Independent from Long Beach, California on March 31, 1962 · Page 11
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 11

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 31, 1962
Page 11
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Dr. BroughiT Will Preach Twice Sun. Dr. Russell M. Brougher, who was pastor for 10 years of the Baptist Temple In Brooklyn. N.Y.. will fill the pulpit at Immanuel Baptist Church, 3215 E. Third St.. Sunday In the absence of the pastor. Rev. Dean Berger. "The Scientific Accuracy of the Bible" will be hij subject at 11 a.m. and "The Battle ol Armageddon Or the Last Great War" at 7:30 p.m. To Hold 2 Sunday Morning Services Fifth Church of Christ. Sci enlist. 5S71 Naples Plaza Long Ueach. announced this week that beginning April IS it will conduct two services on Sunday mornings. The first service will be at a.m. and the second service at 11 a.m. Sunday School will be in session at both services. FIRST BRETHREN CHURCH £:!, i-i Otrry C L »''« W. D.D, F«:f=r .9:30 A.M.--SUNDAY SCHOOL 11:00 A.M. "God's Blueprint Your Security" Dr. OarVi Mayai Prta:^i-j 7:00 P.M. Major Bundy Garerel cf tfa CKrrK taa-^ua cf A~efica Njrjery e* A'l Se-vicei. Frea Sunday Scfcccl B-iei «-d Eib't Stjd/ Cc'rejpeflde" ca Ccuriei Ava-'ab'a Wo Operate Christian Day School Kindergarten through High School North Long* Heaeli IBRETIEIIEX tilt St. «-d Ofaiga Dr. Gacrga O. FieV. Filler 9:30 A.M. -- BIBLE SCHOOL 11 A.M.--"ABRAHAM--THE FRIEND OF GOD" Dr. Pet* Prtacriing em Urvica* 7 P.M. "THE SILENT APOSTLE". W,d-fday. 7:30 P.M.--t V, Sl.d/ a-d Fra.r A E.b'. T«« ; r-.-, O.rch II A.M. 5erv; ; e t'c«d-.«il KLFM IC5.5 CONFIDENT LIVING Faith, Enthusiasm By NORMAN V. PEALE Los Allos Ilrtliriu Dhurcli t"S S'ttrrt it. Scrtrt W. hi '. Faitcr 9.45 -- SUNDAY SCHOOL 11 A.M--DICK WcNEELY FOR BIOLA DAY 7 p.M._"THE PROBLEMS OF BEING THE YOUNGEST" 6:15 P.M.--CWi^e-i E"df««cr Wtd. 7 P.M.--F«,er MeetVj CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN c - *·£:'££"'" 11 A.M.--"THE TRIUMPH OF THE CROSS" Mef/iod/'sf Churches Atlantic Avc. Silverado Park AM-.; «-d I!! 1 ---»". t.c"i H.D.^i i...:..; ·) -d II A.M.--S.S. ·? A .-. '~ft'"\ t-l Cea--f«. J«; f.. H t ' f t r 9:30 a-d II A.M. U happened, of ;!! p!ic«, in an airplane washroom. We were approaching our destination and I saw the VACANT sign on the washroom, so I opened the door and stepped in. But. to my amazement, another man tried to push his way in with me. My friend," I said, "actually there is only room for one at a time in here. But I'm glad to step aside. You go first. Politeness, you know. What's the big hurry?" "I want to see you," he announced. "Well." I replied, "I'll be back at my scat in a couple of minutes and we can have a chat." "No," he insisted, "I want to see you in private." What's the matter? Must be important." 