The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 5, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1920
Page 3
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THE DATLY FREE PRESS Mr: and Mrs. 'A.JH. Cherry of East St. Louis, are guests o£ the former's brother, Thos. L. Cherry, and family. Mr. Cherry, foreman of the .-wrecking crew, at East St' Louis, recently, sustained a broken leg in anaccident •while on a trip to the scene of a wreck. ^ROYAL ARCH MASONS ! CHAOS Special meeting o£ Reynolds Chapter No. 75 tbnight.-"Work'fn the Mark Master degree. ' J. E. Ypungblood, H. P. J. E. WiUoughlay, Sec;' Advertisement. Mrs. T. E. Williamson ot Tulsa, ~Okla., is visiting-her. daughter, Mrs. L. W. Proctor. Miss Lena Hampton of MWernon has accepted a position as stenographer in the supsrintenaent's department at. the division .office. .The position . was'recently held by Sidney Smith, o. :: resigned ,and returned to Chica-She is residing -with her uncle, plHampton, and 'tis daughter, 1 - 1 Hewtogs.' ' CIVICS CLUB The Civics .and Suffrage Club will meet Friday evening with Miss Woody on Poplar street. Hostesses, 'Miss Woody and Miss Bell; The* Annual election of officers. Each 1: lady please bring' thiinble, needle and white thread.'"'" Mrs. Bailey, Sep. AdvertiMmrat.' Gt POSTPONED ""meeting pSf .tlie^ Ladies- 1 ' Aid ot • asbytertan" cniirfh will be post- -o"t account of illness.—Adver- Lav ' • ' \ ient, • ' .." REPUBLICAN WOMEN ;' ^ " ' '. • |t. ' 'All Republican women are asked to Jneet Saturday pj. m; to organize. •Place, of meeting '.to b'e announced in . /Friday's edition of this paper. [ '• '• • N. S. Searing, •/ , District Chairman. { .. Advertisement. Orville"3ohnson is recovering from a severe attack of la grippe. We stay.,open, all night. Best pies like mother _b'akes, coconut, chocolate lemony cream, apple, raisin and mince We use no substitutes in our cooking. Pardner Ed. Advertisement. •• Mrs. Jessie Ward of Centralia is visiting her sister, Miss Sylvia Me Gowan. .- : u;rffier prop in V^ffie^of English' Pound Brings Prices Down. British Orders for Pork Are Canceled and Chicago Packers Withdraw ... • Their "Buyers;. ' . Chicago. Fob. f>.—A furl lift-drop in the'vnliii; of tlie English piuiml fr-im J3.83 to $8.10 brfniirlii: dimioraiiKa- tion in thi'-hug market ,-u il.i- Olnrayii stock yimls. • .. : With th( j luiyinj: .p'nwi'r of Hit- Knt;- llsh-pound sterling nl Its !O\Y(>SI point. British orders for lienvy piirrh:is«s of pork were cnncclwl.' As :i • result.-'lie price of hiijrs \vhic-h si:irtt>il :it *ir>..->0 n 100 potiiids lit tin' (ipcttiri;: -of the mnrliet;.dropped in thri'o hbni-s of .trnd- Ing to .S14.SO. n .slump nf 7t> -cents :i hundred. . ' i . Clrtcngo puckers saved the situation by .withdrawing tlieir buyers from the pens -liiul the, trading co.nie to a practical 'si:mdsttU. •: Dcrp.D.i-illlzatlpn of foreign • exchange was 'th'Ki'only'explanation for the slump. Tlie number of hogs that came into the yards from, the farmers was only 20,1)00, whereas th« normal shipments for the first week In February should be about 35,000 dally. Tins shortage of 15,000 hogs, however, failed to keep -fhe-price up when the British buyers countermanded their orrlers. Ilie-iresiilt-nl tlit'-tlnifv hi-K.i-l.iiSijj;;- nijfse. -'ih-Jlic ii[)!iiii!ii i;i':il'f>r<;y Jl* stnii,' piii'slili'n't" »r 'tin; '-C'liriiiioiir fiiew. York .Bijikef v ia^s It Wilt cQt<« Down E'iiports; Tljefeby LBwer-'.- j •••'•- .