Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 29, 1930 · Page 3
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1930
Page 3
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saTJ-ji- *-TSf,f;> ,?T? A V"l (J "111 &VI II 4 MlflHl*IT« 1*1 •' . AYlATi .WORLD 'f\: 8t*« -• t8|fer1tWr,l*4o, Jty tidjjteflamta PMIB.) NBW YORK, May $.—The activity W 'Qenefal Motors in avlatlo'n, In ton. nefction with this week's rcorganlzfi- liofi of the tfokker Aircraft corpora• tlon l&to the General AvlatlOft corporation, a holding company t6 acquire the Otitnlet Cofftpany of AfneHcft, has dls- closed a new'stirring in the aviation world and a renewed drive toward the dividend goal, which the air pioneers see hot far ahead. V While aviation In America went into a' bit of a tail-spin last November, with ' a tiros''Both,'In security prices and , .passengers' fearrled, it has righted itself with' surprising vitality arid Wall Street's fcOld scriiuhy of, the financial .•position of : the industry gives no cause fot di<e6urag6rtient. But the fact re- rnalnsVthjal the iSew half-billion dollar industry Is still a .nursling and concentration, of public interest is shift- Ing frbm the laboratories and testing fields, to tije accounting department. With '-. such moves as that of General .motors arid of Investment bankers who are unhesitatingly underwriting the Industry, it becomes clfear that perhaps • industrialists and financiers have a bird's-eye view not disclosed to the .'groundlings, and-that Ine caypon clip- plrig.will start before long. ' Sorhe Writers have made Invidious comparisons between aviation fh America/arid In Europe, giving the Impression that in'Great Britain and on the contirien-t, aviation has bocome a paying business. Such great systems as the Luft Hansa of Germany and the Imperial Airways are cited as examples of success. The answer to this Is that the European systems, without exception, have barnacled onto the blimp of .government subsidy. While this has stacked the cards un• favorably against America, on any . showing with this factor removed ' United States aviation"- Is a healthy <and vigorous fledgling, wlfl consulting • the cold calculators, rather than the shouters, -there Is plenty of nourishment for 1 the investor who realizes the necessity of absorbing pioneering costs and nursing a land-locked populace up into the air. — The men In the counting houses, trained to routing their dollars over round trips, have even Instituted psychological studies determining JLhe respective attitudes of men and worrten toward flying, with the surprising disclosure that women arc the more "air- minded." They have checked off and apportioned the thirty-three working, and possibly flying, years, alloted to a generation, and sifted out the oncoming youngsters, less resistant to the beckoning of the clouds than their elders; personnel, technology, finance and, above all, economic lifting power have been assayed, and after all this, the. cafe. Conservative llindlng is that the industry, both in manufacturing and operating Is on the up-turn. But, like the heavy plunger on the string-halt horse, some of the^investors are murmuring "What detained you?" America, which started this flying business, now gets a pay load of only 10 to 40 per cent of capacity, according to Postmaster; General Brown, while the Luft-Hansa gets as high as 74 per cent. Operating comparisons between European and American systems show that while In many cases the former have been able to got more persons into the air, at the Bame time American technical efficiency in manufacturing and operating has offset this, , and Uncle Sam has pretty well held' "his own, in • spite of the higher prices, recently lowered, and in splto of government subsidies in Europe. These comparisons narrow the problem of American success to that of volume. Last year's financial state" 1 menU of all leading companies show, on the basis of unit costs of carrying passengers, m'ail and express, that thi aviation industry is a going concern, provided the lino forms at the ticket window. Leaders of the industry, with few exceptions, are convinced that the absence of a government subsidy has been an aid rather than a detriment to operations. It has, they say, conditioned the industry in its early stages to a complete reliance on its own wings and has brought a concentration on pay load and volume, which would not have been brought about had the pioneering systems been fed on a bottle. MISS ESTHEll H. ZOOK. STREAM OF IMMIGRANTS REPORTED FROM BORDER REGINA, Sask., May 29.