Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 29, 1930 · Page 4
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1930
Page 4
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tAtiGED PRINCESS Mystery Story. # 'K. By EDGAR WALLACE, [ «f ***« ttrwn Archer." "The Man from Marotco." "fhft Fro»." Etc. CHAPTER XXXII. fttl LfifTER. *»* nwapapers the Globe- .Afi the tnost accurate account rftMl happened on the previous . tfcft space of ten minutes s »i Senator th« Honorable Lacy alt of South Africa was shot to 4», his body being carried away hit confidential valet was killed •by the same hand. The first He»e tragedies occurred In the Han square house of A. Malpas, Bee and reputed millionaire. J&8, a man of eccentric habits, has rjpeared and the police are search- ix for him. , ?*tfhe story of the crime, gathered fcy <H6be-Herald reporters, reads more )nKt 4 Chapter from Edgar Allan Poe tHa& the record of an event which oc- etfrr«d in the fashionable quarter of Ixtridon last night. At five minutes to -•'• EtetWstive Commissioner Shannon ac- «d«panled Miss Audrey Bedford, Mal- JMttj* secretary, to 551 Portman square. ' At this hour Miss Bedford had an appointment with the missing man and jfr. Shannon, having made several futile efforts to interview Malpns, de- clded that this was an opportunity of gaining admission to a house so care- Fully guarded. It Is now known that thte doors and windows of the estab- ilihtnent were operated onan electrical tcmtrol and that by means of loud- •peaklng telephones Malpas was able to Interview all callers without their •eelng him. At 8 o'clock precisely the <Oor opened and Miss Bedford and thfe"'Commissioner entered the house. At v that time it is certain that Malpas Was. on the premises, for his voice was heard and recognized. Miss Bedford Was in the act of knocking on the door Of the old man's private apartment • when two shots were heard from within. Gaining admission, Mr. Shannon discovered, lyong on the floor of Mai- pas' study, the dead body of Lacy SCaruhalt • * •" Here followed a fairly faithful re- ebrd of all that was discovered subsequently. "The police are face to face with an • almost. unfathomable mystery, or rather a series of mysteries, which may be briefly summerized: "L How came Marshalt in the carefully guarded house of the recluse, who, as It Is now known, hated him, and of whom Marshalt was so afraid that he had employed private detective* to protect himself against the old man's machinations? It is clear that some very strong inducement must have been offered to the dead inan to come into this house of mystery. "2. In what manner, after his kill- ,lng, was the body of Lacy Marshalt 'jremoved from No. 551? - "3. Who killed Tonger, the valet, and with what object? The police theory is that the murderer is a man Who has been equally injured by both the victims of this terrible outrage. "4. Where Is Malpas and has he, too, fallen Into the hands of the •hadowy criminals?" Dick read the account and paid a v allent tribute to the accuracy of the reporter's record. There were certain points, however, that had been missed, and for this he was grateful. At 10 o'clock he interviewed Mar- •balt's cook, a stout, middled-aged woman, the least distressed by the tremendous happenings of the previous Slight. i "What time did Mr. Marshalt go tout?" was his first question, and she :Vas able to give him exact information, i <'At half-past 7, sir. I heard the 'front door slam, and Milly. who is the first parlormaid, went upstairs to the kitchen, thinking that it was Mr '- longer who had come back. Then, deciding It must be the master, she weni into the study and found he had cone." i "Had there been any kind of trouble at 'all in the house?" "You mean between Mr. Tonger and JJr. Marshalt?" She shook her head ••No. sir. Though they were always bickering at one another, Mr. Tonger wasn't like an ordinary servant; he knew Mr. Harshalt so well that some times the maids have heard him cal £ PICTURE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY ^COURAGE" - NEW BARGAINS Every Day At Cul-Ratc Shoe Store 1418 Eleventh Avenue Awnings, Window Shades and Linoleum Dress Up Vour Home This Hummer WM. W. BABCOCK Home Furnishings 1812 Twelfth Avenue Kasy Credit Terms "»* t* In Ably In th* hovms At Portion . The house is full 6t possible hiding places." v There were at least two he did not know. Had he found the second of these the mystery of Portrtftn square would have b»en a mystery no longer. (To Be Continued) m by his Christian name. They were ;ry good friends." "Did Honger have his meals in the tchen?" "No sir, they were all taken up to s room. He had a suite, on the top oor, away from the servants' quar- rs. We slept at the back of the ouse; he had the front." Dick consulted the questionnaire he ad hastily penciled. "Was Tonger an abstemious man? mean, did he drink at all?" She hesitated. "Lately he used to drink a lot," she aid. "in the early, days I used to end up water or lemon-squash with s lunch and dinner, but for the past ew weeks he's had a lot of drink up i his room, though I've never seen im the worse for it." The woman told him little more than e knew or suspected. He must see udrey and discover whether she ould fill any of the gaps. She was taking a belated breakfast i the sparsely tenanted dining room f the hotel when Dick came on the cene. "I waited up till 2 o'clock last night, nd then, as you didn't arrive, 1 went o bed," she told him. "Sensible girl," he said. "I promised o come and see you, but I hardly had second. You know all about it?" he aid glancing at the newspaper that as folded by the side of her plate. "Yes," she said quietly. "They eem to have made a lot of discoveries, ncluding the fact that I was with on." "I told