Independent from Long Beach, California on February 11, 1958 · Page 13
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 13

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1958
Page 13
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DEATH IN OUR SKIES Life Hangs on 12.5 Second Thread *F . _ . .._ioir « ^ _ + x o,mM cnllU nlreadv dead! You could Urges- Defense Funds for Teacher Salaries (This U the third in » ' MrlM .of articles on our crowded air lanes. There will be more" articles on this Important problem by staff, writer, Bob Houser. Watch for them). By BOB HOTISEB A year before,the 48-death Norwalk mid-air collision of a C118 and a Navy P2V bomber, another P2V out of Los Alamitos Naval Air Station was in ·erious trouble. · pilot Lt. Charles C. Clifton, 34, and eight crewmen were riding a "Mayday" situation 600 feet over the field with failing engines. Clifton bellied the Neptune in on a field near the station and all nine aboard popped out of escape hatches within 45 seconds, unhurt. Assistant Plane Captain Rob ert A. Williams, 2585 Olive ' Ave., recalls that day--Feb. 24 1957. * * » * TVE WERE doing routine GCA (ground controlled ap proach) practice, had made our approach and were pulling _up to go around when the engine failure occurred, i "We still had some power and Clifton turned out to sea gave the 'Mayday 1 distress sig nal, gained altitude and came around for a try at the field. Chutes are of the ches pack, snap-on type and are kep handy in racks with canvas snap-off covers. But we were · 'not ordered to put on chutes We were low; Clifton an noimced on interphone he ha 1 alreadv picked out a spot t set her down and chutes woul only hamper us in getting ou - of escape hatches on .th ground. "Bail-out stations on the P2\ are adequate -- you probahl" could get two men through hatch at once in emergency. * « » * "OUR SQUADRON was verj safety conscious. In flight, th pilot would post observers t watch for other traffic-as soo as we cleared the field. Ofte the pilot would call crew mem bers forward during a :fligh . an( i test them individually o emergency procedures." But the P2V which took o and wreckage in a Santa F Springs clay quarry seve minutes -later. Apparently neither pilot no observers saw the four-engin hulk o£ the C11S. The* MAT plane was hot metal and ca nage five minutes, after takeoi workers labored '. NO.l NO. ^ NO. 3 N0.5 NO. 6 WO. 7 ur 12.5 seconds to avoid on and still have seven, and a alf seconds left. If_you see .it stage No. 7,- you're- doomed 10 seconds: . If the planes arer.closing at miles per hour, you. must ake your move'at.stage No. 5. t that stage, the .'planes are ree miles apart and you have ; seconds. You're safe by a argin of-five and'a half; spends. ' · ' ' * o 1 · * · BUT, IF YOU'RE .hoth in 480 ph jets, closing at 960 mph, ou have to know the^.whole ory,at stage" No.. 4:.-Eyen.'a1 lat 'stage,,:four.·'. miles ..apart, ou have only 15 ..seconds to vert disaster. The .perfect .p'ilol ould do it, but with; only .two ind.a half seconds to : spa_re.-...:, Stage No. 1-represents .the !-foot-winged aircraft NO. 8 iours to recover 41 bodies from a 12-by-12 foot patch of ground. » » .* * IT FOLLOWS that the lucky u nes are the ones who have only a malfunction of their own ilane to cope with. Recognition rnd evasion of planes on collision the limits of luman capability. In some mid-air hits; only a It takes one-tenth of a sec ind to" see the approachin object; one full second to recog riize it as an aircraft; fiv seconds to become aware of th collision course; four seconds · make the decision to turn righ or left; four-tenths of a secon lor necessary - muscular rea tion, and two seconds- for th aircraft to-'respond .to th machine collision. could These have avoided maneuver. machines are *0.1-LlSlOn. J.1ICOV H1CIU11"^^O n*w JLllCtL ^ ,** I.V/..V" -- --.--·--· -~ icing developed and considered required to avoid collision. now by the masterminding -- - -" rady of this nation's air navigation future, the Air Modern- More about the .zation Board AMB. later. . What chance does a pilot with perfect vision, with excel Rut the P2V wh en tooK on w*ui p««:" ·"-·, - t 707 c n i F e b 1 was death lent physical responses and with at 7.0 ( p.m. reo. j. » rt, n ,.niirh knowledecf · of his thorough knowledge- · of his plane's performance -have to avoid an air collision? * . » * ,.