Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 7, 1962 · Page 2
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 2

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 7, 1962
Page 2
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HVMBOLDT STANDARDSahrday. April 7, 1962, P. 2 Marine'Drummed Ouf In Ancient Sentencing Rile NORFOLK, Va. (UPI) - Three years ;igo a Tennessee youth enlisted in the Marines. Today he is n civilian -- a "drummed out' Marine who served as an example of the seriousness of a bac conduct discharge. The* youth, now 20 and headed for a new life and job in Califor- ri;i, \v;is put through a ceremony i!;)tii!!i back centuries but which v :is unly recently revived at the Norfolk mwal installation's Manne barracks. Two days ago, he told a friend " t h i s isn't the easiest way to get i".ii." and slowly walked onto the Iron! lawn of the barracks. As Ilirec drummers methodically brat out "The Death March," the youth, just released from the briq where he served a larceny sentence, heeded the orders of an uitiefr and briskly stepped forward. lie fwcd four platoons of Marines wearing dress greens. Between him and the formation was a sergeant major. To the side stood the chaser -- a Marine LUuird, a lance corporal about the same atie as the prisoner. Sergeant Reads Order The erj!canl major read an or- tier whidi climaxed the Marine's three years in the corps. '·Had conduct discharge from tlie armed forces of the United States of America. This is to certify that - was discharged from IIio United States Marine Corps on tile fourth day of April 1962. by review of sentence of a special court martial. Signed, William C. Capehart." Tiie prisoner continued lo look forward as he took the paper. "Escort this man from the confines of this United States Navy reservation," the officer said to the chaser. The tall, lean young man wi directed by the chaser lo walk to the end of the formation. Men Turn Backs With Die drums rolling again, he did a stiff about-face and walked past the four platoons. ,As he passed the first platoon, the enlisted men turned their backs. He kept walking. The chaser followed three steps behind. After he had marched down the freshly cut lawn, all four platoons had their backs turned. When he reached the gate, the drums stopped. Seven men before him have been drummed out since Col. Capehart assumed command 20 months ago. Before that, drumming out occurred mostly during World War II. 'It's not done to humiliate a man," Capehart said. "H is done to try lo impress upon the other people a bad conduct discharge is a pretty serious thing." HOME ADVISORS AHCATA -- The Bayslde Home Advisors Group will meet on Tuesday, April 10. at the Bayside Community Hall at 10:30 a.m. Sewing methods will cover steps in mak- ng fancy and plain pocket and neck finishes. The kit will be available from the Home Advisor's office. Sweedish Weaving and smocking will be an extra item of interest. These Merchants Are OPEN SUNDAY SERVE YOU BEDDING PLANTS A DOZ. Stock · Snapdragon* - Parties Viola) . Fibrous Bogonlli · Cineraria · Carnation* · Alyiium * Delphinium - Bachelor Button! SHERWOOD FOREST NURSERY 2621 Hirrii, Eureka HI 2-3339 ALL DINNERS COOKED TO ORDER Homemade- Ravlolli Chicken Citualora Chicken Liver* Carnum Mineitrone Soup Partlei up to 30 people. For Reiervntioni -- Call ROY'S CLUB HI 2-4574 218 D St. No Parking Problems ""CLOSED MONDAYS 1 "' 1 "' flelteve/torMrt/ ROCK ON LAKE CHAMPLAIM, near Burlington, Vt, SO RESEMBLES THE OUTLINE OF A GUNBOAT THAT A DUTCH CAPTAIN ONCE MISTOOK IT FOR AN ENEMY