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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Thursday, April 17, 1969
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1 · Nefriiwwt ArlMiMM TIMII, Thurt., April 17, IN* HlfhUnd Club discussed fund aislng projects and contributed o the building fund of the 4-H Center in Washington, D.C. at he April meeting. Shelia Montgomery Savoy Club made plans to participate in the Dog Show and bounty Barbecue at the April Heeling attended by six mem- NTS. Gary Newberry gave a demonstration on birds. Valerie Kell 'Aw, Lay Off The Eggs, Fellows' Doyle Morgan (standing at center i, a Fayettevillc busi- np"man and former tavern owner, exhorts University of Arkansas students who threw eggs at group of seated dem- n n s t r s t o r s on campus Wednesday night after UA had a tree-sitting war protester jailed. (Rick Bailey Photo) Nixon-- ?ori. Of course, he said, the chief executive deplores the loss of anv American lives. ' COUNCIL MEETS Nixon canvassed develop raammiiitmmi^^ Area News In Brief mmmmmmmmwmmmammmmmmwmmmmmummaif MUSTER PLANNED merits Wednesday with his Na-' ; Former Texas A M students tional Security Council before. ]»te in the fiay, meeting for 90 minutes with Secretary of State W i l l i a m P. Rogers, Secretary of Defense Melvin H. Laird. Gen. Karle G. Wheeler, chairman of I h r joint chiefs of staff, and Dr. Henry A. Kissinger. Nixon's national security adviser. The American silence was contrasted by North Korea's in Northwest Arkansas w i l l M u s t e r Monday at Mary Maestri's Restaurant in Tontitown to honor the passing of comrades and the Texans who w o n independance, at San Jacinto. Meeting will begin at 6 p.m. TO HEAR REVIEW The Twentieth Century Club public statement since it f i r s t . w j n nicet at 2:30 p.m. Friday broadcast the claim of destroy- at the home of Mrs. Howard inr, the plane. North Korean Defense Minister Gen. Ghoi Hyun said Thursday the incident demonstrates a United States desire to ignite a new war in Korea. Magruder. 339 N. Gregg. Mrs. Roy Gyles will review "Private Disgrace" by Victoria Lincoln. ENLISTS Kenneth R. Ivey Jr., son of In a congratulatory message j Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Ivey to the unit credited with shooting down the American plane. Thoi said the reconnaissance f l i g h t w a s a "brigandish provoc- a l i v e art committed by the U. S. imperialist aggressors as part nf their planned war preparations for igniting a new war in '· Korea." The Pentagon Sr. of 1817 N. Leverett St., has enlisted in the U.S. Army. He attended the University of Arkansas before entering the service. He has been assignd to Knrt Polk. La. for basic training. CONFERENCE SET i denied in The second annual Education- flew utrong terms that the plane. a ! a l Rcserach Conterence. spon- Super Constellation modified for]sored by the Arkansas Educational Research and Develop ment Council and the Univer sity of Arkansas College of Education, will be held Friday on the UA campus. Attending the conference will electronic surveillance. Over N'orth Korea. "From a variety of sources. unme of them sensitive, we are able to c o n f i r m t h a t at all times d u r i n g the mission the aircraft I was far outside any claimed t e r - l b e personnel involved with edU; ritorial airspace of North Ko ' rea." a Pentagon spokesman Mid Wednesday. Michigan-- walking either with a male f r i e n d or with at least three oth er girls when venturing out at n i g h t . "My hoylriend gave me t h i s l B a n k will lend $33.6 million for switchblade. " said Iloni Friedman of Portland. Maine, a pret- Lloyds To Loan Funds To Build Hong Kong Tunnel LONDON ( A P ) L l o y d s a t u n n e l to he built from Hon(j Kong island to the mainland ty. 1!) year-old blonde nursing]part of the British colony, .student at the University of- An announcement Wednesday M i c h i g a n . |said Lloyds would lend the Hong Kong Cross Harbor Tunnel Co., the money at 5'/z per cent, re- 4-H Club News Wheeler Club had an attendance of 16 members, and four eaders at the April meeting. Progress reports were given by Danny and Cathi Hulse and a :alent number presented by Glenda Belt and Barbara Purser, demonstrations were made by