Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1964
Page 3
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· 11 BOB WELLS Eddy Is a Bad Actor; Watch Him The awards banquet for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences won't be held for a couple of more weeks yet Howsoever, the Docket, the attorneys' steam room on Magnolia, rushed the season a bit Wednesday night and held its first Annual Bad Actor of the Year Banquet It was a very select affair limited a to the press and about 20 other stalwart Individuals who through their sterling misconduct on the premises during the year managed to win at least one Bad Actor of the Week blue ribbon. ; Great difficulties were imposed on the press covering the a f f a i r . Nobody .was willing to give his right name. It was determined, though, that the winner of the Bad Actor of the Year sweepstakes was one Paul F. Eddy, local private detective, who gave unselfishly of his off-duty WELLS time last year to open tip whole new dimensions in Bad Acting. Eddy was presented with an engraved plaque and a variety of merchandise items contributed by local business and professional men. This included a Beatle wig and a World War 1 German spiked helmet. A trophy for Most Improved Bad Actor of the Year was given to a distinguished-looking gentleman who identified himself as John Smith. Eddy was visibly touched by the award of his trophy. "Gee," he said, "it's the first thing I ever won." Regaining his composure, he said: "Some of os have some talents, and some of us do other things." The banquet got off to a late start because of a delay in the arrival of the guest of honor. Eddy's car caught fire at Second Street and Livingston Drive as he was driving to the Docket. Honest. With Cold Pork Gravy The EHorado at Spring Street and Studebaker Road boasts a chef, name o' Joe Bananas, and the most unusual menu in town. It's possible to order Southern fried · chicken or prime rib there, but if that doesn't tickle your palate you can choose from the items on the opposite page: Octopus an gratin with apple in mouth (for 20) $350 Mermaid on half-shell · (forone) $565 Young whale stuffed with new Buick $3,500 Broiled African fcopard steak (order in advance 2 years), San Quentin Quail (Sorry) Breast of Boiled Peasant (very hard to catch) $1,000 Saddle of Mule (with or without stirrups) $25 Mousse Moose $2-50 Moose Mousse Point of Order, Sir One of our more respected, long established attorneys s few days ago found himself in a Los Angeles courtroom facing an opposing attorney from Los Angeles. The Long Beach attorney is a small man, about GO. The Los An-' geles attorney was a young fella fairly well-built. The UA. attorney kept making remarks the L.B. attorney such as "I don't know why the attorney for the other side insists on misrepresenting the facts when he knows fuH wcH that . . .** and "if my colleague would deal with the truth for a change, he ..." A faint flush began to appear on tne face of the L.B. attorney as these statements went on and on. Finally, the judge continued the matter until another day. The older attorney caught up with his younger opponent in the comdor. "Son," he said, "I'm going to teach you a point of law, to wit. if you continue to make statements like that I'm going to knock you flat." Oil Fund Sought for Education By JDI McCAULEY L P-T tawttnt* ·VMM Hill Post Charges Spelled Out Vnpoetic Police Still Thiefs Verse a Little luck. OBI, W, FM. «, *4 'r^n P,-. A n .r«n Page A-l) still wants a certain per- CoL William Gale, boss of |centage of oil revenue for the th« California Rangers, mys- California Water Fund. · · · * AFTER THAT water percentage has been met, O'Sullivan's amendment would reserve all Long Beach tidelands revenue up to $50 nai- lery underground group o f i j e v e r * l establishments In lion for capital projects state education. for 11 The earlier version of the March of 1963." O'Sullivan bid already called 'for 100 per cent of the rev- 1 enues to go to the state, re- Flight of the Nighthawk." For the past few weeks. armed guerrillas, who transferred his Legion affiliation from Beverly Hills to Signal Hill last year. · · THE CHARGE says the Gale incident occurred at "the meeting of the said post in The Signal Hill group "is hereby directed to appear or answer this complaint on or rising present l e g i s l a t i o n before f 13th d j y of Mlrclj I which allocates half the oil revenues to a shoreline trust w1lich waj issued f^ wek j ' fund under trusteeship, Long Beach's 1964," says the document. New Havea have been burgled. And, when police investigated in the morning, they found a jingle about the theft, left by the burglar and signed "Nighthawk." Thursday, detectives John Blazi and Daniel Onofrio go suspicious of a maa on the street who was girbed in black, including a hood tha masked his face. They finally stopped him, and it turne out to be Siebold. NEW HAVEN. Conn. W»-- t Why did he leave the note e w i n g i of the "Night- and rhymes to taunt store l hawk " »'«* d'pped Thurs- owners and police? ^ e ^ £ag , ^^.