VESSEL AND FIRED A BROADSIDE AT IT- THE STONE'S NAME IS DERIVED FROM THE CfiPTfilH'S EXCLAMATION WfffiV HE DISCOVERED HISMISTftft S Kbff Future* Syndicate, Inc.. 1862. World rlghti merred. BILLY BRECKENRIDGE TAUGHT SCHOOL IN Anderson Counttf Ga., FOR ft PERIOD OF 70 YEARS A WOMAN OF THE IBIBIO .TRIBE (AFRICA) ADORNED BY HER POTS, PAtiSAHO BEDDMG Judges Picked For Bank's Achievement Award Test | Family for a complete dinner FRIED CHICKEN cr BAKED HAM |25 includsi vegeteble, potato, I sal..I, coffee, deiterl SCOTTY'S CAFE Across from Roy's Club Open 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. 7 dayt a week BROADWAY SEAFOOD GROTTO II nOON TIL 9 P. M. rop in lot a delightful Ma- OR ea' "(!$ caught by focal boats nr« proipttoti in our pluntj. 05 Brr,c!way HI 3-107J tor Reservation* A t S O DINNERS TO GDI SHRUBS ,' FOR BEAUTY EXPERT ADVICE ON YARD DECORATING Pelargoniums Rudy A Of to bloom OTC Open Sun. dawn 'til dark Hollies Nursery (281 Humboldt Hill Hold "To Go" Enjn/ i Pitia !n our romantic Hours 11:30 a m. to Midnight. GRACE'S 3913 E St. Henderson Center HI 3-B77B Directly from Moo to you Farm Fresh Dairy OPEN SUNDAYS 8 TO 8 RAY'S USED CARS Open Sunday o serve you with th« Orotd- ,'.iy Super Mnrktil ot Uieo Cart. IMS Broadway HI 1-41(1 DC Bon Motor Co. PETER BILT TRUCK! PARTS 4 SERVICE NOW OPEN B AM-10 AM SUNDAYS idi Broadway.Eureka BUCKSPORT AUTO 1S4I nroadway III MiOl Open J lo S Sunday COMPLETE LIOUOR DEPT. GROCERIES FRESH VEGETABLES RICHFIELD GAS NORRIS MARKET 2400 Myrtle HI 2-7407 In Arcata It's FALORS PHARMACY Open «verv day ? a.m to 9 p.m. CosmcTirs -- Toys -- c !tmi. ALL PRESCRIPTION NEEDS B*by Neadt -- Photo Equipment 1513 0 Arcata VA 5-J9M You'll matt* If » weekly treat Once you try OUR AMERICAN A CHINESE SPECIALTIES Or be the apple or hit eye With AN ORDER TO OO from CANTON CAFE HI 7-115* it W. 41h McKlnloyvill* White Aufocar Trucks SALES, PARTS SERVICE Frelghtiintr and PDQ Panel Delivery 3110 McKlnltyvlll* Ave. TE MSB7 MURPHY'S OF McKINLEYVlUE Open B fl.m. · s p.m. every day TE 7-111J Groceries · Oolhlng · Hardwan 5IOHT SGEINO CHARTER FLIGHTS Niw airplane! with mitruetor plloti. Slflgla and mulll-vnglnei. PIERCE FLYING SERVICE HI 3-1014 Five well qualified citizens from this area will become judges f a day next Tuesday to select loc zone winners in the annual Ban of America high school Achiev ment competition. The judges, announced today 1 bank coordinators, will intervie 28 eligible student candidates NOW IS THE TIME TO D O Y O U R S P R I N G PLANTING F O R A L L Y O U R GARDENING NEEDS . . COME TO . . HARDWARE OPEN SUNDAYS 9 to 3 HI 3-2771 Eureka FREE 195 Antenna on any Service Call or Purchase of $3.00 (or more] upon presentation (or mention] of this advertisement. THRIFTY GREEN STAMPS Let Us Demonstrate COLOR TV FOR YOU No Obligation DURAN'S TV Sales Service 137 . 3rd Street HI 24943 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. {.xcept Sunday) You'll find our wine cooler alw«yi filler! with fine wine« for your dinner selection -chilled to perfection. OPEN SUNDAYS mers N , the zone event in Garberville Tuesday afternoon. Prom their evaluation o[ the candidates' scholastic records, school activities and personalities will come four first place win] who will compete In area finals to be held in Sacramento nexl month. Having first-hand knowledge of business, professional and community affairs, the judges are: Lyell C. Cash, Ukiah city manager; Thomas P. Jenkins, divisi manager of Pacific Ga.s and Electric in Eureka: Warren Wright, editor and publisher of the Gare Redwood Record; Harvey