The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 18, 1906 · Page 3
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 18, 1906
Page 3
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CH1LLICOTHE CONSTITUTION SEP. 18 iqo6 Dyspeplets! QnMdy roliove Sotn i Stomach.Heartburn, _ _ _ 'Xausea. and all other discomforts of indigestion and dyspepsia. Sngar- conted tablets. lOc. or25c. DrucBists or by maiL inflamrim tir.n. heal nocnus membrane, sweeten breath. Bout trarslo •ore throat. 50c. C. 1. Hood Co.. "Lowell, ilass. If Made by Hood It's Good. TELEGRAPHY ** •/' . * Maupin's College opened a new department of telegraphy today. The equipment is new and modern. PROF. JOHN I. RICE who has worked as night operator, day operator and agent in the railroad service, has charge of this work. He is also an experienced commercial teacher. TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Not always the Cheapest, but always the / Best, you will find the Photos at TBeWATTON STUDIO (Arthur J. Simpson, SURGEON ANB OCULIST Practice devoted to Surg-ery and Diseases of the Eye, Ear Nose, Throat. Special attention given to surgery of the Eye, Nose and Throat. GLASSES FITTED Office in Herman Bldg. North Side Sq.. Phones 88 and 213 WHEN YOU IRE GETTING GLASSES Get them right. Absolute satisfaction in the relief of Headache andEyestrain. A. B. MACDONALD EAST SIDE OPTICIAN AND JEWELER. THE I OSSARD CORSET Hartman's carry a luD line in stock. We <& an Expert* PERSONAL AND LOCAL Miss Kate Pond is the guest of Miss Lena Gilbert. J. S. Pound was here from MeadviUe Monday. Ed Atwell returned Monday evening from a week's stay in Kanj sas City. The condition of Mrs. W. E Gunby was reported unchanged Monday. J. E. Watkins will leave Wednesday morning for Kansas City on a three days' visit. Miss Id alee Williams of Kansas City is the guest of her mother, Mrs. Pauline Williams. Mrs. S. Palmer and granddaughter, Miss Mabel Dorsey, left Tuesday morning for Wichita, Kas. Fred Beavers, editor of tho Wheeling Gazette, was a Chillicothe bueiness visitor Monday afternoon. Charles Cheyney came down from Kansas City Monday night for a short visit with relatives and friends. M. S. Gilbert of Rich Hill township was a visitor in the city Tuesday and a substantial caller at this office. Mrs. E. P. Williams and Chas. Light and daughter, Lynne, came up from Meadville Tuesday to attend the funeral of Ora Amey. Rev. and Mrs. J. C. Shelton returned Monday evening from Joplin where they have been the guests of relatives and friends for the past week. For a mild, easy action of the bo vela, a single dose of Doan's Regulets is enough. Treatment cures habitual constipation. 25 cents a box. Ask your druggist for them. Dr. J. Gray Dorsey of Wichita, Etas., was here for a short time Monday evening en route home Irom Braymer, where he let the ontraet for the erection of a brick business building. For social, medicinal or household uses I. W. Harper whiskey s the best and safest The most popular high grade whiskey on ,he market. Sold by M. L. Higgins. Removes the microbes which mpoverish the blood and circulation. St<^)S all trouble that inter- eres with nutrition. That's what Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea will do. Tea or Tablets, 35 cents. Swetland Drug company. If you want a nice hat cheaper, call at N. Y. Racket. dlw 'Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil is ,he best remedy for that ;al disease—croup. Has been usei with success in our family or eight years."—Mrs. L. Whitaker, Buffalo, N. Y; Mrs. Ellen Donoho of West ackson was in the city Tuesday and paid the CONSTITUTION an appreciated call. Mrs. Donoho has ong been a loyal friend of the IONSTITUTION. She had her sub- cription transferred ~ from the weekly to the daily. Misses Heleu and Laura Schmitz aughters of Postmaster John L Schmitz, are expected to arrivi hid evening from New Philadel ihia, Ohio, where they have been ttending school. Mr. Schmitz las rented the Chapman >n North Walnut street ive there this winter. When two strong men come to ilows,even if they are well match- d, it is not a pleasant sight, but i tie man who gets the worst of i will use DE WITT'S WITCH HAZEL SALVE, he will look bet- ,er and feel better in short order Be sure you get DE WITT'S. Good or everything a salve is used for ncluding piles. Sold by Clark's harmaey. #."