Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
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Friday, February 21, 1964
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1'EATURES INDEX Amusements .B-8 'Markets ... .A-32 Classified ....D-l" Radio-TV .'...C-8 Comlct B-l Sports C-l, 7 DeathNotices A-34 Stepping Out B-II Editorial B-J Women ....B-3, 7 Tfte Southland's M Finest Morning Newspaper ··WEATHER- r . : - Sunny today with north to northeast minds diminishing this afternoon. Hijh temperator* near 74. Complete weather, Pace A-3. . !· j :· Phone HE 5-1161 -- Cbssiftd Na. HE 2-S7S? ** it PAGES LONG BEACH 17. CALIFORNIA. FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 21. 1964 Y O L 2 4 -- N O . 152 HOME EDITION -- tOe Palm Springs _ Hails Johnson and Ladybird By DOUGLAS B. CORNELL Cranston Challenges Engle for Endorsement of CDC PALM SPRINGS OPt--President Johnson got a warm reception from residents of this desert spa Thursday night as he arrived for a series of friendly hands- across-the-border talks with President Adolfo Lopez Mateos of Mexico. Nearly a thousand persons crowded ai close as they could to the off-ramp of the presidential plane. Mmy carried cameras, and fathers hoisted youngsters to their I Ti7-S»i*Ir. shoulders as the plane taxied I) Y \V lllClS U P to the lir P°rt reception .' larea. The Southland Hard-Hit Winds · Six Southland c o u n t i e s Thursday shutters rattled like loose airport itself was decked out in hundreds of pennants. They carried the strong, gvJsty |Co]ot . $ emb i ematic of Mexico winds that reached velocities --green, white and red--as *i high as 100 miles an hour.lwell as th« American Red, More wind gusts of lesserl^ 1 " 1 " and BIue intensity are e.tpected from' Thcre w « · s1 'S*« wind the northeast today, but ^ t . I l e ^perature-a con. . . . . . . . . ., fortable 50 degrees--brought should dimmish continually^, everything from mink throughout the day. |coats to denims and sweat- Heaviest damage from theirs among the spectators. Some of the men wore the roaring santana occurred out- typically Texan LBJ hats. side Los Angeles County in area, of Ventura, Kern. San ^^ Bernards, and Unse Orange Counties. . [loud c heers as the President, · * * · jwho had napped about half IT MAY have been re-the four-and-one-half-hour sponsible for one death. Fred-^ight. appeared in the door erick L Suggs Jr., 3.1. a sailor ° f th « b'S Air Force jet. stationed at Point Mugu, »jis- Well-wishers were lined up appeared while fishing late four and five deep at the Wednesday and is believed to'ctose vantage points. have been swept into the sea) The President soon was by windi ranging up to 60 handshaking his way along a rrtph. jncarby fence- Gusts reached a top of only] Whila this was going onv 31 knots at Long Beach MU-'MTS. Johnson was taken to a nicipal Airport Thursday, but.waiting black limousine and that was high enough to canse a small cheering section be- a few mishaps and to darkea'gan chanting: "We want the sky with dust. 'Ladybird. Hey! Ladybirdr Ginger's Bait Barge, sup- Senator Not Among 7,000 Attending ; Convention Here ByBOBHOUSER . PKilUM [liter U.S. Sen. Clair Engle faces a go-for-broke challenge today from State Controller Alan Cranston in the endorsement decision of the California Democratic Council convention, opening three days o( deliberations in the Long Beach Arena. Some 7.000 delegates, alternates and observers registering at the Arena today learned that the 52-year-old E n g l e , convalescing f roaj brain surgery, will not attend and that Cranston had announced his candidacy. PRESIDENT JOHNSON shakes hands of some of the hundreds who lined fence to welcome him at Palm Springs airport Thursday night as he arrived for meeting with Mexican President