G. Harper, Eureka businessman; and Walter J. Warren, Arcata in- iurance man. Moderator of the group inter- dews will be Dr. Cornelius H. Siemens, president .of Humboldt State College. Top winners at the zone event are assured of $150 minimum prizes at the area finals, and are eligible for cash awards ranging up to $1,000. Winners, all members of senior classes, are chosen in four major fields - - fine arts, science and mathematics, liberal arts, and vocational arts. Second and third place zone winners each study field receive $50 and 25 awards. Local seniors who will compete in the zone interviews are: Fine Arts--Nancy Etherton, Arcata; Sandra Markley, Del Node; Janet Wainio, Ukiah; Noel Weid- camp, Eureka. Liberal Arts--Roberta Brown, ^oopa; Christine Cook, Ukfah; William Goodwin, Eureka; Gail Guthmiller, Arcata; Nancy Newman, Del Norte; Marna Oldham, Upper Lake; Marylce Sanderson, tear Lake; Enid Stiles, Hopland; 3 eter Windrem, Kelseyville. Science and Mathematics--Elizabeth Alksnis, Del Norte; Enita Elphick, Round Valley; Phillip Gustavson, Arcata; Ann Hofer, Lower Lake; Donald Ingram, Leget Valley; Patrick McGaraghan, St. Bernard's; Judith Quinn, South 7 ork; George Rau, Mendocino; Nancy Roberts, Ferndale. Vocational Arts--Sharon Albert, Eureka; Randolph Ghllarducci, Arcata; Margaret McGuire, Fort :ragg; Anita Miller, Ukiah; Joseph Miranda, Fortuna; Karen Wood, South Fork. ion j our in cheerful Wilfred Baffles Zoo Officials SAN DIEGO (UPD--San Diego zoo officials were baffled today by a mysterious Borneo cat named Wilfred. Wilfred is a gift from the governor of North Borneo. The 5- pound animal has the face of a civet cat, the feet of a mongoose and Hie body of a genet. Officials have inspected tho cat and studied zoo handbooks, but they've come up with onlj; one conclusion--Wilfred should have been named Wllfrcda. John C. Fremont in J844 saw and named Lake Tahoo simply "Mountain Luke." LENTEN MESSAGE The Hev. Samuel A. Jeanes First Baptist Church Merchanlsvffle, N. J. And Legislative Chairman few Jersey Council of Churches Written For UPI "Be of good cheer," Jesus often said. To the man struggling with his paralysis he said, "Son, be o] good cheer, thy sins be forgiven thee." To the disciples contending with a tempestuous sea, our Sav- said, "Be of good cheer, il is I, be not afraid." To followers of every age confronted with the tribulations of an unfriendly world, our Lord said, ".. .But be of good cheer, I have o v e r c o m e the world." This was not the ordinary "good cheer" of lie world ... the sunny disposition . . . the optimistic outlook ... the Pollyanna kind of lubricant that keeps the machinery of life well oiled. This is good, jut it is not good enough! The world's "good cheer" is "worked up" by human beings. The "good cheer" of Jesus is "sent down" from heaven. The paralytic could be cheerful only when he knew who forgave n's sins. The disciples could be !ul only when they knew who t was walking on the water. The oppressed follower in every age can be cheerful only w h e n le knows who has overcome the world. Who is it that bids us to be of 'good cheer?" who forgives o u r sins? Who quiets the turbulent sea? Who overcomes the world? The Christ of the empty cross and he empty tomb! He is ready to icar the cry of all in need and will answer as of yore, "Be of ;ood cheer." By ERSKINE JOHNSON Hollywood Correspondent HONOLTJLIJ - (NBA) - Th wist is jazzing up the ripplln mla out here where the U. S segins but there's no cause fo worry about the Tahitian shake acquiring a Peppermint (Lounge lavor. The