Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 15, 1976 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Thursday, April 15, 1976
Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Thur^ay, April 15, 1976 F.WErir.VII.I.E, AKKASS.IS ·" Leslie Sutton 1 . · - i '·· '· \ Kossover Quite A Character As Fan/Umpire, Sports Nut H you are a Razoruack baseball alficianario you have probably seen David Kossover in the slands yelling at the umpire one day and behind the plale officiating the ncxl. As fan and umpire, Kossover probably knows as much aboul Arkansas' oaseball learn as anyone, excluding c o a c h Norman DeBriyn. Kossover, a former Arkansas tennis coach and a personal friend of DeBriyn, keeps up ' wiih UA sports lhe way some people watch lhe Dow Jones averages. He kseps I rack of all thc ups and downs and considers sporls as vital to Ihe nalion as the state of the economy. "I love sporls and will always do somelhiiig rclaled In sports." Kossovcr said. Judging from his record his claim is easy to believe. Kossover has officiated in several sports tor over 13 yea-s. In addition lo coaching r"-Miis at the University, Knssovcr recruited for the '·--T-liack basketball lea-ni. For Iwo years Iv?. coached !-- delball at Pine Bluff High . S: "?ol and was the lennis pro . al Pine Bluff's Ihree counlry clubs. In case yon are beginning to think thai Kossover's sporls inleresls are limiled lo '. basketball, tennis and . base'. ball, yon should know lhal he ' also * coached football al : Greenland f o r Ihrce years. ; Currently, Kossover works at : : Midwest Beverage Company, - officiales for Arkansas baseball and basketball and is '· working for a maslers degree " in physic ·! educalion al lhe - Univcrsily. Kossover's love affair with r sporls began al an early age. "I'm probably one of the . l u c k i e s t people around.' K o s s o v e r related. " M y - parents didn't have · the money lo give me a lot of - things but they'd see to it ' thai 1 had the money to go lo a tsnnis tournament or lo a baskelhall game. PRETTY SMALL "1 was prelty small in high school and ! a lot of people - wouldn't give me a chance lo play. But Don Dyer, my ··· coach,' lalkcd Ouachila inlo " giving me a basketball scho- - larship. Bill Vining was my college coach and we finished third in the nation in- I h e NA1A. Henderson jusl broke our mark." (The Reddles were second Ihis year). Kossover also played lour years of lennis ; while al Oua- ctriia and a lol of amaleur tannis afterward. "1 like lhe competition and the challenge of sports." Kossover said. ."I love the pressure. The mere pressure Ihere is. lhe bftter I like it. 'As a coach you pul lhe majority of lhe Pressure on yourself. U's^never bothe-^d Kossover's sports credentials qualify him as a more Irian competent observer of the Arkansas baseball team, and in his opinion coach DeBriyn is a walking example of the things Kossovcr rates as inost important -- hard work, ambition and drive: "Texas has two full-time - assistants and Iwo graduate assistant. Norm does all ths recruiling himself. He writes all lhe lelters. He Just outworks everybody else. ' · D e B r i y n coaches, oi- ficiales, leaches, works wilh · lhe Little League. He probably has less time than anybody .in Ihis town. When people look back al all he has contribuled. Ihey can I be crilical of him. I wish I had his fortitude and desire. "The kids who know him will agree he's as hard on bimselS as he is on the kids. Kossover continued, ne .. a man's man. Arkansas is lucky " h a v e him as Iheir baseball CCad1 ' 'FANTASTIC' Kossover describes this baseball season as 'fantastic. "DeBriyn has got quality kids now who. no mailer what the other-team's pitching, can hit the bail. Nobody's going to dominate us. And the learn s . a good lulure. loo. There Arkansas. We've come From that to one of the fincsl facilities in the country and there's not a more deserving man than Norm DeBriyn. If everybody worked at lus job as hard as he does.