-',, CELEBRATES 19TH BIRTHDAY Avalon, Sept. 18—(Special Correspondence)—Misses Leila Dobbyn,Pern Beauchamp andBlanche Warner entertaieed at the home of the latter Saturday evening complimentary to Miss Minna ChafHn, it being her nineteenth birthday. Miss Marie Roberts visited the Misses Rickenbrode the past week. Mrs. Maxfiold, who Das been sick several days, was able to be in the store Saturday.' Mr. Maxfield was in Chillicothe Saturday on business. "Miss Clade Cox is improving slowly. * • Miss Dove Fullerton was in Hale Saturday morning shopping. Mrs. W. F. Rickenbrode drove to Chillicothe Saturday afternoon in company with Miss Carr of Beardstown, 111,, who has been visiting friends here for some time.) Misses Bulah Walters, Hattie Deyore, Harry Scranton and Carmel Good of Hale were the guests of Miss Blanche Warner Sunday. Miss Myrtle Sivney, who has been visiting friends here for the past few weeks, returned to her home in St. Louis Saturday. Miss Mirna Chaffin was in Hale Saturday afternoon. WABASH MACHINIST STRIKE. A special from Moberly says: -J'he employes of the Wabash BachTpa^fcppa went on a strike tor Mgher^irageB this morning, and telegraphic advices from the shops on the entire Wabash system are that all the machinists, blacksmiths and boiler-makers on ;he road ceased work at the same lour. Representatives of the various unions involved in the strike lave been in conference with the Wabash officials for some time, and Saturday it was known the railroads would not grant the men's request for the advance in jay asked. The union officials thereupon called out the men this morning. - Three employes were not called out on account of their ages. All other boilermakers, machinists and blacksmiths and other union men quit when the signal was given. The local boilermakers and apprentices were he first to strike, walking out at 8 o'clock this morning, one hour after they commenced work. Forty-four employes in this department are involved. They ask tor an increase in wages from jx3<Lcen±s an_hour. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS FOB buys a 5-room cottage near First ward school Ground 100 feet square. Good neighborhood. Water and sink in kitchen. Inquire at this office, dt For sale—Cottage iu Gravesville, three lots, two wells, everything in good condition. Price S550. Will take, team and wagon or cow as part payment. William Misenhelter, at Connty Infirmary 10 room house, best location in Chillicothe good cellar, coal anc wood shed, brick walks, plenty o shade. Lot SO by 118, 5 blocks from square, good garden spol some^fruit. Inquire this at office For sale—Hard coal baseburner Inquire at this office. 5sdt: FOR BENT FOR RENT—Good 7-room house 6 office rooms, best on north side of square. Inquire C. L. Waito. iioO dtf. For Rent—7-room house in {foot repair. Seymour Wigelr. s!4d5t For rent: House of 0 rooms; barn, buggy shed, two lots; near school. Mrs. M. L. Johnson, North Cherry st. sl-fdtf HELP WANED—MALE Men Wanted—For street paving work, also teamstsrs. J. E. Meek 3l8d&wsw Mennnil boys Plumlilne, Ei-ii-kl lyliiir. Pins turinir Tradus pay $S to $s day. \V'« tiuicl you thoroughly in thn u months. I'osltioi puaratkot'it. Kruo catalog. Uoym-'s TraiK School, St. Tjouls, Mo. Wanted—Boy to work in dry goods store 14 to Ifi yeais old. Address Letter B., caro this office, in own hand writing. 15sd3l o Bears the Signature Of ^ Sind Vou Have Always Bougto property and wil Think of Dr. Sboop's Catarrh ure if your nose and throat dis- barges—if your breath is foul or everish. It contains Oil and Eu- alyptus, Thymol, Menthol, etc., ncorporated into an imported, reamlike petrolatum. It soothes, eals, purifies, controls., Call at ur store for free trial box. The N. J, Swetland Drug Co. 0.4k. & If 0 It X -A. . Bean th« >Tto Kind You Have Alwag PocgM Signature cf WABASH RATES ' If you want to go to New York now is the time, the rate is very low, first class tickets and first class service. Homeseekers excursions. One fare plus §2 for the round trip, tickets on sale first and third Tuesday of each month, limited Jor return 21 days from date of sale. W. E. GREASIER, Agent. Itoli on human cured in SO pinnies toy WOOtTOMD'a SASITAKfiiOTlOK* Tills nBVfii 1 RIEO TO KILL AUSTRIA'S HEIR. London, Sept. 16. — According o a dispatch from Budapest to he London Daily Mail, an attempt was made September 16 on the ife of Archduke Francis Ferdinand, the heir presumptive to the throne of Austria-Hungary. As the prince was traveling through Salgo-Tarjan to Vienna on a special railway train, stones were hurled through the windows of his carriage, followed by a shot. The prince was uninjured and the assailant escaped. ™ B K' nl1 You Haw Always Bough! COOKING PEARS AND EATING APPLES. Keifer pears 50 to 80 cents a bushel. Johnothan apples 40 to 60 cents. Grimes Golden 40 to 60 cents. Huntsman's Favorite 40 to 60 cents. Eden Greene phono 578. Before 9 a. m. and after 9 p. *m. d3t MISSING RECORDS FOUND. Carthage, Mo,. Sept. 17.