Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 9, 1966 · Page 24
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 24

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1966
Page 24
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Radio Television WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9, 1966 PAGE 25 Movies Comics DON SCHELLIE 1* IT* A imaweeK tieipmg Of Sillyish Stuff No, dearie. The Copper Days we currently are celebrating here in Tucson are NOT set aside to pay tribute to Police Chief Garmire and his boys. It's the OTHER copper that the festivities are all about... o o o LITTLE ITEM about Our Town in the Port Huron, Michigan Times Herald. The article appeared in that paper's "By The Staff" column: "Who says business has to always be business-like? · "The point was illustrated Monday in an area city when a secretary. received a return reply on a bill. : "The secretary last Sept. 20 had ordered from Tucson, Ariz., various parts for a machine at the (Michigan) city's sewerage plant. "However, it took six months for the parts to reach the local (Michigan) city. Delivery was on Feb. 17. "But the company in Tucson, shipping the parts, wasn't that late in sending its bill, and even forwarded requests that the bill be paid. "So the local secretary pencilled a note on the bill, stating, 'We just received shipment of this order last week. It will be paid in March, and you should receive your check by March 17 or 20.' "Then, as an extra humorous afterthought, the secretary added, 'If it was shipped on 12-9-65, it must have come by carrier pigeon.' "But the secretary of the firm in Tucson couldn't let that comment go unrecognized. "In the return letter, written under the local (Michigan) secretary's comment about the carrier pigeons, was the notation, 'Dog sled more likely... in your part of the country.'" Then there's the one (writes GEK) about the feller who bought an electric toothbrush and now must see his electrician twice a year. o o o A TUCSON PREACHER told a little story from the pulpit some weeks ago, about a chap from Back East who came to Tucson for his health. Well, he soaked up plenty of that Ari-. zona shunshine (must've been another winter) but apparently he was too far gone for the desert chine to do his condition much good. He--well, as they say out here in the West--he cashed in his chips. The poor chap's bereaved wife accompanied her husband's remains back home where the funeral was to be held. And as is our custom, friends called to pay their respects before the services. : One caller paused with the widow before the open casket. "Conrad looks so good, doesn't he," the widow said. "He looks so natural." "Yes, indeed," the caller agreed. "Those two months in Arizona did him SO much good..." 0 0 0 WINTER VISITOR Mrs. Leif Erickson (now, there's a likely name for you), of 1319i/ 2 E. Glenn St., sends along a clipping of Wayne Lubenow's column, snipped from the Fargo (N.D.) Forum. Mr. L's piece, which is all about how different people beat the parking problem, mentions Our Favorite State: "An Arizona man regularly drives into a restricted zone, jacks up the rear left wheel, takes off the tire and puts it in the trunk. Returning, he replaces the wheel and drives off." Lubenow also mentions that Motorists in Holyoke, Mass., found a way to beat the parking meters during the whiter months. They would drop in a penny, take out a water pistol and shoot a stream of water into the slot--freezing the mechanism and allowing unlimited parking. Clever people, these Americans... Action, Please If you have a question or a problem to be solved, involving any governmental agency or public matter in the Tucson area, write to Action, Please, care of the Tucson Daily Citizen. Re-, porters will investigate your queries and answer them in this-column. Questions must be submitted in writing, and must contain your full name and address (which will be withheld from publication on request). 'Stockyards'Hit QUESTION--I am a taxpayer and property owner in the 800 block on West 34th St. Last year, the city allowed stockyards in our area. The animals are crowded into the back of the lot, and last summer the flies and the smell were terrible. We " all think this menace should be checked. ·--Name withheld by request. Another letter on this, asking that the name be withheld, states the same complaint. ANSWERr-City inspectors say that the slaughterhouses, corrals and junkyard all existed prior to the city's annexation of the area, making them legal. They add that then- investigation finds no violation in the junkyard, as it is as clean as possible. Another party is keeping livestock in the area and this is a different situation, involving a court battle. A Superior Court trial is scheduled on this for May and until court determination of the situation no action can be taken by the city. Waitress Is Okay QUESTION--Now how does the Tucson Health Department issue a health card to a waitress who anyone can see is sick and has TB or some very contagious disease. A cavity or scar showed up on her X-ray, but yet they gave her a health card and told her