Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 9, 1961 · Page 41
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 41

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 9, 1961
Page 41
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Autot for. Salt 176 FORD / · / A-l i~ 1957 FORD r FOBOOR ' rordoinsllc, htaler and olher tjc- rrav Sol'd while color. If vou Aft looking lor a brgaln. Is hi. Lie. No. NGA 4O. Thll WMktnd 5899 MEL BURNS FORD IfMTOSS LONG BEACH BLVD CA 6 3]tS GA 6-1391 ^*. Amos for Sole 176 MEUCURY · A- 1954 MERCURY 4 DOOR MONTEREY Automatic, radio, hearer, while walls. Like new Mini. Very ciran InliMor Well wcrm the asklnc price lor In* second car or work $545 MEL BURNS FORD IvMMSS LONG BEACH BLVD. GA 4-3JU GA 6-3WI ^^ Autos for Sale 174 OLDSMOBILE '57 OLDSMOBILE "98" Holiday Sedan Radio. h«afer, rxiv/er ileeilno. brakes, seal t windows. Air- ro.dllloned. ^ ^ S J CHEVROLET ll»0 E. SOUTH ST. A R T E S I A UN S-"'* '57 OLDSMOBILE Super "88" Holiday Cpe. Radio, heater, automatic/ Dower braves, power ilcering. C I 3 Q Q Autos for Sale 176 Aures for Sale OLDSMOBILE AIR CONDITIOKFR 'E6 Ford Victoria Hardtop Rado, heater, DTwer s'eerlng. nutcn-.^Ur trans., fdLtory a'.r cond. Pay only 110 down and W Z month. Ed Barbari Plymouth 6KO H. BeMllc^tr TO 73731 '59 PORD Siarimer Convertible", ecuicncd v.lth power steering. au tern 5 lie drive, radio, fie ate r; a oorg-O'js rose A while wilft matching interior. Th s is a loca! Long Rcatli owners car wild verv Ie* miles on H. 01 r. only 1IW5 2223 L.B. Blvd. GA 7-3555 1932 FORD ROADSTER Beau til u I car, step frame, channeled full race Hat head. 3 carta. Balance. Big clulth. Swinging pedals. Lincoln oears. Jufc* brakes. Well buill car. Ownw- bu-lder. $595. 9C82 Healey Ave., Garden Grove. Wfcdays. aft. 6 FORD '57 HARDTOP Glistening Fair lane 500 Victoria tcu3«. Power steering z. twines 'Fordomalic. Radio healer. Week md scecldl ^ $100?. BILL BRYANT ^570 L. B. Blvd DIG THIS! '59 FORD 2-DR $1499 TRADE WAY MOTORS JtWi L. B. BLVD. GA _7-' JEEP ·53 WILLYS Je«p, 4-cyt. 3 forward control series, dnve. Deluxe' cab, racic ncv/ liros, rebuilt "JEEP, 4-wfwel drive, L bs ' _t°wbar._S7?5. LE 9~ '4? JEEP V//HU9S. ~V. LARK 'H LARK i-dr. sed. AT RH. W,vs. Ore owner, lo* riilea TaV.e over for W9 41370 per Call Cf(M_.Mor. GA4-7J83 LINCOLN ·fe LINCOLN Premfere ^edan co-^d Moninflr e'edrfc wir power seat, and a oorges-is vihlle. lacally owned, very car. Must be seen to be s o w clflled. Dlr. $11 2223 L.B. Blvd. GA 7-355 NOTICE! .'56 Lincoln 2-dr. hdip. ...