Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 60
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 60

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 60
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M-Jj-llLtAJUMM (I'M). tWJ bttlli. Cjlit., lliuri., i«rtn II, l»i TeleVues Something for ever one tonight By BOB MARTIN TV-Radio Editor Television o(fcrs a little s o m e t h i n g f o r n e a r l y everyone tonight -- as it (iocs(|nile often. Sports? There's t h e UCIA-I'epperdme basketball playoffs game al 9 on Channel 13, to be followed hy the taped Ncvnda Las Vegas-Arizona contest. Variety? Mac Davis is back with a new NBC series, "The Mac Davis -Show," from 8 lo fl on Channel ·!. II replaces Hie canceled "The Cop and Ihc Kid" and "Grady." Movie? NBC presents an encore s h o w i n g of l!W2's '"Hie Candidate," with Robert Rcdford in the role of an idealistic young legal-aid lawyer who is selected as a dark-horse candidate for Ihc Senate. It starts at 9 on Channel 4. Drama? Eugene O'Neill's "A Moon f o r the Misbegotten," s t a r r i n g Jason Robards, Colleen Dewhurst and Ed Flanders, gets a repeal airing from D to 11:30 on Channel 28 Music? Aaron Copland conducts the Los Angeles BEDFORD ROBARDS DEWHURST DAVIS Philharmonic in his own compositions, with Benny Goodman as guest soloist, on Ihe "Music in America" scries from 8 to 9 on Channel 28. Talk shows? As usual, there's the Merv Griffin show from 9 to 10:3(1 on Channel ll and the Johnny Carson show from 11:30 to 1 on ChanncM. All this, plus the regular network situation-comedy and dramatic series -some now, some in reruns -- and a wide selection of news programs, not to m e n t i o n Channel l l ' s e v e n i n g soap opera, "Mary llartman, M a r y Hartman," and old movies and old TV series on Ihe v a r i o u s independent s t a - tions Not that there might not be belter things to do than w a t c h television, but I have lo wonder why we complain so much about the lube. You've gol lo admit it's hard lo beat the price. TONIGHT'S episode of "Harry 0," on Channel 7 at 10, is Ihc pilot for a possible s p i n o f f series teaming y o u n g criminolo- gisl Lester Hodges (played by Les Lannom) and his college m e n t o r , D r . Crcighlon Fong (played by Keyc Luke). L a n n o m has had a r e c u r r i n g role in Ihe series, which stars David Janssen. J a n s s c n , incidentally, has been set lo star with KBSEN GOODMAN Don Meredith in Ihc two- hour TV movie "Mayday: lO.OOfl Feet!", w h i c h Warner Bros, will produce for CBS. The story, based on A u s t i n Ferguson's "Jets t r e a m , " i n v o l v e s a prisoner being flown from Sail Lake City to Chicago on a 727 jel in a snowstorm, Trying lo escape, the prisoner shoots and damages the plane. Jansscn will play the chief pilot and Meredith the fliglil engineer. Others in the film will include R a y M i l l a n d , N e v i l l e Brand and Shani Wallis. BUDDY EBSEN, as Ihe tille characler in CBS' "Barnaby Jones," plays his first dual role in four seasons of the series in Ihis evening's episode, from 10 to 11 on Channel 2. Veteran p r i v a t e eye Bamaby is prevailed upon