The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on August 26, 1952 · Page 5
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 5

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 26, 1952
Page 5
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THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES, TUESDAY EVENING, AUGUST 26, 1952. Five Bell Memorial Hospital in Kansas City, Kas. reported Monday that the condition of Albert Davis, 121 Logan, was, "fairly good." Davis was injured Aug. 21 while working at the KC-Leavenworth Bus Line Inc. garage. Fifth and Spruce. The rim blew off a wheel while he was putting air into the tire. The extent of his injuries are not known. Davis' local physician said, however, the man was "badly injured." Tree ripe Elberta canning peaches, bring container. Burre Fruit Farm.—(Adv.) A lengthy police court'docket accumulated over the week end was disposed of Monday afternoon by Judge James Fussell. The cases against Arnold Jordan and L. E. Wilson charged with violations of liquor and gambling laws following their arrest at the Uniform Rank Club, 213 Cherokee, early Sunday, and that of seven frequenters were continued until Sept 5. Also continued until Sept 2 were the cases of John Bonnell and Clovis Poer, arrested Friday afternoon and charged under the city's liquor ordinance. Robert Sanderson, Lansing, no driver's license, $5 bond forfeited. The group of Kansas City celebrators, arrested early Monday on Third Street, appeared li court on peace -disturbance charges and $5 fines were imposed on D. A. Hem- onway, Buck Hanagan, James R. Winn, Gene Winn and Opal Anderson and a $15 fine was given Charles Cantwell. Hanagan also was fined $50 on a liquor charge. Buck Keegan's long whip is being held in the captain's office at police headquarters and Buck is up- Btairs under sentence of 30 days and a fine of ?10. Drunk was the charge placed against him. Eugene Jackson, 814 North Fourteenth, reckless driving, $25 bond forfeited. Elmer Houseworth, 419% Fourth Avenue, and LeRoy Jack, 411 Miami, disturbing the peace, $25 bonds forfeited. Richard E. Lambert, Lansing, reckless driving, $25 bond forfeited. Mary Biringer, and Jean McClain, peace disturbance, $10 bonds forfeited. Furniture moving and storage for over 52 years! Experienced movers and well kept warehouse. For the best, call The Old Reliable —The Meyer Co., 4th and Choctaw. fh. 67.—(Adv.) Fort Leavenworth authorities yesterday afternoon notified police headquarters that Kenneth D. Jones had walked away from the post guardhouse. He was described as 26, 69 inches tall, blue eyes and brown hair. The escapee prisoner is a white man. Rummage sale, Salvation Army 1 Tuesday, 9:30 to 3:00. Bargains; —(Adv.) Mrs. Myrtle Edwards, 38, Lin wood, was admitted to St. Mar garet's hospital Sunday, according to the Kansas City Kansan which reported her condition as fair. Bingo party, St. Patrick's Hall 5th and Kiowa, Thurs., Aug. 28 8 P. M. Prizes.—(Adv.) ' Earl Stevens, Valley Falls, is the new owner of Beautena, the 4-H away at the Jackson County Fair Wednesday. Earl, the son of Mr and Mrs. George Stevens, is a member ol the Denison Builders 4-H Club. Earl will make Beautena his club project for the next year The calf was secured by the county 4-H Council last spring and has been fed during the summer by the Farmers Union Co-op in Horton. The Stevens family formerly lived at Easton. Earl has a twin brother Verl. Wanted. Experienced truck drivers. Apply in person. Donovan Motor Freight—(Adv.) Dale Fields, farm editor of The Topeka Daily Capital, and Mrs. Fields were visitors in Leaven worth today. Fields is a former employe in The Times' news department. Mrs. Fields is, a former physical education instructor at Leavenworth High School. Arm. Legionnaires—Meeting tonight, 8 o'clock.