Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 9, 1961 · Page 40
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 40

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 9, 1961
Page 40
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-H--INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TELEGRAM -prVOr.'Cn. Ca'n., junrf« r , Juiy 1, 19*1 Autos for Sole ! Autos for Sale " CADILLAC 176; Autos for Sale 176 Autos for Sale CADILLAC 176Autos for Sale 176 j M~ovbm^rcVupt~ETM:6S5~wnM ----.· . . ,, power stwlno i br.u-s. t l e c t r l c CADILLAC O · 9 · · · ·2165- Long Beach Blvd. Coach Dlr. Open Daily and Sunday! 100% Financing -- Bank Terms HE t-7234 G A D ·L A C '61 Convertible w.!h icd ar.a wh'1e Ica'rtr inltrlor. * $5195 * '60 Coupe de Ville FACTORY AIR CONDITIONING. $4495 '60 Convertible FACTORY AIR COf.'DITIONIKG. $4695 '59 Reetwood FACTORY AIR CONDITIONING. Prriiium llr«. * $3795 * '58 Fleehvood FACTORY AIR C O N D I T I O N I N G . * $2795 * '58 Coupe de Ville FACTORY AIR COrlOITIONINr,. '57 Fieetwood FACTORY AIR CO.'JDI IIONING. * $2195 * '57 Hardtop Coupe ay se*!, EW; red, n^lci Int. shan * $ 1995 * '54 f-leefwood Oi1v 3 o w n e r s ; it's lifee ne/r * $M95 * * CADILLAC SPECIALISTS * ··' Herman Cotter. R. W. ICP: Jim Brewer. Sale! Mgr. : Eriek B^oriim, ol' Bill Newendorp, Robt. Miller, anri R* v Boggi . . . HE 6-7234 175 IS 5 7 pLY.'/OUTH V - 3 5ncrt Svu- Or^Jtx The ^est p;vms^n m.irfo '1hil V C P ^ a-~ c lh '^ '-^ a n i t c Gre! JT.v.-r.-"?lcc-i:ig and brakes, p.TSrifd d-s*; ^."-d v son, rad : o, a'l wr.str.e- hc.ncr, r:-ilc-d gi=«. very ocsd .1rc4 r- sh D'_!:cn ihiit C-.arar:ccd - ... S2?? iJJ di.v-i wi'h .locrovcd crrci:. IGlnnn E, Thomas Co.-- OODGE 35? F. A--ir.c,^ HF 617E3 BUJCK windows f. sejf. and many clher fine extras. Leaks a- drives I he new. Olr. , _ S177S 2223 L.B. Blvd. GA 7-3555 CHEVROLET '57 CHEVY BEL AIR SPORT SEDAN Ponverolitfe. PftK, au'cmat.c, travel. $1399 S J . , Real OIICVUOLET CMEVROLrr 11«« E. Sajlh St. A R F E S I A _ __ UN i-1276 " " " '5? C H E V R O L E T Ge 1 A!r V-8 Syrian. Soiid wh'fc body, matching or-'Tnal ^nlerior shows 1!-e verv bc^t of carr. H.n .vjlcrralic, r^d-o. he,i!fr- whlfe wail t i r c - s , pcwer stetrmp. c'hpr f r.* extra-,, c.nrirs a v/rii'en SI (.W »?S co,«n wilh aocrcvrd crcd'1 G1orn E. Thomas Co.--DODGE 33' E. Anaheim HF= i.1263 _® _ ©_ m @ · '57 CHEVROLET 2-DOOR SEDAN 6 Cylinder, powerolide. rad'o, nca'er $999 S J CHEVPOLF.T 11500 E. Sajlh St. AR7_E$IA_ UN 5-1576 56"CHEv""Tud3r . .." . . . V9? 54 PONIIAC Calaliia «99 iS OLDS HclTday . W99 5 PLYMOUTH 5J57 J 57 PLYMOUTH * Dr. .,, S7',9 7 FORD Tov,n Sedan ^^99 S CODC-E VVaco.l «79 12 STUDEBAKER S 99 J F O R D irdnn DfUverv SKI W PLYf.'.OUTH 4 Dr 5150 Ed. Barbari Plym. Center _*^55_t' R* 1 !] 1 '^ 6 ' Blvd TO 7-?731 '60 "CHEVROLET BEL AIR 2-DOOR V-G. dick sh:F'. rAdio, ftealer. $ 1 8 9 9 S J CHEVROLET 11^-0 E. ScufM St. A R T E S ! ^ __ __ UN 5127* _ '58 Chevrolet Impala Convertible Pnouiar -ili v,liite finish v/ilh TIPV. to^ Hca':/ clean, po-.ver ^t^cr Ing, V3 au!o:i'aNc, rad 0, hearer. $1698 GUY MOOTHART 1112 N. L. B. BlvcJ , COTpf ME 2 7 1 7 4 A-.l 1959 CHEVROLET 1 D001 SEDAN AulorMlic, rr-.dio. hea'cr, wh-te s de *,Ti' Solid "ef bT.iLk. E*l'« clc.v-i, c»lra r c«. Lie. =SDR 04. Sc« !l s o.-e. $1549 Oihcrs to chcc« trcrrv MEL BURNS'FORD IKftXiS LONG BEACH BLVD. GA 43315 G A 6 M 9 1 '58 CHEVROLET BEL AIR SPORT CPE. R-d o, healer, automatic, 730 li.p, $1399 S J CHEVROLET 11900 E. Scu'h St. _A rifsia ___ UN S-1776 95J CHEVROLET 4 dear sed?n. Pasnl like r.ev;. Interior ipatleis. niCLhaikally *ound, Aulomatlt shift, radio, header, turn licnah iic^ ^cat coven, E-Z-Eye glass whiicvM'l tries, Tcp aualltv. S549 S/5 down wilh a on roved tred. GJcnn E. Thomai Co.