The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 18, 1906 · Page 2
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 2

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 18, 1906
Page 2
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t -^ v. -** jcg ft*-**- *T^-M^. ; t c¥?-c.-f5^r>?> ** Y<? CHILLICOTBE CONSTJTUTJON SEP. ,8 iqo6 | TE« Chillicothe | I CONSTITUTION * CONSOLIDATED WITH THE MAIL AND SEPTEMBER 1ST, 1900. STAB A Valuable Agent. The glycerine employed in Dr Piprcn'. ttcdicines greatly enhances the mMl cmal prooerties whlnh ft extracts and J. K NEWLAND WM. L. WATKINS EDITORS AND PUBLISHERS OFFICIAL Terms of Subscription: The CONSTITUTION pnarantees to advertisers a lareer circulation in Idvinraton" County than hat of all other local papers published in Chllli- eothe combined. -Ifce price for the weekly if paid on or before the end of the year is 81.00, or 50 cents for six months. Subscribers neglecting or failing to so pay will be charged the 81.50 rate. This rule will be strictlv adhered to. Entered at the postofflee at Chilli- eothe, Missouri, and admitted for transmission through the mail as second-class matter. Office in CONSTITUTION Building, 516.South Washington Avenue. TelenhoneNo. 105. By Md-Postage Prepaid: Daily, one year tS.OO Dailv, six months 2.50 Weekly, one vear, in advance.... l'.00 Weekly, one year, if not paid be-, fore year ends j.go Weekly, six months...:. .'75 The Dailv will be delivered bv carriers to subscribers in Chillicothe at 10 cents per —«k. Any irregularity n delivery should be promptly reported atthis. | , , also possesses mprtioinni properties of Its ownVbeing a°alnab?P °* th | Black Chcrrybark, Golden Seal root, Stone root and Queen's rnnt ™l, SSfl '" "Gulden Medical DiscoTerV" in thero ls cn TELEPHONE VOICE RAILWAY Like the institution to which it is thus compared the telephone has its turnstile onto which a voice is received from any one of fifty to three hundred thousand wires (according to- the size of the place) and redirected onto another of the fifty to three hundred thousand. The telephone switchboard is nd o — e««*wu aim uutiuillff up tho .——•strength, controlling the cough ofth^wlSl* ab ? nt a &alt.hy conditiSE SntiS wholet system. Of course, it must not be expected to work miracles It wil notrrnrn ™™ ., p( . j^ "^ severe, obstin L *B"S') vAwiiuhiai and luryc »»uuio3, and chronic soro threw arfST I^is^thTten! congas, or those of long standing eve- hint* t a h CC ? Int P a £ icd by Ceding' froir lungs, that it has performed its mosi I?tilJ e te C "5 es ' * Send for and re "d thr little book of extracts, treating of tli. properties and uses of the several me*! iclna! roots that enter Into Dr.' Pierce Golden Medical Discovery and learn wli> this medicine has such a wide ranee r s«; MSTS? g-?~p2y ' fi 11 T ¥ "Discovery" cor alcohol or harmful, habit-fora- r —~" 1 printed on one! English. wonderfully intricate yet accurate piece of mechanism. When people began to see the possibilities of Dr. Bell's invention it was simply as a means of communicating between two points—a telephone here, a telephone there, and a wire connecting them, but in 1ST? Thomas B. Dolittle, still with the Bell Tele- ohone Company, constructed the first crude switchboard at Bridgeport, Connecticut. In this switchboard were brought togethertwon- ty lines. Prom this crude effort the multiple switchboard came ,_•-- y--o- •"• &»v^iciiwj ajlprilli bottle Wrappr in plain Englis hick people especially those held on receipt of stam Jviseris^ent/rci to-pay expense ol Democratic StatefTicket. For Judge-of Supreme'Oourt, Long Term. A- M. WOODSON. ^Tiii * , "'"""W,«>.•• pay expense ol mailing only.- Sendjk one-cent stamp for paper-covered, ogEstamps for clot/i- ^^IDu copy. - r" - ' For Judge of Supreme Court, short Term. •W.W. GRAVES. Railroad and Warehouse Commissioner KUBE OGLE8BY. Superintendent of Public Instruction HOWARD ALLEN GA88. Democratic County .Ticket. For Congress W. W. RUOKEB ' Bepresentntlve JAMES O. BAJTEY Sheriff MARK WHITE Recorder of Deeds WILLIAM REYNOLDS Prosecuting Attorney \ E. O.OBB Clerk of the County Oonrt ' -A.-M. 8HELTON Tieaaarer T7. 