—Three arrests have been made in con nection with the McDonald county public record theft, Charlea Evans, a wealthy abstractor of Pineville and a prominent politician there; Clarence Duval, a well known young-man of that town, and M. F. Brown, it is alleged, directed the officers to an old well where most of the records were found and then told them that the balance of the books were in an abandoned graveyard near Pineville, where it is claimed they were found. All throe of the men accused were born in MeDotuild county and belong to prominent families. Evans gave bond for §3,000, and in default of similar bonds, Brown and Duval are in the county jail at Pineville. Tho reward of SI,000 has been claimed by the officers making the arrest. Excitement over tho arrest runs high in the little McDonald county capital Pain from a Burn Promptly Kelieved \>y Chamberlain's Paiu Balm. A little child of Michael Strauss, of Vernon, Conn., was recently in great pain from a burn on the hand, and as cold applications only increased the inflammation, Mr. Strauss came to Mr. James N. Nichols, a local merchant, for something to stop the pain. Mr. Nichols says: "I advised him to use CHAMBERLAIN'S PAIN BALM, and the first application drew out the inflammation and gave immediate relief. I have used this liniment myself and recommend it very often for outs, burns, strains and lame never known it For sale by . the Drug Co. back, and have to N. disappoint. J. Swetland STILL ATITHE OLD ISTAND E. M. CRELLIN HAS BEEN FITTING SPECTACLES IN CBflLLICOTHE FOB 20 YEARS ROCKEFELLER AGAIN SICK. Cleveland, O., Sept. 17.—Owing to a return cf the attack of indigestion with which he was stricken two weeks ago, and from which he has not fully recovered, John D. Rockefeller is again confined to his home at Korest Hill. He expects to leave Sis Cleveland home during the middle of next month. He will go direct to his country residence at Pocantico Hiils, a short distance :rom New York, where he will remain until March, when he will go to Lakewood for a couple of months. If you like Coffee but dare not drink it, try Dr. Shoop's Health Coffee. It's true that real coffee does disturb the Stomach, Heart and Kidneys: But Dr. Shoop's Health Coffee has not a grain- of j true coffee in it. It is satisfying, wholesome and harmless even to the youngest child. Being made from parched 'grains and malt it forms a food-like drink,yet having the true flavor of Old Java and Mocha Coffee. Sold by P. T. Abell and E. J. Barneyback. ACCEPTS COUNCIL APPROVES EAST GAL- HOUN STREET JOB Property (Owners Ordered to Bring Walks to Grade—Many Putting in Granitoid Walks At its meeting Monday night the city council voted to accept from Contractor Jim E. Meek the paving on East Calhoun street. This action was taken after a careful examination of the paving and curbing. Another step looking toward the further beautifying of East Calhoun was taken in jthe |form o! an order for sidewalks on that street to be brought to grade. Many property owners have not waited for the order of the council, but have voluntarily put in new granitoid walks on the proper grade. The council, Mr. Meek and the property owner's afe making of Cdlhoun an ideal residence street and one on which there will be great demand for property. Adverse circumstances have delayed the work of paving of East and West Calhoun to a considerable extent, but the work is now going forward at a rapid rate on the west end. The prospects were Tuesday morning that the bricklayers would have the block between Cherry and Walnut almost completed by night. WAS A VERY SICK BOY But Oured by Chamberlain's Colic, Cho era and D'.aThota Remedy. "When my boy was two years old-he had a very severe attack ol bowel complaint, but by tho use of CHAMBERLAIN'S COLIC, CHOLERA and DIARRHOEA REMEDY we brought him out all right," says Maggie Hickox, of Midland, Mich, This remedy can be depended upon in the moat severe cases. Even cholera infantum is cured by it. Follow the plain