-this would be a great world." In Kossover's studied opinion, Ralph Bradbury mid Bill Montgomery are the l\vo keys to the baseball team success: "They're jnsl doing a tremendous Job this year. If only Monlgotnery bad any speed at all! I think they must, use a calendar instead of a slop- svalch lo li«ie him. "Still, he's one of Ihe best bnls Arkansas has ever had. lie's a winner Even Ihough he's a IetUielder, he- did: a great job when they brought him in f\\ first base m t h e SWC C» Sipiup ToW: H o s Get John Stcvvsrl Lly T1H-; ASSOCIATED 1'UUSSt Nur'ris o[ \Vlii1p ninny o[ \\\o Southwest i School.' Ho Conference schools stayed ini points per their own back 'yards lo sign points. O;ik Puck Ilfgh ^ cm-ski nvcnijicxl 17 V me and Moms. 20 schoolboy basketball Baylor went lo Chicago [or a pair of players. Texas Christian lalclicd onto li fool-9 Kicky Ashley of Minera 1 Wells, who scl season and career scoring records. Ashley Texas Tech readied over, itilo New Mexico for two: schoolboys. The* Kod Raiders signed Kent Williams, a y.iurd , . from Hobbs. and Adum Beadle, n G P forward from Las Crimes. Thcv also got Paul ·tttcliards. n Virdon Tqkes To Bullpen, Houston Tops Giants 5-3 lly FllUll IlOiilKNIililiG but the'.strategy remained lhe A l ' ' S u m - I s Writer · I same the past three days, when If Sp'.irky Anderson lias|i[,o Aslros evened Iheir record Hook 1 :" X±r$TM*«!!!. n . * ·*«·"''« lh » *««·*«* ger Hill ;Vii-rioni deserves to be series \vitli the S'an Francisco averaged 20 points and 13 G-8 center who led Hondo lo 2A rebounds per game. regional playoffs with nn avcr- "Like ilmust everybody e!^e age ol '2$ points iiml 15 uo're searching for a big rcliouiids. Williams avcwgcd 22 man." TCU Coach Johnny [mints per game (or Hubbs and Swaim said of liis 225-ionndcr.: Ucadle h«irt a 24.7 point jivcr- "Wc feel thai the signing of aac. Rick is a good start oti our 1976 "Texas ASM Coach Shelby recruiting." \ MelcaK sairl ttie suspension of Wednesday was tlio [irst ];iy|KarL Godinc anil J u r v i s Williams hal schools could sign aUdelesjhas not affected this , year's o national letters of-intent. i sittings. The Aggies arc hoping Southern Methodist Couch to sign 6-3 John Schltcher of ionny Allen said he felt he "got Fort Worth, who was injured in Giants. Virdon used three ililehcrs En each of those, victories, an admiral. Anderson c;inscd his sli'ipcs last year for nircly letting Ilcds pitcher [Enion -·"·.···· ·· --···--·--,· .--=,-v l m l ' h o started. Bui llial was \ decision over lhe Giants, lottiing compared lo Virdon, vliose juggling ael would make Bni'nuni K liailcy proud. - \'irdon pencilled in 17 pilch- he best player in the .vitli a commitment from Phil lale. ,a 6-3 Ail-American guard ' TCU game. He doesn'l give excuses, lie .jusl .wins." ' KEY HIT "Bradburv had the key hil asainsl TCU," said Kojsovcr. "He's been hilling nearly .