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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 1

Carbondale, Illinois
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Friday, February 6, 1920
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Carbondale—"Athens of Egypt." ...^ VOLUME 17. CHINESE L&UNDRYMAH FINED FOR GUN PLAY ON NORMAL STUDENTS . -V • Boys Request Sam Wah, Proprietor of Local Laun dry, to Make Good Misplaced Laundry—Remonstrates With Flashing of Gun. •.."•" On a charge of a gun play with three, young men Normal students, Sam Wah, proprietor ot the Chinese Laundry here,' was fined §11.40 before police magistrate, J. J. Robertson, yesterday. Evidence in the case "shojyed that Wah, secured a revolver from, a drawer in his place of business, doing .so in - a threatening manner. This,, gun play - 'followed an argument between the ' Chinaman and the students over some laundry which they had brought to • Wah's place of business. When the . boys asked for the laundry, Wah was unable to find it. The boys tad waited several days for the work, but when called for Wah could neither g(5t the laundry or give satisfaction as to what he intended to do to rectify its being misplaced.He would neither pay for the laundry or find it for the students, they said. Shortly in the course of the misunderstanding, Wah flashed'a revolver. The boys then called Officer McGill, "Wiah acted rather "huffy" toward McGill, but this didn't last. Following the arrest Wah appeared in the police court, meanwhile, securing the services of an attorney. Finally he pleaded guilty,'"however, and was fined $11.40, for disturbing the -• peac : e. Also reimbursing the students $2.50 for their misplaced laundry. Wah was fined some time ago on a simllaf .charge,_that..oj, flpurishing_a CARBONDALE, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, TEB. 6, 1920. NUMBER Carbondale Goes On Record For Home Rule; DesiresJTo_Curb Utilities Would Give Cities Right to. Pass on Merit of Service Rendered by Utilities C ompanies With Recourse to State—Urges Passage, Verdict of Mayors. CAR SHORTAGE SLACKS UP RAILROAD HERE Carbondale, with practically all the other cities in Illinois, represented by their mayors at the Municipal 'League convention at Springfield last week, went 'on record in favor of home rule. Mayor Krysher, attending the meeting, voted for the resolution for Carbondale. It will be presented in the Illinois Constitutional Convention, urging the', passage of a bill calling for home rule. ' i The advantage of the home rule gives a city the right to govern self without interference of the state legislature or- the state utilities commission. "With regard to .telephone electric lights' and other utilities, each city may pass on the service and do what is necessary with the utility com pany without the''assistance of state," declared Mayor Krysher, speak ing- of the proposal. "Then when some monopoly .^ets'a hold in the stat legislature," the Mayor continued "the members oE the state legislator can't pass the buck from one to th other as to who is responsible for th condition." WORK Coal Car Shortage of From Forty to Fifty Per Cent Exists oa Division Believe Cars Tied Up in the East Under Load. DECLARE EGYPT'S FU- SERVICE TUBE MECCA OF BIG CROP* AND PROSPERITY Section For Early Vegetation and Wide Variety of Crops—Fruit Farms and Dairying Big Potentialities of Southern Illinois. phe ever depressing shortage of cars oft the railroads has again jrwed ts head! on the local division ojgttie Illinois 'Central. At .present •I. C. operating in the Southern Ilflnois coal fields is only getting from 4(f|to 50 per cent of a supply of coal s, also a big per cent shortage in NO livelier group or organization of boosters and fighters for • prosperity can be found'than, as the name im plies, the Egyptian Hustlers. .Carbon dale will be honored and. 