Independent from Long Beach, California on March 11, 1966 · Page 5
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 5

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 5
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P«g» A-i-- INDEPENDENT Lw « ·«*· ngry Mob Mars Beatrix's Wedding A DEMONSTRATOR against the wedding in Amsterdam of Dutch.Crown Princess' Beatrix to Claus von Arnsberg of Germany holds his head as club; swinging police ward off protesters. Incident took place near statue "De. bokwerker" (The Docker), which commemorates strike in February .1941,. ^yhen Gestapo started to deport Amsterdam's Jews. Von Arnsberg grew up "under Hitler and served in German army. Negroes Call-Off Protest HERTFORD, N.C. UP) Negro, leaders agreed. Thurs 1 day to negotiate with the white leaders of this small eastern North Carolina town and called off all demonstrations at least through Saturday. Some 40 helmeted state troopers stood and watched some 200 Negroes parade a .block, kneel and pray and . then return to a church. About 100 whites also gathered' but there were no incidents. Earlier in the day, firemen turned hoses on 150 high school pupils as t h e y did Wednesday night on ISO Negroes parading without a permit. * # * * * DAVID COLTRANE, chairman of the North Carolina good Neighbor Council, conferred with the Negro leaders and said they had agreec 'to end all -demonstrations until the town's new biracial committee meets Saturday night. The Rev. F. H. Legarde of Edenton, a regional director for the -Southern Christian Leadeship Conference, sale Coltrane assured Negroes "that the local white power structure is ready to negotiate in good faith." Yank Viet Death Total Now 2,491 WASHINGTON W -- Th Defense Department count o U.S. servicemen killed in Vie Nam fighting increased sharp ly during the week ending las Monday night. The weekly summary is sued Thursday showed batl deaths up by 156 for a tola of 2,491 since the start 1961. The death count wa 130 for the previous week an 97 for the week before. The wounded total mounte by 454 to a cumulative tot of 12,028. War Funds Speeded in Congress WASHINGTON ( U P I ) -Vith a sudden burst of speed fiursday, congress approved resident Johnson's $4.8-bil- on Viet Nam military bill nd pushed his $415-million conomic-aid measure toward nal passage. The House and Senate, by oice votes, q u i c k ! y com- eted action on the military uthorization bill that previ- usly had tied up the Senate i h e a t e d debate for two eeks over Viet Nam policy. * * * · * THE ECONOMIC-aid mea- ure for Southeast Asia was pproved by the Senate 82 to , and sent back to the House or concurrence in one minor lange. The two opposing o t e s were cast by Sens. Vayne Morse, D-Ore., and ·rnest Gruening, D-Alaska. The House Appropriations Committee announced thaf it vould meet Friday to vote ut a $13-billion money bill o buy new military equipment, including the $4.8 bil- ion provided in the authori- :ation measure. Before approving the ceo lomic-aid bill, the Senate re ected an a m e n d m e n t by Morse which would have cu id to the Dominican Repub ic from $25 million to $12.5 million. THE ONLY Senate changi made in the House-passec measure was an amendmen which would bar purchase o ron and steel products fo use in Viet Nam if their cost ere found excessive. The bill would authoriz $275 million' in economic as sistance for Viet Nam; $7. million for Laos and Thailan and $25 million for the Dominican Republic. It also includes $100 million for a worldwide contingency fund. While the m i l i t a r y bill sailed through both houses without debate, there was a limited Senate discussion on the economic-aid measure. 69 Saved As Camp Overrun (Continued from Page A-l) ositions in efforts to halt the nemy during the 39-hour attle. The defenders took a heavy oil of the Communists, but ost the strategic camp lying thwart a main Communist upply route from Laos about 75 miles northeast of Saigon. Three h e l i c o p t e r s , one ghter plane and a heavily rmed C47 gunship nick- arhed "Puff the Magic Drag- n" were shot down, claiming t least eight more American (Continued from Page A-l) Amsbcrg acknowledged the resentment felt by a section of the Dutch nation about his German army background and pleaded for a chance to start a new life. "I know^that some of you have no peace with our marriage," he said. Speaking in almost flawless D u t