The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 6, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 6, 1920
Page 3
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EUROPE MUST GO TO WORK PLAN LOWER PRICES Should Produce a Great Deal and Import Little, Says Secretary Houctor. ' -t Washington Fi'li. 6.—"Afrcr Mu> -havoc wrought- " five yoMrs.oi' i>xpU>r .sion. Europe-siinpli to work. proiliM'B us imifh us possible, import- ns 1 she IMM X niirt i.Tinhiii!!y bring iibniu an f.(|uillhrlmn between Imports :in<t cixpnrrs,"- sii'O SPLTetnry of -the" Tr< :-surv Hcus'nn in speiiking of the illsnrtluri":! fovclgn <;xcliiinge sitnnrinn. "TlioVo is norhinj in rlie situation, however, to ahirnf A'npri- c:in business men," the secretary added. Market Officials From Thirty States Meet in ' ew York. French Academy Hails Focn. Paris, Feb. G.—Marshal Ferdinand Foch, leader of the sillies' armies In the final victorious stages of the world war, joined the ranks of "the immortals." Ho was received by 'the French academy to the presence of a large and 1 brilliant assemblage. "Nifty" is my name. f have hired myself to.the niftiest clothing store in this town. You will see me and my pet lamb in this paper, every week. We will remind you where to buy the clothes you need. REMEMBER when you see us—and see us you MUST-that we mean good, "nifty" clothes for a low price. I'm going to work for I HALF CF- SIBERIA FORCE OUT War Department Announcement Says D.'SI Army and 500 Welfare Men Remain. ' •SV.islilni.nnn, Fob. "i.—Half of the S.OOO American soldiers in Siberia have heeh withdrawn. The war department nouiK'i'il ihut on .Tiinuary 27 there remained 'J71 nflicprs. 4.010 onlisied. men nno :"flo r>i\-ilip.n welfare workers. LOCAL NEWS Gus Trobaugb. and sister, Mrs. T. C. Moody are in St. Louis, having been called there because o£ the serious illness of their mother, Mrs. R. A. Trotaugh. of Johnston City, made his regular business trip here yesterday. He also visited his sisters, Mrs. Besse Moake and Mrs. Ella Murphy. Mrs. Parker Chastaine left, this afternoon for Chicago to visit her hus- 'baiid, who is in the I. C. offices there. They will Spend Sunday with .Miss Louise Marshall in Kalamazoo, Mich. Miss Marshall, .former librarian at the Normal here, is librarian at a public library at Kalamazoo. MTS. Chastaine expects to return the first of next week. ^ Wdllafd P. Wall of Murphysboro was ere yesterday enroute to DuQuoin on a business trip. Mrs. A. E. Dunn of Murphysboro, instructor of music in the local public schools, resumed her duties today, having recovered from several days' illness. Mr. and Mrs. B. 3. J. Bush expect to remove soon from, West Main St. to an apartment in the Marker flat. PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT Wants books to keep, do auditing and prepare income tax returns*. "M," care Fre& Press. Deputy Internal Revenue Collector C. E. White of Murphysboro was a business visitoi here today. Solve your soot problems by using "Universal Spot Destroyer," 35c per ponad carton. Room 2, Halstead Building.—Advertisement. 35c will make your wife and the cook happy, if spent for a pound carton of .Soot Destroyer. Room 2, Hal- ste'ad Building.—Advertisement. REPUBLICAN WOMEN All Republican women are requested to meet Saturday p. m. to organize, 3 o'clock sharp at Elks Home. MTS| Margaret Flint; countjr chairman will be present. . . . ,Nellie S. Searing, District Chairman. Advertisement. MASONS ATTENTION Special meeting of Shekinah lodge No. 241 Thursday and Friday evenings, Feb. 5 and 6, at 7 o'clock, for work. T. A. Weaver, W .M. H. C. Mertz, Secretary. Advertisement. . Miss Mabel Ktaarns spent yesterday afternoon with friends in Murphysboro. Engineer Pete Staudt resumed his duties on. a run between here and Pinckneyville yesterday, having been off duty because of the serious illness of his son, Herman, who is much improved. NOTICE Chas. B. .Gordan of Benton was here yesterday on business.' ' After being rejected by the Painters' Union (after they robbed me) I have my hat in the ring for 1920. My cards are on the table face up. My prices will be furnished on application by postal card. Sam Hinchcliff. 806 Schwartz St. Advertisement. The Style Shop " where 9^tj Profits Forgotten, Costs Ignored in this final Sweeping Glean Up OF ALL REMAINING -WINTER. GO ATS Every Coat Must go ! 