The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 3, 1957 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 3, 1957
Page 6
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ajyr y& ^ ' ' ,:M CM £ • qyfjg. , J< f|P y f ! Rent Vawit Umts Fast Wit :19S1< QT~IUYrT9S4 2 Qff&t •WQ8I* [n'ers td choose frbfn.< • Service Station, Jfl- SMMftflt ' MERCURY: 19S2 hardtop. ^!ft j •0091 ejBelP'B* \L"*> 5J^ <!t^ ' Contact fexatOutf flnant* Co., 6f ph. 34919. ^ * "MERCURY: 1980 fW door. Bxtra clean. Ph. 8-8283. ' JoNTIAC:' 1984 "Star Ghltf totte. ftew tire*, all extra**' Sxcellent eohdltton. Afld«f-. ton Auto supply, Lake JafeK- tan. Ph. 7-6879. TlADE EQUITY in '86 JPofd' 1983 $428. Sec at Marine Co. 204 Cherry. Wt «•»». 0\rf HlCft Sell tft* it* ttitit » d« J«sr, ** WSttld flit* OLARK SU10K .. vw . w—~—— vO wKrH wum tsysu. 00. «lt wVtMMNI i ***** ftif »f : H8MV fijF I fi« fijt*«» 1 &£ ^'*-'-•"jfa*- ijk. irtak m noRiBB in im PAftKWOOD . "CTeW wOTaS. Kl'ltJHKK, ..' 8ATH8, f, «flSbw,|plt ***» * to f W.SW, tried. Tirrffl.„— 3810 itter 8t». . _ 4240 6* 8- M. . ii i ii illilHiiri «e»!r* • < ft£»t LUGOAOI5 tSAltMl Made by .the ttlth Sfthaot vacation*!* tnausttttl qjub. Proceed* to M U*«d for An- anting fltia trip. S«e at fiefmlet *nd R»jr* Sln- etilt SeWla fitttlon, V*",r.scd. «. MOBILE HOMES tools, *t«. Ph* , Clvft».{ Johnson Sd HP Mectrlc^ „_- motot frttfiifee . . .'$ *?S •Xonftlknif" $0 HP SteUauWu* 1Mw fttttto mttelAtet . . . MSO ttfeftUJfr 30 HP fcletttk, wwifijiifitft with ttjftttftls $ 399 FeUlYld^fi Sportiflg OtKJnsj Ctute. Ph. 8-2411. 51. AftTlCtfeS WANffifi «*» SlOTOtSJ:Brow«iig Auto' - 1 ffiitlc, 18 gauge. Phi 7-7039. BRING your unwanted Itefns to Old Colony Trading Past, Btazoria. Texss. We buy anything, will pickup. Ph. 385$. 4th. Ph. 38430. _ { sT~CONWNBNTAL: '33', 2-' » bedroom trailer. Ph. 5-8089 • or see at No; 22, Shady Rich:• wood Trailer sell or buy anything of value. Wayne's Surplus, Highway 286. Ph. HOUSE TRAILER: Ltbtety, 48', 2 full size bedrooms, full size bath. 1986 model. $400 for $2300 ea.uity._Ph. 8-2223. _ "TRADE: 40'rz-bedroom modern trailer house for 28' to 30* modern tandem wheel. ed frailer house. Balance on 40' trailer can be financed. Ph. 3-3170. '. ;._.::., It INSTRUCTION TREEPORT BUSINESS COLLEGE: Ottering specialized burineM counet starttng fun* 10. For information writ* P. 0, Box 1,061, Freeport, Texas. • . , it. MALE HELP WANTED BOYS: Six neat, white school boys to work during summer. Apply' Mr. Koon, Cabin 19, Quit Blvd. Courts, next Tue«s day and Wednesday at 9:00 * a.m. ' " • MECHANIC: Urst -class mechanic wanted. Excellent working conditions. Vacation and sick leave. Hospitallza- tion and life insurance. Must be No. 1 mechanic, honest, sober, and prepared to stay tor years. Curry Motor Co. ' M. MIJ»MEN WANTED MAN WANTED: For Rawlelgh business in Freeport or Bra' xoria County. Permanent if ' , you are a hustler. See M. J. , Livingston, 130 E. Wtlkins St., t Angteton, or write Rawleigh's. Dent. TXF-2192-123, .y. Memphis, Term. •«. HAUt-FEigALE BELT fj WE NEED • good iniuranee V,|7»«Ucltor. X. L. Sau«r, Ph. T•• fl «T7»l or 3-2107. • fit. FEMALE HEU WANTED' .Exptrienee necessary. Work ?in Frteport buiiness district, f. Reply giving age, education, c*. expected salary, and phone number, i Box 10H H, Freeport. IWAITRES* WANTED; Exp &• itnce necessary. Apply 