Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 7, 1962 · Page 3
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 3

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 7, 1962
Page 3
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Brother Juniper "Even with machines to. help he's not very /CALCULATING!" Fitzgerald Clemency Studied SACRAMENTO -- Gov. Brown said he will announce next wee whether he will grant clemenc; to a condemned killer who say he doesn't want it. The man is Stanley .W. 'Fik gerald, 41, oE Eureka, convictec of first degree murder for killing Goerge Bonn of San Francisco in August 1960. during a robbery. cfionnel K V I T V eureka TONIGHT 4:30--Pro-Bowlers Tournament 4:30-- International snow Time. 7:00-- Fight ot the Week 7i45-MakG That Spare. 1:00--Calvin and the Colonel. ·:30--Leave 11 To Beaver. t:60-The Lawrence Welfc Show 9:00--Bus Stop. 11:00--Big Weekend Movie "Blood Alley" -- John Wayne, Lauren Becall.^ 1:00--News. TOMORROW I2!30-Herald of Truth. 1:00--Christian Science. IMS-Light Time. 1:39--Bar i Theatre. J:30-TBA. 3-00--Direction tl. 3:30-- Editor's Choice. 4:00--Film Fire. 4:30--Big Weekend Movie-"Blood Alley" -- John Wayne. Lauren Becall. 4:30-Maverick. 7:30--Walt Disney Presents [In Color). B:30-Car », Where Are YouT 9:00--Bonanu (In Color). 10:00-- Biography of a Rookie. 11:00--Channel Six Reports. 1J:00-5lBn Of! . KIEM TV 3 SATURDAY, APRIL 7, 19*2 4:00--Big 3 MGM Matinee-"They Gave Him A Gun"-- Franehot Tone, Spencer Tracy. i:00--Dan Smoot Report. 4:30--Joey Bithop. 7:00-- Ichabod and Me. 7:30-Perry Mason. 8:30--The Defenders. *:30--Have Gun Will Travel. 10:00--Gunsmoke. 11:00--David Brlnkley's Journal, 11:30--News and Weather. SUNDAY, APRIL B, 1U2 !:00--Mormon Conference. )1:00--Big 3 Matinee--"The Search" Montgomery CUM. t:00--Masters Golf Tournament. 1:30-- Laud us Evengetll Ballet. «;00-Tnls IS The Life. 4:30--Oral Roberts. 5:00--Women's Bowling. 5:30-GE College Bowl. 4:05--10th Century. (:30--Mliter Ed. 7:00--Shannon. 7:30-- Dennis The Menace. (:00-Ed Sullivan. 9:00--Twilight Zone 9:30--Jack Benny 10:00--Candid Camera 10:30--What's My Line 11:00--Walter Cronkite News 11:15-Weather. K-RED i«n« KIEM SUNDAY: Local News 12:00p, 4:55p. Mutual News on half hour. Wings of Healing 8:00. Channels of Truth 8:30. Voice of Prophecy 9:00. Radio Bible Class 7:30. Billy Graham 1;00p. Lutheran Hour 5:DOp. Dan Smoot 5:30p. Dean Manion 5:4Sp, Commonwealth Club 8:30p. How Christ Science Heals V:15p. Old Fashioned Revival Hour 9:35p. OFFICIAL REPORTS: Weather 6:50, 12:25p, 4:IIP, 10:OSp. FAA Flying Weather 7:55, 7:15p. Eureka Police 9:54. Highway Patrol 4:40p. MONDAY: Local News 7:45, 11:00p, J:00p, Mutual News on half. hour. OFFICIAL REPORTS: Weather 4:50, 7:32, 12:20p, 4:15p, 9:Sip, ]0:3Bp. FAA "Flying Weather 7:30, 7:15p. Slock Market 7:55, 5:10. State Employment 8:54. Eureka Police ?;54. Farm Advisor I2:30p. Forest Service I2;54p. Employment l:54p. Highway Patrol 4:5Bp. * Fitzgerald, convicted.twice here on bad check charges, told s lawyers that he'd rather die an be sentenced to life in prison ithout; possibility of parole. He scheduled to die in San Queu- n's-gas chamber April 25. Because Fitzgerald has a prior lony conviction, Brown can't omraute his sentence without ap- ·oval of the State Supreme ourt. Either Brown or Fitzgerald 1 wyers could ask the court fo srmission. Defense counsel Perry Farnie Oroville said he would prefe mmulation even though Fitz erald said he doesn't want il don't think this is a case fo e death penalty," he said. Bonn was killed in the moun ins near Truckee after an al iy_ drinking spree. Arthur Alarcon, Brown's clem racy secretary, said Fitzgerali et Bonn and another man ii San Francisco bar and offeree drive them to Reno. Fitzgerald robbed t h e m bout $1,000, and killed Bonn whe onn attacked him with a whis ey bottle. Ann Landers ANSWERS YOUR PROBLEMS TV TROUBLE? DON'T MOAN-JUST PHONE! --SPECIAL- Double Thrifty Green Sump. H ,S^_HXVr A o TE 9-1432 McKhltyville Shopping Cenlir COMING! 