Independent from Long Beach, California on May 18, 1957 · Page 15
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 15

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 18, 1957
Page 15
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Television Log * .*. ·_ "" " ·- i-«c i- . ^^ SATURDAY, MAY 18,1957 - V. COLOR ON TV ; " StSO PJW. .^ i-Nomll 5 4--Vacation Tune · ·"·. 8 P. H. . ·' v 4--Perry Como Show . * fttnut portions only 8:00 A.M. 4 . , i 2--Susan's Show " . ; 5--Movie: "Oklahoma Fran] · tier," Johnny Mack Brown " »'M ... "'· -.-·· ,,, ', '2--Cartoons ;-, . , »tU ' - ' ' · 3 Captain Kangaroo ' ' . " 13-aacrtd Heart 9:00 A. ML ", 4--The Big Picture · · 5--Movie: "Boss Rider of Gun Creek," Buck Jones 7--Mystery Movies (to 12:30) '· 11--Western Movies (to noon) . 13--Garry Goodwin (to 11:30) i . BlSO . . . . - , - · 4--The Gumby Show ' · , 10:00 A. M. % ' 3--Mighty Mouse PlayhouM 4--Fury, Bobby Diamond 5--Monrovia day Parade 10130 2--Play Bail I Gil Stratton ' · 4--Howdy Doody . ·,, ' 10145 2--Baseball: Tigers-Yankees 9--News Review . . . . ( 11:00 A. M. 4--Baseball: Indlans-Senators 9--Roy Rogers movie; "Under Nevada Skies" , HIM i 13-Short Story '· ,.':..'. 12:00 NOON ' 5--Movie: "Adventure In . Washington," Herbert ".Marshall 9--Movie: "Dark Mirror." .Olivia de Haviland, Lew Ayres 11--Eleanor Hempel Show 13--Movie: "Voice In the Wind," Francis Lederer · - -· · HIM '*"-·· 7-Public Service Film '' ' · · · · . 1:00 P . M. , 7--Landscape for Living 11--Braven Dyer (1:10) . -' (ISO '·-·' 2--The Lone Ranger 7--Crlslsi "A Letter for the . Queen," Alt KJellan s, .* ana ,.,,.;'.,···· 2--Wlnriers Circle ^ 9--TBA " ;' 6:00 P.M. 2--Six o'clock Report ',"'.,· 4--Lee Glroux, News -5--Pet Showcase, Tom Dlxon 7--Lawrence We)Jc Show 9--Adventure Album , '·'..' 11--Hopalong Cassldy 'V, . 13--Heart ot the City »V ens i 4-Pllm: "Pacific Paradox" SlSO ·.,.,,· 2--The Buccaneers ·"·· '· ·. 4--Steve Donovan **"-:"· 5--Strictly Informal, Larry Flnley 9-Wllly, June Havoc 11--China Smith. Dan Duryea 13--The Range Rider 7:00 P.M. . 2--Jackie Gleason Show ' '4-Death Valley Days: "The . M a n Who Was Never f ,. ''Licked." Bill Hudson · '! 5--Hometown Jamboree, ' ; Cllffle Stone . v . 7--This Is Galen Drake 9--Movie: "Since You Went Away," Claudette Colbert, Joseph Gotten (Part I) [1--Global Zobel; "Tobermory Bay" 13--Stories of the Century , r 7llO 4--People Are Funny, *, ., ·Art Llnklottw- 7--Rock 'n' Roll Revue. AJan Freed, LaVerne B a Jeer There was so much comment about the family comedy tkl used by the "George Gobel Show" on April 20 that produce Jack Donohue has set anothe one for tonight, . Jeff Donnell will, be George wife, Allc«, and Jack Klrkwoo will be her father who pays a uninvited visit to the newlyweds apartment. The father Insls they continue their lives just a If he weren't there ... a rathe difficult thing for honeymooners "George Gobel Show" Is o (4) at 10 p,m. DAYTIME DATA ' "Susan's Show" (2) at 8 ajn, newest entry In the children' category, went over well wlfli our two youngsters and they're pretty critical. So we expec your small fry will, enjoy Ui nlklng table, .cartoons, Mr Caesar P. Penguin and the hos tess, Susan . . -4 TheiMonrwi Day Roundup Parade. In hono of the city's 71st' anniversary will be on (3) from 10 to 1 noon . . . Horse nntleni kidnap Joey during the "Fury" episode on 14) at 10 a.m. starring Bobby Diamond, Incidentally, E o b h ; and two other stars will gues at the Cub Pack S3 carnival a' I p.m, Sunday In Garden Grove Park . .. Bobby ShanU, Yankee pitcher, talks with Dizzy Dean on "Baseball Preview" (2) 10:45 and then atlO:33 the Yan- tees play the Tigers . , . The Cleveland I n d i a n s ; p l a y the Washington Senators on (4) at Charlie Grada, Andy Wil- 11--Baseball: Hollyw'd-Seattle ·4--Farms and Gardens · j 5--Movie: "Home of Seven . " . Gables," George .Sanders 7--This Is Country America, · ' Eddie Dean 9--Roy Rogers movie: "San , Fernando" . . 13--Movie: "Enemy of Women" Donald Wood* . . lilS - .?· 'i' 2-KNXTNewi -·"£·' v v 2:00 P.M. ";. 2--Doodles' Clubhouse ' , ,,, 4--Industry on Parade .'.' .. 4--Sen. Knowland; Film ItSO 2--The Preakness (PImlloo) 4--(Color) NorveU Glllesple 9--Movie: "Secret Beyond the . Door," Joan Bennett · 3:00 P. M. 2--The Lone Ranger · 4--Get the Facts, Paul Pierce 5--Movie: "Charlie Chan In ' Rio," Sidney Toler ' 7-Movle: "Saddle Serenade," · Jimmy Wnkely 13--Movie: "The Prairie." Alan : Baxter . , '·" 3*0 " '"'' ' - ' ' , ' 2--Buster Keaton Film 4--Capt. Gallant, B. Crabbe 4:00 P.M.' i t--Tales of Texas Rangers 4--True Story: "A Stranger , . in Town" 5--Movie:-"Trail Drive," Ken Maynard. 1 llanu 11--Sheriff of Cocnlse, John , Bromfleld 13--Movie: "The Great John . L," Rory Calhoun, Linda "'Darnell 8:00 P. M . ' · · - · · · ' 2--Oh Susanna, Gale Storm ' 4--(Color)'Perry Como Show, ,..,Joey Bishop, Janis Paige, Mrs, America, Lou Carter 5--Movie: "The Horn Blows at 10:55 ... Hollywood and Seattle play on (11) at 1:25 p.m. Jimmy Wakoly, Curt Massey and Lefty Frlzzell on "This Is Country America" (7) at 1:30 The Preakness, second jewel In the triple crown, will be seen on (2) at 2:30 ... Los Angelas Midnight," Jack Alexis Smith Benny, 7--Rocky Jones, Space Ranger · ' . 4ilS 9--Movie. "Big Street," Lucille Ball, Henry Fonda -4IW ' ' ·· ' 2--Captain Jet ' 4--Detective's Diary (Mark . Saber), Donald Gray ·7--Rln-TuvTtn ' · 13--Movie: "Beyond Tomorrow," Richard Carlson · ·' ' 4)43 11--Extra Inning · ' . S:00 P. M. "" ; 3--Winners Circle 4--(Color) Vacation Time, ' Jack McElroy 5--Movie: "Stone of Sliver Creek," Buck Jones 7--Joe Palooka Story · * ' U--Dick Whlttlnghlll Show i flilS 3--Hollywood Park Race ' 7--Brit movie: "Eureka Stockade." Chips Rafferty 11-TV Reader's Digest: "Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts," Johnny Johnston 8dO 2--S.R.O. Playhouse: "Officer Needs Help," Stephen Me- Nally 9--Legion. Boxing: Kid Cen- tals vs. Paul Armstesd 11--I Led Three Lives,-Richard - Carlson · , 9:00 P.M. '·'-'·'' ''-' 2--Gunsmoke, James Amess ' 4--Sid Caesar's Hour ,..' 7--Herman Hover Presents · *' 11--Mr. District Attorney ' · 13--Movlei "Dishonored Lady," · Hedy Lamarr ,, , , . ^ , v -tiio*-- v .vv., 2--The Big News: Holcomb, Pierce. Stratton, Weir ; 5--Perez Prado Show , 7--Sound Stage: "Christmas for Sweeney," Bruce Cabot 11--San Francisco Beat 10:00 P. M. ' · 2--Movie: "Sun Valley Serenade," Sonja Henle, John · Payne 4--George Gobel Show, with Jeff Donnell, Jack Kirk. , wood i 5--Movie: "The Petrified Forest," Bette Davis, Leslie Howard, Humphrey Bcgart 7-Ozark Jubilee 11--Town Hall Party (to 1) ' . . 