'Choice of every Winter Coat in the house at lour sacrifice prices. Nothing e::cepted. Magnificent fur trimmed cloth coats of finest Silvertone, Wool Velour, etc., also elegant Seal plushes, all included in this sweeping clean up. Coats "to 35.OO now Coats to 4O.OO now Coats to Coats to 6O.OO now $16.33 $21.13 $26.33 $33.33 Seek to Solve the Problem*. Which Will Tend to Lower Cost of Foodstuffs. " . New York, Feb. 6.—Market officials from thirty states assembled .here to organize the National Association of State Marketing Officials. They seek to solve problems which, will tend to lower the price of foodstuffs. The conference will end on Saturday. Greater production, better transportation, prevention of loss in. perishable foods and standardization of - v fruits, and vegetables were some of the questions before the conference. Others Included Inspections and certification of products, licensing storage warehouses, activities of co-operative as ~ sociations, interchange of market quotations and . measures for . promoting uniform legislation'concdfcning market- Ins In the various states. Telrporary officers chosen at a preliminary meeting were: Dr. Eugene H. Porter, New York state commissioner nf foods and markets, president; L. G.. Foster of "Wisconsin, vice president; L. H. Rhodes, Florida, secretary, and Guy C. Smith, Pennsylvania, assistant secretary. The decrease in cold storage' egg prices was explained as being due to the'fact that the expected European demand for eggs did not fully.develop. THE STYLE SHOP CARBONDALE. ILL \ . FRANCE 0. K.'S GREY, REPORT Ambassador Jusserand Said to Have Approved of the Treaty Reservations. Paris, Feb. 6.—Official- confirmation is lacking as to the correctness! of a report printed here that the French government has instructed Ambassador .Tusserand at Washington to define the attitude of France toward the proposed senatorial reservations to the treaty of Versailles. It is declared on the highest authority, however, that the French government is aware M. Jusseran'd has taken the sahie attitude in the matter as Viscount Grey, British ambassador to the United States, and that no disapproval of that attitude has been expressed by the French government. YALE TONIGHT "SOMETHING TO DO" * • He was doing- it to ftelp her through. You see he was a useless millionaire who wanted "Son-e' thing to do" v -ui-c- He got all he was Booking for and more. And there s something doing every minute in "Something to do ,•'••• --.--.: ALSO , ^ CHARLIE CHAPLIN in "THE SQUARE HEAD" 6:30.8:15, H c and 2 2c ' .MONDAY CHAS. RAY in "Greased Lightning "PAY UP," RUSSIA IS WARNED Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Holland Demand Guarantees From .Soviet Government. ( Copenhagen, Feb. 6.—Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Holland have agreed they will not resume trade with soviet Russia before Russia's debt to nationals of those countries has been paid or guaranteed, It is learned here. An invitation to a conference to be held soon at Geneva will be issued to governments of "all European countries and the United Stairs, and it Is proposed to reach an agreement concerning action to be taken on this question. ARABS HAVE GERMAN RIFLES Spaniards. From Morocco Say That ' Rebels Are Equipped With . Modern Firearms. Madrid, Feb. 5.—A dispatch to El Imparclal from Malaga says several Spaniards have "arrived at Malaga from Mellllla, in the Spanish zone, MorpcA, who assert that they encountered numerous rebel Arabs, carrying large numbers' of modern German rifles. These rifles, It is declared, bore' the same marks as those used by the Germans in the European war. [CONVICT A FORMER GOVERNOR LOOT VAULT IN HEART-OF N. Y. Burglars Make Haul Fro'm the Pittsburgh Steel Company in .:-. Equitable Building. New York, Feb. 0.—The vault of the Pittsburgh Steel company in the Equitable building was looted by burglars; A large, sum in securities was stolen. The Equitable building, which is in the heart of the-financial district, houses the New York branch of the Federal Reserve bank. BANKERS TO HELP FRANCE U. S. Financiers Plan to Assist in Floating Big Loan—May Take "I *2,000,'0p0,00p. ; Earls, Feb.' 6.— -A' portioV' of'i the new French Joan will be fldated in the United States through a consortium of bankers and will be placed In dollars with, a view to easing the exchange situation, it Is learned here.' These.-bouds will'bear o per cent interest, as in France, being redeemable with a 50 per cent bonus within 60 years. It. is understood the amount to be placed, in the United States has not been fixed, as estimates of American financiers who have been consulted have varied considerably as to the total subscriptions probably obtainable. Some of these estimates have run as high as ?2.000,000,000. ASK WOMEN TO SHOVEL SNOW New York Street-Cleaning Commissioner Offers to Pay Them Men's 1 Wages to Work. New York, Feb. C.