'benefited MUST BE SHOWN The State Utilities dered the local telephone, comjjanytcw appear at 10 a. m., March 2, at Springfield to report on the program it nas- made relative to rehabilitation: at its:. plant. '" ' "'. Among the cities served by .the corn-- pany are the following: DuQuoin,' West Frankfort,. Ava, Campbell Hill, Marion, 'Herring Oarterville, Cambria, Creal ..Springs,.. Johnston City K Pittsburg,. •Willisyille,. Bento,n, Thompsonville, Christopher ,,. NOAHRDSHING • DEATH VICTIM BEST FLOUR DOWN 25 CENTS Brother of J- O Rushing of This City— Resided on Farm Southeast of Carbondale. ffon a woman in his employ. FIVE CAR DE R AILMENT NEAR NEW ATHENS AT NOON TODAY Noah Rushing, about 30 years of age died at 6 o'clock last evening at his home eight miles southeast of this city, following a week's illness with pneumonia. He is survived by his wife and little daughter, Dorothy Lee, four years of age, who are both ill at the home two brothers, Isaac and Burrel Rushing, farmers residing near the vicinity of South County Line church; three half brothers, Robert Rushing, farmer, south of town, J. p. Rushing, merchant, and: Felix Rushing, engineer, of this city; also one half sister. Mrs. Rhofla Underwood,' of Carterville. Funeral arrangements have not been announced. x Chicago Market Affected by Foreign Financial Depression—Drops 50 Cents a Barrel at Minneapolis. Chicago. Fell. 0.—The Chicago flour market felt the effect of the international financial depression when the best grades nf flour declined 25 cents a barrel. Flour Hint sold at wholesale for $15 n barrel on Wednesday dropped to $14.75. Carload lots fell from $14.75 to ?14.50. Minneapolis. Feb. 6.—Flour dropped 50 cents, a barrel in the loeixl market, I the collapse in foreign exchange nml:| the slump in Hie wheat market being l| given as the causes.' Sfficials are unable to assign a rea- the 'Shortage, -which in Car- b£pdale is causing railroad business "rather slack," explaining it is many coal ca rs tied up in ffeast under load. When asked as whether or not any relief, was seen lithe shortage, it was stated the situ- ra.' showed no signs of relief at pent. Also that many coal cars led to the east from this section •owing the coal strike, have wander- i'froni one yard to another and are Id up in their return to the coal Bi. fin fact there's a shortage of .all box cars and other cars,," it stated at the division offices to"We don't known what's going appen. if we don't get some short- it was continued. Five cars of freight train No. 252 were derailed about a mile north of New Athens at 12:30 today. The wrecker was called to tie scene immediately and the .wreckage is' expected to be cleared up by.four or five o'clock this . afternoon Passenger train 202 was detoureu over the M. & O. from Murphysboro to St. Louis this afternoon. No one was injured.' • GALE BATTERS ATLANTIC COAS1 Shore Hotels and ~Htjmes""Are Swept Into the Ocean by Tide. Aima, Cobden, and Jonesborq. MRS. HANCOCK DIESLAST NIGHT Native of Kentucky—Came Here From.' Murphysboro a Short Time Ago. SEA INVADES HUDSON TUBES Republican Women to Organize Tomorrow ebts Pile Up Against Missing Dairyman Creditors today continued to pile 8 a^jajnsfc.C....L. JUfllina....whose mysterious disappearance from his farm a(pMurphysboro, has caused considerable speculation among his friends and the people of Murphysboro. His liabilities have amounted to something near $11-,000, a little at a time, for the last week. V the. annual meeting to be held herej Ro yalton, Ewing, Sesser.MeLeansbaro, . next June 10, 11 and 12. The Hustlers' creed in regard to its associate membership, a new plan to make business men as well as- traveling salesmen a part of -the organization, being.invited by a member, says: The associate membership plan adopted by ,the Egyptian Hustlers is a move to promote a feeling of comradeship between traveling men aud the business man. The interests of both mean the same thing, Dollars and Cents, and the one way to declare dividends is by Education through Organization. Education through Organization for what purpose? To further divelop the vast opportunities that have been given to Southern" Illinois. In the judgment of the knowing ones the Greater Crop Production movement is the one big idea. Ten thousand word treaties could be written on this subject and then it would be but half told. • Take the district around Carbondale and a little north, with its warm southern climate in, 1 early May, what wonderful opportunity for more early vegetation. Coming further north on the eastern side of -the state, and all along the Ozark OVDrs; Sallie Hancock, wife of Lawrence Hancock, died at herAaiaie, 315' East Jackson street, shoc^4|M| B o'clock last night, follow; " ~ *** illness of pneumonia. The deceased was born '11 Ky., May 14, 1891. She tiaa'";5eeri a member of the .Baptist church since-, she was 15 years, of age. Besides her husband and a severv year old,(laughter, Marie, surviving her- . are her parents, who reside in Wiek- liff, four sisters and one brother. The Hancock family cam© here.