10iso 4-Your Hit Parade 7--Movie: "Railroaded," John Ireland. Handicap on. (2) at BilS from Hollywood Park. , ,.. - 7 PJft'*'"" "Jackie Gleason Snow? with Regale Van Gleason III and Joe the Bartender as the start. Visiting will be singe Monica Lewis and comedla ·j JEFF DONNELL ' · . | On Oobcl Show ..,-/ ' * t" '."*". · ' 4 * . . ' . '' op-fllght recording stars. Th s second of two shows. Woman's Intuition Is put to the. test of "People Are-Funny 4) when a wife Is asked to pic ut · her husband's . secret*! rom three girls. - ' C O L O R -- "Perry Com Show" (4) has the winner an wo runners-up of the Mrs America contest wearing $5,000 000 worth of, diamonds Indue ne the Transvaal, Klmberly an he new Baumgeld. Also bllle re Janls Paige, Joey Bishop Lou'Carter and others.. The tragic life of Stephen oiler Is dramatized .on "TV eader's Digest" over (11) with ohnny Johnston starred. Johnny Haymor with the Jun Taylor Dancers, ,-' The story of Lucky Baldwin a man who parlayed a livery stable into a fortune Un mlnlni utocks, Is told on "Death Valley Days" over (4). A "crime" will be committed before your eyes and the home audience will be asked to solve [he case when "This Ii Galen 3rake" aim on (7). Mclvln Purvis, FBI accnt who was Instru mental In capturing DHHncer, Floyd and other gangsters, will be a guest. 7IMP.M. .' 1 Alan Freed thinks ' parents should watch hi* "Rock 'n' Roll Revue" (7) M they will have a better understanding of the current craze for this type of music. Buesta tonljht are LaVerne Baker, Ivory Joe Hunter, Andy Kid Centalia, Central Amerca's lightweight champion, faces auKAimstoad on the "Holly wood Lerfon '·Fights" (9). Bob Celly calls the bouts. Outside* S t e p h e n McNaHy through . a severe test ol aracter as chief of police of a small town on a 90-day.tryout during "S.R.O. Playhouse" 13), a re-run summer series. Good show, too. · , . B P.M. A calculating gunman whose ruthless stock In trad* Is shoot- Ing down men he goads Into drawing against him, learns that the courts are not the only way in which justice may be served during "Gunsmoke" (2). 10P.M. "George Gobel Show" (4). See above. The movie on (2) will 'be 'Sun Valley Serenade" starring "onja Henle, John Payne, Milton lerle, Joan Davis and Glenn i Millers orchestra. One of the ,f6 op songs from the musical Is Chattanooga Choo Choo." ' SPINNING THE DIAL ' " FRANK SINATRA will check n at the Sam Goldwyn Studios . .. , . ,,,,. .. ^._. . . .. ^. Radio Programs ; .. · -: ,,». ·· . O · , TM .. KiM , , , f 40 ttvl 7.