The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 3, 1957 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 3, 1957
Page 7
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' .r^W'f"'-' •' •,?A; ^T 1 • ' ' '" ' ,fff B PACTS * - • •,, Stuffy Water, Charter Km tm^^atHi t »*w^ *hi,.t ** tafarj i, _ jt^ ., J „ j .„ .a ... . . -. v „ ..... J _. ftitii Water Conssrva.i ,.idi auvitsd t stud? of th Aiwrciatiftft, a source overall wttet supply, poten BNTJ?TY SMITH, »$ 0aw Of Woftvsn , ,1 •Ft*el)ot l t atrd bake Jadwe 4URlt ften busy «t«m?it< 4ftft'tH>eft? Mriou* sufcjett fid tttdeft 61 the two gtotip itv* 81*9 found time tj g- •onvfc intensive training .•< !«W 16 is theft jobs beneath l»agu«j recently i- tl da? toafd tralninfi sesr. ' «tat« level women to tM officers in thfcf i • duties and to ' sh- the league U d~ . t6 Wsrtt together an -rfodac* tSfe fnixlmuftj \vltt art wark an WBHJ- tain? rhsaert. fn* Ffespofl group recently had What members have teflWetl•'.'« I highly successfu' ««*«n« With Major 1 J. M. ftis- 5*11 and City Secretary Herb fetnefi as ftuest jpeafte'sr. Th« purpose Of the meeting Was to a«Jt»Stnt League mem- b*W, whtt have chesen *tud> nf v*«*u* type* of dty gov- ettilnentl as their local study itett ft* the year, with Freeport'* charter and how it work*. Mayor Russell outlined for th* group some of th« advantage) of having a home rule charter father than a general MV dty. He reminded M* listeners Hurt to ordtr to live la and •ttjoy tilt privileges of a city, j«0ple must realize that they au*t giv* up Mm* of the free. Joft of living in mote iiolated une«« and muii conforM to ot- Uaanc** deMgned to aid peo- )1« itt living close together. In comparing the different ypel of dty government, he tlM pointed out that no type « any better than the people •ecpontibl* for It* operation. The mayor 1 ! talk let the itage for Telnwt's more de* ailed description of »ome of he actual operation of the •tty. At Lakt Jackson, both noraing and night units met art wtek for orograms pre- by Mm. W. F. McOhen- ley on or^ of the nation's cur- •ent pro 1 -' ——water. Mr*. * "'henney focuied -tr atter"-» on th> water problem* '•• Texas, ustnc ma- ertal from a published report . 6f a»-icolhi?c end ra!slr*( and the Ifi- i canal. The widely va«ed rainfall 'A different parts of the stat*, MllUtien of many Te*as frear water wptillts, and th« BEETLE BAUBY LH,' ABNEB 01UNP1U b? the Ji* tft« .« that , Speaker pK*blerh *«ild b« Ia«. . . i ¥e*g» tot »6wie time, vMth } neift flVonght «redtti*d to tappiy, aftiJ exiting stbl age fa«U«e«. Also, the TW& stressed the need of ts tion b( various groups -am of th« state in UcUln probleni. . , A* TWCA repoft str«»ed i* need to tihlfy t,M»t ten- nation efforts itt Cre «fet?. \e«d fo* conservation ht* •OflfW abWJt duiS fa growth fn urtjaft Bvlftf I ta^s the undertrouftd —A ef' su?p!y; tftdustrial irowth ift fha stiti which uka* ip ,81^6 4us«tit<i* of «a*er; Con* i 41, was tt frotn a lei the riwoft, Mrs. McTJH»nn^ the . Attdther suggestion W« lha a constitutional ameftdtaefl should be pawed to allow at to pbtftical sUttdlvUioiU 01 water project*. In a'Mltioft t« theu? eurreti study !