lo pose as the eccentric adventurer-brother of a millionaire (guesl star Denver Pyle) who is the target of assassins. E K R E M ZIMBALIST JR., who starred for years on TV as a crime fighter in "77 Sunset Strip" and "The FBI," is going lo try his hand at comedy. He'll s t a r in "Second Time Around," a half-hour comedy p i l o t lo be produced for NBC by Universal Studios. The show is based on a British scries of the same Mile about a man who falls in love with a much younger woman. KEN JONES, who had been sharing news-anchorman duties with Chuck Rowe on C h a n n e l II (KTTV), has been dropped in an economy move. C h a n n e l 11 used to present an hour-long news program al 10 p.m. ft now has 30-mimite news programs at 10:30 and 11:30, before and after "Mary Harlman," which began airing in January. MAC DAVIS SHOW, 8 p.m., Ch. 4. Singer-songwriter Davis returns with a new variety series -- his third -on NBC; his guests for the opener arc Dean Martin, Tina Turner and Anson Williams. COPLAND CONDUCTS COPLAND, 8 p.m., Ch. 28. Composer Aaron Copland leads Ihe Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra in a selection of his own works; jazz clarinetist Benny Goodman is featured soloist. UCLA-PEPPERDINE BASKETBALL, 0 p.m., Ch. 13. NCAA Western Regional Tournament game at Pau- Icy Pavilion is televised live; the Nevada Las Vegas- Arizona game, taped earlier, will follow. MOVIE: "The Candidate," 9 p.m., Ch. ·!. Robert Redford stars in 1972 drama about an idealistic candidate for the Senate; a repeal. XLON ..... XSPC ....... KXLU ....... KSUL ....... KPFK ....... KUSC ....... KFAC ....... KNX ........ KPOL ....... KTBT ..... KMET M.P Ul 8J.1 M.I K.I II. S W.3 93.1 "9 KDUO KNOB . KJOI.... KFOX . KRTH . KUTE .. KHS .... HOST... KBIG ... KXTZ... KBCA... in. W.» . III. .100.! .1W.1 . 101.? .ia.t . 133.5 . 1 W O .If 3 .ie.1. R.-A.TDIO KABC.. 790 KM... WO KGI1...1260 KUC.. 570 K«A . . 1110 KALI...100 KFOX.. 1280 KC*B.. 900 KWC.. 710 KHM.. 1WO KBRI . 740 KFWB . 980 KKI ... 930 K N X . . . 1070 KWIZ.. 1480 liOO ROSS. 1050 KKA* ..1270 KOGO. 600 KWKW }3CO 1580 KGCR 1390 K I E V . . . 870 KPOt .. IS«0 KWOW 1600 I1VO K G F J . . 1230 X M S . . . . I I W K R E 1 . . 1 3 7 0 X P 8 S . . 1 0 9 0 1330 X T R A . . 690 l l l l l l l l K l l l l l l l l i m i l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l M I I I M I I I I I I I I I I I I l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l 'Women of Year' show Petula Clark, the 5th Dimension and Kate Smith minute program, which will honor 10 women of SCOTTISH RITE CALENDAR So; ing Class FRI., MAR. 19 8:00 P.M. 20° (Refreshments) SOJOURNFRS WELCOME!.."-;-, LONG BEACH SCOTTISH RITE BODIES »thandELM will be the performing achievement for their con- guest stars at the 4th tributions to A m e r i c a n annual "Women of the life. Year" awards to be color- . cast from New York Cily April 8 on NBC. Barbara Walters, cohost of NBC's Today, will host (he 90- Wliy is Tareyton better? Others remove. Tareyton improves. K ^ j S i e 21 n] 'IM". Mnu) italic. K)0a? ?0rcg "tir.M n] r»cil "_.