$109 TRADE WAY MOTORS .JJ30 L.B. RI-VQ. GA 73iQ I a~LlNCQLN ^-dr. hdip. Ail exk ·pkrs sir. Baby b r ue. S?500. Pr "pry. r) ?5:^ 'W LINCOLN Premiere hdrop. F Djvr. w/alr. S4S dn., 112.W v f-.p. $1.396. Credil mqr. PR -4! '"STUlNCOl-N-premlere, fu'l cwr. oocd dral. TV/ 3-2209 · · · · · I WRITTEN WARRANTY !S7 MERCURY MONTEREY 4 oor Hardlco. A lofal car ITul had 1he best of care. 2-1 ore green Hn^h. haTmonlllnB trim. coroet«d 1hroug4iouL Has push- bollon drive, radio, healer, IDD uality tires, olhcr accessories ncfud. whetl covers, e!c. .. SS99 J25 down with niwoved cred.t. GLENN E.THOMAS-DODGE 333 E. Anaheim HE 4-12M CHEVROLET · HOT E. Soulh SI. Arlesia UH i-12« A-1 1955 OLDSMOBILE IS SEDAtl Aulomallc.. DOwer sleerlng. radio, heater. Sharp turquoise anrf v.hlle llnlsh. Verv clean Ins'dt Bud oul. Perfect. PRICED TO GO MEL BURNS FORD IWI055 LONG BEACH BLVD. GA 6-M15 GA 6-3J»l heal' '56 OLDS "88" HOLIDAY Bcwlilul 2 lone Ml*, steering fc brakrt, radio, er, aulomalic, only $898 GUY MOOTHART 111? N L. D Blvd., Comolon HE M1H One owner local or driven only 37,000 milesl 1950 Mercury 2 Door Sedan. Has standard shlfr wHh overdrive 1 , rad'o, healer, oocd tires. Runs like a too. *W9 $25 down w i f h approved credit. Glenn E.Triomai Co.--DODGE 333 t=. Analieim HE 4-1383 $25 DOWN '« ME R C Sxm V Bl1 e y. RH, Aulonafic. S?/ mo. DALB BROWN MOTORS 1501 E. PAC. CST. HW_Y., L.B. 53 PARKLANE Wercorv 4-tIr/Hard- Icp, n*w llres, nil power, orio. wholstery, ^ke new Ihruout. Priv. Dartv. HE 6-?*66, II no,er '58 OLDS SUPER "88" COUPE Air cond. lrr.niac. 1 owner. 23 MO actual ml'cs. S177. OSBORN'S. 20TH CHERRY FR '60 OLDS. 2-DR. H.T. Free en;tv. No down CALL MR. ROSS 3-9139 between I «· 5 ~ W MERC. Monterey, top. Exlra nlct _L .^ 1 Anfers.on k5" MERC. 3-3r. Mo^tclalr. _ Vallev. i525. GE 3-06M after 10 a. m. 49 MERCURY Club - _ ,, . . drlvr, RRH 1-ov/ner. 519V, D'r. 437 E. Anaheirn S'MERC. parklane j-door IKJ'II ildOO. ME O^CMS 14snVj_G_ar|iejd Para mo un 56 MERC. Monterev 1-dr- hdlo '5^ OLOS 88. Power si- brakes Excel, shape. ME 3-1382. _S3!2 E. 671n.^pt. 1. 'Sfi'OLDS 88 Holiday spt. dra. RtH. Extra - w - Pri. p!V. OF J 0 " . - , i sharo. «M '» OLDS COUPE, "Bcred, C, TucX Roll. Heeds marn bear _U)Ci._Mahe oifer. GE ·53 OLDS H.T., Wi ., ,. GE Koirciav, fv 1 " wu ' p clean Okis. ·SO OLDS. 3M cu. In.Vtrcker, Enol Cam, W.W1.. DuCo'.U Big Head 51 ick._MOO_ml. AJ rne_ch._GA_ 7^51 CLEAN '60 Olds--S-S8 hdfo. H.S P.0., R-ftH. ^^JJv,^ 2 * "RH" no., ·»"OLDS, reWII JH 1 e Make offer._GA_7-li30. ·54 OLDS S3 i-d'r s'ed. Jet:%" 6 ' c v l . ClLb COUM 57 M£RC. Wonlcrcy ? ( f r . Hardlco. Slkk. Rt». GA 2.92S1.