-- DODGE 333 E, Anahe'm HE 6-173' '59 CHEV. Impala_$l895 Convertible. Automallc DOWC i-eering. All wM!^ Lov/ ml.'eage C.n Be Financed 100% at CREST MOTORS J3n Long Beach Blvd. HE 2-J CHKYSLER 9 d » 9 r/57 CHRYSLER New Y o r k e r 2 door hardtop. Please co-i-oare (hi with aiv luxury auIomDbile In th c.i1v, we have no (pact Powe s'fcrmc and brakes. Torque FM! shilr. all wtafher heafer, cus builsrt radio, rxcellcnt whilr^a tirps. FACTORY AIR COKD TiONING. T i n t e d class. Carries wgttcn guaraf-.lee _S1.« »?5 dosvn vnlh aooroved crcti Glenn E. Thomas Co.-- DODG 333 E. A*nneim HE 6-173 Roadmaster Hardtop 195; 4-Dcar Riviera with w\ sic c ri rig, br.ik cs. v» i ndows m;i sr.ii. Dynaflo/r-. Rad'.o. hearer. A'-l ong'ral S^-irkle^. \Veckcnd see rial at s:C39. Bill Bryant, 15/0 _L._B. Blvd. "' "AIR CONDITIONED '5? LlccSrs hardtop rcuM. Full power Factory *'.r ccndilicmna. S- V/. 'ULMON ?.\-3 L.B. BLVD GA 1-tm ·55 FORD ·: STATION WAGON ·V- = - raa 0, heeler, euicrr.slic. $799 ; S J CHEvaOE FT 1900 E. SG'.-'ri St. .AMcsia ____ UM 5-J.WJ 7 " OLDSMOBILE " 17^0 '·»*" S T A T I O f J V.'AGOM FOUR D'JOR, 6 PASSENGER 1n ?o:lc--^ CDr.d.hoi Driven bur ·R tVt'ui 12.0CO iM-il mi'e^. HAS U" ccv«r CU'J:EC cut Plus o'c- CADILLAC _ _ 'B5 CHEVROLET "2IO" STATION WGN. 'E. s'd. fr^r.-- . rdo o, healer. $899 s J T S3 PAWBLER - s'-iit, runi cc -'SK Fcrd Rarcl. - ri-3, t-e^'e;, V-fc ajiomatic. 7, l;-d. po nt, e x t r a cle?n. S^v* '£? l-3rc! CCjn'ry scda-.. V ' C a s s . ." FciGb.-ifllic, o^ij-er steering, r^ - c j r.e-i'T, 3-1onc TA ; rl, whi'c : v.-a is. Vr'e dew anycre to 'ir^ . \\7fi .... Salrs HE 5-E9J1 ~ ~56 9-PASS.--$795 ' MFRCURY CUSTO'A W A G O N C^fl-i A orig'sia'. AT, RS.H, luo- ^fl-ic r a c k . Verv c^od r.ffhsri- ^S^w^ LEf/011 T~ l ~6b~CH'EV. I $2395 -Vs-v/.-sad V B . 'Or. Vtnyfi. 5 ·VM Ajtorn.. Htll r iVl cc, .-Trc rc^ti 'S. '.V. LtTW.Ofi" Autos for Sale ___ ;' ^JISCELLANEOUS "Tran^poria^ion Cars ' WI-IY NOT? '58 CHEV. ?.DR. SI099 TRADE WAY MOTORS 2ii] L B. BLVD. GA 7.?JO? LOOKEE! 'Si CHEV. 2-DR. HDTP $899 TRADE WAY MOTORS _J330_l._B. BLVD. GA 7-2J02 'B5"CHEV. $695 /-8 Slandarii Shill "210" J dr. R. H. £. c3oJ t.rps, lr.-,l(le £, oui. S. W." Lt-WON '57 CHRYSLER Krw Y o r k e r 2-dr. hardloo. R^dio, rearer, ^L-!D. tr-ins Pov^er 1'ccr- 1111 f. brakes. 2-rone linish FL.'! Icarj-c- irtericr. 1 year g-jarpnlce available. $1298 GUY MOOTHART 176 CORVETTE Autos for Sale EDSEL _1_76 | Autos for Sale FORlT 176 A Integer, poil-lr.Kt. Chrome Sp'riefi. 17.195. GE 4 1167. blk. 1lr'?h I 4:1 el i CORVAIR '60"CORVA1R~ 4-DOOR Po-vcrolirl*. healer, t'.c I than 8,OM miles $1999 S J CHEVROI FT I195J E. Souill St. Af!TFSIA UM 0~CORVAIR Dtiuxj 2-di-. StanS.ird i^'lt, rad.o, hea^er. ?-!cne paint, accessory grovp Only 11.000 ac- !ual rr.llei. S1697" C. Fred Hc[mscn Motor Ss'ts ·60" CORVAIR "DELUXE--$700" Coioc. Powe roll St. RH. 1 Imtiac. tr^uoul. S14?9. _OSBp_RN'S. 20TH 4 CHERRY '6~l MONZA COUPE "98"" 4 ^Dccd, RW. 20M milts tccal. LIXe new. 12250. '68 EDSEL, $899 Sold b'*cV. hardtop cc^lc. Tle lc--ch riuirxnai.c- RH. Bea-jl'ful CCIK*. thru:ui. S. W. Lt-MUN W30__L. _B. Blvd. OA 7.-J/J2 """FALCON A-1 ! I960 FALCON WAGON 1UCOR S'andard tra-i^-nhiicn, rad'o. healer. ratfrl-d diish. saddle lex .-v lerior. Sc 1 d v,hi!r bcdy. V c r / 'c* mlleaae Showroom conailion. Lie. r I ft Ml. $2099 L-irge il3ck ot coinoacti MEL 8UR°NV r FbRD 15TO70S5 LONG BEACH BLVD. OA 6-M'S G A W 3 9 1 _ il MONZA. 