Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 4
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 4

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1964
Page 4
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p,,, A-4-lNDEPENDtNt AJn Iwd. dM. ftt, M». n. Probe-Asked of Shooting at Dallas Key Engle Supporters Become His Opponents 425. in Run lor Just 100 Sin IP Pn«J/«J tlfllx I Uftia r* , /~il II rt ¥^ 1 · Cranston Ghallenges ben. Lngle . . school* (Continued from Page A-l) 'the convention votes Friday cents for DALLAS (.e - A 47-year- Former Na\ 7 Secretary Dan .old divorcee was charged A. Kimbatl, Engle'* 1958 {with attempted murderThurs-!camP* ! sa thairraan. and State |day alter firing a wild shot la Controller A l a n Cranston · the Dallas air terminal at a'made their announcements in Jtnan she believed was radio, 5 * 01 ^" 110 - ·"^ r?° "rr WKL e'^rTM^ Tie bullet fired by M"-that Eotfe was "physically in- Elizabeth Stone narrowlyjcjpabij o f continuing in the raised W. W. Dyer. 4S, cf .vital and demanding position Dalai and lodged in a hand- of United States senator." He · ' 'said he was to have been . . . . . . Imake an endorsement, for high school^stu-^jy ^^ . ttoraey ., : ; ly urged that the council up-| to ^^tain i t j ·set his "fair or fouT* plans to.' an ction. Two big names, which would have been high on a SACRAMENTO W» -- Who Mock action by endorsing or Deadline speakers Saturday,* re-tltct-sa effort for U-S. Sea. Oair Eng!« if no doubts California- lezislators'd 1 * 1 * 1 ^* the "0.000-member afternoon i n c l u d e Senate After Saturday night recess = surrounded his recovery from brain tumor surgery lastl^.. , 4 ^^ -^ * | sute organization. , Democratic Whip Hubert H. civil right raUy in supports August, aligned against him Thursday with -regrets.- Wednesday night was the CDC resents, among other Humphrey cf Minnesota and of the Rumford Fair Housing = Enjle's chairman this year. jbag carried by D. A. Pe- ·.terson cf Park Ridge. Ill-, as ' . . . . [the two men were preparing -wnildeepest board a plane Wednesday eycr , mus , ^th^w m y [afternoon. support from dair's candi- \ McLendon. i Democratic djoy for re-election. . . . I i'ciodidate for the U. S. Scn-'now support State Controller J*W who was not at the air-l^lan Cranston for the Senate . iiArt. said "I have never sctn'md offer him my full sup- jot heard of this woman." port." the statement said. \~. . . . . | Cranston s h o r t l y after-' { r , CI1Y detective Frank Mote ; winh Mid f]C u . ouM sec juh e James M a c G r e sorbet is scheduled. The host = F_|32nd Congressional District = _ T - Council headed by Tom = r e e c t o n h s y e a r A a s t a m r i c " t h u d e n the main address at 3o'"«jre »» *** scheduled a = 'at -125 potential candidates 'meaning them in the council's P-m. Saturday. . ; ^Jl-a-person hootemnny utth = urned up. 'view ' ' I - nam entertainment startin Only twt incumbents didn't] Before the 9 p.m. official file 'with the state's office. SCHOOL for DOGS AND OWNERS TmllJ DAN KIMBALL Switches to Cranston «* *rZ ]t tliun nl JTOf Its iai ttker 10'j" Tickets for all three con- name entertainment starting = ,«««» ^ * ff secretary of opening of the c o n v e n t i o n . ! ? f »,* b y ^« ^ " i c - - ^ · '$00 will honor Gov. Brown* 1 tor ca'«S e students, 50, Sundays wmdup session zimmimimiliiiimnimriumiim * "* **' = JOE DE BECI( ' Tra ' B ' r ' = = M » ! " «··«" «««» = Mrs Stone w h o r e - Democratic romination forJdifficult 1 have ever made." 'rjonajj LCrunsky R-Watson- Jrtntly moved her* from Fort U5 . 