34th ANNUAL BALL Crannell VolunKir Fin Depf. CLAM BEACH HALL SAT., APR, 14 TOM FIELD'S Dixieland Music DANCING 9-2 Adm. $1.00 HOT DOGS, SALAD COFFEE SERVED IN HALL D R I V E - I N THEATRE OLD AKCATA ROAD - AT INDIANOLA TONITE OPEN 6:15 HI 3-3826 CASH NITE · DRAWING $200 AND $60 A GREAT WESTERNER 3 FEATURE SPECIAL! SHIRLEY MacLAINE DEAN MARTIN ^ PECK SIMMONS BAKER auiM wn HESTONIVES » [% «-v -v . ~.\a HH^^ · ^^t^^*i THE-BIO- COUNTRY in TECHNICOLOR TECHNIRAMA ·miiio nmj UNIUD Atnm WARNIItCOLOR Dear Ann Landers: Our daughter is in her second year of college. Her favorite outfit is a - p a i r of faded blue jeans (cut-off just below the knee with the edges left ragged), an old beat-ui) sweat shirt (in the largest size she'could find) and a pair of disreputable tennis shoes with broken laces. She goes around like this everywhere, except to classes (which they would not allow) and on dates. I'm-sick and tired of seeing her look so sloppy and I've told her so. The slovenly dress habits she is developing now could drive a man to'drink, later. Her excuse is, "I'm comfortable and I don't'care how it looks." Please tell me what to do.-BIRMlNGHAM MOTHER :Dcar Mother: The sloppy look is part of giing ho 'college life on some campuses. It is seeded in rebellion and nurtured'in the soil of independence. . · Sly advice is to play blind and mute. "And this, loo, shall, pass." · , Dear Ann Landers: I read with interest the letter from the young girl who had epilepsy, and refused to take her medication. I, too, began seizures in my late teens and I earnestly hope this girl develops some understanding of her illness because ignorance is her major handicap. I remember how. stubborn I was about taking medicine. It was. in a sense, ray, refusal to accept the fact that I was. not "like everyone else." Now I know that epilepsy is ten times more common that polio, ii know, too, that epilepsy has nothing to do with insanity, intelligence.or being possessed by the devil. It is not inherited. It is not contagious. It is not fatal. And it is rarely "handicapping. I am now 41, married to a fine man and we have three children. I've been driving a car for five years and my illness does not limit me in any way. Medication has made a normal life possible. I hope the father of this girl will contact the local epilepsy agency. If there is none, he can write to The United Epilepsy Association, 113 West 57th Street, New York 19, New York. If the girl is mildly receptive, the literature they provide will do the rest.--MRS. M. J. OF.BAKERSFIELD ' · ' · A - *. - ' £ Dear Ann: I had a child out of wedlock before I met my husband. I gave this child to my brother and his wife. They legally adopted him and he is the light of their life. Before we married I told my husband about this child and he asked me to get my boy back. I refused, saying I had a moral obligation to stick to my decision. I thought that ended il. . We now have a baby of our own but my husband is still not satisfied. He tells me either I get the boy back or he will leave me. Every argument ends up the same way. He promises me if I do as he says we will never have any trouble again. I need your advice fast.^S.L.O. ^ Dear S.L.O.: Your husband probably wants to leave and is looking for an excuse. If you do this terrible thing he'll find another reason to leave. Tell him the decision to give the boy up was yours and it has nothing to do with him. He has no right to ask you to try to unwind it. : Confidential to NO OIL PAINTING: So what? Where did you get Ule notion that beauty guarantees a prompt (or sober) homecoming? All you have to do is look at the marital records of some of Hollywood's most glamorous queens. iV * -A- Confidential to NEEDY NOT GREEDY: Your sad story gets me right here, pal. Why