Independent from Long Beach, California on March 31, 1962 · Page 10
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 10

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 31, 1962
Page 10
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A.IO-INDEPENDENT l««t twrt. OK. Ill, MKI II. 1*41 T«//- 6'm?« Plague for Aid lo Minority Croups TOLL Humanitarian } George Toll, l.onp llcach manager for California Km- i ploymcnt Service, Iccn : presented w i t h a humani- J tarian plaque at St. John's | Baptist Church. 741 E. 10th St. The Rev. Claude Evans, who made the presentation in behalf of the Long Beach Democratic Community Organization, s.iid Toll was being honored for his job placement program for mi nority primps. Toll has been state employment chieftain here for the past 1!) years. He also is international vice president of the Association of Personnel in Employment Security. il On Krrr .Mn«irii De.m and Jr.m Drown n f i l.onc llcach will present iheir' l.S-Miici 1 Singers on the Kcrr Musical Monday at 7:.'1( p.m. in Pasadena Civic Aiiditnriiim. | Wealherford Quartet 9:30 A. M. ONLY First N A Z A R E N E C H U R C H WJ If, Cnvotr". E'.d. Prt'.'cr S r ^ i ' h . Spc - l i r r ) U ' . A M "BEFORE THE: GOLDEN ALTAR" "Not D.I I · · it.' Quito Enr.unh" Smith. iid . A-. ( /· 11 · -g^ (Aioir r Oregon Will lie Featured D i r e c t e d by Lauren B. Sykcs, the thirty-six voice DAItltELL TERRY Ynutli Group Speaker Youth of ^ Slates Will Meet. Friday Lutherans io Ordain G. Johnson fii-orce S. Johnson, parish assistant at St. Timothy Lutheran Church, Woodruff Axe. and Arbor Kd. the past two years, will be ordained into the ministry Sunday at ·I p m. Ordinator will be Dr. Gay- Icrd. president of the South Pacific District of the American Lutheran Church. Assist- in« clergyman will include the senior pastor of St. Timothy, the Rev. A. O. Storick. Johnson is a ('.raduatc of Augusta Academy. Canton, S. D., AupuMana College. Sioux Falls. S. D.. and Luther Theological Seminary. St. Paul, Minn. He and his wife. Vivian and children. Todd and Sonja, reside at .'1302 I-'an- wood Avc. choir of Warner Pacific Col lege, Portland, Ore., will present a program of sacred music and drama Sunday at p.m. in the Willow Strcet I Iliuh sch'iiil juniors and; 'seniors from California. A r i - ' /on.i and New Mexico will converse upon Pacific liitile Seminary, -1835 E. Anaheim St., next Friday for the annual "Youth on Campus Day." Chnirman Ed H.ias-e of Nili's, Mich., has announced a new program f e a t u r e for this year, a Hawaiian luau. Church of God. M!5 W. Wil- 1 ''-'"ell Terry, minister of l,, w st ,lhc i-ust Clnisiian Church of I.a Mirada. is exnecled to, Sykes has been choral di- of the college since ,, ' l h a "'' n f e ' ' ' " ' ' " ' l!)tfi. He was for M . v( . r;1 |i'l»"-'i "hich will Imihlight seasons organist for the Port-! 