Johnny Litrell and Butch Jeter. Members discussed the skating party, 4-H Dog Show and barbecue. Phil Hall Middle Fork Valley Club discussed county activities and heard progress reports by Michele James and Charles Haney at the April meeting. There were 11 members and f o u r leaders present. Cathy James Winslow Club discussed fund raising at the April meeting with 13 members and two leaders present. Jerry Center gave * demonstration on the care of horses and Donna Bruns talked on bird feeding. Carolyn Morton cational research from college and universities in Arkansas, as well as some public school personnel. Purpose of the conference, according to Dr. Roy Allen, chairman of the UA Department of educational Administration and Research, is to promote co-operation at the state level in developing programs and requests for federal grants. ·LANNING SESSION Four staff members of the Jniversity of Arkansas C i t y fanning Division will attend .he 1969 National Planning Con- erence of the American Society of Planning Officials in Cincinnati, Ohio, Sunday t h r o u g h Thursday. They are Professor William S. Bonner. head of the Department, and Raymond E. Nelson, Edmund A. Clement and Charles L. Randel. Wyman Club discussed fund raising projects at the April meeting held in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Tyner with !2 members and three leaders present. Sulphur City Club heard pro- u ress reports by Shawn Hancock. Connie Downing. Audrey itrother and Georgia Clark at he April meeting. There were 0 members and two leaders present. Sasnakra Cluh made plans for a clean-up day at the cemetery at the April meeting. A demonstration on barbecuing chicken vas given by Raymond Bell. There were 20 members, and three leaders present. Debra Walshenbaugh IMPROVING Robert Bogart. Fayetteville businessman, is reported im proving at Washington General Hospital where he is a patient. HERRIMAN ELECTED HUNTSVILLE -- Joe Herriman was elected president of the HuntsviHe High S c h o o l Student Council for the 1967-70 in elections held Monday. Other officers are David Harwood, vice president: Luanne McKenney. secretary; Dennis Spurlock. treasurer and Debbie, Parson, reporter. IBSEN TO SPEAK HUNTSVILLE -- Dr. Dave "And 1 carry it everywhere," sin- said. "When you're scared o u cio these t h i n g s . My Iriends ;i!i c a r r y t h i n g s on key chains." She said a IraLcrnity in Ann Arbor recently held a sale on tear Ras devices designed to \v;ird nlf an a t t a c k e r . payable every half year for seven years after completion of the tunnel. A contract for the construction is expected to be signed next month. . Troubles over f i n a n c i n g the Most customers were coeds,| pro j pc |. first announced two '·hf said, -years ago. brought strong inrti- A number ol coeds said thcy; c; ,, jnn ,. p renc i, or .Japanese had been the object of prowlers! c n m p a n j r s m j B n t take it over. iir persons trying to pick them ·ip or knew coeds wtio had. "I found a m a n ' s hand on my · mdow s i l l about 2 a.m. a couple months ago," said Judy '.ung. IS. nf Rlnnmfield Hills, a d n r m i t o r v resident at Eastern . "lie had liftr-d up the screen i.rl put his hand through." she .ml. "I slammed the window on ::·* h^tr.d." VICTIM AI.OMC Untouchability Faces Court Test NEW DELHI. India (AP) -The Indian government is seeking prosecution of one of the country's top four Hindu holy , m c n for advocating untnuchabil- j i t y - t h o centuries old system of j discrimination against Hindus Ibsen, extension veterinarian, will be guest speaker at t h e Monday meeting of Madison C o u n t y-Cattleman's Accoaia tion. The group will convene at 7:11(1 p.m. in the Huntsvillc Community Center. 1EETING PLANNED HUNTSVILLE -- A tomato reduction and marketing meet ng will be sponsored by t h e \gricultural Extension Service t h e HuntsviHe City Hall Tuesday, April 22. at 10 a.m ItlSICAL PLANNED HUNTSVILLE -- A country ·estern musical program wil e held at the HuntsviHe High chool auditorium at 7:30 p.m aturday. April 26. Proceeds will go to t h e \merican Cancer Society Cm ade. Performers are l o c a esidents who have gainc( ecognition in this field o ntcrtainment. he g i r l apparently|of the lowest cast. -..,', w , i l k i n g alone when she dis- . i i i h o a r e d . 