Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
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Friday, February 21, 1964
Page 2
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u« UK*, cat, rrL.Ntn.nx --L.A.C. SAYS:Responsibility of the Citizen I* It is estimated over $500,000 has been contributed »:3$'the family of the Dallas police officer reported to £6ave been killed by Lee Oswald. This was an emo- yional outpouring from the nation which was shocked ;-4ad grieved by the assassination of President Ken- vSi'dy. But the police officer's slaying was only one of £Che almost daily murders of police officers. Very few $*bp!e take the trouble to consider how their public vjpathy to crime is responsible for the increasing haz- ·Itrds of law enforcement '.£·'. . ft · * * ··£'. At the other end of the emotional attitude over Ithe death of the Dallas officer was the incident a few :Tweeks ago. A highway patrol car gave chase to a hit_and-run driver. When the officer cornered the man in a "nearby neighborhood, over 100 hoodlums started "beating up the,officer. A number of other highway police came to his rescue. Every one of these officers was taking his hfe in his hands when he fought off men who were opposing arrest of the hit-and-run driver. The alleged killer of two Los Angeles police officers tried to commit suicide in the Chicago jail after being picked up there. He pulled his gun and started shooting when the officers started questioning him in ra store where he was trying to cash a check. Under : the law, the officers were not permitted to search the : man unless they arrested him. This is one of the per- : . sonal-liberty safeguards that is being used to defy { adequate police operations. : * * ft · The Oakland, Calif., city manager recently spoke : out on how "lack of citizen cooperation is hampering ; law enforcement." He said, "law enforcement is a job : for every citizen--not just the police alone. The trouble Is that we have been content to let George--the police: man--do it" There are far too many citizens who ·" willfully protect the lawbreaker and in every way ; possible make the policemin's job harder--and more '· hazardous. I The police officer who stops a car on our streets · or highways--for any reason---faces the same danger : as did these Los Angeles officers killed by the former '- convict now held in Chicago. They never know when I some fugitive may start shooting--or when a gang of j hoodlums will erupt with tire chains or other weapons · to beat or kill them. The spiraling crime wave is ·· creating ever-increasing danger for the police officer. ·: * * * \ The headlines concerning police officers usually : apply to some scandal such as corruption among a . j few charged in Torrance--or when one of them is shot · or beaten to death. There is little consideration given '. to the fact that 99 percent of them have long and ;· honorable records of decency and dedication to duty. ; When they are called to testify in our courts they are · often browbeaten and belittled. Many jurors would : rather believe a dope peddler than they would the offi- ; cer who must testify. · It is time the American people realize they have a · serious crime wave. They have an efficient FBI and ! local police forces that cooperate in fighting these ·'crimes. The quick apprehension-of the LA. killer in ·'Chicago was evidence of this cooperation and efficien- I cy. But it is lessened by the antagonism shown by ; many citizens. . ft ft ft ' This applies to people who see thefts being com'. milled in stores without exposing the thief. It shows ' in the attitude toward officers making arrests where ; teen-age hoodlums are involved--and where they defy · the police because they are juveniles. We are going to '. have to change our attitudes and show greater cooper; ation with, and appreciation of police officers if law · enforcement is not to break down into anarchy in this '· country.--L.A.C. Zanzibar Hails Aid of Peking ZANZIBAR (UP!) -- Zanzl- jar"* revolutionary g o v e r n - ment Thursday expelled the Ust remaining US. and British diplamati from this spice island tad thea announced it has accepted more than a half-million dollars in aid from Communist China. U. S- Charge D'affaires Donald Fetterson left Zanzibar Thursday night after the revolutionary government rejected a last-ditch U. appeal to maintain aa American mis' sion here. British High Com raissioner Timothy C r o i t h wait, also ordered ousted, eft earlier in the day. THE ZANZIBAR r e g i m e which took over as a "people's republic" last month after deposing the sultan in a bloody coup, then followed up b; announcing it has accepts $518,000 in aid from the Com munist Chinese. Minister of External Affairs Abdul R a h m a n Mohamet cnown as "Babu." announce the Chinese move over Zan zibar radio. 'Some people are savin; that Zanzibar is the Cuba o Africa." Babu said. 'But it i more than that It also will be a place of peace and prosper ity* He said further aid from China was expected and won! include both men and ma chines. He specifically men tioned a Peking gift of trac tors. At the time of the Jan. 1 revolution, it had been re ported that some of the Iea ers had been trained in China. PEOPLE IN THE NEWS '·{ Astronaut Says 2 of 30 May Die in Moon Shot Alan B. S h t p a r d Jr. Thursday said the odds are · that two out of the first pool of 30 astronauts may die in the program aimed at l a n d i n g men on the moon. Answering questions at a luncheon in Washington for newsmen, the first American into s p a c e said the estimate is without statistical basis, and merely represents an estimated casualty rate--generally accepted by the astronauts to be 8 per* cent Dr. Hugh U Dryden, deputy administrator of the National A e r o n a u t i c s and Space Administration, differed with Shepard, saying it would be a mistake to estimate a casualty rate. When the questions persisted, however, S h e p a r d stuck by his position that