77ike over pavrrcrls". Free equity. No money do*n. Dlr. Call or see MR. CHUCK BOYER ONLY. ME 3-U75L ___ ~M CORVAIR dlx." 4-dr. 95 Ji. r 6.000 ml. Sell or tratfe VVY. HA _ 61 CORVAIR deluxe RAH, vn-.w, E-Z-] cr' S??5. HA 5-2053. Pri . V;soon. DE SOTO '4t DE SOTO convert. '50 Chrv_ . tna ne. Orio. pa'r.t, new lop, Flu:d DODGE Falcon Ranchero $AVE-- $1799 No. 1957 PIONEER FORD leil F-cr Less 18403 Prcneer Blvd.. Ai!e*la UN S-12i6 OMn Sundays HEY! '60 Falcon 4-Dr SI799 TRADE WAY MOTORS ^ «j""Fc7o"~KALCONr~sTa ; id ; ird' shill. radio, healer, led in cclor. Lik« C. Frrd Hdmsen Molor Autos for Sale 176 1-OUD A-1 1956 FORD healer. c orcv a--(J o*iner. Lie. f-ORDOR V-!. Fordamalic, radio, whi'e wft':s. 2-1onc or while rn's!i. 0"c No. GZH )58. Only $699 MEL BURNS FORD 1_«0 JOSS.. LONG BEACH _ BLVD. A-l Autes for Solt FORD 176 A- 1 1959 FORD GA «3I5 GA 1958 FORD CONVERTIBLE Whl'p finish vvilft l-xc new loo ^-d red .TKJ whi'e lull v^ivl n. Jerlar Rnd o. h c a f e r , aJ'cmAiic po*er stccilig. Wile wain. LcoKs fl'.rt runs like new. Lie. No. RTL. $1299 MEL BURNS FORD L990-MSS. LONG B E A C H . BLVD. j FAIRLANE FORDCR V'8. Fordomnllc, rad'o, hcAJcr, wh'.tc iltfe v^o'lj, power jleerIM, CA'peFs. (ronl ard rear. BeauMful 2-ler.e black and while. You will Hi Ihll one. Lie. No. RN5 2IJ $1599 MEL BURNS FORD 1K02055 LOHO BEACH BLVD. CA 6-UI5 GA 6-3391 GA 6 3 3 1 GA 6-3W1 I 9 9 · · · 1?59 FORD Fairlar.e V-8 4--tDor sedan. A new car trade-in thal'i h-Tcf extremely Kr.e care. N'cetv equ'oned with Fcrdofnatic shitf, , ,_,,.,,. ., ,,,. . - - - -- DOwcr ileer:-,g, push bu1l:n r-irlis. | £ ; : -, g u.oHolMrv. "·« lne ctor.omi- brsl healer b.ick no I'glls- uocd c ai ft-Cyl.'-.cier trgme, aulamal.c Ues. Can-ici a writren ouar«r,lee. shift. wrrn'cwa'l llrcs. v e r y o 9 1559 FORD Fa'/la^t 4-Aoor Sedan. Co'cr Is 5«itoa.-n green . ...SI.M9 S?i clown wl!h aoorovcd crcd't Glenn E. TKomai Co.--DODGE 333 E. Anaheim Hfc 6-1283 'w CUvv ;s: HO-ISC · ' - $99-$499 . __ , , '52 Nash ' . TRADE WAY MOTORS -0 L: B. BLVD. OA_/-2J SUNDAY SHOPPERS Fvcrv car on our tot is ula'nlv priced ftprl dr scribe a fcr voui" 'hocp'-.g ccnvc.iienco. Inspect o-jr r?rs 'cday and fever/ dav Mo-xfav Ihrmja* 1 Sfl'jrrtay. WP flfc Lloscd 1c,rf^^ in order thai cur sa!«"ncn. irrw^ scend Sund.iys w'.lh their RIDINGS I ar.g Rench's Onlv Auli-orized CADILLAC Dca'er 15th and Long Beach Blvd, '59 Cad7Coupe De Ville Factory Air sloe.-'Ag b', electric win rta*s I ifals. All while. M.GM actual milts. $4098 GUY MOOTHART AIR-CONDITION SPECIALS '59 CAO. tie Ville, like nev; S3.7W '55 F L E f c T W O O D - S7,a!3 '53 SEOAH De Ville too A ' r ) S?.J?v 'SV BUICK . - $?. 19? ·A- HERB FRIEDLANDtR _?533 T- PAC. CVT G L 9 ^ H STOP--SEE! '56 CAD $119? i SbDAS, Or VILLE TRADE WAY MOKJRS^ ·I?" C A Q I U l A C C o u p e * de Ville, j pcuiooecl v*i1h electronic windov;s, 6-wci-y iciiN full power, marty oiter 1 re CadillAC arressone*. I TnX I* * locally c.vned, exception! a'lv can car. Dlr. | 2223J..B jIvd.SA 7-3555 | r 58~CAblLLAC~'.! $2995 1 COUPB de V I L L T with FACTORY A I R CONDITIONING. Olter xlras. Can Ee Financed 100^.. it CREST MOTORS 1335 Lcn2_Bej!Ch_BI_vrL_HE 2-2969 r ss CA'DILLAC sea.TM de vine. Fun pcv-'er, irtl, electric vjindows A seal New '55 .ml o malic Srans- misVion thd! cs'rics «) fav in- cc-(Mi anal cunrdnfce. Six: lies* SrSahSn 1 " 11 """HE'S"' '59 EL CASINO. 6 cvl., standard 1 r a ni-n"i ssio n. Light blue v/Mh oiio crry Inlerioi. Real sharp. "* JMS F:n.-ntino Available t, t L. MOTOUS ?60S AricV.i .V.E X 4510 T9"CHF'v7*B"iVl"dyf.e 2 dr 1 owner wilh original 11.000 nv.les. V-S. A srccd^rr.^i.or. RH.. v^ilh air ccnd'Mcnir.g. 1 Sli9i 100 ~ REPOSSESSION 1957 Chcv. 2-tJr. scc^an. Sham, A-l h-echanically Many e x t r a s . Take over for $J3 i Sl?.60^ter ·60 CHEV ~ B.scovne 2-dr7~6~tvl.. . ., iMndr-rrS Jr.vismli'Jcn, RH Like _.L new. Real bargain. S169i. I '58 10G=o Tin-incina* ', P F.. E. //.OTOR5 C J60S Artosifl ?AF ^_fHP ~ STfCK CHEVROLET '55 Btl Air Ha^dlcD Six. Radio, healer. AH original. WeeVend snc- C-A' af S639. Bill Bryant. 