'It is for a fact. I'm really miserable. I've lost alt my self-confidence. Everything is going wrong. I am as low as you can get." Sparring for a clearer impression of the man's per sonality. I asked, "What line of work are you in?" Dejectedly he answered, "I'm just a peddler." "What do you mean, a peddler?" "I'M A SALESMAN. A traveling sales representative. He was a tall man, about six feet, but he stood with shoulders slumped, head hanging dejectedly, his face looking as dark as a storm cloud I stood staring at him. silent ly praying for guidance as to how to help him. Then I said "Will you do me a favor' Stand up straight, raise your head and put your shoulders back . . . against the door.' Looking rather sheepish, he did as I asked. "Now I am going to ask ngain what kind of work you are in, and in reply please re [oat after me." So I prompted him scntenc by sentence and he reiterated 'I am a salesman and 1 am proud cf it! I am a'represcnta live of one of the great cccu patinns in our free cnterprisi Beimcnt Heights 3-d a - j T»--3--Dr. Gfn« M. R«.i Sv.ijtt: 6:35. 9:33 a-d II A.M. 43:0 E« E.d.-- Bf*. M. A. J;- , , I .-- ., 43:0 E« E.d.-- Bf*. Lalwd. Community r ? ,, ; .,. 9 . co ,.j M A . M . North Long Beach it'i a-d Li-d-i--D--.a'd E. C==la. M -.Var I A.M. o; Altos Seal Beach T,-'- t-3 Cc-'ra'--!»v. Ra'c 1 ! 5-rre , - . : - f l 9 : « S a ' d II A.M.-S.S. 1:«5 A.M. Llwd. Trinity Mooro Memorial If", ;i: 9 : 3 3 «-d 11 A.M.--S.S. Si- Hr.r ~~!-a a-d L : -J«--J- 1 "! V/«!* G«-='« i...i:f,: II A.M.. S.-.S: 1 -?- 1 . S:«5 A.M. First Grace East Lcncj Boach CaKf. Height: f i.i,,-d Fa-..··.·--?... A. G. N-.-I-C'I Sa-.'-n:'. II A.M.. S.-.S:r-:c'. 9, 10 A.M. .'-; 1 ! G. E f - e l t liT- aH Ft..-« -- t'i. f. E. Ei'd.'l ,.r.];. II A M . -- D'.P. ' California E . t / f»- : R- V/c-de-te-j. F:. C LENTEN VESPERS NO. 5 SUNDAY, APRIL I, 5 P.M. Harriet Wood, Harpist John Berry, Violinist f'JSf.5 M E M O R I A L frill IJniltMl I/.l, j.J TEMFLE REV. ALEXANDER M:CAt;CUSS 9 30 A.M.--SUNDAY SCHOOL I 0 5 A M -- " f F L E A S E FROM A r J X I E t r 1 7 P.M.--FiLM: "KING CF KINGS' CHRISTIAN SCIENCE S.b:t cf U.i:r-Serr.:l Tcr- "REALITY" «;--!3 C^rcV.l cf Ciriit. S;-t:, Ai.'f. cf f-. Mct l e- C K-tc 1 ! cf CI-.- r lt. SrV'V, !i E n FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST. SCIENTIST «O t'"l A v e - , « d.r t .M and "/^-JjT",' p J^' ' a v ' i " * "· SECOfJD CHURCH OF CHRIST. SCIENTIST C t d i r A . t r . a al S-vt-S Strati iun««». II a m. ··»! S " n -JiJ« tte*-«3af, I P THIRD CHURCH CF CHRIST. SCIENTIST :::; fait *r-d s-fft Sunday, II AM -Su"«y Itwi ·:» ail II A M. Afft-ndJ*. I P.M. FOURTH CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST J3I Elil Ma-lal Slraal . II A M.-iw» »"»cl, « » wl II * M-wa»aia« I P.M. FIFTH CHURCH OF CHRIS.T. SCIENTIST 5571 Nic'ai P:aia . It A U~\*-«rl UMl. »:» aM II * M-V»»-«Kla. I P M SIXTH CHURCH CF CHRIST. SCIENTIST 3d Sfid.tiUf f e a d . turSl/. II A W --»*·«··» SrM*l til a- II A U. BEADING R O C M S - r S £ £ TO THE FUBL1C 115 Ucj,t Avar,.. "12 E"' t'=lJ««^ IJ4 Waif TK-d S"t«» 5 "* * ' · · ' = A.a-.i 34JI S' Rr.d »" £«» S«^"J S''«» "HOV/ CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALS." Sur.d«y KFI. 7:4:5 A.M.