-100 this season.. Bradbury and .Montgomery are the^ keys. They must hit for us to win. "Jeff Hemm has taken ,to hilling llie ball wilh : more authority, especially : :.since. he's moved to calcher. Last year I ihink that worrying aboul his lielding hurl his batting. Since he's only a sophomore, we're lucky . t o have him for Iwo more years." ·' Continuing his evaluation of the Arkansas baseball sciirad, Kossover holed, "Crockell DuBose is the inspiralional leader of lhe team. Hie one wilh the mosl spirit. . . M i k e Walson comes through wilh clutch hils. I'm proudest of Hank Thompson. He has worked a'lld worked to get a chance lo play. He's starting to hit lhe ball.with authority and consislcncy. Marc Bramble has hit four homers, me on a Iwo-slrike pilch. People put a lol of pressure on him because he s such a greal player but Ihey for°el he's only: a freshman.. Scoll Bull hasn't played base-ball in four years and he s gelling belter and belter. Dees Kossover have any problems separating h i s enthusiasm as an Arkansas f a n ' a n d his role as an urn pire? "1 t h i n k 1 can be [air a n d ' v h " o n e s t , Kos- sever-:.'rep" I j e d, "I've pey-; er felt that any of my calls helped ori°' team. or the other. Sure, I want Arkansas to win but 1 can't cheal for them. - - ' : CALLED OUT "One guy on the learn saw lhal 1 was umpiring one day and he said; 'Well, I guess we've'got il made now. 'Koss is going 1 to call for us/ He ,was called oul on strikss his ''frrsl time al bal.: . . ; . . : ."I'm.part of the old-school, .kill-lhe-nmpire k i n d . p f baseball. That's the way the same was meant lo be played so as a.spectator I sil there and ''. ride^lhe other Isam." . "·· HoW- about 1 , when ies. the guy down Ihere behind me nlale, the target of dozens of ^death^ threals. Doesn t the crowd's heckling ever gel lo '"If (he heckling happens during a play you don_;i_even rotn South Grand Prairie High! well enough lo play. School. Hale caunol sign until Arkansas signed 6-8 John ie finishes lhe baseball season, i Slcwarl o[ Charlcslon. Ark:, Baylor inked l\vp Chicagoianri Coach Eddie Sullon said, area guards -- 6-fool Larry Ka- "We've gol five or six olhers gowski, a graduale of DuPage w!io haven't visited our campus Junior College; and 6-3 Tom yet." , a horseback riding incident last year while on a recruiting .trip to AS-M. It is hoped Schlichcr is Decker Pitches Twins Past Sox After Going Through Lean Year By HETISCHEL NISSGNSON AP Sporls Writer When you only win a game evcrv April or so and you've suffered-lhro:igh lhe kind of 12 months Joe Decker lias, it's tough' to feel sorry for your opposing pitcher just because his infield commits five errors and cosls him the ballgame. . "11 didn't bother me. It's jusl nice lo get a win," Decker said Wednesday after hurling 7 1-3 impressive innings -- two runs five bils, three walks, four strikeouts -- in the Minnesota Twins' 6-2 victory over Wilbur Wood and lhe Chicago While ,ox. Wood yielded eighl hits but all lhe Minnesota runs were nicarncd. Second baseman Jack Brohamer ' and shorlslop Bucky Dcnl commuted Iwo errors apiece while lliird baseman Jorge Orla had one. Meanwhile, Decker blanked ihe Sox until thc eighth whei: iie needed relief help f r o m Bill Campbell. II was the 28-year. old right-hander's first triumph since April 9, 1975. Two weeks later he was felled by a virus Ihat virtually wiped his sea son. Elsewhere / in · the American League, the Texas ; Rangers completed a three-game sweep of thc Oakland A's. 4-2. the Cleveland Indians came from four runs behind lo edge -lhe Boston Red Sox G-5 and the Cal itoruia Angels posted their firs' 1076 triumph by shading tin Kansas City Royals 7-fi. Hangers 4, A's 2 