Independent from Long Beach, California on March 11, 1966 · Page 7
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 7

Long Beach, California
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Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 7
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Pig. A4-INDEPENDENT l**i IMC*, con., fa., nor. n, ITM Calcutta Food-Riot Toll Soars CALCUTTA, India ttf) Rioting mobs clashed with po 1 lice and .troops .in Calcutta | and the surrounding area I Thursday night and at least 13 persons were reported kVlied. One was a policeman beaten to death by mobs. ' The fighting climaxed a day ! of rioting, arson and looting as leftist-led demonstrators | protested India's food short- I age..- · ..As the violence mounted in | this city of five million--In, dia's largest -- and in sur! rounding areas, the Indian army .was called in. ;. * ·* * * ;7 ABOUT 5,000 rioters fought the army in the center of Calcutta after smashing street lights and plunging tha area into darkness. Police cars Iwere set afire. . :'l Twelve of those killed were (in the Calcutta-area towns of i Rishra and konnagar. The 'bther was killed at the coal town of Asarisol, 120 miles west of Calcutta. . ^ N e w s m e n ' s cars were 'stoned by rioters in Rishra iimd an American correspondent.^. Anthony Lukas of the New York Times, was wound- ·gd in the head. He was discharged after his injury was treated at city hospital. ; -. * * * * , THE RIOTERS made rail stations ih-these three towns the. targets of their violence, Betting them ablaze. ;·. Reports from the scene said police battled the rn'p b s Itrirpughout the day at Konna- gar Station.' The ticket .office and trains halted in the yards '··were-set afire. A torch.was '·.put to a train at Alipur Duar Station and several cars were gutted. Tear gas was used against a crowd that attacked a police patrol in north Calcutta. Students caught cutting telephone wires were arrested. Profumo-Type Scandal Charge by Pearson Aide Rocks Canada -SIM .PktM kr ED KENYON VICTIM OF MYSTERY SLASHER Candy, a pregnant mare, is one of six horses attacked by' knife-wielding assailant in stables or pastures in South Bay area. Examining 16-inch sutured wound Thursday on animal's neck are' Keith Mayo, father of mare's owner, and Cathy Clark, who has two horses at same stable. Police Patrol South Bay Stables *' · After Slasher Attacks Six Horses Motorized police posses arei ranging the South Bay area to' guard pastures and corrals against a human invader who has slasked and mutilated six riding horses. Among the victims of the knife-wielding a s s a i l a n t , whose motive was unknown, is a valuable mare owned by Mrs. Doris Pinza of Rolling Hills, widow of singer Ezio Pinza. Other attacks, all m a d e with a r a z o r-sharp', long- bladed weapon, occurred in the Carson district and £1 Segundo. Harbor Division Patrol Sgt. Mitchell Maricich said San Pedro-based police motorized units were ordered Thursday to keep close watch on three stable areas. Despite the severity of their injuries, all six horses -- in- i De Lotto f-Opposes Cranston SACRAMENTO UW --State Controller Alan Cranston offi- .. cially became a candidate for re-election Thursday at almost the.same time that his first opponent entered the controller's primary race. As Cranston was filing his '·'···' nomination papers in San Jose, Fresno County Supervisor and ex-Assemblyman k Bert De Lotto, 46, announced _ ; he'll try to wrest the Demo, . cratic nomination away from . . the incumbent. . *. * * · : ·' DE LOTTO, terming himself a "rock the boat" candidate, said he'd make Cranston's appointment of state inherit- ?vance-tax appraisers a principal issue in his campaign. He said Cranston had failed to undertake reforms of the ap- Coast Guard Budget Too Rigid, Too Low' WASHINGTON (#) -- A| budget request from the Coast Guard is "too rigid, too low," the chairman of a Senate subcommittee considering the legislation said .Thursday. Sen. E. L. Bartlett, D-AIas- ka, noting the national debate over "guns or butter," said the Coast Guard spending proposal represented "a reduction of guns." He presided at a hearing at which top Coast Guard officials reviewed their plans for acquiring more ships and aircraft and expanding shore- based activities in the fiscal year beginning July I. The bill is before the subcommittee on merchant Marine