•.*«», the Leftguea wer! "Sieaily no'.lfled that HC1 Ko. 11 had fcetii «t>proved b- the legislature which wil start research on «4e f*»a onstitution, a Jdnfttitne teagi tioB. a long - tim eroiect. "HiBALTH AND OHEEBFTJLNESS MUTUALLY BE. OST lAOH The Community Calendar 1:20 pm^- Lac tlott* OlnB, Ltodveit House, Lake JacksM t.-lp pjAvtake itaam Jaycee*. J.ycee Clubhottte, take Jfackaon I'M p.m^- west Columbia, Anwrtsan Letton, Legion Ail!, West Cotamwa »:» pjtt^- Prthton Bwtera, Jreeport Teawjle, No. IB Meeting X of P Hall, Free- '7:30 pja/- Batabov Oirl* Ueeunr, ua*onfe Lodge. Freeport 8:» pjn/~ Lake jtackaoa Maaoni stated Ueettag, take Jackson ttuonic Ball 8:00 pjn.—rretport Oddfd- lowa Lodge Ho. 951, IOOP Buildln«, Freepon 8:00 p-m,— Lave Jackson Alcoholics Anonymous, lor pUca of meeting etU 7- 2MO 8:00 pAv—Knight* of Columbus Officer* Meetinei K of C BUI, Freeport , «JJ« 4 9:00 aJfi.— BrajBMport WO- men's Ootf, Fraeport Oolf Course 11:30 a.m. — Lak« Jackson Klwinis, City cafe, ***» JacksOn 7:00 pjs. — Like Jaekton ATOrlean Legion, tjegion 7:00 p-m,—Brsiosport Optl* mttt Ctab, Dow Hotel 7:«p pjn>-Ladies Auxiliary. Vtiuoo Fire Dept* Ftee Station. Velasco T:» pjar-Telasco Masonte Lodge. Velaseo T:30 pjn- Velaaco Uona Club, velaaoo Commanity Howe, Vel««co 1:16 pjn. — Pythian dntt Temple. No. 132, K of P HaB, VeUsco 7:30 pjtL— Watt Columbia Ma*on* suted Meeting. St. John* No. 5 H»U. W»t Columbia 7:30 pJJL— I.ULACS, ClTio MwttojBoom, Braaospwt Barings It Loan Aatn. • a French tretcolst a« iillfld Ish Ch*ftft«. Sen. "Sftbirt-fewJfWfTril earn* up with a new suggested a "Suit under which lalWMNl would be paid not to brin* suit! to trial. TELEVISION LOG MOUCA* 4:60 (to St (13) Ki 4:35 (1) Lodftey TdWn (11) 1 L«d 8 Llvt* (8> the American Scene 3:00 (2) Roy Rogers (8) Featurttt* (li) Rang* Rider (13) Mickey M<JUM Club 5:30 (in Sports and Weather 5:45 (in Doug Edwards and , the New* d:00 (2) World At (8) The Friendly Qiant (in My Little Margie (13) T. V. Naws 6:10 (13) Weathergai- (2) Today in Sport* 6:1$ (13) John Daly and the New* (2 Channel 2 Newsreel (8) Magic Doorwaya 6:2$ (2) Weathercast 8:30 (11) Robin Hood (2> Nat King Cole US) Voice of Firestone (8) To Be Announced ' 6:4$ (2) NBC News 8:4$ 6:8$ 7:60 t:4S 8:00 8:1$ 8:30 (lU.^tWtteadQBntt (11) Eventef My»l (11) RurtlSeYeilla (J) Gftdfjfi TUMfiftit' (2) Ototf e RA**n*T (1ST Sign OA (2) Today ' ••:• (11) Captain Kangajoo (18) IWundtrtelB (11) UVldeo*taae- (2>kome (ID Carry Moor* Show (8) Industryon Ft (11) Arthur Godfrey Time (8) The Latin America* -. 9:« (4) The Price 1* Sfghi (8) Value! In literature ..