Gaylord Perry to " its third straight triumph over the A's with a six-hitte lasl week when the Astros O5t their, first three games lo Cincinnati, The results changed "I'm not going r lo hesitate m going io the bullpen," said Virdon, ·· ''because o u r - starters have not had enough work yet. When I brhvg in a reliever 1 do KO As'ilh the knowledge thai ho should have bcllcr stuff than Major League Baseball Pilts nl .he man who is coming out." Klscwhere in lhe Nulional L e a g u e , llie Philadelphia Chicago hillic's .iioundcd llie Montreal I New York Expos 8-2. llie Chicago Cubs I i'hiia edged tlie New York Mets (i-SlMonll and llie San Diego Padrcs'Sl. Louis trimmed the Los Angeles Hodgers 3-1. Larry Dieiker lasted six innings for Ihe Astros, which is six more llian his last outing 'iiiiniiiuiiniiH lly T I I K ASSOCIATED PRESS N A T I O N A L LEAGUE Bust 1 : \V : L I'cl GB :i u LOW Razorbaeks Open 3-Game Set Rice Owls Here Friday when lie w-iis shelled by the Reds ami left the game without rclirinfi M butter. llu was backed by KojicM'| M elz^er's run- scoring double UK! LCnos Caber's I1IJI triple. icy hits in the Astros' four-rim second inning. He also had the support of two effcelivL 1 relief Cincinimti San- Diego Atlanta llolisUm Sun Fran Los Allg U .800 -- Z 3 .250. .250 2'A I 1 /. 2 2 1.000 a .609 2 .500 3 .500 · 3 .400 215 ·I .00 0 i s Kcsulls Philadelphia 8. Montreal 2 Chicago (, New York 5 llouslon 5. San Francisco 3 San Diego 3, Los Angeles 1 Only games scheduled lliilr.situy's Games .,- -. . ,, , · , i i St. Ixiuis (McGlolhcn 1-0) at gilchcrs, Larry Hardy and Jose PU , shm . gll (I \ ookcl . ,,.,,) Snsa. · -· ·- - · · - Pliillic.s K, 1'Aims I Philadelphia's Jim Lonborg scallercd six hils, slruck out four and walked three lo pick The Razorback baseballers will be looking io break n Ihrec- gaitio Sou tli west Conf p re ncc losing streak this weekend when Ihey enlertain Ihe Rice Owls at George Cole Field li,oro. The Itazorbacks suffered through a three-game sweep at (tie hands of Baylor in Waco Inst weekend, dropping Uv?ir conference mark lo 8-7 on lhe season. The Razorbacks now sporl a 26-9 record, lhe -niosl wins, ever for : an Arkansas -Head coach Norm DeBi-iyn is' record still sacking his elusive 150lhi ll "' cc Arkansas lost a hard fought 4-2 · exhibition decision lo the Arkansas Travelers Tiiosday night, at Hay Winder Klcld in Little' Rock. The series with Uice beginsj Friday aUcrnooji with a single game at 3 pan, Saturday's ctonblchend/M- will begin at 10:M a.m., so llitil fans can sec some up his first, victory since July 23. 1975. , "For me, it's the beginning of u new carcci 1 ," said Lonborg. . . , baseball as well as I h e Red- White foolball ga-me. which begins at 1 p.m. Rice currcnly occupies sixlh place in lhe league wilh a 9-10 Caller laking two of from Honslon last victory as .. , , _ Ryxorbacks, and- this week nitchcd Texas pp | s ., clianco lo accomplish "' .............. that feal at home. A l t h o u g h Arkansas only , the coach of the" weekend. The Owls were I G - I G collected 14 nils in three games ouldueling Vida Blue. By w i n - ning, lhe Rangers moved inlo first place in llie AL West with a 5-1 record, IVa games ahead of Ihe While Sox and Iwo in fronl of lhe perennial champion A's. Texas look a 2-1 lead in lhe fiflh inning. Roy Howcll sin-| w "no" : hiis"raised his average 60 gled. was sacrificed to sccondl poi , liF in lhe lasl ,5 g amc s. going inlo a douhle- lieadcr agninsl Sum Hquslon Slate this week. Arkansas ranks fifth in the