and fisheries of the Senate Commerce Committee. The Coast Guard askec Congress to authorize $103 million in the new budget compared to $120.5 million ir the current fiscal year. * + * * THE HOUSE added $26 million to the request and th' hields, acting commandanl aid "our intention remains o be responsive to other na- ional goals to the fullest pos ible extent with existing orces and within what the ede'ral checkbook can han le." The proposed budget, as in r e a s e d by the House would provide four new high ndurance. cutters, a rivei ender, three new Iong-rang ilanes, five medium-rung! lircraft, 20 helicopters and 2i onstruction projects. Shields reported that 26 Coast Guard patrol boats with a total of 450 men, wer operating in Viet Nam. He noted the Coast Guarc [ as not asking for replace ments for the nine patro craft most recently assigne there, as it had for the firs praiser system and said this bill before the Senate calls failure hurt "the Democratic party and the cause of good government." De Lotto, a savings and loan firm director and former decreased funds asked orig ' '. Peace Corps official in Africa, served in the Assembly in · , 1959-63. He failed in a bid to become : year. for $126 million. Bartlett, nevertheless, expressed concern several time during the hearing that inally might mean a delay i the modernization program Congress has approved fo Fresno mayor last the Coast Guard. Vice Adm. William Country Music Slar Dies of Fall Injury . MEMPHIS, Tenn. /P -!. C. (Slim) Rhodes, 53-year old country music star wh lad been singing for radi and television audiences her since 1943, died at a hospita Thursday. Rhodes entered Hie hosp tal Tuesday for treatment of uding o n e requiring 15C itches to close two 15-inch- OTTAWA W -- An angry, shouting debate broke out in Canada's House of Commons Thursday after Justice Minister Lucien Cardin told a news conference two former cabinet members were involved with a woman he called a former East German spy. Cardin ' confirmed that he had told one newspaper that the case, in some respects, is worse' than the P r o f u m o scandal that shook the British in 1963. He did not elaborate. Prime Minister .Lester B. Pearson told the Commons he would move quickly to set up a. judicial inquiry .if that is what. the members wanted. But the question.was still up in the air. at the end of the tumultuous sitting; JOHN Profurno was forced 10-Year, Life Terms for 2 Kidnapers . TACOMA,: Wash. (UPI) -Convicted kidnaper Tilfprc B a k e r , 34, .was sentencec Thursday to life imprisonment and an accomplice, James Evans, 31, received a maximum term of 10 years. The third defendant in the case, Deal Allen Bromley, 20 has moved for a new trial and arguments on thai motion will be heard Monday. They were accused of .ab ducting Charles. Hyde III,-13 son of a wealthy . Tacoma injuries suffered his home. The in a fall, fall at which mg, 3-inch-deep wounds -- ·ere expected to recover. THE SLASHED ANIMALS ncluded ope in San Pedro, Pinza horse in Rolling [ills, three in an El Segundo table and a sixth in a pas- ure at I96th Street and Ham ton Avenue in the Carson rca. The injured San Pedro orse is a pregnant m a r e amed Candy owned by Debrah Dee Mayo, 15, of 1026 loomwood Road, daughter f a retired Los Angeles wlice officer. The girl went to visit her et Wednesday afternoon in field near. 1056 Mira Flores t. She found Candy lying own and bleeding from a aping, 16-inch gash runnipg 'ertically up the front of the neck. A veterinarian, Dr. James C. Jensen Jr. of Torrance, titched up the wound. Jensen old the Mayos that Candy vas the fifth slashed horse he lad treated that day. * ft * * THE PINZA horse, a mare named Sunday, was discovered with a four-inch deep cut n its neck Wednesday afternoon. The animal was in a corral behind the Pinza residence, deep inside the guarded gates of the private community. One of the injured animals, d i s c o v e r e d at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday at the El Segundo stable at 100 S. Sepulveda Blvd., was a Shetland pony. Dr. Jensen, who treated the pony, said the animal was slashed twice deeply on the left shoulder and neck. He said 150 sutures were required to rejoin the pony's severed muscles and close the wounds. Another at the same stable was slashed to the bone from its forehead to its nostrils. wholesale grocery distributor last Nov. 13, and holding him for. $45,000 ransom. The boy was held 10 hours and free after the ransom was pait Most of the ransom mone; was recovered. o resign as war minister, of ritain's conservative government after admitting he lied o the Commons to iover up is a f f a i r with Christine {eeler.