- from Murphysboro a few months ago-,, Mr. Hancock being transferred as .ICF- cal agent for the Jewel Tea Co., succeeding R..L. .Rash, who is now -traveling for a St. Louis firm. . The body was taken to Wiekliff at , the hilly country for dairying, stock I Ducted from the parents' home to- breeding and fruit farms, and so on morrow, up to the Vandalia railroad, all won- dertul soil, and with the proper USB ; p{ ve p. Q_ Employees Off of limestone 'and the correct way of i Shipping Remains at Standstill While Ice Floes Menace Navigation— j Rockaway Beach Is Hit Hard ; —N. Y. Faces Fuel Famine. trying S ] 10r( , to dig themselves out of the Canadian '3ojlars 82 Cents. Chicago, Veb.',' ^rrCanaclian dollars sold in Chicago; !f S2 cents, the low•••wt i-nint ever •'."(filed her?.-' .' • • A meeting of the "Republican women of the township will he held at the! ^ ^ F ~~ c _ H>1;re Wilvps Elks Home tomorrow afternoon at „ | pol)o(1 i]p hy n no . milr „.,,,, ,, ro sw( , ep . o'clock. Mrs.-. Margaret Flint, coun-1 , ng t]lc xorth Atlantic coast, while ty -chairman, will be present. The -.-^..- —i meeting is called by district chairman, Mrs. Nellie S. Searing'of this city. It is urged that all Republican women be present at this meeting. Rail Officials Inspect Mud Line Today ASKEW IS KIDNAPED stock raising and dairying, the use of 1 in One Day On AcCOTint of Mexican Government Is Requested to Hunt Abductors. Baptist Church Officer Here This Evening land 1 Mrs: Merrill • announce they will 'be at home tonight to mem- 'bers and friends, of the church i'rom eight until ten o'clock. It is.announced •to be a very informal occasion and is given to provide an opportunity to 'meet Dr. A. E. Peterson, of Chicago who will be stopping over in Carbondale between train's. Dr. Peterson is' speaking "at a Bap- General ^ superintendent J. J. Felly of Chicago and Division Superintend-, ent W. Atipill made an inspection trip on the Mud Line today, taking Bryan's train to Cairo this morning, over the Mud Line. Italian Acquitted of Arson in Court Carlo Ferro; an Italian at Murphysboro, charged with arson for the burning of- his own house there some m'onth'S ago, came clear in the circuit last-night. The case was th<= out- deepest snow drifts for vears. Damage done by-'the sea to resorts anil summer homes along the New Jersey an'd Loner Islam! coasts is estimated at hundreds of thonsunrls of dollars. Hotels Washed Away. At- Rockaway Beach two modern summer hotels. 30 bungalows, a 40- suite apartment house, bathhouses and dozens of small structures were washed into the sea. The Pasadena hotel in Brooklyn was washed Into the bay. Several ' bathing pavilions were swept' away at Coney Isltmd trad the Bandits Attack Ranch New York Company—Mexico to Oust Jenkins. Washington. Feb. G.—The United States has made an urgent, request upon the Mexican government to take immediate steps to' capture the, abductors of Joseph A. Askew, an American, kidnaped on February. 