__55M._ r.'.ERC ^ dr. A'U^O. P.D. New tires. S3CO. ATS Corcn^rfQ GE 4 itM _ _ _ _ r stJ. Babv blue R rj. Sat. JA 7-9076. METROPOLITAN WOW! 5699 '57 METRO HARDTOP I TRADE WAY MOTORS _3i30_L. B. BLVD. _ OA_7£W! j ~ "" '54 METRO-- $499 Hdlcp Cpe-- Good trcnspo.-tBllon. ST V/. LE.V.Otl 2333 L.B. BLVD. __ GA 7-9232 '54 METRO. Clesn. 43 mpa. WW. Trade lerrni ofc. GA 7-«06i NASH lit ANNUAL CLEARANCE SALE! '58 9LDS Fiesta Srarion Wagon Ro-Jio. liPrilcr, Hvdra - Milir, CO'.'.cr Steering, Dcwer braScei. Qriuinal 2'one g.'eeii dr-d \vilh rrAkti!ng In'erior. S?e II, Ijuv il. Annlversfvy sa uriced Ut ANNUAL CLEARANCE SALE! '59 OLDS Super 88 Holiday Sedan The irvost oopuSar used oir or today's mark*!. Tfiis spartiter n original 7 - lone while and beiee hai like new bflge fn- lerlor arrf shows Ihe re1icglous care ol Its orevicus owner. H.IS radio pnd healer, HvQrs Mat-c. power ^leering a n d brakes, 1-nFed glass, whifewaHs, etc. _ _ _ 9 · 1954 OLDSMOBILE Holiday Coupe. All «MI body, malchJno original yphoisfcrv Ihal's had fine care. Autcnialic shllN radio. Healer, power sloerTng and fcraVes. paddfd dash, E-Z-Eve olass, wh!1e wall lirei. other exlras. Written ouar- Bfitee __________ -- ...... -.- *«7 $25 dcwn \vi1h approved credit GlonnE. Thomai Co.--DODGt 333 E. Anaheim HE 6-17S3 ·6 OL05. 98 Holld.iv Couoe. Ful power. Perfect, Cash 128. Take over S43.J3 mo. Dlr. _ 1AK30 LaVtsvood Uivd. M^S "i4 "OLDS S3 2-"dr. Power ilee brakes. RH.. \vhite w S^50. V/lll accepi small lr ME 36H3. _ PACKARD 176! Autos for Solo 176 PLYMOUIH CLOSE OUT SALE '61 PLYMOUTHS MUST GO Rceardieis of price, '61 Piy. Savoy ... $2283 V-8, auSomellc lr*ns.. header. '61 Ply. 4-dr. Fury. $2744 TorquHNIe. rado. healer, power ilienng, oower br^kpi. ,irxl m?ny olber ?ooOie Has few m1l« Ed Barbari Plym, Center 6200_N. BELLFLOWER BLVD. · "·"· · a! 19S9 PLYMOUTH Fury 2 Ocur Hntdloo Definitely one of our rxlcer ui*d cars. Loaded wilr* extras. Inducing PnshbjHon irilft. finest radio o-.ii r.cakr. padded dash, eiectrtc clcck. D;K*-UD ligM*. power steering, fcp UdAlily while wall llres. Carries a written ou=\r- anlee. .. J1MV 115 down win ? DP roved cce*t Glonn E. Thomas Co.--DODGE 3il E. Anaheim HE *1?!3 PLYMOUTH * Autos for Sale 174 PONTIAC » · ·dere v-« «" PACKARD. Good wrk car. wr Irade for e'.tr-.Br washer, (reeicr cr scuba^dlvina sear. Gg_* 3?7l?. OOKTT'Sb. '51 Packard 2 dr. Real clean. Priv. plv. HE 2 ll»- '52 PACKARD, healer, au'crvi. drive SI00. 1901 Lakewoad "' J PLYMOUTH 19i6 PLYWOUTH BclvedL . 