« pel [ : ji'Mle. IIC l'ir:n Kci. K. HCharcoal is why. While plain white filters reduce tar and nicotine, they also remove taste. But Tareyton has a two-part filter--a white tip on the outside, activated charcoal inside.Tar and nicotine are reduced.. .but the taste is actually improved by charcoal filtration--which is used to freshen air, to make water and other beverages taste better, too. Tareyton is America^ best -selling charcoal f i l l e r ci Waining: The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health. KNXJ KNBC KTIA KABC KHJ Channel 2 Channel 4 Chonrwl 5 Channel 7 Channel 9 LOG- KTTV Channel II KCOP Channel 13 KWHY Channol 22 KCET Channel 28 KHOF Channel 30 KMEX Channol 34 KLXA Channe KBSA Choni KOCE Channe KBSC Channe KV5T Channe 40 46 50 52 68 THURSDAY, MARCH 18, 1976 * PAID ADVERTISEMENT 1 Hollywood Squares An l indienles B/W. Other shows in color. ' Days This iH-wspujhT assumes mi ri'siWKisiltilily ftir lasl- mimilr prn^rain i-lian^i's by tu'lworks nr stalkcm*. ·I Knowledge. f-cgacy of the American Revolution. (1:00 A.M. 2 Sunrise Semester 7 Connie's Clothing Comer 1) Woman's Touch I I University of the Air ti:Z5 ·1 Not for Women Only 6:30 2 New Perspective on Alcoholism 5 Earth I«nb 7 Michael Jnckson !) Mcel the Mayors 11 'My Favorite Martian 13 Ciiimhy 28 Misler Rogers ·I Ncwservice 7:00 A.M. 2 News, Hughes Rndd ·1 Todav r 700 Club 7 Good Morning America 3 Youth the Issues 11 Porky Pig IS Quick Draw McGraw 22 Market Opening 28 Sesame Street 7:30 H Romper Room 11 Bugs and Buddies 13 Popeyc 22 Market Update 8:00 A.M. 2 Captain Kangaroo !) Davey Goliath II Flinlstoncs 13 Hercules 22 New York Exchange 28 Carrascolendas 5 Manna--Religion fl .lack I I Yogi and Friends 13 Comer I'vle 22 Commodity Line 28 Sesame Streel 9:00 A.M. 2 Pricels Right ·I Celebrity Sweepstakes 5 Gallery 7 A.M. Ixis Angeles fl Tommy Hawkins Show 11 I 1/ove Uicy 13 i Dream of Jeannie 22 Market Update 50 Robert MacNeil Report 9:30 4 Hiqh Rollers 5 'Movie: "Jackpot," Wni. Hartnell, Hetty McDowell (Mystery '62) II Green Acres 13 Sam Yortv Show 22 Business Today ·SO The Word SO Connie's Corner 10:00 A.M. 2 Gambil ·1 Wheel of Fortune 11 Hogan's Heroes 22 New York F.xchange 40 One Wav Game 10:30 2 Love of Life 7 Happv Da 11 Thai Girl ' H Gomcr I'vle 22 Mnrkcl Uixlale ·10 Praise the 1/ird Club 2 News, Dntic Edwards ll:OOA.M. 2 Young Restless ·t Marble Machine 5 'Movie: "Cleopatra," Clnudelte Colbert, Henry Wilcoxcn, Warren Williams C34) 7 Rhyniei Reason 9 Movie: "The Gazebo," Glenn Ford. Debbie Reynolds ('«)) 1! News, Terry Mayo 13 Nanny the Professor 22 New York F,xchange 28 Electric Company 11:30 2 Search for Tomorrow ·I Take My Advice 7 The Neighbors I I Lei's Rap 13 Bill Cosby Show 22 Market Coverage 28 Japanese Gardens 11:55 1 News, Edwin Newman NOON 2 Noonlime, Machndo 1 To Tell the Truth 7 Edge of Night 11 'Movie: " Days of Dolwyn." Edith Evans, Emlyn Williams 13 I Dream of Jeannie 22 Concepts of Commodity 28 Masterpiece Theatre: Upstairs Downstairs SO Sesame Streel 12:30 2 As the World Turns ·1 Days of Our Lives 7 All My Children 13 Courtship of Kddie's Father 22 Options HI Barry McGuire 1:00 P.M. 5 'Movie: "Phantom President," George M. Cohan, Claudelte Colbert, Jimmy