7 y e a r nld friend. Earl K. cairl D a w n visited with young people for about an hour Tuesday a n d t h a t w i ^ n t h e girl said s h e liarl to pet t o hr-r home about a ilr- .-,-.'. ;jv h'-lore d a r k , he A Law Ministry spokesman said Wednesday action is sought against .Ingadguru Shankant cliarya of Puri to serve as a deterrent to others who advocate untnuchahility. The I n d i a n constitution ban? Untouchability and makes it an offense under (he penal code, hut the law has not been en ·walked w i i ' i h'T part of the w a r 'forced. The case of Shankara- K i d d said lu- last s a w her; ( ,h a i .y; 1 _ l i a R a r | B ,i n I m e a n s ualkmi.' d o w n the Perm Central; w n r ] j| spiritual t e a c h e r - i s now ·Railroad I r a f t s in a factory sec he cit 1 .-. i n w a r d hr-r lion oi home. him w a l k e d her all f .\" p." he s.-ti r u n spi before a district magistrate for to determine be pressed. whether it itli-d il-c w a v A tni' bnilv at 6:30 a.m. t An orange mohair sweater v.Inch Dawn had br-on wearing v,,i. [mind a iriite auay in the yard of an abandoned farm- S-ii- apparently had not been i.,|,. d. said Sherilf Douglas .1. ll.irvy. j^.j. were careful to avoid any direct i... ( c o n f r o n t a t i o n s and wenl so far Tree Sitter-- tree last, mclil and hr-gnn play ing guitar', and singing. Most wore hip|/i'- garb. I-;(,(,S TOSSKI) At. one liirif an estimated 500 nt.iirtrnls g a t h e r e d around the K r u n o .S'linc '-·'·"· there to jeer »n'l l a u i i t the protestors nnd (in «'-r;r.i'iiiiil ·)!!! wns thrown. One r h r r r v liornh firr" rnckcr w n s towl n'-ar t h e group. H'i'A'-vcr. t h " i f was nf) violent* «'· the group of protcitora as to offer to share their food and drink with the crowd. One girl pasred out candy. The crowd began to t h i n about m i d n i g h t when if slarted sprink ling rain and most observers hail left hy I a.m The group of prolr-slnrs- r e m a i n e d , however. Thf University officials' decision to have Pollard arrested came as a surprise, ami con- i r i h n l e d In the a c l i v i t y beneath the tree Wednesday night. Ofli cial-- had said earlier IhM. fnoy rould no reason for removing him from the tree. ·XPIftT WATCH MMI* swrff's RlnckM. Bill Tyne Madison County Rabies Clinics Set Next Week HUNTSVILLE -- A countywide dog vaccination against rabies will be held next week. Clinic will be set up according to the following schedule: Wednesday, April 23: Wesley store, 8 a.m. :Georgetown store. 8:45 a.m.: Japton store. 9:15 a.m.; Smith's store. Hindsville, 10:30 a.m.: 'Alabam store, 12 noon: Holland's store. Marble, 1:45 p.m.; Kingston. 2:30 p.m.: Loy Community Building, 3:1! p.m.; Upper Whorton store, 3:' p.m. Thursday. April 24: Crosses post office, 8; Delaney 8:30 a.m.; Patrick. 9 a.m. Combs post office, 9:30 a.m.: St Paul post office. 1:15 a.m.; Pet tigrew post office. 10:45 a.m. Boston, store, 11:15 a.m.; Whit ter. post office. 12:15; Aurora post office 12:45 p.m.: Hunts ville sale barn. 2:30 to 3 p.m. MISS HUNTSVILLE HUNTSVILLE -- Miss Donna larie Brown, a senior at Hunts ·ille High School and daughte f Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Brown ras crowned Miss Huntsvillc a he pageant held Saturday \i he catetorium of the Bill Vatson school. D CD Survival Program Set The Civil Defense Education Department, of Slate College o Arkansas will present a pro gram on. "Survival in the Nu lear Age." Monday at 7:30p.m n the basement conlerenc oom at Washington Genera lospital. The conference is part of an perational readiness workshop eing conducted by the Stall :ivil Defense Agency. I n v i t a t i o n s to the meet have ecu extended government of ciiils and community leader; i the county. SERVICES BY PUNIRM.HONt.MC, IW NORTH CDU.I9HWI HTKWAMT, Mn. flntrit I. - Xntur- «!