Independent from Long Beach, California on March 31, 1962 · Page 12
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 12

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 31, 1962
Page 12
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OPEN SUN. 12 to 5 4547-49 L Anaheim St., Long Beach GE 9-1200 WASHINGTON--A strangcj"ihcse space communications [argument has been taking arc possible only because we 'place before the same con- have invested something in grcssional committee that got|the neighborhood of $175,- txcitcd over pjyolu to 000.000 of the taxpayers' mcnt sold its phone lines on^havc the plant antitrust suit military posts to ATT, and against A T T and Western the CAB sold its $5,000,OOOJElectric dropped, and that government land lines to the they were successful. Foreign Trade Minister Mail' rice Brasscur Friday «ald the U.S. decision to raise import duties on ca.^ij u.,J b lu-;| was a "|iulillcal b l u n d e r disc jockeys and the secret answers given participants on | TV quiz shows. This argument hasn't made [ headlines, but it will affect I'the future of the U.S.A far more than the questions given in advance to Charles Van jDorcn on i'Twenty-Onc." It will even have greater repercussions than the favors done by PEARSON Sherman Adams for Bernard Golfine in return fur an Oriental rug and a vicuna coat. For the same Harris committee; w h i c h raised its rye brows over these giveaways now* wants to lease away the money. "I do not believe that there is any justification for turning over this whole program, so heavily subsidized by the government to the existing communications industry. "A monopoly created by legislation should not be satellite which control )ig phone company. turned over to few," said the a favored President's the f u t u r e communications between the United States and the world. The Harris c o m m i t t e e . named for chairman Orcn Harris of El Dorado, Ark., is the House Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee, and it proposes to put the management of the communi rations satellite in the hands of the giant American Tele phone and Telegraph monop nly, phis a group of other communications companies. This revolutionary satellite will be able to bounce TV programs and telephone mes «ipc, frnm lh« United Stairs substantial people in each to any part of the world. It congressman's district, will be the voice and show » « · · window of America. It will brother. 'This is even more true when the probablo sue cess of the venture has been assured by governmental re search at considerable cost to the taxpayer." · · HOWEVER, Chairman liar- committee's pro-monopoly at who were so hot and bothered about disc-jockey payola and TV quiz programs re maincd unimpressed. Thc were rot even impressed when Gen. David Sarnoff head of the Radio Corporation of America, and one of the communications moguls who would cooperate in operating the new satellite, agreed cm phatically with Bob Kennedy. Chief reason for the Harris committee's pro-monopoly attitude is an adroit lobbying move which not many of the congressmen will talk about. As early as last year, American Tel and Tel quietly While most of these salcsjSulphur Springs, it was re- were taking place a long list.vcalcd that Brooke Price, of telephone officials were A T T vice president, was working in strategic places'^ confident of his influence nsidc the government, mos^in Washington that Atty. of them in the Defense Dc^Gen. Browncll almost pleaded partmcnt. (with him to find some way Sensational hearings held to work out a consent decree. iy Congressman Manny Ccl-l Today it looks as if the ler of Brooklyn disclosed that Harris committee were in the these telephone company offi-same subservient boat as| cials were pulling wires to Browncll. | At a secret huddle in While Hclf-ian Calls Tariff Hoost a 'Low lllow* BRUSSELS /n --Btlgium'stpast and future trade agree- ,v h I c h risks compromising ceptable" and a "low blow." ments between the U.S. and Europe." Brasseur called President "·nnedy's r e c e n t decision "brutal." "immoral." "unac- .BEAUTIFUL LOTS $ 1 O C£ IN THEE SHADED LAWN ^ J. VJ t-f Including F»Z Endowment Cur and Mainieiune* 1'urrhuo today for launcuiite cr future use. Interest fire terms up to 35 months... lira Insunnc* available on unpaid balanea to pre-need buen. COMPLETE FUNERAL FLANS Including eajVet ; and all service*, cemetery lot, opening and elosinf fees, flower vase, etc. Full cost »300. · For Compltti InfomoUm Contact ;' WESTXHXSTER MEMORIAL PARK 4iilMK' ii.f,'wnt»liitt . r«uTW2l7l-.u M s - Bell and corralled its key local Telephone m a n a g e r s brought them to Washington. Before and after coming, the local managers talked with replace the underwater cables built at great expense in the pioneering days of the nation to Europe anil Asia. "HUT." SAID Ally. Gen. Bobby Kennedy, in opposing this congressional giveaway, S H O P E V E N I N G S F R I D A Y M O N D A Y ' T I L THE FOLKS back home knew little about the new satellite, had no idea $175,000.000 of their own money had paid for developing it. They started pressuring congressmen. !, I L'AIGLf Dranutic p r i n t o f I i : \ n - I r ' - . r , , - ni . . . tool, jn,i I-. i..- til'tilly st»!cJ. i:\;i:in.s l\n.i r-.j ..t scjr,n. ncvUir.c a:;.I \!n.; . J j ^ y tic hit. In I !.i.t. .;n.| » i . ' c r-rnv 17.95 .. . fashion* iritli n difference A t!rcsi tt:;h Jr* o u n j i . V t ; n t u i i c is i:cfi:l, t w u c js rr.:\h it\Ic. I n R M r r - f N i j - u l i r - t l u n c u r M c r v : , l - rr :n a CJN) ijrc Mtn.l i r Ar»:l Tn- j.t'.itc. l o r l r f l IVIvf'.Irr .i."..l i f t - t.'iv l*!.i '» »li:!e rr l:n-.r « h ; V 25.95 That's how lobbies work these days. And that is one 9 reason why the House of Representatives will vote to t u r n the revolutionary new satellite over to American Tel and Tel plus a small ;roup of telephone and telegraph companies. Note -- Kefauvcr's Senate Antitrust Committee has just begun important hearings on satellite · monopoly . in . the sky which could reverse the disc · jockey . minded Harris committee. I\ THE FILES of the Jus- lice Department is one of the most amazing dossiers on monopoly ever collected in government history. It pertains to the giant telephone company, and is one reason why Bobby Kennedy spoke out against more A T T monopoly. Justice files show that A T T has profited from m o r e government contacts and contracts than perhaps any other company, and at the same time it has been involved in serious antitrust litigation. Its contracts include $2,- ·100.000,000 for building the SAGE alert system across the northern part of the United States. The contract was considered so lopsided t h a t Ike's comptroller general Joseph Campbell ruled it out of order but the Pentagon finally prevailed. On top of this the Interior Department .·-old its phones in the national parks to A A T. the Defense Depart A'oiWrmwi'.s Son Is U.S. Cilwu BOSTON 1 l.n -- A young English nobleman who lists himself in the Harv.'trJ University directory o n l y as "Tavistock. Robin, II. I.," but is actually the Marquis of Tavistock, Friday was celebrating the birth of a son, automatically an American citizen by reason of berth in the United States. The young Marquis, a sen inr in Harvard College, who li\cs with his young vifc in Boston, saw his h?ir in a Boston hospital today. Both mother and child are doing well. Y"* t'i'l r:f'l r:;r ilrrt in Fc!r.r,i;t !·,{ NVpalrsc 50 Kliinnrcrns 1'oarlirrs KATMANDU. Nepal Ml -Government guards hive ar- rrsled ;V) rhinoceros poacher* in southern Nepal. They were accused of reducing the area's r h i n c i population from 200 to ."0 in the past few y e a r s Rhino horns are much sought .ufrr by t n h i l Nfrolew, who hclicne thcv possess magic powers. HARDWARE MART GOLDEN VALUE DINE from Symbol of Quality and Pride! TWO MORE "GOLDEN VALUE LINE"- BUYS! SEE AMERICA'S FIRST-FAMILY OF APPLIANCES NOW AT... MQN., THIIRS., Fill., 9 : t o 9 - TUES.; WED., SAT.,' 9 to 6 - SUNDAYS, 10 to 5

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