Independent from Long Beach, California on April 2, 1963 · Page 7
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 7

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1963
Page 7
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Bogus American Sills ( g] W Cherry Blossoms BANGKOK, Thailand WV--[in raids on a counterfeit ring] WASHINGTON (UPI) --festival which draws thoa- Morc than J10,000 in bogus reported to extend from HangrThis city's famed Japanese sands of tourists. Record high American cuiieuty has beenjKong throaga Burma toThal-Jcherry trees burst into blocc^SO degress weather brought celled by Thai police so farjtand. ' 'Monday, signaling the amual'the b'ossoras out THE ONLY NONSTOP JETS TO demonstrations in racially- ense Greenwood, Mis*, and vowed to stand behind au- horities who have dispersed the demonstrators with police dogs and barricades. Bamett broke his silence Lv 835AMPST Arl:45PMCST ALSO ONE-STOP JET Lv 12 NOON PST Ar 6:05 PM CST for reservations, see your Travel Agent or can NE 8*0358 Barnctt Backs Up Riot Police SoutlilandDamage Heavy From Wind I INDEPENDENT-* 9 . A.-7 l»i (MC*. Calif., T«M, Uti » Mu iwindow blew out of the WiseiSnowden Ave., causing minor Pine Avenue. A Street De-| Apartment employe, he had een sweeping up glass that shattered on the sidewalk when another large window alew out on the weeklong series of His partner, Harry T. Dunm a r c h e s in Greenwood in can, 28, of 1700 Pacific Ave, which eight Negroes were ar- was struck on the shoulder rested with a statement de- by the angle-iron section of A power line, downed by snarled traffic at scribing the demonstrations as a "loaded bomb resting in a street in the heart of the city.' IX ABERDEEN, Miss, Federal D i s t r i c t Court Judge nent Claude F. C l a y t o n Monday turned down a Justice Department request for an immedi ate order prohibiting Greenwood officials from interfering with Negro voter appli cants. Clayton said he did not consider government charges Fairview Hospital to Be Probed (Continued from Page A-l) Cherry Avenue and South ramento. president of the CaK- Street when it fell.across the.fornia Association for Mental street, shooting sparks 12 Health. '·:·'» feet out Passersby directed! They claimed that on their traffic untfl police arrived, tour on inspection cf the hos- But children -- as usual-- ptars isolation wards they turned nature's fury into fun. found men and women locked BiEy Stubbs, 9. of 2041 Me- fc separate concrete-floored the w i n d o w frame. Police Sgt John Whatley and Patrolman Fred Porter used Whatley's necktie as a tourniquet oa Panting's leg. He was released after hospital treat A TALL TREE fell on a , . Nabb Ave, and Trent Bri- Yells without clothing or bed- sacker, 11, of 2051 McNabVding and with improper toilet strapped on roller skates and facilities. Some patients, they used a beach umbrella as claimed had bruises indica- sail to go whizzing their block. . claimed. had bruises indica- down ting possible abuse. * ' * * I WIXSLOW Christian, ad- THE WEATHER, in true' nitrate* of the S t a t e A p r i l - F o o l ' s Day fashion. Health and Welfare Agency. brought hailstorms to the San C f ^hich ^ state Depart- .Fernando Valley, snow to the' nen t of Mental Hygiene is a fo0thms ** thunde " toms pS. wrh-S at Cofu Mist Moody which was parked to northern parts of the Los Sunday and promptly ad,,*.,*. i,,. vTM. ,. '^'Angeles Basin while the winds m = t ted -Tlere is a posrf- lashed the coast baity of mistreatment · of The Weather Bureau fore- patients at the hospital. ' outside his home at 2011 able notice and an opportu- National goes where the nation grows violated in the Delta com- Thursday munity sufficient to warrant "trampling on the rights'* of officials who should be al- jlowed "due process, reason- nity to be heard." . cast breezes today, with only injunction r e q u e s t forready were decreasing steadi- !ly late Monday night MEET SATURDAY, APRIL 6 11 A.M. UNTIL 2. P.M. WIN $50 GIFT CERTIFICATES THE EASTEK BUNNIES WILL BE ROAMING THROUGHOUT THE CENTER FROM 1 1 A.M. UNTIL 2 P.M. GIVING FREE TICKETS TO SHOPPERS ... THERE Will BE A DRAWING ON THE MALL BEHIND THE MAY CO. AT 2 P.M. AND WINNING TICKET HOLDERS Wilt WIN A SSO GIFT COUPON BOOK 'GOOD AT ANY OF THE PARTICIPATING STORES IN THE CENTER. FREE PARKING FOR 10.000 CARS - NO VALIDATION YOU CAN GET EVERYTHING AT LAKEWOOD CENTER Acm« Trarel Servkt Afeert't Houerr ArbttTs Ske* Rtpoir C. H. Bolter Skoes Boak of America Bflrr/i Jewelers Berfs Hoat Farairyrc lev's 'load's Cloti« BouleTord Cleeaen Bop Mertet (HcfaMTi Trpcwriten Brtler Bretlere Center Meat C«. CVadfer'f Stoes Crtaem NcttssaJ Bcttt CEfroi'j Cafeteria Cfc»4 Merd Colombia Stori ·Ceraar'i Shoes CcmVs Coffee Shop Dad's for Mti Ftmfoa* Sfort Frp'ag A Sfotioa Foreman I Clark Gold's Fsmfura Greet Westen Sorugs Loan Ass*. Htlea Grot* CaadTes W. T. Great Co. Karris Frank HartflrU-s Herald Americas Htraras Hors« Rntanrast Shoes laaej Shoes lafenotiosol Hotn* of foncctts Jodft JCoy Jewtlen Kttaj't Dooits Kirty's Xcsfoaroat L's Cofft* Shop Lotewood Bowl Lose wood Contra Lett wood Center Berber Shop Lottwood Cnfer Books Hoaie SorUgj ' Loo* Assn. Press-Ttleorom Cetfer Cor Wash Lekcwood Cttttt CorporaHoi Leltwood Ceater Lasdroreet Lehewsod Ceater Uqaers Lslewood Ceater SportUq Goods Ltt-fi Stott Lo-Ler-Re leasrr Scfei Thorn MeA Shoes MosaVTt Skoet May Corepa*y Nona M eater's Melody Cleaners Melody Drnsei Modcn Womaa MiCei Bhm Orange Joffn Partwood Chevrolet P»rrr Corporatioa Retfonload Regal Shoes Rnstri SfetMters Jeaa Rja'i Sabriaa Shoo Safeway Stare Sar-oi Dnjs Sce'i Dr. Derid Shore Sierra Eieployneet Ageeey Steeper Le»9« Co. Srcufftr Sato* Snset Hone Setts* Bros. Dr. Robert Swartz Uiiea 7i Stotiei UJ.FnlOffke WoCich's Mints City Wctherfey-Keyser Sfcoei F. W. WooSrorth Co. Tec's Kitcke* Moteniry Clothes 'Multiple' Textbook Measure Is Killed (Continued from Page A-l) ist of texts more thin onej Nathaniel CoHey, a board »asic book for any elementary member, countered that the iubject THE LOCAL districts then "But he cautioned that it is not an official finding "and added, "Patients could havp »' T ceived the injuries from fellow patients.TM n { He ordered a probe by Dr. Phillip Sirotkin. executive as sistant to the director of mental hygiene, and by Dr. William B. Beach, deputy! director cf children's services for the department. -*; · . * . · * D1ST. ATTY. Kenneth Wil- board doesn't want the power 1 " 1 TM* of .Ora8« County-trill _ _ " . _ n»-4rf «f» »*»r1£**t«T*rY*nt vtrvx*A «f would select the book they wanted from the board's list At present the board adopts one or more basic texts for! each subject and the districts must accept them. Supple-' mental texts also are provided jy the board, but can be used only as a supplement, and cot s the basic text Wmton said his measure would give the board flexibility in selecting basic texts Winton's bill would provide. He said the board favors a degree of flexibility in text- head an independent probe at the request of Police Chief Arthur McKenrie of Costa VAV-ICC v* ·i^Aiwiinj Ui ICAl- · · book selection, but feels it has) A , that flexibility at present · · · · WEVTON disagreed, noting that the board plans to ask Atty. Gen. Stanley Mosk whether it has such "multiple adoption" power now. He said the present elementary text selection system was put into the State Constitution in 1S4 and "has A third investigation will |be conducted by Dr. Galioni, i who said hi] aides Mrs. Doris Trobaugh, administrator cf nurses for the State Department of Mental Hygiene, and William Reid, acting diretcor of personnel for the department which he felt it wished. "This been the stumbling block to does not compel them to [flexibility in the adoption of adopt more than one; it only says they may," he explained. Sciiale Unit Kennedy Youth Job Measure WASHINGTON (UPI--The Senate Labor and Public Wd- textbooks in California." Winton said his amendment would leave approval of text- Mitchell Fires Attorney: Bribe V ' Case Recessed NEW YORK (UPI-Joseph N.Y, city manager on trial from recornmendaticas of the]accused of talcing a $20,000 proved of the :- McD. MitcheU. Newbourgh. !r - - - State Curriculum Commis- bribe, fired his lawyer Mansion, day and the judge promptly recessed proceedings until today. Mitchell and Lawrence J. Youth ASSEMBLYMAN Jack T. Casey, D-Bakersfield, moved Dimasi. accused of being 'committee--and thus killed-- [Mitchell's, confederate and ,,;,,_-.., t,:ii« -r»! u " lwlul - c wto school districts conspiracy and bribery, priority bills. The tmific ^5^,to sriecl j ^^ p M aioney. K . Democratic Majority Leader several books - and to ask thel = u ""« attorney, told Supreme Mike Mansfield, Mont, said' 1 " 0 " 11 to P"' * aan y bookl «« Court Justice Joseph A. Sara- thebiawouldEOtotheSenatet" 1 ^!