them that," said Dick. "There •as nothing to be gained by making a mystery of your presence. Do you remember this?" He laid a sheet of paper before her —it was the letter that had been found n Malpas' room. "That is my writing," she said In- tantly. "I think this was one of the etters I copied for Mr. Malpas." "You don't remember which one? an you recall the text?" She shook her head. "They were all meaningless to me, nd I copied them mechanically." She nit her brows in thought. "No—it t-as not an unusual note. Most of hem were a trifle mysterious. Why, vhere did you get this?" He did not wish to shock her, so assed on without answering the ques- on. "Has Malpas any other house? Have ny of the letters any reference to a ossible hiding place?" "None," she said, and suddenly: What have I to do with the money e gave me?" "You had better keep it until his eir turns up," he said grimly. "But he's not dead, is he?" she asked n surprise, "He will be dead seven weeks from he day I lay my hand on the old evil," replied Dick. He asked her again what the old man was like in appearance, and wrote down the description as she gave it. .lalpas waa the man whose face he lad seen through the skylight! FORMER COUNTY OFFICIAL EXPIRES AT AGE OF 84 HUNTINGDON, May 29.—Justice of the Peace James O. Allison, aged 84, died in the J. C. Blair Memorial hospital in Huntingdon Tuesday evening after a short illness, death being incidental to advanced age. He was elected justice of the peace in Mill Creek in 1889 and had been serving up to the time of his death. Mr. Allison served in two county offices, having one term aa county'com- missloner and two terms as director of the poor. He was also assessor and school director in Brady township for a number of years. He was- a member of the Mill Creek Lutheran church. He was twice married. Hia first wife was Miss Eleanor Lemon and his second wife was Miss Bessie Bby, who survives with three daughters, Mrs. G. M., Boring of Belleville, Mrs. B. M. Foust and Mrs. Myrtle Fowler, also by fifteen grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be conducted tomorrow afternoon in the Mill Creek Lutheran church at 2 o'clock. Burial will be made in the Mill Creek cemetery. BEST RADIO FEATURES SCHEDULED FOR TODAY SUMMER ITCHES VANISH when antiseptic Zcrao Is Used! Soothing liquid Zemo brings wonder- r ul relief to bites, rashes and prickly heat. Its cooling touch also soothes the pain of sunburn. Thousands are discovering comfort in Zemo when they have itching, peeling toes. For 20 years it has been used to clear away pimples and itching scalp. Fine tor mosquito bites. Get greaseless, invisible Zemo today, and keep it handy. AH drugglsts, N 35c, 60c, $1.00. (Copyright, 1930, by United Press.) WEAF (NBC network)—7 p. m.— (E. S. T.)—Fleischmann hour. WABC (CBS network)—7.30 p. m.— (E. S. T.)—United States Marine band. WJZ (NBC network)—8.30 p. m.— (E. S. T.)—Maxwell House Melodies. WABC CBS network)—9 p. m.—(E. S. T.)—Kodak program. WEAF (NBC network)—9 p. m.—(E. S. T.)—Rica hour. WFBG, Altoona—9 p. m.—Joe Malloy's trio. FRIDAY. WJZ (NBC network)—G.35 p. m.— (E. S. T.)—Songs of the Soldiers. WEAF (NBC network)—9 p. m.— (E. S. T.)—Raleigh revue. WABC (CBS network)—9.30 p. m.— (E. S. T.)—Gold Medal Fast Freight. Memorial day i* drawing near, •Twill be a day We can't fitfget, , So out with ySnr flags, to wave oh 'h I *ft For each 'and evefy passing vet. •Twill be a day of remembering Of the tears, and ot the suffering, Of the crosses white, where boys fell in the fight, . And now gleam beneath the heavens light, Some have returned, They now pass by.. That awful past beforft each eye. Out with the flags and let them know Our prayers are with them wherever they go. 'Twill be ft day, those boys Will parade, The remaining few who were not afraid To join the ranks, to fight to win, "Over There"—where death did grin. Over the fields, through mirk and niud, Some dropping, some Buffering With each cannon thud, Each sound of a shot, each emptied shell, Meant another boy gone, From wars grim hell. May God look down from His throne above . And shed on each boy His wonderful loye. And His mercy be on each boy "Over There." I ask you all to pray this prayer. •. They done for us, without fear of cost. Some came back, while others lost. Oh, God, bless each mother who gave a son. His blessing be with you 'Till your life's work is done. Let us remember as the boys pass by The other boys, who in cold graves lie, Let us remember we owe a lot To the ones on parade who went "Over" and fought. Give them a, hand, or even cry And salute "Our Flag" as it goes by; Let's make them know we realy care For the wonderful things They did "Over There." —SUB E. HAVERSTBIN. Altoona, Pa. WowT reesivetl fefctfy ta«.y friJ* tn<i effefcsbn IWfcpttai 1ft ftolladelfchta, h«w »r. itey doriMsttjila; eity If a patient, was to the feftfrrt tfi&t hfs condition Is UnchAnged. &6 '$&a re- moved'to the easterft firttitotidn by airplane over the Ikst Wsek-em Hia m&thter, Mrs. George W.,1?6M bt !&!« Biavepth street went, d<w»H' «to-iy ttii* week. •••''• » Dethol Kills Bedbugs—QUICK Nothing so quick, so sure as D«th»l. Your money back if you don't think so too. Kills them all—young and old. Spray D*th»I into cracks and crevices. It drives the bedbugs out. Destroys them. Don't put up with these pests any longer. Deth«l gets rid of them all. You'll welcome this great insecticide, cleanser and purifier. Label tells many uses. Your dealer has Deth«l —get it today. Dethol Mfg. Co., Inc., Baltimore, Md. Dethol TAeFROMAR Co. ABSOPURE ELKCTUIU UKFBIUEIIATOKS 1716 12th Ave. Altoona, Pa. ; Phone 3-1460 WAV 18 OOLJ.AU DAY iOLDEN __ _JHBM. , 4&r j&n „ 1212 ELEVENTH AVENUE NOW UKAUY! 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