·· 2:fK P.m., fit. Jumfl Mpttiffl- HI ainrrh. K»v. II. A. l»t» *· firwtliK. IntrmT.!. Ort rmr- Initial Meeting Of Newly Formed Group Is Friday The recently formed state Ad isory Committee of the Arkan as Research Co-ordination Uni or Occupational Education wil old its initial meeting at Ih Inivcrsjty (if Arkansas Friday The 11-member Committe epresents a cross-section of rr cational agencies, institution nd vocational f i e l d s in tb late. The Research Co ordinatiol Unit is responsible for stimulat ig and co-ordinating oraipa innal education re.senrcli in th late, and for disseminating re nils of such research f r o n hroughoiit the nation. It is iitegrnl part of the Departmcn f Vocational Education, but i upporlcd through the federa 'ocational Education Art c 363. ' The Advisory Committee wi idvise the Unit on its program nd activities w i t h local schoo listricts. colleges and univei ilies. and other non-profit, agcr ies interesled in improving vo ational education. BEN GRINAGE Grinage Named Third Speaker For DA Series Ben G. Grinage, special assistant to Sen. J. William Fulbright of Arkansas, will be the third speaker in the University of Arkansas "Contemporary Negro History" lecture series. Grinage will speak Monday at 7:30 p.m. in the auditorium of Graduate Education Build- ng. His topic is "The Black Vot- The series, sponsored by the Jepartment of History, is bring- ng four Negro speakers to the ampus, during the spring se- nester to discuss various as- iccts of contemporary Negro ife in America. Previously, Sonny Walker, ex- cutive director of the Econom- c Opportunity Agency of Pulas- a County, and The Rev. Emory .Washington, d i r e c t o r of the Christ Church Day Care Center t Forrest City, have appeared. The final lecture is scheduled lay 12. when Dr. Darwin Turer. dean of the Graduate School f North Carolina A and T Col- ege at Greensboro, speaks. Grinage. a native of Loiiis- ille. Kay., served as director f the Arkansas Negro Voter :ducalion Project from 1966-68. i-hen he joined Senator Ful- irighfs staff. He attended Phil- .nder Smith College at Little .lock and was a minister in the Church for several years. From 962-66. Grinage was state di- ector of the Student Non-violent Co-ordinating Committee. Grinage is a veteran of the United States Air Force, having erved during the Korean con- lict. He is married to the for- icr Barbara Hall of Pine Bluff. rk. Grinage's lecture is free and he public is invited. Retired Civil Employes Name Meet Delegates Delegates to the stale conven- :ion to be held at Mountain -lonie May 20-21 were named at .he April meeting of the Fayetteville Chapter of the National Association of Retired C i v i l Employees. Delegates are Mrs. Ruth Daniel, Mr. and Mrs. Newell Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. Neil Baker. Mrs. Georgia Backstrom, Elisha Osburn and Hubert Proctor. Alternates are Mrs. Minnie G. Mustain. Mr. and Mrs. J o h n Phillips and Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Carnahan. City director Mrs. S y l v i a Swatiz. spoke to the grnup on how the city spends its funds. Obituary Orta Wilbur SUpkUn. 7), or 807 E. Maple St., died at his home Wednesday. Born June 13, 1895 in Johnston, Mo., the son of Samuel and Sarah Hurt Stapleton, he was a retired barber, a veteran of World War I. a member of the American Legion, the 40 and 8; the Peace Officers Association and t h e Methodist Church. Survivors are the w i d o w Mrs. Florence E. Neely Stapleton, of the home; one son, William Robert of Amarillo, Tex.; one daughter, Mrs. Birginia Marie Garneau of Fort Meade, Md. and six grandchildren. Funeral service will be at 2 p.m. Friday at the W a t s o n Mortuary with burial in tional Cemetery. Na Freedon reran Hears AMsor To President SEARCY. Ark. (AP) - The chairman of the President's Council of Economic Advisers theme I HnllTMnW»»"H. · Classes Set At Farmtoflfofl FABM1NGTON - "Accessor- ics for A c c e n t " will be the said Wednesday that the Nixon classes for persons I king ·m- administration's "gradualism" in policy fiscal of and dajjv.J iui |iv-. "".-·· --- ington School district on April 22 and 29. Classes will be M 7:30 Norman Elliott Reed, 61, ol 2283 S. School St.. died in a local hospital today. Born in Wash ington County. Feb. 2. 1908, the son of Stephen and Nancy Jet Reed, he was a partner in Reed and Griffith garage, a veteran of World War II and a Mason. Survivors are the w i d o w, Mrs. Pauline Nixon Reed of the home; two daughters Mrs. Roger Koetter and Mrs. Mary Reed Dell both of Fayettcville; one son, Stephen E. of La Crescents. Calif.: one sister. Mrs. Marel Griffith and a brother, Elgin, both of Fayete- ville and four grandchildren. Arrangements will be announced by the Watson Mortu ary. Mrs. Grace Steward. 