—(Adv.) Paul Saulter, 904 Ottawa, this morning was being held in city jail on a charge of assault and battery with his bail fixed at $50 cash. Saulter was arrested Monday evening on a warrant based on a complaint signed by his wife, Mrs. Annabelle Saulter. Mrs. Saulter told authorities Saulter hit her in the mouth and knocked out several teeth according to the report. Mrs. Francis Bell, 520 Seneca, at 10:50 this morning opened the oven door of her gas range to light the burner-. There was an instant explosion as an accumulation of ;as was ignited. Firemen arrived and shut off the gas. It was believed the gas came from a leak in the oven. Trucks from both stations responded as a general alarm had been turned in. Sweaney's Cafe will reopen Friday, Aug. 29—(Adv.) Walter L. Jones has filed suit tor divorce from Irma L. Jones on grounds of gross neglect of duty and extreme cruelty. He stated and have one minor child. Through Ms attorneys, Colonel Boone and Thomas Boone, the plaintiff asks custody of the child and an equitable division of household furniture -and other goods, including a 1948 sedan. Chiropractic Clinic is last week of August The Abel closed this to keep up with professional progress by attending the annual research and review courses of the Palmer School of Chiropractic, Davenport, la.—(Adv.) Marriage licenses have been issued by probate court to -J o h n Hunter, 51, and Pearlie Jackson, 48, both of Kansas City, Mo., and to Clyde W. Blackaby, 26, and Harriet M. Sill, 18, both of Leavenworth. William Roberts of Kansas City, Kas., is in jail today awaiting arraignment on a burglary charge. The suspect was picked up at Easton by Deputy Sheriff Leo Whether they count the cost or not, most people count the change. ©NU Ike Must TeU Howfle'dRun Foreign Policy By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON (31— Gen. Eisenhower, discontented with the foreign policy of the Truman administration, is confronted with the problem of offering a substitute of his own. He told a group of Midwestern Republicans last week he doesn't know what this government has been trying to do beyond the "containment of Communism." In his speech to the American Legion in New York Monday he said the United States must tell the Kremlin "we can never rest' until the Russian-dominated nations of eastern Europe and Asia have been freed to choose their own destiny. That raises a question, of course: If we tell the Russians the satellites must be freed and the Russians don't pay any attention to us, then what are we going to do? Since he has two more months fear and build confidence." And he listed "three areas of immediate demand on us": L America must build up such armed force that Russia would be afraid to attack. 2. We must cooperate more with other free nations. 3. "We must tell the Soviets with an equally cold finality that never shall we rest content until the tida mud of aggressive Communism has receded within its own borders." Eisenhower seems to think judging from what he told the Midwestern Republicans, that the people behind the curtain can be freed peacefully. Summer in Norway For Young Kansan The brother of a Leavenworth woman was one of a group o young farm people chosen for summer abroad by the Interna tional Farm Youth Exchange. Tin Pratt Tribune ran a feature re cently on Jack Grier of Cairo in Pratt County; Jack is a younge brother of Mrs. Gordon Voorhees 301 Prospect. The Tribune story tells of on farm Jack • stayed at in Norway The farmer's name was A s 1 Ringes. He had 20 acres of farm land and 1,000 acres of timber, 7i miles northwest of Oslo. Jack wrote that the country was beautiful, that he could read a they were married April 5, 1950 of campaigning ahead of him, Eisenhower will have time to explain in detail what he has in mind and j how his foreign policy, if he's elected, would differ from the present one. This Republican pttack on the "containment of Communism" is apparently part of the strategy of Eisenhower and his supporters. The same theme was used by John Foster Dulles Sunday night. Dulles, mentioned as a possible choice for secretary of state if Eisenhower wins, saici during a radio forum debate with Mutual Security