4-Dcor S»dan. A one owner local car Ihal's had Ihe l-r.tsl of C.TC. Eaulpncd wllti Dosl-bu'ron shiil. v*rv best racio, ail vjcnlher hcil er, white vra'.l ti:c5, e1c, Carnei a wrlHen cua'dnfet. . ~ - MX i2S down w:ih .iD3rov(d credi! Glenn E. Thomai Co,--OODSE 3iJ E. Anaheim HE 6-1733 _· _·_·_·- -* i '60 Plymoulh Belvedere 2-Door Hardtop Power steer ir.g, auiomallc, radio, healer, a-.d ek. I Y*ar war- *" 1K aV " $1898 GUY MOOTHART Til? M. L- B. Blvd., Comolon NE 77174 '60 PLYMOUTH' ....$2395 PLYMOUTH VACATION SPECIALS Huge Discounts ON ALL NEW '61 Plymouth*, Valiants AS LOW AS $175 DOWN DELIVERS ON APPROVED CREDIT PAYMENTS AS LOW A S . . . $67.22 MO. LARGE SELECTIONS 1O CHOOSE FROM 4 Door*. 2 Doors and Hardtop* ALSO SELLING AT EVEN A^BEtflteSSRr- 6 TEST DRIVE TODAY! CABE BROS. PLYMOUTH 8. VALIANT DLR. 2 2 0 1 L B. BLVD. LONG BEACH HE S-SM1 INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TELESR AM--P-l 5 Long Btach, C«IH.. Sunm/, llily , IMl 19IS PONTIAC V-8 ?·*«· hardloo. Co'or is turouQ'SB and while, tir- rrKulilrvg trim, ta rotted Ih/uoyl. Ecu'pnient Includes ajtomaKc st-Mi. radio, all wcnther heotrr, L)UA! e»hainr$, bsckuo light;, etc. Carries * wrilten ouaraitM. VM? *?S Jown wiih aiprovcd ctfH1 Glenn E. Thomai Co.-- DODGE ^33 E. Anaheim HE 6-HU _ _ _ yt PON n AC BonMvTl'e. Low mile- | so«. l-owner. New car lrod« r . Hydra., RH. Ei eve g1a«. l?JW · this weekend. C. Fred Ho'rn sen Motor SA^CI _j!37 E._Ana)c : m _ HE 5 S9/1 '56 PONffAC. $499 " Siarchlel Cat. couae. Aulom. R A H , lull leather. Good cond. S. W. LEMON niO L.B._BLVD. _ G A J*m r sa PO'JTiACf Bonr.evlHe Ctvc. Rf, H. ajlo P*T slo SS8 do. (13.30 _*k. Oil Crctfl Mpr. PR 46m, RAMBLER Autos for Solo 176 Autos for Sola THUNUERBIHD LOOKING? For 9 r*w '41 or a good used Rambler? II so, 'or irw best buv oil a new or iwcd Rambler cilv« 3 miles «. lave 5300. Out ot " high rent dulrlct. We pass savings on to you And 0 ve vou Jh« beit afler sales strvlte available riUNT 525 DOWN ·57 Rambler. Standard Iransmls- ilon Overdrive. P.P. SftW. DALE BROWN MOTORS 1501 E. PAC. CST. jjWY.,_LB " " -49 RAMBLER WAGON 15? down , 412,40 vretK. Ca crcdil n-.or'. PR ·"·4523. PONTlAt ·55 POHTfAC Calallria REPOSSESSION - SALE - Has y o u r credit b e e n turned down because of t of credit? New In town? Bankruptcy? and etc. QUICK 2-rfoor KardloD. Pew.. sleeriflfl, radio, healer, automatic. Payments Sg/lQ« 01 mo. Balance... **^*/ MRRCURY MWiclaJr^Fullv equipped, paymefils """ I«.oi mo. Balanc*-. SS CHEVROLET 2-doar, ·nents S33 mo. J AQ7 52 B«lan« fc tifl '57 DODGE