Adolfo Lopez Mateos. Sheriff's Men, CHI 1 Augment Springs Police « . ,, SAN PALM SPRINGS (.?» -- All off-duty p o l i c e personnel · · « · jwere called in to join in the' APPLAUSE followed. She protective cordon for the ar-; live bait inside Long Beach then left the car and, to loud rival «* President Lyndon B.j ·*·"" Harbor, broke from her moor-^cheers. followed her bus- Johnson and his official partyf-«P- ing, early Thursday and was band's handshaking example. Thursday night. | seriously damaged. A 17-footj Johnson and his wife left Palla Springs police also,? and a 26-foot boat anchored the airport about 23 minutes! w «'e getting an assist from], with the barge were tost. 'after their arrival. , '·* Riverside County sheriffs Sheppard Retiring for plying sportfishermen with Earl H. Bryden. 43. the! His summit session with office *"1 ^J* ,barge caretaker, was rescu^Lopez Mateos shapes up t s' HlgIlway Patro1 ' aton S ^" by the Coast Guard and the'one with a piMmm-^ of prob-i (Continued Page A-6. Col. 6) (Continued Page A-6, CoL I) for the two-day visit here. BERNARDINO (UPI)' Harry R. Sheppard,' de-l Hundreds Alarmed ·by Tremor An earthquake rocked the Long Beach area Thursday' (rambler 9 -s Loose Cash $763,223 DELEGATES must decide whether to go with Engle, their 195S endorsee; with Cranston, the founding president of CDC; or with other aspirants. C o n g r e s s m a n James Roosevelt. Atty. Gen. Stanley Mosk. pension leader George McLain. former As- sembljrnan Dewey Andersun. O r a n g e County electrical worker Harold E. Fields, or to] make no endorsement. Cranston's candidacy announcement in Sacramento followed withdrawal from Engle's campaign of his 193S chairman, former Navy Secretary Dan Kimball. beard; chairman of Aerojet General ALAN CRANSTON' Goes for BroVe Air Captain Too Fa I, Set for Dismissal , PORTSMOUTH. N.H. «V-- CHICAGO Vft-- A board of Corp., and Kimball's switch Dismissal o( a 221-pound Air r. r h,ni t ,.,,« -,.. D - C, banks and sa% and loan afternoon, startling housewives and flooding police and .cash found in the rear bed,room of a dead polky-wheel operator's home was totaled at to support of Cranston. Force captain was recom- Engle's Southern California mended Thursday by a hear- advisers confirmed he will ing board because the officer inot be present but said his] failed to cut his weight to ia!^. c ^ · · . i · · i*^ *" TM * ^* *· **"***« vrit w o r k e ( J «ns. [nearly 18 hours \\ | n J f c w. §«i-JVtfc». WM*. d«.i-w .i»^| i AAI^U i^ v i * » I U *«^lj^UV * V» "'absence will not restrict rnYmeet Air Force requirements. ;crews of w e a r y policeraen^;,! tor convention endorse-) la one of Hie first cases of ^ ^ he kind ^ M rf thumbing nominated by Lt. Gov. Glenn Capt. Harold K. Sacane, 31, Across the Nation $16.9 Billion for Defense OKd WASHINGTON (UPI)--The House Thursday unanimously passed a record $I6.9-billion defense authorization and gave overwhelming support to Gen. Curtis E. LeMay*s plea for a new bomber to replace this country's reflection for l e a n f ! Tht shOCk Wl at 221 P-^-* though thick stacks of bfflsJM. Anderson. They also an- of Sunnyside, Pa,'was found l^jltk n ° jaccording to instruments at A high-speed change count- nounced Assemblyman Tom "defective toward his duty to «3,Mwrirrf -o i ,fc-M v U* Caltech seismograph lab- er, borrowed from a chcrchJCarren of San Fernando as|mamtain a prescribed stand- ^urpparu, ty r is imru-ranA-i _ uicrt T*-a« r\r»ce»/4 tff^ *n-*-*'hia Southland chairman and ard of fitness" ing member of the House oratory u, Pasadena The ^l*^ ^^^"^1^^ illrk Boyar .s his! The threlcolonel board', ^ o m m i t t e e o n Appropria-oratory staff said they had (found ^ ^ SoaA S yJfinjnce chairman. (findings wul be reviewed by not measured the intensity