- ,,, ,, ,, J |fite that Mitchell refused to next week. He predicted it\ J^^ y f - Co J^ s - Jep"ty ( have Edward /. Chapman would pass du-ector of the State Finance continue as his counseL The Under the proposal. 75,000'Department said the depart-[attorney said that Mitchell youths would be put to work. Fifteen thousand would be recruited for a Youth Conservation Corps to work in forests, parks and recreation areas. Sixty thousand would join hometown projects run! by the states with matching federal funds. The age bracketl for both projects would be 16^22. rnent opposed the biH because had asked him to act ai de- it could mean a big boost in'fense counsel for both de- textbook costs. jfendants. Tljing Judge 9 Houston yv» llfPC M - f *-^° /~\ I ,ai Vitl Philippines Renew Invitation to JFK Oscar E. Houston, the *f!y-:hira." his daughter, Mrs. ing judge." died Monday. He:Mary E. Sanders. 1180 E. was 76. [Burnett St. said. He con- His death ended a legal tinued ia active law practice WASHINGTON Cfl The career of more than half a junta two weeks ago. Philippine'govemmer.t has ex-tcn""* He was judge of the Surviving are daughters. tended an official invitation 1 Long Beach Municipal Court Mrs. Sanders and Mrs. Betty to P r e s i d e n t Kennedy to'froa 1931 to 1940. Earlier he L. Seal, and a son, James A. visit that country diplomatic!"** municipal court judge in Another son, Roland, died in sources said Monday. There Signal MIL Before 1923 he the air raid on Plpesti Ru- was no indication the Presi- held judgeships in Oklahoma, man a, in Worid Wtr II. Mr. dent could accept this year. ( He was known as the -fly-[Houston took especial in- Diplomats said no plans'^2 Judge" because of his life-,terest in Roland's son, Roland have yet become definite forjlong interest in aviation. He Kent I Philippine President Diosdado '^~ ls Macapagal to make a postponed official call on President Kennedy. Macapaga] indefinitely delayed a state visit last June when Congress initi- . in the very early of^tion. _ Service . _ . . be Fnday at planes for Civil Air Patrol, [ton. Okla. His health forced him to quit flying in 1953. ally voted down a $73-miHion war d a m a g e bill for the ALTHOUGH bis health had Philippines. Congress laterbeen failing for several yean, passed the legislation. ("he wouldn't let it bother Throw Away That Hearing Aid Oldu. Rite lor llallle Mullaly, 58 Funeral service for Mrs. Hattie Belle MuHaly, 5S, wife of prominent retired real estate man Carter MoBaly, member of a pioneer Long Beach fan-^y. win be held Thursday in the Hohn-Cook Chapel, Oklahoma Now in im»ring new jdccriiicjtrolj, it to mvention fcti pa heir better that TOO may weu it t=d cot p* you *tu nothing b either eir. No »;.-«, no cor, to tdba. even yocr closest Ineni «- N r p o r t Beach! Sunday in Hoag Memo- it nates yen tHI Ko. Yoa|riai Hospital, Newport Beach. timply vf. it, forjtt it, pt'She had lived Jn Long Beach no baity laKaj pidu. Aad,jnitaJ haring mhcrcrer ton | an of her life expect for the eillring the custa'd frocess,'tre. For free, fell inforruti'oa'P 3 " seven years._ c.rrieJ directly to thejabout the mcfatfaurr ^ * inner eir thcj brpassmg e heirinj u"J thit rr^rc* cob- Jr ^.^ f ty \ art daughter, Mr*. defectiie outer ct nudJIe eir.jiog ia esher eir, vrite toiij to Marilyn Robinson, aad seven Everything -- eJectroeuc drcmtiOurion, 42)7 Post KoiJ, Os-[grandchildren. The family «- r«er orJt, microphone, ccc-ltmb^. New York. quests donation* to the Caa- _cerFund. '

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