Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 21, 1973 · Page 15
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 15

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 21, 1973
Page 15
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16 NoitiiwMt Arkansas TIMES, W*d., Nb. 21, 1«73 , ARKANSAS HELEN HELP US Rationing Threat May Help Air By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL ·iniiiiiiiiiBiiBM^^ Dear Helen: I'm not lovelorn, but air-lorn! Smog is doing me in. It may be shortening the l i v e s of almost all who must live and work in big cities. Now, in Los Angeles, they have finally offered a partial solution: gas rationing. If the powers don't vote it down (and they probably will), drivers will be forced to use buses or car pools, thus reducing exhaust fumes by more than half. Gas rationing will work hard ship's, that's sure, but we've gol to start somewhere. Maybe il the people really hurt, they'll vote bonds for rapid transit systems, and learn -- finally -- that private cars aren't the only way to go. : Does anyone else think it's time to force people off the roads? -- Exhausted at 26 Dear Ex: Anyone who suffered through WWII rationing knows it.creates more problems than it solves And it's a gold mine for black marketeers. Consumer Bills Have Something For Everyone By JOHN LENGEL Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) -- The 1973 congressional catalog, o consumer legislation has somi thing for every American fami ly. Measures now under consid eration would expand federa regulation of business and would establish federal stand ards for food additives, tap wa cr and aulo insurance. Most of the bills are repeat of measures that were derailed or killed a year ago. Bills introduced sp far in elude: --No-fault auto insurance providing automatic payment-without a court fight -- for a' reasonable medical expense and lost wages up to $50,000. --Federal guidelines to sim plify wording of warranties an guarantees. --Mandatory repair at auto makers' expense ot all cars o dered recalled for safety d fects. --Federal requirements till; ' food additives must be bene: cial. --Expanded Federal Trac Commission powers to dete mine and halt unfair busine: practices. --Creation of a Consume Protection Agency whose la yers would present the publ 'view before nil federal reg latory agencies. --A requirement that all r dies offered for sale have F as well as AM receivers. --Federal quality standar for drinking water, including grant program to upgrai deficient water supply system --A requirement that bu nesses must furnish to anyone, upon request, documentation for advertising claims. Consumer advocates in both houses have given top priority to the FTC powers, warranty, no-fault, and consumer agency bills. But the treat may speed other lutions. If London and Pitts- rgh can clean u'p their air, ere's hope for other big cities. H. African Nations In UN Have Attained Tremendous Power UNITED NATIONS. N.y. (AP) -- In 10 year'the AW- cans have' attained awesome power in the .United Nations. Their regional group, the big: gest and strongest one here, rams through resolutions on African questions; almost unopposed. ' . Under their influence, the United- Nations has proliferated machinery to push their interests. And it devotes far more time, attention and documentation to those interests than to such basic issues as disarmament. Some Western countries are! disenchanted with this trend. The United States and Britain quit a U.N. committee on. colonialism two years ago because they felt , the Africans and Asians si4ed,tOo much 1 with the Russians. Secretary · of State William P. ^Rogers complained in the Getteral Assembly last year of bloc" voting, an African characteristic. -· Now the Africans are happily getting ready for a landmark holiday. The Organization of A f r i c a n Unity, home-front counterpart of the U.N. African Group, will celebrate its 10th handling, birthday May 25 in Addis " «·-- ' Ababa Ethiopia, where jt was formed and has headquarters. U.N. Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim will be there. His predecessor, U Thant, attended the OAU summit meeting every year. TWO MAIN AIMS The OAU has two main aims: to fight in the United Nations against the remnants of European rule over Africa, and to keep strictly African problems out of the United Nations, in fact domestic or regional It has fended off U.N. consid eration of the 1963 Moroccan- AlgerJa and 1964 Somali-Ethiopian-Kenyan border wars: the 1965 tension between- Rwanda and Burundi; the 1968-71 Nige- rian-Biafran civil war; lasl summer's fighting in Burundi and last fall's expulsion ol Asians from Uganda. The group of black and Medi terranean African countries represents less than a tenth of