don't you do your homework instead of writing phony letters? " · · · · · · If alcohol is robbing you or someone you love of health and dignity, send for ANN LANDERS' booklet, "Help For The Alcoholic," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Dedication Set For Wells Fargo Eureka Office Wells' Fargo Bank will open for business in Eureka Monday morn- with assists from city and council officials and Ihe 'Chamber of Commerce. A brief ribbon-cutting ceremony has been arranged ay chamber officials for 10 a.m. Don Cave, chamber of commerce-president, will be in charge of the dedication, with Mayor Henry Terheyden cutting the rib- jon. Chairman E. M. Peltersen of the Board of Supervisors will participate and speak briefly. 3ther businessmen will be present to aid in welcoming the new financial service. \ Ross Buell and John R. Bree- dcn, vice-presidents from San Francisco, and Edmund Leveroni, manager of the Columbus avenue branch there, will be present for :he dedication. Local staff will be manager H. E. Waite; his assistant. Roger E. Stange, Mrs. Bernice Thurmond and Mrs. Fay Woods. . The temporary Wells. Fargo quarters are at Fourth and I streets. Waite said "Our quarters are temporary, but we'il be on hand to help with your banking needs' in 'the Eureka area. "We will provide savings, accounts, checking accounts, dealer and consumer. , loans, travelers checks, collection service. And, of present course, our complete banking service will be offered when our lermanent quarters are built on adjacent properly." Wells Fargo Has over 130 bank- jig offices in Northern California. Arcala Mayor Calls For 'Yes' Vole On Water Bond AHCATA--With Ihe municipal election on the $960,000 water bond yi ssue set for Tuesday, the city's Mayor, Councilman Dalee Dolson, ssued a statement "To the People of the City of Arcata." Dolson said, "Arcata voters wi] be faced with the most importan decision for the welfare of thi city that has been experienced fa a decade. They will be asked ti npprove the revenue bond issue This bond issue is a culmination af untold hours of work by thi city council and by former citj councils. "I personally know these watei ,ilans and negotiations have been n the making for at least the ast six years. It cannot be sah that city officials have not given his sufficient thought or study "I believe this bond issue i% thi icsL possible solution to Arcaia'i :urrent water dilemma." The Mayor pointed out there lave been two previous genera ibligation bond issues in the his ory of Arcala, but said this i he first time the city property owner will not have to carry the ole financial burden. He said The revenue bonds will be paid or from water department in ome which will come from al water users, both inside and out ide city limits." The councilman of eight year: landing emphasized there woul( ie "No future rate increases ant 10 increase in taxes." He said the new rate ordinance will apply vhetber the bond issue passes or not because if the issue fails main enance and replacement cosls on he presenl syslem on a pay-as OPEN SUNDAY, April 8 From 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. CLONEY'S RED CROSS PHARMACY 525 Fifth St. * HI 3-1614 you-go basis would continue to ise. Dolson continued, "The city has negotiated for and will acquire a safe, pure and plentiful water supply which will exclude any expensive filter plant. The Ranney System of developing water is one of the most modern, efficient and economical methods that is known today. This has been provided by the people within the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District. The only way Arcatans can receive full value from their district taxes is through the use of district WE ter." Arcata's water users will be provided with 3M million gallons of water storage with adequate water pressures assured for everyone on the system, said Dolson, pointing