- Miss Keeler, a prbsti' ute, also-was having an af- air with'a Soviet intelligence gent.- ' . - - . . · : , Cardin'said .two ^ members f Canadian ex-Prime Minis- er John Diefenbaker's cabi- et had been involved with a woman he identified only..-as Munsinger,. and - Diefenbaker new about it but. took no egal action. Diefenbaker is- ued a statement calling Car lin's charge "a cowardly and landero'us attack bearing the mprint of McGarthyism." Cardin said he has seen no ;overnment files on the case iut learned ~of it while he was n another department. He used to be associate defense minister. · Cardin said he believes here was a security risk in he case but could not say here had been a security eak. · ' ' . · · · Diefenbaker, head: of the Conservative' P.a r.t y, w a s prime minister in 1957.-63. * · * · * * · ' ' HIS former defense minis er, Douglas Harkness, rose n the Commons t o " demand Cardin either substantiate his charge or resign. ; Cardin did not identify the ministers he said were volved. He said the .woman died in East Germany several years ago. She lived in -anada at one time, he said, jut ha could not say if she was engaged in espionagej' Quits Indian Post WASHINGTON UPI -- Th resignation of Indian Com missioner Philleo Nash wa announced Thursday. He wi leave shortly for New Delh India, to undertake a short term assignment at the U.S Embassy adviser. there as .a specia hen: Declined to confirm press reports that a member of Diefenbaker's cabinet h a d yiet Cong and the NLF (Na- icen photographed in a com-tional'Liberation Front." The promising position with the indictment charged Pyle with woman, saying the question defacing. government prop- should' be put to Diefenbaker. TACOMA, Wash. WI-- Dellav Pyle, 19, of Vancouver, Wash., was indicated by a gran jury for paint.- ing a swastika and an anti- American slogan on the Vancouver Post Office Feb. 14. The slogan said "support the erty. .VVAV.V.WWUWJVJWV- BELLFLO WER - ARTESIA -I PARAMOUNT -- DOWNEY Headquarters for... · - RCAVICTOR STEREO · Best Selection · Easy Terms · Competitive Prices Immediate Delivery KOOPMANS furniture 17152 BELLH.OWER BLVD. - IELLFH.OWER . . TO 6-0796 o * followed a siege of flu, left him paralyzed from the neck down. Investigators said all the aninials injured were white or light-colored and all the injuries were in the animals' shoulder, face and neck areas. ·wards RCA Victor STEREO TV All 1966 Models ON SALE!! SIDE-MOUNTED SPEAKERS SOLID STATE STEREO Sc4'd State Stereo flniDlttkr, 74 watts MaK power A speakers: Two 15" oval duo- twwjeri RCA SolW Copper ClrcuMi SotkJ Stall FM-AM-FM Slereo Radio Sfydiomatk: 4-speed changer Feather Aclion Tonft Arm, diamond itvlus Beautiful oiled walnuf cabinet $ 248'° You C*i» ward's 1855 Pacific Ave., L. B. 591-2314 o * o o o o Judge Denies Beer-Trust Suit Move SAN FRANCISCO (/PI -U.S. Dist. Judge Stanley A. Weigel Thursday refused to ;reopen the government's antitrust divestiture suit against (he Joseph Schlitz Brewing Co., of Milwaukee. J:" The judge took the case un(if -cfer submission. '· · 4 He disapproved a motion by .'| Schlitz' attorneys to reopen ''·', the case for testimony be;; cause of General Brewing ·'.· Company's projected sale of '.-' its 1 million : barrel brewery at j.'j Azusa to Miller Brewing Co., |-',tfor $8 million, i »!'·.',-The Azusa brewery repre- [;*sents 34% of General Brew: i - I - iiig Co.'s capacity. ' |j },'«;'·· General Brewing is a sub- '-.','· sidiary of 'John Labalt, Ltd., ll ;·-.'. Canadian brewing company.!] . ; ,';,Xhe government seeks to div !'. p'^vest Schlitz'of stock controlj :.'/-of'.Labatt because the Cana"" dian company owns stock .".control of General Brewing. D 0 0 LEY' S HAS THE INSIDE SECRET OF 1966 »c» VICTOR S T E R E O For the largest selection and lowest prices in the area...It's C o o o o BGAVIM D * · 0 SOLID STATE STEREO Wide Choice of Fine Furniture Cabinet Styles! See RCAVICTOR forlhe stereo sound and tlie cabinet style you want! Compare features, styling, price -you'll choose RCA VICTOR! 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