printed directions and a cure certain. For sale by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. SOME CAME TO HEAR BRYAN. In spite of the fact that William J. Bryan had announced at St. Louis that his next appearance in Missouri would be at Kansas City on September 29, some few farmers came to town to hear the Nebraskan Tuesday supposing that the pro visional announcement that he"would speak in Chillicothe on [he ISlh iield-guud. A great-maoy nad called up the CONSTITUTION by 'telephone asking about the date, and had been informed that Bryan would not be here. This information thus disseminat ed reached a large per cent of the farmers and kept them from making the trip hero in vain. Whether Mr. Bryan will be here during the present campaign it- yet to bo determined. If all dyspepsia sufferers knew what Dr. Shoop's Restorative would do for them, Dyspepsia would practically be a disease of the past, Dr. Shoop's Restorative reaches stomach troubles 'ty its direct toqic action upon the inside nerves—the true stomach nerves Stomach distress or weakness, fullness, bloating, belching. We recommend and sell Dr. Snoop's Restorative. The N. J. Swetland Drug Co. BLUES MAY PLAY HERE. The Kansas City Blues, having finished the season in the American association, will start out this week on a barn storming expedition. The Blues will play the various teams through this state and Kansas. A game probably will be matched with the Athle- ics if the required guarantee can >e raised among the merchants of he city. With Bunton in the b^ox and a good catcher with a few ihanges in the line-up of the Ath- etice a good game would be play- id here. Tied down to his desk in the office, While others are free and at Play, Papa fancies ha i s s ; having a van ' cation, While drink? flg Rocky M.oun- _ . 'tain Tea. Swetland drug I loot, Price, 23 cents. For sale ' " The laxative effect of CHAMBERLAIN'S STOMACH and LIVER TABLETS, is so agreeable and so natural you can hardly realize that it is produced by a medicine. These tablets also cure indigestion and biliousness. Price, 25 tents. Samples free at the N. J. Swetland Drue Store. GOOD CLOTHES 6f stylish quality Tieiny well dressed isn't a question of spending a lot of money—it's a question of jfoinsr to tho rifflit store. .Most any .store lias fnirlv #ix«l suits sis far as" thread and cloth itreconcerned- jrettiii!,' distinctive style and ;i real lit is another matter. TUit that's what you yut here at a price von din easily afford, ".hi fact you can't afford not to wear the kind of clothes we sell. The mere rise in your own estimation (and other's.) that our SCHLOSS Clothes jfive you —.that prosperous. well-jfroomeJ look—is the Interest kind of a cash asset to any man. The picture shows one SCLTLOSS style. .Many others costing from— $10 to $25 SEE THEM. (Uii' rii-w stock *->f Winter (tvvr- cuats just In Scmoss _ _ ^ BffiSMBSMB? Newland <j& Dider West Kfiimre We Walk on Stars; So Does Mr. Roy Robinson Who was the finder of the gentleman, who wore the Patriot $4.00 Shoes last Saturday. NEXT SATURDAY, SEPT. 22, We will give away another pan- of $4.00 Patriot* shoes to the one who finds the party wearing a pair of Patriot shoes and brings him to our store. G. D. BRANT & SON UNION PACIFIC EVERYDAY From September 15, to October 31, 1'JOfi Be sure your tickets read over this line. Inquire of H. G. KAILU Ass't. Gen. Freight & Passenger Agent Fidelity Trust Co. BUlg., Kansas City, Mo. TO the West and Northwest AUGUST 27 to OCTOBER 31 CANDIDATES' CARDS The CONSTITUTION prints candidates' cards in any size or quantify. Prices reasonable; work the best. dtf As a dressing for sores, bruises and burns, CHAMBERLAIN'S SALVE is all that can be desired. It is soothing and healing ic its ef- Drug Co, $27.30 $27.30 $14.80 $22.30 $17.30 From Chillicothe, Mo., to Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, Victoria,Vancouver and many other points in the Pacific Northwest. to San Fi-ancisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and hundreds of points in California. to Spokane and other points in the famous '.'Inland Empire" of Eastern Washington. to Salt Lake Citv, Ogden, Butte,.Helena, Anaconda, Missoula, and other Utah and Montana points. to Billings, Mont.,metropplis of a large and prosperous farming and stock-raising region. Vsk me for further information, please. R. B. Jordan, Agent. C., B. &Q- By.

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