Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 6, 1929 · Page 10
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1929
Page 10
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10 ALTOONA MmROH-WItMESDAY, NOVEMBER 6, W& \ PA. HOUSE MEMBERS TO AID COALITION fSpeclal to Altnonn Mirror.) WASHINGTON, D. C.. Nov. 6.—The Pennsylvania drloxnlion in the house of representatives is i-xptrtort '.if vote for the liirlfT hill us rewritten by the Democrntlol'rogreHsivi! group if the export dchenturi- plan IN nllminiitocl. This view has gained ground hnrc in recent days as It heciimn evident the coalition now In control of the senate does not intend to cut duties In the present hill to the extent it had been predicted it would. In all votes on actun! roles in the pending hill, the coalition has largely confined Its reductions to such changes as 12 cents to 10 cents, 10 cents to 8 cents, or similar comparatively mild (flashes. In only a few Instances thus far, and then largely when nd valorem rates were under consideration, has the coalition drastically lowered the duties levied by the house and the senate finance committee. The main coalition attack, it is felt, •Was centered In the drives which placed the export debenture plan and the new flexible clause vesting thn future Individual changes In congress, Instead of the president. The; lu every reason to believe, furthermore, that the coalition will eventually accept the hill without the debenture If the flexible clause. Is retained as it now stands. This will mean that a number of Democrats will abandon the debenture in order to retain the llexible clause, for It is fallen for granted none of the. Progressive will vote for any bill minus the debenture plan. It Is pointed out that President Hoover would be defeated, however on his sole tariff stand since the beginning of his administration If this happened. He has twice Issued a public "statement to the country emphasizing the necessity for revision of Individual rates through tho tariff commission and'the president. It Is the view hero that enough Democrats will desert on the debenture In order to defeat thu president on the flexible clause, to insure acceptance of the bill by both houses. As for the rates themselves, It Is felt that they will be pretty much In accord with President Hoover's desires by the time the bill is sent to confer ence, and that he will accept defeat on the flexible provision In order to get the tariff struggle out of thu way as early as possible. Pennsylvania's Interests will not, If this procedure lu adopted, receive thn heavy Increases In rates provided In the bill as It now stands. They will, however, In the main receive their present measure of protection and In uome Instances slightly more. It Is believed, therefore, that Representatives Henry W* Watson of L,ang- horne. and Harry A. Estep of Pittsburgh, the state's members on tho ways and means committee of the liouse, will vote for such a bill rather than drag out debate any further. THE PEOPLF^FORUM Whatever vlewn are «eprcnflert In this column are personal for which flic ALTOONA MIRROR la not resiionwlblc. Err or grams - - I WANT A GOOD ADVENTURE STORY F-0R MY BOY! HAS H "THE" 60LD- OI66ER". BY H/WE GOOD OF THE: LIMITED STATES IN THE: rr™ CEMTC/RY? VOLUME OP MACHINERY TOOL SALES IS STEADY «•••• ^HWB mm^^m ^M^M •^•••1 MM^HI ^^HHl •^••M Thay u&ialry mafce the hitter -fly. (Copyright, 1929, NEA Service, Inc.) There are nt. least four mistakes In the, above picture. They may pertain to grammar, history, etiquette, drawing or whatnot. See If you cun find them. Then look at the scrambled word below—and unscramble It, by switching the letters around. Orade yourself 20 for cnch of the mistakes you find, and 20 for the word If you unscramble It. Tomorrow we'll explain thn mistakes and tell you thn word. Then you can see how near a hundred you hat. • • * YESTERDAY'S COHKECTIONS. • (I) In the boy's conversation, tho apostrophe Is missing in "I'm." (3) Them arn no sllrrups on the saddle on thn pony. (3) The horse In thn stall has no nostrils. (4) The pony's front hoofs should not ho nlnvnn. (15) Thn scrambled word Is 1'OMI'AUOUIt. 