8. ALLBBITAIN •Probate Judge PIEBOE OVEBTON 'Olerk of the Circuit Court . ." MATTHEW McBBIDE find that this is the surest way to destroy what little influence it may have had. A party paper which cannot rise above faction is not calculated to perform any service to Democracy in Kansas City, were bolting is common and' knifing the ticket is a fine art. SINCE the Ghillicothe Good Roads convention numerous Missouri papers of influence have come but strongly for a constitution al convention for Missouri. ^ The St. Joseph News-Press is the latest to be added to the list, it having discovered that therein lies the secret of relief for the city as well as the country from the curse of insufficient highway improvement funds. The constitutional convention is a probability of the near future for Missouri and the Chillicothe convention will be re sponsible for it. into being—the switchboard of today, which in one of the 'big cities, containing as many as 10,000 lines and requires 200 operators. The principle of the multiple switchboard is this: The wires from every telephone connected with an exchange are branche d when they meet the switchboard and connections are from them run to each operator's .position, as it is called. In the face of the switchboard you will see row after row of little sockets or jacks, to give them their technical name, and each girl has in front of her a jack for every line in the office, Besides, she has an additional set of jacks for the lines on which she answers calls. Then, in the shelf that projects from the board in front of her, she has a number FOOT BADLY CUT. Sampsel, Route 2, Sept. 18.— (Special Correspondence)—William Bills me t with a bad accident Friday while cutting corn. In some way he got his foot in front of the knife and cut it through to the bone just above the heel severing the leaders. Dr., Thompson was called to attend him. It is feared that he will never have the right use of his foot again, J- W. Reynolds, Democratic nominee for recorder, and Silas Gautt of Mooresvillo took dinner with N. Z. Johnson Wednesday. A little stranger came to the homo of Mr. and Mrs. .George Gann last Tuesday asking for food and raiment. Misses Irene and Laura Boucher attended the wedding of their cousin, Miss Sneed, of near Gallatin last Wednesday evening. James Larimore has sold his home property in Sampsel to Charles Minjjick. Mrs. James Dnnn was shopping in Chillicothe Saturday. T. E. Boucher and family attended the meeting of tho Loyal Knights at .Chillicothe Wednesday night, William Larimore has a position as brakeman on the Wabash ] railroad. Miss Clara Boucher is visiting at Jamesport with Misa Nellie Rogers. Sampsel school begun Monday, Miss Mae Cole as teacher. HIGH CLASS DRUGGISTS OTHERS. AND «g«nt, of knom ,$*f' formula. Druggists of the better ™~ and and --- 0 — «"«•'"•" names anrithPir «„,.„ T'~~"t "^—.7 "uejient remedies, but J the men to deal with when™need or' anvthTrf 'I** b ? nds > <* imitation medicines. all standard remedies and correapondin-Snncta of , fi '? i I™' Whkh nsuall y inblnde8 best of tn,l»t ,.t:-i -i . ».. ln o a^ncfe or a first-class pharmacy and the finest and «ii anoiiuuiu remedies anc best of toilet articles and man — ..*v,ug^i yj. (,jjtj UCuc<Jt9 in, is usually their greatest -they all ^-—— tT - ' *"* reward for long years of study a are selling many millions of botl remedies, and they always take pleasure in h™ T t i. ' ~~ f""""* ci = name of the Company—California F,V <?vr,, ;J Ing °. "? e genuine article bearing the full They know that in cases of coldsand heaffies^T?*? Vi-^ frOnt ° f ^eryVckage of weakness or torpidity of the liver and bowel' aS fr 7 bl - housn , ess «>d constipation and over-eating, that there is no other remedy so Sasan i ^ ™?? lar habits ' ^digestion, or Syrup of F,gs, and th are } d to sTllU became Hl'iv PP - and , benefic ^ in its effects ag Owing to the excellence of Svruti of Fil !v, • g f nniversa l satisfaction, immense demand for it, imitations have been 6 ^7^ . Ba i ti8fac t»n which it gives and the individual druggists to be found, here and there who If a - n< ? . conde ^ned, but there are of the profession and whose greed gets the b etteV o °th e i^^ to recommend and try to sell the imitation, inBorder to" i g ™ ent ' and Wh ° d ° not hesi * ate sometimes have the name " Sv "*"""" In order to ™oi-« _ i _ . or fictitious fig syrup company printed rfn th? T 8 off on a customer a preparation under the name of •" does not bear the full name of the California ™lLu' ^^it^^*™^ ^ Pa^S tor X i othe Collector B. F. THOBE Assessor JOHN J.MAY Presiding Judge County Court 8. HAWKINS ' Judge Eastern District IBA DONOVAN Public Administrator . POKBEHT -M. GILL Judge Western District 0. W.GABLIOg For Coroner. H.H.OAB'ELL. - was WnxiAM H. WALLACE „«.