Administrator Averell Harriman : The Republican party's first step if it wins in November, should be to "abandon the so-called policy of containment of Communism. ..: Containment is a policy which ... means in effect that we will be willing to call it quits with the Russians if they will be satisfied with 600 million captives, and let us alone." But Harriman, who sought the Schrey after Mrs. Lawrence Ken- Democratic presidential nomina- nedy, found RR 4, returned home and a watch and several old coins missing from her house. If you don't get your Times by 6:15 p. m., call 26. Give your name and address, and one will be delivered to you. Please do not call before 6:15 or later than 7 p. m. On Sundays call between 8:30 and 9:30 a. m. For a change of address call before 2 p. m. Fort Leavenworth subscribers call S. L. Olsen, Ph. Ft Leav. 22234, TORONTO SEAT EXPENSIVE NEW YORK Iff)—The price for a seat on the Toronto Stock Exchange, which has only a few more than 100 memberships compared to 1,375 for the New York Stock Exchange, recently went to ?75,000 —highest since 1937. The most recent New York Stock Exchange seat transfer was for $44,000. tion, disputed the word "containment." He said: "The President has never used the word, and neither has the secretary of state except to explain that it was not containment. "We have a dynamic policy which has rolled Communism back in many areas of the world and we do hope some day to be able to build such strength in the free world that disintegration will begin to develop within and behind the Iron Curtain." Eisenhower's ideas on how the people in the Iron Curtain coun tries around Russia can be freec will have particular interest to those American minority groups who have relatives behind the curtain. Eisenhower told the Legion the "course to peace" is the "establish- jment of conditions that will abolish U When you are cooking broccoli saucepan, score the stems of the vegetables to assure even cooking, pressure and cauliflower in a Radio-Screen Star Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 2 Louse egg 3 Promontory 4 Marsh 5 Make a speech 6 Chances 7 Biblical name 8 Expunger S Girl's name ' 13 Issue in r W " *«" eut 1IV.-1 :._«:- " Hindi! garment 1,4 Actress of screen and radio • Iroquoian Indian 10 Commands 12 Laths 15 Ecclesiastic 25 Entice 27 Struggled 30 Rail bird 31 Laymen 36 Soaks flax 38 Javanese community 41 Lioni mother point' 22 Ring IS Receipt! 25 Birds 26 Blemish 17 Mongrel 28 Reply (ab.) » Native metal 90 Slip S3 Squanderer 37 Boat paddles 38 Ascribable 39 Baked clay 40 Narrow inlet 41 Loans 43 Burmese wood sprite 44 She is a capable •56 Bevels 48 Bristly 49 Toward the sheltered side 50 Perched anew 51 Metal rod VERTICAL I Pertaining to Arabia 24 Horse's neck 34 Meal 32 More angered 42 Incrustations 33 Evening on sores h *' re 35 Puff up 45 Route (ab.) 47 Winglike part If your budget looks as if a couple of alley cats had been fighting over it ... call 315 S. 4th Ph. 3155 FOR QUICK, EASY LOAN SERVICE! WE FIX IT Phone 1440 for Plumbing Installations and Repairs! Morton Plumbing Co, Wayne Morton, Prop. 1424 Spruce • Science is constantly yielding new help— and new hope—for chronic sufferers. Consult your physician. He may have great news for you! And bring his prescriptions to us for careful compounding! Weber's Prescription Shop Leo F. Weber, PhC 527 Delaware Phone 21 Sheaffer's, from 4.03 Waterman, 3.75 Parker, 5.75 up ESTERBROOK 2.30, 2.80, 3.93 Scripto, 1.00 American Venus, 1.00 Ball Point Pens Scripto, 29c Paper Mate, 97c and 1.69 Sheaffer, 1.65 Eversharp, 1.00 Fisher Ball Point Refill fits most pens, 49c Geo. H. Geiger & Co. 521 Delaware St. newspaper outdoors until midnight, that his hosts ate five small meals a day instead of three arge ones, that they spoke good English, and that they had a small tractor but no automobile. Jack said the temperature itayed around 70 degrees, and the :armers complained about the heat. Jack told him how hot it gets in Kansas, and the farmer replied, ''It