the odds are that two out of a 30-man pool might not survive the program. Dryden said he hates to see this c o m m e n t made public, because it "might start a hullabaloo in the press." "There is a risk -- you can't avoid a risk," Dryden conceded. Shepard also said the first crew of two for the i n i t i a l Gemini mission probably will be selected within a m o n t h or six weeks. It is likely that the initial crew will consist of one cf the m o r e experienced astronauts and one of the newer ones, he said. DJA'E Prime Minister Douglas- Home, 58. and his . distinguished predecessor. Sir Winston C h u r c h i l l , S3. dined together Thursday night Another former prime minister. Harold Macrnnian. was to have Joined them but at the last moment telephoned he was enable to come. The dinner, at-. tended by 13 other guests. was one of the periodic meetings of the Other dub. a private organization devoted to good eating and good conversation. CRITICIZED S o v i e t novelist Alexel Yogor was criticized Thursday for writing a book con- taming kind words about the last czar and czarina. The government newspaper Izvestia attacked him and said that up until now, **a3 literate people had*an entirely different idea about the Ust "Russian crown; carriers." DVEL An Oxford (England) student was injured Wednesday when he fought a sabre duel with another student over coed Evelyn Mottson, it was reported Thursday. Principals in the duel were Rory Donellan, 22. an expert swordsman, and Adam Poynter, 20. who had his arm slashed in the encounter. Miss Mottson said she was embarrassed--and flattered -- that they dueled over her. 13 rw Rep. Hojh L. Carey, DN. Y.. who holds the current record m Congress for the most children, announced Thursday his wife gave birth in New York to their 13th child, their eighth son. RECOMMEtVDED The Delaware Board of Pardons Thursday recommended commutation of the I0-Iash whipping post sentence against Tahnadge T. Balser. Balser was convicted of beating and robbing Robert H. Wilson. 40. Wilmington. Del, of S4 and a pack of cigarettes on Feb. I, 1962. He was sentenced to 10 lashes and 15-years in Jail by Superior Court Judge Stewart Lynch. The whipping was set for Ust Jan. 28. but was p o s t p o n e d pending an appeal to the state supreme court DIES Mrs. Sheila rEbben, 76. who wrote the shopping column "About the House." ' for the New Yorker magazine. died Thursday ta New ' COLLECTION The Frank V. it Beffls collection of I t a l i a n rare books, music and records win be turned over to the IS California State Colleges in San Francisco Sunday. PETTERSON was the Us American remaining on th island in the wake of Us month's coup by Communis leaning revolutionaries. ^ afflil% new here from Petterson and Crosthwait Dar-es-Salaam for a meeting were ordered to leave in ap- ^th Zanzibar's cabinet and parent retaliation for U. S. nd British refusal to reccg- ize the new government William Leonhart. U. S. am- assador to Tanganyika, and MICHAEL WILDING EVELYN MOTTSON GEORGE L. ROCKWELL Tl/Rtf OUT About 4,000 University of Kansas students Thursday turned out to hear George Lincoln Rockwell, head of the American Nazi Party. There were a few boos, hisses and jeers d u r i n g Rockwell's speech in which he warned that Americans must be tougher in fighting communism. " LOSES Actor Michael Wilding, a former husband of Elizabeth Taylor, has lost another round in his attempt to deduct $464.10 front his 1953 California income tax. Wilding was ordered to pay that amount after an ap-' peal to the Franchise Tax Board. Wilding t h e n appealed to the State Board cf Equalization, and the ruling that he must pay was upheld. MASSES The Italian department of the American Legion will sponsor more than 400 m a s s e s i n c h u r c h e s throughout Italy in memory of President Kennedy Saturday, the birthday of George Washington. UAHARAM OF SKKIM- BIRTH · p The Maharanl of Silldm, formerly New York social ite Hope Cooke, gave birth to a son in Calcutta, India Thursday. The child is third in line for the throne of the Himalayan kingdom. The new i was rushed to the state oracles and head lamas in Sikkim who win determine an auspicious name for the child. Maharajah Paldea Thondup Namj- yaL, 40. flew from London and joined his 23-year-old wife just two hours before the entered a fashionable' cursing home. ' The former Miss Cooke, a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College in BronxviHe.' N. Y, was married to the Maharajah Ust March 20.": - SKANSEN'S --i SWEDISH SMORGASBORD AUTHENTIC SWEDISH FOOD 733 PAIOS ViRDES SAN HDIO CM* Man. Vrw Prl "flaws?- , SiL I SatitH (LACVi column. It L A. CeHIr, Sr, l,l rttven ef M-wnif f.ptefl ti4 dr*i r-t r*t»s-, ·*f toturtinl, n »1 ^y reflect tfi cei* Tobacco Flown INDEPENDENT Fubhihetf i»n/ except Sunday an attempt to get the government decision on Petterson rescinded. Babu said the decision will stand. He called it unfcrtu- rank Carlucci, the State De- nate. but inevitable in view jartmenl's specialist on Afri-.of the political situation. mm WORLD THE HAGUE W - KLM ?/.'.' -charter Jfi 0 "- '· 1MI - Dw " "'· Airlines reported a plane Hew 15 ton, of Dutch ; p:p« tocacco to Montreal to c i , r t r o,nv«r, _ · meet an increased demand in m'.."''.^ " Canada. | wo'oe **.* 'fa I'trti eni ittn'l M Mtt etxAing JonrjSt. Ufs ttni out far a fita.~ ^s^B^^^^ Nd longago America's two great vodkas cost M.4 5Thcn Woilschirudt lowered itt price to*3.69. Same premium vodka; only the price has dun ged.The object is to make everyone buy\Volf schrnidl. vxToi room t co. INC, MW rowt i T. HUH nan CAUK. so ntoor. recover c* v. t *. I * *l QUALITY For people whs expect the £ne:t !a carpetic;...expensive imported wools. classic food looks...Karastact quality is unmistakable. Priced from J 10.95 per squire yard. Easy to own with a Frank Eros bad jet plan. 2400 torg Eeach BM, GArfieW 6-1341 Open evenirgs Monday and Friday untl nir*

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