„ nominated for congress in a ballot* primary by the Democrats of I.L.^. n»«i_i_ iv — ' . the Fifth, the Jackson district Saturday. Mr. Wallace county, NOT NEW WITH BBYAW. The doctrine of government ownership of railroads is x not a new one with William J. Bryan in American politics. As long ago as 1892 the Populist platform contained such a demand. The only new feature which Mr. Bryan, has added to it has been the idea of the states owning the roads which are not interstate roads. It should not be surprising, therefore, that there should be a deep-rooted antipathy on the part of connecting cords—tiny flexible wires made up in the form of a cord with a brass plug at either end. By putting one of these plugs into the jack of one line and the other plug in the jack of any other line tke operator completes the circuit between tho telephones connected with these two lacks. No one would buy a sailboat with sails that could not be reefed. There is always that possibility of Do you use an atomizer in treating Nasal Catarrh? Then you will apprieciato Bly.'s Liquid Cream Balm, the modes', quickest and surest remudy ior this disease. In all curative properties it is identical with the solid Cream Balm, which is so famous and so successful in overcoming Catarrh, Hay Fever, Cold in the head. There is relief in the first dash of spray upon the heated sensitive air-passages. All druggists 75c., e an s establishment, whether it be lar»e or s and deception in one case he w If do K physicians' prescriptions, and should he Knowing that the great m a "or f£ oi dw for our excellent remedy entire v thrnSl i • ' where, in original P^^Sj^^^ 1 ^^; exist it is necessarv to inform he ™hKr 3 » ? \ • any imitation which may b e sold to th^ : '" California Fig Syrup ™-p n ?W O n th^'f article and to demand the ^larger profit. Snch prepa7a"tYons and of some piratical concern, ey never have the full name of of the package. The imitations In order to sell the imitations nd whenever a dealer passes --S*" or "Fig Syrup," which ited on the front of the package, sn so unfortunate as to enter his orts to misrepresentation and agents, and in the fiffin<* of who values health and happiness. re supply the immense demand lom it may be purchased every- lents per bottle, but as exceptions -r. ., , - — ^at all may decline or return it it does not bear the full name of the Company— wit 01 every package, do not hesitate to return the to one of the better class of ife at reasonable prices. med] <='nal * a "... %**«ggxoLO fUU., including spraying tube, or mailed by Ely Bros., 56 Warren St. N. Y. is a brilliant orator and in times oast proved himself a fearless public servant in the Jackson county. He — „„ „ great improvement over Congressman Ellie,who disregarded the interests of hie constituents at the behest of Speaker Cannon. THE Kansas cfty Post, the ganog the Reed-Kemper faction in Kansas City, which makes a great display of its Democracy, has bolted the Jackson county ticket because, for the sake of harmony, flie factionists it represents were allowed to have no hand itt naming it. The Post will - —:—x——-^ v *i viio isaib of many Democratic statesmen to such a policy which would, as they believe, plunge the federal government and the individual states hopelessly into debt and mean a concentration of power thai would a fearless be hazardous. They have heard service of the plea of Populist orators for will be a this idea, and have discarded it as impracticable. They may be wrong. It may be, a 3 Mr. Bryan says, that the party will be driven to it to keep the railroads from owning the government. But to force it upon the party now would mean the disruption of the Democratic forces, and it is gratifying to note that Mr. Bryan has so modified hig statement as to make it clear that he does not intend to force rthis doctrine as a Democratic tenet 1908. ^ ".'.