Durante C32) 7 Ryan's Hope !) News, Steve Fox 13 Major Adams 22 Market Hosing ·10 Tree of Life 1:30 2 Guiding Light 4 Doctors 7 Lei's Make a Deal 0 The Uicy Show 22 Charting the Market ·10 Bread of Life 2:00 P.M. 2 All in the Family 4 Another World 7 The $20,000 Pyramid 9 Beverlv Hillbillies 13 News. Hugh Williams W Wonder of Ihc Word SO Adams Chronicles 2:20 11 Ben Hunter Interviews 2:50 2 Match Game 5 News, Uirry McCormick 7 One Life lo Live fl Movie: "Project Moonbasc," Durmn Martcll Havden Rorkc 11 'Laurel Hardy IS Gel Smart 28 What's Cooking? 34 La Gala 40 Brand New Day 3:00 P.M. 2Taltlclnles 4 Somerset 5 Please Dnn'l Eat Ihe Daisies 7 General Hospital 11 Mickey Mouse Club IS 1 Dream of Jeannie 28 I.ilias, Yoga 4 You (R) 40 Praise the Lord Club 5fl Focus Orange Co. 3:30 2 Dinah! Gucsls: Rod McKucn, Petula Clark, Carol Wayne. Norm Crosby, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Deadly Night Shade ·I Mike Douglas Show. Guests: comedian David Steinberg; singers The Three Degrees; authors Frank DC Felitla, Ralph Grossi. 5 '0/7.ic Harriet 7 Movie: "Climb An Angry Mountain," Fcss Parker, Stella Stevens II l/s( in Space 13 'The Ministers i!0 Praise (he 1/ord Club 31 .lugando con Juan Pimlero 50 Mister Rogers 4-.OOP.M. 5 'Father Knows Best 9 Rin Tin Tin 11 Yogi and Friends 13 Oilligan's Island 22 Nino 28 Mister Rogers Jl Una Muchaclia Uaniada Milagros .W Sesame Street 52 'My Little Margie 1:30 5 'Rick Van Dyke Show 9 'The (/MIC Ranger II Bugs and His Buddies 13 McHale's Navy 28 Sesame Street 52 Rocky and His Friends 5:00 P.M. 2 News, Pat Emory 1 News, Jess Marlow 5 Big Valley 7 News, bind/Henry 0 »M:lvcrick I I Flinlslones IS Get Sniart 22 Huggie Boy Show 34 Ixiltnperrlonabtc 40 Backyard 50 Electric Company 52 *Thrcc Stooges 5:30 11 Bewitched 13 'Three Stooges 28 Electric Company 30 Film 3-1 Mundode Jnguete 40 Behind the Scenes 50 Carrascolcndas 52 Underdog 6:00 P.M. 2 News, BoniiAIill 4 News, Paul Moyer 5 Bonanza 7 News, Dunphy/ Ifambrick 0 Ironside 11 Partridge Family 13 Adam 12 22 Rosario 28 What Do You Expect? 30 Woman-All That I Am 30 News, Roberto Cruz 40 News 50 California Journal 52 'Little Rascals f:30 11 Andy Griffith Show 28 Open Math 30 Free for All ·10 Bread of Life 50 Dimensions in Cultures 7:00 P.M. 2 News, Walter Crnnkile 1 News, John Chancellor 5 liowling for Dollars 7 News, Harry Keasoncr fl Concentration I I M Ixivc Lucy 1.1 The FBI 22 Manuela 28 Black Journal 30 Living Word 31 El Mifagro dc Vivir 40 Tree of Lite 50 Connie's Clothing 52 'Addams Family 7:30 2 I jst of Ihc Wild 4 The Price Is Right 5 lxvc American Style 7 World of the Sea !) Celebrity Bowling 11 Brady Bunch 28 The Way It Was. "Swans vs. Nashua -- Aug. Si, 1955" 30 Ernest Angley Hour 40 Wonder of the Word 50 Magic of Oil Painting 8:00 P.M. 2 Tlie Waltons. With the approach of the 25th reunion of John Walton's high school class, the father and eldesl son match the Great Depression with their own personal depressions. (R) ^ NEW MAC DAVIS SHOW * Witti Dean Martin, Tina Turner, Anson "Haw Days" Williams Bicentennial theme 5 Movie: "King of (he Khybcr Rifles," Tyrone Power. Michael Rcnnie, Terry Moore C54) 7 Welcome Back Kolter. Kotter tries to find out which boy in his class is responsible for Ihe pregnancy of one of the girls who refuses to identify the father. (R) . 