-KXKri. l:5 P.M.-C'-vrfi 7, i r.M. A SERIES OF EXPOSITORY SERMONS ON ROMANS "Christian Conduct" ALEC GERALD NICHOLS Preachinq at 9:00 1 1 A.M. y«!»!!!! 1 am a nf'"ary fac- or In transmitting goods and services to people who need hem!". As he spoke the man unconsciously seemed to draw limself up a bit taller. Now I asked. "Just what do you do in sales?" , "I go around the country jiving inspirational talks at sales meetings, just feature hat." he replied. 'Brother!" I e x c l a i m e d , 'what were your bosses think- ng of. giving you a job like hat? They must be stupid men." That seemed to annoy him. 'What do you mean, stupid! They arc smart men." ·Then could it be that they see something in you that you don't see in yourself? To inspire others you have to communicate e n t h u s i a s m and 'aith; and you'd better get hose two qualities fast." "Enthusiasm and faith." he repeated, "that's just what 1 haven't got." "WELL," I CONTINUED, 'I guess its time to start praying." I've prayed in all kinds of places, but this was my first prayer in an airplane washroom. That's for sure. So with bowed head I prayed aloud, "Lord, You are everywhere, down on the earth am up in the heavens. You are in the air around us. You are with us in this plane. Now this dejected man is one of Your children. He is having a hard time with himself. He lacks enthusiasm and has no faith in himself. Dear Lord heal him and reorganize him.' After a pause I suggested "Now won't you pray." Movingly he prayed, "Dear Lord, come and take charge of me. please. Reorganize me and give me some real faith and enthusiasm." That was all. We shook hands and parted. Some weeks later I received a letter from him telling how diffcrcn things had been since our en counter and that prayer. Hi used a very striking phrase "The Lord put me back insid myself." Quite an insight I would say. He was put back insid himself which is another wa; of saying he got organized. Will Install Officers at Two Services Garden Grove--Ninety men who are officers and rommit- tec w o r k e r s of Alamitos Friends Church will s t a n d twice for installation Sunday. Rev. Eugene Coffin said that the 90 volunteer workers will be installed at the 8:3!) a.m. service and again at the I I a.m. worship. A third service Sunday at 7 p.m. will be the 'Ivrd in a scries of prc-L'astcr .messages. THEY CAPTURED PERTH Mrs. Billy Adams, wife of the pastor of the First Foursquare Church of Long Bearh, signs the guest book in the office of Sir Harry Howard (left), Lord Mayor of Perth, Australia, during the Adams' gospel crusade there. At right is Rev. Adams, who returns to his pulpit Sunday. REV. DAN HOLLAND New Post L.A. Paslor lo Post in Bellllower UELLFLOWER -- The Rev. 3an Holland, named to serve 3 c 11 f 1 o w c r I'irst Baptist Church as minister of Christian education, will begin his duties April 1. He