Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 30, 1950 · Page 4
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 4

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1950
Page 4
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GIRL TRAPPED--Barbara Wolfe, 22, awaits rescue from an -automobile in which:she was pinned when"it crashed at high speed into guard rail along the coast"highway at Playa Del Rey, Calif., near Los Angeles. She was not seriously injured. .A 16-foot length of rail pierced the car from end to end. Mari'in foreground is supporting another trapped passenger, Gene : Geist, 22, who suffered a possible fractured'spine. Four other persons in auto were injured, . ' - /;"·' , .-·;'· ·- ~ ; Rent Coirtro Talk Persists WASHINGTON, Oct. ; 30 \ (,?)--': new rent control law? There's.bec continuing .talk of it, and the ide has received a shot in the arm. President Truman said. he maj call congress back--before it's du back on Nov. 27--to consider ren controls, among other things. Earlier this month 'Sen. Bricker Ohio Republican,' said congres may have to extend the rent lau ·\vhen it returns in' November. -. In the past Bricker had been on of the chief foes of such controls He had.fought against them the last two'times congress, extended them. . . '; . . And as far, back as September Rep. Spence--Kentucky Democra! and chairman of the house bank Ing committee' -- "said -his group would start hearings .on -a- new rent law aa soon as congress;returns in November.. Last April Mr. Truman asked congress to keep the controls til June 30, 1951, anyway. Wipes Out Controls'' Late in June Congress thought ·otherwise and decided to wipe out the controls--or most of them-' «ooner than .Mr. Truman wanted. at passed'8-rent'.law \vhich-went Into. effect. July.jt; and.'JsaldHhis:, · 1. All- government vren't controls would end Dec. 31," 1950,'Vunless -- ·2. The people-of a "city-or town by referendum or vote of their go* er.ning todyy-'likeva /city council voted to-keep them until-June 30, 1951. :-· For-most of the-country, unless congress ,in the .meantime votes to keep .them longer, controls'will end Dec. '-SI, 1950.. But'.since congress voted in June the Korean fighting "started. So did 'this country's defense program, with all that means. · Industries are/Dooming, -workers .are needed arid in the meantime the government cracked down on new home building .by making-it harder to buy. ; " So the situation, now -is not exactly the same as it,was in'June. Bricker,' for instance;: said, this o: Oct. 6: · · -New'building had-almost' ; caugh up with. housing ''needs' (in June but die: government crackdown 0' new building since."the defense pro gram'. startei rolling may leave shortage that will require rcn ceilings. -;' .-·'·'-. " '·: - ' Government rent- controls,' started-early in tlie war, have con tinued .until,- now ..without .a -break although with, some changes. In.; 1948 there were 16,000,OOC units under rent control, the peak number, v '-At .the 'nioment there, are'' onl about one-half that number--or S, lOO.OOO.-Tinits under control. . Since July 1, when the presen aw went into effect, about 184 com munities--with'v.a .total of about. 1, '50,000 dwelling units--have votec o continue federal.;controls for.six months. Since congress may -have "other obs in its lap when it returns in November, ' it will have to ' work ast'lf: it's'going to- continue the ederal controls, which otherwise nd Dec. 31. 