11 ' 1 *' I: " vl " : " 1; ; ""' "ravans land S y m p h o n y O.chestra:"' sll " ll ' nli wl " ( i m i - fr " m w i t h whirl, hr nKo np,«.aredl AI1 ""l ur "' ul1 - ll ""' nix aml as soloist. A free will offering' Y m i w a r l ( l M ' vr1 ' 1 ' l ' ( ' nlr '' 1 ;lml 1.1 U n i t e d and Au;ustana .utheran chuichcs in area will hear Rev. II. Carl ^ Kocssler of licthlchcm Luth- ica will present the subject, cran Church, Hossmoor. Sun- Kon Einlcy will be the mod- day in St. I.UKC'S l.utherair erator Church, nra.l Wardlow Ril.! "he -1 p m. sc rvice will be a 're-Confirmation rally. Rev. Louis F. Men7. pastor of the host church, -vil! .serve liturgist for service. This will ;uch rally held in the terri- group named Kayaks, "sym ory of the Lutheran Synod'bolic of those who paddle n California. An/ona. Neva-'alone." They cooperate with da and Hawaii. Refreshments churches for Sunday forums vill he served. ,'and panels. will be taken Sunday. Yniin"; C.liri-lhin (iliinc-f lo .Speak David Yen, young Chinese born and educated in Indonesia, will speak at the First ·Soiilhtrn California cities. HEV. U. M. JENSEN MiniMer-Oiganist Rev. Jensen in Recital til Church Southern Baptist Church of^mcn and officers participating Rev. H. Merrill Jensen will I.-ikewcxid. KTM E. Del Amo'in a four-day Medical Cadct] a ppejr in an organ recital at AilvrntNls 'I'ntiii for .Medical Corps Liclit Seventh-day Adven- list high schools of Southern California have 3'JI young Blvd.. Sunday at Kl:-l. r . a.m. and 7:(HI p m. He was convert- Corps bivouac in the San Bernardino Mountains. "Opera ed in spite of the Communist|tion Shiver" is the church's influences in the area in program of preparing its which he lived. He attended young men for Army medical Haylor University in Texas and is preparing to return to service should the occasion Imnunuel Baptist Church .12IB E .Third St.. Wednesday April -4 at 8 p.m. He formerly was pastor ol the church and now is assistant lo the president of the his homeland as tional missionary. arise. The training period educa- opened Thursday conclude Sunday. and f 10 A M - U » J D A Y SrMOOL No'tfry F f t n l t f t «t A'l $f'v( 10 SO A.M.--MORNIN3 WORSHIP. PASTOR SPEAKS /.30 P.?.'.--HLViVAL Tl*.'E^r.^AYER TCR TliT SiCk' MID V.ltK 51 BVICfS WE DUI SDAV Arm F R I D A Y . 7 tt PM run GOSPEL ncn r ANAMIIM it «iv i vos ocvri TAILO° COLONIAL TABERNACLE University of Redlands. He Ul |l!\vill leave sixin to become pastor of the First Daptist Church in Detroit, Mich. Rev. Jensen is a native ol Los Angeles with a musical background comparable t his work as a minister. He frequently lectured on hymn and music in the wor- service. .#1 ,. j ology and .-"'// Jiship scrvi HEAR DR. RUSSELL BROUGHER II A M -- H. Silxtil.c el il-. B : t l I f / f - ' A r J U T L BAPTIST CHURCH (.,. r-..., V, (. ... i, . . 7 P.M-- "II., Sjlll. c( Ar~.q,ddc« ft t l » G'td W,r" -.... P. . C V E R Y F O D Y V.'tLCOf.'t ANOTHER FABULOUS 5AILHAMER MUSICAL THIS SUN. 2 P. M. SHARP APRIL 1st Morgan Hall O'h .1-3 L.--:/.t STARS GALORE SPECIAL SURPRISE f C^ ",; Senior Ciiizcr/,! ·:-: Youth! ',': Service Me"! Ccrrp t.l'.y to nrt ft '. ·' NO A D W l S S l G f J C H A R G t BIXBY KNOLLS CHRISTIAN CHURCH |?« ! C*fvw1 P^tif t. J P»*1 r - ·: ^ v - c - ' ·· S · I , ' t * M -- M r " ' . j W ' · D · v.MiT DO V.F f t t l f VC ABOUT CMU^CM*· WELCOME TO THE IOWANS PICNIC MAKE YOUR DAY COMPLETE BY TUNING IN CLARENCE ERICKSOH y 0 ,,r R*K L1STIM TO THt HEAVEN HOME HOUR KGER--l390Kc. Daily /..'.'i /-. /.!. » t\ A M -iu-lfl^ .f^!cl-p^'v.» HC 7 41:; (of 1 1 A M -».-.j*n.n 0 W?'^ D t P M -You'n R 7:CO P.M. -- HEAR ETHEL WATERS \ V . - - . j F ,r- ·_· - P ' n i , 4 : A c t T - (·'· ,»CO'.i Stnr . S^ncr ( · · · i f Hr Cut.'nrj.rrj O.'