Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 18, 1988 · Page 13
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 13

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1988
Page 13
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Pharos-Tribune, Logansport, Indiana, Friday, March 18, 1988 Page 13 On Television * II 11* ft 1 . © 1988 The TV Lislinti Graup n,. Fl Wont, TX If 1 M O® t> a e o O® 0 (S) Q IE) at <B OD © a 5PM Family Ties (:05) M'sler Oil. Strokes Prog Cont. 5:30 News (:35) L & S Happy Days 6PM News (:05) Alice Fact ol Lite 6:30 NBC News (:35) Btnett 3's Company 7PM fvTA'S-H (:05) Andy Bosom Buddy Col. B'ball NCAA Championship: 1st Round (L) News Newiywed G.I Joe Love Connect M'A'S-H Jem People's Ct Big Valley Star Trek Sesame Street DuckTales News Win, Lose Superior Ct. Double Dare WKRP News People's Ct. News News Fact of Lite ABC News CBS News WKRP News Crazy Like a Fox Family Ties Survival Wld Happnin' Now News News •Jews Cheers Bus Rpt Happy Days NBC News CBS News ABC News ET Jeopardy! Cheers CBS News 7:30 Cheers (:35) Snford 8 PM 8:30 Highwayman 9PM 9:30 Miami Vice (:05) Car Wash NBA Basketball Pacers vs 76ers (L) Col. B'ball NCAA Championship: 1sl Round (L) Win, Lose Wheel Barney Hollywood Sq Remington Steele Family Ties Cheers MacNeil/ Lehrer NewsHour Family Ties Curr. Affair 3's Company Jeopardy! 3's Company Wheel Newiywed Wheel Strangers Full House Beauty and the Beast Belvedere 10PM Sonny Spoon rch 18 10:30 (:05) Portrait America News Col. B'ball The Thorns Dallas Mov: Fun with Dick and Jane Beauty and the Beast Paper Chase Dallas 700 Club Mov: Rustlers' Rhapsody D.C. Week Wall $t Great Performances Mov: Cat on a Hot Tin Hool Highwayman Beauty and the Beasl Strangers Full House Miami Vice Dallas Belvedere The Thorns 20/20 Falcon Crest News Falcon Crest Roberts Bob Newhart Hair Loss Taxi Pavarotti in Vienna News Sonny Spoon Curr. Affair Falcon Crest 20/20 SATURDAY e , 98flT TV G01 RW x March 19 0® o o e Q OTO O 3) Q OD OD (B IB IS 54 B® e o e o o® D (B O 03 O> CB OD IS ss 11 AM Gumirii Beais 11:30 Archies Wrestling 12PM Foofur Anrjy 12:30 Young Univ Hillbillies 1 PM 1:30 2PM 2:30 TBA 3PM 3:30 Cut Rate Care Major League Baseball Braves vs Mets (L) High School Basketball iHSAA Boys' Regional Tour (L) Prog. Cont. Bugs SportsCntr F'stones Tennis Lipton Int'l: Preliminary Round (L) Crack-ups Health Show Wknd Spc Happnin' Now Walleye Fishing (:45) Stooges Angler 4PM TBA Andy Good Fishing " Track & Field NCAA Division I Men 8 Women (T) National Geographic IHSAA Basketball Boys Semi Finals Put on Hits Popeye Ranger Top Ten T and T Dennis Rifleman Put on Hits Soul Train Pro Bowlers Tour NCAA Basketball Championship 2nd Round Heg'l Broadcast (L)(JIP) Mov: Superbug: The Wild One 4:30 Bay Hill Classic Hillbillies Tony Dean HS Dance Tear! World of Sports Major League Baseball Cubs vs Mariners (L) NCAA Basketball Tripleheader 2nd Round: Regional Broadcast (L) Gunsmoke Solid Gold CNN (10:30) Comedy Classics Guninn Bears Poseye Bugs 5 PM Archies Dennis F'stones 5:30 4 30) Bay Hill Classic 0. Wilson R Martin CHiPs Patrol Prog. Cont. WWF Wrestling Challenge Foofur Telling Iron Horse Masterson Arrows Mm: Terror in the Wax Museum Great Moments from Nature Mov: Frozen Ghost In Fisherman Guinness Big Valley Laredo Mov: liirlsl Girls! Girls! A Nova Special: Whale Rescue Rod and Reel '*:' Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster Mov: Viva Knie»el CBS Sports Specal Women's Hardcourt Champs (L) Crack-ups 6PM Studio 16 Health Show 6:30 NBC News Wknd Spc 7PM Mama's Fam. Champ Fish'g 7:30 ts a Living World Class Championship Wrestling T and T Women's Volleyball 4:30) World ol Sports Mews Bust Loose : shin' Hole ABC News 2:30) NCAA Basketball Championship 2nd Round Reg'! Broadcast S^fo^LB Baseball iust Loose Chas Chg Vagon Tram Silver Spoon ;has. Charge T s Old House Wonderful World of Disney 4:30) Say Hill Classic Mama's Fam. SportsCntr Got It Made ts a Living Pulling Amer. Farmer Star Trek: The Next Generation .iving Mom Fam Hee Haw vlonroes Knight Rider Frgl Gourmet Small Wonder Wheel lappnm' Now leopardy! 