- '.' ' I fib' Prices Locally, fev, • New York." J .Ft>b: _5.^-'A (Upcldeil'- duetion in' the' cost of living is Ilk- •toibf; .exchnii^e, .Tolinst' .Nation:!] batik 1 . .-. ^"Tlic 'tli-op- In Kxclui.nm rtown oiir oxporls. r hcllcv .Tohnston. '"Tills will -tbimv i|iiiint'l- tles.of American goods-on tlie: I'rir'nl 'markets nncl. will in till pi-nliiiiiilk.v result, in n .dpcreiise In price's: ••' The -present sIHihtion-i« tlu- result, of our enormous exports \vltliin tlie Inst. few 'months: The srowtli of importation was too sudden :ind too <rrent ro mnin-. tain norriinl rtxplinsiRo oonilltioiis." . ": ''wijl- 1 ; cut " siild jlr. PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT Wants books to keep,' do auditing and prepare income fax returns. "M," care Free Press. VALENTINE SOCIAL The Royal Neighbors win give a masked social at the M. W.. A, hall Tuesday night, Feb. 10. Everybody invited. Prizes will be given for the best masked lady aid gentleman. Music : Whea you axe down town and want good home 'cooking, eat at Pardner Ed's Place, Imperial Cafe.—Advertise- j piano and drum. Admission 20 cents, ment. • • . i r U.-.S. RELIEF WORKERS SLAlft Murder of Three , AmeHcah« lo v Syria;. Reported-, to yyashlnjjtbn -\j> Slite'.'Department:;" . ,< (! ; Wnshlnfftoh" Feb. 5.—The'murder of thi;ee iitnerlcari relief workers In Syria ^yhs reported to the. state department. Thn,Americans were part of a convoy for American relief 'supplies nnd.were' killed by brigands on February.T, nebr' El Mali, north'of Aleppo. Their names were not tfven by the dispatch. •• YALE ' —Advertisement. RIPLEY, SANTA FE HEAD, DIES Chairman of the Board of Directors Passes Away at Santa Barbara, Cal. . Santa Barbara,' Cnl.-, Feb. 5.—E.'P Eipley, chairman of the board of directors of the Santa Fe rallrond. died- here. For many years Mr. Kipley. who was one of the best-known .railroad men in America, lived at Riverside, a. 'suburb of Chicago, and spent the winters in California. "The PaKser Case" A dfe^p mystery^a^pofpund love coniuse the lives of fpiiir people. ,;:?: Vvy-i " -li-,-' 1 ;) ^'ir;.; °> -'- * ' This .dramatic talg concierns the murder of a wealthy yoting roue as; Ke sits ipKhis box at the opera. Who killed Monty 'Paliser? .•In the Paliser Case, Miss Frederick, supported by a brilliant cast has made the.-most powerful drama of her career; -' The Paliser Case is,hayirig its first run this' week in 'four of the -leading theatres of St. Louis. ALs6~--^J...rV.''-uvA' : " . ''• ' - • Bray Dictograph '-. 6:30,8:1.5, , Ilcand22c I TOMORROW .-••'. ;-i : /.*i YALE-~CHAS;FAX--il and 22 in ''A Temperamental 20cand30e This Sale lor Cash Mnson, Vaiitil, Taylor Co Semi-AnnualClean-up Sale This Sale for Cash Our Great 10 Days Semi-Annual Clean-up Sale Starts Promptly at 8 O'clock Friday Morning ..The present scarcity oi merchandise and the high prices at which it is selling makes this sale of the greatest importance to you." •-.-.-• • ° . . . s This Februapy sale la=t ? only 10 days—Commtncing on Friday, February 6 and ending Tuesday, February 17. Read the large bills leit at your home, yesterday for full information. Additional information furnished upon request. '.,.,'-.', , r Positively no goods charged or sent out on approval Clean Up of All Coats and Suits $55.00 <h on 7C Value vPOU.f 0 Brown tricotine '.tailored suit. ..