Cuslom R««3l. Ful^ equioped. Pavmenti 5 4i71 M1.82 ma. e a f a n c e *" ** '« LINCOLN PrE/nler 7 dosi hnrrtlop. Pull power. tike_new. Pay SS5 manlh, IT'S TRUE! '58 PLYM. 2-DR. 5999 T R A D E WAY MOTORS I _2559_L._B._B_LyD. GA_M4H j REPOSSESSION I960 Plvmouth -l-dr, sccl^rt. I or.ded wilh c«1ras Bcauliful oM white. A-1 irwchanicrtHv. Take ever ror $78, 5)3.70 rei vrt. Ctiil Credit Mpr.. GA J-WJ3 ·5? PLYMOUTH Relvetiere V3 convert. 34,728 actual nil.. ITJ^I buf- lon troni., pv/r. ileennu. Drakes. coed IDO, a'l-orip. 1 o.-", priced to ^11. GE -2«H. '$1 PLYM. 4-dr. Kuns gcad- *H5, WO dn. 17.50 wk, L. A. Anderson 1BJ? B^Arahclm "60" PLYM.' Belvwlrrc'3 dr. H,irdl03. Economy 4. Push bjltcn frans. _RH._ 51./9S. ^A 2-9?Sl. 57 SAVOY 2-dr. Sedan. RAH. V-B. Autom. Irani. HA_7-7WO '5A PLYMOUTH. HH. 2-tcnc, v/-w Pri. Pprlv, TE J-65S1 Fury ? Door Hrdlco. Auicrr.nliL j=wr. steer,. R8.H. G-ja'.in'ced Can Be F-in.wccd 500% al CREST MOTORS «35 Lona BcathJilud.^HP 7-? "PLYMOUTH -sa $689 V-8 ^-Door Scda-i Puih buit Icp. Onlv «»». '"' SUBURBAH f^OtQR^ 'jtjQ E. AMAHEIW TE *~M1} 7 55 PONTIAC"Cal3!lniT «S rfn., S29 63 oer mo C o l Mr, XL-rg for Ir« home_rnni. GA_7 E9S7. Dlr. I'5" "CHIEFTAIN 2-dr." RB.H. flwtD ' ^^SSr /?AT5JM f l orJE^-W?BGG: " ' "'57 PLYMOUTH ? DOOR f P. S9M. S75 down. f 31 mi CALL MR. ROSS FR 5-5139 be!w«n 1 e. ·50 PLYMO"DTH 4'^f. waoon. slick shllt Overdrive. Like ncvf J44.S3 B«r nto wilh nDrnial riT SUBURBAN WOTORS . 500 E. AN_AlltlM TF_M»3 ·57 PLYM. hd!0. R- * H dean. LOW mil. 17PJ. 'Aill late Irde. 600 i r i; Ayn|OJ,_\'/i;7iin_oloi. j 'ib PLY.",". I-dr. V 8 . GiJ cond. Gd . oa'nl. Shill. Ovrdr. All. 4. HE : 64507. ; '5? PLYWOUTl'l 4 Rr. Gcsd tiiei. | runs aaod. S130. GE ySSM- prlv. p.i'lv._OE X A710. ·"sT^PONTIAC. Star Chief CaH]'na. in Priv. c a r t v . oaod w^d.JO_7.1J«. r 53~POMTr80(-neville. S1800 See al - 17 Sanla Ana. CEJjJ738. '59 PONTIAC srXHl coiTBlB el Slick. GE 4-51^ any dav_a!1^ 'M "POrltlAC Slar Chiel 2 dr. I Fult P'wr. S1.550. GA ^733. Convert RH, over *drVv'e."G«i" molor, too, lire, painl. Rc.-is. CF 3K? r W CUSTOM"wOBOn, 6 cvl ; aulom. ate DaMy._HA_ 1-7019. " " rrecti 1959 i I960 T-B1RDS 7 DOOR HARDTOP A COCK] iclcdltw. Full QQ+tr, w.r-tJows and ical?. RaJ o. healrr, fljlrnatte, while side wa'^. AM "ALL PRICED TO GO P.S.--Yei, we have one sharp '5* T Bird hardlop silt*. MEL BURNS FORD 17907CSS LONG BEACH BLVD. GA 4-M1S GA 6-33VI '60 T-8IRD HARDTOP One out of a Ihoyssnd. FACTORY AtR CONDITIONING. Fufl lealher 4 star;, all power window), J;AI% slcerinff. brakes. 