The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 18, 1906 · Page 1
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 1

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 18, 1906
Page 1
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THE CHILLICOTHE TITUTION. VOL. XVTI NO. 296 CHILLICOTHE, Mo., TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 190G DAILY EDITION PRICE FIVE CENTS LILLIAN LEIGHTON At Luella Grand Theatre this week. Does your head ache? Pain back of your tyes? Sometimes faint and dizzy? Heavy pressure in your head? Bad taste in mouth? Does your food distress you? nervous and irritable? Do you ever have the blues? Then your liver Headaches of all our me publish dicines ! THAT WHEN VE DoMTKEED ANYTHING ELSE IN CLoTHES NEED GLOVES- GLOVES Kr A PERSON LOOK AND FEEL SO MUCH WORE COMFORTABLE You KNOWTriAT OLD GLOVES LOOK 5niDrT WELL DRE53ED PfOPLP rtRETiCULAR ABOUT GLOVES HIT Ltrfri i N G5. JflMES CLOVE* No. 37 r MANY MEN CAN AFFORD THE LITTLE LUXURIES OF DRESS BUT ARE REALLY TOO CARELESS TO GET THEM. A GOOD PAIR. OF GLOVES NOT ONLY KEEP THE FRoST/ OFF YOUR FINGERS BUT HELP TO PUT ON A GOOD APPEARANCE. A FRAYFD NECKTIE, A BROKEN COLLAR, A WORN-OUT PAIR OF CUFFS OR A SOILED HANDKERCHIEF WILL KNOCK, THE SHINE OFF, OF A .SWELL SUIT OF CLOTHES. A GOOD SHIRT WILL GIVE YOU A GOOD-FRONT. WE CAN SUPPLY YOU—NOT ONLY WITH SUITS AND OVERCOATS BUT EVERY THING YOU WEAR UNDER THEM'. SUPPOSE YoU LOOK AT OUR 25 AND 50C LINE OF NECKTIES, OUR$1 00 AND $1.50 LINE OF SHIRTS, OUR 25C, 50C AND $ 1.00 LINE OF HOSIERY OUR $1-00 AND $.1.50 LINE OF GLOVES, OUR 40C TO $2.50 LINE OF UNDERWEAR. WE CAN FURNISH YOUR BODY .AND MAKE IT FIT C IPPLE CLOTHING CO. TOUVEIN. § C Sweet to Eat 1 aMt§ § TCfWmltHift*' WMVVW V NAILED UP RYAN STREET STRUCTURE CONDEMNED BY CITY COUNCIL Will Ask The W abash And Burlington Bailroad Companies to Build An Iron Structure. As was foretold in Monday's CONSTITUTION the city council at its meeting Monday night condemned the Ryan street bridge which spans the Wabashand Bar- lington tracks. The bridge is in a dangerous condition and is not safe for travel. The railroad companies will be notified of the action taken by the council and will be e&ked to replace the wooden structure with an iron bridge. The council will also notify the railroad companies to place a flagman afc the Elm st:eet crossing as the travel will be greatly increased on that street by the condemning of the Ryan street bridge. The sidewalks.of O. D. Fields, M. Miller and Ira Hedrick of East Calhoun street were ordered built to the grade. These sidewalks are at present above the jrade since the street has been Daved. Other council proceedings wore as follows: J. R. Tisdale was notified to put in a sidewalk in front of his wagon shop on East Jackson street. Sidewalks were ordered built on the north side of Cooper street. City Engineer Joe Broaddus was instructed to take the Street and Alley committee with him and open the alley in the rear of the John Kester property on North Walnut street. F. L. Arthaud was given the contract to put in a sewer on East Jackson street at Bull Thunder. City Auditor Buel Wigley presented his bi-monthly reporc for the two weeks ending September 15, amounting to §245.45 and warrants were ordered drawn for same. Mayor Hirsh appointed J. R. Campbell, W. W. Patrick and Dolph Maupin a committee to confer with-John Gaster in regard to the opening of an alley north of his property on East Third street. A bill of §150 was allowed to the A.ustin Street Grader compa^' for grader recently purchased by he city. The paving on East Calhoun treet was accepted by a vote of hree to two, after considerable iscussion, Maupin, Campbell nd Grace voting "yes" and Patick and Myers voting "no." BROUGHT FAIR PRICES Clinton, Mo., Sept. 16—The real estate belonging to Salmon and Salmon and to Harvey W. Salmon and G. Y. Salmon, owners ot tne defunct Salmon & Salmon bank.was sold here today at public auction by Trustees in Bankruptcy