•• a little too much wind that makes a cautious man afraid to go un- provided. The thinking man, whose stomach sometimes goes back on him, provides for his stomach by keeping a bottle ot KODOL for DYSPEPSIA within reach. Kodol digests what you eat and restores.the stomach to the condition to properly perform its functions. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy Berlin, Sept., 17—Count Witte, ex-Premier of Russia, was operated upon yesterday for tho fifth time by Prof. Spicss; the operation was slight. M. Witto is being treated at Hamburg for polypi of ihe nose. for uaturrh that •• s " received by the City IMPELLED TO IT, SAYS BRYAN. Jaosson, Miss., Sept. 17—In a letter to Governor James A. Vardaman, W. J. Bryan declared that the main thing which led him to believe in government of railroads was the corruption in politics brought about by private owner ship. Mr. Bryan said: "You are right in sayin I would prefer private ownership if I thought private owrership consistent with pure politics and justice to the pu Beware ol Ointm-nts Contain ivt ns mercury will sun-ly destroy th- s-nsi- of smell und completely derauiti; tin- whole system when enteriiiK u through the mucous surfaces. Hud, arilclos should never be used oxcupt on prescriptions from ivput- uole physicians, ns the damage they will ,lo is ten fold to the Rood you can possibly derive from them. WALL'S OATAURH CUIIK manufactured by F. S.Cheney A Co.. Toledo, O., contains 110 mercury,nnd is taken In- t«rnnlly. acting directly upon the lilood und mucous surfaces of the sy#em. m buying Hull s Catarrh Cure be sure you set the genuine. It is taken Internally »,,u mudo In .loledo. Ohio, oy F. J. Cheney ft Co. Testimonials free. Sold by Druggists. Price, 75c per bottle. lake Hull's Kumily Pills for constlpadlon. or- m blic, aid I came reluctantly to my present position, and I believe that you and other Democrats will be brought reluctantly to the same position. As for the party, it can only act when the voters are ready to act, and it is impossible at this time to say how far public opinion AND yield quickly to the most wonderful discovery in the last hundred years ZEMO + I »nowrecognizedas"Theworld r sgreat- estcure for all diseases of the skin and pup. Itchmgskindiseasesare caused by a germ. ZEMO cures by destroying these germs. It never fails to cure. Sf**li,,5' S- Re ^? olds . 5S6o Maple Ave.. if,r_r^ *• s y s ! I am 73 years old. and I navesusered IB years with i(chine. bnrnin? My son-in-law. Jno. S. Davis of noeCo4" procured a bottle i PRICE; $1.00, AU. DRUGGISTS OR BY EXPRESS PHIPAHSD ONLY BY EW. ROSE MEDICINE CO. 3032 Olive St. SL IXMIU, Mo. i Oiwnuileed ud Sold By • _ P. CfcABK, ORIIQQIST, EXPECT 5,000 U. C. VETS. Joplin, Mo., Sept. 17—Five' thousand visitors are expected in this city September 26 and 27, being the annual reunion of the Missouri brigade of . the United Confederate Veterans. The visitors will include, besides the Confed- lerate veterans, members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Daughters of the Confederacy. The coming of the veterans to Joplin this year is .expected 'to result in the . organization of a branch of the Daughters of the Confederacy. *"••'••. One of the most pleasing fea- jtures is the .assistance which is I being giv.en 'to the plans' by the members of the local camp of the Grand Army of the Republic and the Sons of Veterans. A largo chorus of the best singers in southwest Missouri is being organized to take part in the vari- [ous programs. Heayy, impure blood makes a will support this suggestion I have made." The letter was relative to a statement giyen out by Governor Vardamanin which he stated he would prefer private ownership of railroads with governmental supervision. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Sealed bids will be received up to Monday Sept. 24th at 2 p. m. for certain repairs to be done on the Elm Street Methodist church. Specifications can be seen by calling on Mr. C. Frank Adams, President Board' of Trustees. The committee reserves the right to reject any and all bids. d5t When you have a cold it is well o be very careful about using anything that will cause constipa- ion. Be particularly .careful about preparations containing opiates Use KENNEDY'S LAXATIVE HONEY and TAR, which stops he cough and moves the bowels old by Clark's Pharmacy. «« r ""f 1 ' 00 U " : flrst <llly °' Octo1 "-"-' i" d "r e /", r ,'" SM " ff of <"' »»terlal and the doing of all work amt | aho r necessary to i f"'t S ;,'f VM deWBlk ' M fWt "' """«" '»»» tet«uie of the material described by'and I in accordance with ordinance No SWii sick" ! walk i!0 feet In length and I feet wl I > f muterlal described by and In accordance * 1th ordinance No. •£«>: u aid,;walk: 10 feet in 1 length and -I feet wide of the material de- i scribed by and ;a accordance with ordl- j and'Tf ,' ''!"