Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 21, 1973 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 21, 1973
Page 12
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-12 Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Wed., Feb. 21, 1973 FAYCTTEVILLE, ARKANSAS Burbank Trying To Ban Jets At Certain Times ..^WASHINGTON (AP) -- A California city will try to con 'yince the Supreme Court today ;rijat local governments have ;|jie right to ban jet planes from lUsing airports at certain times «i{ day. ·i'The City of Burbank's 1970 ordinance--aimed at culling noise near the Hollywood-Burbank Airport so residents coulc get more sleep--has been rulet unconslitutional by two lower federal courts. But the city, slate and now the federal government are ex peeled to lell the justices in to day's oral argument that Bur bank's ordinance does not con flict with federal jurisdiction over air traffic. Attorneys for Lockheed Air Terminal, Inc., which owns the airport, Pacific Southwest Air Lines and the Air Line PiloL Deceptively Simple Federal Law De/aney Clause Limits Food Additives In. Meat By JOHN STOWELL WASHINGTON (AP) - A deceptively simple federal law, on the hooks for 15 years, is he- hind a controversy which could influence Ihe health not only of Americans, but of people around the world. The haunting question, which has baffled the world's top scientists so far, is whether any a m o u ri t--no matter how small--of a chemical that causes cancer in laboratory an imals can he intentionally added to food without risk. The difficulty is that no one can say whether laboratory tests translate into danger to humans, and how much of any clement poses a threat. Consumers and Congress are caught in the middle of the long-running debate between public-interest groups and food and chemical industry. "No congressman is going to be put in tne position of voting lor cancer," said a high Food and Drug Administration official. "I think we owe it to them lo provide an escape route." HEART OF MATTER At the heart of the controversy is a 1958 amendment, the so-called Delaney Clause, to the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act which reads in part: "No additive shall be deemed to be safe if it is found to induce cancer when ingested by man or animals, or if it is found, after tests which are appropriate for the evaluation of the safely of food additives, to induce cancer in man or ani mal ...." The law takes its name unofficially from Rep. James J. Delaney, D-N.Y., who pushed it through after five years of hearings on food chemicals. Twice before the law has come under attack--in 1969 when the popular artificial s w e e t e n e r cyclarnate w a s banned, and again last year when the livestock-fed additive diethylstilbestrol (DES) was ordered off the markel. The loss to consumers has been minute, and relatively inexpensive. Alternatives were available in most cases although perhaps not as effective. DES has been banned only from livestock feed. Pending results of still-secret Agriculture Department tests, the growth hormone can be used as ear-implant pellets although cattle are a month slower in weight. "At Ihis point in time," says FDA Commissioner Charles C. Edwards, "most of the damage that has been done in the application of Delaney has been a commercial damage and not a consumer damage." But federal regulators, businessmen and increasing numbers of .congressmen are concerned that refined testing techniques may strike, down more and more food additives. Consumer groups are equally concerned that any modification of the law would expose more persons to cancer. Delaney has caused FDA to dp some fancy stepping on selenium, an essential nutrient for man and animals. Almost two years ago the American .Feed Manufacturers Association petitioned FDA for permission to use selenium in chicken, turkey and pig feed to overcome natural deficiencies n the Midwest and far .Northwest. They said producers were losing more than $40 million a year because of low production and high mortality. 'FDA has delaved approval because large dose." or selenium are highly toxic, and a suspected carcinogen. HEPATOXIN "We are going to call selenium a hepatotoxin," Edwards said, and not a carcinogen, because it causes a liver change similar to cirrhosis which is nol cancer but makes the organ more vulnerable to the disease. Delaney's cost to' certain industries has been enormous. Manufacturers and users ol cyclamates tried to push through Congress last year a bill authorizing indemnification or their losses, estimated at 1100 million to $500 million. Agriculture Secretary Earl L Butz estimates that a total DES ban would boost beef prices 3% cents a pound, or $300 million to $460 million a year. Industrj sources peg the added cos even higher. "The fundamental question, Butz said at a food-trade-asso ciation convention recently,^"! how safe do we want to be?" "There are those inter national scientists who dwel unduly on the safety issue wit! regard lo the use of DES am antibiotics." he said. "If the have their way, if they make u absolutely safe, the time coul come when we won't ea meat." Five Coiwlds Claim Program · Violates Rights SPRINGFIELD, Mo, (AP) -A hearing was scheduled'today xsfore U.S. Magistrate Thomas 3wyer on an action filed by ive federal prisoners on whether a program aimed at rehabi- itation violates 'their civil and iiiman rights. Target of the ' action START, a treatment and habilitation program at U . S . Medical Center ... Springfield, the general hospital in the federal prison system where the five prisoners were transferred after a disturbance at the federal penitentiary at Marion, 111. The hearing is on their request to be released from training under the program. David R. Freeman, federal public defender for western Missouri who represents some of the inmates, said one of the main issues is whether the pro; gram is voluntary. Full Page Advertisements ii re*_the in Accounting Demanded Of GIs Missing In War LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Inside the-'hewspaper graced with .the happy front-page headlines giat more prisoners of war had *een released was an advertisement: : "WHERE ARE OUR MIAS?" it asked. '-; -The ^full-page ad is one of .tjiose .being taken out in 150-200 newspapers across the nation by POW-MIA organizations. A MIA is one of .1,363 military Then and'30-45 civilians listed ..