'laying For Keeps General Asserts LOS ANGELES, Oct. 30. (fl 5 )-- traight talk from aff air force S ral who. says western defenses re ready:' . ' ' . - ' ' ·'. : . For the. firstitime In our his- ory, the 1 United' States is within ange of and in 1 danger of attack. Iow, for. the first time,.we know omethlng of the feeling-of insecur- ty that the people of other nations SVe known for .generations. J.We must rcalize'that the peace, and se- urltyand the lush living we'have ntwnare not God-given rights or nherited privileges, but rewards o be worked for and fought for and i be won." ' . · Brig; .Gen., William M. Morgan, ce-commander of the western air efense.i. force," said 'that an .an rmcd forces dinner. He said -a'network of air force- :anned radar stations is operating nd .that air defense control cen- rs and jet fighters -are ready 24 ours a day. "We're playing for eeps,'' Gen. Morgan declared. , (Seek Hit-Run Driver Here Police today are looking for the driver of. a 1S36 Plymouth" truck with a. yellow body and" black top after an accident in -which Jose Duarte, of'1615 W. Niagara st.^s pedestrian, was -injured. ;' Duarte, at veteran's hospital to; day, was reported in good condition. His scalp was lacerated.. Police said the truck driver was heading west on West 22nd [street and apparently "intent" on making a turn into South Eighth, avenue when Duarte stepped from tha curb into th'e^path of the vehicle and was knocked downi Duarte was removed from the scene in an ambulance. *Witnesses told police the truck, driver kept going west on* West 22nd street after striking .Duarte, Army At Lost Has Genuine Fox Hole FAIRBANKS, Alaska, Oct 30. (JP) It may be the army's genuine fox hole. That Isn't) what the' army dug the.30Joot~'hole outside;Fairbanks for. But workmen' and Fish and Wildlife service agents had to bmld a ladder of branches so a fox coulfl get out after it'fell in. - ggsaaaasa= Number 6 In a Scries f . · Elect Douglas Doctor" 1951-52 Medic Prexy PHOENIX, Oct. 30.- VP--Dr. James'Walsh of ^Douglas, Ariz., Is thecpresldent-eleet;,of Jthe-" Southwestern -.Medical 'association.' - Dr.- L.-/W; Bredc^bf El "Paio, Tex:, ^ chosen president-elect last year; assumed the ,office,during the association's annual meeting which' ended here Saturday. ' , " '· Next' year's convention" will be held in El Paso, Tex. Ex-Minister E f riJt8,on ?*"»"' the ^ one To Form Dane Cabinet Wednesday. COPENHAGEN, " Denmark, "Negotiations between the opposi- . tipn.: -parties, . ..which defeated ''the Oct Socialist regime of 'Hans Hedtoft, ·which resigned rationing. Butter IM rationed In Denmark--f anted for "it* dairy In ; dustry--to allow "moire produce for the, export market.-; ".^ ' · ' ,,', , , 30. (S)-- King Frederifc today called ; are, scheduled to open 1 this after- on 'Erik- Erikson,- agrarian leader^oon. . t ; and v former lagriculture-ministerrto:. . Hedtoft's, ^government -^.resigned .. --, ,,__.______. -[ -T^ ,, .T -- TLj. · . - - '"·'-. aUU v iUI-AllCi -tlgl.-lUUH,UiC lliUJlpLCI ( ~ UU:. . JTACUtUJ. U 3 .:ftU V Ci illJ-lClll* ·', i CatgUCLl Kfe was'electea.to nold office for fonrTa new Danish cabinet.to re-after a.bitter 'debate over butter the''year 1951-52;;', ;. . ·· ~ · ·· ·· : JUMBO PRINTS WONT LET YOU WEAR IT -liMJESSTTFITS -i HandrMade, Clothes Superbly Fitted and Hand Altered 849.50169.50 $89.50 1105 :« Jf. Stone AT*. , w) ___ Phone S-6M1 Cltlifg Ivtnlni, Ort, ««,' 1 DO IT NOW! Get Your Furnace Ready for Winter 1", Before the Big-Ruin! '. See CAID Sons SrSSr w *'A 327 E. 8th £35" « Dial 3-751? KNOWN BRANDS...KNOWN QUALITY-?