c h, he added that the Dutch people "were g i v e n unspeakably much sorrow and great injustice during the last war." "However, I would like to ask you to give us the chance to build on a new future together with you all," he said. . ' * * * * · THE 2V4-MILE processional route between the palace and the 17 century Wester- kerk Church was lined by almost 15,000 ceremonial and security troops and police: More than 200,000 fellow Dutchmen, however, turned out 'despite smoulderingDutch resentment to the wedding and a dark rainy day, to cheer their dimpled blonde princess and wish her well. Beatrix and Von Arnsberg appeared to shut the world out of their minds for their nuptials. They gave their "Ja" responses firmly, first in civil ceremony and then in e official church wedding nder joint Dutch Reformed nd Calvinist religious rites. The wedding automatically nade the former German sol- ier a Dutch prince without ny the throne. But e gets an $80,000 annual llowance. From, now on he vill be known as "His Royal [ighness, Prince Claus George Willem Otto Geert of The Netherlands, Jonkheer von -msberg." Jeers, anti-Fascist leaflets nd smoke bombs fell in the ath of the regal wedding recession. The gilded, glass- windowed coach and its mag- ificent six black horses were ften lost in the billowing moke that left more than ne crowded guest gasping nd red-eyed. * * BUT NEITHER the princess tor her ruggedly handsome lusband appeared physically College Oa-Funds "| Bill Goes Forward; SACRAMENTO (UPI) -- A bill to earmark much of California's vast tidelarid oil revenues for and university construction won approval Thursday from. the. Senate Finance Committee. IN THE capital, meanwhile, Vernier Nguyen Cao Ky usted one of South Viet Vam's top generals. Lt. Gen. Nguyen Chanh Thi tie independent commander ding had coughing fits. if five northern provinces in lie First Corps area, was ired. by the ruling military unta for insubordination. Hi vas expected sent into 'polite exile." The move generally was applauded by American off! cials as strengthening Ky': central government. Thi ha jeen reluctant to cooperate in some government program: aimed at getting the nation', economy on its feet. Bus Lines Picketed SAN FRANCISCO (UPI)-More than 100 singing and c h a n t i n g demonstrators Thursday picketed the Bay Area 'Rapid Transit Distric iBart) offices in a demam lhat more members of minor ity groups be hired. GOOD LOCATION for de scribing the TV sets you' like to sell: the Classifie Section. Dial HE 2-5959 now CROWN PRINCESS Beatrix of The Netherlands and Claus von Arnsberg gaze into each other's eyes during ring exchange at their wedding Thursday in Amsterdam's West Church. she knew deeply of the feel- ngs some felt against her marriage to a German. She told her people "that lot all this marriage is a fact we recognized and understand." The princess recalled "that many of you had to bear 'athomless sorrow in the past a n d suffered i r r e p a r a b l e osses." "It is this b a c k g r o u n d ;ratitude," she said. At least 30 smoke bombs were tossed.and sabotage attempts were made on television cameras and cables to .ffected by the smoke bombs black out the nationwide r the swirling disturbances along the wedding route. Some of the roll call of 17 ings, queens, princes and rincesses invited to the wed- Later, Beatrix, in a message of thanks to those who had sent her presents and messages of good will, revealec Restored in War Levy (Continued from Page A-l) held for the benefit of a party or candidate. .Sen. Russell B. Long, D-La. head of the Senate conferees, said the final version mighi come up in that .branch on Monday. However, he said the Senate might wait to act until after the House has voted on it. House leaders said it prob ably would be brought up there on Tuesday. could rejoice in Queen J u l i a n a , wept unashamedly into a handkerchief during the church cere mony and her husband, Prince Bernard, raised his eyeglasses as if he were having difficulty reading the service. At nightfall, the couple was whisked out of the palace anc driven off under heavy police escort for their honeymoon at an unannounced destination. Reliable sources said the c o u p l e left by air from which deepens our feeling 0 fl Soesterber ' Air Force Base aboard a government plane and it was believed they chose a southern European spot to spend their honey- . The measure, backed by