up "subsequent pressures will certainly be something curt water users have never wn." He added increased storage would improve the city's fire arotection rating which would result in lower insurance rates. "An ample supply of water cer- .ainly lends itself to industrial expansion as well as domestic use," .lie Mayor said, adding that with passage of the bond issue future distribution facilities and expansion of water services "to the growing areas of Arcata" are guaranteed. In conclusion the ci'y's honorary ivorking head said, "For these reasons I heartily urge you to vote 'yes 1 on the water bond issue on Tuesday and make Arcala's antiquated and inadequate water system a thing of the past." Model Of Glenn's Capsule On Display MADRID (UPI) - A full-scale model of Ihe 27-foot high Mcr cury capsule which carried LI. Col. John H. Glenn on three earth orbits \vill he on exhibition at the trade fair in Seville h .'.Inning next Tuesday. Greafer Use Urged For Book Facilities Mayor Henry Terheyden today brarics are, perhaps, not as well proclaimed National Library Week known generally as they should starting Sunday and urged all res- be. Therefore 1 proclaim the week iderits to avail themselves of the of April 8-14 as National Library facilities of the local libraries to Week and urge all citizens to join achieve "a belter-read, belter- in this concerted national effort Library Week April 8-14 informed community." He said: "We in our own city are i lo focus attention on the impor tancc of reading and libraries in aced our national life." with many problems and all of In connection with the week, us need to gain all the knowledge Mrs. Frank 1 Lee has prepared a ive can lo deal intelligently with history of the Eureka libraries, these problems. Citizenship parti- in which she writes as follows: cipation is becoming more and "As a general rule, city librar- more necessary in all fields of gov- ics, quite logically, were estab- ernment. But only an informed lished before county libraries. HUMBOLDT STANDARDStfwday. April 7. 1962, P. 3 3UR ANCESTORS byQuincy NATIONAL OBITUARIES ALBANY, N.Y. (UPI)--Funeral services will be conducted next Wednesday for inventor Harry'F. Waters, 67, who held hundreds of jatents in food packaging and machinery. Waters, of New York, died of heart attack three days ago while en route to Chicago by .rain. He was credited with developing paper milk cartons, paper tea bags, granulated sugar packages and vacuum-sealed food con- LOS ANGELES (UPI)-A Requiem Mass was celebrated Friday [or Kyle Palmer, 70, retired political editor of the Los Angeles Times. HOLLYWOOD Calif. (UPI)-Alfred Gock, 72, former chairman if the board of directors of the Bank of America, died Friday. SAN FRANCISCO (UPI)-Services will be held Monday for D. E. Watkins, 82, who served 40 'ears as general manager of the California State Automobile Association. HAGERSTOWN, Ind. (UPI)Lothair Tcetor, 65, former board chairman of the Perfect Circle Corp. and a past director of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, died Warne. Friday in the Bahamas. Drop In Felony Crime In State Noted Over 1960 SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) - Felony crimes reported in California during 1961 decreased by 1.4 per cent from the previous year, according to Atty. Gen..Stanley Mosk. __ It was the first decrease since 1959. Mosk said Thursday the drop :as more significant than it ap- j^ n peared because crimes reported 'are in a great part repeated crimes of a single criminal. 'One recent arrest of two irothers brought a confession that hey had committed 150 burg- aries together--or 75 crimes re- lorted for each person," he said. The total of felony crimes reported for seven major offenses is 257,229, or 1,564 crimes for each segment of 100,000 popula- .ion. Los Angeles County reported a decrease of 3.5 per cent, while San Francisco Bay Area counties showed an increase of 1.1 per cent, Mosk snid. Other areas of lie stale reported a 3.5 per cent ncrease over the I960 rate. Tile over-all decrease was re- 'ealcd in preliminary totals compiles by the state Bureau of :riminal Statistics. 