conference.. R A M I R E Z ' H O T Allan Ramirez, llie Owls' Baylor, the Hogs continue. hil impressively for t h c j sensational freshman pitcher. season. Thc learn balling marki oulduelcd_ [M'.oviouslv unbcatcr s a school record pace! -· - led by regulars Ralph . Bradbury (.3701 and a lorrid- j hilling Bill Montgomery ol aurt il i and scored when Jin] Fregosi's Two other Arkansas hitters, hot grounder took a bad hop: j c!f )femm anl , Br ,,, ormsby and caromed ofl Ihirri baseman H ,. o h i Uil , B a t . a .333 c ji p f or Sal Bando s arm for a double. ij !c seas0 n' ' Toby Harrah's single senl Fregosi home. In the sevenlh. Len- . waikcd, moved to sacrifice, took Travelers Win First Game ny Handle second third on a grouncler and scored on a wild pifch Indians G, Red Sox ; Rick Manning doubled to trigger a six-run sixth inning against Ferguson Jenkins that erased a 4-0 Boston lead as the Red Sox pounded Jim Bibby. Manning scored on Duane Kniper's single find one out' bilcr a walk and Bobg Powell's 'single made il 4-2. . Rico Curly doubled a rint| home and, aflor an intentional walk. Jenkins balke'd the lying run across. AUm Ashby 'then delivered "a t\vo-mn siriglo. . . '.. ..Angels 7 f . R u y a l s ' 6 . Edrllcrrmanri homered twice and'drove in four rnris.lo lead lh Augels to Iheir Eirst 1E»76 victory. With Kansas City leading 5^3:- in the eighth Jnning. Dave Collins arid Bruce Bochte nOOI) PITCHING The young A r k a n s a s pilcbing slaff eontinncs lo do a good job with lhe opposing halters, allowing fewer than fhrec la inc. Senior is still lhe earned runs per Warren Hemm leader in lhe victories dcnarl- mcn 1 w'ltl six. fnllowed clnselv by Teddy Asbil] and M a r k JlcClain. hntli "wilh fiv." wins Asb'" ba-- v« 1 1'^ IOFO a same in five decisions, posting an eye-opening 0.99 earned i-ur average. Charlie Garza of Honslon lasl week, aflcr handing Texas Ai\I its only home loss to dale lhe previous week. -Ramirez twirled a Ihrce-hillsi and struck out nine Cougars lo increase bis league-leading s t r i k e o u t figure to 110. Rice swepl a douhlehcadc from Houston Saturday, wilh I o u r - y f; a r track Ictlermat Chuck Hodge belling a grand slam homer for lhe Owls ii ihe first game. This is the firs season of baseball for lhe fiflh year senior, and the home rui was his first ever over a fence, tin tin Tommy Smart - was winning pitcher for Rice, h nislilcap. The Owls were picked t liqish eighth in the conference but could land in lhe first riiyi by -winning tbrir series at Cy. Young Award winner in I!'(i7 with (he Boston Red Sox, who suffered Irom shoulder prob Icins lasl season. Cubs C, Mots 5 . . The Cubs won (heir fourth Iraighl game. which was narked by catcher Handy Hi lley's return to lhe -club. The })ricago 'crowd of 9,307 made Inndley feel welcome with scv ral s laridi ng ovations an d he flowed iiis tipprcciation with y lonble thnL triggered a 'three:un seventh inning. "That tore me up," said Hun- llcy, who was picked up by the Jubs Tucsdjiy after .being re- eased" by Siin Diego. Jose Carrie rial's single, Bill ,'ladlock's (rijile and Jerry ?ilo- rales' -single were the rim-producing hits in the decisive seventh. I\ I c;l s ace Tom ScMver ruin. urert his calf and was forced to lea\ r o (he game in tho sixth with New York leading 5-2. Philadelphia .(Kaal 0-0) Montreal (Fryman 0-1) New York (Mallaek 1-0) at Chicago (Bonliam 1-0) Cinc.imiali CBillingham 1-0) at Atlanta (Nickro 1-0), (n) Only games scheduled * Friday's 'Games ; Los Angeles at Atlanta New York al Piltsburgh, Saii.Krancisco at Cincinnati San Diego at Houston, («) Only games scheduled AMERICAN LEAGUE East- New York Milwaukee Del roil Haltimore Boston Cleveland .