9 Movie: "Ask Any Girl," Shirley Macl-aine. David Niven 11 My Three Sons 13 Mod Squad 22Noticcntnt22 2S Oopeland conducts Copeland. Benny Goodman featured with I..A. Philharmonic 34 Noches Tapatias 40 Hour of Power 50 California Issues 52 Konna Otnko dc Yokattsutara (8:05) 8:30 7 Barney Miller. Fish must decide between an operation or a lifetime of sitting on a rubber pillow. I I Cross-Wits 30 Shekinah Fellowship 3-1 Exitos 50 Mosaic 9:00 P.M. 2 Hawaii Five-0. Someone, somewhere ir Haw.tii, is plotting to shoot down an airplane utilizing a Russian- made surface-to-air missile. McGarrett must come up with sonic immediate answers. (R) 4 Movie: "The Candidate." Robert Rcdford stars as a lawyer who challenges a veteran politician tor a U.S. Senate seal. Melvyn Douglas, Peter Boyle co-slar 7 RUNAWAY'S JEOPARDY *ONSTSOFSANFRAN Stone and Keller try to track down a sniper who has been preying on random victims, but the two have problems when a new police captain wants to asc different tactics. (R) 11 Bea Arttiw, Lsuis Hire A- (JayneMeadwrsJoin 12:30 5 Maybcrry R.F.D. 1:00 A.M. 4 Tomorrow. Subject: The political Washington, D.C. 5 'Gene Autr 1: 2 News 5 News Headlines utry 1:30 Mcrv Griffin Show IS NCAA Playoffs. UCLA vs. Peppcrdine 22 Clasicos del Cine 28 Theatre: "A Moon for the Misbegotten." Eugene OT^eill play 30 Momlne Worship Hour 34 Hogar, Dulce Hogar 40 Praise the Ixmi Club 50 Bill Mayers' Journal 52 Yonhwa 9:30 31 El Chofcr 10:00 P.M. 2 Barnaby Jones. Barnabv adopts the guise of an eccentric adventurer as coyer for his investigation into two attempts on the life of a millionaire frjend. 5 News, Fishman/ McCormick 7 HARRY 0 WHODUNIT * NEW MYSTERY CAPER Snea* Preview Toiite! tester Hodges enlists the help of Harry when his wealthy uncle is murdered and suspicion falls on all the heirs of Ihe estate including Ixsler. 0 News, Putnam/Kahle 30 Praise the Lord Club 50 Copland conducts Copland 10:30 11 News, Jones/Rowe 31 Nolicicm 11:00 P.M. 2 News, Pal Emory ·I News, John Schuocck 5 'Best of Groucho 7 News, Dunphy/ Hambrick s) The Saint. Stars Roger Moore I I Mary Hartman 13 NCAA Playoffs. Nevada, l*is Vegas vs. Arizona (tape delay) 51 Cinema 34 11:30 2 Movie: "Chandler." Warren Gates, Leslie Caron (Detective) 4 Tonight, Johnny Carson. McLean Stevenson, guesl host. Guesls: waller Slezak, Joan Collins, Charles Nelson Reilly, Keith Carradine. Carla Emery (farm discussion) 5 'The Honeymooners 7 Mannix and the Magician 11 News Rowe/Ashman 28 No. Honestly 40 Behind the Scenes MIDNIGHT 5 Twilight Zone I I Movies: '"Black Legion"; "Vengeance of Kali" (2:00); "'Isle of the Dead" H:30) 28 Robert MacNeil Report 1:15 (Approximately) 2 Movies: "The River's Edpe"; '"Adventure in Baltimore" (3:30) 7 Eyewitness News 2:00 A.M. 4 KNBC Ncwservice Relive Americana with the PLYMOUTH ROCKER ·Jo I id hardwood c o n s t r u e tion with remavablo uphol stored seat and back, beau tlful 11 ounce as shown. Reg. 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