** LANDMARKS OF THE OLD PUEBLO . OLD SPANISH -PRESIDIO OP TUBAC*'' ' *· SITUATED in die heart o£ a rich agricultural section -of the Santa Cruz valley 45, miles south of Tucson and 21 miles north of Nogales on U. S.^ Highway 8$V is the old town of Tubac. 'Tubac has been continuously inhabited for, centuries. The Spanish built a presidio here in 1751. Lt. Col. Juan Bautista Niza was the Crown representative here in 1775 when / it was decided to build a presidio in Tucson as protection against the ever-recurring Apache raids. In 1856,'.following the Gaflsdcn Purchase, Charles D. Pos- tbn made'this old presidio his home where he-lavishly en: tertained-all who came to Se vicinity: : " ' , " · ' " · * - - - - ·-- ' ' ' " '. ;' " " ' '-^ - " " · ' - ' , The first newspaper published in the Territory of Arizona was published in Tubac in 1858. *A handsome S^'xll" reproduction of .this drawing suitable for framing will be furnished upon request. Arizona land Title and Trust (p. "A. Tucson Company Offering the Best In Title Protection" 47 N. CHURCH STREET PHONE 2-331! ESCROWS . · TITLE INSURANCE TRUSTS NATURE about 10 YIARS to completely develop the iont itrucfxrt in children'ijett. ire curved to every line of the foot... snug »t the top...broid it the bwe...invisibly wedged on tie inner *ide,.. HM! ud Arch iltruions griduittd to normal growth. in tumnff width to fit llnultf SIZES 3-6 Wr* 8i/ 2 -12 !2l/ 2 »3 WIDTHS B to E 8 fc E A to E A to E A A t o D PRICES $8.00 6.00 6.95 7.95 8.9B I SHOUFOR THE FAMILY 'brdons .136 E. NADINOLA Cream FADES freckled BROWN SPOTS 69 leaves hands... 'Whiter, Clearer,lovelier V · Now you can quickly fade the aging roughness and freckled brown spots' and have -whiter, clearer," . younger looking hands usually K within a week' or so's time. Just use ' newNAMNOLAJteime, a sheernon- ^ Uf »» ofly creain delightful on the skin-with its famous dearing,-stimulAt- injf ingredient that improves^skin appearance so'Jbeaufifully; Thenew NADJNOLA.DC Luxe i« fully guaranteed by the maker--your satisfaction or money bade .Try. it, today. NADINOLA, Paris, Tennessee. LOOK! *1 WILL BUY ANY OF THESE! \^dn^iouse (! Pop Up Toaster Toast Jnst the way yon want It. Whispering timer assures perfect results day In and day .out. *20 95 «1 Down -- $1.25 Weekly Wstinghousc Electric Sheet Ck*M N«. 2125-- Mltchcd jlmtrit** bordcrad af front lmuo«s Nru' Grim* DOWN $1.25 A WEEK Automatically maVes ·' 4 Delicious, good-siicd waffles «t:'one time. No confusion,Waiting.or delay between waffles,. Serrc* 4 people with one baking. · «26 50 II Doyn -- 91.25 Weekly USE OUR NEW Most economical,. versatile electric bedcOT««ng; With automatic Watchman control. *29 95 II Down -- $1.25 Weeldy TO BUY THE LARGER PIECES OF FURNITURE FOR YOUR HOME -- RADIOS -- REFRIGERATORS -RANGES -- WASHERS -- IRONERS -- //V FACT EVERYTHING! IT PROTECTS YOU 3 WAYS! · PROTECTS YOU AGAINST Rising Price*! » · PROTECTS YOU AGAINST Merchandise Shortage*! · GUARANTEES YOU a definite delivery date! ' ASK ABOUT IT NOW!! Dial your farortte recipe, co*; reel mixing speeds at yowf Mahogany plastic radio one of General Electric's finest table 'model radios. Large dyna--power speaker. ·finger-tips. Mixes, whips, beats, ctirs, b l e n d s , juices, · etc. Saves time, arm- work. *42 50 tl Down -- 11.25 Cool, Ecuy-to-Uf* POUH.I AUTOMA1K IRONMASnR « 12 95 $1 Down -- $1.25 Weejcly Heat* quicker, stays hotter, irom futer. Hot in 90 aecond*. 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