64. a native of Fayetteville, died Sunday in Kansas City. Mo. Born in Fayetteville July 28. 1904 she was the daughter of Jebb and Emma Lewis and a member of the Methodist Church. She is survived by her husband, Harry Steward, and a daughter. Mrs. Hortense Whitmore, both of Kansas City: four sisters. Mrs. Madren Carr and Mrs. Alice Dennis, both of Fayetteville. Mrs. Bessie Henderson and Mrs. Millie White, both of Chicago. 111.; two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Funeral service will be 2 p.m. Saturday in St. James Methodist Church with burial in Oak Cemetery under the driection of Nelson's Funeral Home. Springdaie -- Mrs. Grace Carolin Bradley. 65. of Springdaie. died today in the Springdaie hospital. Born Feb. 17. 1504 at Kingston, the daughter of William and Fanny Little Thomas, she was a Baptist. Survivors are her husband. Frank Bradley of the home, eight sons. Frank E. and R o y W., both of the home. George W., Lowell W.. Ray D.. James A. and Freddie L.. all of Springdale nnd Kenneth L. of Brooklyn N.Y.; one daughter, Mrs. Jerry Bumstead of Saratoga. Tex.: three brothers. Elmer Thomas of Gentry. Ruel Thomas, of Bon- ncrs Ferry. Idaho and Ira Thomas of Roseburg. Ore.: one sister. Mrs. Bert Burney of Twin Falls. Idaho: 17 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Funeral service will be at 2 p.m. Monday at the Phillips Chapel Freewill Baptist Church with burial in Friendship Cemetery under direction of Sisco Funeral Chapel. monetary controls should begin to show good results within nine months. Dr. Paul W. McCracken said this should occur despite the latest statistics showing that inflation is continuing to say the purchasing power of the dollar at a rate of between four and five per cent. McCracken, speaking at the 30th Freedom Forum here, said the Nixon administration had begun to apply measures cal- culated'to slow down inflation without causing too much unemployment. The "overly expansionist monetary measures of the recent past began by the first of the year to turn the nations monetary affairs away from expansion, he said. Rep. Wilbur D. Mills, D-Ark., chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, was described by McCracken as one of the most important men in the nation in the cooperative effort being made to keep the nation from suffering severe damage due to the present inflation. Balaguer Sees Try To Bring Regime Down SANTO DOMINGO. Dominican Republic (AP) -- President 'oaquin Balaguer says a wave of political violence in which six arsons have been killed since Sunday is part of a plot to bring down his regime. The sixth victim was gunned down Wednesday. He was Hecor Olivero, 28. a supporter of Gen. Elias Wessin. W e s s i n. vho will probably run as the right-wing candidate for president next year. Balaguer hasn't said whether le will seek another term, hut le said any attempt to overgrow him would be unsticccss- 'ul. He said some newspapers and radio stations were encouraging acts of violence. Some Dominicans fear that if 3alaguer stays in office for another term, he may try to become a dictator. Others maintain the Dominican Republic needs, a dictator to get its economy moving again. p.m. in the home economics classroom at Farmmgton High School. Mrs. Kay Fulton, home economics instructor. »ssi»ted by Cheryl Fox and Beverly Tallent. University of Arkansas horn* economics students doing practice teaching at the school. Making of accessories such as bias sashes, scarves, flowers, buttons, trimmings and decorative hems, will be demonstrated. There is no charge for the classes. NEW YORK STOCKS PE Association To Meet Monday The annual meeting of District I of the Arkansas Association of Health. Physical Education and Recreation will he held Mnn- day in the high school gymnasium at Rogers. The meeting will begin at 9:30 a.m. Sam Bailey, a former gymnastics coach at Iowa Stale University, will present a lecture- demonstration on gymnastics and tumbling. Other lecture-demonstrations will he presented by Miss Kalhy Kcefe. instructor and owner of a private gymnastics studio at Fayetteville; Mrs. Judy