-00 -mil t A. M. SATURDAY, BUY 18.1987 Race Trials on Air Time trUli tor the Memoria Day 500-Mile auto rase di will be broadcait direct from tbft back at iDdlanapoU* at 3i3t p. m. today and Sunday on radio station KBIG. --»·». [r««s!! KHJ-- Farm Mt KNX-lll H»rr KaiR-KiUllr HlllUMl rr IMw 8:00 A. M. --Utmtt 14 H ~WMUM ·· KNX--lUtart 0. --tUnt'mi RMI {ABO--Hun Ummi. t tr KU4K- Uw» I. K« 9:00 A. M. KM--Unlit FIlM * D.Mf (JIJ-N.wi, M,. Anthm (NX--Ntw.i ·tarrMllll KOIlt-- Bttlltn/ Ckaptl 10:00 A. M. i il.ry Muur iinUT Bwln .A. rourfq mis on WnMll rmb Skew SlN i RMnduv H}-- Bo5 Birkn Show Krox-- TIB M rum w HlulM uit 11:00 A. M. tFI-- Bor Olrl * B»M Hi-- S.wi, J»«n W.uM NX-- Ncwii Anoc-Anqy QER-Worli! uurnturi lllS* . n-- fun * Horn. -- OCR--Otank H«wg O--Bill r»ln« ||q . -- S P O I U M M (to t) KQEK--i)ll KHJ-jMk iMr Skow KHX^TIu FioliMM 8:00 P.' M. Kn-FM Ret Trltli OB Wh* -- J»f WjlHr SHOW 4:00 P. M. en-- Mm r»rtf ABr-- U«f Bill (t tORR-- Ntw! Tb. iu T o 1:11) ! Tb. Inn W-- J IQER-- IlnlUi KOKR-- W. w««n»r T«J» S:00 P. M. KMX--T»l«r ubr*r LM tilt » U A. ABO--(uo r«iw anMr. (V^Tm«*S«r EH--om or»w i mu }--MUllt ft-rou OMII Nt 6:00 P. M. ._ N«iM| i*n« . --Hiwtll rilllf ' ~ irti| Arm4 n--M*n. Uouur jifco--L*mw'» Hxrr . KABO-Edutfu. Rip«rt 8:00 P. M. XASO-)('· Vnir KNX-OII H»i KOKB--A. »:00 P. M. Ntwi' Sponi; W«llT(«i|o) I--Ntwl , ,1--TllMUblt KXOX--Jotinor »ll la 11 KQEB--Bill Brojdw.ll Sltf KHJ-A«rr»i HIM P«I(U KUKIi^HlrMt* daw SiM KM--AMr MinifUld Show P«ll WllKll . KABO-- N«l i IUIL, Boi \IIJ-Monlc* , (NX--Oil Htnrr Mtimr KQErl--Dr. orr, BIIMi KHJ--D*l«lln« DffHM 10:00 P. M. 'ABC--NfWll flporut ' Plilltrbrtln* (10:10) ;HJ--HBO ;u ciui t!lx~IO 0lMk Win ICIb-Albirfi Co*pn l(X-Ciml! U AIMI , OHR--ClrtH Uliiloa . 1»|M flBO-- LAvr«nr« W«lh ;HJ--Bonialr Pi Ml NX--Ptiilln Notmtn QER--F. D«U(|» Ftrrtlt 11:0(1 P. M. i--H«irw Da you f vtr Otf ' ANYTHING Ip R E E ? Nol It corht money to lend an «part TV technician to your home to tervlce your . / Ca/l l/i fer fa Heseif, TV SERVICE ' Crtrfft AvalleU* . ,- SISVICI ';" AIL AIMS . HE 6-1271 ME, 0-1237 I HE 9-1683 JOURNEYMAN'S TV - «01 I. Ittk : 2 50 Call ABO^-Auto IntonnkU*)! HI--Tut N»-WhMI MX«/l«Wf; Ipofta rox-Rwm RHII QEA--Cliranet W*lel) UIIS eO-tM',_nm t. TWO to T«w» H You Must Repair Your: OwnTV · Call ME 3^)791. Tell us (he make and model number of your TV. We will look up the dla- gram and tell you the location of the tubes which could be causing the trouble. Bring your tubes to our store where we carry a c o m p l e t e stock of SYLVANIA Tubes and they will » checked FREE by a competent technician. Our «tore Is located at 4998 FACULTY, across fillTM *· Lnhewood Center Post .B.C. BOB HOPS U set for e first show providing he's round.'the country^ In July. FRANKJE will make" a total of films this summer .., JOAN A U L F I E L D and MARION ORNE will be teamed In a new rles called "Sally" on NBC In e fall. Tale of a department after a ball game TONY MRV/CF Of M A R T I N , JULIUS LaROSA, JAYE P. MORGAN, GEORGIA GIBBS and VAUGHN MONROE will headline a full-hour musical on June 19 with MARTHA CAR. SON, GEOFFREY H O L D E R and the EDDIS HEXWOOD TRIO as added attractions . . . lems . . . HAPPY FELTON. a nightclub comic of some fame, debuts a new show called "It's A Hit" on June 1. It's a qulzzer for youngsters and Is patterned sade for Christianity" at Madison Spuare Garden will be televised by NBC on June I, Irst time one of his revivals lave been nationally aired . . . 1 - . . . , | July 8 to begin filming his 1 ' ew series for t fall release on Williams and Charlie Oracle, all Magnavox High Fidelity Open INDEPENDENT--P«d« A.II *e to**. Mil* fa*, M.r II, HIT'. M I 13--Movie: "Here's Flash 'Casey," Eric Linden 10l45 9--Movie:' "San Qusntln," Lawrence Tlerney 11:00 P. M."'