Ryland and Blake. The bidding on the various pieces was quite spirited at times, and while tie property did not bring anything like its real value, it went well for a forced sale. About S62.000 was realized above the incumbrances. The cheapest property sold was the residence of H. W. Salmon. This property was appraised at §12,000 and brought only S6325. WILT122 MISS FANNIE PHELPS WILL BECOME MRS. CLIFFORD HOLT Ceremony Will Be Performed at the Home of the Bride's Parents, Dr. and Mrs. T. G. Phelps WILLIE BRADLEY ELECTED GAP- TAIN OF FOOT BALL CLUB First Game "Will ba With Cameron at South End Park Saturday, Sept. 29— Brookfield Here Oct. 6. A wedding which will bo a surprise to many friends will be that of Miss Fannie Phelps,daughter of Dr. and Mrs. T. G. Phelps, South Walnut street, to Mr. Clifford B. Holt of . Newtown, Mo. The wedding will take place at the home of the bride's parents Monday evening, October 22, at seven o'clock, Rev. Whaley of Hale performing the ceremony. MUs Phelps has been employed at the central telephone office for the past fourteen months. She resigned her position the first of September. She is a pretty and accomplished young lady and since she has made Chillicotho her home she has made many friends. Mr. Holt is a prosperous farmer residing near Newtown. farm whieh he will take his bride to. I The ceremony will be witnessed by the relatives of the contracting parties and a few intimate friends of the bride. At a meeting of the members of the High school foot balltuam held in the Central school building, Monday evening, Willie Bradley was elected captain and Charles Barkshier minager of the team. Ralph Pitts a member of the Athletics and John Stone will coach the players. The foot ball season will open here in full blast Saturday, September 29 when the strong Cameron team will be the attraction. Last season the Cameron team was too much for the locals but the men comprising the home team this season bid? fair for a winning aggregation. On October Gth the Brookfield High school team will play here. Games will be dated ahead until the close of tho season so the boys will have their teams picked and know what they will have to go against. The line-up of the team has not been decided upon by Captain Bradley, but will be announced next week. SUPPOSEOROBBER FOILED A message was seat to police headquarters abijut U o'clock Monday night that a man had been prowling around the home of F. E. Wisser on East Jackson street. Mr. Wisser is out of town and his wife is staying at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Brown. Neighbors noticed a man around the Wisser home several times and the call was sent in for an officer. Police Gist answered toe call but was unable to get any trace of the supposed robber as it is thought he heard the telephone ring when the officer was called. "ON DEVIL'S ISLAND" "On Devil's Island" was the opening bill presented by Miss Grace Hay ward and company for the week's engagement at the Luella. The play is a French piece and was well played. Every member of the c ast-was good and the company deserves a crowded house every night this week as the line of plays presented by this company is high class. The house was crowded at last night's performance. Specialties were put on last night by Harry Rogers, Prankie Readict and Baby Blessing. That the audience was well pleased could easily be seen by the amount of applause each received. The play to be put on tonight is "Zira"." StlTTYPlN KILLED BY FARMER MEETS DEATH WHILE JUDGING SPEED CONTEST Unruly Animal Bolted as It Passed J. C. Bhea Knocking Him Down And Seriously Injuring Him <e> CONSTITUTION Special. Hong Kong, China, Sept. 18.