The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 6, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 6, 1920
Page 4
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THE DAILY fREE PRESS — Chesterfield ...... right balance of costly Turkish and JL Domestic tobaccos, proportioned by experts—that's why'Chesterfields "satisfy!" Every puC brings you the full, rich flavor of genuine Turkish tobacco and the lively relish of choice Domestic leaf. And the blend—the manufacturer's private formula— cannot be copied. } Every package enclosed in glassinc, moisture-proof paper. . /» . t/&&tuc.&o Co? 'tne mall-prQei' man 'that Tie-wouifl lite to have a little of 'his business or a chance to do. a little carpenter work or painting or plumbing work-for him, as long as he is buying nis goods from him, for' the mail-order man hasn't any business or any work to give him. But the picture is a pretty one, so Mr. Consumer digs out his hard-earned cash, goes down to the postofflce, buys a money-order and sends it to the mail- order man. ' After a week or ten days, or possibly two weeks, the suit arrives. It may be nothing like the picture. The cloth may be of poor qualityX The chances are that It doesn't fit at all. Tut there is nothing for Mr, Consumer to do] but put the suit on and wear it. He^ can't get his money back. He might send the suit back and the mail-order man might send another-in Its place, but- the chances are that It wouldn't be any better than the first and Mr. Consumer would only be out the additional express charges. ' • : Found Golden Rule Pays.' ( Mr. Consumer found that it pays to remember the Golden .Rule -in business. If he had done unto-the merchant as he would like the merchant'tq_do unto him, more for his money and hie /would have aided in making it possible for the merchant to help him and his town when they needed help. The world has discovered that the. Golden Rule is not for use only on Sundays, but that it is value on every day of the week. ' . HELD FOR ARMY GOODS THEFT NEGLECTING THAT COLD OR COUGH? Why, when Dr. King's New "Discovery. »o promptly / checks, it TT*S natural you don't want to be I careless and let that old cold or •*• cough drag on or that-new at- . ta'ck develop seriously. Not when you can get,such\a proved^ successful remedy as Dr. Bang's New pls- . covery. .. Cold, cbugK. grippe, croup floes not resist tfita standard reliever rery long. Its quality la as high today as^t always has .been—and lt*"«en trowing steifllljMn popularity for- more than \flfty years. 60c. and- $1.20 .a bottle at all druf- glsta a trial. Constipated? Here'sRelief Not that often hannfnV always violent and temporary help that comes from harsh purgatives, but the comfortable, kratlfylng, corrective' regulation of stubborn bowels so pronounc%d In Dr. King's New Life Pills. ;,..., Tonic In action, they promote free bile flow, stir up the lazy, thoroughly but gently cleanse thasye- tenrof waste matter'and fermenting foods, and S lve you keenzest for hard work and healthful recreation. All druggists—26c., LAURA E. SWARTZ O8TEOPATH4C PHYWCIAN Chronic CMmaaea. a Specialty Offlc* In L»ud«r-Nlchc!« Bid*. W. W.HAMILTON Coal and Ice , MACKEY COAL OFFICE Phon* 204 ECONOMY COAL YARD t. B. WOODS, PROP. : Waahad Nut, En and Lump j Phone 149 K. HENRY BAIN TRANSFER GET OUR PRICE* Phone 342 K , Federal Officials at Brooklyn Charge Civilians and Soldiers With Stealing. New York, Feb. H.—Six civilians and seven soldiers were arrested in n Harlem storage warehouse, where army bflicials and secret service agents recovered goods valued at $200,000,. alleged to hnve been stolen from the nrmy supply bnse. South Brooklyn. According to the federal officials the material was. stolen in truckloads after It hnd been : dispatched from the Bush terminal. Brooklyn^tO Cjjmp Mprrltt. on n frmiilnlent order,, flic fruc'Rs he- ing ilriv'pn to HIP Harlem warehouse instead of to the cump. U. S. BOARD SELLS 163 SHIPS Returns Up to January 20 $82,424,408 According to Report—Score of Concerns Buy. /.'' Washington'. Fell. (5.