·Texas - j Chicago Oakland Minnesota Kan City * Padres 3, Dave Winfield and Hector Torres slammed consecutive loiiie runs in llie second inning and lefl-bantlcr Randy iloncs scattered seven hils to send the ivinlcss Dodgers lo their fourth straight deleal. Jones, who became lhe onlv 20-game Padres Iris- lory lastiseason, slruck'olll five enrnule to his second straight complete game viclory. W 3 2 1 2 2 1 West ..,T 2 : 3 2 1 1 Pet. .750 ,6G7 .500 .400 .400 .333 .667 .500 U'a Hi .333 2'A California 1. J .000 VA Wednesday's Results Minnesota 6, Chicago 2 .Cleveland 6, Boslon 5 California 7, Kansas City 6 Texas 'I, Oakland 2 Only games scheduled Thursday's Games Minnesota (Gollz 0-0) at New York (May 0-0) Chicago (Johnson 0-0) al Bos- Ion (Wise 0-0) California (Ryan 0-1) at Kansas City (Splitlorff 0-1), n Only gamcs scheduled I'VIilay's Games Cleveland at Kansas'City Milwaukc al Texas : Detroit at California . Only games scheduled UA Signs Sprinter Ted Bell . r . Arkansas and Texas Tech. By Tlie Associaled Press walked Amarillo, Arkansas, Lafa Melton yette and Jackson claimed vie-'Then Herrmann unloaded lories as the remodeled Texas second home run o[ the uiglll. a arirl a single by Bill brought .Collins home ] League c r a n k e d ; u p ; son Wednesday night. Organized baseball ' to Amarillo after a year's ab- I sencp and Jim Wilhelm's run- the urnp rcplicrl. scoring single with one out in aseball Sfatisfios shot over lhe righl field fence off reliever Jlarty Pallin. Kansas Cily jumped to a 3-0 lead with a second-inning out'against Frank Tanana Ol ,, _...,._ . . . .singles by Jim Wohlford nuiuy there's no way an j'the nlntb snapped a 5-5 lie enl Georse Brcll. John Mayberry uninire should let it be-lher ' r o u t e lo lhal club's 7-5 nefeat of Hal McRae and Al Cowehs plus h t r - i l l ' s all part of the game, f El Paso. Relief pilcher Dickl an error hv California righl In anv case you always know Bernal loiled thre.e frames and fielder Lee Stanlon. itial on anv call you maks gained lhe decision. nnlv m -"'·"'·"'-' r' lh " neople , Arkansas rallied for Ihrce are going lo be happy." .1 runs in the eighth inring in stepped "in^ a hole aomK after beating Shrevcport 6-3. A walk, a hall fell and missed the . Joe Dcl.°n's double and singles hall That won the gainfi for by Terry Landrum and Mike Stone figured in the outburst. Jimmy Sexton socked a,three-! SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (AP) -run bonier for the losers in thCi--j-] ] e pressure is' still on us." second fram,e. sa [ C | Coach Bob Bass, despite a II Ipoked like anything hut M1 .|n3 triumph which earned o p e n i n g , day as Julio Diilison ^j s San Antonio Spurs 'a 2-1 -\ycnl a full nine innins anil C(] a c n v c r t]ll , Novv Y ork Ncls pitched Lafayette to a 9-J vcr- in (hiir A l n c r t c a n Basketball diet over Jackson. Craig -Barn; Associalim s c m ir i n a i playoffs, j cs went iwo-fnr-four al llie, ,. w have -to win thc next Frank. pi a (c and drove in two runs (or t , C|] Slllu | ny ;· McNeil, 2b Bradbury, 21) iUrmtg. 1Mb .. Hemm, J., c Ormsby/ ss Stephens, .ss . LundquisU 3b Thompson,. rf Sulton, c 13rumble. If DuBose. Ib 14 -I 7 133 24 50 123 27 45 108 20 36 100 22 33 ,20 ,7 6 71 11 20 75 16 21 16 2 '·! 109 15 27 105 11 22 f V - - r fylV Mofc WV6T i\ I ! ·SeiS Forma! The Same Watson, cf Bulgarelli, ph Harper, cf Gatjanis, if Karnbach, If Moran. c-dh Atha. Ib Hemm, W., ph-p 0 ARKANSAS " OPPONENTS 5 8 »1 17 18 31 S li ·1 1. 