'Advocates Increase In 1'ny for Altoonn's Flrnflfthtcrs. Editor of the Altoona Mirror—It gives me great pleasure to voice my opinion of the Increase In wages asked for by our Altoona city firemen. In my whole life I have been Interested in flroflghting and from what I have observed, it la one of the most hazardous occupations I know of. On my vacation this last fall I motored through Ohio to Chicago and on my way I stopped at various lire stations, eleven In all, in eleven different cities. At each one I Inquired concerning the wages, and the working conditions, and I want to say that but one was on equal terms with our city firemen's working conditions and wages. The . other ten were far above ours. After comparing the conditions of other cities regarding 1 tho fire department, with ours, I want to say that I am ashamed of the way our firemen are treated. I found them to be the lowest paid firefighters In tho eastern section and there urn very few that are lower In wugcs throughout the United States, and they come from the south which has always held its working peoprc I down. In Pittsburgh wo .read In the papers that tho recent referendum taken by the citizens for a wage Increase for their firemen went over three to one .In the firemen's favor. In New York the people today are voting for a *milar wage Increase. The Now York Evening Journal and lhe New York American predicted that it will go over live to one. All I want to say is that tho citizens of other cities think more of their employes ' than wo, tho people of Altoona, who expect our city to grow and prosper. The wages of our firemen are only $133 per month tho year round, and the working conditions are terrible. I see by our papers that the various organizations throughout our city are passing resolutions favoring an Increase for our llremen. What's the matter with our papers that they do not rally behind this cause aa they do in other cities? Take up the fight for tho community. Those backing the school loan are pointing out the good results that It will bring. That IH very good, and I am In favor of: it, but what good is a first class school if you do not have a good fire department to protect our children when they arc in it? I believe tho time has come when all the citizens of Altoona should rise up and como forward and rally round tho cause. Do not put it off, but come now. JOSEPH CRISTE, 1008 Sharp avenue, Altoona, Pa. TO PROTECT HIS FRIEND MAN SERVES JAIL TERM KABUL GOVERNOR AND 3 BROTHERS ARE EXECUTED LONDON, Nov. 6.—The governor of Kabul. Malik Mohsin, and his three brothers were among the eleven bandit and rebel leaders executed with Bacha Sakao, deposed bandit king of Afghanistan, nt Kabul last Saturday. Details of the executions, which were ordered by Nadir Khan, newly enthroned king, were received yesterday. 4 Bacha Sakao's brother, Hamllbullah, who commanded one section of the bandit-kings troops; Saiyida Hussein, commander of Northern Afghanistan forces; minister of the court Sha Jan, and his brother, Muhammed Sadlk, went to their deaths at the time their chief was shot. All were executed Inside the "ark" or central fort of Kabul where they had been held prisoners. Nadir Khan had pardoned them, but was forced to carry out the execution when the loyal tribes of the south demanded It. NEW YORK, Nov. 6.—Small shops ,vcre the. principal buyers of machinery and machine-tools in a. week marked by nothing spectacular in a business way, American Machinist reports. Conditions as to demand, de- Iverles and price' are about the same as. they were In the week preceding. The used tool market is still active und the call for single tools for replacement or production changes con- Llnues in fair volume. The slump In the stock market has had no adverse reaction in the machine-tool market. According to some opinion, moneys used for speculative purposes, will now be taken out to buy machinery. Dwindling automotive production in Detroit has cut deeply Into the volume of sales to this industry and ndl- tlons here are far from favorable. Milwaukee's output of automobile parts and accessories has also been curtailed,, but purchases by small machine shops ttre bringing the total upr to normal. Demand for milling machines is on the Intense In the Chicago area and a corresponding advance In the number of Inquiries in other lines Is reported from this section. Buffalo dealers expect October to show a larger volume nf business than September, although the automobile and aviation Industries lire' not buying actively. The New York market Is considered healthy with no striking changes ^vldent in the last few weeks. Machine-tool sales In the New England district maintained the gains of the preceding week. Export gales here continue to be encouraging. While nqulries In Philadelphia slackened slightly, the general demand for all types of machine-tools held at a good level throughout the week. Cincinnati condltlona showed improvement and further gains are expected. CHINESE PEOPLE WAITING FOR RESULT OF NEW BAN PEIPING, Nov. 6.