'person. Port Caie. WQMC WANTED. WOMEN ABY SITTINa.; Mrs, Mamie CAKE: Tor working Experienced, refer- S wTlth, ph. »«8363. ujmcn LVENPOBT UPHOLSTER. ; Call 3-1372. free esU- .CONTRACT •Ing and electric *z™ Enterprises !. GOOD THINGS TO EAT UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT: .Buy 'em by th«»sackl Ace's Hamburgers, 19,So. Ave A, Velasco. Ph. 3-9279. OtJTBOARD MOTORS' , 195« SeaSee, 28 h.p. with electric flan and remote con* ,trol. Reg. $880. now $399. , 1658-SeaBee, 12 H.p. Reg. J341.9S, now $299.98. ^ i9S6 SeaBee, 8 h.p. ' t*g. $208.9$, now $174.95. Goodyear Service Store, Pa. 3-2228. CtfARANTEKD H-l Rods, 38* off. Also all types of carap* lng"«nd»fishing equipment At discount. Wayne* Enter- HfrMC »». *-2012. • • why |«y HINT? *ffi? .^ * •(' *' . , T2RBAO* ' ' tnd • r * ^?^§B*. Brick Homes ftftM $11,000 1f«ftft ft.t tojwii $26 Earnest Moa«y lion Itt IWh Credit Terns TMS! PEfl' Mrs. VioUt Luke <>heiM M6i$ In thl« ,1fYP| «y 1 fEtS-SPPPLIES 5J. JDSC. FOR .1AtE MIMECK'RAPH \MACHINE:! A. B. Dick,.closed cylinder.) copy counter, manual opera-i tion. Ideal for .church, $30. j One set Book-Of-Knowledge, $20. Ph. 3-4681. , BEDROOM HOME: With baths. 86'X116' cornet lot on concrete Street. $7000 total sales price, ABC Realty. Ph. 3-3222. "•-. .;:;;./'. ; - .-; 3OXER PUPPIES: AX.C.; ref- Isteted; good pedigree, excellent bloort line., See at _________ Jarvi* Trim Shop, next to CLUTE: 3 bedroom horflt, very Surf Theater on Hiway 28«. i desirable, reasonably priced. Ph. 8-5411. ! H. J. Davis Realty, Pli. 35229. Miss Marilyn,Friday Lake feehm* 5gTT"5"flnger S«wln" base-j ball Sbve front: Teen'Age Field, Lake JackMm. "Tom. mie Stinks" written on glove. Reward. Contart.438 Center, Way or Ph. 7*2708. K-^tEOALS WRECKING AND SALVAGE: Complete line of used auto parts and accessories. Highest price* for scrap troa of any kind. Todd Motor Sales. Ph. 8-2831. Lake Jackson Road. Op.r.jln, sitppWss F« Se«o«d COCKER SPANDSL: Male, black, papers Included. Will H1WAY 288: Frontage up to give to anyone making him 400'. Also large tracts ttesr hi* { ~ r " six'Mofahs ol a good home. ' Wonderful: Way. Beaeroft Realty, Ph. 5.; sealed proposals, In dupli- child's pet. Call 1.3280 Sun- 2102. nights 3-4217, $.1814. '• ca w, will bT received until 1 • ^ _:il-- ,LAKE JACKSON:'J-bedrcoms; 10:00 A. M.. June 24, 1957 at ANOLETOH'S TOP THBfiE beauties In ih* iwimmlag pool ihere Saturday were Miss T Marit Miss Sarah Shepherd, UK, D*Un«y's by Hudtek Breihert FuthUur*. which marked the Opening 6< the ancea LtRlbetts, eenler, sponsored by K*y entry, and Mits Martha Myrlek, iljhl, w«lst> dr«ss • of chalk»betg« , plalded wool from the Herbert Softdhelm Collection. A nar» Wi/ »foWn ie»th*f belt \» drawn through loop* at th« unbroken wftlstlm*. Whit* pique forms an overlay collar and sleovs tkebtg(«.','*»ft type life; fti»'ft«»6d travelerrjust right to wear oft eooltf d»y* all summer long, and into *u* WAR SORPLtM: 1001 diffet- " CHILD'S HORSE: Saddle and i «'«0*' B "" SIAMESE CATS $** *<**«• • ™ lun. to 10 ft.m* 1 M. itoME.nmjnsraxc'.s - Large room over -garage. 8-45W. BABY CRIB! Solid panel, with adjustable- springs, and wet proof mattress . t . . .: $29.81 STRATO-LOUNOERS »«9.98 WROUGHT IRON CHAIRS: ; ,_ ,,V»TT»VT«»II ««•!•« with colorful pUstlc seat and !