•;'• $95.00 djcn cn value q>uU.DU Nobby suit; of henria 1 shade. tricotine, fur collar. $45.00 djo Q7 C Value vP/y./O Navy -serge, suit semi tailored. " ' L :'" ' Navy kersey .cloth eoat. IS $45^0 Nobby coat of .Bolivia cloth. Sale of Men's Suits Group I. All suits formerly priced $50.00, $45.00 and $40.00, Hart, Shaffner & Marx make ' $37.75 GroupH. All suits formerly priced $37.50, $35.00 and $30.00. ':'.''. • , (• $27.7£f Group m. All suits formerly priced under $30.00 $19.95 Every suit in our stock a great bargain at abbve^prices. a«i I!!', |g iv, $10.49 Wool Blanket Special One lot", plaid "and grey wopl- blankets; worth up to r6.oo a pair. To close; during our great February, Clean-up sale at per pair , . . ... .$10.49 At this 'price buy -for : next season they positively will be much higher. • • • $2.49 Cotton Blanket Special One lot 64x76 cotton fleeced blankets with pink and blue border, worth 4.00 per pair February Clean-up price oer pair.; ................ $2.49 106 Barber Towel Special One lot standard size^cbtton barber towels with pink border,, clean-up price each^'igg • $2.49 Tabie Linen Special 36?in bleached all linen, table linen attractive pattern worth.sJso yard. February . cleati-iup: pt»ce per yard $2.49 Choice of the house $8.90 AU vyo'men's boots,-high and low heel, formerly priced at 14.00, 12.50, 12.00 and 10.00, for 10 days. ..'..: .- $8.90 Choice of the house $5.90 All woTien's boots, high and low heel, formerly priced at 9.50, 9.00, 8.00 and 7.50..$5~90 Men's Shoes sold in three groups All Stacy Adams, includes war tax. .... $12.90 All shoes worth 9.50 and 12.50.. $8.90 All shoes worth 7-,,-so and 9.00. .$$.QQ i All cheaper grades reduced 25 per ct. k||T||f AIIIAIA AllfH NKW |.K|\I\ IIVrK llfcill UIIIUIV VWUII : ''.'. .* •./'." .ni;iio iriij.;'.'. Head of German Mission Resigns After Receiving* List of Teu- tons Wanted. THE PEOPLE'S COLUMN PEACE BODY CONSIDERS ACT Berlin, F^eb. 5.—Baron Kurt' von Lersner, head, of the German mission In Paris, has been; relieved of that office. Baron von Lersner, it is stated, had receivpa ''explicit orders to transmit the expected .note of the allies on extraditiqn£.d.enmnils .to Ms govern-.. ment. ... '!„,. ' The llst.ijif/.bermiins- whose extradition is demamled began to arrive here over the official wire from Paris at 11 o'clock in the morning. The first mime ticked off was t.he of Duke . Albrecht of Wiisrttcinherg. • ' ) : Paris. Feb. 5.—T^he council of ambassadors, after'n-special-'meetinc, issued-a statement saying .that the decision of the allies with regard to Germans whose extradition is demnnded for war crimes has been i-ommunk-nt- ed direct to^Bei-lin. The text of the statement follows: ' ' • "The list of war criminal!!- having been presented to Huron von Lersner for transmission by him to his government, the prax.ident of tlie German drl- e.:;atioi) returned iho list\wltl>- nil in- tiiifitlon to the 'president of .Uic .con- Tei-enee Unit he hud submitted his resignation to'his government :md was lenvlng Pnrls. Tlie decision of the allies has hcen communicated ^.direct to the gnvermneiitjnt Berlin." Von Lersner 'Returns to Berlin. Von Lersuer Ims, i-otunied to (he t council, thrungli Premier~ ; K/,llurnnd the- |!st contiUnlng the niinujs. of C.oriniins whose extnnlition : is demnnded by live .allies,, and -lias iiiformod ,'tlie -pi'oniiiir'. that'lie has rc-sign'ed: ixniJ is leaving for- Berlin by the"hrst train. . . f- . . r^HJaron von l.ersuer said his cTecislon wits in-line with'the. attitiide 'he hiirt niaintnlhecl throuKlioiit .i-o^»i-dliig- -tlif nucstion of extniilltiori;."U'ei'dochirPdihe; hhd hcld'tlmt ho ; r,(;rm:iu-6filci;il could 'bo instrumental in' ciin-j-big. out -fhb.'jex-' tradition clnuses of ih'e-lrea'ty; and-cmi- scquontly. the Uiuitlci--having. 