^ se _| ^ , f Q ^ SACRAMENTO -- Sen. Vir- tie Signal Ha group pushed "«» °f P* rt y burglaries and ^ Nj-hthawk. simply after gil O'Sullivan. D-Williams. various kinds of hate docu-, cotes - la - t!l y n * ' ef t " * finishing his last til of said Thursday he will amendments in 1961. but made the. callin S card - rhymes: * bill to it provides cp to ^promise to desist after a Frederick Siebold. 27. was Nig ht n^jjj million a year from Long .warning by the executive arrested about a half hour Beach tidelands oil revenues committee of the 19th Dis-[after his last job-- a break-in for state school buildings. trict, which embraces SignaJ,»t a pizza parlor that netted O'Sullivan was referring to Hill. Long Beach and adjoin- him about $4. his . bill to revoke Long' ing Legion posts, that "such And while h« waited in Beach's trusteeship over the'activities were contrary toPofce headquarters, charged state-owned tidelands. [American Legion policy." The oa 12 counts of breaking and O'Sullivan, arch critic of complaint claims the "sub-i^tering and 12 of theft. Sie- Long Beach's trusteeship over terfuge" was adopted later. |bold composed his farewell [the oil-rich offshore area, said] It specifies one speaker as r by me. entitled The Last ALWAYS AT your can when you've a need to b* filled--that's Classified ads. Dial HE 2-5959 now. '. s » . . ' art over, it nigh. My wings clipped by men better than I. ', flew high end fancy, funny and free, Jnmindful of hunter* pur suing me. fow Fm u n w i n g t d . no /light, you ice. "To reflect -- what foots we mortals be." Yea. too. Will lit* LINCOLN PARK PARKING GARAGE ·COVERED PARKING frtftcl T»r Cir ·PARK IT-- IOCK IT N. O.t rii Tticttt It ·HAVE IT SERVICED Witl «.;.» OI WiSt f.« tn Go.. JUST ttOITH r«r» In St. ftr Ctdjr. . ftr«Mw*T fttrwtm PKlftc O'SULUVAN, who Issued .Francisco, his latest blast prior to leav-[ KrfL!tr n i ing for Long Beach to attend' the California Democratic Council convention, declared: "When the_ Long Beach Unified School" District pleads for more school aid from the state at a time when Long Beach tidelands oil revenues 'are spent on a $5 million I'Navy landing where the Navy "doesn't land anymore, or i $500,000 marina with a pri vate yacht cfub built at a price of $17,000 per boat berth, or · [lifeguard salaries and on $70 | million pier which isn't need- Jed by the port but is pro- 1 posed to serve as a site for '!|a World's Fair which isn't {'needed by anyone else -- M then it is time to put oil rev- ago over the signatures of Jack A. Stockman, California Department adjutant, of San and William K. D e p a r t m e n t com- The Inglewcod. complaint also sets "hearing and trial of the issues herein" for Saturday, April 4 at 10 ajn. ia Patriotic Hall, 1816 S. Figueroa St, Los Angeles, to continue the following day if not completed. · · · · RELEASING the statement of charges exclusively to The Independent, Mrs. Monroe asked, "How could they have a trial?" and stated that the jost has not been told specifically who actually com mitted the alleged offenses. or when, or where. Conviction could result In revocation of Signal Hill's Chamber Head Cool toLBJ WASHINGTON W) -- The president cf the United States ! Chamber of Commerce, who!; once thought he could vote: for President Johnson, said! Thursday he had changed his! mind. j Edwin P. Neilan, a Delaware banker and a Republican, said businessmen were impressed by the way Johnson took hold of his office ( in an emergency situation with poise, speed and confi-j dence. But Neilan told a group of newsmen at a luncheon that disenchantment came with Johnson's budget mes-; sage last month. "WE DOXT like this false face of frugality," he said, j : Neilan attacked Johnson's, "frugal but compassionateTM!; spending plans i' enue to work on important COMPLETE WEATHER rose CUT L*n« t**ch «nd VidnirY: Sjrmv today vitti aorlli to ftorArnf wlnc *I v a Tin UiJriB th» ·fiemoon. HB femcerarur* Rev 71. M«uttt:to Art- - Suraiy ice** *nd sunny witft *ariroi« hish ctouds Gvsfv oarthtast wind* BVCT ricroes «mt JDcally down omiiJ cwiyani todjy. Not u cool Sarureav. interior *ntf D**crt Xceiom: Sunny *c6jv «nd sunrry vitfc vtrlabl* high clouoi S«turO*v. Drcr**sm9 Minds toUv. StiQftTTv ·mvwtte days. H Q* today 57 M *7 Hi uoper »*iWv». 