-st.ii Te-.ti-nn^y cno. s. JOHNSON \Vill Be Ordained Confirmation Students to Attend Rally St. Timothy's o! Compton Will Air Service Sunday COMPTON -- rather John I. a t d r o p of St. Tinothy's ivopal church of Compton will deliver the sermon Sun day when St. Timothy's i- presented on the w «· e k I y "Church of the Air" fries at 8:05 a.m. on radio nation KN.X. The church, l o c a t e d at Oleander and Laurel in Compton, currently is s|X)nsoring the planning and construction of a 21-unit apartment project [or senior citizens to be lo Confirmation students from Panel Will Discuss Narcotics Problems Prcventative and rchabilita live aspects of narcotics will he discussed by trained work ers Sunday at 6 p.m. in the Bay Shore Community Church parlor. The Toledo between Granada and Nieto Avcs. Dr. Rohert Griffiths. M.D., and J. A. Sprague of the Long Beach Police Department Juvenile '""".Division and two members of Synanon House, Santa Mon Ilarlior Area A i l n l l s ()rj;aiii/.r(l Young adults of five Harthe church bor area Presbyterian Church be - l . p nintli'cs have organized into a IU-V. I-DWIN IIONANDMl, after a 20-year ministry at Cook, Minn., is Minister of Visitation at First Baptist Church of takcwood. He and Mrs. Bnnamler were welcomed at a reception after a recent evening service. Rev. Harold S. Carlson, pastor of the church, and Mrs. Carlson will return Tuesday after a tour of mission fields and the Holv I-and. cated In the center of Comp (iround-brcaking uled for this fall. sched- Official in IMtoinn ! Flt'M l Sju-ak Sun. Rev. Don Urugman. assist- int general secretary of the Greater Europe Mission, will speak and »how picture's Sunday at 7:30 p.m. in Garfield Japtist Church. 2280 Caspian Avc. He has served the mission seven years. The picture* ;o be shown were taken dur- ng a European mission tour ?arly in 19GI. HEV. E. J. CKADDOCK Tn Conduct Crusade at Atlantic Ave. Church Evangelist Edttv.rd J. Craddoc'; of Nashville. Tcnn.. will conduct Gospel meetings at Central Church of Christ. 501 Atlantic Ave.. for eight days starting Sunday. Tin- theme of his 10:30 a.m. meetings Monday through i-'ridjy will be "Except the l.ord Huild the Hnu-c. They l.abor in Vain That Huild It." Meetings will be held every vc-ck night at 7:30 o'clock ind on Sunday nights at 0:30. Spencer Salvation Healing Campaign Utdtr On of lt« Urgnl BIG TOP TENTS Optnifg Fridty NigM APRIL 6--7:30 P. M. Reircr«M 1 CUfl Av«. in B.IHio-.r · THE BLIND SEE · THE DEAF HEAR · THE IME LEAP WITH JOY 2 SERVICES DAILY 2:30 7:30 P. M. REVIVAL TABERNACLE 4*30 E. Cc-p':n E .i. Ss«.'d«v Nia'-t -H: / G'cs» t-i i-t S..-d,y S.i.r-.l «.4b A M . M.-r- '^ W r t i - i D I I CO /».'.'. 7:!0 S,r. T J r t - Pd-.tor For Ififormtion Ctll Nt-n.rk 2-607I R M O Bro«dc«l K R K O M o n - F r l . 7:30 P. M. College Presents THEODORE H. . t * f . * 0 : -: E EXPANSION RALLY EFP-- D'r^c'c DR. LOUIS T. TALEOT. B' Ch,r; e .lor. . ; , r. . .. ..... ,. - . r ., _ C , - r ! ; - lAL \ *.'JAL PREM 'iTATICM-IHE N AND NO.V SPECIAL VUST-- Cw*ntt Trie Ou*\t Art.tH ALSO-- Dr. S«-iu») M Sw^rF^-xJ-- l ^A"Ofl--D'. Cf«1 L. ft 1t«'fl NO RALLY TONIGHT-- 5th SATURDAY Not V/cc« in Lcnq Beach: John Gustaftcrt, 90-voicc Jubiltiirts Choir, Louis Zamperini Hear! Rev. BILLY ADAMS ^x C X IM , 10.4!, A.M. ,,· , 7.03 P.M. PASTOR BILLY ADAMS RETURNED rRCM AUSTRALIA. STAKING BOTH SERVICES -- PUBLIC LECTURE -DR. HENRY A. SMITH NATIONAL PRESIDENT OF THE THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY IN AMERICA "THE PSYCHOSOMATIC MAN" F: ,-»Y- An L 4 ? H _ ! P V COLONIAL HALL cti irr i A V I . LCNG BEACH CKJRCH RELIGIOUS SCIENCE THEATRE ·S27S ATLANTi; rJ TO AC'J:;DANT L.V.NG' DR. DON BERTHEAU- -.