Independent from Long Beach, California on April 2, 1963 · Page 9
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 9

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1963
Page 9
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(OM -MALCOLM EPL OACRAMElsrTO -- F i r s t *~ time viewers of a session of'the Senate or Assembly are usually a little shocked. v Even though substantial work may be under way, the floor appears to be a scene of confusion. Legislators move about, conferring with others in the aisles or at desks, and during routine operations they appear to be paying little attention to the presiding officer or the order of business. Hot debates and critical votes occur rather infrequently. A visitor or a visiting group--like the flocks of students who go to the g a l l e r i e s f r o m nearby schools--are lucky to be there at aa exciting time. _ O f course, much of the work of the Legislature is done in committee meetings and just plain bullfests. Observing a committee hearing on an important bill may be a. far more revealing and interesting experience t h a n visiting x chamber gallery- QN MV brief visit to the ^ Capitol this time. I attended a session of the Senate. Some r o u t i n e progress was made through the day's file, but the highlight was a good-natured attempt by the old hands to embarrass a neophyte Senator who had been given the privilege of presiding. He was peppered with requests for rulings on procedure, points cf order and $fp^ SAVAGE WAVES I'OUiM) AT REDOM10 HARBOR'S DOOR Gales lash towering waves over the Federal Breakwater at Redondo" Beach Monday as fishing boats lie at anchor in entrance to harbor, heavily damaged in sea-storm last February. Gusts docked as high as 52 miles an hour whipped spray 60 feet skyward in this b» O:c* Emtr« photo, taken from half-mile away. Savage waves like this 1,500-foot-Iong breaker caused $200,000 damage to the harbor in February. Redondo Beach officials have been in Washington, D.C., the past two weeks asking federal action to strengthen the breakwater. Mental Hospital Scandal Brings Belief, Disbelief By LOU JOBST /opened an investigation cur- A series of alleged scandals ing the weekend. at Fairview State Mental Hos- Then new and even more pilal have left the community s h o c k i n g and the interview with the former] -WE ARE taking no stand. hospital worker, said by the one way or the other," said newspaper to be a woman. He Evett. -Well see what they P i r , v * ft T 5?TM* P e k i n g and sensational s^id, however, that he is con-'have to say andI of Costa Mesa divided and in|charges were leveled by a vinced "something is wrong'they order " a state of shock, anger and Santa Ana newspaper. disbelief. paper said its reporter and something The'out there." "There has to be with all that smoke," he said. · · « · McKENZIE said the Orange wTong they order." Evett identified the new Some seem to believe it is police had interviewed a for- a tempest in a teapot, others'mer hospital attendant who an infamous situation. revealed a series cf ~atroci- The confused controversy ties." erupted Friday with the visit _ to the 2,100-patient hospital] THESE included charges ·that his~own"department wffl by three women officials c^that death records had been'continue the investigation. s t a t e w i d e private mental falsified, that patients were! Earlier Monday, Dr. Hyman Dr. Elmer Galioni. deputy director of the SDMH; Mrs. Doris Trobaug, nursing health organizations. · * · . THE WOMEN found "shocking" conditions in two wards at the hospital, called in police and^ demanded an investigation. Evett and Tucker also rc- fused admission to Wards 33 gang-beaten by attendants Tucker, hospital director, and.**** *· ce °ters of the contro- and that punishment was Robert Evett administrative vers y- ^tere between 120 · ' ' and 140 severely retarded adult patients are kept, -be- patients there already DR. ELMER CAUOX1 Stale's Chief Prober Officials of the State De-Mesa police station. that sort of thing. His bar- partment of Mental Hygiene' 2 Bandits Whip Bar Customers Police Monday searched for two brutal bandits who pistol-whipped patrons of two North Long Beach bars. Total loot was approximately $1,300. At the Kopa Room, 3501 Atlantic Ave., early Monday, the bandits struck Robert A. Talamantes in the head. Dur-. ing the robbery of the nine patrons Just before closing, the robbers constantly threatened to kill anyone who resisted. Both · were a r m e d and masked. The same pair ilto took about $600 