of | ii Orne o f 63-year-old Lawrence . . . . JAir Force headquarters in the temblor or pinpointed its VVakefield after he suffered a CRANSTON' says he will,Washington and final action i _ o m m i i i e e on rtppropria- [tions, chairman of the mili- itary subcommittee on appro- 1 priations. and dean of the 1 CaSfornia delegation. H« first was elected to Congress in 1936. * « · · CV AX announcement released by his local office. aging B32s and B5Ss. The measure would authorize 35.212 new missiles and 2.700 aircraft for the anned forces and 5.1 new warships for the Navy. It also would authorize vast new research and development efforts, including $32 million for work on the design of a new bomber and manned interceptor for the Air Force. The lawmakers beat down an effort t» chop the bomber and interceptor noney out of the bill. The administration did not request it and may not even use the authority. The bill passed Thursday sets only the spending ceiling on such programs, actual appropriations must be considered separately later. The House rejected a move by Rep. Craig Hosmer, R-Calif, to require that the Navy's new aircraft carrier be nuclear-powered instead of using conventional power, as or3ered by Defense Secretary Robert S. McNimara. ttlnsl Kills Mariin: CAMP FfcKDLETON (UPI) -- A heroic Marine instructor was killed and two trainees were wounded seriously . Thursday when a mishandled M26 f rag- menUtion grenade exploded accidentally during practice en a range. The instructor, who grabbed the live grenade from the trainee's Lands and hurled it 10-15 feet before It exploded, is credited with preventing at least s score more Injuries and several deaths. Killed instantly by shrapnel was S. Sgt. Bobby Gene CaHison, 34, Vista, Calif. The Marine who mishandled the jrenade. Pvt- James Croraer, 17, of Indianapolis, suffered multiple abdominal wounds. WxjndH in the neck was IM. Julian A. Juaring. 17, of Spokane. Slorm lircicx Snow flume, blowing off the Great Lakes Thursday trailed the Northeast's great snowstorm cf one day earlier. and a new stonn apparently was build- frg cp on the Southwestern plains. Wmds as strong as 60 rn.p.h. whipped snow across New Mexico to the Texas Panhandle. Brisk northerly winds car-' ried snow flumes into Great Lakes and north Atlantic states. exact location. · * . « IT APPEARED, that the shock was acutely in Long Beach . says . [fatal heart attack Wednesday not run unless he gets the will be determined by the 'night. CDC endorsement. Roosevelt)secretary of the Air Force, however) Mrs. Rose Kennedy, 66. who has reserved his irrevocable Sacane, a bachelor, is as- 'summoned police after Wake- decision until after the coa- signed to Pease AFB at Ports, »~ vention _ Mosk j^, suggested mouth. elsewhere. No damage Sheppard said hi, doctor, a d - r e p o r t e d , but vised him to curtail activity housewives, who to alleviate his emphysema. The Independent, PresVlele-!! a dual or multiple endorsement. The ailment is a lung disease restricting breathing. Sheppard on Feb. 13 there was nothing irregulai Sacane', troubles began last August when the Air Force it issued new weight regula- gram moment, after the' ice Jarred ant * some'-- f .!»