'The halting of the upward spiral of crime is a credit to local enforcement units," Mosk said. At the end of 1901 Iherc were ·I1R meal packing and processing plants in California under Stale or Stale-approved municipal inspection systems. citizenry will be able to arrive at worthwhile goals. I urge everyone to visit our libraries during tiie coming week and to make it a habit. "This is a society based on the choices made by the many rather than the few and as a result this country's greatest concern must be the development of every individual to his highest capacity," the mayor proclaimed, "Only .a lifetime of continuing self-education through reading can keep Americans in watchful readiness to exercise responsible citizenship. Our libraries make accessible the accumulated experience of all mankind, from which present and future generations may derive the wisdom and understanding vital to our national survival. "The whole range of services and usefulness o( our public li- Reds Threat Army 'Stand WASHINGTON (UPI) - The Army's tog intelligence officer said today Communist agents "occasionally, regrelably, with some success" approach Army personnel with threats of exposing debts or relations with women. Maj. Gen. Alva R. Fitch, assistant chief of staff for intelligence, made the statement before a Senate armed services subcommittee studying alleged military muzzling. Fitch followed Gen; Barksdale Hamlett, Army vice chief of staff before the subcommittee. Hamletl told the senators that troops neec "motivational training" to fight the cold war but not at the expense of combat training needed in case of a hot war. Filch told subcommittee counsel James K e n d a l l that ap- Senator Demands Governor Ask Ouster Of Warne SACRAMENTO ( UPI )-- John F. McCarthy, state Senate Republican leader, today demanded that Gov. Edmund G. Brown ask for the immediate resignation of Water Resources Director William E. Warne. The demand came in the wake of a charge Tuesday night by Senate President Pro Tern Hugh M. Burns, D-Fresno, that Warne had been "blowing the taxpayers money without authority at $50,000 a pop." Burns threatened to get Warne, a member of Brown's cabinet, either fired or impeached. "Even in this political year," McCarthy said, "the governor cannot continue his vacillation by permitting this man Warne to remain on the public payroll." McCarthy, R-San Rafael, said Warne is now doing "the same sort of thing" which in 195G caused a congressional committee "to unanimously criticize his management of the U.S. program in Iran." "Warne is now squandering the money of California taxpayers and making self-styled decisions without legislative approval." Brown Wednesday told newsmen he backed Warne "to the hilt." This was the case in Eureka . . . A Methodist minister, the Rev. Dr. Haswell, initiated the starting of a public library here. Twenty members of his church agreed to subscribe a dollar a month for that purpose and citizens in general gave hearty financial support. On Feb. 13, 1878, 50 met in the church lo establish a city library and reading room. "By March 25, dedication ceremonies were held celebrating the opening of a library and reading room in the Jones building at Third and F streets. The Rev. Haswell spoke, as well as a Rev. Githens and a Rev. Brier, music was furnished by a volunteer choir and the Eureka cornet band -- and the whole gathering adjourned in "peace and harmony." (More will appear later on Mrs. Lee's account of the early days of the library in Eureka), To Expose a! r Revealed proaches made by Communist agents to soldiers and civilian employes of the Army fall into the general pattern