· the; organizations as missing ih: action in Indochina. : -· The ad pictures Lt. Ron Dodge, a Navy pilot shot down May 17, 1967. A photograph by a Dutch photographer showing Dodge being paraded through ,the streets of Hanoi appeared :in Paris Match magazine in ·rSeptember 1967, the ad says. ; Dodge's name did not appear ·on Hanoi's list of POWs held in 'North Vietnam, South Vietnam -or Laos. O The Pentagon says there are ,1,328 U;S; military men missing ;':in action or unaccounted for in ilndpchina. .while the Stale De partment lists an additional 24 civilian MIAs. COORDINATING ADS Voices in Vital America (VIVA) best-known for its worldwide distribulion of five million bracelets bearing the names of POWs and MIAs, says it is coordinating the ads. It calls on its bracelet-wearers and other Americans to protest the Communists' alleged failure to account for all Americans they captured. It says one way to do this is to demand of Congress that not one penny be spent on rebuilding North Vietnam until all MIAs are accounted, for. VIVA is also asking all brace let wearers to continue wearing them at least until all American POWs are released. "We are urging people to continue 'wearing their bracelets to help alert others that the issue has not yet been resolyec satisfactorily," said M r s Douglas Coppin, chairman ol V I V A ' s National Advisory Board. The MIA families are par ticularly disappointed about the accounting of POWs in Laos. Of 317 men carried as MIAs in L,aos, only seven were listed by rlanoi as prisoners. "We know with modern ejection methods there is a great chance of pilot and crew survival when a plane goes down. This figure of seven men ts ludicrous," Mrs. Coppin said. She said 56 men previously believed by the U.S. government to be POWs were not accounted for by Hanoi. She saic another li MIAs were reporter dead, while 46 MIAs were named on the POW list. Grasses Discussed The growing and maintenance of turf (lawn) grasses in Arkan sas was the subject of a talk an filmstrip presented by Dr. John King of the University o Arkansas agronomy departmen Tuesday at the regular noon meeting of the Fayetteyille Kiwanis Club at the Holida; Inn. Free Transmission Installed By Error JOPLIN, Mo. (AP) -- A Jopl- n svoman who (ailed to heed he admonition "Lock your car md take your keys" came out ahead anyway. Mrs. Elizabeth Holland of J o p 1 i n parked her 1965 Plymouth on a parking lot Monday and left the keys in the car while she visited ' a friend. When she returned, the car was missing, and she assumed it lad been stolen. But she had the car back-with a new transmission--on Tuesday. Authorities explained that an employe of a nearby transmission service had gone to the lot to pick up a 1965 Plymouth left there by a customer before the business opened. When he saw Mrs. Holland's car, he took it to the garage and installed the transmission ordered by the customer. Jesrich Dies AN ARBOR. Mich. (AP) -Dr. Paul H. Jesrich, 79. former dean of the University of Mich igan School of Dentistry, died Tuesday. He was a past presi dent of the American Denta Association. Northwest Arkanw* TIMES, Wed., Feb. 21, 1973 FAYITTIVILLI, ARKANSAS 13 As River Rises Flood Drills On Mississippi Under Way NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- For hose too young to remember hat the Mississippi River made scars, the current mock flood battle from St. Louis to New Orleans may seem wasted ef- 'ort. It was so long ago, so bitter, ;hat the last .flood is already written in history books, which are faithfully read by the U.S. Corps of Engineers. In 1927, the Mississippi River Valley ran into its depression two years early as the river spilled over banks, taking the homes, livelihoods and lives of thousands. The only way to fight it was with sandbags and mass labor and it was too little, to late. Now there are new methods and it's apparently coincidence that the mock flood drills come at a time that the Mississipp: River is edging up its banks. "We don't want to frighten anyone and I Want to empha size there is no danger." Col Richard Hunt, U.S. Corps o ingineers 1 district officer here, said Tuesday. "Our drill was simply for the purpose of checking our equipment and our slate of readiness." HIGHER NOW But officials admit that the iver is higher now at several Mints than it has been since [902 at the same time of year. And the spring thaw is still to come--a thaw that will see winter snow melting to fill the river's arteries. Charles Caldwell. a Corps engineer in Vicksburg, was given a hypothetical case Tuesday involving a river bank cave-in threatening the levee near Vidalia, La., where the river is close to the levee. Caldwell had to make recommendations. "We could build a backup levee, bring in more concrete mattresses, or push quarry stone off of a barge to harden the spot." he said. He also noted that his men would not have lo depend 01 mass labor to fill and carry icavy sandbags. The sandbags lave been replaced by plastic ubing. 'We lay the tubing down and hen fill it with water--which we have plenty of." he said. Emergency labor would arrive almost immediately, via iclicopter. In 1927, convicts and volunteers were bused to strick en areas and were delayed bj flood waters. He also said the drill is no pegged with the current rive stages but added. "We don' need any more water." Violinist Dies LUCERNE, Switzerland (AP -- Joseph Szigeti, 80, world-re nowned violinist, died Tuesdaj The Hungarian-born musicia began his concert career at 13 made his first recording in 190 and played with many of th world's major symphonies. Some Falconers Stealing Birds SAN DIEGO, Callfj (AP) -- ome falcon trainers are steal- ng their birds from California oos, says Frank Todd, corpo- ate curator at Sea World Maine Park. ' ' "There is no place in modern iociety for the ego trip that falconers are on when they walk around with si bird on an arm," Todd said in a speech Monday. "They are a bunch of cut- hroat thieves and bandits. They have taken wild falcons il- egally and have stolen falcons 'rom the San Diego Zoo and the Los Angeles Zoo, and they steal from each other." About 200 delegates ap- ·" plauded Todcl's remarks, at the four-day. 15th western conference of the American Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums. Naturalist Dies COLUMBIA, N.J. CAP) -Author and naturalist Ivan Sanderson, 62, died Monday of cancer. 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