—Ships 'snld by .the shipping board .Tainmry 20 brought SS2.424.40S, -.according 'to re- .ports completed by the board.. A total of 163 vessels of 610,684 deadweight tons were disposed of to more than a score of companies. H. Q. HALL & CO. FEED, COAL AND POULTRY SUPPLIES Phone 233 W. A. BRANDON, M. D. GENERAL PRACTICE AND THK EYE. Eye* Tested * ' Glaaaaa *1tte4 Virginia Bldg. earbondal*. IH, Get Into the Tire Business -IN CARBONDALE, ILL DR. J. W. BARROW NEW HAMILTON BUILDING Haura t to 11 A. M. and 2 to I F. .. PHONK SS F.L.LES T GLE t M.D. General Practtoa •paclal attention to Eya, Ear, a*4 Threat cuaaaa* Pitta* Phone*: Residence 830-2, Onto* ttt-t Virginia Building The By VICTOR ROUSSEAU GOLDEN RULE HAS PLACE IN TRADE Has Been Found to Be Good Business Policy Both for Buyer and'Seller. A story that grips the imagination and holds the reader spellbound with awe over' the possibility that the silent and mysterious depths hold just such a horde of strange creatures as the author has conceived, that might j some day rise from the coral caverns of the ocean floor and overrun the earth. A remarkably thrilling tale that vies with the imaginary fiction of Jules Verne, Rudyard Kipling and H. G. Wells. Don't fail to read it! OBLIGATION NOT ONE-SIDED Our Coming You'll find the first 1 installment in an' early issue of this paper. \. Consumer Gains As Much By Being Fair With Merchant As Latter Does By Being 'Square and Honest. (Copyright.) , Some cynical persons have remarked that the Golden Rule.-has no place in business. They have taken the position that instead of doing unto others 'is you would have them /lo unto you, :he only safe and sane plan is to do >thers before they have a chance to do yon. Fortunately for business and for the world at large, however, these persons are few and far between. The great majority of people are honest. It has been proven repeatedly that even in business it pays to practice the Golden Rule, just us it has been pi'ov- eh repeatedly that-"honesty is the best policy." It not only makes a man feel better down in his heart when he employs the principle of the Golden Rule, but he finds that it is good business. This applies not only to the man who stands behind the counter and gives a full pound of sugar to the man who asks 1 for a pound, but also to the man who stands on the other-side of the counter and pays his .money for the pound of sugar. Does Consumer Do His Part? The consumer expects the merchant to be honest and square and give him his mdne.s'SvWortlrfpr: every penny that te_Bp_ends with him, _but how of Jen does tte "consumer stop and ask "himself the question, "Am I being as fair and honest with the merchant as.he is being with me?" The consumer not only expects the merchant to give him honest weight and full measure' at the lowest possible price, but he expects a world of other things at the same time. Nine times out of ten he expects the merchant to give him credit, and nine times out of ten the merchant does It. Many times he expects the merchant to "carry" him for three or four months before he pays for what he buys, and as many times the merchant does it. He expects the merchant to pay for advertising space In the church program which he is getting tip, and the merchant does it. He expects the merchant to "kick in" most" liberally when he is raising a fund for the benefit'of the town band, and the merchant does it; He expects the merchant to provide the bonus which is to be paid to obtain a new factory which will benefit the working man, the clerk and everybody else in the town, and the merchant does it. ' He expects the merchant to "conic across" with a donation to help the poor family which otherwise would become a charge upon the common funds of the community and the merchant Joes. - Another-Side to Picture. Kow, look on thr- other side of th picture.' M-r. Consumer decides that he ni-ods is r.-.-.v .-n,it dl' chillies, 'or jlrs. Consumer d»ciiic.3 that she wants ,;i new kiichen r:m;:r, i>r f.uiae of ttid little Consumers express' a di'&iru for a u-iiin of cars nr a bobsled, ifr. Con- -sumer picks up ii:o big iiK'.ii-orfier •catalogue which the mail-order house has printed with his money or that of .others like him, and he looks it ever until, he finds u picture that strikes his eye. It'.