10,(XO inifei. O.vred by tocal orofcjs'onfll mart. Save ilJOO from n«w. JAMESTOWN _11»_LOfio BCKh Blvd. HE_2-»I| HARD TO FIND · '56 THUNDERBIRD sh.arp red b*autv with F..-FI - . PIONEER FORD. 1K03 Pioneer Blvd, ArleV« UN 5-17 __ open su^a^y VALIANT STUDEBAKEK _ "·"e~¥"~* ·"· WRITTEN WARRANTY WK studebaker Lark 1-poor Haider? Driven only 6.400 miles by its original owner. Hat n mark on tr.e bo°v, ii"«[|°J ,,'£, HeJer n b« GL"NN"E. THO a MA^-DppGE 333 E. Anaheim HE 4-l/p 61 T-BIRD $4495 Convertible. Lloht b'ue f.niilK Al ixwer equipment. Bought nevr -i January. A DOTscnal cir. C a r r i e 1 fu'l wm1v. COT be I n anted 100 CREST MOTORS I335_ Uona Bfacli Blvd._HE 2-» ·59 T-BIRD '."." Z....V2895 Choice of two hardloDS. Aulo malic, twwer steering, etc. Im rnacirtat*. Local- On* owner Can Be Financed IMS at CREST MOTORS i8^iRb;*iT295" V#rv sharp hardfOD CQIJDC. Fordo R. H, po^er steering brak* 1 Full vinyl In1 error. Perlec.1 con; 5. W. LEMON _2330 _L. _B B I vjj. _ G A 7-92^ TM AiTfCONDITIONED ~ '60 T-Blrt* S343S. H.irdlon coute with lull pcwer ladorv air, a- a cln. S. V,'. LET WOU 2BO L.B. BLVD CA_/-93« ^7 T-BIRD ha'p 1,800 a dual n-i. R. «. K, w/w tlrci. P. S. and P. B. Aulo. tians. S2.3W. GA 7-SS40. '5? T-BIRD. Bio eno. Lc.ilher'uD- holsf. Air ccod. AH covipr. 12.995. Imrnac. Lo rnl. PA A KCO. 0 T-BIRO. FULL PO'.VER. _ "rHUNDKRBIRD CLOSE OUT SALE ·' ''61 VALIANTS MUST GO Reoarrjlen of Price NEW '61 2-DR; $1794 -- '6l 4-tfoor. V-?00. radio, hta'eri A^lOfnalic Irani, delux« t'cw cover : ,".p. White wans, wheel .discs. Hoi v e r y few miles. $2173 1JSO Long Beach J _ · erw. Stick re ^iL_^V- Excel. cond._HA _'JT r SO"sfLTDEBAkt£R-- Good coitd. S100 GA 3-4067. __ CHIEF'S DAILY SPECIALS 1295 '58 FORD Fairlant 5CO Club Victoria. Aufomalic. ra-J'o, henVr, w-s w. Real '57 FORD Country Sauirc W.igan. Aurcrn.ilic. radio, healer, power i'56 FORD 'Fa^rlane Cl-jb Sednn. Automallc, rad o. heater, power slccnn 1195 ''56 FORD CtHjnlrv Sedan Wagon. 'Automate, radio, healer. Clean as a o'rv CHIEF GHAMBERLIN FORD 1N 8US1NESS 15550 PARAMOUNT BLVD., PARAMOUNT 60 CHEVROLET HFL AIR 4 DO OR MERCURY 7-rfoor. SJ3.14 mcnlhly. Balince _ ·5J PONTIAC 2-ctoar, autamallc. rado, heater. Pay (14 m^nlh. Balance. _ CALVIN FINANCE 705 S. long Beach Blvd. NE 4-9327 -- NE 9-2522 COMPTON DICK BROWNING DIGK BROWNING OLDSMOBILE DEALER 1201 Lung Bench Blvd. HE 6-9624 Long Bench Blvd. HE 6-9624 FAIRLANE 500 4 -Do or. Radio, healer, automatic, power steering. Extra clean. 1 owner Low-mileage car. 60 CHEVROLET VILLAGE MOTORS IMPALA HARDTOP SPORT COUPE Ivorv In cclor. Tinted V-8, r,nl o, heeler. 