47 to 77 to tower ¥ill*r»- Low tonight » to 30 M tracer viMtvs. 30 to O ta tow*r valler*. OffUwn Wiad end W*«nw Froasl tt- Cmccvdra to Mndcn tw-tor): Vartafi't «r-ua» t to U krwn Ourtng nioftr X mormnv hours ana som« lacahnd norttcKt winds 12 to » kncTs tcfow coasts c*nvorrs this nomiTiBr cut wmils nita*Ty writerty 10 to U knoH M ·Tcrnoon toUv ·ntf Saturday. C*ncr*lly clew. LitT * tomrwraturt ch*not . t:04 a.m.; rnoonr:^: 12:18 p.m. nM. I t«* «* 1:2» am. nd 11 fett af i.M i. and 24 f«*t at 10:11 am. S »kerjfL»(d :« Rear San Sernardino . San D.MO San Frartcrso* Santa Barbara _ -- » a _ . Ktrtut O1Y . In VeMS _ Mcmphit Aertu fill N«fid a "!: «:»«i [things--school buildings, college buildings, water and rapid transit. ·We need things now." the important Mrs. Monroe R. Collins, ana hav Helicopter Crew Saves IVavy Pilot I BRIDGEPORT (M--An injured Navy pilot was rescued from the snowy high Sierra .'by helicopter Thursday after | he ejected from his jet bomb- i'er moments before it crashed. charter as a Legion post, an action that may be unprecedented in the history of the American Legion. Both Robert claimed the charges are a de vice to take away the post' property on Hill Street jus west of Cherry Avenue, which they value at $200,000 Mrs Monroe hinted the cas may be the work of a disaf fected former member. « · · * THE LENGTHY complain also charges that disstmina Lt. (jg) Edward Dickson,jtion of hate literature con j'of Wyoming, Da, was picked tinued under the subterfuge i up from a remote area south'of going just outside or just i'of Mono Lake rear the Ne-[after the meeting "but there- "iVada state line, and flown toby deliberately obtaining the ? the Naval Ammunition Depot!full advantage of the Ameri: 'at Hawthorne, Nev. for emer-'can Legion name and pres- : 'gency treatment Itige." ii .02 inncaDotit-St, P«* O ,"· Or1«m U Wew Yorfc « Okt:tiorr^ I Omaha PiTBDoron Portland Richmond I 44 rtr. «t !d*r» f.i i^dino; mghetf wn n «r · for fiscal 1965. jeal year, which ends June 30,'Kennedy instead of ia John- Neilan said the budget calls ( so that some $15 billion of son's first budget, and per for heavy supplemental ap-|federal spending will show up'mit a spending speedup be- propriations for the 1964 fis-;in the budget of President,fore midyear. t Oft* Te«Islit "til f f*. ^h fa AN NIV E RS A R Y Ui» riCKIC C O A S T »» J. 1I1CM H I I - 7 4 J T RED CROSS SHOE STORE WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY SPECIAL :.. SOCIALITE SQUARE TOP PUMP, reg. 12.99 8.97 Mojf srzes IhleJ crt ovoi/obfe i» bofi cc/ori A shining «iamp!e of a versafila pimp that Kaj everything down pafenf ... tn« new fasKicnabte lower than mid heel... slender foot flattering shape ... basic wear-witWverything jimpticHy... incomparable Socialite comfort lo pamper your feet... and savings to mate it the most eiciting shoe you ever owned. Bronze or red jubilee patent. Phone orderi accepted s ,;y a | 7 \rj,\ AAAA AAA AA A 1 C D E 1 1 1 1 J i l l 1 \ i 1 |.|.|.| · I. I. I.I. 1 1 1 1 1 · · I 1 1 · M I 1 · ·: ! i 1 ! 1 1 126 W. BROADWAY, LONG BEACH. HE 6-9841. MON., FRI., 9:30 TO 9:00 OTHER DAYS 9:30 TO 5:30 LONG BEACH Seventeen "TASTE-SETTER" Contest COME ON IN . I I . . . and view these imaginative table settings designed and arranged by 4-member teams from our local high schools. You'll be enchanted with the originality and fresh approach of our future home-nuVers competing in our annual Judging at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Frlimary 21»l On cxliiliilinn Salunlay, February 22nd Village Green By Cos Cob At Last! Young at casuals that have designs en all who wear half si?cv This gay collection makes its debut in an array of prints, stripes and solids . a care- free blend cf Dacron Polyester and Avri! that tubs and drip* dry without a care. Sizes 12!/ 2 to 22l/ : , 14.95 Ft om a group in our budget dress shop 12.95 to 16.95 Also In Our Marina and Palos Verdes Stores DOWNTOWN · PINE AT BROADWAY · HE 6-9841 MONDAY-FRIDAY 9:30-9:00 · OTHER DAYS 9:30-5:30

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