=-- a picture of a "nifty" looking suit of -clothes. Of course, he can't feel th'e picture to see whether the cloth is as good as it looks; he can't look the mail-order maiy-in the eye and ask him whether he will guarantee it to wear for at least a month or six weeks; be can't tell the mail-order man that he will drop- in the first of the month jmd settle for it; he .can't tell 1 Agency, to'.Let Direct Factory Distributor's Proposition! Giving exclusive, -right, of sales agency, for which we make no charge, 'to -right party who will bpen a small exclusive tire store or install',a tire-department in store alreadv established. . Our present .factory distributing agents archieing a big business and ordering more tires daily. .Their customers are corning back for "Parkers" all' around, and they are also recpmmendjng Parker Super-Size Cord Tires to their friends. Our factory production is being increased to supply : more agencies. .First coupon maije'd gets first information on agency proposition. HAMILTON & BRADLEY Attorney* it Low Phon* 2K K Suit* 112-11B New Hamilton Building DELIA CALDWELJ,, M. D. McANALLY BINLDINCI • 211 West Main 8t«»i Dfflci Hour*— « to lu M. i4.; 2 to 4 P. •. KITCHEN Home Made Candle* and Ic« Telephone »44 Y \ \ ,4' Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets Get at the Cause and Remove It Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the substitute for caloine!., act gently on the bowels and positively do the \vcr!c. People afflicted with bed breath find quick relief through tr.idnr - .-!»:n. Dr. Edwards' O!hx- '•-•• •-:.- are a vegetable compound ];•• •• ith olive oil. They act.gently iuv in..:Ly on'the bowels and liver, stimulating them to natural action, clearing the blood, and purifying the entire system. They do that which calomel does, without any of the bad after effects. Take one or two every night for a week and note tht pleasing: effect. % 10c and 25c a box. CHURCH UNIOIN PLAN TOPIS' Delegates of Many Denomination* Take Up Subject at Conference . in Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Feb. 5. —General discussion of one of the plans for the- prpposed organic union of 22 national church- bodies' hegan at the conference- of"delegates from'many evangelical denominations. As presented at the•opening session this plan provides for a visible organization .to be created and:known as the "United Churches of Christ in 1 America." Among the denominations' rppresented at the conference are. the Methodist, Baptist.'Congregational. Disciples': Episcopal^ Primitive Mcthcdist. Moravian. Presbyterian, Ito1'i>rtni-cl. Reformed' Episcopal. Dniteil Pivshytpvinn. Un'lcd Tlreth- ren. ' Welsh Presbyterian. Christian' church, Christian Union of the United Statns tiniV-tho Armonjan church. ' Mail. Coupon Below Today! I El EQ ES SH K S3 E3 ii£ !SS 2E H2 52 £3 E 'COU PON ' ' . ' THE PARKER TIRE &. RUBBER CO., ' (Factories) Indianapolis, Ind. Gentlemen: — , . -Without any obligation on my pnrt whatsoever,' please send particulars.concerning permanent exclusive righi of sales agency sition on Parker Super-size Cord Tires. me full 'propo- Occupation B B D K I Stall —:. HITS PLAN "TO. AID KAISER : Berlin Paper Attacks Bill* as Move in ; Beiiaif of "Man Who Ruined - ' Germany." Berlin. Feb. fi.—KiTorts to keep-in-f : ' tru't (ho forluiK? of former Emperor;-. William nro rnnclejnnoil in a long edi-i:. torinl printed by Vorwaerts. Theft., newspaper says this movement is iii:': lie-hair of "a man \vh& ruined Ger« ninny." . ';£'.. "The' bill now before the Prussian?; diet represents a masterpiece oftoltfi Prussian efficiency," says the .editorial^-.-, "for the' financial status -of. Count; Hohenzollern is placed on .the basis of,; j his right to property, while nothing is,« said as, to his 'guilt or the politic situation. It is perhaps, well to member that the national constitutJoB 1 gives tho government the right seize private fortimes.." ' . . "4

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