has licit lost of associate pasior ol Temple Baptist Church in Lo Angeles. Shile Woman Psychologist for Lecture Elizabeth Kunkcl, consult ing psychologist. Los Angcle adult system teacher and staf member of the adult program 'or Christian Education at th Hollywood First Mcthodis Church, will speak April 4 a 7:30 p.m. at the Women's Cit Club. 1309 E. Third St. "Healing And The Innc Mind" will be her subject. Ill forum is under the auspices o The Congregational Cliurcl Rev. Vcrnon I.. Hooker, min istcr. A free will offering wi te taken. .Missionary, Wifi: 'The Challenge of Brazil"-a missionary program -- wi be presented at First Friend Church, 850 Atlantic, Sund.i at 7:00 p.m. It will fcatur Rev. and Mrs. Charles Gate missionaries to Brazil, wh will show colored slides take of their work in Sout America. Ventriloquist Will Speak to Students Rev. Joy Cummings and his ventriloquist dummy "Cousin Willie" will attend the Sunday School Rally Sunday at 9:30 a.m. in the Delta Avenue Baptist Church. 34th St. and Delta Avc. .:ii-fiIl llapfi.Ht 10 M A M · I ' . ' J C F CHfILT ft I'i FtV. DCN tSU-.V-IA'J' C1»3J, Ml torn na t » t " t Cv-rha Juh '*» S r-oir Atr.l IV-;. » PM. Heroic Mrasur« H O R N D E A N . FrgUn-J JI'I) -- Farm worker George onghurst Thursday j t v e d e life of a choking pig by reathing into its mouth. INDtrtNDENT-- ?«gt A-li II. IMI Rev. Joy Commings Famed Evan^e'ijt It Chriitian Ve-itrc'cqu : :t with "Cousin WI'.MO" Featured in four Family Services Thi; Sunday e. )3 A M -S -ai/ ' - · ' · II.-: j A '.(.--I.I- ·- 'i '.V. - v ' - ' p t'. J F.M -- I -.- '··· · · 15 Ft.)--!.---!- -· . ,".- . · LiVilY $".' ·:'. · ','.'".' E r L l r c i A O ' : ' . - " · i*cn rt.-r-AM tc~ ;···. S V T ; S f «'.··'.* DELTA AVE. BAPTIST CHURCH ;«·- « - 1 r- · » I ' v - ' d 1. Adi-i. Fai' -- Wrr. l 'D '.V'S Ul !i C.' N«« CK'tH a - d S.-Jif St^:;l Fa: ' «l · --=~- .»_w» MORNING V/0'.SHIP 9:00 j-d 10:30 A.M. *al taci Mo.*]' 1 *** "PAUL THE CHRISTIAN ATHLETE" F... EJ. i E . - v · r'"i S?'. : :e 7:CO P.M. "TRUMPETS FOR GOD" Bf». Ro'*rt* T:f»t First Baptist of Lake wood H»--. d S. Cv · - · - . t. -:r 5336 A-bor R c v i d IC-'n «rd F.o E:3D ji-.d 11:30 A.M. "THE DIMENSIONS OF COMMUNION" REV. VERNON F. LEGS. Gut-,1 Spcilrr Yc.' 1 ! Df-*:'. ir. Ci '. Ei;''it C:-.e-' :-i 6;45 P.M.--CRGAfJ RECITAL--Dr. Fc!cr S'v.t 7:M P.M. "TWILIGHT ZONE" REV. LEON G. FERRIGO "A Friendly Church With the Go-pol Mc-'.ia ALL SAINTS T F R V U N O *M C0103ADO J « n-i-Ms-/ Cc-"--(n f «m--Pi'Hl M"i.i# |ucf*"tt It « m -- Half Cr'n^'jnc'i A Jfrr-cn ; 30 p m -- L v f " P0 Prt,tr | p m -- Art,,:! l"cu ttr 1 CUM I p m. IWt -- S'fiool tl Kt B ci J · HI. VM -- H3I» Co^i^biiCi 13 »m. Thuri --Mo'f Ccmfnun.en ··v) Hf»''«7 5*nF'C» 7.30 P "V f 'l -!»»' cr* H (ft Cr«l T * n. S«f -- Mi'» Ct"rnrj* t,n 5 * 1 Dm. Mon S» TB f'r.ivv ST. GREGORY tn\ L. WILLO.V I a n -Meiy Co** m i« 0-^ *^ej - ST. LUKE'S A T L A N T I C A V t . *' SCVfNlM Pr«. f. C Pfi^cn ftff; \\, f?»