. 4--Lee Glroux, New.s 11 (IB ' ' ' 4-Movle: ·' "A Close Call for , , Ellery Queen." William . Gargan j , lliSO -' : .'.S--Movie; "Underground Agent," Bruce Bennett 12 MIDNIGHT 2--Mov^e; "The'Angel and the Badman." John Wayne 7--Movie: "Dangerous In- ·, trader," Sidney Toler ' 1:00 A. M. *' 5--Final Edition, Jay Elliott U--Horket to Stardom ,. Autothon (to 11 a.m.) .' Auto Races Time Trials for the great Memorial Day Classic : will be broadcast Direct from the Track · ' · ' " ' · - ·· - : . ; over ^ '. · 5 3 KBIG THE CATALINA STATION 740 ON YOUR RADIO DIAL . SATURDAY 3:30 to 4:00 P.M. Four Staff Chiefs -to Broadcast Salute The (our Chiefs ot Staff will broadcast a special salute to Armed Forces Day to be broad' oast at 8:05 p.m. on radio sta tlonKNX ... Individual roles of the services under unification, m well as techniques brought on by modern-day weapons w i l l be discussed by Admiral Arlelgh A. Burke, chief of naval operations; Gen. Randolph M. Pate, commandant, USMC; Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor, USA; and Gen. Nathan F. Twining, USAF, ACTIVE' HOUR i TRUCKS TO snvrrou GA|34)113 MILT 10 to 10 MMtewMMMJLVp, E-X-P-A-N-S-I-O-N task Term -- N* Dawn. Al 1H7 Medels We «MmrM t* ttft All DlM«ati V40NI ANnNNA KITJ MH tut, SI4-H Now * KCKET SIZE RADIDI IIMU Rsg, SIMS - Ntw It TAILI MODEL I-TUBI RADWI SI4S5 Rlf. US.N Now 1st 7 only NEW 21" HOFFMAN SMQII with trstfs. liw si 113 NEW II" HOFFMAN MAKE . ' CONSOLE M ssiltn. I]" pssksrs. , · SI QQH ~" Tntt Till !·(« C**rf M«y 17, II. If, 20 -- M, ROBERTS TV · . tin I. aRTESI* (Istwssa Orsnn tnt Mlsirtli) N, L I. " MM l»_t« SJI«M«y Mj fUu -- CHlMr D»ji Till · -- a«M TwttSw 1-Hour Service NO FIX --HO PAf 7-9«72 TTV! 2174 PACinC aanavox FAIR'S 900 E. 7th (if AtamltM Av.,) HEM49I TV SERVICE ALL MAKIS , PICTURI TUIIS MUIVTZ TV SALES SERVICE GA 7-4420 -- CA 7-561 5 I I 5 0 L WAROLOWHD, OHH SVININOI M IUNBATI »DAr AND Nf SERVICE CALLS Tfl.P«Y Phone HE 8-3423 LOHNER TV SERVICE 7TH ST_*_.v «-*. L. ONLY AT TV DRIVE-ll^ W»«r* Jerrlc* Ii · '5* 2537 AMERICAN PHONE CA T-MI4 io te t i te 7 fUMar Itrrt.. WsW* r». W.H · it.¥ mi -, TV SERVICE CAZXS HE 4-6413 PROMPT IFFICKNT IIRVICI 9 TO » DAILY A SU.XDAlCJ ' PICTURI TUII RIJUVINATID PRI A»Mm»l ImtDllW C.rapl«f» 14.»l . HOMI t AUTO RADIOS RRPAIRID^ I W* Stick PcrtibU RidU MH*rr«s VKT TV «20f» B. Anaheim ·AMI PISIONNIl SINCI If*. SALE NEW 21" HOFFMAN Klpls TV. ·Mirk V thsMls, tint iiirtrtl, ihene Istk, ssr plioni pji GA 9-5011 TV C A R W O O D T V S E R V I C E M.HR. SIRVICI . HOME CALLS 2 AU-; MAXtt W04MUFF with trsils . NEW II" MOTOROLA lew toy. rowir-tmlnb nnoli soirttsl pi»r. . R«. SIMJI Nsw :: irss ItlMOTI OONTROL ., SK Isf. 11,11 _, iNtw 0 TV SERVICE ALL AREAS OPIN SUNDAY U OPEN SUNDAYS HEmlock 5-8489 6-6551 50 HOME CALLS DegleyTV 330 E. 10TH ST^ L I. Til PICTURE $t *£ I · TUBES I "'· I.II MT 1 nn ll»--l.lMf FMtwy (·Si; IlKS I S W TlllVltlll lltllMlltS 141 I. SStlSWII II.J.1MI OrM ItNu.l It I-««MW f-' TV SERVICE ·5JJ1U2 BURKES.

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