5^^ i{ the California [BUI. he said, -the limes re-'v^T ^' Sen. John Murdy Jr., R- "id other state Democratic Santa Ana. has announced his officeholders at a CDC Cham- retirement. A s s e m b l y m a n P* 011 * Dinner in Elks Lodge. Philip Burton. D-San Fran-lCommittee work will occupy Cisco, won a special Congres- earlier arrivals at the Arena sional election Tuesday. ]and at Lafayette Hotel Head. . . . quarters. ONLY candidates who filed declarations will be eligible! WELCOMES at 9 p.m. are to run for party nominations scheduled by State Sen. in the June primary in 80 As-iTtomas M. Rees. National srmbly districts and 20 Sen- Committeewoman Elizabeth He. Gatov and State Central Three senators will be un-jCommittee Chairman Eugene opposed. They are Stanley L. Wyman, -the riot !ArnoM - D-Susanville; Robert VS. Sen. Eugene McCaitliy "'U Williams. D-Hanford: and of Minnesota will deliver the :ynote address. Adoption of rules, inchid- and vigorous »TM 8° u Assemblyman Philip Soto, : ing the important ones on JWorth. as saj-inj she had Democratic Council does not c^ire _ ^»^^^a lentorse SOmC ° ne dSe - !leadersh! P to'thc-VS.Senate." D-La'puer.te. is'faced'with V7,«»daet of 'the VS. Senate «^=P^!^^^^;| Cranston said he ^^^ ~ f ^^^^^^^^ 'I.endon because, she sa^, : .his course only after fi^Qximza Tom Bane^D-North will conclude Friday's busi- t He » a Commurust and fools \- -^ est ^^ effort - to'Hollywood, of the Assembly'ness. ground with Co« Nosw." | USS ^ f . r k l f M V l l |^ mcdical JlU M E^...^^^^.^! Delates v.iU formulate; J .McLcndon sa.d he would t y j l l I*,,!,,,.,, ·,. brain oDeration on a-strictly srt.le opponents. policy positions on issues in ;»5k for kxal and federal au-j V "' . "" " , confidStui tas? to i^S| TwoVandidates filed decla-Saturday momfe* s t u d y - jthonties to make a complete «,,.., ^ ^ y j \\'CC'k versity of California physhnaa. rations in Assembly Speaker group sessions. The conven- iSSJT I TV · K - · ,'»« »«he TMTM* ^s'« {ujl JcsRe llnruh ' s '"s'"' 0 *' a*. 1 "? "" """f 1 ? 1 * "· fwr rtoikjrocnd. | Tr.e anti-submanne aircraft',,,^^ n jf T , e wer conv i nce d tricL One's a Democrat. like major areas--civil rights, ur-[ could carry «i .Unruh; the other, a Rrpubli- ban planning education, and " '-- .^»« control and disarma-1 SENSATIONAL VALUE! TO OPEN 1000 NEW ACCOUNTS ITM Powerful Transistor AM-FM PORTABLE RADIO · Amazingly Beautiful Tone · Super-Powered Volume »a ro · £*I want to know if sh* is carrirr. L'SS Yorktown, which Jtvit a mcmbfr of the Fair has been undergoing exten- iPlay for Cuba Committee.'sive fi\erhaul in the Long JAfid I want to know if she,'Beach Naval Shipyard since {'A' -" ^IL^^^.^..^'^: L'-.^^.t 1 l ° ence «» Cranston's request SAID Fiitfe replied ay but made no rcfcr- ?not part cf that ultra-left return to sea next month. ; element which seeks to' i"and simply asserted the sen- .The Yoiktown has been out-' a tor's own opinion that he is Mestroy anything in its path. f, tt ed with a new radar s s-i 'capable of serving.'" jThey will use force, murder.; tern and electronic timing de- xs an incumbent and CDCs Jtharactcr assassination of vices, in addition to improve-'thojce six years ago. Ensle means sctms pcdicnt," he said. . . . . . I N T E R V I E W E D in the y ears would have won ment of the living quarters 'probably and messing and recreational automatic" endorsement if he facilities for the officers and j^j decided, or been able. Burkliiillcr Won't Seek New Term menL * · · · [ SENATE nominees w i l l ' make acceptance speeches' 'early Saturday afternoon if ·aJltri* 1 'a'fts Ilisl'* wv ·^«* ,e.Vti\ Iad working with the various 'agencies of government at the LOS ANGELES (UVl) --'kxal. state and national Rep. Everett G. Burkhalter, level" ', announced Thursday) He endorsed 'make a personal appearance he would not be a candidate cessor Assernblj-man 'at this week's convention. (for re-election as congress- Bane, who ha s senec as his sue- Tom served three AM'Ff* fcunty jail Thursday Mrs.] After extensive sea triils'at this week's convention. Stone said her political activ-jbcjinyiing in March, the York-! In his absence. Cranston man for the 27th District. terms as assemblyman from tty had been confined to vot-itown will prepare for her fifth'loom? large with Roosevelt' "With the knowledge of the 42nd Assembly District in inj. [cruise to the Far East, sched-,and Mosk. Cranston might government pained by work-the San Fernando Valley. I Asked if the supported U.S. 