Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 5
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 5

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1964
Page 5
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First Ruby Juryman : Selected ; (Continued from Page A-1) '.shot Oswald in the basemen' "of Dallas police headquarters. V During a 55-minute exami nation of Causey. Belli starlet -off in his usual vigorous style of questioning. But his de- · meaner turned more solici- .tous as he proceeded, and it ; became increasingly apparent that he might find Causey ac- -ceptable. if Finalry, after questioning oi ^UCausey concluded and the ·"·Sate had announced him ac- ijceptable to them. Belli an jiiSunced: : i "We accept this Juror." '. After Causey was sent in ' the custody o! a sheriffs of| ficer to jury quarters on the, 1 e i g h t h floor of the court; house. Belli assured newsmen] i that he is not conceding that ' an impartial jury may still be' , obtained in Dallas. ' "I definitely do not think i we can." he declared. The de! fense has sought to have the 1 trial transferred to another f county, charging prejudice ! against Ruby in Dallas. * * · · I . BEFORE Causey's selec- · lion. Dist. Atty. Henry M , Wade chatted with newsmen and expressed no discourage! ment at the slow process of · the trial Asked how long he'* J thinks it will take to get a "' j jory. Wade replied: ] J.Two or three weeks." j ; Wade added: By SID MOODY ROBERT OSWALD Tells About His Brother Russ Letters of Oswald 011 Record WASHINGTON Wl --Let ters the late Lee Harvey Oswald, alleged slayer o P r e s i d e n t Kennedy, once wrote from Russia were pu Thursday in the record of presidential commission investigating the assassination. This was done in a length stroked his jowls casually bitrarily excused by cither'closed session, in which th ' · commission took testimon from Robert Edward Lee Os- HFS HAD TO referee such wald Jr., 29, elder brother o --Associated Prns WiTOhcto MELVIN BELLI, chief defense counsel for Jack Ruby, is sketched by artist VVoodi Ishmael as he complains to court about number and proximity of law officers in court. Ruby is seated at left Joe Tonahill, another lawyer on . defense staff is at right RUBY JURIST SCORNS GAVEL Judge Has Patience of Job DALLAS C« -- Dist. Judge '""'h his fingers. He turned toside. i, Joe B. Brown has the face of w » t * » spectator leaving the: " ' - - - - · - - 'courtroom. Then he picked upj pencil and bounced it up tangles as ^the following: _ ;cattle driver. For four days 2 2 pencil *lkU UUUIM.CU 11 u^» loiiica »» »viiu«"i. 'and down on its eraser. When' Tonahill (to a prospective Let's get along." jHarvey Oswald is dead Lee Harvey. Nothing made public on what the le he's been Belli finally concluded, Judge'juror): "Have you'fonned an'ters said. i . . _ to w ^ et ii er Leej fji ea Dulles, commission or member, who called Robert a It's hard to see how a maa'-Jiver ,, "very cooperative witness." r.i,-r~i irvi informal ' Juror. "I don t know. said he had turned over to know.the commission a number of al for papers, including letters re- murder?"* Iceived from Lee when the Juror, l o o k i n g at Ruby: utter was in Russia, from That's what I hear." l October 1959 to June 1962. Bowie, jumping to his feet:: corralling s t r a y arguments j Brown drawU--that's right-- minion as we £t an! questions, tempers and attor- "' "'' "" 1 ""- " H,rv,v I appreciable number of jurors ne y» to , "X '° * et \J ur y to , . . . . . · isssBa^- ^fxr^gfafj* ri also said he favors some era- HE DISDAIN'S the weapon has. Once he dimbed down ScT orfeUTM t£e*Imt:o. d « sic "S* 1 TMW, the off the bench to snap a cam- -hatlon of.prosp^e JurorsveL He doesn't even h*ve,era at statuesque stnpper « over examination,' i = ; -- - - = - - - - ~ , _ said. "There ouzht to on something else. Come on As the tnal moves slowly - -«--- 'on, the judge takes an occa- -, be some cutting-off point." this has no relevancy." B r o w n : "Objection At Thursday's session de-'sional bite off the end of a fore the commission, telling sus 'of the troubled life of the . tomtA. Let's get on some-| Oswald flrni] y p ^i. identi- HAS said defense'fense counsel' Melvin Belli cigar and chews it for some-, lhin g ' se - ,fying correspondence for the ;iawyers are attempting toWdenly cried out in protest'time before depositing it de-! How long this ma go.on recon j ? drag out the trial until Judge that he was ringed by so'corously in the spittoon be-is -"vone «'**"· V 16 ft S t\ His attorney, William Mc- }Bro»-n moves it to another many security men guarding'side his chair. ,« jocular chap otl tne Bencn, Kenzie o , Da llas, Tex, said ioty. !Ruby that he couldn't talk in' . . . . notes wryly that he has t«a| Robert lp peared voluntarily, tr-': Belli rose to his feet during'confidence to the f o r m e r ! HE RUNS a clean bench.!