4:30) World o) Sports ABC News S. & Ebert Campbells Star Trek: The Next Generation 'reviews Too Close News News Jeopardy! McLaughlin •amily Ties : ollies WKRP Wheel News Jrnl 8PM : aci ol Lile Good Fishing 8:30 ?27 Pro Bowlers Tour 9PM Gold Girls 9:30 Amen (05) Rough Night in Jericho High School Basketball iHSAA Boys' Regional Tour. (L) Superbouts: Hagler s Knockouts Dolly 10PM Hunter J. Wilson Dr, Science Bay Hill Classic World of Sports 10:30 ':05) Billy Graham Hawaii Five-Q College Wrestling NCAA Div. I Men's Championship (T) Ohara HSA Basketball Boy's Lafayette Semi-State Mov: Gazebo High Mountain Rangers Tour of Duty Mov: Lieutenant Wore Skirls 3e Boys Sentimental Swu Je Boys Fact of Life n Prison jeans Mr President g: The Music of Tommy Dorsey n Prison 227 Hgh Mountain Rangers Dolly Jeans Gold Girls Mr President Amen "our of Duty Ohara Spenser: For Hire West 57th tews West 57th Paper Chase Hardcastle and McCormick Mills Brothers Mission Impossible Hunter West 57th Spenser: For Hire Watch Child's Development Closely Q: We are the proud parents of a one-month-old boy who looks like a normal, healthy child. We have no specific reason to think that he is going to have a problem seeing, talking or hearing, but we want to know how to look for these things as he starts getting older. Can you give us some general information on this subject? A: You are smart to be conscious of childhood developmental milestones, because the earlier disabilities are discovered, the greater the chances are for correcting them before permanent damage is done. Let's take a look first at how the young child is seeing. Does the child have problems locating and picking Health Drs. Lester L. Coleman & Steven Andrew Davfs up small objects? Does the child have red, crusted or watery eyes much of the time or frequently complain that the eyes hurt? Does the child hold his head in an awkward position to see or sometimes cross one or hot); eyes? If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes, then expert advice should be obtained. Is the child hearing well? Docs he turn to face strange sounds by six months of age? Does the older child respond when called from anoth>- room? He should. On the other hand, if the child talks very loudly or softly, or if the child turns his ear toward a sound, this could signal a hearing problem. And finally, can the baby say da-da or ma-ma by age one; can he repeat simple rhymes by age three; and ran the child, by age five, be understood by people outside the family? For more information on these milestones for children, contact your family doctor or your local or national Easter Seal Society. — S.D. * * + Drs. Colernan and Davis welcome questions from readers. Please write to them in care of this newspaper. Celebrities Wait Tables For Charity NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) Actress Brooke Shields and other celebrities bussed tables and hawked their wares to raise money for Dreammakers Inc., an organization that grants the wishes of terminally ill children. Country musicians Lynn Anderson, Lee Greenwood and Charlie Daniels joined local television news anchors and Shields to raise an estimated $52,000 for the charity Wednesday. "ACTION JACKSON"» Fri. 7.-15-9:)5,S»t. 2:1S.7:]5-9 : 15, Sun 2:15-7:15 S SHE'S HAVING A BABY" PG-13 Fri. 7-9:15, Sol 2-7-9:15, Sun2-7 Gov. Ned McWherter and Mayor Bill Boner also joined in the Fifth Annual Celebrity Waiters Luncheon. "My dad would never let me wait tables when I was a teenager, because he said it wasn't a good job for a lady," said Demetria Kalidimos, an anchor at WSMV-TV. "But, I think the money's pretty good." About 80 celebrities offered caps, posters and T-shirts deco- ISIS THEATRE Winqmoc, Indiana Friday & Saturday at 7:308,9:30 Sunday, Monday & Tuesday at 7:30 "SHOOT TO KILL" R Sidney Poitier rated with the Dreammakers logo to their fellows. Members of the country music band Sawyer Brown bought Shields' apron for $500, outbidding Davidson County Sheriff Fate Thomas and musician Chet Atkins. -Denuti- $2" Hrs: .19 dozen each Mon.-Fri. 6:30am-8pm Saturday til 6 pm CLOSED SUNDAY BOLIH'S DONUT SHOP Fourteenth ft Broadway 722-1044 or 722-1024 GOOD MORNING VIETNAM. Fri. -7:20 9:30 Sat. 2:207:209:30 "FRIDAY SPECIAL overnight rental OPEN SUNDAYS >criAi—i i—$3 MOVIE RENTAl— 2for*5 (for 2 nights) EASTGATE PIAZA (next to Kmart) Sun. 12-9 722-6688 Mon.-Snt. 10-9 Movietime Video 400S.CICOTT .. SuT 1; 12 "*,n. 799 AX9/S Mon.-Thurj. 10-8 tJ.l-bt>M Frl.-Sat. 10-9 KATHLEEN TURNER BURT REYNOLDS CHRISTOPHER REEVE A lot more is going on than news, weather and sports. Fri.