navy, announced today. " ·»" ' Those-applications from reserve aviation officers already 'received will be retained on file and the applicants notified aVthe earliest possible, date as to their recall status. The Navy also explained, that a delay of 30 days between 1 the physical examination -and 1 -the date of reporting- to..the- officer's new,duty station would normally-he allowed. Austriari Gets Life ·- For Triple Murder VIENNA, Oct. 30. (#)--A 24-year- old Austrian student went to 'jail :oday for life for a triple murder le allegedly committed to get his iands ; 'on.a; treasure of one of Hiter's top henchmen. He was Erich Rebitzer, convicted y a'jury, for slaying his uncle, .a miller, arid the" miller's wife and 2-year-old' .son. There is no death lenalty ;in 'Austria. .- Witnesses -testified a mysterious IQX, said to contain . gold- bars, ewsls and other valuables ,wortn millions, had disappeared after; the murders.. , ~ The box was rumored" to-have ieen, t left In the miller's care by gents of Hitler, youth leader, Baldur. Von Schirach, now serving a--2p-year-terin in Berlin's Spandau ail for Var^'crlmes. . V"Rebitzer," 'the .jury.found, "committed the murder, to inherit the millvand the-money "and other val- uablea hidden In'_ the property." ' Outlines On State Stassen Sayj JJ.S. To back China Reds " Governor. Name ol candidate--Howard Pyle. Address-- Phoenix. State--Arizona. Party -- Republican.' ' Biographical Information: A. Education -- Elementary and high school In Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska. B. Occupation--V i c e'-president Arizona Broadcasting System. Radio p r o d u c t i - o n management; correspondent, broadcaster, C. Civic activities -- Outs We of those connected with radio public service, "Arizona Unlimited," and Phoenix YMCA. Public speaker for many civic groups, ' D. Public offices'--None. Candidate's stand on issues: .-Q. What, four topics do you consider vitally important in government today? . Political freedom for the U. S: · -- 2--· J . t ^-* v » Taxes. Arizona' has RI piecemeal tax structure which must be reorganized. I stand with the Rtpubli- can platform on/.thls question and Selleve "w« muit take a realistic viewpoint. '' - , Arizona's economy. It needs -a broad tax.base. I believe in the-extensive development of industrial! Don't m eoucust, vuntat, eboktnc, «. - · · · earring ittMk* of BronchUl Arthnt rain jonrdeep ud tnertr uothir.ctar or nljht without trylm UJOJDACO. TMi fmt medicine U not unokt, taxation or ipnr, bat works through «i« blood, thai nMhlag tht luas» ud bronchial tubt*. UnullT tb* Sat dote -Jt«rt»"helping Baton :lmmdutl7 i w»y«: L..Help» loom ud nmon thick jtrantUng mncui, 2. Ttau promoto frwr breathing'and lounder, men* rtftsibll sleep. 3. Hclpi illeviite couihlnf, " WASHINGTON,- Ocfc 30. Harold E. Stassen- has suggested that the, state department tad encouraged ( the British 'to recognize Red Ctilna and had told them that the United -States' *odn would follow suit. ' J _ ", Stassen, president otthe.Univer- slty of Pennsylvania, Basked President Truman whether thls^was not a fact. He sent-the White, House, a telegram, and a copy to, the Republican · national ' committee which made It public: f ' Stassen said It 'would Tbe a tragic blunder If Mr. Truman should give Mao Tse-tung, the Chinese Red leader "a back stage blessing." He had expressed the belief In a speech that the administration plans after the election to encourage" the United Nations ,to give, the Communist Chinese government a permanent veto- seat now held by Nationalist China. , ·· Son Of Theater Magnate Being Sued For Divorce SANTA MONICA, 'Cali£'oet. 30. --'Movie Producer/ David I/. Loew, son of the late Theater Magnate Marcus Loew, Is being sued, for divorce. ' The 63-year'Old Loew was charged with mental cruelty-la a ASTHMA Mucus Loosened superior court suit filed- By hb 1 wife, Claire. The petition stated that the^two were, marrle'd in-Las Vegas, ,, Nev;, "-inJ March, * 1941", - and separated last July.- Her suit .Indicated that a, property settlement had. been agreed upon ^and that 1 New Cram* ' Re-Colors Hair In 22 Minutes If 70n W»nt to chftQl .·trull*], -frtr, frArfnc or tfnb nilr to t nnr luatroui j joutliiUI. looldm color. try S-lnu Cttmft Shim* poo-Tlht .todiy, It'i » MW hilr colorji th»t »-colon hilr it borne u . ·JtihtiBDoof. TdnionllM BloutM, · N o wiltlaff for n. UllUt.