««·« sarf « f " « - was removed to the[ D i s t r i c t . f h e ' leaders had other c c rgging inproper about his sudden tors banted Igamst walls. °" 1 « r i c orkers 1 HE SAID his financial records would be completely available to any government jolt, other, didn't feel it at an. several days." He said buildings said their 'money previously was in ajdesk, thook. But, while some '"'- deposit box and that the ~ ' ' " " of his fortune was ac-! cumulated during hi, business career. *I have kept this money in cash because I have had very little time during ny congressional service to watch other business ventures," he said. station. She remained during P '* e . Co!. 5) still hope President B. Johnson, visiting! President A d o l f of The sharp eye, of patrol-'Lopez Mateos in Southern' C h i l d s werejCalifornia. will deride to iscoveiy of the come to the Arena Saturday a cora-'aftemoon after official farewells have closed the hoard. After he and '(Continued Page A-6. Cd. First Ruby Juror Selected,, Guarded Hill Charges Detailed · By VINT MADER 1 phase of his trip. But Assembly S p e a k e r c ^^ Monr am . Jesse M. Unruh wJI be in the ^n^, of embattled S!gM j presidential party and in Palm Hin ^^,0 ng^ p^. Springs Friday night when MfThaTsaav took the wraps off By ARTHUR EVERETT jagency with a legitimate in' ordinarily would appear at| (he convention la introduce legislative colleagues. CDC Deader, feel Unruh has con jviiiced LBJ he should pas* up .the convention. , -.._.-,,, Cf)'-- A husky/which the defense claimed: . . . . ;tcrest in Uiem. well-educated electronics era-'courtroora security guards THE long-festering bitter-i! I Thursday, the Yucatparesi-'pfcjje Thursday became thej we re interfering with Ruby's ness between Unruh and CDC I dent said he regretted re-ifirst juror chosen to try Jack trial and eavesdropping on hi, ( was aggravated Tuesday in a| ^inquishing his key commit-|Ruby for murder in the slay-strategy consultatioas with.ltmgmaker" a c c u s a t i o n assignments, based on ing of Lee Harvty Oswald.;lawj-eri. 'against him by council back-j 10 pages of charge j that threaten the posfs survival and simultaneously predicted "they'll have to postpone" a trial scheduled for April 4. Among charges brought in formal complaint issued tee based . scr.ionty. 'accused assassin of President) The f,m juror was accept- «" -I have helped my ration. Kennedy. ' e j by both the state and the «** He is Max E. Causey, 35. defense rnly after 23 'state, and district to the best of my ability and am grateful father of two boys, holder of^tes to the many friend s» bo have a Buster's degree in supported and inspired me.tioo with - *-*· '- Cranston. Roosevelt' They were smart-)^ ' ' thatthe Sizrul Hi'l ^.JlT,, S~:j_ i ' r.tVNecr" i»d oTher Iftentoe^nd before him had Five other during my tenure of office," he said. Paris-Tapei Hreak LIKE GEORGE Timed with the Saturday birthday anniversary cf the first president. Ton Grace surveys a knurled likeness of George Washington discovered on an ancient paper mulberry tree in historic WiDiarasburg. Va. j m i s e . v e e r p r a job ia mflitarypect, were disqualified after /continued in a Dallas aero- cTaseys selection and the (Co°tmued electronics in a DaHas aero-'causeyr space plant. He ha, crew-cv'Jtrial , Unroh's prediction 1 be en'that CDC would cot make an 1 they strong- 1 A-». Col. 5) recessed overnight light brown hair, a square;,^ » jjxtj, urx je,. examiaa- face, aad the hint of a * " chin. A DEFENSE lawyer quoted TAIPEI, Formosa in Pierre Salade, French minis- ·ter ta Nationalist China. kftjRuby as concurring in the .Formosa for hicne Thcrsdiy. lection cf Causey by declar-j '.France and President Chian;) Causey was sworn ia on the!" Kai-shek. .fourth day of the trial, during (Continued Page A-3, Co!. 1) but HEROIC Nat7«ife »\ts her two children fnxn Page B-l. L A K E R S streak. Page C I. i . . . . CHARGE sheet also the post "adopted the cf purportedly ad- Legion meetings, continuing in the same [place and before the same jaudience with speaker, wh were advertised by t'ne post in it, buUctin as speaking at an American Legion meet- ling." this all after "the post promised la cease and desist' from it, alleged hate action* ) The compUiat says i^t H(Continued P»;e A-3. Cul. 3»

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