1570 ; l_._B. Blvd. _ '57'CHEV" $"9S9 ! Glean-inp V-8 J-Doo- Sfdnn. Pov/- erglidc. Rridio, hc.iler, clc. RL.HS extra well, flawless tiros. BIN, 1570 L. B Slvd. '59 Chrysler N. Y. 2-Door Hardiop Poplar all blue fin : ih, no- s'crung. Mrakcj, aulcmatic, d.o, hearer, t year gjjranlee. $2298 GUY MOOTHART 1112 H. L. B. Blvd., Comp'cn __ ME 27174 __ '57 Chrysler Imperial 2-Door Hardtop Vr'Jh .Vr, power ?tcrnno hmfce A^!2maric. radio, header. Beaut ful all while f.n'^h. $1898 GUY MOOTHART 1112 N. L. 8. B^vd.r Conxion ___ NE 2-7|7.| ___ __ '60 CHRYSLER, $2399 Bc.iuliful \Vindsor ^-dr sedan. Fu" fwvirr cq-jic'. This Is fi uualiK ca- selling at a price beltw Tcrd Chav. S. '.V. LEiiV-.ON 2320 L.B. BLVD. _ GA 7-7282 '53 CHRV'S. H. Y. "4 dr? R. " H., P. S., P. B.. crlg. pnlnt 3- irech. very gaud. S2«. 1A3? So. l ·5A DODGE 7-dcor Sedan. A iif,l-( useo car 1hsi is i to D lease Has n _ - buUcn sh'.it, f i n e s t r,vi'-o ?nd hc.T'cr, o r - icinal uohcls'cry and carpclfd thrcughcu'. Lxccllcnt value .1! 25 tfovm with aooroved crrCil. Glenn E. Thomai Co.--DODGE 3-13 £. Aidhelm HE 6 12S3 W R I T T E N W A R R A N T Y 1955 Dodce Custom ? t-'sor t-ardloD. No marks on 1he bcd-,1, DiVrt ^o^rk'ci, n'ce interior. HAS nil wealrvcr healer, autcmat.c tr^n^iiiwlon. ucwcr slcering. ^l!ll- ed g l a s s , vihircvjall tires, o r r c - fMtr.n . ... SS59 52 j down w'lh HP craved rrc'JM GLENN E.THOMAS-- DODGE 313 E. Anj'-.elin HE i-l/ = 3 _ ·fif F A L C O N 2 : dr. R Si? down, 514.25 wX Call cred.l manage '6i~FALCON Tdr7~ St37t~ Gre-!'. Lev; m-les. 117M. L Ji., F : .F J il.Si6. PR _ 4 6523 ~ ~~H . ate '40 F-ALCON Priced 4-Gr. Aulo. .... cor.d. Orig. c finer. SM. GR_V tt 1Z i/5 di.. SS9.B7 . _ i _ _ _ '4D FA LCO N ^-d r. deluxe trim. RE.H. w/w tires, excelt. _cortd tion.^E^^SiJl. '60 FAl'CON 2 dr. *Sed. A-l ccnd. 51a-d. tra-is., RH, 11.425 __GE 3916?_ '60 FALCON S1d"v/dO RT.H. Perfect ccnd. ~ilA?S. r,F 1-HSO 1'ORD '56 FORD Fairlane ?-dr. Sct!,T V-8. Aulo, jrarib., Dv/r. sirs RTL Xln_r._ro^d. 4?0j Clark^Av tell'v and rPe«iX M a r f j a - y . HE- 'S? FORD Galaxle doer h; couac, Arclic Vrlilte wilrt 01 bla:H gr gold Interior. 1 Im-iiaculii'e cdr. Weaker d J at SI,799. PIONEER FORD liVUJ PIONfcLR BLVD., AKTES1A i JUN _5J?i6 ppcn^^Sur.riavi r io FORD CLUB'COUP'E 352 Engine. SiicV Dr[v«. txccolfonallv Sharp All crlginul. Dlr. . . . . . . SIW5 2223 L.B. Bjvd.GA 7-3555 1V67 PORD"-i-dr. Priv. e a r l y "will finance rordcmal.'c. T-bird eia . r«dio, hearer, p«r. ;lro. O.CCO n . 1955. 33« Llrtfcn A w e . HE! 76641 Sun. or cvci. _ '"60 FORD'Stdfllner Hardrc'p O-KX-! Tult power, pcvjdcr b'tc in coicr. Bdrcly b'ckc:i in 5719? C. Fred Holrr.icn iV.Olcr Sslci X37 E. An.ih_ein] _ HE_5-E971 '57 FORD Cuslorn 300 2-Cr". Auto- malic, rad.o, hearer, ex'ro clean, while in color. SS?? C. Fred Holmsen iVotcr Salei J37_E. Analiciri _ _HE 5-E971 ? i7"?ORb~airla" ; .«~500~2-dr."Vic- tcrin. Bewliful filack K, v/hitc, fi,-!l power. Mechanically A - l . fake over fnr US ft 513 D r . w k . Call _Crcdi_t_«3r_ GA rf-2933 _ '60 FORD J dr. GnlniicTM BcnulVful v-hife finish. Sliaro. Full pawcr. Take over for S72 4 St2.SG per svk, _C,ilI CreCi_t_Mffr. GA J-Jr933 '57"FOPO RaVhcro. low (In. pyl or will Irade. Liberal diicoj-1 Icr rash.'s r?. !S*39 So. ,rid;o and Iieater olher leaser e- !ias, carriei a writren Guar»ri1ee. 2i 6ov;r. with approved crcail Glorm E. Thomas Co.--DODGE OJ3 E. Anahdni HE 6-l?33 _^_ ©_·_«_· A BEAUTY! '57 FORD CONV $1079 TRADE WAY MOTORS 25M_L._B._ BLVD. GA_7-JH92 '~56 FORD Falrirnc Victoria HT Ccunc. Aulo-nalic, RH. "Clean *c' Fred' Kohr.ien Molor S'es 4M fc. An.v^eirn M?.^. £ "' 'i'v F O R D G.i!«ix:p Ccnvcrlib'c. Fi.ll ih.Gwtccm new c.nd 101. SIE79. C. Frrd Hcln-^e.-i /Aofor Sa'« ·« PORlJ~~cce "Cad cng'iE Floor shilL Ncv; [ires !· pa:nl. iJ:;iv perfect. S3SO, will cOTS ; -dcr traie. _GJH 3-2573. '59 TORD 4 a ^cd--.n Popular 6-cvl. itj-xiard shill. 