must be like hell here." Jack wrote of the Norwegian vay of harvesting and drying hay, and described how not a bit was vasted. Jack also jvent to a Norwegian national 4-H camp, where the 230 campers gave Jack and a visiting American girl a standing ovation. They spent three days at the camp getting to know the people. Norwegian 4-H Clubs are much like those in the United States, Jack found. They are organized like US clubs, and use the same insignia. ing around saying "ten million and one, ten million and two." For a broadcast heard here announced that among the monumental accomplishments of the cleanup drive is this: Peiping has killed 60 million flies. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE TIMES Tip to a bride: To prepare delicious soft-cooked eggs, lower the eggs one at a time into a saucepan of simmering (not boiling) water. Simmer the eggs three to five minutes, depending on the degree of doneness desired. COMMUNISTS FLY-KILLERS SAN FRANCISCO ffl—The Chinese Communists are having a clean! up drive in Peiping, and the wayj the Peiping radio tells it, you canj just see groups of fly-counters go- UP GOES THE AGE TO GOES THE PRICE A new high in quality...a new low in price! Now you can enjoy the luxury of smooth, 6 year old Belmont straight bourbon—at the price of much younger whiskies! "A little luxury a good for every man/" "Especially at this neir down-to-earth price/" 6 YEARS OLD . STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY . 86 PROOF BELMONT DISTILLING COMPANY, LAWRENCEBURG, INDIAN\ Come In Now! See /he |MEW| UJnnm Circulator GAS HEATER A. G. A. Approved The Heater with That *Exfra Reserve* fo Keep You Warm in Coldest Weather NOW ON DISPLAY! Qur ad Writer said, "Heck, I can't begin to tell all the wonderful things about THIS gas heater in one little ad. Let's invite everybody in to see at." So that's -what we're doing. We want you to see It fo* yourself. Then you'll know the remarkable features of thi* New WARM MORNING Gas Circulator that gives aa abundance of comforting heat in coldest weather at lowest cost. Don't forget, . . we'll be looking for you! Buy on easy terms! Low, bank-like rates. Make payments direct to us! THE MEYER APPLIANCE CO. In National Hotel Building 217 So. 4th Phone 1 j in smoothness and ridi Comfort with a Capital "C" . .. classic comfort through and through! It's yours in Oldsmobile's magnificent "Rocket" 1 Ninety-Eight. You ride in the lap of luxury on Custom- Lounge Cushions*, deep foam rubber seats that are super soft and luxurious. Underneath ia the rugged Oldsmobile chassis, firm foundation for that smooth-going "Rocket Ride". You command the car with finger-tip ease ... park in the smallest spaces . .. with CM Hydraulic Steering*. And, of course this beautiful Oldsmobile is powereoVby the famous "Rocket" Engine thrilling action plus solid dependability. Call us and'make arrangements for a demonstration in the superb new Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight. Allan: OUsmooil* Classic Ninety-EX/fa 4-Door StJm. A Genera! Motors Value. CM Hydraulic Steering and Custpm-Lounfte Seat Cushions optional .at extra cost. Equipment, meentories and trim subject la chan j« uithoul noticf. 'ROCKET" POWERED LMMIIILE SEE TOUR NEAREST OIDSM O 1111 DEALER PERRY L. BLACK MOTOR CO., 200 SOUTH BROADWAY OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS I'M TELL-IN' YOU RIGHT NOW YOU'LL LAST ABOUT ONE BATTER; THEY GOT RULES IN BASEBALL, ANJP UNLESS THE UMPIRE IS BLIMP HE'S GONNA TOSS YOU OUTATHE GAME FOKTHROWIN' A SPITBALL/ TDN6UE AMD LIP OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLE E<3AD,MEfJ/ I IMTcMDED TO VJlRE MARTHA HSR CHAPS CANiTAkE. HER'THE; CASH.'—YOURS \NILL8& S REWARD OF 6EE- |NG HER FAC6 LIGHT UP/— BUT DOhi'T TARRY OR FALL AN\OMG THIEMES IF YOU VALO& YOUR BOMES A TICKET BATTLE- LAST \MEEK.'I'M HOME I'M 6TILLA FEW CWPS AHEAD OF THE PRODISAL. 5OM/ THEY MAKE VACATIONS LOMG EMOU6H. fO HEALTHE CALLUSES FROM THOSE

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