* * ·HERE' AKE the desperate facts, giving all these ideal-conditions plus perfect dayligh visibility conditions; for head-on collision course situations: That's a total of 12.5 secon The chart of aircraft s houettes accompanying th article represent an aircra with a wingspan of 42 1 fee View the chart from 12 feet determine' which silhouctt you would be able to "see firs * * -.* * - ·NOW LET'S consider diffe ent sets of closure speeds--t combined speed of your.plane and the one approaching... , Say both are flying at 180 miles per hour ''for a ' closure rate of 360. In that case you] could make your identification at stage No. 6 on the chart,- use I already dead!. You could:not avoid!. collision at any of the above-named speeds.*. , . " · ' . * : » · * « . ·AT STAGE NO: 8 in the 960 mph closure, you'll crash in 1.8 seconds. At-'600-.3nph closure; ie'. crash comes in three seconds; and at .360, mph closure, destruction comes unavoidably ji'.five. seconds. 'Planes are -.getting faster. Many of them require -more/attention · to;. cockpit instrumen- tatiori v robbihg even alert pilots o f air'scanning time. · . Time--'even now measured from, .death- -in · f r a c t i o n a 1 leconds-Js'running out for the high-speed, 'manned, aircraft and.for all those riding behind ' · · ' · ' · · ; · · ' : . ; ' . - . . · . -.,. the Air Mod- eniization Boai'd has . hopefu diagrams -.for, air · survival/' Bu1 h'ow soon will.this, daddy of ;all aviation safety planning agencies'-'build this safety into our 60 mph! have a full' minute nd 40 seconds to avoid each ther; the 600 mph.' closure Hows one full:minute,, arid "the 60 mph closure gives you,3T nd a half seconds. At stages No. 7 and No. 8-this is the'first-sight .you ave of this plane.-- you're be Bandit Suspects Arrested in B.P. BUENA PARK--Two armed robbery suspects will be . arraigned in Anaheim-Fullerton Municipal Court' today at 9:30 a. m. for a 520 .holdup here'late Sunday night. Scheduled for': arraignmen are Donald Majerus,'-2i, of 814 W. Redondo Beach Blvd:, Gar dcna, and Benito Silva, 27, o 11031 L'arch Ave,, Lennox. Po lice said the men were arrestet 10 minutes after the holdup: o the Donut. Village, Grand Ave and 9 t h S t . - . . ' . ' - ' Two Huntington Beach polic officers, who' heard .the arme robbery broadcast and the'de scrip'tion of the car, 'used^ar rested'the two:men. They, sai two pistols .were hidden unde the front seat of the bandit car Both men have admitted th robbery, police'-said. discussed here "Wednesday. Funeral Rites Today for Inspector Brown NEWPORT. BEACH -- Fu neral services will be held to lay for -James Stewart Browii !4; building inspector : for th city,' who died Saturday a Hoag Memorial Hospital afte a week's, illness. - · The services will be -.con ducted at 2 p. m:' in the Baltz Mo.irtuary Chapel, Corona de Mar, and interment will be a Forest Lawri Cemetery, Los An WASHINGTON iff 1 )--In open mouthed amazement, a .house ommittee Monday heard Rear Adni.-H. G. Rickover suggest that C9ngress use defense funds, if necessary to increase 1 teach- irs salaries.. ' " . ...·.:;. .'"· Rickover, .father ' .of /the tomic submarine and assistant chief of the Navy!s-bureau of nuclear propulsion,. ..urged/a louse' Education subcommittee o provide federal funds to. sup- plement,*tiie salaries of teach- a:s in selected subjects.; - . ·· · * ' ». *··*''' DECIARING. good salaries are needed inceiltiyes for good teachers,.'Rickover asserted: "As · a".; miiitary; 'officer/I'd take moneyi away from', the de- ense establisliment for this, if necessary." , , . ; .·This.left-subcommittee'rnem- jers ,jnomentarily speechless...Turning/to- Rep.Edith-Green (b-Ore)-, who' differed: earlier with' his criticism : of educators Rickover demanded: 'Mrs. Green, how do you like that?" ; '. . . ' Rickoyer's criticism of Amer ican educational methods hit a' "professional educators, 1 " fancj schoblhouses,.poor teacher pay "fringe" school subjects and tm lack ol scholars in the teaching system." · . · ·» * · HE CALLED THE Russian warning" to educators to revise lis country's primary and sec- ndary-school systems, pattern T ing' it after the European .and lusslan system' of "hard work" and more intensive study. . In most European, countries, Plckoyer said, high school students are.three years ahead of American high school graduates and their university work is equivalent, to .American postgraduate study. . \ ' . . He said the Russian system jf education has "cutnout all.the rills," unlike the United States .'Td throw allqf these fringe courses but of our schools," .he said. "For instance,'· in one II- inois school system .they .hav a course· iji how- 'to. kiiow ; . i: you're in love. In another schoo iiey .have "^i^course in-rest-you get credits for resting. Am in Florida they-liave a; course n fly ..casting."