from the owner, and two patrons in Charley's,' rassers made every request as complicated as possible. The presiding Senator made no bones about his ignorance. He called frequently upon the Secretary of the Senate, a veteran with all the answers, who would leave his seat for a whispered conference with the Senator and then announced his rulings. Finally some one suggested that the Secretary not be allowed to leave his desk. This brought a laugh, but no compliance. It was all quite entertaining for the press corps and others present who knew what was going on. But the students who thronged the gallery must have been pretty puzzled by it all It would be Interesting to see the reports which, presumably, mast of them wiH be asked to write for their classes telling of their observations at the Capitol. TT IS pleasant to visit Sac- mento in the spring. Far more than at home, one feels the change of the season here. Sacramento is blessed with many trees. Many cf them are deciduous, and at the moment, foliage is just beginning to show. When you visit h e r e (every Califomian should do it) make certain you walk through the Capitol grounds and look o v e r the trees. Each is plainly marked as to species. Many are huge and it's quite an experience for people who like trees. Although this is north. there are palms and citrus trees scattered about. I noticed that s o m e of the orange trees are heavy with fruit, but somebody has obviously picked off aH the oranges that can be reached from the ground. Is that an official harvesting, or is some taxpayer getting a fringe benefit? OACRAMENTO FJkj Club is a big downtown building. I visited the clubrooms and talked to some memberi who are looking forward to visiting L. B. for the upcoming state convention. They aU asked about the L.B. No. SSS building, which they've accurately rated as the best FJks Lodge home in the country. I told thera confidently that it would knock their Jto $23,429,050, a gain of eyes out- out with baseball bats.(assistant to Tucker, met with No report of this purportediThe Independent, but de- interview or the hospital dined to answer charges un-, case was available to The, til they could talk with a sec-l 1 *"'* been disturbed by too Independent at the ~ * ' Costa ond I the team of officials from! mach traffic." State Department arrived in Costa Mesa" and said he had no'knowledge of! Police Chief Art McKenzie.Mental Hygiene which arrived ** TUESDAY. APRIL 2, 1963 --P« 9 , B-t New Lead Boosts Lost-Plane Search The first tangible lead in the aerial search for Sunset Beach airport manager Harry Ross and a pas- SI?!, *¥**. ' senger in his light plane, missing since Wednesday onS *%£* ,£-, O T H E R S WERE more talkative. Rev. L. V. Tomow, a Lutheran minister of 760 Vic- j toria St. and a regular volun- » · teer visitor to Ward S3, said he was ~kind of shocked and puzzled by the charges." "There has to be some truth to . them." he said. "Where there is smoke, there is fire." But he said he couldn't believe conditions were as black as they had been painted and felt much of it was a misunderstanding or ignorance of basic conditions to be found in a mental hospital. · · * . 'I FEEL THEY are exag- It Was Thataivay and Thisaway, But Still No Freeway If your husband tried to take the newly dedicates 2.6-mile Hawthorne link of the San Diego Freewaj home from work Monday night, his dinner may stil be warming on the stove. [ ' ATM mfttnriKtc fnain^ *h*' f~^ · · Ixcstriction Protested by Surfers Area motorists found the scene one of mayhem and m a d n e s s and, amid horn- tooting and fuming tempers, cooled their heels and wheels in one of those classic freeway jams forks back East are always hearing about. REV. L. V. TORXOW 'Charges Exaggerated* - - - rmssing since Wednesday on 1 ^ I4is a night from Utah, was announced Monday night in'schooL" Las Vegas, K '"" '-- ··- -- Tl tat Maj. Prince Bischoff cf the Of ,· 7 ivil Air Patrol said college Of J7,WVfIIYl roths reported to the CAP ^""/'J"' »* Work to Be Stable Gvil youti seeing a plane tirclin? near Alamo, Nev, W e d n e s d a y night seeking a place to land. . . . . SXOW prevented continuation of the plane search Employment at Long Beach 3SOS Atlanuc Ave, a few |M onday but CAP officials minutes earlier In Uiis hold- were planning to start aerial. ^ up patron Walter Horn also searches today c e n t e r i n g 'remain stable during the next He was pistol-whipped. ' · '-* - i-..