*c '*'!? /T^^i^iA'T^ *'«n. tt'*1-M9',f C ^ ^ m v ^ o n 13 in. lft»d-- MO'f (crrrnj-i... 7 M Pf" V.rt-L^'ri **'*·» U an. Tr"'»--Ha 1 * tcr" T 'un o 1910 «m TNjri --HC*:.TJ Sr'v J a fm D«J»-C»^-fl r ^l? r ST. THOMAS CF CANTERBURY UNITED PRESBYTERIAN Si Paul's Lutheran Church M it our I 5*i-od 2233 F.'a Verd, Lc-rj fta;S R»*. Wm. J. F»ckl«r, P*»of CC iCllf GC 14473 Sj*a*f VVcr* 1 ! D I KM. I. 11:li *m. Sunoj* Sthool * · r-i. fc Jfl · m. FIRST LUTHERAN MISSOURI SYNOD Atlantc A»a. At NT**) St. Ua Fav. E. H. rfdV. Fji':r II W A M . for «H *xt ff 4S API. Njriery Ci'f during t M S*r« ir TRINITY Lutheran S:3D a-d II A.M. *F?U Cr.rch S^.crl 9.45 A.M. llll-, Orv»l A**'k*"-[. pji'or MF T-JX2 cSSJjK, -- ftie»i «t NOCM -- tcven itr»,tc EigMh er.d Linden (UCLA) Emmanuel First United f ?. T. -- ·-.-- O f . T - 8 - - 1 A tl.,J. St'vcfl f 1 II A M : C^u^c^ icNxl I U A A S A ' S»r». II A M - » 35 lib S I »V~i 7 MV, Lakcwood First ;^Ji^'f" *"··'' * *'»*'«·'" No. Long Bea^h ^^^»~^ : ^^'y Los Alamifos Second e ; oo r M -- o*'i-i sc*o«i j.i: PM. K i t - ' - A...-- »-,. S i - k ' . H. f - a - S«r v i (ri 9 t ll-Sund«f SO^CI 13 A M r, , i · /- ' L 2 - * : i - ' - ^ / . f - - w - . Fa. ».'./ si St. John s Community j,,,.,,,, »«-church s^oci I M A M Westminslcr ; 4 7 4 F,. · - /.,.--P,,. V/. V/. (·».- «a 1,.,,,,_» a. II AW C r u r . IM.-MI. 13 41 Lutheran Churches LUTHERAN CHURCH CF THE HCLY T R K J I T Y CA 4 3 1 1 ) I?CX3 E. CARSON AT C H E R R Y (A.L.C.) RAY F. KiEUR J*. S.-Js/ Slivlctl. 8:15 i IC;4S A.M. S.-dv S-:e'. 9:30 A.M. ST. STEfHAN LUTHERAN CHU'.CH IJ2? F.-« A. a. HE. t 7?6i Marvli H. Oic-. Fait:-- GA t-HSI S.-di/ SaVcai. 8:30 a-d II.CO A M . S.-da/ S: 1 --^'. A M . ST. TIMOTHY LUTHE?Afi (A.L.C.) V.'ccdi-'f al Arb:r R e a d A. 0. :(;r»;cl--HA £ ; 4 I 2 -- H A 9-E37S V/ctiVt--8:33 i II--SS. E f e a . N-fia-v. 1:30. 5.45 * II UNIVERSITY LUTHPAN CHURCH 142? CLAR GE 9-3'.£4 (A L.C.I ' »f*. Ano-jll H nil S:33 i II A.M.--Wcr,i B Sar»; ; .i--S.raa, S:f;t', ?.4S huntry Cara Prcy'ayJ CHRIST LUTHcRAfJ (A.L.C.) t5C3'SU«rn '.'. (Ui A'lc-.l HIV. A. K. OM«i. rattr . . . MA »S:» Sw"04v V*«cl fAtl Aa«O--f a^d f JI AM. Wcrtf'o S»rvU«t- an. a-j ll an (if'tt Cara at II an. v.or»». t C-i»l OUR SAViOURS LUTHtRArj (A.L.C.) 370 J.- pato GE, V:-;:i F. fa-It S.-.dt/ Sa-vltai. ! a-d II AM. S.-.Jay Sc^cfA 13 t.'.-iary Pr IMMANUEL IUTHERAJ4 CHURCH (A.?.) 345 E. Cafi:n GA 7-43'O M.-i C. Ci-l l.-.di,- Sir.-iiM. 8:33 a-d II A.M.--1:43 A.M. S.-di» lilt:! BETHEL LUTHERAN (AL.C1 700 t. 7C"i SI. Mt J i C J / Fta-k E. V/, ci. Fai';r. ME 4.j;;j Wott o 1.13 «-d II A.M. S.-tia S:W. t r.'t Can. ^:4Q A M . ST. L U K E S [V. lUTKSA'J CMUSCM I U L C A . 1 HA S-4^'s MU t. w»'ff"-« »eai t.tvj r. V»-t|. ^at*»r "^--·· r f *1 f-1 II A '1 S^-», *./.--! ( · ! ·^l * U arc II A M . · * * " " First l'n k siiyi4M'iaii S'.-H «-d Lc:*.-.t 1 1 :«1 A.'.'. SacraT.ent cf The Lord's Supper Meditation by t'ro Minister .r:cr,- D.