51779. C. Trrcf Ho'nuen rV.olor Snles ·iV FORT) "Garsxi.r~nariJtcb. R H. £ auro. DWI. stg. 553 dn. S12.W wk. ·JJi~FCRb~"vic.~ RRH, PS, auto, 7- B rd try. CfcJn. f^ake c f f c r . GF__l-5i77 I '56 "FORD Cro-.-r-n V.c., ~\'\c new V-8, ajlO. Rill, P.S. WUSJ 5FP. 19.25 weefcfy. tfn. Curlii. Mfc 3-0/el 195? FORD V-3 1 pas?cn«r Country sed?n st-ilion waocn, not « m.irk on the bod/, tlri show very I'.M'e, Icafhfrelic tiln, Ma^ au!cma!ic jhilt. flnesl raaia and liealer, olher extras. Carr^ a vrriHen o-j.Tra.-ilee. ,, . _..S1.779 S?S down wr. 1 ! a c c r c v e d credit Glenn E. Thomai Co.--OODGf 333 E, Anaheim HE f-1133 e « · » » '59 FORD 2-DOOR SEDAN Rrtd.c, h.eVer, V-8. ;wj!omflHc transmlivon. Real share car. $1499 S J CHEVROLET 11900 E. Soulti SI. ARTFSIA UM 5-1376 COTTER'S '63 f-ORD 6- 2-dr. Lt. b ' j f . Ferric, j R?.H Musi sell. Sun. Won. c-.ty. I HE 1-11U. : r 40"FOHDr3W~CU. In. Chrysler cno., tu:h roll, rented o'ass. Any r««. cash cflflr._GA_7-2678, '59 FORD" Cuslorn 300 2 rir. nulcm'. PS, RH, 12.WM mi. Xln! co-d. 1910 DODGH Dort Phctrix X dtwr | hardlcu. A f i r s t c l a s s aulanicbi'e tl-at HiM has nwst of If:- origin! ncD?dl. Pu'.h bjMwi siiiil- rad.o, hea'er power slee ri r.g, pa n del d.vrv, snivel seah, Hnrcd alass, v«Mewa:i 1ires. V/ritten ire ....... . ;?,799 S25 dovrn wif.'i approved crcdi! Glenn E. Tho.-nai Co.-- DODGE 3J3 E. Anaheim ML 6-12S3 e · · · e 9 1953 DODGE Custom Royal 4-dw;r sedan. Ho m.itk^ on Irie tcilv, in- icriar is'hke. Pus 1 ! button s*;iU. rrdi^. hr.UCTj cc-v/cr s: err- In and brjKei, ujcded daih. tin'cd q'ass. vcrv OC5d tires. du?l ci- h.v.',is. Gunr.-ntccd ....... S1.-JS7 S?S dov,n v;.tri apQroved crecJil Glern E. Thomas Co.-- DODGr . 33? E An^hei HE 4-1/33 '61 FORD Galaxlc hardXi prvrjlg. A au'o. S6? d*vn C.V'i crrJit mandQcr, PR_ ^"FORD." Rc'rac" hdrp. '55 'FORD~Fa'rldne~4'd7T R. H._S575._ GE^l-WS_ \K7 FORO"j -tfr. iV-uit M9.34. Power, autorn., 'sfii at '!0 FORD CDLCO. OO.TIR. luck A ro'.l uchl. RtK. Chrys. eiia. SI'cKs. Ne-ds a iiMle \*ork. s?;5, Pnv. _Dd_rlv. IQaai S *J3^. '5* FORD Crc'.r-'ne. RH, Foriio" rratic. Xlnt coxJ. Private party. .-54 FORD Conv. RH, power sto. ' _GF_1-07^2 nftc^_6_Dni Auftm, C'can, 549S. ·60 FO'RD Ccnv. Xlnf. r.cnd. Priv., L._A._AnrJprion 13J2 E. Analielri ply. .V.ust selk Coil S1EOO + row ' ' 5 3 FORD h^rOtou. 515 tin., S47.ES | ru'pa" SW9! _ _ _ DODGE '59 SEDAN Dccr v/:irv ps Healer rV fl crigm?r. One vcu Jh ·, is a ounrankfl svce I Vecl 4- cr slc-erlro. Rdd!o. -omat.c shilt. All icok will c o-iv'.-tc e sMndoul. V/rilkn iccc^al at _ _ _ _ _ _ _ '£3 FORD X Ur. T-B. ens 8, tended. faVc trade. 33A privp. Ant. 5 _ 7 51*~FORD--'W MERC. Re:s oiler _n\ Loma V;sia Or. 'S?"'r-ORD "Fairlene 500. Uost avrr_W4 '53 FORD to lires, tw.vef ·SI FORU" s'0r:."ncr ccnvcr 0-lOd. S7«._GA 7 4763 '£0 "FORO"2 J'." Rdd. Ovefi 'i? FORD Skyjinci ·7r~rOR~D~2-DR" "RH~S:JO"r!n7r510 ccr wh. S99 F.P D[/. Tb 1-"' '57 FORD Ra-Khi,.-. -J r l£? n -_ p li^-_2!'!L_ '·?·? J - fi ^ ?3 '39 FORD Pnncl '4% Were. tng. ' 3573 Faihian. GA_£-12O? 7 « FORD Cusfcifiired. Olds erg. tuck roll, HE 6-7i53. 15 F : ORD convrrt. Fully Bare-Tin tcr cuicX sa! CF A 5i;i or TO 7-903?. '56 Ford Conv. HA 5-2897 riv. iilv. a|| _ _ _ SJ FORb Cresiri . 7-89S/. Dlr. "Vic.roii RH, .lutcir.alic. s???. Dlr. 3 FORD ccuce. Excellent ccoc. thruout. S200. MM Rose Avc., Apt. ' FORD Sedan. 4-dr., 6 cvl, G^wJ ccr.d. Pr.v. piy. i375 Bravlsn. _ _ EMPAI.A Ccnv. RM. A Prt.'. slrg. 3^3 tin. J12.40 wk. talj__t: r ctiij_j;/.nr. __ PR _j- · SW CHRYSLER WirdW" 2 .icdjn, r^dio. heater. S/SO. Eulid. G£ 9-7216. COMET '54 V-B - -..- - "S" ·55 CHEV. [4] frcni 5659 ·-'-- HERB FRIEOLANDER V- 1533 E. PAC. COAST __GE:9-JJJI 59" CKEV. 'srrpa:a. trcl^llic bt:ie conv.. slra.chl stirk, R. i H, re* llres. 