~ Naval Shipyard is expected to Physically." He said he has seen patients in Ward 33, »H males, over 14, rip their clothing to shreds and refuse to keep garments on. Such patients, he said, often have to go naked. The minister also said he jhad been attacked by a patient ifrora behind on one occasion tad to put him down I he recalls one Harris lo Hear Sentence Soon Superior Court Judge Beach around the Alamo sreal three months. Sen. Thomas attendant "who was a rough Alamo is about 65 air miles H- Kuchel, R-Ca!if, reported S^y but he was gone within north of Las Vegas. W. C Halsey. 43, an electrician from Smithfield, Utah, was a passenger in the plane with Ross at the time the small in Washington Monday. tv £. we * ks -" A small reduction in force "~ resulting from a requirement!? The minister, who has at the hospital since, MRS. CARL ZAMLOCH Defends Hospital Surfers filled the small Seal IT ALL started when Gov. Glenn M. Anderson and local officials announced that Beach City Council audito- a dedication ceremony would r*TM 1 and half the hall outside be held Monday. j Monday night to protest the The ceremony took piace. 01 ^ 11111 " approved by the as scheduled. council last week restricting But the state highway de- the wave riders to a narrow partment--hampered by rain section of the town's beach.--was unable to open sections' Leading the attack was;a of the new link. jyoung surfer who identified The southbound lanes were,himself as Phil Betancourt. opened on time but north-!who suggested Seal Beach iound lanes, the El Segundo.could solve its problem with Boulevard off-ramp and pav-'outsiders. of the board set, by ing near exits weren't yet letting lifeguards decide each completed. day when and where they, * * * * [could ply their sport without MOTHERS picketing near,endangering- swimmers. the La Tijera B o u l e v a r d , Redondo Beach, Manhattan bridges protesting a hazard Beach and Hermosa Beach to children added to the coa-'so!vcd the probleza In ' this fusion. [fashion. Betancourt said. la Scores of calls to po!ice r practice, the surfers are al- and newspapers Monday night ;k)wed the daylight hours be- registered complaints. [fore 10 aja. and after 5 pjn, The highway department he explained. · announced Monday night that official opening of the link is now set for Wednesday. SLV OTHER Seal Beachers protested the law, one call- that 35 per cent of naval ship/* opened, said he found no tions in 'repair work be done in private'' v ^ enc * °' cruelty or brutal- mentally the care of t retarded can be. *«e «» CUrtnce Hams, convicted 1 the June 4 municipal ballot. aircraft refueled .t'yard* has been completed'"* "* tha * «* °ver-all con-| . . . . j This was the advice Monon a flight to|Kuchel said. ^tions in the_hospital "are SAVING SHE didn't believe °* y - rom Mayor Edwln "·' -·- - "" the indictment, she explained Many area motorists, who ing the coundPs attitude made warm friendships dar-l-snooty," and claiming coun- ng Monday's delay with their cilmen favored swimmers 'ellow autoists are planning'over surfers because more to launch the assault again'swimmers patronized the A'cdnesday. Uty's merchants and fed coins to machines that helped pay the salaries of the city fathers. Councilman John Nescher rejoined. *H all surfers were as nice and gentlemanly as | ours, we wouldn't have any \ff\tn / /-»f-»/»fP robIen " The Council voted T IfltZ \_xU [J VIto meet with local surfers to * ~ 'discuss the problem next File your applications this Tuesday night week if you hope to write' . arguments for or against one lor more of the eight proposi- Deadline Near on Harrii liv« in Los Angeles. Bennett Ihed at 1029 Salt Lake St Judge Vasey permitted Harris to remain free on $5000 bail. KL'CHEL complimented the jvery, very good." ·iitnrdjiv r,f \-r.lnnt*r*, r--,-, oiscnoii was ncanened ty «»vvrii.i. compiimcmea ine, sUuSrtw TO ' Qntlr y BM-W new information Monday Navy for having made · the! HE SAID reports of bro^ '-·-'·' 'cutback required by law with- talities and atrocities are a slaughter. A jury found Harris, 21, guilty of slaying James E. Bennctt Jr, also 21, in front of a Long last Jan. 16. night. that at least ,ne-th:rd of the . r ': ho , se offlce , a PP Ilcat ° n * *«» - th . cin _ a!on S '° P"se* out seriously reducing perma- -JTS A GOOD lead be- n «°t employes at any of the severely retarded are so in-!. cin _ aon S ° y ' cometent the have to be o1 - Counotnen are expected smear campaign." competent they have to be spoon-fed. to make the selection of au- Beach cause The Rev. Mr. Tomow said She said patients, in frus- LA IVAJ-.I*-! v.