imported Papeete palpita ors, favored entertainers in hot and night club shows here, jus lon't have time for twisting. They've got enough twist heir own, see. Hula hands are shifting gear nto the twist to the tunes of "Th Hula, the Waikiki and the Pin ipple Twist," but most Hawaiian :ouldn't care less about the mi ation of their native dance. The hula is for tourists, any vay," a native Hawaiian tax Iriver told me in explaining loca jreference for the Tahitian shak irs. Or as lie put it: "In the hula all you have i vatch is the hands. Who wanl o watch the hands? When it's Tahitian dance you just WATCH man." Even an authentic Hawaiia uau in the film version of "Dif mond Head," on location in Kaua will feature a Tahitian dance, nc the hula. Yvette Mimieux an James Darren are slated for th hake-up. He's the singer with a .curren jit, "Goodbye Cruel World," wit George (West Side Story) Chaki is, the dancer, playing his broil er in the film. Turning singer ini lancer is par for the Hollywoo 'ourse but this is really mixed u] Chakiris is due for warbling " forthcoming Capitol album. J- made his movie debut at 13 947's "Song of Love." He wa econd soprano then with the S .uke's Church choir, featured i sequence of the film. If Frank Sinatra still would lik o have Juliet Prowse around th louse, she's on sale in Honolul or $1,500. Hawaiian wood carver Al L Buse gave his "Eve Holding A] lie" Juliet's face, from a ph ograph. If Frankie is intereste Eve with Juliet's face and holdin ipple is in a shop window at th Moana Hotel. 5-hi FBI Witness Husband Also Betraying Reds SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) --The ?BI has disclosed that the husband of Mrs. Lulu Thompson, Communist party member and FBI informer, has been doing the same type of undercover work 'or more than a decade. Mrs. Thompson described her activities last week when she appeared as a government witness the trial of San Francisco longshoreman Archie Brown, which resulted in Ills conviction on a charge of holding union of- 'ice while a Communist. Frank L. Price, FBI agent in charge here, said Friday thai iloward 0. Thompson, 52-year-old millwright from Lathrop, Calif., ,as been furnishing information relating to intcrnnl security since 1948. Mrs. Thompson testified that she joined the pnrly in 1953 at :he requcs' of the FBI. SAFETY BELTS LONDON (UI'I) - The British Standards Institution has predicted that more lhan one million car snfcty belts will be sold in Britain Uiis year. Twist Is Jazzing Up The Hula But Ifs Tahitians You. Watch* Man! The editor of Pan Americar Airways' "Airborne" magazin ust has to be the last of the gre; optimists. A photo of Liz Tayli and Eddie Fisher in the curre edition on all Pan Am plam says she's the star of "Cleopatra now being SHOWN in the U. £ The speed of the jet age, pa · 14ST DtY -- from 12:45 "FLIGHT OF THF. LAST BALLOON" and . . MICKEY RODNEY "EVERYTHING'S DUCKY" STARTS TOMORROW · LAST DAY -- front 12:45 SAIL A CROOKED SHIP - K M - C U B ALSO "Sword of Sherwood Forest" ·^ STARTS TOM08ROW ROCKHUDSON DORIS DAY Tow RANDALL! Co tit mwm · ONIGHT! HOWARD KEEL TINA LOUISE WARNER ANDERSON EARL HOLUMAN without director or script approv- Urp ' . They contend Miss Grant was not given recognition despite .use ' lasn't done a thing for movie schedules. . ; . The rains that came to Kauai, upsetting the "Diamond Head" shooting schedules, cued Yvette Mimieux's quip about the late win ter rains that came to the Hollywood hills. She lives in a Swiss chalet type ionic of ancient vintage where she once found weeds" growing in