**• u"rn«iNl»Hgp ACTS. backs. ' Good' for any room, 'JONES CREEK: • Unfurnished pair-. . . ... .... . $1J.95| apartment. 3 rooms and bath. Irbys - Home Furnishings, Ph. 3-3048. Across from, post office, Clute MD*OOM» FO* MOST f^'DOW^^dce.hTT.i? 2 baths, horn* on Oyster the District's Office, 1001 Pine Creek Alr-c^dltioned, cen^ ; Street, Freeport. Texas; for op- tealheatri^gartgVlOS'x'erattog supplies estiinated to 32S' wooded £eVlot. Only be wqulred for the second six ; $22,000. See Tom Carter, ill; months of L M7a ^^«jy^" TICK OR TO THE pBKP-S£A TERMINAL ADJACENT TO 103 Plantation Dr. Ph. 74U43. 193. LOTS FOR BALE awn are estimk^d on- article will be dellv-l Ihe .quantity ordered Ing-for each month a* ly . ITEM8 WILL BE RECEIVED QR mCEIPTED FOR. ELECTRIC IRONER: Frigid- , _ aire^'«8 Model. Perfect con-jCLtTTE: dition. Ph. 8-5435. FURNITURE: Modern dining suite, occasional chair, automatic washei, electric range. See at 106 Laurel, Lake Jackson. «i. 7-78J7. Nicely furnished 3- roora apartinent Bills paid. Couplet only. Ph. 5-2324. NEW AIR CONDITIONERS: 1 ton 1179.BJ. 1/4 ton »169.99. Plus warranty and installation. White Auto Store, Lake Jackson. Fh. 7-1197. FREEPORT:' Furnished home, • Ph - BARGAINS • in -Llvtog room SURFSTOE: suits. Dinette and Dining room suits. Piano and Tale- tttsions. 212 W. Broad, Freeport i • REPOSSESSED FURNITURE: Drastic reductions. New 3- room group, S399.98. Bargain Furniture Ph. 3-1791. MAY SPECIALS: 14" OOt. portable TV with . Reg, $139.95, now.. .4118,9* Westingheuse table' TV ... 184.98 21" G.B.TV, 1987 model with 1C. FMIMiSHED AFARTMEMTS ' HIGHWAY 28$: 97' frontage, t The, Schedules of supplies plenty depth. Already Ullid follow and each bidder must In. Located about 400 yaidj'[Wd '• complete schedule Ex- north of Lake Jackson and; c*pt for Schedule J. a bidder Surf Road cut-off on west must bid at least one complete side of highway. Ph. jj.Moa. ' section. • ~. t „. „ -------- _ - ~_ ---- Schedule A— Office Supplies Schedule B— Printing Schedule C— Gasoline ti Oil Schedule D— Lumber & Nails Schedule E— Concrete and Building Materials Schedule F— Janitor's Sup» piles Schedule O— Paints and Brushes Schedule H— Rubber Tires for Lift Trucks FftEEPORTTrumlshed duplex,, 4 rooms, .bath and garage. Couple only. Ph. 5-2156, _ OYSTER CREEK: 401 Landers Rd, * rooms furnished. Ph. 3.103$. neu Jot. Rowland Realty, | Plantation Dr. Ph. 7-6342. 3SS" Oyster and Lake Forest and over additions. Garrett's Real Es> tate. Ph. 7-7721, Fumiahed beach! LAKT JACKSON: tO'xlSV wooded lot Cleared. Ready for building,Only $1150. See Tom Carter, 111 Plantation Ph, 7*2010 or 2-M23. cottage. I* per day, $40 per week or $125 per month. Ph. 3-3076. . . IT. ONTCKNIgHED HQVBES VELASCO; 713 20th St, sanw street as bqwling alley, on- furnished 3-rooms and bath. if. WANTED TO BENT Dr., LARGE WOODED LOT: On Angleton-Clute Road, near' Southern Oaks, or 7-$Ml. Call 7-3231 LAKE JACKSON: Oak Drive, Beautiful WxllS' lot. Parkes Realty. Ph. 7-8331. arm chair control.. 21" Motorola TV $199.95 «nsole $79.95 j HOMET^Two bedroom with family room or $ bedroom home. Will rent or lease. Call Mr. Weiss. Ph,_7-86M. WANTED TO~RENT: Several! BUSINESS LOTS: }} acres on Schedule J— Repair Parts tor Lift Trucks The District reserves the right to reject any or all bldi. and to waive any informalities in the bids. George O, Badge. Chairman Brazos River Harbor Navigation District . EOJSINI:$S 1, 2 and I bedroom menu. Ph, 3-1281. apart- com- ! **.