-- j ~. ··*_. »*- '. ,,," _ thors next Tuesday. , , if the plane "was "in'three California naval "sMp^the hospital had a ^errific'traW"^irsc^Tch"thei-i A*^** 1 * ** °* «Pproved «*'* trouble the pilot might try!r»rds: Long Beach, Mare,turnover" cf employes be-; S e!ves and often have to be to follow Highway 93 from' Islan l and San Francisco. Calitnte west," the major r The employment saidl . . . . . . The road drops with other pre-election Subsidence Suit by Navy Is Delayed The Xivy's multimillion- dollar subsidence damage suit trial against Long Beach has been postponed until Oct. I. . Assistant U.S. Atty. Gen. William Gray said that the for the Long Beach shipyard than $300 s month, he said-jirritating and irfectini south f°r the April-June quarter is 1 Another volunteer worker, wounds abruptly and in heavy winds, 6 - oa) to S- 500 . compared to!""- Can Zamlodt. local di- she claimed pa; the situation is a naturaL" 6 ^^ on the payroll last rector cf the Red Cross and a segregated by sex fnn tearing rfl^gM and feg^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ,,,, , ,_,, ,,, ,,, ,, ,,,,, tneu-' ;tttt j m f^i tona w ^ Building Permits Near $9 Million Feb. 28. . ient ! and Ilit-Kmi Car Takes Life of F.FJ. \Yonicin* , .--^--c, ---- -, -(daily volunteer visitor at the and are allowed social con- hospital, said she had never tact only during limited city clerk's office not later ^than April 15. age' of maltreatment in three 'years at the institution. j OTHER WORKERS at I --I can only say nice things hospital said that in A 51-year-old Long Beach'about it," she said. wards patient* will ja widow was killed Monday! . . . . (wanted clothing and Lon» Beach's 1063 buiHintr bnem mntmuM in' when $fl * waf "ruck by a hit THE BALBOA woman said down toilet drains, March^^J?or^l3^2S^^?i5aS^HS- M ^ * ^ TM*~~«* «*«*- the City Building Department reported Monday. Last month'i construction rought the total for the year] per cent over the 513.730,440 In The Patrol [munity of performed volunteer, lems. cf « chllter the defendants. N a m e d akmg with Long Beach as defendants are the state and 38 oil companies. The suit, filed in 1355, seeks reimbursement for alleged subsidence damages at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard. Although x figure it j mentioned in the suit, unof- J ficial Navy estimates place sinkage damage ai high as $54 minion. California Highway, services at the hospital on a] Hospital authorities identified the woman regular basis and she has'that an attendants, known as February, home con- »* Mr*- Nannie Novarese. never heard a single charge psychiatric technicians, nn-j amounted to only 3623 Rct 8 er$ Ave - st ^ was from any of them. Iderso a one-year training 'pronounced dead on arrival- She said howver, that a 1 period and an additional six-! I funds. tideland! Today 1/1 Long Reach 'Lookoul' fifm Free TV- -_t_n .r- · ». ««»iMi IVIULUC »i»u. un liiouLnj oyerzu «uu- The color filn From Look- (Waj 21.4 per cent above the'ation also showed a slight 1 t^Mr* 111 !!!? 1 *V * f |? wn ,Ftbniary figure of $7^09,I55'increase over March 19Q to the public at 2 p^a. Sun- for 2 .001 permits. when the total was $3333..; . AV^ j t~i ,,,^r,r. » «-e ResiSentii l construction set 275 for 2443 permits. Resi-stop after fr=gging the vic-Jfonner director of volunteer AMiel Lodge. AMORC. 2455 the pace with $5,523345 for dential construction in March tim, was described by a wit- services, said she felt the gen- Auantic Ave. There is no^l family unitj inchidingof last year was $2^61.205 ness as a 'II g h t - colored" eral public did not have a ftumissxxi c?iarTe_ Wrt 9rv»r?^i»^f. 'r~- **v» ..^:«. '. ~t.:~i.. N u _ » i « - -- -- «· admission charge. 'across C a r s o n Street at ally by the deformities." j are eliminated. [murrity Church of BeHflowerl; Elaine Avenue whe she war Ann Crosby, new director] Summing cp the difficnl-lat 8 pja. Thursday in the 1 ' ,The auto, which did not of fie hospital school and ties, another employee sail Long Beach Sunset Chib. 1*0 f -T^iere are 2.100 patier.U,W. Sixth St. Mrs Blanche here and the average menUlTrancis win be director. The 550 aparlzieats. ! for 400 units. Vthicle. 'true idea of how trying condi-'protlem." age is 8 yeari. That'* »cantata wta be free to the t, .L; LECTURE -Tropics and Temples'* (illustrated). Dr. Harvey B. Franklin, sponsored by LBCC General Adult Division. T2O p.nL. Jordan High School choral room. 65th Street at Alia .itic Avenue.

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