a closet. Came the rains and she checked out and into a hotel because: "The only place it wasn't raining INSIDE the house was in the refrigerator." Short story about movie actor madness: Producer Jerry Bresler offered a big name male star a movie role. He would be happy to play the part, the actor said, for a salary of $700,000, plus director al for a "bargain" -- only $1 mil- and script approval. lion! When Brseler turned him down, Challenge For Care Package College Contest FRESNO (UPD- Fresno City Collegs today challenged colleges throughout the nation'to compete in the newest, and no doubt most co-plaintiff G.G. ( Music .Inc. filed worthwhile,- collegiate fad-- Tho the suit Friday against,the /Uni company and 20th Century-Fox The . was dr , si g ned ' by Gogi Grant Sues For $200,000 LOS ANGELES (UPI)-" Singer Gogi Grant sought $200,000 damages today, claiming a record she made was used by 20th Century- Fox Film Corp. to exploit a movie starring Debbie Heynolds. · ' ; Attorneys for Miss Grant and the same name. The singer contends that while Miss Heynolds is heard speaking during the commercial, the voice singing the song is hers. Miss Grant contends she suffers Tim Thomas, who said: professionally because no credit is given her singing. Bresler gave him a hot lecture the actor came back with a coun-on short-sighted thinking and representative would, to teroffer: he would do the film hired another actor for the same advise colleges of the full details role for $200,000. Care-a-thon The . ^ student leaders at the 5,000 en- ro Um en t college to send $1 Care packages to the hungry around . of her record,' "The Second Time lne - wor ir] The winner will be. Around," to exploit the film of based on the percentage of -packages purchased compared to the number of students. An official challenge was sent to-all junior colleges in California by the s t u d e n t body president, 'Knowing your student body to be of competitive yet compassionate nature, we hereby challenge-you to equal or better our Care record." Thomas said the nearest Care of the Care contest program. TOMORROW · Continuous from 12:45 * ONE OF THE MOST DISTINGUISHED PLAYS OF OUR TIME ... BECOMES POWERFUL, ADULT SCREEN DRAMA I AUDREY HEPBURN SHIRLEY MacLAINE JAMES GARNER THE CO-STARRING MIRIAM HOPKINS FAY BAINTER y AND WTRODUCINQ KAREN BALKIN Released thru UNITED ARTISTS Because of the adult nature of/Is theme this motion picture Is not recommended for children, He IHPOSSIBLl'beamsfact! THE DAY THE EARTH CAUGHT FIREf ·k "EARTH" atarts . , . 1:10 4:15 7:15 10:15 'AUDIE MURPHY DAN DURYEA JOAN O'BRIEN 6BLACK HORSES CONTINUOUS FROM 12:45 P.M IS A JOY! A warm and winning film, tender theme, fine direction and good acting!" --Irene Thircr, Post HIGHEST RATING! Prize-winning novel made mfa fine unusual film!" --Kale Cameron, Daily News ONE OF THE BRIGHTER FILMS IN SOME TIME! We become enchanted spectators i of this youthful romance!" -Paul V. Backley, Herald Tribune "Intelligent and charming! Superb direction . . every member of the cast performs at tho top of his talent, t --Time Magazine MBRD-GOLDWYN-MAYER HUSBOS m AR.THUK FREED Every mother | wants in some · way a little girl who never grows tip. Out of her mother's sight ii ~^ tk * int ? · ^ * { £TM the arms of "I too have been very carefully brought up. There are moments when I also ROSSANO YVETTE OEOME , BARRY EHM In CINBMA8COPE ena METROCOUOR FEATURE STARTS: 5 Plus: DONALD'S LUCKY DAY, Cartoon 1:00 - 3:10 - 5:20 - 7:30 - 9:45 P. M. i and "TREASURES OF DEEP"

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