Goy. Edmund G. Brown and approved in principle by a legislative resolution:of 1964, would put'-, higher-education construction on -z. pay-as- you-go" basis, ending the need for the big construction- aond issues that voters have aeen approving since 1955. However, Brown ..has asked that one more construction- bond issue go on the ballot before the'new measure can take effect. If approved by the legislature, the $280-million issue would go to voters in November. + * '* * · THE "pay-as-you-go" bill, authored by Sen. George Miller Jr., D-Martinez, chairman of .the finance committee, came out of the committee shortly b e f o r e both houses recessed for, a three- day weekend. M i l l e r ' s "pay-as-you-go" bill for higher education resulted largely from the increased tideland-oil revenues generated by the newly developed E a s t Wilmington field at Long Beach. Miller told the committee that the revenues would hit $70 million in' fiscal 1966-67 and eventually rise to a high of $133 million in 1970-71. The measure would not affect present revenues being received by the City of Long Beach: : The bill would create a Capital Outlay Fund for .Public Higher Education, which would receive tidelands rever nues after the first SlUmil-. lion is paid Into the Califor- - nia Water Fund. At present, this surplus money is deposited in the state's'-General Fund for various uses. - . * * « * · .-'".,.MILLER said that if t ,the ' measure becomes 'law,_ approximately $38.1 m i l l i o n would be available in fiscal 1967-68 for junior and state college and university .'construction. Sen..Stephen P. Teale, D- West Point,' amended th? bill so that $2 million of the'sur- plus money would be used in each of the next five years for state water pollution 'control construction. LBJ Gives Congress Navy Revamp Plan WASHINGTON',*?) --President Johnson formally submitted to Congress Thursday a plan to reorganize the Navy Department and give the chief of naval operations control over the department's bureaus. IWORlD-FtMOUS CHAIR flfbts I PAIN, TENSION t FATIGUE with | HUT t CYCLO-MASSAGE JUtli'r Btinlifil . . . Colon "i Slyln I · Tirtt Crclo.Muiir* Molcrt I » Ti.r.ptalk Hill iliU Ii I · WoiU'i Moil Co.ftrllWt Cliir ] · Coili No Mm Tin C«pirakli Ckiirl Wilki.l Hut * M i u i f i Mall Co.pon Today! · or Fkont 64 7-1735 '· · NIAGARA CYCLE-MASSAGE NIAGARA 4125 Loi9 B.ach Blvd., LB. All^tn^V,"'"TM 1 *'' XSSfEsr STATE viewing of the wedding. Bui the attempts failed and the nation's sober-thinking 12 mil lion population, many of whom suffered grievously un der the Nazis, watched the wedding on television. Some expressed grudging admiration of Beatrix's pluck in following her heart. "If they love each other, what does it matter if he is German?" asked Mrs. A. Es terhout, an Amsterdam housewife with three children. * * * * BEATRIX, sparkling bride in a flowing silk and satin gown with a 15-foot-Iong train, ignored the public furor and had eyes only for the smiles in the crowd and her husband. A pearl and diamond tiara sparkled in her golden tresses, holding a short tulle veil which often brushed across her face. Like many a bride before her, Beatrix had trouble in getting her husband's ring on his finger. He had to help ii 'past the knuckle. Her mother Tm Emotionally Fit,' Says Reagan (Continued from Page A-l) placed me over in that category. ."It was the sum total of the afternoon," he said. "I'm not a politician. There are just some things you can't take as a man." Reagan added that "they have since denied they made such inferences. If so, I'm sorry." A reporter wondered Reagan thought the incident would raise questions about "emotional stability u n d e r stress" and asked Jiim if he was "emotionally fit" for the long campaign ahead. "yes," replied Reagan wilh a smile. HE RECALLED his yearsi In negotiating labor contracts as president of the S c r e e n Actors Guild, ticked off a list of film executives and s a i d "if they don't make you mad, nothing will." He said that columnists had called him a "boy scout" and a "square", and said "fellows you can't have it both ways. You can't be a if wild-eyed k o o k and a square. "My wife thinks I'm even tempered," he said. He said that he might talk to Republican State Chairman G a y l o r d Parkinson about other candidates breaking the party's rule against n a m e calling in the primary. 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