2. Confirmation of the kidnaping of Askew was received by tlie state department. Bandits attacked the plantation of the Tlahualilo company's ranch at Lerdo, Duraugo, on the night of Feburary 2, and carried Askew away with them. " ' James Brown Potter of New York, only registered stock and the doing away with the scrub bull, tihis part 01 , the state can be made the richest end. ' Education through Organization. Southern- Illino's has no hard pan. It has tight- clay in nearly all counties but on authority from the Agricultural Deparment of the University of illi- , nois, this land with the proper treatment, 'can be made produce wonderful crops. Let us help to make the crops by 'talking limestone, the way to use it. and watch the results. More money in the farmer's pocket, . more business Qf g df fa Five employees at the local post- office are off duty todqy on account of. the illness of themselves or some member of their family. They arer Bert Dillinger, "rural .carrier route 3;. whose wife is ill; Bverette Thornton^ city carrier, illness of self; Willis er, city carrier, illness--in family; W.. H. Woods, city carrier, illness-of. self,, and George D. Lee, clerk, illness oC self. tist meeting at .Cambria .today.., He is j grow th of a chain of fifes in the Ital- the -newly elected director for Illinois j i!ln ( i.j 3tr j c t at Murphysboro. of the New World Movement of. Bap-1 Just , two npur g after Ferro had been lists. Upon him is to fall the task, to i ac q u jtted,, the first fire in the Italian direct the raising of Illinois' part o£ j a j s t r i ct f 0r s ; x months occurred.' the $100,.000,000 .to be - secured by Northern Baptists this spring. Rev. Merrill said this "will be his! first visit to. Southern Illinois and the | Baptist pastor and his wife wish to give him a,'warm welcome to Carbon- MURPHYSBORO WOMAN KNOWN HERE DIES LAST NIGHT dale and therefore extend a cordial in- night, after two weeks' vitation to all their friends to drop in some time between eight and ten to meet Dr. Peterson and spend a little j time in fellowship. - l Mrs. Claude Smith, known here, died' at her home at Murphysboro last illness with pneumonia and other complications. She became a mother two weeks ago. ILLINOIS'CENTRAL OFFICIALS AT CAIRO General Superintendent J. J. Felly, Superintendent W. Atwill of the St. Louis division,. Trainmaster F. E. Hatch of Qarbondale and Trainmaster W. R. G-ivens.of Mounds were in Cairo yesterday ono business.. Commander Smith Also Charter Member of Post In the list of ex-service mea who are recorded as charter members of the local American Legion Post, Donald Forsythe No. 514, should have appeared the name of its commander, T. B. F. Smith, he also being a charter member.' ' first floor of the big Shelburne hotel at I president of' .the. compimy, 'has asked that immediate action be taken to rescue Askew. . . "Mexico City, Feb. 6.—Julio Mitchell, state" prrVsericto'r at Puehln, has been notified that the exequatur of William O. Jenkins," rnited States consular agent at Puebla, was cancelled on '(Jbruary ']. ' • ',', - >The federal- government is awaiting action by the Puebla courts in Mr. Jenkins' case before taking steps regarding its .alleged intention of requesting him" to'leave Mexico. Decision in the c; 'is expected during the coming week. . Brighton Beach was flooded. Seabright, long a target for the waves,, suffered more than any of the other northern New Jersey coast resorts. It was estimated that the high tide anfl heavy seas had done .$250,000 damage to bulkheads, streets and resi- liences there. A recently completed bulkhead saved the main residence part of the town. - s The entire Toast from north of Boston to.south of the Virginia capes was affected. ^•'Shipping remained at .anchor or moved with the utmost caution. Tn Hie Innd-loekfid waterways around New York huge ice floes menaced navigation. The steamer Mnine of the Xow Knglaml Steamship company was driven ashore on the north end of Long island and four o-l'.er sound liners worn reported creeping along through fields of ice. Fuel Famine Imminent. Cold, snow, ice and high seas niade it almost impossible to transport coal from the tidewater reservoir at Perth AmV/oy to New York and the city faces n fuel famine which will force all its transportation lines to suspend operations unless the weather moderates sufficiently. While mountainous seas were battering the coast, the highest tide evei recorded in. New York .harbor caused floods along the Hudson and Harlem rivers. Ferry houses on the New York and New Jersey sides of the Hudsor were flooded, and water from the Brie terminal dripped into the' Hudson 'tubes nt Jersey City. for the merchants, larger dividends for j- •• - - . ' your house and more commissions to | War GjJ.S Attack t Against Coach Lodge -in Illness. V ••' '• ' • • • • '-. ;•'• I . • . ^ • Coach William Lodge, seriously ili. with- reported about the yomTthe "expectations' of the"~unen- isam,e: -today. . His condition is -re-" lightened. When" stock 'can be bred i «^?. ea as er&v *' ln <=°i«ecticm with.