Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 61
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 61

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 61
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To protect presidents, candidates from 'nuts' Eisenhower calls for handguns ban Prwii-Tetowani, WKtWKliy, Mwch 17, It74 InnnRnnrk P 1 7 1 IreJKWreKM, Thurtdi/, M»rch II, IN4 UHlg BeaCtl M M There arc, according 15 t h e National AutnmqbUo C l u b , 16.000,000 mo'lor; vehicles iti California. · Salinas, the name of the farming and dairying city near lifontcrey is Spanish for "Sail Marshes." By STEVE MEAL ·'. KJnlght Newspapers BALTIMORE,. M d . Dr. Milton S. Eisenhower says t h e bloody, violent specter of political assassinations is far from gone in t h i s nation. U n l e s s strong action is taken, he sa.ys, no p r e s i d e n t i a l c a n d i d a t e w i l l be adequately protected. His suggestions: a ban on handguns and a more restrictive method of campaigning. -.'Eisenhower, 76. who headed a presidential commission on the causes and prevention of violence after Robert F. Kennedy's assassination, says, "In some countries, dictators have been shot for political reasons. But in the U n i t e d States, assassinations have been committed by nuts -- unbalanced people. "You can double Secret Service and l a k e other precautions. But as long as the President insists on barnstorming the country, he is still a target. I think the President must consider other methods to be in touch with the people. He can't continue to be exposed in the traditional way." EISENHOWER s a y s , "There are now some 43 million handguns in circulation -- increasing at a r a t e of three million a not like to sec Percy or another moderate Republican challenge Ford from the left. "To do so might throw the nomination to Reagan," he says. Dwight D. Eisenhower often said that Milton was "the best qualified man to be president of the United Slates." But Milton Eisenhower says "When I was discussed as a candidate 1 felt it was simply because I was Ike's brother. If my name were Smith, 1 doubt if they'd have been very interested." When efforts were made to get Milton to run for governor of Pennsylvania or senator from Maryland, he s t o u t l y resisted. "I never really liked the idea jf rough-and-tumble politics," he s a y s . "1 am somewhat sensitive, which might have worked aginst a political c a r e e r but which helped give me a built-in radar system as a u n i v e r s i t y president. 1 understood other people's feelings." Eisenhower says he is preparing to write a book about his academic career. "The President is Calling," a memoir of his service to e i g h t presidents, was published two years ago. In his book, Eisenhower was sharply critical of R i c h a r d M. Nixon. "I went as far as I could go without getting i n t o libel," he says. "At the time my manuscript was completed, the income-tax affair appeared to be his most pressing problem. His role hi the covcrup wasn't established then." Eisenhower will not discuss Nixon's recent visit to China "for family reasons." His great-nephew , D a v i d , is m a r r i e d to Nixon's daughter Julie. Of all the presidents he served, Eisennower says his brother deserves the highest marks in history: "There were no wars then. Employment w a s h i g h . The great crime wave had not started. The economy was moving upward. "I think that before the century is over, Ike's eight years will le remembered as the golden period of the 20th Century." New Owner's Specials UMIPERM Keg. $25 Short Natural or Body Wave to Sol Of Blow tv. Includes cut your ! cholco Snxl.lliWilh Solly. Kulli Arm Of RotSY MAOIC SCULPTURE Orli. U9 wul · r 's Foxy Lady 925-9444 1M70 E. Arlcsia at Palo Verde, BelHIower DR. EISENHOWER year. The handguns are being used in 54 per cent of all murders -- and in most assassinations. "It may be politically unpopular to be for gun control today," he says. "But in a couple m o r e years, the political disadvantage will be against those opposing gun control." Eisenhower, president emeritus of Johns Hopkins University, former p r e s i dent of Penn State, younger brother and confidante of Dwight D. Eisenhower, and trouble-shooter for presidents f r o m C a l v i n Coolidge to Lyndon Johnson, discussed his views of {he current political scene and reflected on his career during a recent interview. "I've known President Ford for 30 years or more and consider him a good friend," Eisenhower says. "I have nothing against him personally. I don't t h i n k a n y o n e questions (hat he is a man of integrity. But I don't think anyone in g o v e r n m e n t is showing leadership." IF EISENHOWER has reservations about Ford, he is considerably more negative a b o u t f o r m e r California G o v . R o n a l d Reagan. "Oh no" he says. "The Republicans tried t h a t w i t h Goldwater in 19W." Because of his distaste for Reagan, Eisenhower, who was chairman of Son. Charles II. Percy's short- l i v e d presidential c a m - paign two yers ago, would Palm Springs Tramway sets Photo Day The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway's Annual Winter Photo Day has been scheduled for Sunday. The Photo Day is planned for amateur and professional photographers as t h e i r special day to photograph the Tramway in some unusual or dramatic fashion. Models will be available all day (o pose for the photographers and judging will lake place at 4 p.m. at the Mountain Station to select Miss Winter Photo Day 1976. MARS MARKET OUR STORE HOURS - Mon. thru Sunday 10 A.M. Till 7 P.M. - Closed Wednesday WE FEATURE MATURE GRAIN FED STEER BEEF - SERVED OVER THE COUNTER TO YOU BY LIVE FRIENDLY BUTCHERS. 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GREEN ONIONS kC You'll pay I** 5-I/2c bunch Bunch m\ '*;,:?. ig^i II; PRICES IN EFFECT AS LONG AS MARKET ONDITIONS MM WE WELCOME FOOD STAMP SHOPPERS WEOLADLYHONOI FOOD STAMPS ^ i'.'J P.i^ MARS MARKET CORNER OF PALO VERDE STEARNS 2217 PALO VERDE AVE,, LONG BEACH

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