— A typhoon swept the harbor here today. Twelve steamers' are lost. The storm struck without warning and raged two hours. hamberluin's Couerb Bemedy Acts on Nature'* Plan. The most successful medicines re'those that aid nature. CHAMBERLAIN'S COUGH REMEDY acts on this plan. Take it when you have a cold and it will allay he cough, relieve the lungs, aid ixpectoration, open the secretions and aid nature in restoring the system to a healthy condition. Thousands have testified to its superior excellence. It counteracts any tendency of a cold to result in pneumonia. Price, 25 cents. Large size, 50 cents. For sale by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. Monongahela City, Pa., Sept. 17 —By the explosion of the boiler of a Pittsburg, Virginia & Charleston freight engine near here today the engineer and firemen were killed, four trainmen severely injured and tho engine and caboose reduced to scrap iron. The cause of the explosion is not known. BENNETnJLAIM ALLOWED. Officers of the local Royal Neighbors lodge have received word from headquarters that the death claim of the late Mrs. Sarah Bennett has been allowed. Mrs. Bennett's benificiaries will receive S1000. _ J THTWEATHER rand cooler tonight. Wed- i'y fair. '[lone the Hver,-mQve the bowels, f janfee the system, Da4©'s Wttle, ,ijlv Pills nev<£ |$lpe. Sold ty?. vv - - J, S^etteH Drag PQ< • - ORAAMEY AT REST The funeral of Ora Amey, the twelve-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Amey of East Webster street, was held from the First Methodist church Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, Rev. Hoover conducting the services. Burial was made in Edgewood cemetery. Six little girls, schoolmates of the deceased, acted as pallbearers. They were Grace Thorp, Ethel Nuttal, Velma Cook, Katie Nicholson, Pearl Sallee, Altra Van Hoozer. A nice floral offering was given by her school mates. THE TEXA.S WONDER Cures all Kidney, Bladder and Rheumatic troubles. Sold by all druggists or two months' treatment by mail for SI. Dr. E. W. Hall. 2926 Olive street, St. Louis, Mo. Send for Mo. testimonials. WANlIDlisliALOlACK. Tulsa, I.T., Sept. 17 —Mayor Douglas, of'Collinsville, near Tulsa, recently resigned. The next day he asked the resignation back. Douglas, it is said, forced every jointkeeper in town to destroy all the liquor in their possession. PLAY LAREDO' SUNDAY. The Chillicothe Athletics play the Laredo base ball team Sunday at Laredo. Pond and Bradley will do the battery work for the Athletics while Tolson will occupy the center of the diamond for the Laredo boys. Joseph Morris of Jackson township was here Tuesday and secured sale bills at the CONSTITUTION office Advertising a tale of his personal effects to be held at his farm 6 miles north of Springhill Tuesday, Sect. 25. Mr. Morris has engaged to travel in Carroll county for the Miller Medicine company and will have his headquarters at Carrollton. He has rented his farm and will move his family to Carrollton later in the fall. THROWN FROM BUGGY. A FACT ABOUT THE "BLUES" What Is known as the -Blues" is seldom occasioned by actual existing external conditions, but in the great majority of cases by a disordered LIVER —^ THIS IS A FACT which may be demonstrated by trying a course of Tutt'sPills They control and regulate the LIVER, they bringhopeandbouyancy to the &$&. They bring health and elastic* jty,ta {he body A. P. Couch of this city was thrown from a buggy at Trenton Friday afternoon and his left ankle badly cut. The horse he was driving became scared, one of the lines broke and the horse dashed up the street. Young Couch was thrown from the buggy when the animal turned a corner suddenly. The accident will cause Mr. Couch to walk on crutches for a month. _ "BURCY-STRUB. P. E. Burgy of this city and Miss Rose Strub of Brunswick were married in the Boniface Catholic church at Brunswick, Tuesday morning at eight o'clock. Flther Alexander performed the ceremony. A number of Chilli- cotheans attended the wedding among them being Mr. Burgy s parents and sister, Miss Alice, and Mrs ; Jesse Salle, sister of the bride. ^ PAUL BEHSOiTfAKES BRIDE J Paul Benson of Long Beach, Calif., and Miss Annabel Rober'- son were married at the home or the bride's father, Major James E. Robertson, at El Paso, Texas, September 12. Mr. Benson is a son of Sam Benson, and both he andhisfatner formerly lived m in Chillicothe. He is associated with his father in the grocery business at tong Beach.