-- ' . ' ' ' ; geles. . . Born in Sacramento, Brown had. lived in Newport' for 30 years.. He ,is--survived by his wife, Jeanne, 119 Balboa Island. CONFUCIUS' DAUOHTIR «»Tf Jl It's Fabulous... It's Luxurious... It's Glamorous! INDEPENDENT--P*g«B-5 , leech, Cellf., Tuei;, re*. IV .**.*' Soft and subtle- thafsthesecretl:;, O O I VODKA , Diit. lain Vil»-»0 *"41M "»«· · Jcl»nltyDHt.C...N.Y.C. . _ . TEN TRUCKS TO SERVE YOU PETRI CLEANERS 12SO ORANGE AVE NOTICE! Your Local Mfg'r.' Aluminum Awnings K1RSCH Vertical Blinds since 1945 has 'MOVED into their new' build lag at ' 2245 E. Altai*. Blvd. ' Visit our ''Brand New" MODERN Factory Show.-oom 2245 E. ARTESIA BLVD. (2 Blocks East of Chtrry) Ph.: OArfUld 2-2164 -- illtealf 3-4027 · Formerly 311 E. 10th Et. · FREE! DEMONSTRATION MEETING · LEARN HOW TO SPEAK EFFECTIVELY [ DEVELOP POISE--CONFIDENCE .·'·/-· Dale Carnegie Course! (46th Year) ;· Public Spirting, Kumin Rilatloii, LMdtreh!|i Tralilnf ^ YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED , : ;| To Attend a Frt* DcmonitratloR MMlItrg . ;, ', · of the DALE CARNEGIE COURSE '!,· AT MORGAN HALL · 835 LOCUST AVENUE. LONG BEACH . E THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 13TH _ 8 P. M. -f · AMPLE PARKING · ;^| Organhatlons That Hov* 11 * Used Dale, Carncglt ' J ' Course Training: " ·_: I Pacark-Bell Electronics Corp. Paper-Mate Pen 'Co. General Electric Co. . | Westinghouse Electric Co. · Johnson' and Johnion - * Curtiss-Wrighr Corp. L · Gillette Safety Raxor Co. · Trans World Airlines- ' · Sheaffer Pen Co. " 5 The Kroger Company f Abbott Laboratories E I WHAT YOU WILL LEARN in tki DALE CARNEGIE COURSE ('How to enquire ouo'ono! iolf- confldonco In jooaklnf V How to dovoloo courage and ovorcomo foor f How to clou o ml« f How to Improvo your memory f opon end clow your talk i.How to .think on your foot · V How to mefce o .··«· el * Introduction n How to hanolo o conference to get bottor result*- xrlow'fe tot olonf with ethers · ,1 rtitn - ·,·"'., Tear fhl» Out Now Ai A Komlndn AT THESE SPECIALTERMS! m ACT NOW! THIS OFFER IS GOOD FOR 30 DAYS ONLY! YOUR KIND OF PICKUP Here's your chance to get America's No. 1 pickup truck at these special terms. But hurry, this offer is good only during the 30-day contest. AND . . .- if you are one of the contest ·winners and buy a new 1958 £ord F-100 Styleside Pickup,^E-100.Panel or Custom Ranchero before the contest ends,'you get double your money back. Look: (T) -Your original purchase price refunded and (2) a cash bonus-amounting to the price .you paid for the truck. But you'll have to act .fast. 'This; offer is good for thirty days, only; Se0,your Ford Dealer right away. T ^ :: ^lLlSS^SSSi^ISrfe YOUR KIND OF PANEL FOR ONLY .' · Monthly piymtnt ifUnmil! down piymint (your ·53 or latir truck should do). Prin'miyvirydmto individuil dwlli's policy HERE'S WHAT YOU GET: * 6y 2 -FOOT STYLESIDE BODY * 139-HPSIX + DRIVERIZEO CAB * HEATER ·k TWO-TONE PAIHT '* TURN SIGNALS * SUPER-FILTER AIR CLEANER + FULL-FLOW OIL FILTER Llcenx tnimtt Ux not Includtd OR FORD'S FAMOUS RANCHERO FOR ONLY , PER MONTH Monthly, piymint lltr jmill down piymint (your '53 or Istw track should cjo). Pnci fniy viry itai to Individuil dnlec 1 * policy . HERE'S WHAT YOU GET: ic TVS-FOOT.PANEL BODY* 139-HPSIX * HEATER * TURN SIGNALS * SUPER-FILTER AIR CLEANER I if FULL-FLOW OIL FILTER Liar.M ind uhi tax not includta Monthly piymfnt smill down piymint (your ·53 or Hl«r Inick ihould do). ·prktmiyvirydmlo. individuil dotlir 1 ! p»Sc HERE'S WHAT YOU GET: CUSTOM RANCHERO , 141-HI 1 SIX MAGICAIRE HEATER TWO-TONE PAINT WHITEWALL TIRES; CHROME BUMPERS TURN SIGNALS SUPER-FILTER AIR CLEANER FULL-FLOW OIL FILTER Lfctnia imt nits tax not included FORD TRUCKS COST LESS W%j$*TM"'%?

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