•" *" U ^''"< W ft>«t in length I • n, feet wide of the material described hy J I;, aeconlance with ordinance Xo.iJl: a I f s dewnlk -10 feet In length „,,„ 4 fl .,. t wl(lo of • I the material describrd by and In accordance ' t « Itl, onhnance N'o. s. K;a s , dt . wn , fc m feet , j-^. length ami I foet wide of the material de- »e:lbed by and in accordance with ordl-• 4. nanco No. Ml:,,.sidewalk m feet In length i ? und I fe,a wide of the material described by I f nnd in accordance with ordinance iVo -H-i " sidewalk-V, feet in Uwictli and .| fe.-t wide of the material described by and In accor- I dance with ordinance No. eiS; „ sidewalk 171 ' leet In length and 4 feet wideof the material described by and In accordance with ordinance Ko. SID;a sidewalk 112 feet In length and 4 feet wide of the material d-scrlbed bv and inaccordnnci! with ordinance No. -MS- ii sidewalk TO feet In length and I feet wide 'of tho material described l,y,,nd Inaccordnnce with ordinance N',... aw; „ sidewalk -TO fe.-t in length and I r,.,. t wide of the material described by and In accordtuice with ordinance No. 251; a sidewalk MI feet in length and I feet wide of the material described by and In accordance with ordinance No. AT" a sidewalk 112 Ian In length and 4 feet wide of the material described by aud In accordance with ordinance No. 353; a sidewalk «u feet In length and I feet wide of the material described by and In accordance with ordinance No. i-ii; a sidewalk I la feet in length and I feet wide of the material described by and in accordance with ordinance No. -53; u sidewalk ifl feet In length and I feet wide of the material described by and Inaccordanc with ordinance No. inii: a sidewalk lUteotii length and I feet wide of the material de scribed by aud in accordance with ordl nance No. 1~<~. The proposals must he according to fora required und furnished by the City Engi neer. A certified check in the sum of JM.CO must accompany each bid to insure the making of a contract. The right to reject any and all bids Is reserved by the City Council, BUEL WIDELY, JlWoptdtd city Auditor. Office Hours: S to IS A. M. 1 to 5 P. M. Vlsltlni; lirmra l)y npDolnbiuunt. OHIIee:Bankof Jlillllcothe bldg. Telephone :no. Or. Ghas. A. Wolfe, Osteopathic Physician Fifth. Year in Chillicothe 9 n e SPEOIALT8 T , IN CHRONIC DI3EA8IES 'COXStTLTATlOS AXD EXAMINATION FREE. CHOCOLATE MINT CRAPE KOLA ORANCE-ADE COCA-COLA •ARRINGTON'S OUNTAIN i M r: 1111 M.1.1. NEW FEED STORE . ...» i ^ u».d opened a new feed store A sour stomach, a bad breath, a on south Locust street opposite . *ety complexion and other W- Platter's stables. I will handle sequences of a disordered dig%s- (wholsale and retail feed and coal. I invite all old and new customers to call. Prices right. L. E. Fullerton. Phone 691. d2w ManZan relieves instantly the a I pain caused by those blind, bleed- the ing, itching and protruding piles. It is put up in collapsible tubes in such a way that it can be applied where the trouble originates, thus stopping the trouble immediately. Try one bottle and if you are not ' "I "• "»« vicatll, tt J wn auuiu LtOCUSC £ pasty complexion and other'con- Platter's stables sequences of a disordered di]~ tion are quickly removedjby use of Ring's Dyspeosia Tal Two days treatment free. Sol< the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. T. B. Bowen of Oallatin n Tuesday business visitor in city. Backache Any person having backache,IJ&^C^ 7 .,?, ™ kidney pains or bladder trouble funded. Try our free offer. ^, who will take two, or three by the N i J - Swet 'and Drug GO. Pine-ules upon retiring -at night M r- and Mrs.'A.' E. Whitaker shall be relieved.before morning announcethe arrival of a ten ... - 6 ' Pound boy at their h, WABASH RATES If you want to go to New York now is the time, the rate is very low, first class tickets and first class eeryice. Homeseekers excursions. One fare plus §2 for the round trip, tickets on sale first and third' Tuesday of each month, limited for return 21 days from date of sale. W.E. CREAMER, Agent. •M.I..M.M..I..M..H i r 11 .I..H..H..H-I-I-It JOHN H. TAYLOR j ATTORNEY-AT-LAW. If J Office: 2nd floor Masonic Temple. 