to go and see her own doctor. She has told her fellow workers that she went to see her own.doctor and the doctor said it was all right, but she has not brought her certificate (health card) to fellow workers to prove it. , She is always sick and her legs are the size of broomsticks. How does the health department allow her to work in a cafe (her name and the name of the cafe deleted) and wait on the public? You probably won't print this as it is a disgrace to the city of Tucson. --Name withheld by request. ANSWER--This person was checked out for you by the Pima County Health Department. Her chest X-ray is okay and she has no disease that would endanger the public and prevent her from having a health card. Her card is now valid until next August. Chickens Are Gone QUESTION--In our section, before it was annexed to the city, we had restrictions against keeping chickens and my understanding was that when it was annexed these restrictions would not change. I have reported this but nothing has been done. The city is always talking about cleaning up downtown so maybe they should clean up neighborhood^ first so people can live in them. (Chickens are in vicinity of 100 block of East Tennessee)--Name withheld by request. ANSWER--Your problem appears to be solved, as city authorities can't find chickens. If chickens were found, all officials could do is see that they are properly penned up because it is not a violation of the city code to keep chickens, providing they are penned. Deed restrictions of a subdivision are not enforced by the city. This is a private matter, and residents would have to get their own attorney and handle the matter through a civil action. ANN LANDERS Good Husband, Father Is 'Saturday Drunk' PEAR ANN LANDERS: I ,am married to a man who is a good husband and father. He is an excellent provider and I do not recall the last time he missed a day of work. The problem is that every Saturday night he goes out and gets dead drunk. He says if I was a good wife I would go with him to see that he doesn't get into an accident. He drives his own car and keeps telling me that one of these Saturdays he will run over someone, or into something, and it will be my fault. I do not drink and I abhor taverns and the types who hang around such places. I honestly don't know what is the right thing to do. Please tell me. --Torn in Two DEAR TORN: Your husband is trying to maneuver you into condoning his Saturday night benders. Moreover, he'd like to shift the guilt to you if something unfortunate does happen to him while he's out tootin' around. Don't fall for it. If he insists on getting smashed once a week you can't stop him, but you don't have to lead him from one saloon to another. Tell him to take taxis or walk. o o o DEAR ANN LANDERS: The letter from the hat check girl got me mad. And I'm mad at you, too --for publishing her stupid letter. Aren't there enough gutless wonders who allow themselves to be shamed into tipping without YOU helping the cause? I'm an ad space salesman and I work mighty hard. Nobody tips ME for doing a good job. And why should they? I eat out almost every night. When I take my girl out I have to leave big tips all around or she gives me dirty looks. I have to tip the guy who parks my car, the cutie who checks my hat. the waifer in the restaurant and the creep who reads the newsnapers in the men's room. Everybody has his hand out, and you'd better come through or you're a cheap jerk. Is this fair? I would like to see this letter in print, along with an answer from you. If you can think of one. --Permanent Resident of Shuooksville DEAR SHNOOK: I've said it before, but obviously you missed it so here it is again: The European system of tipping, before the American got there and spoiled things, was far better than ours. Fifteen per cent was added to the bill and tipping was discouraged. In our country, tipping is considered part of the cost of going out. Since you resent the system I suggest that you park your car on the street (if you can find a parking place), eat at home, and keep your coat and hat with you. o o o DEAR ANN LANDERS: I \yant to buy my grandson a birthday gift and I need your help. He will be 4 years old next month. My daughter said she wants me to buy him a pet, but she says it must be easy to care for, house-broken, inexpensive to feed and something that will not bite or scratch a child who may play a bit rough. (My daughter's father-in- law makes his home vvith them and he cannot stand noise). What do you suggest. --Stumped Grandma DEAR STUMPED: Easy. A goldfish. o o o Do you feel ill at ease... out of it? Is everybody having a good time but you? Write for Ann Landers' booklet, "The Key to Popularity," enclosing with your request 35 cents in coin and a Ion", self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of the Tucson Daily Citizen, enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Copyright \9U No More at Sears You Cart Count on U s . . . Q u a l i t y Sears Put Spring Underfoot... with Nylon Wall-to-Wall INSTALLED CARPET This Week For Only Sq. Yd. 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