—A constant stream of immigrants slipping unseen and unchecked from Saskatchewan ;into North Dakota and' Montana—principally Montana—according to reports received here from Saskatoon, Sask. Between 100 and ISO aliens -cross the international boundary each month, it {a said. Europeans travel to Saskatchewan on a special farm labor low rate basis. They are employed on prairie farms in southern Saskatchewan and, when the time Is "ripe," cross the border into the United States,' Saskatoon reports state. Eugene E. Herbci-t, United States vice consul of Reglnn, is Inclined to believe the reports have been exaggerated. < S . BERMAN'S 1811 IItil Aye. Ust. Since 10<M) We Carry Complete Line of Parker Pens, Pencils and Desk Sets H. w. McCartney Co. 1107 Eleventh Avenue See Our Complete Line of PARKER PENS, PENCILS AND SETS- Dunsnire's 1011 Green Ave. Parker Pens, Pencils and Sets Make wonderful graduation gifts. fin* 16 be done, f\t Ittend W it Bd At thai gates of the *w Sdnner, sentenced to serve eight y for manslaughter. Ed Bonner .. had "dneftiisd" his guard< gflne to the penitentiary alone', making better time than his former cotnpanibir. when Ed Bonner could show no cotfimlttmftnl papers, he was refuser} admittance^ whereupon he slept in f rent of .\ the gates all night. In the morning, the papers arrived, arid Hd Bonner was placed In jail. . , « « « / In Washington, Henry Mates, aged 6, bald as an egg, posed with his mother for press/pictureSi Mrs. Maten claimed that a fox terrier had jumpe* at her son, scared him. Within .six hours alt his hair had fallen out. \ • • * In Singleton, Eng., the school bell rang for recess. The fat boy, aged .6. was Jammed tri his desk, could hot rise: bne ^iHfaiffi 4, fcte . i diwa In cottvul«16B». irfifto, May ft.-dtarting as a small trickle through a gopher hole, waters of th* Big Settler's canal hear here went on a rampage, tore through the bank, and washed but 600 feet of embankment' • to cover adjacent fartfllattd with rocks and gravel. Water had to be turned out of the canal at a headgate;to prevent serious damage- to' a wide area, . BALDNESS ""™*sSS MARTINSBURG GIRL IN FINAL CONCERT HUNTINGDON, May 29.—The Juniata College Orchestral society will present Its tinai concert of the year In the college auditorium, Friday night. Two soprano solos by Miss Esther B. Zook with orchestral accompaniment, and a wood-wind'quintet composed of flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and French horn will be the feature numbers of the program. The outstanding numbers for the orchestra are L'Ar- lelsieune Suite No. 1 by Bizet and the \alse de Fleurs of Tschalkowsky. Miss SSook,' who is an instructor In the music department at the college, will sing "Morning" by Speaks, and "A Song of May" by Roberts. Miss Zook Is a daughter of Rev.} and Mrs. F. R. Zook of Martinsburg. y The work of the orchestra and of Us director. Professor Karl V.. Gilbert, has won much praise during the year,. They have presented a series of three programs In the college auditorium and one out-of-town conceal .at Waynesboro, Pa. l The personnel numbers forty-five members. this v-: that Ncar Tacoma, Wash., railroad em- ployes discovered, under a railroad car, a. robin's nest with three blue eggs in It. When Road Superintendent Charles E. Devlin was notified of the discovery, he issued orders that the car was not, under any circumstances, to be moved, arid, if possible, no other car on. that track was to be moved until not only the eggs were hatched, but the robins ready to fly. l • • * In Montreal, Can., the Johnson family , held a reunion. Returning - home to Hamilton, Ont., Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Johnson, Jr., James Johnson, aged"'3, and Robert Johnson, aged 1%, riding in an automobile, were struck by a train, killed. * * * In Philadelphia, one Joseph Hummel rescued his police dog end canary from his furiously burning house, discovered that he had left his mother inside. • * • • In Sharon, Pa., twelve state police officers raided a wiener-roast conducted by a Sunday school class in, the belief that it was a band of theieves gathering to plan depredations. * * * In Morris, 111., one W. T. Hornsby, farmer, digging a posthole, dug up u, blt^le of beer, a product of the Morris brewery in 1908. Farmer Hornsby hied himself to the nearest notary public, demanded to know whether he had to file prospecting claims before he could I have exclusive rights to dig on his own I Ni ceannochthar air airgead a sarughadh *Mt money tan that's what it means. 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