2 0 1. 0 o - o 0 0 0 0 1067 194 302 .2B:l 1030 10!) 232 .225 ,-avi .500 .370 .366 ,333 .333 .300 .282 .280 250 .248 .209 .205 .'402 .193 .071 ,000 ·000 .000 .000 .000 21). 3b lir (I) rlii sac hl» sl so 0 7 4 1 67-16 4 76 31 2 5 C J 2B 3 15 1!) 0 !) 5 0 22 11 3 33' 7 0 6 6 4 42 15 1 32 15 0 0 0 0 0 0 19 o r o i 0 0 Q .0 II 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 -1 4 Hi 0 25 5 14 1 12 3 9 1 16 1 7 1 19 5 2 (I 3 3 5 3 2 13 1 8 7 1C 0 4 4 11 7 13 0 2 6 14 4 IS 5 7 5 4 16 11 14 0 0 0 0 46 15 19 431 16!) 34 153 64 134 . 25 13 11 314 0425 9838211 ttat' thp winners. Lori; and Ken Arkansas C o a c h Rrnvles said \Vedncsclav- n,-* -··,' -- ·-· - - - - ·· , urosicb "" · , · , ' ,, Perr" homered for Jackson, the format for the Iwo spring Mid | am | left-hander Sieve foolball games ncxl week will n amr ! c |( allowed just five hils. he the same as last year - the fanned II bailers and walked ... in whipping San Antonio 7-1. He was backed by some lusly factor K«sr,ycr s a help to lhe hard work on DeBriyn': part." Another St lS succ,ss is 'the new baseball diamond. Four or five years ago," he recalled, "when you'd bring in a recruil you'd have to take him out of town la the Boslon Mounlains or anywhere other than the baseball fueld. It was thai bad. ·In lhe late '60s, in a game against Southwest Missouri Stale a SMS rishtficldcr Texas League W I, Prl- C,R Bass sciitl aflor Larry Kcnon nourcd in 28 points to pace the Spurs in Wednesday night's 'bird game .of lhe besl-of-seven scries. "If w r c can win at home we don't have to win any more games al New York." The Denver Nuggets, who won lhe regular season championship, t a k e on tbc K c n l n c k y Colonels in Denver tonight thc first game tif I h u i r hesl-of- scvcn s e m i f i n a l scries. The Colonels won 'heir opening round hest-of-tlirce playoffs wilh a 2-1 scries viclory over the Indiana Pacers. San Anlrinio overcame a 53-18 ....dllirnc deficit as Kcnon man women's tennis learn will mcel'r; I f td 'i\ of his points in the sec. Cason. liandaU - AsbiLl. Ted "McClain, Mail; - llcmni, Warren Erwin, Rich HUH, Scott Pfafrenbergor, K Green, Doyle liratlford, Jim ARKANSAS OPPONENTS 1 UALR. In thrs malcb Janan Trimble, Arkansas' number one player who is undcfcaled this season, will m.'iel her strongest opposition in lhe state when she takes on Laura Ann Raxley. Arkansas coach Deb Billings- i Icy rates UALR a e her team's best compctilion in the slale. The Raxorback h a v e US Team Goes To England To 'Defend Marbles Title prrrsjiimGH ( A D -- T h e U.S marbles learn, consisting of five tecnascrs from PEUsbnrfili and a sixlh from West Virginia. will dclcnd its' world marbles Except for Rick Unser, IS, r,f Lawrcncevillc, it's lhe same leam that lasl year upsel England's a d u l t team known as Ibc Toucan Tcrribles. Thc Tcrriblcs perfc"! 5 0 record f o r in-stnte ·matches anrf arc 7-7 overall. Four of the losses have come' in close 5--1 malchcs. On Tuesday lhe Arkansas wnm.'in defcalcd Arkansas TccM 5-fj in a malch played in the indoor facilities at lhe athletic F r i d a y ' s malch aaainsl UALR. which begins al I p.m.. m a r k s lhe women nellers' last borne malcb of lhe season. ond half, while tcammale Mike Gale hit a career high of 22 Thc Spurs ran olf (lie first si\ points aflcr intermission ant outscorcd the Ncls 53-50 in Ibc second half. New York Coach Kevin I.onghery said, "The key to tin game was thc beginning of lb t h i r d quarter, when il look u six shots lo gel a basket. Tha lei San Anlonio come back on L If 0 5 0 5 3 6 2 3 0 3 2 n o 2 1 I 1 26 9 277 9 26 268 PITCHING II It Ell H B S O G S G C ERA 27 "A HI 20',$ l 3 2 7 7 8 5 2 0 0 4 3 23 5 3 5 22 47 20 15 9 39 57 24 16 19 '17 25 11- !l 10 25 31 15 13 23 37 3 1 1 3 1 23 10 8 S 19 20 1'J I I 19 19 252 HI!) 82 98 211 36202.66 302 194 156 158134 36 85.23 o.on O.!l!) 2.21 2.31] 2.J5 2.58 3.011 3.32 6.1SI R E M A I N I N G SCHEDULE Apr. 16 Kicc al Fayelleville. 