30.000 in. SHcK. 51,795 Bv cng c-rfvner. Cfln see flt ?t87 E. ?1si St._GE ? 7S60, '60'CHEV! 4-DR. HARDTOP r.'cr- rqjily. No dav.n. CALL W K . ROSS FR 5-913? between 1 V p.m. DLR. i9"CHLVY Impii'a ?-tfr j p a r t, 1 c*r,cr, lew mi., RH, wws., air t o r d , itanCa.'d trans. 7W h a. _Slc75. H E 5 · 7130 ebu^iV 9S o'ld* rvev; w y v CORVETTK" GOLD SEAL COMPACTS STATION WAGONS '41 Corvfllr, '61 Falccn, '61 Tern- pcif, '60!. HARDTOPS '61 Fatten Fulura, ·! Corvait Moorti, '61 Sfutiebayer Repal Lark. CLUB COUPtS '60 Falcon Delude, '61 CcmeJ, PICKUP 'M F.i'con Ranrhcro. All are full-/ ecuipBerf and all . pci ; t.velv Dcrlcct and nil c»rrv * KC^s D;irts A labor pu.irdnlec BILL BRYANT H/0 Lena ECEKh Blwd. HC 74589 ^"i CHEV. couce, -. ere. VJ'nEv/ hydro., - -. t;res, RH, excel, ccnd. UN 5-7U7 '53 CHFV. Bet Air, IMS oriainal. Hew Pc-MGfG\ida that v/e can cuiir- anlce A-l thro-ja^cul. SW5. Dlr. 437 E. Anaheim _ _ __ '53 CHEVROLET Del A;~r. Rndio, heakr, F'c.verolidc. S10 dc-*n, S;' mcnth. Frt Barbdri PIvmculh, 6700 BelMlower Blvd. TO 7-2731. _ '50 CHfcVr. i-dr. stick, orio., new trans , *int. cord. SI/5, make ..... 106 V TRANSPORTATION CARS A I L ;.'AKE$ t MODELS. No C-i Vie Ca-.-v Our C«r. Cc^^cacls '" ··· GAVIN UStD C A R S T 217C- W. PAC COAST r-..',Y ·OrxnJ TO ' IJF-- 6 -^ 7 (t','.'E.3. D /" ·Vc'zM.rovVuKc.'Vd iV.r h ~ - - 3 P r,/.-. C3n:riic!^ .'.' -;r j^ 7 _ k "L i? s P' C "-£ C '' Arl ^^ rt CUAHTY CAR;, "AT LOW "PRICES. --T BUICK " " ^{[0 BUICK" $229 ?»;* · ~.g J Dr-cr ScdM. 'wfi -. Dnj ; ::.v. slVtf.'va-T i57D L B^ ~ SftHCK R . v - c r a Co -PC" '. . . - - . ;fjif Viv s - : ;T . «/ mtmi Ed T^rnari P.-,nr;uih. 67W f; ftf 1 :- 'f"3 : vJ. _ __ TO 7-7731 FT- 7Y "0:1 ccr tCi-.g trai^lrncd. ' ' " B-_-c: Ccr.i. c c ~ 1971 ~'53~Coupe~DeVille, $499' Y e l l o w wilh v,hite tcp. fuh power. , Fira sr-arp S '// LEMON ?j:0 L. B.' Blvd. GA 7-9?5? | '61" CADl't-LAC Convcrl'iWe. 7.000 rr'-cs Fjllv cr;u'n, iniL Faclory i Air Cent! Mcncd. Whit* wi'Ii whl ^ rcn. Red v-hile inlenor. ;/.iohl | ccn^idtr c!tfer ca'- m Jrn^c. 54^0 'S?~CAD7"i«;a'fr'dc Ville. Elec. v;:n do^s I- icais. P.B., P.S.. blMrj sr,it belts. S90 Jipicce tires w/5000 mi. /.'.tfa'iic crn. Perfect Ihrcwan- " ? " " ' 5 I C~ADT$289 A M orig' 4-Dcor Sedan. Hydra- rmic. Rddio, healer. Biil Bryant L?70 - 1 ^8 Blv 5? "CAO~Md. de Ville 4-w~irc!ow (lal'OD. Low mlleace. Factory air. G- n rre'al pray. Nr. run rubcer, Cionn 8y c^ner. M : ghl trad*. S3.79S. GAJ-7423. . '56 CAD. SEDAN de V I L L E O-o. finish fc interior. Very clean. OSBORN'S. 2qTH^4_CHERRY dean. ^ , _ _ CHEV. ' 19i6 V-8 cng, :ns!.illcd 19 £7 Volvo, Slick sh'ft, 2i r r i t e s A v e _ '59"l';/TPALA Couce. w/air. RHi Auro Pwr Sto. 551 dfn., S14.7A wk. __CALL_ CRIEDJJ_MGR.. PR *· 65/3 'W "CHEV. Impa'a t.or.vert.. teachers car, A-l ccnd., loaded witti _ cxl'as._GF__OJ142. 'M'CHEV I'rr.psla". "250 e-i'g r«. itick ' sh.ft. Wake offer. Priv. ply. GbJ)"*3?p , RAH. ! " auto. Ut ANNUAL CLEARANCE SALE! '57 PONTIAC Chieffain 2 - D o o r Ratlin, heater. Hvrfra - Mntic. onsina) 2-tore finish. Locil cr.e- owncr. low m;i(?r=ice t)c.vjh. Lie. No. NCM 400. J15 down wilh approved credit jj-j DICK BROW.MiNG ^-^ OLDSfAOBILE DEALER 1201 Lonq Beach Blvd. HE £-9624 . Bi-l Brvflnt __ 15/3 L. B. BUd. '54 DODGE " ^-Dr. ~ "6." sfsrc.ird tra emission, raclo, hcalrr. In ex | rcllcnt rL-nnlnu ccndilion, cosd i t ^ r e s . c'eAn i.-ifcrior. F'-jll c r i c e ', %W?. P,iv only %n d^wn ^nd S?3 . ji:cnlh. Ed B d r t a r i Plymauln. I «200 W. He'.lflOrtcr_Bl^d^_T_OJ' 1 ?731 i " '55 DODGE V-8, $49~9 R,idio, l-r,i1cr, aulomalic. ED BARBAR] PJymoulh ! _«00 H^_B£jlfl*r; _ IP/ 7 .". 1 ·58 DODGE Cust. Roval all vfnitc tor.verL Pwr. brakes, stccriro, v; rdows Fully er.uiu., low mi. Ow.-er co'.