-7:10 9:10 Sot.2:!0 7:10 9:20 Ann Landers Alcohol Nation's Top Youth Drug Problem DEAR READERS: The National Council on Alcoholism does a superb job of educating the public. Recently something came in the mail that I feel should be seen by every teenager, their parents and teachers. Here it is: NOTHING BUT THE FACTS 1. Alcohol is America's No. 1 drug problem among youth. (In 1985, an estimated 4.6 million adolescents, ages 14 through 17, experienced negative consequences of alcohol use - arrest, involvement in an accident, impairment of health or job performance.) 2. Alcohol is twice as popular among college students as the next leading drug, marijuana, and more than five times as popular as cocaine. 3. Only 42 percent of fourth graders know that alcohol is a drug, compared to 81 percent who consider marijuana a drug. 4. The earlier in life a child starts using any dependence-producing drug, the more likely he or she is to experience health problems, and go on to use other drugs. 5. About 10,000 young people aged 16 to 24 are killed each year in alcohol-related accidents, including drowning, suicides, violent injuries, homicides and injuries from fire. 6. Alcohol-related highway deaths are the No. 1 killer of 15- to 24-year-olds. 7. Nearly 100,000 10- and 11- year-olds reported getting drunk at least once a week in 1985. 8. Children of alcoholics have a four times greater risk of developing alcoholism than children of nonalcoholics. (There arc 28.6 million children of alcoholics in the U.S. today, 6.6 million of whom are under the age of 18.) 9. Many surveys suggest that the best predictor of the drinking habits of adolescents is the attitude and behavior of their parents regarding the use of alcohol. (Ado- lescent heavy drinkers tend to come from homes where one or both parents are heavy drinkers, or from homes where both are abstainers.) 10. A child will see alcohol consumed an average of 75,000 times on TV before he or she is of legal drinking age. 11. Drinking differences between boys and girls are diminishing. (The number of young female drinkers has been increasing more rapidly than the number of young male drinkers. Girls also tend now to experiment with a wider variety of substances.) 12. It is estimated that increasing federal excise taxes on beer, the favorite alcohol beverage among youth, would reduce alcohol-related motor vehicle fatalities by 55 percent among 18- to 20-year-old young men and by 45 percent among 18- to 20-year-old young women. 13. Alcoholism is a chronic, progressive and potentially fatal disease. It is sure to lead to psychological and physical dependency as well as damage to the body, often irreversible. 14. Alcoholism is one of the most serious public health problems in the United States today. The same is true in Russia, France and Italy. 15. One out of three American adults -- 56 million Americans -- say that alcohol abuse has brought trouble to their families. What an the signs of alcoholism? How can you tell if someone you love is an alcoholic? "Alcoholism: How to Recognize It, How to Deal With It, How to Conquer It" will give you the answers. To receive a copy, send $2.50 and a No. 10, self-addressed, stamped envelope (39 cents postage) to Ann Landers, P.O. Box 11562, Chicago, III. 60611-0562. STATE Cinemas One family's experience with the "M" word i•••••••••••••••••••• 753-4648 Downtown Logansport 2.00 1 st MATINEE SAT. & SUN. RICHARD PRYOR MOVING! & On the New Jersey Turnpike FRI. 7:25-9:10 no one can hear you scream. SAT. 2:35-7:25-9:10 [Rj 9 ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATIONS ONE WEEK ONLY 1AST.EMPER®R "Breathtaking and monumental... A triumph lor all concerned." • Michce: Medved SNEAK FRI. 7:30 ONLY SAT. 2:30 & 7:30 ONLY mmmmmmmm.mmwmm. •••......^.•••»•.•••.. ac Coming Sunday THE ARMY'S SNOW SOLDIERS i THE YOUNG AMERICANS WHO KEEP WATCH IhfTHE FROZEN NORTH BY P£ TER A. iSEMANjf They are camouflaged in while aiiainsi the Alaskan tundra. They march silently by night, on smnvshoes or cross-country skis. They are America's "snow soldiers." keeping watch over the activities of Soviet troops from a proximity that is sometimes dangerous. The Soviet border is only 55 miles from mainland Alaska. And on St. Lawrence Island. only 37 miles away, evidence of Soviet troops has been found. Learn aboui America's newest surveillance team in this week's issue of PARADE.

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