of finding and exploiting some "weakness of character." Debts and Women A soldier in debt, he said, will be threatened with exposure or offered financial assistance. A man who is "careless in social relations," especially with women of the country where he is stationed, will be confronted with compromising e v i d e n c e a m threatened with exposure (o his wife or commanding officer. He said he had no evidence that subversive groups were active, around U.S. military bases, however. Questioned specifically about anonymous literature criticizing tlie Berlin reserve call-up which was circulated at Fort Bragg, N.C., Fitch said he had no evidence it was produced by subversive groups. Fitch, a veteran of the Bataan Death March who spent much of World War II in prison camps, also dealt at length with treatment of prisoners in K o r e a n stockades. He and Hamlett outlined steps taken to insure against repetition of what Fitch called "serious derelictions" a m o n g soldiers taken prisoner during the Korean War. Need Balanced Training Hamlett emphasized that "a aalanced training program is essential" to train soldiers for modern warfare. Charges Walker "Out-OMine" WASHINGTON (UPI) -- A Re- jublican congressman said Friday brmcr Gen. Edwin Walker was 'out of line and out of this world" in his charges against administration officials. Rep. William S. Broomfield, a member of the House Foreign Af- airs Committee, said Walker's claims that Secretary of State Dean Rusk was part of a group seeking to sell out the United States to the Communists was 'baseless, pointless and pure fiction." ^NPJ^BP^WBI**! "This confounded oil is ruining the value of my farmland!" Black Hawks In P CHICAGO (UP!) -- The Chica- o Black Hawks were slated for n allout practice today in an ef- ort to correct recent mistakes nd reach a peak of readiness to 'ind up their Stanley Cup semi- inal series against the Montrea Canadiens Sunday. The Hawks lead the Canadiens, hree games to two, in their best f seven series, with a three-game 'inning streak, and coach Rudy 'ilous was reluctant to predict a ourth straight triumph Sunday. "Have you ever heard of any- )ody b e a t i n g Montreal four traight?" he asked. "We're bating the law of averages, but I link we can do it." * Pilous hoped that today's work- ut would be the cure for what ittle has ailed the Hawks in the ecent games. "We haven't practiced in close o two weeks," he said, "and the oppiness. It comes at an oppor- une time for us to have a prac- ce to sharpen up our mistakes or the windup of this." ractice Today The Hawks, while not fearfu of a return to Montreal for a seventh game, if necessary, lo close the series still 'would like to avoid the trip and get ready for a second straight year in the finals. CARPET OF THE MONTH DYNASTY Wards Best 100% 501 Nylon Pile ««. m m 71 1373 I I 7 * * S,. Yd. . I 1 s,. yd. Includes installation pad MONTGOMERY WARD HI 3-3033 H 4th F Sts. Eureka 1 TONIGHT ° Channel 3 KIEM TV, 6:15 P.M. ARCATA WATER BOND EXPLANATION £· Thii AD Spnmored by Artils CttiienY Water CommrMe* How Christian ! SEE AND HEA TV 3:00 P.M. KVIQ-TV6 "MAN IS NOT CONDEMNED" " -llij ^^ Science Healy R THIS SUNDAY RADIO 9:15 P.M. KIEM 1480 Ic " WHY READ THE BIBLE" CLOSED SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS Beginning April 8 OPEN DAILY 6 A.M. ·? / £S|J^ Wee Bee f^^^^^^ 32 ° p STREET SSyBlP^ Eureka ,~~_^./^^ ^ Next to the Bank of America Here's your complete Summer of Bowling Fun! J O I N A L E A G U E T O D A Y MONDAY 7P.M. Men's Handicap Boys' Junior THURSDAY 7 P. M. Scotch Trios Men's 525 Men's 460 9 P. M. Mixed 4 TUESDAY 7 P. M. Mixed 4 Ladies' Scotch Trio 9 P.M. Mixed 4 FRIDAY 7 P. M. Men's Handicap WEDNESDAY 7 P. M. Ladles' Handicap Junior Mixed 4 SATURDAY 10 A. M. Junior and Bantam (Boys' and Girls') Eureka Bowl 4th and 'H' Sts. Eureka HI 2-1795

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