- It'l'eU7 tO UJ9--AO: ·ffieuy'inlilnf. Won't.w»ift, "ultS't: MONZI BACK GuBHte«. Get your coica of color VAW; Jit Blub Blio*. Dli Aih «f«wB. ITitir^nwnfAi'biiri (Hiiini). I MARTI] Itlltf QTttftRl Monday Loew will pay'her |700»m,month'- support. . : \ , ; T ; Thfeylhave two' children j,r. ' Commmers, Speedway at Campbell Phone 5-5102 HAIR CUTTING and SHAPING _. Shingle* .. |1.W _ SPECIAL Mori. Tues. Wed.-. COLD WAVE $10.00 REGULAR $15.00 VALUE possibilities..and to being competl-!! tive^f or rtheit'ourist's. dollar.^ -·Reorganization o f , government. The future of institutions is de- Dendent on'their ability to adapt. Dur 1912. model government .superstructure is in serious need of realignment. · -Q. Why we you'»eeking this Office?:. A;'! feel that t "would have been better off to leave it alone from'the Mint of view of personal gain. But i have been disinterestedly active in politics for,-so long and know so many of Arizona's people that I felt impelled'to get into the fight · Charges ^McCarthy Sneak' In Wisconsin. NEW HAVEN,'Conn., Oct. 30. (U.R) --Former War: Primes- Prosecutor Thomas'J.-Dodd'charges that state | Republican lea'ders "boot-legged"; Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy (R., Wis.) into the state In line .with their 'gutter-type" "campaign. -' Dodd, who prosecuted Nazi war criminals in Nuerenberg, Germany, called McCarthy-a character assas- in who. "desecrates- .everything good. In our, Iree society." The "Wisconsin senator gave a talk h?re two weeks-'ago, assail- "n£ Connecticut Sen. William Ben:on an'd-Brien.McMahon. · He 'also rieiterated his charge that Communists are employed In the state department . · · ' - .. --· ' Do'dd said in a television appear ance ttiat' the Republicans. used a 'frontl: prgamja'tion,'" to Bponsor MeCarfhy'g appearance; sneezing. Ctet MBNDACO from your 6»tUlicUon or money tiidc.i I'M THE ONE My job is to take care, ol--10ItE ShackeWord Hnanclal needs. My success depends on saying "Yes"'to your requests as, of ten as possible. Generally I can say "Yes" pretty fast, and, even if circumstances; are., unusual I try my best to work out a deal. MONEY WHEN YOU NEED IT -Plus "Pledged Protection." I will do my best to help.yp'.u. Wlnn ShackeMora at ARIZONA CREDIT CO. 10 N. Sixth Are.. Phone' 3-0591 "Piles were daily torture until I found Part . s amazin relief! tt.F.M. H^ * iriievn tortorc of simple pilo fail. Act» . to . relieve- itchins, pain instantly. SoothM rt», inflanied duties. Lubncata and softeni dty, lard ened parts. Helps reduce swdl- ine, 'heal atddnt.. .ao don't «uffer ne«dles« raaery of timple piles. Get Para, zet real comfort nfla aauty. Aak your'doctor about it. Suppository form or tube with perforated'.pipe. ·Pom Ointmint and fappaiilmaQ NEEDS Welcome Back BUS RIDERS We've Missed You! DO YOU KNOW? -that you can get MEDIUM-PRICED LUNCHES and SANDWICHES 7 A.M. fO 10 P.M. TOY Lays away any , for the Holidays 70% Ethyl wlth.Sl.00 100 s ASPIRIN 17 11 CODMTB SHAVING nlKRUR Genuine Calfskin $ v± e WALLET $ s p e Dd/ I CIRCUS. ^PARADE BUBBLE Standard Drug* and' Sundries, " af Fair Trade prices By One 'of TucaOB'i 'Oldest, and Most Reliable Firm* Filled While You W^if For Ihe Bus Headquarters for RancScw and : Veterln«rf Supplies since,^1909 COMPIETE 'RESCRIPTION SERVICE E P P I E'S OWL DRUG Open 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Daily'and Sundays 201 E. Congress at Siyth Phone, 2-1762 SOUTH STONE PHARMACY Open every night'til D p.m. and, Sunday* : ' JPh. 34891 339 S. Stone Are. ASTHMA JMJW' MW m, mm Minttr. vu^ BnMw ·**«· l»ll«r«4 qCIODLT - mtnttt wttkta OM almrt* - kr TftrmmOKO ·ALATIOM THXmAl-5. H. ^rito^ kaktt l*mbr emn... MM fti^ki ·MM rapoW Ilk* BiitK !U«wA«r wM no ta» irtiTi? fcii".ptlM Iff* «*M_4«A««v» ·. CM«BI t ·mtr ** ttnmtft. 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BEDROOM GROUP I Vanity, Che$t, Bed 2 Boudoir Lampt Resilient Coil Spring 2 Fluffy Pillows Comfy Rest Mattress 1 Chenille Spread (Qlnrtratlon Approximate),. CHARGE FOR STORAGE TAKE A LONG TIME TO PAY REE DELIVERY! REYNOLDS TUCSON HARDWARE £O. ALBERT S. OTRAUB 1 ARIZONA MAIKTEVANCE CO. -- 8517 E. Speedway; ..1808 S.JFo«rth ATI."' ..^..1»SO MlrsclB MU* PIE CHERRIES STRICTLY FBI EGGS YOUR C A W bAY- FURNITURE H-ENTY COMPANY STRICTLY HKESH SIEDIUM -Dot.' 1 GOOD OPEN TUES. THURS. EVES UNTIL 8 P. M. PARKING 1724 So: 6th^re. . Dial 24121

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