Gundlach and Mrs. Ann Bland of the Rogers Public Schools: Mrs. Nelma Williams nf the Rogers High School, and Bob Brown of the Rogers High School. District I of the stale Association includes schools in Baxter, Bentou, Boone. C a r r o l l , Crawford. Madison, Marion, Newton. Sebastian and Washington Counties. Canadian Airline Ready For Strike MONTREAL (AP) -- With prospects for resumption of ne gotiations dim. Air Canada be gan preparing today for a strike at midnight Sunday by 6.300 me chanics. telecommunications Ark B«l Frl Ark La Gas 27'.4J C Ptnnty 'OH SO'iKtrr McGte 301 ^91iK»iR Alum' 3*') 53 Xolthrop 52ilOut Marln* 32'.iPan Am Wor M 1'hilllps Pet SSHRalston Pur 50 Reyn Metali W'l · Boeing Oimp Soup Cent * SW Chrysler Chi MusiCBl Com Oil Comsnt Cro Colitor niam Pham Erin Corp East Stain Emcr Etec Ford Front Air Glen Alden GAP Corp Gen Mot Geor Pac Gr West Fin Gil OH IBM Intt Harv ArK West Gas Citation Minute Man H K Porler Rocket Research World Svc Lire AVERAGES Indl -J Rails Utils vol. 41 !iLing T«n VOU 52'i 48'iSean 6 s 'i ·JfiUSt R« F»l -" ·ja'SStd OH Oil 70'i 45lStd Oil KJ SOH 3i)i;Routh Pac 35^4 28 "sper Rand 50"i 251; Swank 21 ·Jfi'iTown Oou 'X 53'.iTexaco l'i 4!i r « Un Carb *~* 1ISUMO Corp IS'i l?*;Uni Airc "··; 2S'.4US Steel 4J-i 79»,Vlctor 60'i ttsiivornndo TM'i 2fi Vendo 2ri'' t 4R R iWcstinjzhouse K-'i 308 WhitUktr a»i 32H Westvaco 31»i B'K SV1'.i so-r (O'l-ll'l S-Wi'i 28-3 IB'HU'-i S.89-2C.3 personnel and other "nontitled' personnel. Asked if the bargaining ses sions with the International As sociation of Machinists tha broke off Tuesday would be re sumed. an airline spokesmai said. "We don't have any spe cial plans to go to them. They're the ones who broke off negotiations." Mike Pitchford. president of the association's Montreal lodge, said he didn't see "much hope of a last-minute effort" to avert a strike. CD Conference Set For Monday A Civil Defense conference ,'ill be held at 7:30 p.m. Monday at the basement conference room of Washington General Hospital. Subjects for discussion include "Why Civil Defense?" "Shielding from Nuclear Radiation" and "Community shelter Planning." County Civil Defense Director Lonnie Gilbow urged all citizens to attend the meeting. He stated "should a tornado, disasterous fire or any natural disaster strike one of our communities, the first few hours of rescue and recovery would be t h e responsibility of local people . . Washington C o u n t y citizens must be prepared for a n y eventuality." The conference will be conducted by the Civil Defense Education Department of State College of Arkansas in cooperation with the state Civil Defense agency. NOT LONG Closing the recreation room doer an the sounds of a group of noisy teen-agers, the long-suffering father sighed and remarked to his wife, "There's one thing in favor of popular music . . . it isn't popular long!" The family room or recreation room can help parents retain their tolerant atli hide toward the boisterous activities of g r o w i n g youngsters, and the Want Ads provide the help fam ilies need in searching for a home with such features. For example: BY OWNER, three htdronm brick, built-in kitchen. l',j bath, panelled family room, central heat, two car carport. Large Int. 6^0 V.A. Loan. $1800 equity. Phone FREE!!! Everyone Invited PANCAKE SUPPER 7 P.M. April 18th At the American Legion Hut Fayetteville Sponsored by Razorback Riding Club Whether you have property to BUY, SELL, OR TRADE call us! A 15 word ad is only $4.50 on our economical 6-ray rate. You can cancel when you get results and pay only for the days used. Dial 442-6242 APRIL SPECIAL Our Regular 27,50 Prolien Permantnt Wave tIA AC MONDAYS, TUESDAYS *IU,7J AND WIDNESDAYS ONLY Call For Appointment OAK PIAZA BEAUTY UION Oak Plaia Shaping Center 1220 N. Oarland Phone 443-5502 DO YOU SEEK REAL MEANING IN LIFE? CHRIST IS THE ANSWER! CRUSADE of the AMERICAS Hear Outstanding Speakers and Musicians Proclaim the Reality of Jesus Christ at The Following Churches April 13-20. FAYETTEVILLE AREA · Ridgeview Baptist · Immanuel Baptist · Johnson Baptist (15-20) · University Baptist · Winslow Baptist SRINGDALE AREA · First Baptist, Springdalo · Brush Creek Baptist

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