'uled for later in the year. enjoy an ed;e in that he was ing at it since 1938 when I I[ e said the "availability of, JScn. Ralph Ya r b o r o u £ h.t a founder of CDC. Roosevelt'served in the State Assem-'an experienced and capable, jwhom McLendon is opposing' ALWAYS AT your call has great appeal tr CDC Lb-bly." said Burkhalter, -I feel successor whom 1 will sup-, (in the Democratic primary, 1 when you've a need to be'erals however. And Mosk is I can be most useful by con- port* contributed to riij de-| iMrs. Stone said: jfilled--that's Classified »ds.'one of the party's best state-jtinuing as a governmental cision not to run for another · J -*l don't like him. either." [Dial HE 2-5339 now. 'wide vote setters. 'consultant in the local area term. LE ROY'S ,v,',; 343 PINE AVENUE long Beach, Calif ornia-HEmlock 7-0361 OPEN MONDAY AND FRIDAY NIGHTS MAIL. AND PHONE ORDERS CAREFULLY FILLED OPEN TONITE AND WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY Fict.-ft. ITALIAN AMD FRENCH FROY1NCIAL · SPANISH · MODERN · MEDITERRANEAN · EARLY AMERICAN S»;terj'i. C «i,»l, E»i. Cri.'t. Ni'« *.!frr«.s»«, t?. Scrlrqt. D:rj Tib'tl *--i C"i',i. I.f'.'l, C-'-«;, tl it. O;u;':eri Tib'«i, Lfrfl. · .it: »'*, C»'f*^ »'d CVsct-y R e ! I i-d F»^r»-: i i, «-3 r«-y o'^e ,.j 4«'t *,mi «'r. c.rte^ C.T.,» f.or s ..c^xri^. ni Kc.Vor 1* youf k.Tr. y.x'B r,.p V.lur. NATION'S TOP ERANDS OH SALE: l.rj.Tni l.,o-j ,our trim W.\. mo..J .ur DTico.tinu.J tin... floor !·»('.«. UoJ.I H«T. THOMASYULE · BASSETT · EROYHILL um.. .-d o«» .-i EI.JI t. .ur k^j. w.r.t. 8 v,. Sho^.om , sz.i » A«f. B «c. te»» l.«K · LANE · SIMMONS · MOHAWK · ALEXANDER SMITH · AND MANY OTHERS ·'· t'.^.J. Ceifl 'l mlir ___ (Kt 'n *«·. Jttytt fer thr» I'tt' If-orJ. S I I 7 I 6 5 i" Tn 5-11 .'« fof $J5* 270. rl^E cutrrr HOME warehouse sale .«; » S*rry. t9 tt*Lrr| . . . n TERMS? OF COURSE! Tale 3 es-i to csy 1st fiyrr.ert in May CARPET VALUES GALORE DURING WAREHOUSE SALE Aa-ei Sc.rm!rz O-fferi Eest Ss'ectlen, VaTues. e-d Saving* ei f-icor Csverirg During Tivs Greaf Sa'» Eve-.t. I EUCM NOT AT OUR MAIN STORE A T T H E W A R E H O U S E 5 2 N D A T L A N T I C THURSDAY 20.... 9 30 TO 9 FRIDAY 21 9:30 TO 9 SATURDAY 22 9 30 TO 6 SUNDAY 23 10 00 TO 5 ACRES OF FREE PARKING · NO PAYMENT ·TIL MAY · SAVE UP TO 75% · WAREHOUSE STOCK · FLOOR SAMPLES · DISCONTINUED LINES · MODEL HOME RETURNS · ODDS ENDS OPEN TONITE CARPET ROLL-ENDS in room sijcs. Tep brands. Woof. Nylon. Acri'an. RegJar 5.95 fo 12.95 sq. yd - From 1.88 sq. yd. WALL-TO-WALL CARPETING from Monawl. Ca-reron: a beautiful, luffed, loop pi'e floor covering \- ycur cr-o'ce of four vibrant co'or;. Reg. 6.50 sq. yd 2.88 sq. yd. CALLAWAY MILLS CARPETING. All tre v;ay frtm Ca'fawa/ comci this exciting Viscount pattern. An a I- wool Joop pile carpefing in Bor.e WKte. 12' wicltn. Reg. 7^0 sq. yd. .._ _ _.. _ 3.88 sq. yd. EROADLOOM CARPETING from Monarch Wills. London Qualify Acrylic H-lo random fexture carpet in choice of tweed; and sotids in fen colors. Reg. 7.95 sq. yd : 4.83 sq. yd. MASLAND AND GULISTAN RUGS. Showroom wm- p'es. Woo!s. Nylons, Acrrars. Every design, fexfure, co'or. Ideal area rug',. Rerj. 6.95 to 23.95 sq. yd. Limit 6 to a cmtcrr;er. 13.27 89c 27.36 I.49 27.54 2.95 36.60 4.95 SMALL RUG PIECES. A!i sires, s'rapej, cofcrs. N/cn. woo) end acri'art. Idea' doer mats. Apprcj. I4"«I8". lOc ea. INSTALLATION. Expert tacl!e;s strip Irsta'latisn by bonded a-d insured carpet ir.sfal'ers. For Warehouse Sa'e carpet or.Iy. At this unheard of price 98c sq. yd. RUBBERIZED PAD. 50-or. Princeton abbcrircd pad. 88c sq. yd. WAFFLE PAD. 50-07. Spring;tep wsff'e pad. 88c sq. yd. CUSH10NAIRE RED RUBBER PAD. Fa-ncus. luxuricu-, Cu:hionaire Pad ...1.88 sq. yd. CAUFST AOVEHTiSED S'.'BJECT TO F5 : C S.«,Lt 57E, COLC* A'.D TARCAGH CU K«J.D. SOLO tr F.ECi Cr-LY. COFf EE AND DONUTS OURIN SALE

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