00111,0- up. in :i (iHliuite; Until form, -tlmru'was nol.ii- ins left for him to do but to .resign Mild go Iionii;. ' Letter to Millerand. . ' : Immediately after-receiving lli« list von Lersner liiddrossod the following le'tijr to Premier 'llilionuvl : "Your excellency' hfis trnnsiultti'il to me it note O'lii'uininir the nnini's of G<'|-m;ii;s whoso extra ill I ion is ilcnuind- od by'the allic'd powers.' In liifcouivc' nf the. last "throe'tnwifn's I have mosl seriously laid before s-opi-rsi-'itMtivcs of (he allied nnd. iissnciuiiMl .•••I'venimctiis. tLMi times Ip'wrlting ami iliiwi-i-ii Mim-f orally, .(he rp;is<His it. xv::s. impussililc lo comply with sucli ;.i n-<iu<'>-.i. no iniit- ter. whitl- the jsociiirVrink of the sn-i-usril pen-sons might be., "I remind your oxtx'lloi-'-y n!' my .constancy repeated di-i.-l;ii-:i;hi;is t;-..-r no Gernuin fnnction.-ir.v \\-<vuhl t<i> <lis- posec] Ko he in any .'w:ty'»-!i!!liA-"'i- in-, striimental in the realization of ll«>-ile- lunrif] for their exti-ndltlnn. -1 should be/instrumental in it if I ivere to for- wnrd to the German government. Ihe note of your excellency. 1 ihurefore "send it "back"'herewith. "I have made it known to my government-that I cannot remain in office mid that I shall leave P;iri9 hy thia ncx't train. . •'•'-. '"'. "FliEIJHERR VON LEUSNEB." . _ -Advane.. One month,, per ^ord One week;, per-word ... One insertion, per.-.irord .'. Three, insertions,-per word WANTED. WA>rTED-iEuergetic man to sell and distribute high graia'' make ot tire. Attractive proposition for the right man. Clyde C. Oldham, State Distributor, XJrbana, 111. . . fan neirr. FOR REWrr-^-Two rromt room. or« Btyle Shop, for office ot tletylmg roamm. •Apply Mig» Kieth, Normal and Moon* FOR' RENT—Five .room '"house Phone. 466 J K. 'FOR RENT—Room. 307 West Oafc FOR RENT—Storage tor bocaehol* Koodi, in the one story brick buUdtac. cement floors, on alley back ot mrw Earth Theatre.- Apply Miss Bleth. • -FOR -RENT — : 2 furnished light housekeeping rooms. • 411- South Poplar. ROR SALE. FOR SALE—A small 'tract' ot ground, west side, containing about 2% acres within 16 minutes walk of L C. R. R; station on hard roads, beautiful building spot, suitable for. market gardening,, smalllrults; besrrie», ,etc.,or poultry raising. Terms- to- suit 'purchaser.' Address Lock Box *6, bondale, 'ill. .... ~... FOR SALE—Bicycle in good condition. Call Opera House Drug,Store. ' FOR SALE—Mare, buggy and harness. Cheap,'if taken at once. Opera House Drug Store. . '..; FOR SAL'E^-Pony. Inquire 703 West Pecan. - .•'•-..- . FOUND— Money at Ai B. 'Wlolf's- Owher may :"have ' same - by : paying for this ad and identifying same. A. B. 1 .LOST — Box , of waists on square Tuesday. Return- -to Taggart Hat Shop. Reward. TO DEATH When the 'body begins to and movement becomes painfcl it is usually an indication thc.t tha kidneys are out of order. Keep these organs healthy by taking. COLD MEDAL . The world^-Wandwd r«n«dy-for kidn.y, liver, bladder and uric add tronblM.. Pamous skice .1696. Take r*folarl]r and. fc»«p in good hcaltbu 'In itott aixw. alt drngciat*. GuarantMd w .. Lo*krW«k.i •—-.»" .- "^iJiiSgfilijIf'•.'•'.'>,•--'Or' •'•'•' •" ^sslWSfc'jiKc-irtiKiSr-^.'r-j W^

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