the world's population but in eludes almost a third of the United Nations' members--4 ear Helen: My husband has an over eveloped chest. He has had lis problem since childhood nd he is so selfconscious he on't take off his loose shirt, ven at the beach. He loves to ay basketball and other sports ut is inhibited because he links people watch him jiggle." A pediatrician said it was baby fat" and would go away. didn't. Another doctor said he lould lose weight. He did, but is chest didn't shrink. His amily is no help. They just augh. This isn't imagination. When ou're kidded all your life you et a complex, and he needs elp badly. Exercise doesn' ! elp -- just adds to the roblem. Do plastic surgeons do reast reduction for men? -- ita )car Rita: Yes, breast reduction for mei s possible -- but expensive. I cures a damaging complex owever, I'd say the operation s well worth the price. Your family doctor will refe ou to a plastic surgeon. -- H LIMITED SALE-HURRY 3 Days Only--Sale Starts 9:30 CASUAL WIG SCOOP SALE FROM WIGS, INC. OF AMERICA We've just purchased the entire stock of the leading Southwest 1 * Wig distributor. Because we must make room for other spring merchandise, this sals, will be limited to three days-Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The "CASUAL" out of 132. ,, ., African countries vote solidly or African proposals with the occasional exceptions of two or three close neighbors of South Africa. Other countries vote for African proposals because they want African votes for their own proposals: because they think the African proposals are right, or because their domestic pressure groups think so. INFLUENTIAL All that makes the African Group the most consistently influential vote-getter around The Africans' numbers far exceed those of other regional groups--Asia's 32, Latin Amer ica's 23. the 21 for Western Eu rope and the old Com monwealth, and Eastern" Eu rope'i W. , · ,j sjr The Africans swnetlmiii; break ranks, especially when- confronted with a new question on which they have not haft ime to nail down a uniform vgfc sition. They divided last faji£ over Waldheim's proposal fog an assembly debate on terroge sm, even though there was* group decision to oppose it, aflff that helped him win. :£ But when united, as they (ft: most always are on their own; questions, they are hard t* beat. r^; .~i~. Thi« TIMES I* TV ~5 Best Buy For Your -ts Advertising Dollars! ";« Dear Helen: I agree with you a lot b u ot when you champion baby octors who think they're comedians. Birth is a sacred trust, nd I don't appreciate a doctor ivho refers to it as "coming own the chute." This may put ome expectant mothers at ase, but it turns me oft ompletely. Let the doctor stick to his irofession of healing and lelivering and, leave the jokes o the night club performer, Mo can get them across vithout offending. I prefer my gynecologist (I'm past the ibstetrician stage) not to be a leavy-handed humorist. -- Not .aughing Dear Not: I'm restraining myself from a quip that would only get me censored. Still say: better humorist .ban... But thanks for your .observations. -- H. Nice and easily styled, this high quality wig is priced most practically at: WORTH MANY TIMES THE PRICE WIG CARE KIT Includes shampoo and conditioner 59c VINYL BAG For use s wig or makeup bag 59c Human Hair WIGLET LIMIT 3 ONLY Dear Helen: A b o u t male impotency. Nothing kills a man's soul like the smash in the face that says, without words, his .wife is no longer Interested in' sex. Let's face it, many women aren't, after they satisfy their girlish curiosity. Their "Let's get it over with" attitude turns a man cold, and then they blame him for inadequacy. A woman who truly enjoys seldom has a man who doesn't. -- Pony Boy Dear Helen: The most potent sex organ In our bodies is the mind. If both husband and wife would practice "The Little Engine Who Could" philosophy, there would be no inpotency. -- J.K. CAPLESS WIGS "9.95) DOME WIGLETS S 9.95 In just 3 more days something beautiful starts happening at PLAZA 2000...we're remodeling to bring you a great new, larger fashion headquarters! don't 'miss the big bargains . . . the remaining stock must go by Saturday night! JUNIOR DRESSES . . . SPORTSWEAR.. . . JEANS and ACCESSORIES REGULARLY 5.98 to 48.00 NO DEALERS-NO REFUNDS-NO LAY-AWAYS · : .Open Monday-Saturday 9:30 a.m.H-5:30 j^.nv'' '' USB YOUR BANKAMERICARD now $P y 10 $ft90 DO L!/AR(S» S A V E R 337 SO. SCHOOL AYE., Fayelleville NORTHWEST ARKANSAS PLAZA 2lt UIU4- WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY '·f* FAYETTEVILLE Seasick motor? LET WARDS MAKE IT SHIP-SHAPE Boating can ba a breeze --without soilil Let our trained technicians give your Sea Kins* outboard a tune-up. 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