1470 Long Beach Blvd OPEN SUNDAY 59 PONTIAC The Fabulous Fiat lets up t 63 m.p.g 58 CHEVROLET F A I R LANE SW HARDTOP COJPE Ivory in color. V-S, Fordo- mafic- rado, healer. Lie. No. RXZ 1C2. BISCAYNE 4^DOOR SEDAN Beige and brown finish. V-8, povi'p'-giide. radio and heater. Lie. No. S£Y NEW LOW PRICES WITH 6 MONTHS WARRANTY 57 CHEVROLET 57 CHEVROLET WO" 2-dr. 1100" trfr.. 3i moo. 1420 4 dr. Luurv Sed. 13 MacfEls far Fun and Utility -- fludilt Mi . , V-8. radio sod rearer. Lie. No IBS. It.t ihnrpcsl '57 w«'ve fiad in veari. Palmer import Motors-- 3300 56 MERCURY 55 RAMBLER CUSTOM 4.DOOR « PASSENGER V/AC30N Ivory in color. V-ff, radio, hea!«r. New iir«i, ar.d Ihis car is really sliwo. Uc. No. LZZ «i. I L L A G E 54 CHEVROLET 54 CHEVROLET 719 4-DOOR {-PASSENGER STATION WAGON Ivnrv and blur. 6 cylinder, M.cX ihid, \\tA\tt. A real nice one. Cheao. 2 to choose from. FACTORY EXEC. CARS ONLY A FEW LEFT SAVE $100's ·61 9-PASSENGER $OQOQ COUNTRY SEDAN £OTT CRUISOMATIC--FULL EQUIPMENT FULL POWER all. '61 GALAXIE 4-DOOR HARDTOPS ·61 G A L A X l t 2-DOOR HARDTOPS $AVE - SAVE - SAVE PIONEER FORD Many oihers priced 1o sell. it-m AT * Ed Barbari Plym. Cent»r A7W N. BfllllowBT 8'vrl. '60' VA"LlAiNTr$ 1599~~ V-?00 series, 4-Cr. sedan. A JrraT b-v mllenoo c a r . 5iaidard sh;'l. R f.H xlnt lires. Guara;ncca. E. PAC. CST. _AT_ JJJH IPERO. L B '«' 'VA'LIAMT ^-c"r." w^oon. RH. rt'jt:m. shiJI. Fire cno'n* rfd, linve '0 see to apprecla'e. X67.16 ccr nw. with rwsrmal dn.' , SUBURBAN M O T O R S - ' r £0 'VALJAHT ' r v"?00'' ·series * ttr. Automatic irans., power slein^l* radio, hcnter. Ba-ely broVeii in; excellent condition slsv? C. Fred Ho'msen (V.olor Salc\ . 437_r;_ Anaheim HE_5 5i| r AO VALIANT Wawft. 9 pas*-, «y!3.i RH, w«s, tow mil, HA T-S16S. BRAND NEW 18403 PIONEER BLVD.. A R T E S I A UESS or GAMBLE ON THE DEPENDABILITY OF THE USED CAR YOU BUY! You take no chances when you buy an O.K. Used Car from the AUTOMOBILE SUPERMARKET Of the Finest Reconditioned USED CARS to Be Found Anywhere! At Lower Prices -- Lower Terms -- The Largest Semite Deportment in the West to Back Up Our Guarantee. You Will Bt Glad You Stopped In to Sec Us. _^^^«^^^^^^^^MTM*W«««*M» '60 CORVAiR 4-DOOR DELUXE Ivoiy in color. Powrcrg'ldf, t a *o, hPAler. Lk. No. T A ' C ^782 u chcoie from. '59 FORD 2-DOOR SEDAN '60 FALCON G»s -saving ilsndard tr^^mf^slon. radio, r-.c-alcr. Lie. No. WBG ?B. Drive it antf vo'J'H tuv 11. '58 CHEVROLET B1SCAYNE 7-DOOR SEDAN Ivor-/ and ccrBl In co'cr. Pcw- c:g'.dc. gas -saving 6. hea'er. Lie NO PCN 6W. Soltf