-BVSINEM EENTAU BUILDINO: Tor rent or lease, i 125Q M, ft.. OuU Blvd., Vel- • 1«. BOPKS fO» iALK 8x10 p«r>jrait» and ooc ' siie photo, for oaly .... . ?«*• $11-50. Speeiall ,'Mod iintil Jime 5. For homej ,Kp»intment Ph. 3-4»33.i t fwMson Home fttuojo. Admiral Radio-Phono bination. Rog. $89,95 Norge WwherrReg.' $14$!9S now ... $99.95 198$ O.E. automatic electric dryer. Reg. $299.95, 1957 O* electric'dryer! R»V. ! HW*W HOW i.e> ! f"tlUl W ; "T*"^ * r ™"*"^ 1 f""^* ' ' •» 5™"*"'' 195$ QJE. It cu.^ ft. refrig. I T'ffl Mryg*^ Ri. |4$a9. eartor freezer, 4-ywr war- ANGLETON: 440 E, Lorraine.! ranty, Reg. $589.98, , « bedroom horn*. Carpet and 1 ,... ^ . « f 0 * Uu' *? 99 -> s Cyclona lence, Pfc. (059. i im GJt, Deluxe TUnline 1- gj^X^OBJA "HOMB;~Wlth~4 wanranty, *£«*••* m$J «SS.SiU Mtt4 Berber: 1$" power mower. Briggs- Drive. on Loop Road. Two _ three'beidroom homes. Gar. retfs Real Estate. Ph, 7.7721, Stock By Jimmy Hatlo Theyll Do It Every Time TKSHT £»#// TVICSE TIMES i ME MKES PAI.LM& 4SLEEP WHEN IT'S TIME TO Bay OFK' 4LL ME BR006MT OH THIS TftlP Hl-Wr 6C0LL4 SNOR6 UT NlSMT? •3:144V£N I T SLEPT A WNX SiNCfi we ecrr ott THistue/ Atf oto you ALL iVE ME4RO • FROM MSR IS MER RICH R6UAT»VES 4N' ,-HBft WC3 4R6 4N' THEIR " •TRIP TO EUROPE.' 56 WONO6R i^^r«f^ WM4T F4KEPS/ ME TO 00 THIS MOBNIN6?.' SHE OPKMS 4 CAH OP BE4ri5 4ND SUE'S TVlPOOSH F07 UlM AH& MiS BlGDtt4U6.'80V, i4M X FRO UP/ IT W4S A 8a4UTlFUU Pi?IEMOSI-!IP T um'lL TMBV 08CI020 TO T4K6 A RJUI?^ O4V CRUISE TOSETWEI? Mi 25-FOOT BO4T"'• Mother Enrolls Sons College Early IM, ACItEAQE FO1I Ceurttsy Q^Hweod Ntuhaus k C«. ef HaiMte* • WOOH CAU, !«, ** ~ , % . . _ »4 »,/» '%" _2ll/2 ^you *»•*'** doi^tliave-to PIGfo^it,. : w teii - gbu-uafatlxe :«gaT / * NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J,. W— Mrs. William H, Martin is .taking no chances that ,a predicted nation-wide classromm shortage will crowd her sons, out of an education at the college pf their choice. •• She h»s enrolled her two ,boy* at Rutgers UoiyeMjty I slightly ahead ol time. ,% . i Mrs, Martin has registered JBobtrti 12. for 1883 and BrooHs, * "My purpaw'... is to get my, boys In Hns," Mr», Martin said.! "| know it may not help, but it ejrUinly will do no harm." She wvote « simitar letter to D-i tmouth ~ Just In case. | i WHITS ON wiys popular and sm»rt,l* i ture4 ln-».black sIlK linw dreis for summsr from Belg 1 * collection, Imp0rU4 lop«d and lUpsd Wr * flwsd eollir. " ' ; HwtpTYbuR NEIGHBOR"** Vt (voflMkliiif 1>b sail thb things you don't need to someone who does Tieei" F»cW- PDJ* buy«« CMtw, 010 See :«*'« • Frsept BuT. . OM Cnidf , . .- it .Qrifl 5J81NERAL WOfflt fldE >U yw in* ..... $34.95 RWEHSIPE TERRACE: S-roem Service Store. Ph. home on wroer lot. M(ke «n after. Ph. M1M. ^^ Houstenl „ ____ - 185 l/i PETECTIVE_ SEB- UtS; De> I in Th, Opening 8009! PATS SHOP fcMtf tilMMt BMto fPKFMRf W»4* If LAWS Brazo* Se« Ta Oaks OflJy P::r^ 4, i, .%C * «* '* » STUTIflnE LK m e, *c fenc " can fence. " •ifl^RpK ,P" wK*m me* m»&-\ »ordsuT(" tfc1|| **** B» . !K..JV*\ ^ fjiBfk- fTutit, (^tiflrim itfWpW* U« • IswfSL J ffr~ ^ -,80; t-.** 'H, «K"~--~Z, ,-• JT • «t •» » •* *f I : P*$, ? v-" -f • "f HAI NIP •r QJVJ5 YOF 112 iiTAff»aNt8 '. j ' 1 AW

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