-'-.g V/crih'p-Dlj'-A-Pr^cr HE 2 - 2 E i 4 TEMPLE BAPTIST CHURCH LIME AVE. BAPTIST K. L. JUtUR. Pit'c* 1 w A M *wj i n r M -- ^^««/ v»"vt f i\ A v, 1 M »*M. -- rLU. J..M H M f x A i l M V I t _ l ' * · « · t. M. J T A T I t « . M n. el Vui e TRUETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST CHURCH 3 4 3 S iAN A'.:!L: % ;f A V t ' . J i ·: hA. i ; - L * * [ \ V C C D "It Dc«?t FSttff · U "I'f^'t V.HI Ycv B* t*t * DR. C H A R L f i V L A I N . P*i'cr HINMTM P. T H t H A . I d^«' on Voi'C * -,1 A M -^UNHAV SCHOOL U CU« t-' r«* Aj*l tt oo A M -- vn«»i '»·'-. vfiw^Mip / w *· M -- i vt n'NO *f »v'cr 1 1 1 H M - T K A l M N f . UNION V.fD 100 P M -- f H A T l R S t W ^ U t FIRST~SOUTHERN~BAPTrST,TAKEWOOD ii45 o-a-- , . . . - - r « , j f : ; ; t; ··- i-r, E-. ·, R031.RT 0. HU(.Mt^. I'A-'cr V l A R N I R ^ L f t R C n . //ji c a-i Lxa'vi ? . 4 i A M -- S . ' J I , 0 · II * M -- V - ' - -] \V, " i ' p J.r. « t . i S F.M -- E « r " .' T . . · · i I. 1 - - ; '.j t '.'.-[, f - T ',·: '.- r S--. · I fV rtEDSLSDAY-- H[)UH C» POAtR" h u riw af Al V.tri WALNUT AVE. BAPTIST f tf :',° t SlWi T .r a.f^.- 1 M «· M ' FIRST s OUTH ER N A P T S T , L A K EWOOD t»O I. C- A ^ . E . ] . V. t. H ; i f C . F..'-. HA '. :;-·'.. f. I ; ' . 4 J '.L".n»Y : .-· ·-. -- · ' A i If Air;:r,5 u 1 . '.'. t i '.t. [vi'.ir,;, suvict ." Fv. --Conservative Baptists lr» Ul Cl r t-r Yo.-f C" 'J-M In Out- 5 C K . C - 1 ttt* ttar\t't anj fr "~trt Cfyrcfl -- V.r. t Toy V.trih B ' j. A f.' --E:F.-: :OCCL-- ic-;) A-C-H ii.« v; t ,i i; 4-, A '.' - ,1 I.'.«3Y CZ'j'j i.'O'H:'· ' ; F M- v,i-i-; --.CD FC='.~-r C-'.D- r«n.j.i en t'« - s r v l H LAST V.CBDS CF CUBIST" r*C'.-« " -g "» :cf oj» Cc^rf^ n lo-l B*«f*i tif 0«r- S3 Vf I'l ;r«* C vi - . - t fl* L - - V - . a - J L- ; C- ,"-\ ^ i-;--i ?·;.- i ' j -- · :TI j - · · G-- . c . '.-. D n · · 4'nlv;iry I'rivslivK'rinn Imrrli · ···'-. A..-., ,, '. .J '."...· I! A.'.'.-THE GREATNESS C? SHA=':;3' if M cl Pft : r-o «-\ · 5 V, t i ... I 3 » . . - . ·; ; v. ; : - · · - A r;.- »-, F - - . j - 1 r. . - , ! . · . - - Ori liodox 50« C. SA'I ANICM 0 O ' l V t PtV. LA»l»CC P. t Y R C S . W f I'tr 7 ^ F.'.' _ T-'L C'i.'3'i V.'rO C A ^ : [ D j t S ' j V C'C:'. ' JUNOAr SCHOOL l!3 AM YCUIH S C B V I C C I I S F ·.'. AtcstsoAY. 7 a rv.-e tic iiusr '· :5 A.'.I._S. 5. .-r .i, v."-- a · · II A.M. AND 7:30 P.M. DR. WILLIAM ORR BELLFLOVVJR ?«'. ,';, i , v ; : \ r .i A':;. ; v.v r: ,rs^ p ^i'.; CALVARY IMMANUEL_ FIRST" A L A f . ' l T C S '··. "i '·: 4 / A M t ; - i " - v . " s j » a A' TRINITY First ron^r!j.jalioiial Tr'-d a-.d Cedar, DC»T';WI r f ·: A.'.'.--Cr.jrii C : r - ; Ice \V'a:tc Fbcc; Restcrcd" .:-.. I** r.-ilifornia Hci^lK.s It:i|ilisl r F:-:-. VA'vci W. f--; "Till He Cor.e" "V/aliinn to" Plosso Chnst" ( t IDCi ' CI C* I 6*« ··» * ' : ») rliv Hill llclhaiiy Itnpiist 1:1 r. H LL. c* «:'-'J ».ABBV v. in iC'*. r*u » O A V -*,';*.."»'' * C " ? C t 'C° A l t ^Eii iC:45 r.S'.--"JESUS AS KifJG" l ' 'i v«·*·** i "-r«' 7 p.?/.-- F.J.ATE THE C C v V A R D 1

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