d»d se-'vlced ne-^r at Harhor Chcv- rolft wiIh 79,000 ar.'ual r Just like new. '58 RAMBLER CROSS COUNTRY S U r t R 6 PASSENGER W A G O f J Grev in co^cr. Gai s.ivino 6 wiln o v e r d r i v e . Lie. Mo. PYA83S. A real sharo wacon. BEL AIR SPORT COUPE Ivorv and reo 1 f'rlsn. v-3. tinfcd g'ass. radio, healer, C o n M n e n t n 1 Xit. Lie. rjo. NBR 974. A rcii! n-ce cnc -3 lo choose from. SAVE u p to $ 600 A good selection of Lark executive cars These are cars driven fay executives of the Studeboker Corp. They are not dealer demonstrators. ONLY $ 1 95 DOWN · Free 34,000-miU worronty. · Highest trosSc Int · No high pressure jelling. · No Down Payment-- ,,,,, I860 Long Beach Blvd. GA 7-9927 OPEN SUNDAY J 57 BUICK SPECIAL H A R D T O P COUPT Ivory and Wue in co'cr. Dv- ndlrCrV, radio, healer. He. No. SDH 733. Ouqinal Ihrc-uho-jt. Drivi it ITS vou'M b-JV it. FALCONS I T-B1RDS! GET YOUR YEAR-END SAVINGS NOW! WHILE OUR STOCKS ARE COMPLETE OVER 200 CARS TO CHOOSE FROM | Low, Low Down Payments j $100 DOWN DELIVERS ANY NEW FORD, FALCON OR' TRUCK un ,-^jroveO crcJi! " ' Low Monthly Payments '57 CHEVROLET BUSINESS COUPE ivory in co'or. PC. vs. rieaier. Lie. Ho. A s'Bal al . . . PER BUYS (-PASSENGER MO. FORD SEDAN With Reg. Down Payment '56 FORD I-PASS. COUNTRY SEDAN STATION W A C O M 2-!on* g r e e n . FordoTM alic, power steering, rad.o, healer. Lie. No. CHA 204. A sleal al $ 599 LEASE A NEW FORD Check Our Lease Plan You Will Be Glad You Did ' B r a n d New 1961 PICKUPS '55 PONTIAC 4-DOOR SEDAN Ivory a n d bfue. Lie. NO. HVN 915- Hvtfra-MaNc. rado, heater. A nice, inexo«fiiiv» car. '55 PONTIAC CATALWA HARDTOP CPE. . . *649 II 3/A 0 / F I N A N C E O AVAILABLE ON NEW CARS 4 3 /4°/c ISO 7-DOOR SEDAN Ivory In cok»-. 4, it:ck, r*5iO. healer. Lie. Ho. LSE M3. A real Irflnso0.-1af:o-n ipecial. J 54 CHEVROLET DOOR SEDAN Ivory and b'ue finish, Powir- oilcle, ffKi : Oj healtr. Lie. Ho 1_BJ I Oj e a t r . A nice or.e. '54 MERCURY M O N T E R E Y HARDTOP SPORT COUPE Ivory and red. r/ercoma'i-. radio. h«aler. Uc. FMR !». Original throughoot. Must i«e. $ 599 C L O S E - O U T ^, AU F O R D S DEMONSTRATORS AND EXECUTIVE CARS 11 Low, Low Mileage -- New Car Guarantee $25 DOWN BUYS ANY CAR IN OUR STOCK ON APPROVED CREDIT $25 DOWN »UYS ANY CAB TH OUR STOCK ] ON APPROVED CREDIT HARBOR * CHEVROLET r-- 3770 CHERRY AVE GA 6-3344 1 ALSO-- A FEW NEAR-NEW 1960 FORDS LEFT! | Mel Burns 2000 LONG BEACH BLVD. BOTH SIDES OF THE STREET 20th and LONG BEACH BLVD. GA6-33U GA 4-331 5 N( 4-7247

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