^ wiuTcivfsociAL The Euterpe club will give an ice cream social at the home of Frank Scruby Thursday- evening. Ice cream and cake Jo cents. Everybody invited. d3t; MillineryuTfuli blast willtake SAY WITTE POISONED JREPOFF CONSTITUTION Special. St. Petersburg, Sept. 18—The Jews, charge that Sergius Witte, former premier of Russia, poisoned General TrepoB, tho military dictator, who passed away in the Czar's palace, where he had sought refuge from the bomb th'rowers. HOGS LOWER. CONSTITUTION Special. Kansas City, Sept. 18—The live stock market for reported by Clay, Robinson & Co., was as follows: Cattle—Receipts 15,000; marke steady. Hogs—Receipts 8,000; opened 5c lower; closing strong;bulk §6.15 to §6.35; top 86.42^. Sheep—Receipts 7,000; market slow. Chicago, Sept. 18—Cattle—Re- ceiptslS ,000; market slow steady Hogs—Receipts 20,000; marke steady to 5c lower. Hannibal, Mo., Sept 17—Leslie M. Shaw, secretary of the treasury, in an address here today, formally opened the Republican campaign in this state. Secretary Shaw dwelt at length upon the tariff question and outlined the stand taken by the Republican party. While acting as judge in a neighborhood horse race in the orks of the river Saturday even- ng. J. C. Rhea, a farmer living on he western edge of Washington ownship, was fatally injured and led in twenty minutes, says the 'renton Republican-Tribune. Rhea and the others were watch- ng the horses come down the traight course which always con- titutes the arena of a country peed contest. It is probable that he was looking intently at the goal line and did not notice a jhange in the direction of one of he horses. The animal "bolted" and "flew the track" as he reached the end of the course, running town the judge and bumping into lim with terrific force. Rhea was jadly mashed by the collision and a number of bones were broken. 3e was picked up unconscious and died shortly afterward. The rider of the errant horse, a Modena man, was thrown and suffered lighter injuries. The inimal was practically uninjured. Rhea was a married man with four children and was about thirty five years of age. The funeral was held today (Monday) and the remains interred at the Goshen cemetery. WHITE CLING PEACHES. Too good for common people. Only for good natured women, pretty children and a few preachers. SI a bu. Eden Greene phone 578. Before 9 a. m. and after 9 p. m. d2fc Headache Facts Ei<fhty-six out of every one hundred people have headaches. Over half of these have them at frequent intervals A harmless remedy that costs little and actually Cures is worth remembering. Dr. Wolf's Headache Cure is a purely scientific preparation that cures without the possibility of harm. Pleasant to take and prompt in results. Price, 10 and 25 cents. Clark's Pharmacy ..Henrietta Building.. CHILLICOTHE. MISSOURI. Copyright 1906 The House of Kuppenhelmer Well-known Business Man talking to a friend said, "One reason why I have given up the custom-tailor habit is that by getting a good make of ready- to-wear clothes I know exactly how they will look—whether the cut, style and material will be becoming or not. I have often selected material from the piece or from samples in a tailor shop, and when it was made up into a suit, did not care for it at all. The same applies to the style of cut. Besides, I have found by getting Kuppenheim- er Clothes I am sure of a perfect fit without the trouble o± trying on more than once;" Clothes made by the House of Kuppenheim- er offer a wide range for selection both in fabric and style. There is individuality about every Kuppenheimer garment—an elegance in material and fit which imparts an air of • distinction to the wearer. We have a large assortment for your inspection. W. F. STARKEY Siisecssov to OAWESTER * 8TA.B3CKY.

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