'i p.m. Apr. 17 liicc at Kaycilovillc (2) 10:30 a.m. Apr. ID Tnlsa at Tulsa (2) Apr. 23 Texas at Austin A])r. 2'! Texas at Austin (2) Apr. 27 Am. Christian at. Fayctlcville (2). I p.i Apr. 3(1 Texas ASM al Fayelleville, 2 p.m. May 1 Texas AM al FayettcviHe (2), 11 a.m. LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Ted ell, a slale' champioi] sprinter dm Little Rock Mills, became ic lirst 1070 track signec of e University of Arkansas 'edncsciuy, officials said. . Hell, the stale C l a s s AA.A hampinn in the spriiits lasl eason. was signed al his home ' r cdncsriay niglit hy head UA ack- Coach Ed Renfrew. Bell jwsted lhe best, limes of .6 in lhe 100-yard dash and 21.6 " i n lhe' 220-yard dash last sin-ing, anrt also won the Meet of Champions 100-yard dash. "Ted has Lhe capabiliUcs of being 'a 'national ^'Cluss\ sprinter," Renfrmv said. "He has proven lliat he can run all Ihe sprinl races Ihrough lhe 440." ····························· The cleanest used car deal in town! mmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm All Are Present NEW R R E M E N . Ohio (AI) -- Paced by leader Larry Dickson, all oE the contending drivers in llie U.S. Auto Club's sprint car point standings this season will race .Sunday al New Bremen Speedway. Dicksoii, from Marietta. Ohio, moved into lhe points lead wilh 88 after winning lasl week al Eldora Speedway. Sheldon Kinser of Bloominglon. Intl.. is rjnning second wilh 79 poinls, Ilrucc Waikup of Sullivan, Ind., Ihird wilh Ii3. WSU Drops Sports DETROIT (AP) -- In a budget culling move, Wayne Slnle: Universily has announced plans (o cllmihalc crew, wrcslling and women's tick! hockey f r o m ils sporls program. Thc decision lo drop the sporls, at least on a temporary j basisj was a result of an acl-, minisLraiivc ordci lo cut §90,000 from lhe operating cost of the Division of Kcallh, Physical ICducalon and Alhlelics. Chalmer CJ. liixson, director of lhe department, .said. (for as long as you own the car) Also,Insure Against Mechanical Defects Buy now and save for years. Good on any used car you purchase retail at Whit Chevrolet during April. Service given every 2,000 miles, including oil. Also, check Whit's mechanically certified cars that qualify for insurance against mechanical defects for 12 months or 12,000 miles. championship Friday in Sussex, had claimed Ihe title/or 10 con- England. Isecutive years. : · . Five of the youths are from! Veteran - members besides the city's 'Lawrenceville soc-i Jarrol are I.arry Kokos, 16, Sutton while the sixth, fiay J?r- san Regan, 11. Jerry Magcrs, rel 16, U from V/hilesville, 115 and Ray Morgann. the W Va. I m a n n! the squad at 13. Call; ; DON L. S U O U I K K 617 N. College ** *flflNEEfch?s Hflilfebwnefs %/LOANS $2,000-$15,000 Service Since 1932 -Get Exl'a Cash Now Consolidate Ocbls 4 Cut Your Payments No Broker Fees Of Potnls PIONEER FINANCE OF OKLAHOMA INC v OUF or IDWI c»it coutci Silaam Sprinjs 918/254-6186 At OliJlionJ Stile fiegolJlell Bstei

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