- that will produce 25.431, 9 pounds of ' the' suddenness of 'his illness an* se- milk out of which- 1315, 15 pounds ' Aeneas of the attack, .it was esplaln- ol butter was made, why hesitate? , fea "Pneumonia ™as going harder>itb Why not cry /down the scrub bull?, hiim on account ol his. lungs being in" - WARNS WOMEN OF TOBA'CCO wou. Again we say Dollars and Cents. Education .through Organization. .• The breedi'Dig interests are develop- ing'to such an extent that the possibilities o fthis field -alone go far be- Right" here . I might speak", about the' a gas attack; in -the- .war •" . , Sunflower araiits great. value for feed- ' His mother is expected irom Phils- - ing. Quoting. fronv Henry's. Feeds and del- : ,hia tomorrow Tnorning:'. - ._ ... Feeding,"-Sunflower seed analysis con- • ' ~~ ' .,,.,.., li: -. tains 3.0 per cent protein' or four times ^ jj'is.roadis all uphill.... I would suggest; the feeding value of . a grain of corn, j't hat whenever possible^that the busi- and has greater profit than, any 'plant , ness man a nd"ti-".veiing -man call onr as a feed for 'stock. .Sunflowers pro- j h -; mj let him ] molv thit -you want to duce 2, jo "3 ; times, asj many tons, as | be of whatever assistance-you can to •corn, 5 times alfalfa', 15 times that of' ]lim . ^ jj e is working' for' your pocket oats, clover or timothy-and makes a ^ book The'Farm Biireaq. movement is ;• wonderful-silage." ..Education through j not on]v making farmin^more profit- Organization. «-- - . | able and. desirable^but jt" makes fai •far|Jt is the intention of this organiza-j. better living en the; farms,-better coni- Methodist Board Appeals to Feminine Users—Effect Is Similar to Its Effects on Youths. - : Washington, r'en. (i.—Increased use of tobacco among women during 101J) was "appalling;" according : to the board of temperance, prohibition and morals of the Methodist Episcopal' church. In a statement -the board made "an earnest appeal to women, to refrain from the use of tobacco, in. the name -of the country's welfare." "No nation can maintain the vigor which has been characteristic of the American people a'fler its women begin the use of cigarettes." the statement said. "The sedentary life of wr'jien tends to an excess in the use of tobacco and produces more serious results than If caused by its use among men. I Thr effect;-of tobacco upon \vo.roen Is simi- lnr-tp its effects on.' youths.' tion to send qut as inserts,through the mail of pur firms, the banks and all other firms.that believe in greater crop production, reading matter of aifterest to the farmer, dairyman, and stock raiser. We want our business associates to boost tthis propaganda. Talk it to ytt'ir bi-other merchants,, the farm-; ei'3, dairymetn and- stock raisers 'and watch the results. • Hard' roads are an assured fact, but we lend whatever aid 'is. required of us for their- completion. Speaking to our associate members is through- them that we expect our -.results, and by their efforts help these movements become succesful. The county agent is .a wonderful •mail, hut like all of us, unless he ; gets •the-.cooperation of--the' business man, inunit'*" understanding 'and effort, Bet-ter schools and -better <lives. More . strength -to the movement; and may big, bright and brainy men and womon take up this work and- put the push tn it that will produce greater production for Southern Illinois. The greater 'he cr.op production, the greater earning powers for all. To the Hustlers, let us- help make- two blades of grass where one. grows now, .and the two dollars' -you pay 'as-- diues will come back more than double:. One man can do but little, but with? one thousand. Hustlers .and 'one^tho'iis-- aim Associate , Hustlers. . we cant achieve things not -thought of and in so doing increase TOUT s powers. Education tn'Tbugt Organization.

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