*'**" left in his term - A 1 " 1 1 in ^n effort to shed any light ;the questioning of jury can- 1 striptease impresario. IThere's a blotter in front of the distnct attorney, "«"·». - - - - riBiate U E. McBride, a 58-| -Can't we push these ta-him uith the trial docket--jWade, told reporters "year-old aircraft inspector.bles up?" shouted BeHi 'Number E-10IOJ. That's With a sweep of one hand in 1 "Push 'era up if you wantTo one side there are half i^not a semicircle, the defense chief to," the judge softly re plied.'dozen sharpened pencils, a cried out: j At another point Beli's col-'fiip-page daily calendar and a| "We're surrounded by po-league, Joe Tonahill, raised glass a s h t r a y advertising on lilf assassination. , that -Dallas doesnt get June * na - ' e . s - *"* » air-conditioned. _ Diabetes Society .. , to liearoi Walk ers lice officers. I've seen trials his voice to a bull-like fervor,"Dudley M. Hughes Air-Conat Nuremberg where there in one of his frequent ex-ditioned Ambulance Service." were less officers around." 'changes with A. D. Jim| He's also the audio man at j-^ j^i j^ Rj ttert assistant Belli then complained thaVBowie, his antagonist at the the trial. Beneath his bench ^5^, professor of medicine three plainclothes sheriffs'prosecution's table. 'are the controls of the amp!i-| ** . deputies seated immediately, "I'm not hard of hearingjilying system ia the court- *- vsc - TM dscuss « searcn behind the balding 52-year- Mr. Tonahill," Brown said room. From time to time dealing with diabetes at old Ruby were listening to quietly. "Let's get along.'Judge Brown bends over and'meeting of the Long Beach consultations at the defense,TonahDl got. 'twiddles the knobs when a'c^.y.^ o f Diabetes Associa- » He - I . . . . ! juror can't be heard. - | . ^ Southern California. "All he has to do is talk a WHEN BELLI took off on; He keeps score on his own "°" ra f -.% little lower," suggested Asst a rapid, evangelical plea to list of the jury panel putting "* rneetin^ sei IOT Dist. Atty. A. D. Jim Bowie, move the trial out of Dallas.'a check beside those who pm. Tuesday in the audi TIIIC K* *h.'pT*i- ,c t Uf 'Judge Brown leaned way back have been excused by con-torium of the Long _Beach THIS brought Bern s assist-. nh . s , eathersuiveIcha . rHe - sejit and numberirlg tte V e-Health Department 2xPme ant, Joe TonahilL to his f eet ^ it ^ c e j , i n and niremen who have been ar-!Axe, is open to the public. tit TunicQ on cO"*ic inu __ - ___ .-^~~ shouted: "This is another misrepresentation by the district attorney." "Oh, sit down Mr. Tona- hilL" Judge Joe B. Brown admonished, "and get on with your questioning." However, Belli insisted that the defense table be moved a foot or so forward in the well of the court away from the three sheriffs officers. They are among 21 security guards . on duty in the courtroom. Judge Brown quietly gave his permission for the move, saying: "Push 'em up if you want to." Belli told » newsman later that he had not actually attended the World War II wir- crimes trials ia Nuremberg. but had seen pictures of the court in session. Ruby, operator of a Dallas strip-tease joint, watched the argument impassively, and moved his chair forward with the lawyers. Previously, he had donned horn-rimmed spectacles to peruse some newspaper clippings placed on the table by Belli. SAVE ON CUSTOM DESIGNED DIAMOND MOUNTINGS WALKER'S DIAMOND EXPERTS CAN MAKE THIS RING LOOK LIKE ANY OF THESE KEFASmONED DIAMONDS INDEf ENDENT-f «$· A-5 'FEBRUARY21 TO 29 ·ANTRON Regular 3.00 Here's the sale yonVe been Traiting for - Phoenix seamless Panfy Hose of perfect fitting Agilon« stretch yarn. Now you can have tie sheer elegance and comfort that only Panty Hose can give at a never-bef ore price. 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