—"Women Wanted to Shovel Snow at 50 Cents an Hour." That was the sign hung out by Street Cleaning Commissioner McStay. A force of 12.000 men was needed to cope with the extraordinary situation caused by the heavy fall of snow, hail and sleet and less than 4,000 men had applied for work. The commissioner therefore announced that he would give jobs to women if they applied and would puy them the same wages as men. • . "The high wages pair! elsewhere makes it almost impossible for us to get m««," the commissioner said;' "I wish some of the women who did men's work during the war would come to/ our aid now." '."•-. Juriors at Montpelier Hold Graham of Vermont Is .Guilty of Embezzlement. Montpelier, Vt., Feb. G.^ 1 —Former GOT. Horace F. Graham was found guilty of embezzlement of state funds while he was state auditor by a jury here. THE PEOPLE'S COLUMN Ca.h In Advance. One month, per word One week, per word ...'." One inBertton, per word .. Three insertions, per word WANTED. WANTED—Energetic man-to sell and distribute high grade make of tire. Attractive proposition 'for the right man. Clyde C. Oldham, State Distributor, Urbana, 111. WANTED—Woman to cook and do light housework. Best of wages. Apply Style Shop. FOB- «l«wrr-—-,- •—: FOR RENT—Two iron room* OT«T Style Shop, for office or Bleeping room*. Apply Miss Rieth, Normal and Hour** St. FOR RENT—Five room, house. 'Phone 466 K. ' ' ; ' 'FOR RENT—Room. 307 West Oak. PALMER'S 7 'HAT IN THE RING Attorney General Announces His Candidacy for the Democratic Pre«. idential Nomination. Chicago, Feb. 0.—Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer, stopping over In Chicago an 'hour, threw his hat Into j the presidential ring. It was the j first admission by rho attorney general 'that he would permit active advocacy of his candidacy for.the Democratic presidential nomination. Mr. Palmer said he would make his war on profiteers and.the regulation of big industries his chief platform plank. He held a conference with District Attorney Clyne. FOR RENT—Storage tor househoM goodi, to the one story brtcfe bntidtu. -"merit floors, on alley back' of a*w -h Theatre. Apply Ulu 1 FOR RENT — 2 furnished' light housekeeping rooms. 411 South-Poplar. -. - ' • -. .- : FOR SALE. FINDS'EX-ASSEMBLYMAN RED New York Jury Decl'ares Benjamin Gitloyv Guilty of Criminal •• Anarchy. New York,'"Feb: '6.—Bpnjaniin 'oft- low, former Bronx assemblyman, was -found .guilty of criminal anarcfhy by a jury in the criminal branch. o£ the Starr; supreme court here Wanted "We need 25 mor e Girls in our Garment Factory at once. Some of our girls who started a few months ago are now earning between 3.00 and 4.00 Dollars a day ' You can do the same. • Apply \ . • . * Garment Factory Marx-Haas Clothing Co. FOR SALE—A small, tract' ot ground, west side, containing about 2% acres within,15 F>inutes walk of I. C. R. R. station on/ td roads, beautiful building spot, 'suitable for. market gardening, small fruits, .berries, etc.,or poultry raising. Terms to suit purchaser. Address Lock Box 46,.. Carbondale, m. ~ : . FOR SALE—Bicycle In good condition. Call Opera House Drug Store. • FOR SALE—Mare, buggy and harness. Cheap, if taken at once. Opera House Drug Store.- ',••-'-.'' ' FOR SALE—Pony. Inquire 703 V SSt Pecan. FOR SALE— Five I room, house and large lot, close to town,'$1500. Call at 305 East Main St. • 3JOST—Box o£ waists on square Tuesday. Return to Taggart (Hat Shop. Reward. ECZEHA Money back without question if HUNT'S Salve fails in the treatmentof ITCH, ECZEMA RINGWORM, TETTER-or other itching/skin diseases. Try D 75 rent box at our ri»k.. HEWITT'S DRUG STORE AVIATOR JUMPER^ IS KILLED Earl Burgess, Paring Airman, Falls' From Wing of Airplane at | Los r Angeles. Los Angeles, Cal., Feb. G.—K. Earl Burgess, daring pr.rarhnte jumper anil aviator, w:is instantly killed by a fall from an -airplane while performing stunts ^or a motion picture concern.. Burgess was hanginy from a skid wing _ of the plane which was flying at an I elevation of about 150. feet followed by another plane'carrying tte camera man. Burgess seemed to lose his hold when .the plane gave a sudden lurch.. The accident • took' place near the- speedway at Beverly Hilla.

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