„ 0:36 (2) Truth or C6ntf* (iuencts • (11) Strlk* It Mth "'* .. (13) Romper Room. 9:45 (8) Sign Off :; i 7:00 (11) I Love Lucy (2) Twenty One (18) All-Star Theatre (8) The Written Word 7:30 (2) Robert Montgomery (ID December Bride (13) Lawrence Welk > . Teen Show (8) Houston School* board 8:00 (11) Burn* & Allen 8:30 (2) Wells Fargo (11) Talent Scouts (13) State Trooper 9:00 (11) Studio One (2)Slr Lancelot, (13) Celebrity Playheuse 9:30 (1) Texas In Rtvlew (13) Wire Service -•(Autnor 1 * Ham* Bttow)- One of tlrf,rewards physician* and pharmacist* re. eair* I* the knowledge, that because ve help you to Im- prore, protect, and pnaerve yeur health, we e*i to your cheerful enjoyment of Ufa. All yeu ha v» to do U to visit your phyaUUn at retular in- tervala, w at tha.fint algn* of any inneet, to.>ma»* the tint step to totter health and • happur Uf». BhouM your ptoHeian pn- •crlb* any medleaUon we »1U 4o our part by anniyuig from Mr win (tacked /phanoaey whatemr h* apeattte*. YOUB] CAN Telophone 3-3381 WHEK YOtT NEED A itEDICINE '. '•*,..'' ' Pick up your praecrlptten It dallvw promptly without extra «harg*. A treat many paopl* tntiuct w with the nspon. ItMltiy af flfljfty their pr*» Yelasco Rexall Pharmacy 823 OTJIJ BLVD. PEE80RIPTIOK PHABMAOI8T3 Preiented at »public ferric* by MET ?09 CAM ,,. (hi »»w NM fm 4 10:00 (3) Badge 714 (11) City Detective (13) Movtetima U. S. A. 10:30 (2) FinaJ;Bdition News Oil) Late-Show (13) Moviettme U. 3. A. 10:40 (2) WeatHercast 10:45 (2) Mann About Sports 10:00 (2) Tie Tie Ueugh (11) Valiant Lady 10:19 (11) Love of Lift ' 10:30 (2) It Could Be You (11) Search ror fa* morrow ~ '• • (U) Hollywood Theatra • 10:45 (ID Quitting Light 11:00 (2) Movie Data (11) Amo« 'a Andy 11:30 (11) At the World Tumi 12:00 (11) Our. Miss Btook* (IS) Tumbleweed Tiitta 12:30 (2) Tennessee Ernie .' (11) Linkletter's Housar Party . 11:00 (2) Tonight : 11:35 (13) Late New* 12:00 (2) Sign Off (13) Sign Off 1:00 (2) NBC Matinee : Theatre (U) Th« Big Payftff ' (IS) Afternoon TOtn ' restlval 1:30 (11) Bob Crosby. 2:00 (2) Queen For A Day (11) Brighter Day • Ul) Secret Storm (11) Idn of JJlght (18) Acfion Calvacade (2)jutodern Ramaneai "(J) Cemeay Time "••••«" (11) itarly Show, (2) Sfthlni of Value . (13) Kraty Kat Theatre YOU'RE SURE TO REMEMBER THE SAYING.. A PICTURE IS WORTH D WORDS ... An old saying famllar to all; bof, have you ow Ifoppod fo think off ho fruo meaning ol tfcoMi - '.'UA8 eee* • Can you remember the details of you're B3SABD? , Sure you can... but for bow loaf? • ' • • ' • ' • ; . -.-, •. Can you remember tilt de^atlji of '• -rjJirj . li<rvt t 'J'.V •yy*r •eaMtkioc Mlhaa '£• taveadM Thai I IIIHHVB^ V^^^^^. '^RV . 9*^^M^^VW^ ^<PW • .-..-rqi - Mr THIS THOUGHT IS SUES TO WTJ» THE MINDS Of AND WOJOSN AW, QVIB TH» WHSW TJQSY TBXKK OF WA INO THMB ADVEBTIBIHO M£g8AOE« TO f» fP8WOI n - WSS .... •RAZOSP^RT PACTS

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