-.o into service. GL 9 -0/33 __ GE ^ ?pyl '51 DODGE sfd.i:i. Xl'rit. rL-btcr. GcK.d ccnd. Rad o, efc. t!50. v;A SJJJ'). _____ ' DODGE Corcnot X Dr. RH, auto., cwr. itrg. S53 dn., 511.73 wk _ Call Creci^t jr/,cr. _ pf ?_^ A "? ·5S DODGE V-B"V:ckun. D'c'tp bed. lit; , gd. ruW«r, runs ctL ISM _ 1 *iy_Pl c . c !!^J:?J_ Al ' iini JP E 1 * 53 .^ " oxd, EDSEL Financing--Bank Terms '60 FORD SFarliner HardtOD C o u p e. EaiKDECd wlrh pawer s'crr- ina, auJoTiatic drive, radio, heater. Soft b l u e cutiide wilh charcoal a.-td blge/ in- This car is extep- t:cnaily c'ean. '56 CHEV. ar. fr-cv I i f.tie r, eu'omallc e. AM wh'lc. A real n hl:l» econcmy car. 56 OLDS H=|iday C o u p e . Aulomalic drive, radio, heater. Snaro 2-l3rr- c r e t n end while. A real buv at ... Ranch V^aoon. a-docr. xjfrv m.ilic, newer slcciing. rrttfio flnd tickler. Ihorp ? · icne blur LcoVs ai'rj d-ivcs like a HEW c~e. $' Isr ANNUAL CLEARANCE SALE! '57 OLDS Super 88 Holiday C o u p e Jet blao: finish with mnlchmo biDCk Brrt while I e a t h P r tummeti interior. Hfli rad.o a-.d hratcr. Hvosa - .V.ntk. p o w e r steer"ig, f!c. Anniversary Sale Priced at Only-- US down with approved credit DICK BROWNING OLDSMOBILE DEALER 1201 Long Beech Blvd. HE 6-9624 '59 T-Bird "Factory Air Cor.diliCr ' ' 53 L-DSEL- RftH, SJ7 down, S9-S3 Call Credit Mgr. uto,, O'.vr. itrg. j k. PR 4 6S?1 , ; '59 LARK : : Deluxe 2-Door ; * 6-cyl. t t l c V , radro, Jieafer, m · w h i t e w a l l ilres. Sharp c a r ! * | S 895 ; iVillage Motors --: | Lark i ;T860 Long Beach Blvd.; GA 7-9927 Open Sunday r V-V-V W'V ·V "V ^ CLOSE=OUT FALCON L. A/Anu'erscrv _J_1?2 L"._ATMI-C n : t '56 CHEV. 7'dr., 6 " CVi. Airion. J ^ . an. sws. L. A. A-iders '59 CHEV." irr 559.73 p?r r __ s's liard'oa. S7S n. , Cail /.'.r. King for ial^ GA ?-Sr957, _D'r. ·55 CHfcVROLtll Oer'R'cvVsM "dn! $;? 87 per mo. C.ill tf.r. K'.ng fcr free horn? tnal^ GA_7 8S57, Dlr. r i3 CHEVROLBF Club Couce'^SW. Radio, hrnler. Pc\vcrBlitfe. NC-A- __c,Vr.l. WE 0-SE66 D!r._ _ 57 "CHEV!" STICK 5HIPT. BHl. AIR, R '59 ECON. 6. OVRDR. _dr. RftH_._SI,?_50. HE 2-SI« Bel"" ~ ' Air 2-dr. R8,h!, a-j'crri iranim. Only SA?9. Dlr. I mo L.B. Blvd. HE_2-B9t6. I 'Si CHEV." KOTT SMOLAR FORD ff^cf^fvr?,; o r SBORN'S, 70TH 1 CHERRY 'JT'BiJICK Ceilury *7 : ul] tcv/er. j?.000 · ^ '-eu-icK ^5 BLUGK Convert tl. Logics ^ ,trt.nt tfocd. S?75. Dlr 417 E. Ar.a r .ern ist self--s^cnf.ce cr-ce KT. I cvl. All power. Artesia Blvd., S»ace 5'. _ _ ; 60" C AD. 6! co-Jo*, air "tcntJ, Ijil w,-,v:r, wri'.rc v/'-lh b'ack Interior. Sh?rp. W,7». Priwiite r^rly. 5152 O,-. 2-0358 .. 1 TrCHEvTCcr7;i7rVVcvl. stick. Ne, . . . . '57 CADILLAC convert Epeulilui j _tj_' v i ^.^all, Priv. ply. TO 6-?i?0 Glarfr c r e e n . All 'ca'her, full ' -5? CHfcV. /dr.. Rll Exlra nice, povicr, r.e-w I.res, r.r« ICD. Lew $2^5. GA 7-WS .v/-''^Cu.-i:s 'Jb'QUICk Super se Tt'can. Onl/ i2.000 2-dr/ HdlP , second beau fy. 12-W tifF^ A J: 3^0 '53 CAO. de ViYie FuU'oo*i C ° nd ' t 'sUBURBA J Ni 9 'r/.OTORS \ 7 CHEV, ^dlp. Runs ooo'd." Sl?5i _£CO_E._ANAHBIM TE -S??3 | _GA_i-629J , '30 CADILLAC"CPE. 6,-:o narfinish, j 'i? IWPALA convert D'e. r.ev/ 1ir«. has had excellent care. Take over _. E *c? l -_« r 'd.._GA_3 : 31.WJ. _Roscce_,W|rs : ,_2?95 L.B._BlyiJ^ L.B. | 0 :,cjc. 5250. V:0] E! 57. GA^3-3U8 '55 CADILLAC (3 nviVI.) 7 sec*a.-.s. Faclory A'-r-cord. //cl Z. F'cic_W,Grloarv._HE *??·: '57"CCUP£ de Vi'ile. Ft';I cv,r dn. SJB.94 w^:. Call Creait _//-cr. OR ' Full Po*«r. _ , RAM, jrlra ' '«S* CAD "Conv TM mi. Jl». 5441 - do^, jiJ.W wJc. _3'T 0 . s -_-Pl_* *'*' _ | _ C.-ill_Cr«M Mor._PR.__4S53 8-JICK 4-Dr. Soccial. Aulom., CA'Di'fc T - B I R D S , 'i9-'Al. Norm ·^d. Mr. w.w. 5^75. Way me Hoffman Used Cars, «i S. L.B. - - -- HE_2-W77. ^lyd,_CornDtor._HE 1-^1\ BUICK jpce. ?-dr._ icCan.