Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 30, 1950 · Page 6
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 6

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1950
Page 6
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HONG KONO, Oct 30. w)~A dls atch from Communist China said oday a Red troop train was am ushed, derailed and looted by Na onallst guerrillas r Sunday, to t orge near Kukong on the Canton lankow liner~~ The independent newspaper Wah Kiu Yat Po said the tram was arrying 2,000 soldiers,of the Red ourth field army to the north »» S «»M«,,» --Photo by. Retell Ruweii TirKET-SELLING boys and girls of the Amphitheater area proudly display -the trv to win before Nov. 9. Over 100 will try for the grand prize by LflSta!^ club* all-male Variety show to be held on that ditfoL ? Joe Richardson, ticket sale, director, gave a p.cmc for his group on Saturday at the AmoM school groundg. Forum Told' U.S; fifatst Keep Ethics \ Cecil. Brown, radio commentator and world traveler, told the .Sunday EveningTorurn audience m *e Univemtj of 'Arizona-auditorium -last'night -that the United btates rnuSdhere/to moraliand-ethical principles */ is to win the "war 1 ." with Russia;-Brown was introduced by Ronald JReiga'n;- motion- 'picture'. star ·. now Scandalous,' Prayda Says Of Vote Campaign MOSCOW, 'Oct.^30. (M--Pravda aid today that the American elec ;on , campaign Is - ^'assuming "an ven more scandalenis character. This Is especially true, the'Com munist-party "organ -said,, in- th tate of New York. . working'.on a 'filhi-;iri .Tucson., _ Agreements ^ I t h 'Yugoslavia, Spain', and; former Nazi-leaders- In Germany, inay .yield certain..Immei dlate advantages;' %bwn, said/ tut they, also destroy pur arguments', in thtf war of ideologlesi : . . , , . ' . . ·;. · W,he'n.'we ^abandon ' moral .« nd ·thical principles, Jhe Bald,'.we' also abandon our-privilege to condemn ethers for what« : they; do.:. Specifically, he said, we cannot.condemn * v j i . - _ i _ i j A _ _ i - , , "vwafVi/Nrte foreign policy In recent months, -Brown listed many of. the things which make up that policy. He mentioned the'Marshall plan,' the United Nations, aid to Greece and Turkey, arms aid to Europe' and many other factors. , Brown questioned whether any one could reduce such a complex structure'to "rigid terms such as wrong, right, good or bad." Injregard to our Far East policy " iicauy,ne scuu, we «,««.«.--.---rj"j" Brown said It was "simply un Russia for Its totalitarian methods. avoldab]e ,. ( He as j5 ed w hethei if we support '.a .government -using. ^.jy^ O j our policy there would those same'methods. : . · ' , ' · ? ; - 1 -'- 1 - urvlval Basis' . i^iurvii'» a^»ii^»j Brown also "said 'that we-must change' our "anti-democratic racial policies" If we hope-.to. win, friends fn the world. -He said that we cannot hope to. nlatc^ .-Russia :on, a manpower basis by ourselves and thus are.:greatly.in ; need.of friends abroad.. ' . ' .;. ' - ·"· · ' "I tmf'this racial Intolerance of ours on a pure survival basis/ he ·aid. have- favored the measures which would have'been necessary far-stop Brown urged that America's urowu Lug^w v**- r --- -policies In-, world affairs be moU- ' vated by the principles of -decen- cy'' and human rights", and said that only on:such principles could the United States hope to win In Jti lop-sided-battle with Russia. Discussing the possible jeara- Injt of Germany, Brown said there are two popular misconceptions on the subject ^One! is that the Germany: would^ally. Itself ;; wlth mrmea at 'all. , The: other..' is , that they Avould^further ^ouri cause. If they were rearmed. . _ "I am in favor o: rearming the Germans/ -he remarked,' cVn furnish -them ' ' if ..we c n urns - - ^ ·nteed .' to. shoot' only toward the cast." Remlndi Andlencs Brown commented en the signs of "arrogant nationalism" resurg- Ine In Germany and obsen-ed that German nationalism never has been..to 'the-advantagft'Of 'the United --'Stateg-Jn the past: He said there is 'a ; definite- posslbility :: tha5 Germany would ally .Itslf with Russia and' the East, an idea long entertained by some German mlli- The- speaker reminded his audience of the Russo-German pact of 1939, in which, temporarily at least, such an -action occurred. Brown's , remarks on .Germany - a n d Europe filled in "his main topic, which was "Crossfire , in ·Asia." He, said that ' American policies in Asia could not be divorced from those to Europe.. .. ' Answering those who have crltl- communjsm .in .China.' To .wag a- war 'against communism: there he- said, would have required "another Marshall plan for Asia" thousands of troops and -grea quantities of military , equipment Even so, he saldj we would have had only a slim chance of success Might- Have Iiort "If we had.tried to be strong both in Europe and Asia when both were so weak," Brown declared, "we would have been strong in neither place shd-'might'-'have lost both.". · . - ' ' Brown added that--the ..China.*lt uation was further complicated bj the -fact that"the- Chiang-'Kai-shek regime lacked-.popular support.: "China'. fell to communism } the ultimate sense," he said, "be cause Chiang Kai-shek's govern ment failed to win the support o the .-masses of the Chinese people. -In .his 1 introductory· remark Brown commented on Tucson Sun day Evening, Forum. He. said h had traveled considerably acros the 'United States and seen man community programs and that, 1 his opinion, Tucson's ;ls the "ou standing- forum- In the nation,"' THPPAN GAS RANGES AT DON MEANS KB. 2*837 738 E. B'WAT Three kinds of foxes--red, whit and- blue--are found oa the Aleu tian islands.^ MIRRORM ^ FRAME HOUSE Distinctive Art ; Creations .for the Home · MAKE YOUR HOME Spaciout .' New Entrancing ' with ·'··' · M I R R O R S Ask for Our Brochure on Wall Decorations 247 E. CONGRESS DIAL 4-0271 Ufaltta* Monday »v«nln», Oe«. M, 1 eport Chinete Red Troop Train Sacked OPEN · EVENINGS . , | Every Monday j TO 9,P. M. "Other Dayg'to 6 P. M, · FREE PARKESG , Behind Westerner ft/led by DELMAN ld c' Biitn Vf, te 11 Width* AAAA* to B Open a Mode Charge Account or ..' . -Oil Our Wffl Call System P£«B?i»tf5Kgfeci : ^^S ! ^-i : ^ CHOOSE A FLATTERING MATERNITY FASHION! 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