··.·,,- rt t 10:3,^-505 E. 36th St. Pcop'c's Sp'rituaiist Church TEMPLE OF CHRISTIAN PHILOSOPHY 1101 R* V "K-vJ A.f ^'-·jn»y $(»vcf tl A M - M O L T O \ W ' J N O 1 Prifr-((| f t r r * t t 4 \ t F o ' k w ) 7 W P W -»| v JOMN ff f t UO-Cr Church of Christ CENTRAL 501 Atlantic HE 2-1484 · . - - V C t i t .- !i.. · '-. -- £ r · ·· i ·! i -,-- . % · · . - f · ·· i · . . · - · - '. NO. LONG BEACH I 128 E. Artesla - : ; ·, r : '. I - 3 V f '"--V. ·· - p '- *- -r r - (. · ", 1 1 '. - '.'.'-· · r t j.-.-t..- - 5 V, ·· - [ J - c - E - . - - t. ' * . ' · · ' ? UPTOWN 3707 Atlantic GA 7-8974 '..-.,, 5 4 S - E - . . H. f-,-, C - r - N' k «i-'.V--» EDWARD J. CRADDOCK Evangelist, of Nashvi/e,',cce OVER 10.000 CONVERTS TO CHRIST April I-8--Eight Power Filled Days Monday through Friday at 10:30 A. M. Every week night at 7:30, Sun. 6:30 Central Church of Christ 501 Atlantic Avc. ':·..! »''h G-.T iVi ttvrr;; w pnr're" East Side Chrislian Church QKH.Hij V,Ot?-HtP-l 1} *"d 10 A tt. -(h 'cj Cff « RC'n Sfv (ft "THF. MAJESTIC SURRENDER" $^0'.t-f yj A V YCu'fl GrctfJ-* M P. M MINISTERS JOHN w vrs'.tn. s JOEL BUBOES · rutST nmisTiAX v L --, t-» · ^'JEE'i L. '.r-=.'.C'. 6 · ·.' . i T T u K'iOWM A f C i ' i ! ! ' . T t C - . D CCvir.;, CF C^.-. ! ,' ' -'·. » - · · ' - h · ! · ; - -- F - - - . :. R . A c r - r . -, - - (1- H \V. f -H The f ; V . V E C ' . C 1 ; L. E C O ' f . SUN. 1 1 A. M.-- "REJOICE IN THE LORD 1 - , C ) , C u:i E. 3d s«. First Fricnils f'.j / " » - · ; A.». · Ca.'d C. I. S-'«-.. Fsi ^.30 * M . . - V J ' J D A Y SCHOOL 1 1 A.M.-- "THE SUFFERING CHRISTIAN" 7 P.M.-- "THE CHALLENGE OF BRAZIL" 4'IiuiM'Ii of 11 A M -- Surd** S*r,,te *nd Youtti C^url^ "NATURE'S HEALING POWER" BfV. JOSt"H R. URB ( E i L L t H F A l f f -- I ICO E. 3SD. « C E R R I T O S ' . - . f :0 t II a - · «i r -. ·LOr 1 * I. 1 . h T C ' l -· :.n-i. lirKllan A .MK*lon»rv \iu\\ i; i in in n" n. * j-f-^n, M.P i'r- CA 7 ;;TC »oo w. r*c 1 c Cctit n**. i ·: * . i *.f c;-. r *,u so*:; TO r * . v * ; "IN THE GARDEN" A.M. SMMTUAUST CHURCH CF LOVE ;» irvru AVI r.r inn tlv C K A C t HFHNLY. P."- STUDEBAKER ROAD CHURCH of CHRIST 541J f.ii^nakfr Ra«l - J.j- » « 1 13 S3 A W t 10 P V. ,\f3 7 a P M WM. S. IRVINE, W^'svr UNIVERSAL MEMORIAL SPIRITUAL CHURCH ;;i LINDEN AVI LNDIN HAIL SUNDAY SmviCf 7 ·« PM SPf AKf ff R L V . M A R i t M A H O N V.fd I 13 1 7 - V C . r t *» 411 f f*t ffv. L*."* C'tKlff fc*k-Ht J41S4 Light of Tryth Psychic Science Church GLAD TIDINGS -- A ' . i t W t L Y OF GOD-- h i S T t A A f . D CH"!8 ! SPECIAL EVANGELISTIC AND MUSICAL SLRVICtS EUD X DARLENE CHAMBERS 7 30 P.M TCNiC.Hrt SUNDAY G-irlir-q LiqHt Tflbcrn l ^ t l C ^ t r r / Mfvfrl S. ftili The soul stirrinc music .... the heart wjrmiru; r DR. CHARLES E. FULLER on the OLD FASHIONED REVIVAL HOUR EC 1.33 ..-,. t ?.;: e -i. 151 [,, «-;,,,. X'

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