^RH T R A D E my equity In'^Cad. ". I ' W CHEV. 2-dr. sedan. Htv; pa'nJ. j A 1 rcnd._S!SO. ME -*1?73. :'W I'.'.PALA. R*iH,~ w/v/,"ajrb. 1 rans', ' Power s-ccr. GE_3 L mi after i. 'i' C O t ^ V H T T E . 3 cr-ccd, RA"Hrixtr !^r-S. »iTJ£. 5i'h._ GA 2-SJ7 '53 CHEV. 2d. *C.-4"g C'wncr. G'rl" CWKJ. S3/S. _ GA 4 C371 ISiO C H L V . rirMla."35STo;~4-s6ccd _ ^ J'ICK. r/AKE OFFER". *A.-A«A9 U'lC'C 5'Jb. Rlv. f. P*"r. - .^arD rt rubtcr, _«SO Cr«rk. urr.K,"one o-wncr. Clea.i. Ex- HE 2-M77. 2-dr. HT,~x1nP. COM ^Br CE 3r|317 '37 CAO. de Ville. Full Dwr. Si? ri-^, 118.96 vik. Credit War. PR 7 i4~ CAoTCrA~Cr~ExTe"r. ccrvd. FUI Pflwtr. PvT. cirlv. 5900. DA 3-W23 A\i l=r Mr. Rkh-ird. '58 CHLV. 1-rc.ilfl. Good condilion. : 53~~C H Ev7~ 7-drT" "sfi tie '. I'M. __M15 E;, Canton. HA 1^3W '51 CHfcV. 115S. GA J015*" A:S O'?roe, JJ.L.p. '57 CHLV. Cor.vcrt.VrIr.7grn. Good _ . . - . . _ . . 'SI CHEVV sixTrt sedfln, R R. H, _/lP.l.._ff.nd., beil ofjer. Tp^-5?37. 'K CHEV. Rei'Air' harci'do. Aufo iranim, iiSO. GA J7J87. OWN AMERICA'S LARGEST SELLING COMPACT CAR! THE FORD FALCON Hurry.' Hurry.' Hurry .' 1961 FALCON 2-DOOR Radio, Heater, Deluxe Trim. Whifewalls with Economy Standard Transmission , 11 FULL |*S^f,fl FINANCING^ PRICE B i i* O.A.C. 4 4' 4 338 W. ANAHEIM--WILMINGTON .442! PHONES TE 5 - 6 4 T 3 J BUY FROM A 100°'o UNION HOUSE J A. A. A. Jb. JL. A. J? I - ' - " - . , ; ^ ^· · ^ V Transportation KO p ac . c Kn DOV/H L'dli DOrtK y/E CARRY OUR OWN OONTPAOTS Most Everybody Qualifies $25,00 Delivers '51 MERC. t-il. SJ7R" * Sedan. Balance 111* ·51 STUDE. 4-dr, SKK i« * Sedan, Balance UU I 5'3 HASH 4-dr, SQO 16 * Sedan. Balance.. "« '58 MERC. 2-dr. S ' Coupe. Balance '52 PONTIAC 2-dr. $ 1 OQI2 " Balance _... ·*·" '56 HET«0 Convt. SO7Q80 * Balance " ' 3 '54 FORD 4-door S"JCQ8G * Sedan. Balance t«J3 '55 BUICK 2-door * Hdtp. Balance.. '55 PLYMOUTH, Aulomatic, * Pmts. 529,42 mo. Balance.... '53 F«MBLER ?· * dr. HT. Balance Transportation Cars 1020 South Long Beach Blvd. Complon NE 2-S55S -- NE 6-8289 '58 OLDS 88 Holiday Cpe. Pcv,er s'cer r.g and b.-akti, aurr.Ti.itic Irrr.smission, rbtiio, healer. Local cue r*ner. ·59 FORD Custom 300 V'«. I-dcor, automatic Iran* mi-^iM-.. rad'c, healer, wfitu s'dc^vdll lirei. 2-1one finish. Local '55 T-EIRD Hardtop Aulorraik. ' ' slnnni; tires, ?-tore finiih. '58 ED5EL Pacer 4-Door '60 FALCON 2-Dr. Sta. Wgn. rad o antl hralc'. "BANK FSNANC1NG" on All Cars and Trucks Complete Selection of All 1961 Fords, Falcons, T-Birds and Trucks. All ready for immediate delivery on buys that can't be beat anywhere, any time. Try us n o w ! '60 PLYM. D«hJJe Suburban. Ecorooiv Sncc-al. 6-cvhnder. * 1 1 c k drive. Shcv/rcmi r.e*t. '59 FORD ratr|.ine Sedan. V!. oov;er ifcorina. ajlo-rfllic d r i v e . rnfa atd hca'er. Vcrv It)* 1 mileage, like ncrv. '60 CAD. S « d a n tie Ville. Ecu' - Dced wi'n ckdnc v/mdcws. A-wav sen, r.'inv other f-re Carfn- | t -,c accessories. A soadess car In ever/ v,-ay. '59 CHEV. 1 m p a I a Convertible. Full nowcr. aulon-.ilic drive, ra- d*o vu^d h en 'e r. LI ke n ew In every way. '59 DODGE Coronet Srwrl cpe. Eaj'oord v/i'h D o w e r stceiing and braves, oush. - button drive. rirlio and heater. A real be-a-Jy. WusT sec to appre- "AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER" CARS -- TRUCKS -- FALCONS -- T-E1RDS 220 So. L.B. Blvd. NE 2-7145 C O M P T O N '56 PONTIAC Long Beach Blvd. Long Beach GA 7-355! INVITES YOU TO COMPARE OUR "DEAL" · Finest Service Department · Factory Author ized Mechanics · Complete New Car Selection · Free Loan Cars "We Wanf Your Business" GLENN JONES CHEVROLET T4925 S. PARAMOUNT BLVD. PARAMOUNT j } ME 0-5866 . . . CALL ... NE 6-1777 j MONZAS $ $ $ $ IMPALAS i 3770 Cherry Ave. GA 6-3341

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