8. 3 I Washington St. Collections made 3. : and promptly remitted. Notary al- 3. ways In ofllce. 4 -I-M'M M-M •: :• r"r"r"H"i'-H'r-i"M-» PHONE 7S THEO SHEPPARD AT TALENT'S BARN. auijdry • The products of this Laundry will correspond nicely with Asphalt Streets and Electric Cars. We cater to the trade that knows. JOff proprietor. f *i:irHH'MrrririiM-r- Cured re- J muddy, pimply complexion, headaches, nausea, indigestion. Thin blood makes you weak, pale ' sickly. Burdock Blood Bitters makes the blood rioh, red, pure Tie medicinal virtues of th» erode gums and resins ob- I pound boy at their home in view township. Fair- It is a well known / medical fact •U^of the virtues of the Native Pine U«tj tlle treatment of diseases of the _., , bladder and Kidneys. Sufferers from backache and other troubles due to faulty action of the kidneys »** v*. uio rumca VL LUC Hi fie of value is relieving all Kidney and Bladder Troubles Ouranint to Oire SiUibcUoo or Mogpy Sd«m.i I _,.._ ._ .--—r- w ,f find relief in the use of Pine-ules. WS/mSS*iiSR; P "' CAP ^ 81 - QO buys 30days treatoent - sow H. J- SVyETlANP DRUQ ^0. r |by th» N. J. Swelled Drug &>. Inflammatory Kneumacism 3 Davs . Morton L. Hill, of Lebanon. Ind.. says"My wife bad. Inflammatory Rheumatism in everv mnscle and Joint: he^ suffering wns terrible and her body and face were swollen almost bnyond recognition: had Seen In bed for six weeks and had eight physicians, but received no benentuntilshe tried the Mystic Ourp for Rheumatism. It (rave Immediate relief and she was nbie to walk about in three days. Jum sure It saved her life." Sold by N. J. Swetlnnd Drus Company. CASTOR IA For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of Weak Kidneys Bright's Disease and Diabetes Use Dr. Shoop's Kestorative to Cure the Cause, If You Suffer From These • Symptoms. are the symptoms of Kidney complaints* auen with sediment, brick dust in urine. S ,^rf ne ? mu ?on!i in urine, unusual de- artnate, pam in passing water, pam In t nnrt „„„ .^ kidney^ not d ^ y anfl dry and brittle, pain ' heavy, sleeplessness, .weight; chilly sensa- \ory, general debil- neart. disorders trouble with skin. (ever, one foot to standing. ,' er treat. worse than , Kidney medi- effeot from loretlcs. These ? 5O7 N. Page LAWYER. Washington Street. I" :-H-I-H-M"M-I-H In Itchint' skin, hai rul Joints, less feel dullness, loss of lions, loss of mem. ity. Irregnla of eyesight, Bearing, waxy ehiftintf from the other in An improp-. ment is often , none. Most , cines get their remedies calleL are practicall nctint'ascathartica i They excite the kid- tion. they cause ovei-1 etic remedies are them NICK RAY'S Bus, Baggage & Transfer Line. I ata now 'located at . M. W. Litton's Livery Barn. All Calls will be promptly attended to. TELEPHONES i RESIDENCE - HENKIKTTA HoTKi.No.40. I 313 43 01.1^ tcuieuies are tnem» selves the freauent cause of serious kidney disease. Don't try M uoctnrthR IrlrtnrtTTQ *.»,=„. i *__ ... J r" kidney" physics" f ~cton the bowels, neys to unusual ao . Jtrain. These dinr- selvcs the frequent Kidneys. Sold and recommended by N. J. SWETLAND DRUG CO. Annie F. Hurxfhal Stenographer Notary Public Fire Insurance Postoffice Buildinjf, Chillicothe. • Phones, Office 318: residence 665. I K-H-r-rM'irr-i'rrm'i-i Pinesalve cleanses wounds, is highly antiseotec, uneaqueled fop cracked hands. Good for cuts.Solc} by the N. -J. S^etluad Drug Co, HOLLISTER-S nocky Mountain Tea Nuggets i Busy Mediohw for Busy People Brings Ooiden Health and Henewed Vi CTr CTM»/'iflrt t*n_ /"l™_i- if_ . •, .. _ . O""- •f'H-r •! -H-I-H-H-H-H M-H-H- *Zp^^3S&&£&gft&. && ) &£'&£ P ^. Snivr'"' l.r.tOEN NUGGETS FOR SALLOW PEOPLE [ a v.ptc L.OA VW C Sweet to Eat DAVIS & SONS, i ATTORNEYS AND COUNiSEI/ORS. Notary always in office, ..; A Office: 516 Washington ; | St., Chillicothe, Missour I f I s • 'i I":

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