—The former capital of China is awaiting with interest the outcome of a mandate issued from Nanking making it a criminal offense, punishable by fine and imprisonment, for Chinese men and women to wear "queer dress." ' The residents are concerned about what the officials here may consider queer dress,- and whether they will take the mandate seriously. Commenting upon the mandate, The Leader, a Chinese-owned English- language newspaper, suggests: "The POTTSVILLE, Nov. 6. — Warden John W. Reese of the Schuylklll county jail, revealed yesterday that a prisoner had assumed the name of his closest friend and had probably served a prison sentence for a crime committed by his pal f Both men have criminal records, the warden said. Reese discovered the duplicity when C. E. Hottcnstlnc of Scranton came to the prison hero to get his brother, Oswin Hottcnstine, to sign legal papers In connection with the settlement of his father's estate. When he was taken to the man's cell he immediately saw the prisoner was not his brother, but Russell Kern who had served in tho army with Hottenstine's brother. As Hottenstine, Kern was sentenced to serve six months to a year in jail at Easton for attempted train wreck- Ing. Early last year ho was jailed hero for larceny but escaped July 24, last, only to bo recaptured several months later. Women! Sale ol Fall FOOTWEAR 599 PAIRS ol Newest Styles Straps, Pumps, Ties, Oxlords, in Velvet, Satin, Suede, Kid, Patents, Ostrich Leathers "Nlxlo" is the name given by tho postofflcfc department to all pieces of mail'which-cannot be delivered because the address is defective. Bayer Aspirin -when you seek relief from pain. Because the genuine is dependable. It is always the same, and, always safe. The tablets marked Bayer will not harm the heart. You needn't submit meekly to the suffering caused by a cold, or rheumatism, or other aches. You can always ,take Bayer ' Aspirin. And you can always find it at any drugstore. BAYER Aspirin i» the trade mark ol Bayer Manufacture of Monoaceticacidestor of Salicyllcacid Here's a Great Heater... the Detroit Jewel Circulator Q) High and Cuban Heels 4 •40 Pair All Siz,-s and Widths At cost! Below Cost! 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It's a fine piece of furniture and can be set up in any room of the .house. Steady currents of fresh, clean, warm air are continually circulated throughout the house. There's a size for one or two rooms, cottages, Imngalows or larger houses, as well as for store room offices, churches, schools, Cleaai, Cheap Heat The Detroit-Jewel Circulator uses gas. That means there is no dirt and no care. Light it with a match and forget it. You'll have steady, healthful heal all winter long. These heaters are decidedly economical, too. But let us tell you more about it. Send the coupon at the left or telephone. Phone Number 6159 The Peoples Natural Gas Company 1622-24 Eleventh Ave. Altooqa, Pa. I mandate unfortunately la not broad nmigh in tfcope. ,lt should Include * provision decreeing severe punishment for any young man wearing his mlr as low as his neck-line. It should specifically forbid • short skirts frbftv "leing •frorh by any girt who is knock- iiieed. "It should . eliminate 'Hard-boiled hirts.' This is a vestige Of foreign arbarlsm, which should not be al- owed in any advanced nation. It lost certainly should prevent the new .merlcan fad of colored and striped B. V. D.'s from coming into China." The mandate points out that "the ntire nation Is crazy over novel lothes." and that if this state of flairs is permitted to continue, "China ill become a laughing-stock of the orld in things sartorial." WILL MEET TO TRAIN MORE POLICE DOGS HARRISBURO, Nov. 6.—A second raining period of six blind masters o six German police dogs who will rovide eyes for their sightless masers, is probable in this state due o the fact the state council for the lind, an administrative board of state welfare department has re- elved a large number of applications or the training period to begin In Harrisburg, Nov. 29. The first six dogs .which will train 1th • their masters in the capital ity traffic for three weeks have all een Contracted for. The policy of council for the blind was to allot he six dogs to the first six appli- ants. Only one Pennsylvanlan, S. :ervyn Sinclair of Williamsport and d member ol the .state council, is included in . the Hstl 'However, many application's h^Ve been received since the list was completed and the state council for .the blind may plan for a second training.' of;-'trig'. dtfg« Itt this state. Previous to -ithe trainWg to begin Nov. 29, only two such. periods Have been held in •this country.v' The six dogs which will 'bS snipped here about the middle of'. November to gillde their masters through . tr&f- flc dangers of' city streets, are now In training In New York state. Majestic Radio • Sold bj» THE ,1. E. SPBNCfi ELKCTRIO STORE / Authorized Dealers 1310 13th Ave. Dial' 4101 &J(^it^4^ii^A^<il^/^^ | It's Easy! Win Money! f |r $300 in Cash Prizes <| | W. E. Hoffman Co. I .JL • .-: Makers of: WOMAN'S ICE CREAM flT . . 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A clever little boot style in patent. Tan or black leather oxfords for school .wear. Gable's llth AVENUE BUILDING—MAIN FLOOR

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